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English, Fitness / Keep-fit, 1 season, 109 episodes, 4 days, 3 hours, 7 minutes
Discover what the top Spartan SGX coaches from around the country are doing to help their clients dominate their obstacle races. Each week you will get insight on how to improve your training, nutrition, and recovery methods for the most efficient training program.
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Episode 108- Mental Training Strategies, Is There An Upper Limit For Protein Intake, & Joel and Luke Hayes Discuss Their OCR's Greatest Project

Welcome to the OCR Underground Show. Your best resource for all things to help you train better for your next obstacle course race.  Each episode I cover training strategies plus chat with other experts to get other insight into smarter ocr training.   In this episode I share more information about my latest project the Certified OCR Specialist certification coming out soon.  To get on the waitlist for early access click here: I also dive into some keys areas of mental training.  While this seems like a secondary part of training, there is no denying how much impact the mental game has on performance.  In this podcast I review the 3 areas that most will need improvements in mental training and specific strategies on improving them.   In my research review, I look at the debated topic of protein intake.  Specifically we look at research on the upper limit of protein consumption.  Is it true that you cannot absorb more than 30g of protein in one feeding?  We look at new research that provided 100g of protein and see some interesting results.  I also look at some factors for protein consumption as we age.   And finally, in my interview segment, I have on coaches Joel and Luke Hayes from Trio Fitness Training.  Brothers Joel and Luke Hayes are personal trainers specializing in coaching athletes in Obstacle Course Racing, Hybrid Competitions, and Tactical Competitions with their company Trio Fitness Training. They've been racing in OCR competitively since 2017, and since the more recent growth of Hybrid events, they've competed in dozens of events, and coached athletes to the Deka World Championships as well as other hybrid competitions. Their specialty is tailoring training specifically to individual athletes so that the athlete is put in the best possible position to progress and succeed. They discuss some of their philosophies with training for both OCR and hybrid events.  Also, they explain a really cool project they have been working on called the OCR's Greatest.  This is an incredible program to bring about awareness for more local OCR events.  Listen in on how you can help out local OCR races and win prizes. Links mentioned in today's episode: Dara Scale by Fit Track: Use code OCRUNDERGROUND The Ice Pod Pro: Amino Company: Use Code OCR Research on Upper Limit Protein Intake: Research on Protein in Older Adults: Trio Fitness Training: OCR's Greatest:
4/2/20241 hour, 10 minutes, 48 seconds
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Episode 107 - New Year Better You & How To Get A Free Spartan Race in 2024

The OCR Underground Show Episode 107 Show Notes   Welcome to the OCR Underground Show.  Your best resource for all things OCR and Hybrid training.  Each week I dive into different topics to help you train smarter for your next OCR.  The New Year is here and what better way to start than some insight on how to set goals and a few specific things you can work on this year.  Don't get caught assuming this year will be better than last.  It is up to you to make that happen.  This episode is jam packed with tips to help you do just that.   To start I am announcing the upcoming release of my revamped Spartan Ultra Beast Training Program.  This is my most downloaded program of the past few years.  I revamped the workouts and added a few things to help you train for your next Ultra.  While I am putting the finishing touches on the program I am running a presale promotion.  Right now if you are one of the first 20 people to sign up, you get $50 off the program PLUS a free race code for your next Ultra in 2024.  You just have to register by 1/31.  To get access to this 4 month training plan and have all of your running, strength, and tactical workouts laid out for you click the link below.  Plus get access to some cool bonuses like mental training strategies and a race day nutrition guide. Join the presale list here ======> This episode is a New Year special.  I discuss the 3 steps you should take when setting your yearly goals, how you can set a baseline to determine your current level and discover any bottlenecks in your programming, plus how to plan out your yearly training to set yourself up for success.   All this and more in today's episode.  Enjoy! Podcast Sponsors: Ready to start adding cold plunges  to your routine?  Make sure you check out The Pod Company’s Ice Pod Pro.  They have made cold water immersion super simple and affordable.  Set it up in minutes and reap the benefits of cold exposure.  Use this link and get $10 off your order. Looking for a great gift idea for fitness enthusiasts?  Check out the Dara scale from Fit Track.  It was voted Best Body Monitoring for Health in 2023.  Get accurate measurements for 17 body composition metrics, monitor progress easily with daily & weekly health reports, and get tailored nutrition and fitness tips.  The scale is 50% off right now, plus get an additional 20% off when you use code OCRUNDERGROUND. If you need help getting enough protein through your diet, check out The Amino Company.  Essential Amino Acids are amino acids that your body cannot make on its own and needs to be ingested.  The Amino Company created specific amino acid formulations designed to enhance workout performance, aid in exercise and injury recovery, for active aging, and liver function.  Check out all of the products at  Use code OCR to save 30% on your order. Links Mentioned In The Show: Fat Loss Blueprint Webinar: Deka Strong at SDPT 3/3/24: Ultra Beast Training Program: Find an FMS Pro near you: Broad Jump Testing: Seated MB Throw Test:  
1/17/202437 minutes, 12 seconds
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Episode 106 - The Truth Behind Cold Plunges

Welcome to the OCR Underground Show.  Your best resource for smarter obstacle course race training tips.  Each episode I share insight into improving your training, interview other experts, and dive into the latest research to help guide you along the way. In this episode I share my experience at the So Cal Rugged Maniac race.  I had a blast getting back into a race and enjoying some time with clients. I also take a deep dive into trending recovery tool of ice baths.  I have been using ice baths regularly for the past few months and have really enjoyed it.  But I often cringe when I hear some of the claims that are made about what ice baths really do. Are ice baths really the best way to burn fat?  Will you never get sick again?  Do you bounce back faster from tough workouts? There are many reasons why you might use ice baths in your routine.  In this episode we look at what the science says about popular claims like increased metabolism, enhanced recovery, dopamine release, immunity boost, pain alleviation, and improved sleep. If you currently are taking ice baths or are thinking about it, you will definitely want to check this one out. Podcast Sponsors: Ready to start adding cold plunges  to your routine?  Make sure you check out The Pod Company's Ice Pod Pro.  They have made cold water immersion super simple and affordable.  Set it up in minutes and reap the benefits of cold exposure.  Use this link and get $10 off your order. Looking for a great gift idea for fitness enthusiasts?  Check out the Dara scale from Fit Track.  It was voted Best Body Monitoring for Health in 2023.  Get accurate measurements for 17 body composition metrics, monitor progress easily with daily & weekly health reports, and get tailored nutrition and fitness tips.  The scale is 50% off right now, plus get an additional 20% off when you use code OCRUNDERGROUND. If you need help getting enough protein through your diet, check out The Amino Company.  Essential Amino Acids are amino acids that your body cannot make on its own and needs to be ingested.  The Amino Company created specific amino acid formulations designed to enhance workout performance, aid in exercise and injury recovery, for active aging, and liver function.  Check out all of the products at  Use code OCR to save 30% on your order.  
11/30/202343 minutes, 25 seconds
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Episode 105 - Aaron Nowlin & Glen Racz Talk Training For Hybrid Events, DEKA Team strategy, & More

The OCR Underground Show is here to help you train smarter for your next OCR or Hybrid event.  In this episode I share a recent interview I had with two of the best Aaron Nowlin and Glen Racz are among the best in OCR.  Recently they have been tearing up the courses in hybrid events such as DEKA. I have had the privilege to watch them compete many times in the DEKA MILE and DEKA STRONG.  At our last event they each competed individually, posting the 2 fastest mile times, and then joined forces for an incredible team time.  Aaron and Glen finished in 14:06.6 which earned them the fast time time in 2023.   Glen and Aaron have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to training for OCR events.  In this interview I pick their brain on how they have evolved over the years in the sport.  They give some great insight on how to train for hybrid events, how to prepare for hybrid and traditional OCR at the same time, and some of their strategies for doing a team event.   Enjoy the show! Do me a favor and also check out the sponsors for today's episode.  The Pod Company has made cold plunging a sinch with their Ice Pod Pro.  This is an incredibly easy and affordable tool to add to your home set up.  Set it up, fill it up, and jump in.  Use the power of cold plunge to boost recovery so you can train harder more often.  Check them out at You also don't want to miss The Amino Company and their great amino acid formulations.  Shop My Favorite 100% Science-Backed Amino Acid Supplements Enter code OCR at checkout to Save 30% + FREE amino eBook!    Amino Co’s science is unmatched with over 30 years of experience. Amino Co was created by former Harvard professor and world-renowned clinical researcher Dr. Robert Wolfe. Their precise blends of amino acids help you become stronger, heal faster, reduce age-related declines and improve your overall metabolic health.  Other links mentioned in the show: Glen Racz ANW Run:
10/11/202358 minutes, 37 seconds
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Episode 104 - Training to Failure vs Non Failure & How To Become More Mentally Resilient

Welcome back to another great episode of the OCR Underground Show.  A podcast created to help you train and crush your next obstacle course race.   Interested in racing the next DEKA STRONG or DEKA MILE with me?  My gym San Diego Premier Training is hosting a combo event on 9/23 and 9/24.  We will be having open, team, and kids heats on both days.  We would love to see you out there.  Check out in the link section where you can register before the event fills up.   In this episode I share a great research review on whether or not you should train to failure.  I know I have talked in the past on the topic but there is more and more research coming out on this subject.  This study looked at comparing training to failure versus non failure and how it impacts strength, muscle size, and power.  Some great takeaways here.   In my Inside Mike's Mind segment I continue from my last episode on becoming more resilient.  In the last episode I share my thoughts on bullet proofing your body to make you physically more resilient.  This time I chat on some great tips on improving your mental resiliency.   Check it all out in episode 104 of the OCR Underground Show.   Looking for a scienced-based essential amino acid supplement to help boost performance, increase muscle repair and recover, or improve liver function?  Check out the Amino Company and their great products.  Visit and use code OCR to get 30% off your order. Ice baths are one of the most popular recovery modalities right now and for good reason.  The problem is how hard and expensive they can be to set up.  The Pod Company has you covered though.  They have a portable ice bath for a fraction of the price of most companies.  Earn $10 off through this link: And if you are looking for a way to track your progress you won't want to miss the Dara scale by Fit Track.  Get better insight on how your training and nutrition are effecting different health metrics every morning when you step on the scale.  Use code OCRUNDERGROUND to save on the Dara Scale here: Links mentioned in the show: Research on training to failure: DEKA STRONG registration: DEKA MILE registration: How Bad Do You Want It: The Obstacle Is The Way: Endure: What Doesn't Kill Us: The Wedge: The Brave Athlete:
8/30/202338 minutes, 55 seconds
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Episode 103 - Maximizing Strength Research & How To Make Your Body More Resilient To Injury

