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The Pakistan Pivot

Urdu, News, 2 seasons, 28 episodes, 23 hours, 46 minutes
This podcast will host experts, businessmen, politicians, and government officials and ask critical questions about Pakistan’s current problems and future outlook. It will cover topics such as CPEC; trade & investment hub; economic growth; regional connectivity, business & industry, climate change, population management, Pakistan’s foreign policy, pandemic management, role of Pakistan in new age geo-politics, disinformation & hybrid warfare, and emerging technologies. The purpose of this podcast is to inform people about the current challenges and opportunities, affecting Pakistan’s future.
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India’s Relations with Pakistan, China, U.S., Russia Ft. Pravin Sawhney | The Pakistan Pivot

In conversation with Pravin Sawhney, Editor Force Magazine, this episode of The Pakistan Pivot discusses India’s politics, foreign policy, and global world order. It explains India’s relations with Pakistan, China, U.S., and Russia. What is the India of today? How is India governed? Is Congress no longer a part of Indian politics? Can India become a regional and superpower? What is India’s foreign policy? Why does India see China as a threat and compete with it rather than as a partner for cooperation? What is the Quad doing about the Indo-Pacific and how does India view the group? Where is the world order headed? What is BRI’s flagship project CPEC doing? What are India-U.S. relations? What are India-Russia relations? What does the Indian Missile Launch into Pakistan tell us about Indian capacity as a nuclear state? How do you see India-Pakistan relations in 2050? #ThePakistanPivot #PravinSawhney #PakistanNow
3/31/20221 hour, 1 minute, 24 seconds
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What Happened at the 48th OIC CFM? Ft. Maryam Kiyani | The Pakistan Pivot

In conversation with Maryam Kiyani, Research Journalist at PakistanNow, this episode discusses the OIC’s 48th Council of Foreign Ministers (CFM) at Islamabad. What is OIC? What is OIC’s structure? What was the experience of being at the conference like? What was the agenda of the 48th OIC CFM? What were the speeches at the Inaugural session and the Press Takeout on Day 2? What is OIC’s stance on Afghanistan? What is OIC’s stance on Kashmir? What is OIC’s stance on Russia-Ukraine Conflict? What is OIC’s stance on Palestine? Why was China a part of OIC for the first time? What is OIC’s stance on Islamophobia? What is OIC’s stance on economic development of the Muslim world? How do Shia-Sunni conflicts within the Muslim world manifest in OIC resolutions? Is OIC impactful in being taken seriously by the rest of the world? What does OIC’s future look like? #OIC #ThePakistanPivot #PakistanNow
3/24/202249 minutes, 31 seconds
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What is the Russia-Ukraine Conflict? ft. Dr. Hussain Nadim | The Pakistan Pivot

In conversation with Dr. Hussain Nadim, Executive Director at Islamabad Policy Research Institute (IPRI), this episode discusses the Russia-Ukraine Conflict from a global, local, and policy perspective. What is the Russia-Ukraine Conflict; the key players and their objectives? What does the conflict tell us about today’s global political system? What is Pakistan’s stance on the conflict? Will the Russia-Ukraine war end? Is the West collapsing in terms of ties between the U.S. and Europe? What has the role of information warfare been in the conflict? What is the stance of SCO countries on the Russia-Ukraine conflict? Are there any lessons from the ongoing conflict for China, India, and Pakistan? #ThePakistanPivot #PakistanNow #RussiaUkraine
3/17/202248 minutes, 14 seconds
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Why is Aurat March so Controversial? ? ft. Ismat Shahjahan | The Pakistan Pivot

In conversation with Ismat Shahjahan, Deputy General Secretary of Awami Workers Party, this episode discusses the history, agenda, and criticisms of Aurat March and the ideology, politics, and manifesto of Awami Workers Party. What is the History of International Women’s Day and Women’s March globally and in Pakistan? Is Aurat March elitist? What is the organizational structure of Aurat March and the feminist movements in Pakistan? What is the issue of demolitions and displacement and how is it an issue of women? Can development ever be equitable? With the No-Confidence Vote and state of politics in Pakistan right now, why is Awami Workers Party (AWP) not emerging as a mainstream political party? What is Awami Workers Party (AWP)’s socialist ideology and manifesto? Is Sehat Card and welfare state a step in the right direction? What is one way that Covid-19 pandemic changed the world? What will Pakistan look like in 2050? #ThePakistanPivot #PakistanNow #AuratMarch
3/10/202258 minutes, 24 seconds
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Insight into Pakistan’s Relationship with China, U.S., and Russia ft. Mushahid Hussain | TPP

In conversation with Mushahid Hussain, Member of the Senate and an expert on China, this episode analyzes the history, evolution, and current state of Pakistan’s relationship with China, U.S., and Russia. What has Pak-China relationship been like to come to where it is today? What is CPEC and how is it providing Pakistan an opportunity of economic advancement? Why are SEZs in Pakistan not doing well? Why are people of Gwadar protesting for basic human rights despite Gwadar being developed into a success story for CPEC? Is CPEC a debt trap for Pakistan? What is China doing to its Uyghur community? What has Pak-U.S. relationship been like to come to where it is today? What has U.S. done to Afghanistan and what is Pakistan doing about it now? How do you see Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to Moscow and Pak-Russia relationship for gas? Has censorship in Pakistan grown over the years? Will Pakistan shift from a parliamentary system to a presidential one? In what way do you think Covid-19 impacted the world the most? How do you see Pakistan in 2050? #PakistanPivot #PakistanNow #Mushahid Hussain
3/3/20221 hour, 4 minutes, 36 seconds
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Was PTI successful in transforming KPK’s society?

