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English, Social, 2 seasons, 38 episodes, 14 hours 14 minutes
Lifestyle,religion,entertainment ,relationship and real life talks.
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Goal checkup: The three R’s

At this rate I think I should start this motivational speaking business 🤭😂. What do you guys think?? Life gets so busy sometimes and we need to call ourselves back from distractions and focus . In this episode I share three R’s of goal audit . Enjoy !
03/02/202420 minutes 45 seconds
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Go hard or go home

This is the year we go hard on our goals right ? We carry the enthusiasm all through the year and we see results , Amen ?! I talk about how to have a good year In this year and I really hope it blesses you .
27/01/202423 minutes 31 seconds
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Hello 2024🤩

Hey y’all🥰. It’s my first episode this year and I’m so excited to be back on here . In this episode I discuss what really makes a new year so special ,There’s usually so much excitement that comes with the new year . Click the link and let’s find out what makes the excitement die down quickly
20/01/202424 minutes 55 seconds
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Life update

Hey PAB fam , I know I went MIA on you guys but I can explain. Wondering what I’ve been up to ?, let’s catch up on this episode , click to listen 👇🏽
24/12/202318 minutes 25 seconds
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Where’s your heart at?!

Another weekend guys🥳 . I talk about self reflections and the need to do a heart check from time to time in this episode .This is a very practical episode , so take a deep breathe and reflect on your motives and actions in recent times , okay 🥹.
21/07/202313 minutes 12 seconds
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The finale 🥳 : Words On a Marble

Yayyyyy🥳. It’s the finale of our series “the new life series” and I’m so excited , it’s been an awesome series and I’m glad to share a few gems from the entire series in this episode . Listen and share . Be sure to use the hashtags #thenewlifeseries #thePABchat and tag me @zaileyy3 on twitter and @ponmiiley on instagram 😘
14/07/202324 minutes 48 seconds
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TRANSITIONING: the post new life experience ft Ayosola

Hi , in this episode I talk about the transition into this new life with my guest . How it has been , what to do ,how to maintain a fervent devotion and a whole lot more . Enjoy !
28/06/202333 minutes 42 seconds
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TRANSFORMED : the pre & post new life experience ft Toss Sanya.

Hi friends❤️. I hosted my friend on this episode and we had an amazing conversation about our lives before and after receiving the new life of Christ . Press play listen !
16/06/202340 minutes 33 seconds
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New life, what next ?

If you’ve been following my latest series you’ll know that I’ve been discussing about “The new life” and it’s been amazing , btw catch up if you haven’t😉. And if you have followed up till this episode and you’re wondering what to do next after you receive this new life , this episode answers that question. So Press play ! Be sure to use the hashtags #thenewlifeseries #thePABchat and tag me on insta @ponmiiley and twitter @zaileyy3
09/06/202324 minutes 37 seconds
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Announcement: The New Life Series💃🏼🥰

Hey guys , I’m finally starting the long awaited series , whoop whoop🎉. I’m so excited about this one and I can’t wait for you guys to hear it really soon🥰.Please make use of the hashtags ,#thePABchat #thenewlifeseries and be sure to tag me on your insta stories @ponmiiley and on your tweets @zaileyy3
18/04/20233 minutes 29 seconds
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Step out!!!

Hey y’all, back like I never left. In this episode I shared a powerful lesson I learnt in the the past month and what I’m currently learning . I’m hoping you learn something from my lessons after this episode 🥰
08/04/202319 minutes 12 seconds
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Love series: Being single 💞

Hiii, it’s the final episode of the love series💃🏼. It’s been such good ride and on this episode I decided do something for my single folks ; this episode focuses on how to maximize your single season and dealing with relationship pressure.
22/03/202320 minutes 52 seconds
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Love series: Commitment in love relationships💞

Why does commitment seem like such a big issue for a lot of people in dating relationships in our generation ? Join me on this episode as I discuss commitment in relationships and how to stay committed to your partner . Press play!
10/03/202328 minutes 31 seconds
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Stay strong!