Welcome to the OCR Underground Show.  You best resource for training tips and strategies to help you train for your next OCR.   You may have heard already but DEKA will be holding a DEKA STRONG event at the IDEA World Fitness & Nutrition Conference at the LA Convention Center 7/14-7/15.   I will be volunteering at the event as a judge and would love to see you there.  Swing by the DEKA booth at the Expo.  You can't miss it. Looking for a scienced-based essential amino acid supplement to help boost performance, increase muscle repair and recover, or improve liver function?  Check out the Amino Company and their great products.  Visit and use code OCR to get 30% off your order. Ice baths are one of the most popular recovery modalities right now and for good reason.  The problem is how hard and expensive they can be to set up.  The Pod Company has you covered though.  They have a portable ice bath for a fraction of the price of most companies.  Earn $10 off through this link: Are you trying to get strong?  In my research review I share a really cool write up on maximizing strength.  This looked at a bunch of research explaining the mechanisms behind building strength, the mediators for long term strength, future considerations, and how to build strength without heavy load.   In My Inside Mike's Mind segment I share some tips on becoming more resilient.  This is part I of a two part series on resilience.  This one talks about making your body more resilient and the next will talk about mental resiliency.   In this one you will learn a few simple, yet effective, things you can in your training to bullet proof your body and minimize annoying injuries.   Enjoy the show!   Links Mentioned in the show: Review on Maximizing Strength: Assessing Injury Risk: Find A FMS: Eccentric Pull Ups: Strengthening End Range of Motion: Isometric Split Squat: Elastic Plyos: Sagittal Plane Lunge: Frontal Plane Lunge: Transverse Plane Lunge:
7/13/202355 minutes, 20 seconds
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Episode 102 - Research on High Rep Training, Max Efforts vs Movements, & Scott Knowles From The I Am A Spartan Podcast

The OCR Underground Show is the best podcast for training tips to help you with your next obstacle course race.   In this episode, I share my thoughts on the Big Bear race setup after teaching the Spartan OS course.  I also talk about a research study that looked at the benefit of performing high-rep strength training on endurance performance.  Or lack thereof....  And I get into my thoughts on training for max effort versus exposing yourself to different positions and postures.  Strength training isn't just about lifting heavy weights.  If you want to use your training to help you become more durable, listen to this one.   And finally, I chat with Scott Knowles from the I Am A Spartan Podcast.  It is always great chatting with Scott about OCR.  He shares his passion on racing and how it got into OCR and why he started his podcast.  Scott also give a snapshot of what his training routine is typically like and he shares some insight on taking on some bigger races like the Ultra Beast.   Enjoy the show! Don’t forget to check out all of Amino Company’s products at  Enter code OCR at check to Save 30% + get a FREE amino eBook!  Amino Co’s science is unmatched with over 30 years of experience. Links Mentioned In This Episode: The Amino Co: Fittrack Dara Scale: Research on High Reps Impact on Endurance: Lunge Matrix: Lunge w/ Rotational Force: I Am A Spartan Podcast: Scott Knowles:
6/13/20231 hour, 25 minutes, 23 seconds
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Episode 101 - How HIIT Effects Your Nervous System, Top Tips For Prepping For Altitude, & Matthew O'Quinn Shares His Story In Overcoming Failures

If you are looking for a podcast loaded with tips to help you dominate you next race, you have come to the right place.  Each episode I dive into relevant research to help mold you into a better endurance athlete, share training strategies I use with my clients, and interview other coaches and athletes in the OCR world. In todays episode I share research that compared different high intensity training methods and how they impact neuromuscular response and vagal tone.  One of the methods was burpees interestingly.  Using this study I share some key elements to consider when trying to program HIIT training into your routine.   The Big Bear Spartan Race is just around the corner.  With this in mind I wanted to cover I question I have heard many times.  How do you train to prepare for altitude when you don't live at altitude?  It is a tough situation but there is plenty of simple things you can do to help prepare.  In fact, I cover 7 things you can easily do to plan for your next race at altitude.   Finally, I chat with Matthew O'Quinn.  In 2011 Matthew was overweight and unhealthy, so he decided to lose some weight and completely redefine his health. He lost around 40 lbs. and then eventually discovered OCR.  His first Spartan race was in 2012 and received his first trifecta in 2013.    Wanted to discover more he started on the endurance path and did his first Hurricane Heat in 2016.  He has spent many years doing Spartan Races and the Spartan Endurance events as well as another well-known event, the Gauntlet down in middle Georgia. In 2016 he finished his first Spartan Hurricane heat with the famous class 080. Since then, he has finished many more Hurricanes including the 4, 12, and 24 hour events over the past several years. He  has also competed in the Gauntlet in Georgia several times and will soon be participating in the Spartan Death Race.  This wasn't an easy journey and in fact Matthew faced many failures along the way.  When everyone was telling him to stop and give up and looked in and found what he needed to move and over come his challenges.  Matt shares his journey and knowledge on how to deal with repeated failure and how to attain your goals.   Enjoy the show! Don’t forget to check out all of Amino Company’s products at  Enter code OCR at check to Save 30% + get a FREE amino eBook!  Amino Co’s science is unmatched with over 30 years of experience. Full show notes:  
5/10/20231 hour, 25 seconds
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Episode 100 - The Best Periodization Model, 3 Step Process For Restoring Mobility, & Dr. Robert Wolfe Talks Essential Amino Acids

I can't believe I have put out 100 episodes.  I truly hope that you have enjoyed listening as much as I enjoy creating them.  Hopefully over these 100 shows you have found a few helpful tips to help you train for your next obstacle course race.  As always I have a great one lined up for you today. It has been a whirlwind week spending spring break in Hawaii and then hopping on a flight to Houston to watch UCONN with the Men's National Championship. It was a great time but I'm definitely feeling it this week trying to catch up. In my research review this week I share an study comparing to training protocols and measuring their effectiveness for muscle size, strength, power, and body composition.  The two strategies used were block periodization and mixed session periodization.  Which one came out on top?  You will have to listen in to see and how you may want to adjust your training plan. In the Inside Mike's Mind segment I share my 3 step process to improving mobility.  If you are like me  you have to work hard to get better mobility.  If you want to see improvements that last, just follow these 3 simple steps. In this episode I interviewed Former Harvard professor and world-renowned clinical researcher Dr. Robert Wolfe. He is also the Co-founder and lead scientist at Amino Co. which was founded by world leaders in amino acid clinical research for the purpose of conducting cutting-edge medical research on amino-acid based products. Amino Co’s  research, first funded by NASA, was developed by Dr. Robert R Wolfe and Dr. Wolfe's studies have been conducted with support from competitive research grants from the National Institutes of Health, National Space Biomedical Institute, US Department of Defense, The US Department of Agriculture, as well as the US Olympic Committee, and the International Olympic Committee. We had an incredible chat discussing the role of essential amino acids and research he has conducted in a variety of populations.  We covered older individuals that have issues consuming enough protein and preventing muscle loss, research on army ranger training and dealing in an incredibly stressful and undernourished situation, as well as muscle recover and performance.  I know you will get a ton out of this interview and I was grateful to have Dr. Wolfe share his expertise with me. Don't forget to check out all of Amino Company's products at  Enter code OCR at check to Save 30% + get a FREE amino eBook!  Amino Co’s science is unmatched with over 30 years of experience. Links Mentioned in the Show: The Amino Company: Use code OCR The Dara Scale by Fit Track: use code OCRUNDERGROUND Research on Periodization: Mobility Exercise Flow  Crocodile Breathing: Lat Foam Rolling: Bench Tspine Extension Dynamic Stretch: Scap Wall Slide w/ Liftoff:
4/12/20231 hour, 2 minutes, 12 seconds
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Episode 99 - Deka Team Challenge, Race Day Nutrition, & The Best Way To Build Endurance

The OCR Underground Show is your best resources for training tips on obstacle course racing.  Each episode is full of practical strategies to help you crush your next race.   Thanks to my newest sponsor of the show Fit Track.  Check out the Fit Track Dara scale at  Get 17 health metrics every time you step on the scale to help you monitor your progress.  Use code OCRUNDERGROUND to save 20%.   In this episode I share a brief recap of the recent Deka Strong event that was help at my studio.  This is always such a great event and we had an awesome turnout.  Have you heard of the new 65+ age group modifications and the new team challenges?  I discuss some of the more recent changes with Deka.   In my Research Review I discuss a really cool study looking at high fat versus high carb meal prior to performing.  This study shows some interested results and I explain why this might be the way to go for your nutrition leading up to your next race and the strategy you want to implement morning of your race.   In the Inside Mike's Mind section I talk conditioning.  I question I get all the time is what is the best way to build conditioning.  Is it tabata intervals or other HIIT methods?  This is a topic I am really passionate about and I take a deep dive in the physiology of conditioning to help explain what the best method actually is for improving your endurance.   Shop My Favorite 100% Science-Backed Amino Acid Supplements at  Enter code OCR at check to Save 30% + get a FREE amino eBook! Amino Co’s science is unmatched with over 30 years of experience.  Amino Co was created by former Harvard professor and world-renowned clinical researcher Dr. Robert Wolfe.  Their precise blends of amino acids help you become stronger, heal faster, reduce ag-related declines and improve your overall metabolic health. Enjoy the episode!   Links Mentioned in the Show: Deka: Fit Track Dara Scale: Use code OCRUNDERGROUND for 20% off Amino Co: Use Code OCR for 30% off Venga CBD: Research on High Fat Meal Consumption Prior to Performance:*a4a8tq*_ga*MTAxNzUxNTczNy4xNjcyMzQyMDQ2*_ga_H7P4ZT52H5*MTY3ODgxNzU1Ny4zLjAuMTY3ODgxNzU1OC4wLjAuMA..   Ready to save on your next spartan race?  Use code SGX-230403
3/15/202341 minutes, 31 seconds
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Episode 98 - SoCal Spartan Recap, Research On Improving Pull Ups, Principles of Training, & SGX Coach Gary Lombardo Chats Winter Death Race and Building Better Endurance