In conversation with KPK’s health and finance minister Taimur Khan Jhagra, this episode of The Pakistan Pivot discusses the history, economy, and health sector of Khyber PakhtunKhwa. What is the history of Khyber PakhtunKhwa? What is the reason behind PTI’s failure in KPK’s LG elections? What is KPK’s economy like in terms of industries, budgeting priorities, and revenue generation? What is KPK doing about the tech and IT industry? What are KPK’s reforms in financial management for funds, pension budgets, and operating expenditure? What are the Sehat Card’s history, vision, and assessment? What are issues of governance in the health sector, and the reforms being done to solve them? What is the criticism of favoritism in the health sector? How do you think covid-19 impacted the world? How do you see Pakistan in 2050?
2/24/20221 hour, 17 minutes, 47 seconds
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Expert insights into today’s world order, Covid-19, and climate change. Ft. Dr. Adil Najam

In conversation with Dean of Pardee School of Global Studies at Boston University Dr. Adil Najam, this episode explains today’s world order, political systems in Covid-19, and issue of climate change. What is the world order today? What do alliances look like in today’s world order and what does the Ukraine crisis tell us about this? What is U.S.’s relationship with Pakistan and India? Why is India able to get away with its Hindutva politics? What are the tools of international power diplomacy or soft power? What did Covid-19 tell us about multilateral systems? What did Covid-19 tell us about the efficiency of democracy and authoritarianism- which is better? Should Pakistan shift to a Presidential system from a Prime Ministerial system? Why do you think the issue of climate change the biggest issue that faces us today? What is climate security? How is the issue of climate change linked to issue of bad governance? What is the #LivingIndus? How do you see COP’26 and similar efforts towards a global climate solution? What will the Pakistan of 2050 look like?
2/17/20221 hour, 14 minutes, 30 seconds
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Writing Pakistan’s first National Security Policy | The Pakistan Pivot

In conversation with Senior Policy Specialist on Traditional Security Hassan Akbar, this episode is about Pakistan’s National Security Policy. What was the need of a National Security Policy? What was the consultation process? Will the policy continue and sustain irrespective of government change? What are the contents of the policy? What does a relationship between economic, human, and traditional security? What is the security condition looking like right now? What is Pakistan’s foreign policy for U.S., Afghanistan, Russia, China? What is the Ukraine Crisis? What is India’s disinformation warfare? Is there a contradiction in geo-economic growth and climate security? What are the actionable items of the policy? What does the policy say about cyber-security and what does it mean for cryptocurrency? What will Pakistan in 2050 be like? What is one way in which covid-19 impacted the world the most?
2/10/202259 minutes, 11 seconds
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How should Pakistan's justice system protect its weak and vulnerable?

In conversation with Barrister Maleeka Bokhari, Parliamentary Secretary for Law and Justice and Chairperson of the Anti-Rape Committee, this episode answers a set of very important questions. What is the state of justice in Pakistan? What are the 700 amendments to the criminal justice system that the Law Ministry has proposed? How will new deadlines to avoid delays in trials be ensured and implemented? What will a plea bargain do and what are the police reforms? What is being done about SCBA’s rejection of the proposed draft of the criminal justice reforms? What is the Anti-Rape Law that was passed in 2020? What does a structure of a victim-centered system look like? What is being done about Usman Mirza and Noor Mukaddam Case? What does gender security in the National Security Policy mean? What is the new act on Protection against Harassment of Women in Workplace? In what way do you think covid-19 changed the world? How do you see Pakistan in 2050?
2/3/20221 hour, 4 minutes, 42 seconds
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Is Pakistan’s issue of energy and climate an issue of governance? Ft. Maha Kamal | The Pakistan Pivot

In conversation with Maha Kamal, an International Public Policy Specialist, this episode discusses Pakistan’s crisis of energy and climate through the lens of security, policy, and governance. What is the energy sector and energy security? What is the organizational history of Women in Energy? What is the gendered aspect of energy security? What is the link between women’s access to energy and economic development? Is Pakistan’s LNG crisis a crisis of governance? How are problems in production, distribution, and consumption in the energy sector interlinked? What is technology’s potential to solve the problems of the energy crisis? How is access to energy linked to industries and economic development? What is the climate issue? How is climate issue an issue of human security? How can the climate issue be solved through a global policy that is common but differentiated? Should the government impose a climate emergency in Pakistan? Why is Pakistan exploiting indigenous coal resources? What is the link between climate issues and class? How is people dying because of climate issue an issue of governance?    Tune in to know more about her views.    #ThePakistanPivot #MahaKamal #Energy #Climate #WomeninEnergy #Governance #Security #PublicPolicy #Renewable #Nonrenewable #Gender #Class #Development
1/13/202243 minutes, 20 seconds