Hi guys, trust we are doing okay . There’s a lot going on presently in my country , Nigeria and tbh it can be disheartening , so here’s me encouraging you guys ,myself inclusive to be strong in this period because hopefully we would overcome all of these soon ijn
07/03/20237 minutes 23 seconds
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Love series: Relationship red flags 💞

Heyyy! What’s up guys , new episode for the weekend 💃🏼✨. I absolutely enjoyed recording this episode with my friend , it was a bit high pitched but you knoww , this conversation was amazing and I can’t wait for you too listen , so press play!
18/02/202340 minutes 52 seconds
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Love series: The pre-valentine episode 💞

Hey guys . Another weekend , another episode .I honestly don’t know how to feel about this episode , this episode tbh was majorly banter about love and valentine not serious talk but you can still pick out one or two things I promise 🥺 press play !
11/02/202333 minutes 15 seconds
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Let it go!

Hey y’all ,happy new month. Sometimes we carry burdens and baggages that slow us down from progressing, we might have carried some from last year without knowing ; it’s time to let go of the baggages that’ll slow us down from achieving our goals this year . I promise you ,this episode is one you will learn from so , press play!
03/02/202328 minutes 32 seconds
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Protect your mind !

Hi guys , Did you know that you consciously or unconsciously build up the content of your mind through what you see and hear . In this episode I spoke on the power of the mind and how you should protect your mind with caution . I’m certain you want to listen so ,Press play!
21/01/202327 minutes 24 seconds
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New year, what’s next ?

Happy new yearrrr✨. It’s our very first episode on the PAB chat . What do you do with the excitement of a new year? Find out in this episode ,as I discussed how to go about the new year and what to do differently . This episode is definitely a good listen , so enjoy !
09/01/202328 minutes 9 seconds
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2022 Recap💫

It’s the last week in year 2022 and thank God we made it through!!. In this episode I did a run through of notable things that happened in the year 2022 and shared a bit of my personal experience. This episode? Bliss with a lot of unsolicited advice . So, Enjoy!
28/12/202240 minutes 33 seconds
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Feeling Burnt Out?

The year is wrapping up so fast before our very eyes and I understand how that can come with so much tension and pressure. So in this episode i spoke about how to ease your mind of feeling burnt out in this season . I hope you find this really helpful,Enjoy !
22/12/202219 minutes 56 seconds
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THE RETURN BACK EPISODE : Get to know me tag/podcast overview

Hey PAB chat fam !!!. I’m so excited to back here again . This is my very first episode after a really long break and on this episode i did a get to know me tag and a podcast review , I added a bonus bloopers segment of my life update 😂.it’s a really interesting return episode so, enjoy!
16/12/202223 minutes 39 seconds
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Domestic violence part 2

Domestic violence explained: My view on domestic violence
28/10/202035 minutes 45 seconds
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Domestic violence rant

My take on the most recent domestic violence story . Nigerian upcoming artiste “lilfrosh” was found guilty of constantly physically and emotionally abused his model girlfriend.
08/10/20207 minutes 47 seconds
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Normalizing a term called “husband material “

No one really talks about finding a man who is a husband material ,so this is just a random ideology about the qualities that make up a husband material ,this should be enlightening,enjoy guys...
24/09/202021 minutes 22 seconds
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My little rant 😂😂

Just rants 😂
16/09/202011 minutes 27 seconds
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Do’s and don’ts of a first date

Things to know when going on a first date
11/09/202013 minutes 3 seconds
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Choosing your peace

How to avoid your peace from being tampered with and protecting your peace always
03/09/202016 minutes 27 seconds
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The African parent and child relationship

The African parenting style ,common beliefs about African parents and how they relate with their children.
26/08/202020 minutes 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

Toxic friendships

Toxic friendships ,their behavioral patterns and how to deal with these kind of friends .
12/08/202023 minutes 58 seconds
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About the PAB chat

A brief introduction about the PAB chat
04/08/20205 minutes 42 seconds