Welcome to the OCR Underground Show.  Your best resource to training tips to crush your next obstacle course race.  As always this episode is packed with strategies for smarter ocr training.   In this episode, I recap my first Spartan Race of the year in San Bernadino, CA.  It was a fun race and excited to get back into it.  My research review discuss different strategies for improving your pull ups.  Obviously being better at pull ups is a huge advantage in many obstacles.  See how these different techniques held up.   In the Inside Mike's Mind segment I discuss some of the principles of training.  These aren't philosophies or suggestions.  These principles are the law of training and if you aren't considering them you are missing out in how your training can better help you improve.  And finally I chat with Coach Gary Lombardo.  Gary was previously on the show for episode 54.  Gary is no stranger to endurance events.  From Iron Man, to Ultras, to high altitude expeditions, Gary has done it all and helped others push their limits for endurance.  Gary is participating in the upcoming Winter Death Race and share his training to prep for it.  Plus he shares some tips for taking on more endurance based activities if you are ready to step up your racing.   All this and much more in today's show.   Today’s episode is sponsored by The Amino Co. Shop My Favorite 100% Science-Backed Amino Acid Supplements at  Enter code OCR at check to Save 30% + get a FREE amino eBook! Amino Co’s science is unmatched with over 30 years of experience.  Amino Co was created by former Harvard professor and world-renowned clinical researcher Dr. Robert Wolfe.  Their precise blends of amino acids help you become stronger, heal faster, reduce ag-related declines and improve your overall metabolic health. Enjoy the episode! Full Show Notes:  
2/7/20231 hour, 3 minutes, 47 seconds
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Episode 97 - Epic Series Recap, Improving VO2 Max, Incorporating Breathwork, & Crystal MacConnell Talks Winter Death Race

The OCR Underground Show is a podcast built to help you crush your next obstacle course race.  Each episode is jammed packed with tips, strategies, and interview to help you train smarter.   In Episode 97 I share my experience at the latest Epic Series event and how I did in the Average Joe & Jane category.  In my research review I talk all about VO2 max.  Learn what VO2 max is and why it is so important for endurance athletes.  Plus I share a few studies that should what intensities seem to work best for improving your VO2 max. In the inside Mike's Mind segment I talk about breathwork.  While this is a very trendy topic, not everyone understands how to incorporate breathwork into your routine.  I share 4 simple ways you can include focused breathwork into your training without adding much time to your overall training routine.   Finally, I have a great chat with Crystal MacConnell who shares her experience in the Death Race, plus give some insight into prepping for a Death Race.  She also shares how she plans on completing the next Winter Death Race.   Today's episode is sponsored by The Amino Co. Shop My Favorite 100% Science-Backed Amino Acid Supplements at  Enter code OCR at check to Save 30% + get a FREE amino eBook! Amino Co’s science is unmatched with over 30 years of experience.  Amino Co was created by former Harvard professor and world-renowned clinical researcher Dr. Robert Wolfe.  Their precise blends of amino acids help you become stronger, heal faster, reduce ag-related declines and improve your overall metabolic health. Enjoy the episode!   Full Show Notes at  
1/20/20231 hour, 16 minutes, 21 seconds
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Episode 96 - Carbohydrate Restriction, Off Season Training Tips, and SGX Coach Gina DiSanto Talks Spartan Racing in Greece, Deka World Championships, and Overcoming Injury.

The OCR Underground Show is the best resource for OCR specific training programs.  In this episode I share two studies on Carbohydrates.  Specifically they are about carbohydrate restriction training.  When I wrote my book Fuel and Fire, my plan was to help readers understand the importance of food and training.  These complement each other when done correctly and can provide powerful improvements in your performance.  Carbohydrate restriction can boost or blunt results depending on how you do it.  These two studies show how in one situation it can help your training and in another slow it down.   In the Inside Mike's Mind segment I dive into Off Season Training for OCR.  This time of year I always stress the importance of dividing your training cycles into an in season and off season plan.  This might sound confusing, so I share some of the key aspects of off season training and what I am currently doing for my program.   And finally I have a great chat with SGX Coach Gina DiSanto.  Gina starting her fitness career over 20 years ago while living in Germany.  She had to overcome a huge language barrier, but fell in love with the industry.  Fast forward and she is a nutritionist, spinning and pilates instructor, as well as SGX Certified.  Gina recently competed at the Spartan race in Sparta, Greece as well as the Deka World Championship.  She shared some of her training plans on how she is prepping for these big races and well as how she overcome significant injury to compete at a high level again.   All this and much more in today's episode.   Shop My Favorite 100% Science-Backed Amino Acid Supplements at  Enter code OCR at check to Save 30% + get a FREE amino eBook! Amino Co's science is unmatched with over 30 years of experience.  Amino Co was created by former Harvard professor and world-renowned clinical researcher Dr. Robert Wolfe.  Their precise blends of amino acids help you become stronger, heal faster, reduce ag-related declines and improve your overall metabolic health.  
12/14/20221 hour, 16 minutes, 21 seconds
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Episode 95 - Training to Failure, The Interference Effect, & Brain Training with Coach Joe Bala

Back again with more incredible training tips for your next Spartan Race or other OCR.  Excited there are no more burpees in Spartan Competitive heats or upset?  Many have strong opinions on the rule change.  I share some of my thoughts on this current topic.   In my research review I share some really cool info on training to failure.  This study looked at training to failure vs non failure, plus using heavy or light loads.  Some interesting findings that will help shape your training.   In the Inside Mike's Mind segment I talk about the interference effect.  When you understand how exercise physiology works it helps you discover the best way to set up your training.  Certain training will limit adaptations when they compete with each other and this is how strength and conditioning works.  I share the details behind the interference effect and how you can minimize it with your training. And finally I chat with SGX Coach Joe Bala.   Joe is the owner of Joe Bala Fitness.  He is a  former engineer turned fitness pro and is currently SGX Level 2 certified, Mental Health Warrior, and Ninja Warrior.  Battling depression and anxiety on a regular basis Joe has been able to over come these challenges and help his clients become the best version of themselves.  Joe shares some of his keys to training and some interesting brain training activity he is using.  Shop My Favorite 100% Science-Backed Amino Acid Supplements at  Enter code OCR at checkout to Save 30% + FREE amino eBook!    Amino Co’s science is unmatched with over 30 years of experience. Amino Co was created by former Harvard professor and world-renowned clinical researcher Dr. Robert Wolfe. Their precise blends of amino acids help you become stronger, heal faster, reduce age-related declines and improve your overall metabolic health.    Full shownotes at  
11/23/20221 hour, 14 minutes, 8 seconds
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Episode 94 - Sleep Improvement Biofeedback & 3 Ways To Spice Up Your Training

The OCR Underground podcast is jammed backed with useful training tips to  help you train for your next obstacle course race.  In this episode I share my experience after hosting our latest Deka Strong and Deka Mile weekend.  It was a crazy weekend with over 80 participants.  I love hosting and participating in these events.  Can't wait for the next one.   In my research review I discuss a study that looked into HRV biofeedback and how simple breathing exercises helped improve sleep and potential improve recovery.  I also share some practical ways you can implement this.  If you have regular sleep issues I highly recommend trying this out.   I also share 3 ways to spice up your training.  It is easy to get stuck in a rut with your regular training routine.  There are thousands of ways to progress and alter your training to help reduce boredom and break through plateaus.  In this episode I share 3 of my favorite ways to help you in this regard.  If you are feeling bored with your current training plan or like you aren't seeing the results you want, check these out.   Links mentioned in the show: Venga CBD: Naboso Barefoot Technology: Use code DEIBLER Ancore Training Systems: Use code DEIBLER Research on HRV Biofeedback: Interview on HRV with Marco Altini:  Episode 71 HRV Biofeedback App: Sample Sandbag Complex: Exercise Complexes Made Simple Preview: Purchase the Exercise Complexes Made Simple Program:
9/29/202248 minutes, 14 seconds
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Episode 93 - Do Your Own Research, Lower Body Asymmetries, & 5 Tips To Train For A Deka

The OCR Underground Podcast provides incredible insight into smarter training so you can crush your next OCR.  This episode is packed with great training tips to improve performance and keep you more resilient.   In this one I discuss the importance of doing your own research.  It is great to study the latest research trends on training and nutrition, but that doesn't mean it will always work for you.  Instead turn your training into your own research study to see what works best for you. In my research review I look at a study looked at how lower body asymmetries might predict risk of injury in males and females.  The goal of training is not only to improve performance but keep you healthy.  This study provides insight on how to structure your training plan.  Finally, if you are planning on running a Deka or Hyrox event in the future, I share 5 tips to help you along the way.  These types of events are becoming more and more popular and there is more to it than just practicing the events over and over again.  Tune in and learn these tips to get you on track. Enjoy the show!   Full show  notes:  
8/24/202240 minutes, 59 seconds
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Episode 92 - How To Get Back Into Training After Time Off

After some time off, Coach Mike Deibler is ready to help you get back on track.  Since it has been awhile since the last podcast what better way to get back on track than to give of few tips on how you can get back into training after a break.   This is a shorter episode this time, but we will be back soon with more full length episodes.   Full show notes:  
8/3/202212 minutes, 58 seconds
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Episode 91 - 3 Steps to Conquering Any Obstacle, Stress and Injury Risk, & The Anabolic Window

Back again with another jammed pack podcast with more OCR Training tips.  It feels like forever since my last race and I am definitely getting the itch after seeing everyone post their pics and medals recently.  Hopefully I will get my chance soon.  But until then I will keep training and getting better every day.   In this episode I share my 3 step process in conquering any obstacle.  There is a lot that goes into training for specific obstacle, but I like to break it all down into three categories.  For each obstacle you face you need to be able to do these three things.  Once get this down you are ready to take on any obstacle.   Next in my research review I share an interesting study showing how stress in football players leads an increase injury risk on the field.  I talk about how we can all relate to this.  Stress, in any form, is something that has to be managed. Finally, I share my thoughts on the famous anabolic window.  Does it really matter if you eat right after your workout?  Will you lose all of your gains if you don't have that shake immediately following your workout?  Just like most things it depends.  I share when you may want to focus on getting fuel in right after your workout and when it probably doesn't matter.   Full show notes:  
4/12/202238 minutes, 15 seconds
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Episode 90 - Using Physiology To Train Smarter, Should You Train To Failure?, Recovery Methods Based On Fatigue

Well I am in between trips so I wanted to get an episode out before I check out on vacation.  As usually I have tons of good info to help you train for your next OCR.   First up in the Inside Mike's Mind segment, I talk about one of my favorite subjects, Physiology.  I know not everyone loves learning how the body responds to exercise so I did my best to keep it simple.  But understanding your own physiology helps you create way better workout programs.  This was the basis behind my book, Fuel and Fire.  I specifically dive into how understanding how your body responds to exercise can help you program to be a better and faster runner.   In my research review I discuss a new study out on training to failure.  I have discussed this topic before, but this study compared high load versus low load training to failure or not to failure.  See who won out for strength and muscle size.   And finally in my bonus section I discuss my other favorite topic, Recovery.  Recovery is a pretty broad term so I wanted to take a deeper dive on why it is so important.  I discuss what fatigue is and the different types of fatigue you may experience.  When you understand the type of fatigue you are suffering from you can choose the best recovery method to match that.   All this and more in today episode.     Full shownotes:  
2/23/202245 minutes, 13 seconds
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Episode 89 - Planning your 2022 Season, Massage versus Cold Water Immersion, & Coach Paul Christopher Talks Deka Training

Another great episode that will help you train for your next OCR event.  In this one I discuss the two big concepts that should be the focus of your training program right now.  This is testing and programming.  I discuss different ways to set your baseline and then how to use that information to create a better program. In my research review I found a cool study that compared massage versus cold water immersion.  This study wanted to see which one had a bigger impact on recovery.  Check out the results in todays episode. And I had an awesome chat with Coach Paul Christopher, owner of Gravity and Oxygen Fitness.  Paul Christopher has been an established fitness professional, operating in the Boca Raton area for over 20 years. A graduate of the University of Central Florida in 2000, Paul possesses credentials as a Certified Athletic Trainer (NATA-ATC), Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (NSCA), and Certified Personal Trainer (NASM). His experience variety is a blend of orthopedic rehabilitation, sports performance, and personal training. In 2009 Paul founded the fitness brand/concept Gravity + Oxygen, as a grassroots off-season conditioning program for South Florida’s professional beach volleyball players, as well as a freelance FitPro locally. During these years, the trial and error of enhancing the group exercise experience was fostered.   Fast forward to Feb 2015, to when Gravity + Oxygen Fitness opened its tangible doors for the first time. Located in East Boca Raton, the 5000sq ft “GO House” aims to provide an experience that exceeds customer expectations. In over 5 years of existence, G + O has helped hundreds of clients reach their desired fitness goals. I wanted to chat with Paul about his experience with the Deka.  He has a lot of experience from both running an event to competing in them, so I thought he would be the perfect person to interview on this topic.  If you are planning a Deka event this year, I highly recommend listening in to this one.   Full shownotes:  
1/11/202255 minutes, 53 seconds
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Episode 88 - Off Season Training For OCR Special Episode

Now that 2021 is winding down it is time to look ahead to 2022.  If you are looking for a race to start the year off with and are in the So Cal area, check out the Deka Strong event at my studio, San Diego Premier Training.  It will be held on January 16th.  You can register through the link here: It is time to finish the year strong and get a head start on next season.  To help you out this episode is packed with off season training tips.  In my research review I share a little used strategy that will help you jump higher, run faster, and lift more weight.  It is not a supplement, but it works in a similar way.  Using this incredibly simple technique you can see significant improvements in strength and performance.  The best part is, it will only take a minute to do.   I also share my 3 areas of training that you should be focusing on right  now in your off season.  You shouldn't be training the same way year round.  Pro athletes don't do that so why should you.  To get the most out of your performance next year it is time to focus on a few things to prepare your body for the race season.  If you are curious on what you off season plan should look like, tune in.     Full show  notes:  
12/21/202151 minutes, 51 seconds
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Episode 87 - Practice Obstacles w/ Me, Keys to Running Faster, Research on Carbohydrate Gels, & 5 Mobility Mistakes

Today I have a solo episode for you.  I will be back next time with a new interview.  But until then, enjoy todays latest podcast to help you with your OCR training needs. Would it be cool to have me right next to you as you attempt your most challenging Spartan Race obstacles?  How about if I walk you through my system for hitting the spear every time, or mastering the rope climb?  Well you can join me for the Obstacle Specialist Course coming up on 12/10 before the LA Spartan Sprint.  I will be taking you through the course and sharing some of my best strategies and training tips for each obstacle.  To join me, use the link below and use code OS2021MIKED10 to save 10% off. In this episode I share some keys to running faster.  I know that is a generic claim, but I look into the running workouts of Sir Roger Bannister when he broke the 4 Min Mile and explain how it can help you improve your speed. I cover research on carbohydrate gels and how timing can influence endurance performance. And finally I share the 5 biggest mistakes people make when training to improve their mobility.   Full show notes:  
11/18/202148 minutes, 11 seconds
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Episode 86 - The Truth About Cramping, Bilateral Strength Deficit, and 6 Tips on Mindset From Coach Becky Webb

Another podcast episode to help you with your OCR Training.  This episode is brought to you by Ancore Training Systems.  This is my new favorite training tool that is a MUST for any gym or garage.  Get the power of a cable trainer in a compact size that is great for training function and power.  Check them out at  Use code OCRUNDERGROUND to save 10%.  This show is also sponsored by Venga CBD.  CBD product specifically engineered with the endurance athlete in mind.  You train hard which means you need every tool in your belt to recovery quickly.  Check out all of the CBD products at   In this episode I share the truth about dealing with cramps during a race.  Is it really as simple as hydrating and electrolytes?  Of course not yet this is the only advice you typically see for dealing with cramping.  Instead I share the research on who is at risk and what you should really be focusing on.   In my research review I talk about the phenomenon of the bilateral strength deficit.  I explain what this is and what it has to do with single leg versus double leg exercises in your training.   Finally I have on SGX Coach Becky Webb.  Coach Webb has over 13 years experience coaching and several specialties including, mindset coaching, gut health, hormone specialist, TRX instructor, Crossfit Level 1, and SGX.  She has worked with a variety of clients from general population and youth athletes to professional athletes.   In this interview she shares her biggest tips for improving your mindset to better prepare for your racing, training, and everyday life.     Full show notes:  
10/22/20211 hour, 1 minute, 28 seconds
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Episode 85 - Dealing With Adversity, Goblet Squat vs Landmine Squat, SGX Coach Adam Holt

My first podcast since the Spartan North America Championship Race in Lake Tahoe.  It was an awesome race with a great venue and beautiful scenery.  Unfortunately though this one left me with a pretty significant injury.  I talk all about what happened and what the next steps are for me. In the Inside Mike's Mind, I talk more about adversity.  I figured I share some of the mindset shifts I am going through dealing with my injury.  Most of us are hit with something at some point in our life.  Shit happens and things don't go according to plan.  It is time to regroup and decide on the next step.  It can be a positive one or a negative one.  The choice is completely up to you.  Listen in as I share some tips on dealing with these struggles. My research review looks at the squat.  There are hundreds of different types of squats that have different benefits.  This study looked specifically at the goblet squat and the landmine squat.  I discuss some of the difference found in this study with which muscles are being worked more and how it might be important for women in particular and those with knee injuries. And finally I have a great chat with SGX Coach Adam Holt.  I interrupted Adam's vacation so he can chat more about some really cool things he has been doing.  He was getting ready for the Ultra in Utah when we recorded this, so we chatted about him prepping for it.  Adam also started a really cool program called Outsiders Anonymous.  This is a program designed to help struggling addicts.  He offers free fitness programs and Spartan Race training for those recovering. Full show notes at  
10/5/20211 hour, 2 minutes, 9 seconds
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Episode 84 - Training for Adaptation vs Performance, Improving Running Economy, & SGX Coach Jason Archer on Being A Better Version of Yourself

I recently made a pretty big mistake in running workout.  It was a mistake and my performance suffered from it.  but there were quite a few takeaways I wanted to share.  I am hoping you don't make this same mistake or you at least understand why you might want to make it.  Confused yet?  In todays episode I share my mistake and how it may relate to your training. In my research review I discuss running economy.  Economy of movement is a critical aspect of improving endurance performance and it is something you can train to improve.  Since you never hear anyone talking about it though I figured I would share some research on the topic and a simple strategy you can use to improve yours. I also had the pleasure of chatting with SGX Coach Jason Archer.  Coach Jason is with Crossfit North Phoenix. He got into Spartan through a friend in the gym, and failed his first race (the Beast in big Bear), then vowed to do every race spartan offers at some point of another. That was in 2019.   Since then I've done close to 50 races both virtual and live, gotten my SGX 1 and 2, and encourage Spartan in my gym as a way of doing hard things.   He also developed the lifestyle brand, HardWodder and host his own podcast, HardWodder Radio.   This interview as a little different than my normal training interviews and I really think you will enjoy it.  Check it all out in this episode.   Full show notes:  
9/14/202159 minutes, 12 seconds
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Episode 83 - Getting more out of your training, Research on ankle mobility, & SGX Coach Brad Lane shares how to take your training to the next level.

The OCR Underground Show has another great episode to help you train for your next obstacle course race.  In this one I share my experience recently at the Spartan Super in Asheville.  Plus I share two exciting new announcements.   In the Inside Mike's Mind segment I discuss the concept of adaptation versus demonstration.  Sometimes we get confused a little with where our focus should be.  We train hard for a reason.  To see that carry over into our performance.  But often we can get carried away and the goal shifts to simply training hard for no other reason.  This segment shares my thoughts on how to focus on quality over quantity.   In my research review I discuss a study looking into ankle mobility and it impact on injuries.  Plus I share a simple ankle assessment and exercises to help you improve it.   Finally I have SGX Coach Brad Lane on for a chat.  Brad is the owner of It Starts Here Fitness in Warwick Rhone Island.  Brad uses OCR training to help develop his culture and community at his facility.  Brad shares his insight on all aspects of Spartan Race training from mental toughness, to preparing for terrain, grip, and strength.  We discuss a recent article he wrote for Spartan Race on how to take your training to the next level.     Full show notes:  
8/19/20211 hour, 9 minutes, 1 second
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Episode 82 - Avoiding Training Burnout, Research on When Training Can Backfire, & SGX Coach Ryan Baxter Talks Ancestral Mismatching

Another podcast episode to help you train that much better for your next race.  As I get ready to head out on a vacation to North Carolina and prep for the Asheville Super, I wanted to get one more episode out for you before I check out for a week.   In this one I chat about some of my go to strategies to avoid burnout and plateauing in your training.  When you push hard all the time, you are bound to break.  But with better planning I think most of these issues can be avoided.   In my research review I share two studies that show you more is not always better.  When training you need to follow a plan and not just workout hard all the time.  There is a big difference.  Training harder and harder can lead you to move less throughout the rest of the day.  Check out these really interesting studies on how you change your energy expenditure based on how you train.   I am also excited to have on the show SGX Coach Ryan Baxter.  Ryan is a software engineer turned health coach and obstacle course racer. He lives in New Hampshire with his wife, seven year old daughter and three year old son where he operates RJB Health Coaching. Ryan's interest in obstacle course racing began in 2015 when he ran the Spartan Stadium race at Fenway Park in Boston. After crossing the finish line he was hooked. Not being an athlete growing up, he began to search for resources on how to optimize his performance in the multifaceted sport. He discovered people like Ben Greenfield, Mark Sisson, Robb Wolf, and many others in the ancestral health and wellness space. Over the next few years Ryan combined what he learned about ancestral health and training to optimize his performance as an athlete in obstacle course racing. Wanting to share what he learned, Ryan became a certified Primal Health Coach and then a certified Spartan SGX coach.   Full show notes:   Through his health coaching business, he strives to help athletes achieve their own goals both on and off the race course using an ancestral model for health and exercise. Ryan shares his coaching strategies and talks about how many of our current health issues are due to ancestral mismatching.  
7/22/20211 hour, 18 seconds
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Episode 81- How to Embrace The Suck, Research on Water Therapy & Recovery, SGX Heather Binns Help Find Your Inner Athlete

Back with another great resource for your OCR Training needs.  Summer is here and we are seeing more and more races which is a sight for sore eyes.   In this episode I share some insight on how you can embrace the suck.  We hear things like this all the time, but reading a quote online or meme, often doesn't really help us at all.  So I share some strategies that will teach you how to improve the skill of suffering from the book The Brave Athlete.  If you find yourself backing down when things get hard, you will want to listen in.   Ice baths and other water therapies have become more and more popular.  In my research review I share a study comparing 3 different water therapies and their impact on recovery.  Should you do cold, hot, both?  Listen in to see what the research says.   Finally I have o n SGX Coach Heather Binns from Rennov8 Fitness to discuss her passion of inspiring her clients to help find the athlete within.  As a Health & Fitness Strategist and OCR Coach, Heather helps people shatter self-imposed glass to reach their fullest potential and unprecedented levels of fulfillment!  She does this through physical and mental transformation and is best known for helping people shed fat and becoming strong.  She endorses a positive mental attitude, creating an ongoing sense of accomplishment for clients backed by undeniable and realistic results.   Heather shares some of her strategies she uses with clients to realize their full potential, plus some of her tips for starting a fat loss program.     Full show note at   All this and much more.
7/1/20211 hour, 22 seconds
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Episode 80 - Prepping for Racing at Altitude, Caffeine Effects in Hot Temperature, Interview with SGX Coach Rose Dey and Her Comeback Story

Freshly back from NY after visiting family and running the Spartan Sprint in Bethel, NY.  This was the site of Woodstock back in 1969.  It was a first time at this location and hopefully they will continue having it here.  It was a great venue and a fast course.  Looking forward to more great Spartan Races the rest of this year. In this episode I share some insights on preparing for racing at altitude.  While many are concerned with finding ways to improve performance at higher altitudes, sometimes the focus should be on to simply prepare your body for the increase stress it is about to go through and avoid altitude sickness.  I share some of the most important strategies to consider when preparing for a high altitude race. In my research review, I share an interesting study on caffeine.  Caffeine is one of the most studied ergogenic aid.  It has been shows to be beneficial for some (although not all) for endurance events.  In this research we specifically look at using caffeine when exercising in hot temperatures. In this episode Coach's Corner, I have on SGX Coach Rose Dey. Rose has a background in Krav Maga, boxing and gymnastics. She has been in the fitness industry for 25 years coaching and managing facilities in New York, New Jersey and North Carolina. She is a NASM certified Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition Level 1 coach, Spartan SGX and Deka coach with specialties in senior fitness and obesity. She is currently the Spartan and Deka Coach at Aestus Fitness in Fuquay-Varina, NC and will be the Health and Fitness Science Instructor at Johnston Community College starting Fall 2021. She started Obstacle Course racing in 2011 and obtained Spartan Race podium spots in both Master Elite and Age Group categories, as well as earning a spot in the Spartan Elite World Championship Series in 2016. She owned and operated her own facility specializing in functional strength/conditioning  and race preparation for 6 years in New Jersey before moving to NC where she was introduced to Crossfit. She has just earned her mark with Deka Strong as a 4th place holder in Age Group. Rose’s passion for fitness starts at home where she raised 3 children who have healthy fitness habits. She believes in a healthy lifestyle with proper nutrition at its core. Her passion is seeing others succeed in accomplishing goals and believes a person’s mindset is their greatest asset. “BELIEVE that you can, TRAIN like you should, and CONQUER your goals. Coach Rose shares some great insight into training, specifically overcoming obstacles and challenges.  She shares her incredible comeback story and shares how you can move past challenges in your way.   Full Show Notes:   
6/18/20211 hour, 7 minutes, 32 seconds
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Episode 79 - How To Avoid Back Pain, The Secret to Metabolic Training, & Coach Gary Lombardo Talks Death Race and More

Today's episode is full of training tips and strategies to help you train for any obstacle course race. In this one I share my tips from a recent webinar I did on preventing back pain in your training routine.  If you tend to suffer from back issues or just want to make sure you avoid them, follow these 5 steps I share. Once you learn how to move better you are ready for metabolic resistance training.  Many make an important mistake when it comes to this type of training.  In my research review, I share some insight on Kettlebell Training and an important factor to consider. Finally, I chat with SGX Coach Gary Lombardo from Crossfit High Power.  Gary competes in both long-distance and short distance endurance events, including having completed 3 Ironman triathlons,  4 Ultra distance OCR races, numerous running marathons, long-distance swim events, and long-distance bike events, and has qualified for OCR Worlds from 2015-2019. This year Gary is taking on the Death Race and shares some of his strategies for preparing for this race.  Even if you aren't planning on doing a Death Race, he shares strategies that will apply to all types of OCR. Check this out plus much more.   Full show notes:  
6/1/20211 hour, 7 minutes, 32 seconds
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Episode 78 - How To Avoid Injury, Research About Static Stretching, & SGX Coach Francis Gennarelli Talks What It Takes To Compete At The Ultra Beast WC

Thank you for making the OCR Underground a training resource for your OCR success.  This episode is jam packed with useful tips and strategies for your next obstacle course race.   In the Inside Mike's Mind Segment, I share my key concept for staying injury free.  We can't eliminate all injury risk, but there are some really simple things you can do to reduce your risk dramatically.  If you frequently find yourself dealing with chronic injuries you will want to listen in.   In my Research Review, I found a great article looking at hundreds of studies on static stretching.  We have all bought into the idea that you should never static stretch before exercise, but is that really true.  Like many things, it depends.  I share when it may be appropriate and when it might not be.   And finally I have an awesome interview with SGX Coach Francis Gennarelli from Mud Sweat Tears Crossfit in Verona, NJ.  Francis Gennarelli, owner of Mud Sweat Tears / MST CrossFit in Verona, qualified and competed in all 3 Spartan Ultra World Championships in Iceland and Sweden taking 2nd place in his AG in 2019.  Death Race finisher, Goruck Team Assessment finisher. CPT, Spartan SGX Coach, and CrossFit L1 trainer. In this interview I chat with Coach Francis on some of his keys to being successful from a mindset perspective and training perspective when planning for an Ultra Beast or if you are up for a Death Race.  He shares why training just can't take place at the gym and your whole like becomes a training ground.   There are some really great nuggets in this one from Coach Francis Gennarelli.     full shownotes:  
4/30/20211 hour, 4 minutes, 26 seconds
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Episode 77 - The Best OCR Training Book, Free Grip Training Series, A vs B races, and Top Strategies For Improving Sleep

Man, I had a lot to talk about in this episode.  This one is pack with some really useless tips for your OCR Training.  In this one I share some cool info on a new FREE grip training series.  You can check out some of my favorite and most effective ways to train your grip here. And more exciting news my new, and first, the book is now available!  The book is Fuel & Fire and is a step-by-step guide on how to properly train for an obstacle course race and how to set up your nutrition to properly fuel your workouts.  I packed everything into this easy read, plus give you a starting program to work with. This project has been in the works for 3 years so I am super excited that it is finally ready.  You can pick up a copy through the link below or on Amazon: In the inside Mike's Mind segment I discuss what the difference between an A and B race are.  I have talked about this before and recently was having a discussion with a client that was understanding why you would have a B race.  I clear up any confusion and discuss how you can properly plan for your race season. I also discuss research comparing circuit training and running looking at how you can't always use how you feel to determine how good a workout is. And finally I discuss the most important recovery strategy you can implement.  Not only that but practical ways you can put it in place. Full shownotes:  
3/23/202158 minutes, 1 second
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Episode 76 - Planning Your 2021 Season, The Truth Behind HIIT, Research On Running Faster, & Dr. Brianne Showman Talks Barefoot Training and More.

After a much too long break from the last episode, I'm back with a jammed show.  2021 is here and hopefully, we see some OCRs get going more and more.   In this episode, I share my strategy for planning out my 2021 race season. If you need help laying it out, make sure you check out the Venga CBD's training calendar. Do you use HIIT for your OCR training?  Most miss the mark when they are using intervals.   I discuss the point behind why you should use interval training and where so many go wrong. In my research review, I share really interesting research on a jumping test that can predict your running speed.  If you want to make the most out of your training to improve your running speed, you will want to listen to this one. And finally, I interview Dr. Brianne Showman from Get Your Fix Physical Therapy.  Brianne has a unique background as a therapist and a performance coach, so I was excited to get her on.  We discussed some of the common areas that OCR athletes go wrong leading to an increased risk of injuries.  I particularly enjoyed the topic of racing versus training and how these should look different.  Brianne also shared some of her insight on barefoot training explaining how and how not to incorporate it.    Full show notes at  
2/4/202159 minutes, 2 seconds
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Episode 75 - Testing vs Adapting, Getting the Most Out Of Your Warm Up, & Jarod Cogswell Talk Spartan Deka

Well 2020 is coming to an end.  We are all getting excited to look forward to what we hope is a bright 2021.  Honestly it won't take much to make next year a step forward.   Normally this time a year I discuss reflecting and goal setting for next year.  Despite what is going on I still think this is how we should end this year.  In this episode I share some of my personal wins and things I am grateful for with 2020 and I encourage you to do the same.   In the Inside Mike's Mind segment I talk about testing versus adapting.  Could you imagin going to school and getting a test every day?  Why do we we treat our training the same way.  Instead of constantly testing your limit learn the secret to training for adaptations.   In my research review I share some interesting research on a different type of warm up that helped athletes run faster, jump higher, improve mobility, and improve sport specific performance.  There is much more to warming up than increasing your body temperature.   And finally I have on Spartan Deka Director of Sport and Education Jarod Cogswell.  Jarod has an incredibly diverse experience in the fitness industry and I was excited to sit down with him and discuss the birth of the Deka Program and what the future hold.   It is clear how passionate he is about this sport and he shares his vision for the program as well as how they have adapted with COVID 19.  They currently have events going on and it is only growing.  He shares the 3 brands they are developing that you will love to get after when they come to you.   All this and much more.     For full shownotes visit    
11/12/20201 hour, 3 minutes, 35 seconds
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Episode 74 - Are you getting too much Vitmain D?, Can working out weaken your immune system?, and how to keep track of training progress.

Races are starting to get back on the schedule but I think we are all hesitant to get excited yet.  There are dreams of a race full 2021, but at this point I don't think anyone knows for sure.  Even though the future is unclear, are you race day ready?  I strongly feel like if you have been training the right way, you should be no more than 8 weeks out to race ready shape.   If you feel like you are there, then keep it up.  If not, I have some great training tips for your next OCR in this episode.  In the Inside Mike's Mind segment I talk all about Vitamin D.  With everything going on right now, you have probably heard of the research showing the issues with D deficiency and COVID severity.  I touch on this plus how this powerful vitamin can help boost your performance.  But, don't just going throwing down loads of D supplements.  There is a darkside to taking too much vitamin D.  You don't want to miss this one.   In my research review, sticking with the health crisis, I discuss different types of training methods and immunity.  We assume that exercise boost our immune system, but this isn't always the case.  Learn what type of training can actually reduce your immune response.   And finally, I am without an interview this week so you get a bonus section with me.  In this segment I discuss how you can measure progress.  You put so much work and effort into your training and without a race day result, how are you sure you are improving?  Many get stuck in the workout to workout with no idea if their training actually gets them closer to their goals.  I discuss a few ways I work with my clients to check on their progress.   All this and more. Full shownotes:  
10/2/202046 minutes, 45 seconds
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Episode 73 - What You Should Be Doing In Your Training Now, Research on Overtraining, & My Top 7 Methods For Breaking Through Plateaus

Well after a long break I am back with another content packed episode.  Races may be off, but that is no reason your training has to suffer.  Tune in as I give you some inspiration to push yourself on your workouts.   This is a solo episode with no interview for the week.  In this one I chat about the upcoming Live Virtual OCR 3.0 that will be happening on 9/12.  Check out the link below to register.   In the Inside Mike's Mind Segment, I explain the exact steps on where you should focus your training right now.  From assessing to implementing.  Just follow the script and you will be on your way to faster results.  If you are looking for help with your training email me at mike@ocrunderground to learn more about my coaching program.  Plus keep reading below for an awesome bonus.   The research that I discuss this week is all about overtraining.  Can you push hard all the time?  You may think you can but science will prove otherwise.  This study shows that training to the max may actually make you weaker and set you back for weeks.  Learn more about this incredible study.   Finally, with no interview I go over my top 7 ways to alter your training to see more progress other than adding weight or changing exercises.  These are often forgotten strategies that are incredibly effective for building strength, power, and endurance.   All this and more.   Full shownotes:  
8/17/202042 minutes, 53 seconds
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Special Episode - How To Run Faster & Do More Pull Ups

Join me over the next 30 days to learn how to run faster and be able to do more pull ups.  These two areas are key for any type of OCR you may be participating in.   Many struggle with improving in these areas though.  In this special episode I share the essentials for how to specifically train for faster mileage speed and for mastering more (or your first) pull up. If you enjoy these tips you will want to join me on my free 30 day challenge.  I will share the exact steps you need to take each day over the month to consistently make gains.   To join visit   Full show note:    
7/8/202019 minutes, 8 seconds
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Episode 72 - Staying Motivated Without A Race Date, Preventing Achilles Tendinitis, & Coach James Bailey Talk About Spartan's Return

Races are back!!!  Who knows how long this will last, but it is good to see some racers getting out there and back to OCR.   Even if you aren't ready to race or can't get one yet, this episode is loaded with great info to keep you on track and ready for whenever your time comes.     In this episode I cover a topic that I see more and more people struggling with.  If we have been use to defining ourselves with racing and have used that as our primary form of motivation, how the hell do you stay excited about training?  I cover some of the strategies I am personally using plus some that are working for my clients to keep motivated when no race date is in site.  In my research review I discuss some interesting findings on achilles tendinopathy (like tendinitis).  This research shares some insight on why you may develop achilles issues and what you can do about it.   And finally in my coach's interview, I have on SGX Coach James Bailey.  I have personally had the privilege of working with Coach Bailey for quite some time now.  I have seen his transformation and seen how amazing he is doing on the race course.   James shares how he made the switch from power/strength lifter to OCR athlete and covers his experience about the Spartan Race in Jacksonville.  He shares his thoughts on getting back into training and what to expect if you are planning on racing again in 2020.  All this and much more.   Complete shownotes at  
6/24/202047 minutes, 32 seconds
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Episode 71 - Live Virtual OCR, How The Quarantine is Changing Your Body, Research on Hyperventilating, & Marco Altini Talks Heart Rate Variability

You would think being stuck at home would get me just cranking out podcast after podcast.  I am at least grateful to get the ones out when I can.  And with everyone home now, let's just be thankful the kids didn't keep bursting in on my while I was recording.   Anyway, let's get to the episode.  I am hosting another Live Virtual OCR.  I would love for you to join me.  I talk details in the episode, but you can learn more at  The event is Saturday, May 23rd.  I hope you can join us for this unique race.   Being stuck at home has effected all of us in many ways.  If you think it isn't effecting your body and your training you are mistaken.  In this episode I talk about some things you should keep in mind with being stuck at home and trying to train.   In my research review I share two really cool studies on how hyperventilating can improve your workouts.  We have talked a few times about how simply focusing on your breath can have massive impact on your performance.  Check out what they found when you focus on hyperventilating during your workouts.   And finally I chat with Marco Altini the creator of HRV 4 Training.  I have been using this app for the last few years.  If you have been following me for a while you know how much I stress the importance of recovery.  Heart Rate Variability is a way to help manage the status of your recovery so you know if what you are doing is working.   Marco started HRV4Training in 2012, making it a tool that is today trusted by more than 50 000, including olympic medalists and professional teams. HRV4Training is a mobile platform using advanced signal processing and data analytics to measure physiology  and quantify stress, helping athletes of all levels to better balance training and lifestyle stressors to improve performance. HRV4Training is also the first and only app that can reliably measure heart rate variability (HRV) using the phone's camera  We discuss what HRV is exactly, how you can use it in your training, and the best ways to measure it.  Marco even shares some projects he is involved with on monitoring HRV during self isolation and its effect on the nervous system.   Enjoy the show! Complete show notes:
5/15/202049 minutes
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Episode 70 - Virtual OCR, Tips For Training During COVID-19, Improving Pull Ups, & Coach Jono Blodgett Talks XPT

The COVID-19 situation has required all of us to get creative with our training programs.  This episode will hopefully give you great insight on how you can thrived during this tough time. In this episode I explain the Virtual OCR that I will be hosting on Saturday, April 11th.  To register visit Virtual.  It will be a one of a kind event and hope you can join me. In the Inside Mike's Mind segment I discuss my four big tips for getting through this isolation specifically with your training in mind.  So many people I have talked to are having a hard time staying motivated and on track right now.  Check out how you can not just get through the next few weeks, but improve through them. In my research review I talk about pull ups.  Who doesn't want to be able to do more pull ups right?  This really interesting study looks at a unique aspect of training.  I will give you a hint.  You will be surprised with the outcome that lead to the best improvements in pull up reps. Finally in my interview, I chat with return guest, SGX Coach Jono Blodgett.  Jono shares some of his tips for getting through the COVID-19 situation that have worked for him, plus he gets into what he feels has led to his racing success.  Last time I had Jono on we were discussing his recent Spartan Age Group World Championship win.  We are doing the same here as he went back to back top finishes.  He talks about the different recovery and training strategies he has been focusing on that have lead to his massive success. Full show notes:  
4/9/202055 minutes, 33 seconds
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Episode 69

As always this episode is jammed packed with helpful training strategies for your next obstacle course race.   In this episode I have a great interview with Helene Dumais from Platinum Rig Obstacle Relay Race World Championship.  This is an incredibly unique race and Helene fills us in with all the details.  To register or learn more check out the links section below.   In the inside Mike's mind segment I go over my thoughts in strength training for OCR.  Mark Rippetoe has a great quote, "Strong people are harder to kill than weak people and are more useful in general."  This is a comical quote but some truth to it.  We know that strength is important for your training.  But how strong do you need to be and are you even doing strength training?  I give my insights here.   In my research review I discuss the concept of Apnea, or breath holds, in training.  This study specifically looked at breath holding as part of a warm up, but I give insight on how you can apply this to your training, especially when dealing with races at altitude.   And finally I have on Tony Matesi, who just released his book, Legend of the Death Race.  As a lifelong athlete, Tony prioritizes health and wellbeing above all else and created the blog “The Legend of the Death Race” as a resource for Obstacle Race Training. Tony constantly seeks the next challenge and has competed at elite levels in Tae Kwon Do; gymnastics; competitive cheerleading; obstacle, endurance, and adventure racing; Ultramarathons; and spent ten years on stage performing as a lead ballet dancer in the Chicago Festival Ballet rendition of the Nutcracker. He has competed in three Spartan Death Races, placed 3rd at the San Diego Alpha Warrior, made it to the City Finals on American Ninja Warrior, created a Death Race training program, helped open the gym REACH Fieldhouse in Chicago, launched Spartan Endurance Internationally and brought the ultramarathon event SISU 24 Ultra to the Pacific Northwest.  In this interview Tony shares his insight on training for ultra distance events from both the physical aspect and mental.  He stressed the importance of developing relationships while racing versus being the long wolf.   He also explains how a key idea of the Nintendo game, The Legend of Zelda, can be applied to every day life.   All this plus much more... Full show notes:  
3/12/202056 minutes, 8 seconds
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Episode 68 - Running Your Own Race, Drinking Too Much Water, & Tanya Pennington talks Nutrition and Ultra Training

The 2020 race season is officially underway.  In this episode I introduce our brand new sponsor, Fit Bar.  Fit Bar has amazing obstacle course racing, ninja warrior training, and other grip training equipment.  I recently picked up one of their Beater Bars and absolutely love it.  This is a great way to get in your OCR specific training when you don't have access to obstacles to train on at your house.  Click the link here to see all their products:  Use code OCRUNDERGROUND to save on your order. With the Spartan Race season just getting underway, I give my race recap of the first US race of the season held at Chino, CA.  In addition to my recap, I shared some insight on running your own race.  After an event that happened to me during the race, I had to take a step back and focus on what I had control over in the situation.  Hear about how this might help you deal with situations that don't go your way. In my research review I cover a rarely talked about topic of over hydration.  Most are away of the dangers of dehydration, but it is time to hear the other side of the story.  Find out if you are more at risk for suffer from overhydration during some of your longer races.  Plus I give some insight on how much water you should be drinking and what to consume with your water. Finally, in my interview I chat with Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Tanya Pennington.  Tanya is the owner of Nurish to Thrive and has been working professionally in the fitness and nutrition industry in several capacities for 20 years. Her passion for health and wellness began in 1994 and has continued to grow.  She obtained her degree in Kinesiology with a concentration in Exercise Science. Tanya is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner & Certified Diabetes Specialist. She opened her practice, Nourish to Thrive, where she is able to help clients from a therapeutic standpoint. She is able to address and identify imbalances in the body and intervenes with nutrition for improving overall health and wellness. In addition to running her nutrition stores and her thriving practice, you can also find Tanya regularly public speaking on the topic of nutrition. Most recently, she began teaching nutrition to the Hanford Fire Academy at the College of the Sequoias. In this interview she explains some of the common issues she comes across with dealing with nutrition and food intolerances.  She explains her process of removing problematic foods from your diet and restoring proper gut health. Tanya also gets into her experience with recently completing the Spartan Ultra Beast and shares some of her insights into how to properly prep for the race. Complete show notes:
2/11/20201 hour, 3 minutes, 52 seconds
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Episode 67 - Making the most of January, Taper Tantrums, & Training Insight From Veejay Jones

Well it is January.  I was hoping to get an episode out sooner, but the holidays just have a way of messing up plans.  So I did the best I could to make up for the long absense.   In this episode, I share some insight on how to make this January the best yet.  There are all sorts of info out there on New Years Resolutions of course.  But if you want this year to be different than the past ones, listen in on some of my best advice.  Do you suffer from Taper Tantrums?  Many of the clients I work with have a hard time with tapers.  Will cutting back on training really help your performance?  Despite all the research many have a hard time accepting this fact.  Well I share some incredible research showing how much tapering can actually help you, plus the best way to go about it.   Finally, in my interview this episode I have on Veejay Jones.  If you follow this sport regularly, then I probably don't need to say much about Veejay.  He has been blowing up the sport with overwhelming success at a young age.  With multiple first place elite finishes, Veejay is doing all the right things for a long and successful career. I wanted to get him on to learn more about what he contributes to his success.  Veejay shares some of his training insight and some of his favorite types of workouts.  He stresses the importance of strength training, understanding periodization, favorite recovery strategies, plus how to plan out your race season.   All this and much more.     Full show notes:  
1/9/202059 minutes, 48 seconds
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Episode 66 DOMS and When To Return To Training After A Race, Talk Yourself Out Of Fatigue, & Rachel Munoz Talks On The Ultra Beast Experience

This is the first episode I recorded since completing the Lebec Spartan Ultra Beast.  So it seemed fitting to talk all about how it went.  Before I get into the details of the race though, I share some of my insight on recoverying from a race.  One big question I see come up online is when should you get back to training after a race.  Unfortunately I see some pretty bad advice to this question.  In this episode I share some of my thoughts on how to recover from a race and when you should start training again.   In my research review I look at fatigue.  There are many reasons why you fatigue and see a decrease in performance.  But how much of it is in your head?  I share some interesting research that explains the truth behind why you slow down.   And finally, instead of me rambling on about the Ultra Beast, I thought it would be fun to get a guest on that went through it as well.  I have on Rachel Munoz who was the 1st Place 30-34 female finisher.  We got to finish the race together and I thought it would be fun to reminisce on all the pain we went throught together.   Rachel shares her training process for this race, her in race nutrition and hydration strategies, recommendations for others who are hoping to race the Ultra, and her race recap.  We get into a ton of good topics that will help you regardless of the type of race you are training for here.   All this and much more.     Full Show Notes:
11/19/20191 hour, 10 minutes, 11 seconds
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Episode 65 - Self Limiting Beliefs, Problems Combining Strength and Running, & Coach Brad Sims Talks Assessments, Progressions/Regressions, And More

Well I am in my taper week for my Ultra Beast, so with that extra time I have now from not running, I wanted to get out new episode for your listening pleasure.   In this episode, in the Inside Mike's Mind segment, I get inside your mind.  Are you your biggest limiting factor?  Many people are getting in their own way.  In fact I work with many clients on this topic.  Here I discuss perception and how you can alter your perception for better results.   In my research review I discuss a study on concurrent training.  This study looks at different volumes of performing strength and running at the same time to see how they impact each other.  The results may influence how you structure your training plan.   And finally in our coach's interview I have on SGX Coach Brad Sims.  Brad Sims has been a NASM certified personal trainer and a certified nutrition coach since 2012.  He works with clients of all fitness levels and is also certified in corrective exercise training for those recovering from an injury or working with limitations in their training.   Coach Brad also has been an obstacle course racing coach since 2014, training beginner athletes to competitive racers, also participating in over 50 races himself from the 5k sprint lengths to the grueling Spartan Ultra-Beast.   Passionate about helping people live a healthier lifestyle thru nutrition and fitness, Coach Brad works closely with healthcare professionals as well as keeping up on the most up to date health and fitness information in order to bring you the most current and cutting edge methods to help you reach your goals.   Full shownotes at  
10/22/20191 hour, 12 minutes, 39 seconds
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Episode 64 - New Spartan Rule Changes, Remotivating Yourself, Should You Eat Breakfast, and Chatting with Spartan Pro Heather Gollnick

Hopefully you are listening to this episode in time, but if you register by 8/31/19 you can win a Free Spartan Race.  Not only that but we are also giving away Venga CBD products, Designer Protein Products, and Hand Master Plus Grip Trainers.  Thanks to all of our sponsors for making this happen. To enter just visit: Now into this episode.  You may have heard that Spartan has made a few rule changes.  I decided to go through the entire rule book and made a few comments on some new rules and maybe a few old ones you might not have heard before. In the Inside Mike's Mind Segment, I give my top 3 ways to help remotivate yourself when you feel like you have lost the urge to train.  In my research review I share an interesting study on how eating or not eating breakfast may effect your strength performance, plus some key takeaways for you. Finally in my Coach's Corner, I have on Spartan Pro Heather Gollnick.  Heather is a 5 time Ironman Champion turn elite OCR athlete.  Healther shares some of the differences in her trainer from her triathlon days to now, how she keeps in prime shape after years of highly competive training.  She shares what her program looks like in season versus off season, plus how she tapers for an upcoming race. Heather also discusses a few key concepts from her book Triathlete EQ.  The gems from this book are great for any sport to help deal with the emotional stresses in your life that might effect performance.  All this and much more.   Links mentioned in the show: Spartan Free Race Giveaway:  Free Giveaway Venga CBD:  use code HeatherOCR Handmaster Plus: New Spartan Rule Book: Breakfast Skipping Research: Heather Gollnick: Instragram: The Triathlete EQ: Free Jumpstart Training Program:  FREE training
8/27/20191 hour, 2 minutes, 21 seconds
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Episode 63 - Obstacle Specific Training, Static Stretching For Strength Gains, & Assessing Verses Guessing

Want to win two free entries into the Colorado Rockies Spartan Ultra, Beast, Sprint Race Weekend?  This episode's sponsor, Venga CBD, is giving away two free entries to the race as well as a 1000mg jar of their Recovery Balm.  To enter visit In this episode I discuss a common topic that I hear discussed on obstacle specific training.  How often and should you even train on obstacles as part of your training?  I give my recommendation on this hot topic. In my research review I look at new research on static stretching.  Is static stretching really bad to do before your workout?  What about during your workout?  This study looks at what static stretching does when you stretch between sets during strength training.  The answer may surprise you. Finally, in our main discussion, I go in to assessing versus guessing.  Do you know your weakest areas?  How do you know they are the weakest?  Have you ever measured them?  If you aren't assessing certain things, then you are completely guessing in your training.  In this podcast I discuss of few simple things you can do to measure you baseline and see if your training is really making a difference or not.  We review power, strength, muscular endurance, grip strength, and cardiorespiratory edurance. Full shownotes:  
7/17/201941 minutes, 51 seconds
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Episode 62 - The Truth About Cramping, OCR Enduro World Championship Recap, The Power of Polarized Training, & CBD For The Endurance Athlete

The OCR Underground Show provides you with everything you need to maximize your training for your best race.  In this episode I share some great insight on how you can have a smarter training plan.  Hoping to redeem my Big Bear race, I am off to race the Spartan Sprint in Minnesota.  At least there is no snow in the forecast.   In the Inside Mike's Mind segment of the show, I explain the truth about cramping during a race.  Is it as simple as dehydration or electrolyte loss?  Most likely not.  Tune in to see how you can stop cramping before they start.   We have a great race recap with Jordan Boyd from Australia.  He gives us a great recap of the 24Hr OCR Enduro Championships.   In my research review, I discuss why you need to disperse your training intensity and the value of low intensity training.   And we have a great announcement about a new sponsor of the show.  Venga CBD is our newest partner.  I orignial interview their CEO Jay O'hare.  After chatting with him about the benefits of CBD and how it can help the endurance athlete specifically, I decided to give it a try.  I was incredibly impressed with their products and I am excited to have them in support of the show.   In this episodes interview I chat with Jay and gives a great summary of what CBD is and how it may benefit you in your endurance performance.   All this plus much more!   Full shownotes at:    
6/20/20191 hour, 8 minutes, 9 seconds
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Episode 61 - Prepping For The Unknown, Improving VO2 Max, & Pushing To Our True Limits With Alex Hutchinson

Well one thing is for sure, that you just don't know what to expect with OCR's.  Recently the Spartan Race at Big Bear was no exception.  With rare snow fall in May in SoCal, we so some last minute race cancelations and modified courses.   Overall Spartan did a great job handling this unfortunately situation, despite the fact of making us hit the dunk wall twice in the Sprint.  In this episode I give a race day recap of Big Bear, plus talk about some key takeaways on how you can better plan for the unexpected.   In my research review I share a really interesting study that looked at improving VO2 max using standard heart rate prescrition versus a more customized approach.  Even more intreging with this study was how they view responders versus nonresponders to training.   Finally, in my coach's corner interview I have on award winning author Alex Hutchinson.  Alex actually started out as a physicist, with a Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge then a few years as a postdoctoral researcher with the U.S. National Security Agency, working on quantum computing and nanomechanics. During that time, he competed as a middle- and long-distance runner for the Canadian national team, mostly as a miler but also dabbling in cross-country and even a bit of mountain running. Alex's primary focus in writing is the science of endurance and fitness.  He is a contributing editor for Outside for the Sweat Science colums.  He is also a regular contributor to The Globe and Mail, Canadian Running Magazine, Popular Mechanics, the New York Times, and Runner's World.  Alex is on to discuss some of the findings and research he found when writing his latest book Endure: Mind, Body, and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance.  He discuss the different factors and theories behind what truly limits our performance and how we probably are not reaching our full potential.   Alex leaves you with some great insight on how you can remove the self brake your body has built in and push through to new limits.     Full shownotes:  
5/24/201957 minutes, 18 seconds
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Episode 60 - Altitude Training Essentials, San Antonia Spartan Recap, How To Jump Further, And A Deep Dive Into Core Training

Well this episode is just loaded with info so let's get right down to it.  Are you ready for an Ultra Beast?  If so I have the plan for you.  I talk about the 4 month training plan that I created to help clients take on the Ultra Beast and earn that belt buckle.  Click here to learn more. In the Inside Mike's Mind Segment I talk about altitude training.  Yes I know we have discussed this before, but with races like Big Bear coming up I still see tons of questions come up about racing at altitude.  In this episode I go in detail on the 3 main things you need to be concerned with. I have on special return guest CJ Wagner with Gym Jones and Misfit Strength on to give a race recap on the first Honors Series Spartan Race in San Antonio. In my research review I share a simple trick that will help you jump high and further based on quite a few research studies. And finally I do a deep dive into core training.  Specifically what the core is, the 3 levels of your core, how you can train each one, and how it can effect your movement and performance.  Don't worry we aren't just going to be talking about planks in this one.   Full Shownotes:  
4/29/201948 minutes, 24 seconds
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Episode 59 - Pain Symptom Vs Cause, Active Vs. Passive Recovery, and How to Get Workouts Done When Your Busy

What was harder the Spartan Sprint in Vegas or waking up Sunday after a race and night out on the strip?  It is a close call but I think I will take running a race no matter how hard over waking up early with a hangover. This past weekend we had a blast racing and spending a fun weekend in Vegas.  It started out with a fun visit to Maddam Tussaud's Wax Museum.  You can see from the pic above we had a blast with this.  One thing I absolutely love about doing all of these races is getting to travel with my wife and have fantastic experiences with her. In this podcast we do cover the Spartan Race out in Vegas, but also I share some insight into Pain versus Source of Pain.  When your knee is bugging you should really be focusing on how to fix your knee or should ou be more worried about what caused the knee issue in the first place? In my research review, I discuss a great study on recovery.  Specifically active versus passive recovery.  Doesn't it matter which you do?  Well if you want to improve endurance and power then it absolutely does.  Listen in to learn more. And finally in my coach's interview I have on a very special secret guest.  They were a little hesitant to be recording for the podcast so I am going to leave it as a mystery for you.  You will just have to listen in to find out who it was. But we discuss our post race thoughts on the Vegas Sprint, how to find time for workouts when life gets in the way, some of our favorite 20 minute workouts, how to get started when you just don't feel like working out, and much more.   For complete shownotes visit:  
3/12/201954 minutes, 6 seconds
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Episode 58 - Components of a Strength Workout, Predicting Knee Injuries, & Everything Fitness With Coach Q

In episode 58 we cover a variety of topics to get you on track for your next OCR.  It's the start of the year and the question of New Year's Resolutions always comes up.  Are they a good thing or a waste of time?  In this episode I share why you absolutely should set a resolution.  But you need to do it the right way. In the Inside Mike's Mind segment, I discuss one of my favorite topics, Strength Training.  While most are probably performing some type of strenght training in their program, there are a number of aspects that must be included for a complete strength program.  See if you are missing any of these vital elements. In the Research Review, I discuss the importance of identifying asymmetries.  I review a study that looked how differences in left and right quadricep strength was used to predict knee injuries.  This is an incredibly important topic to understand and implement in your training plan. Finally in our Coaches Corner, I have on Coach Q.  I met Coach Q a few years back when we were going through the SGX certification.  He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in a varitey of different fitness avenues.  Q followed a similar path that many find themselves on.  Starting as a skinny guy he turned to body building.  Then started to see the damage that excessive training could do to the body he started to focus on better movement quality and better overall health. He uses his own experience and knowledge to help others learn to treat their body's better.  We get into his story plus some of the common practices he is using with his clients for improving mobility, rehab, and training.   Full shownotes:  
2/6/20191 hour, 4 minutes, 2 seconds
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Special Episode: New Spartan Obstacles Review

Well the 2019 season is here and Spartan has revealed new obstacles.  This is obviously a nice change of pace since 2018 saw little updates in the races. Overall I enjoyed the change and the new obstacles that were at the Chino Hill race.  They brought on new challenges for different levels of racers and it will be fun thinking of new ways to train for these obstacles. In this episode I will give a breakdown of some of the updates on older obstacles we saw as well as what to expect for 2019.  This year we should see more of the Helix, the beater, the 8 foot box, and crawl tubes.  I give a breakdown of each and some ideas on how to train for them.   Full show notes:  
1/29/201929 minutes, 41 seconds
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Episode 57 - Training While Sick, How To Start The Year Right, and All About Junk Miles.

With 2018 coming to an end it is time to finish the year strong.  Have you looked back at how your OCR training and racing went in 2018.  Are you satisfied?  If you are reading this you probably are never satisfied and are always looking for even the slightest competitive edge. This weeks episode is just what you need.  We announce a brand new partner of the OCR Underground Show this week.  Also, I share what it takes to change.  It is easy to set goals in January, but most will fail.  The key is not how you set the goal, but the action you take the reach that goal.  In order to be successful there are key factors you need to consider.  Without these you will never hit goals you are setting. In my research review, I talk about training while sick.  The winter is full of colds and flus, which can clearly interfere with your training.  But should you workout when you are sick?  We talk about when it might be ok and how to go about it. Finally, in our coach interview I have on return guest Dan Shamburg with results fitness.  Dan dives deep into junk miles.  This is a term we often here with running and that we should avoid them.  Dan reveals what junk miles really are and ways you can adapt your training to get the most out of it.   Full shownotes:    
12/29/201853 minutes, 1 second
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Episode 56 - Making Your Training Harder, The Key To Foam Rolling, And Spartan Age Group World Champ Jono Blodgett

The OCR Underground Show Episode 56 Show Notes We are back with another episode to help you fast track your OCR training for your next race.  With the races in 2018 winding down it is time to start planning ahead for the 2019 season.  Now is the time to start focusing on your game plan.   In this episode, to help with your off season training, I discuss different ways to make your workouts harder.  Sounds like an easy thing to do.  But when I ask most people how they progress their exercise routine, the usual go to response is add more weight.  While getting strong is a valuable part of your training, it shouldn't be the only emphasis on progressing.  If the only way you make an exercise hard is by adding more weight, you are missing out on a ton of opportunities to improve your racing.   In our research review, we talk about foam rolling.  This is a topic that has been discussed previously on the show.  I don't think there is much argument that is against foam rolling but there are right and wrong ways to do it.  In this segment I discuss how much pressure you should be using.  Are you pushing too hard or too soft?  We will dive into this topic and explain what the true purpose of foam rolling is.   Finally in our coach's corner, I have back on Jono Blodgett.  Jono just finished up an awesome season.  He ended up winning a few Spartan Races in the Age group Division, including the World Championships in Tahoe.  Jono has been doing some really cool things in his program out in Hawaii, so I wanted to get him on and discuss what lead to his success this year, how he dealt with cold and altitude, plus how he plans on keeping it up for next year.     Full shownotes:  
12/3/201846 minutes, 9 seconds
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Episode 55 - Using Technology To Help Training, Tahoe Recap, Fueling For Altitude, & Dynamic Variable Resistance Training

In this episode, I discuss a recent post I did on using data and technology.  While there is no doubt, technology has made huge advances, it doesn't always help us out in the end.  I share a personal example of how I used a variety of tools to help determine the type of workout I did. In our race recap, I interviewed SGX Coach Anne L'Heureux.  Anne recently qualified to race in the elite heat at Tahoe for the Spartan World Championships.  She give a great overview of the race and what sets the World Championship apart from other races.  She even gets into a few of the mistakes she made to help you learn from them.  We discussed fueling requirements at altitude, how to properly carb load, how to use the race map to determine fueling, and much  more. In our coach's corner, I have on Coach Josh Henkins.  Josh is the creator of the Ultimate Sandbag and Dynamic Variable Resistance Training.  I have discussed sandbag training in the past and feel they are a vital tool for OCR training, so I wanted to get insight in from Josh himself on his philosophy and training system. Josh Henkin is a CSCS and Master RKC with twenty years of experience. His innovative Dynamic Variable Resistance Training (DVRT™) has allowed him to present in more than 13 countries and publish in top outlets like Men’s Health and the Wall Street Journal. Josh has coached people of all backgrounds, including the U.S. Army Special Forces Recruiting Battalion and U.S. Marines. In this interview Josh explains how he got into the whole world of sand bag training and how shares equipment we see in the gym is used as a vehicle to express a training system.  He discusses the pros and cons of training with sandbags and the variety of ways to overload and stress the body other than just adding more weight.  He also explains how certain equipment provide different feedback to the body, that we can learn and progress from and how to use a combination of equipment for better learning. Josh has an incredible gift for explaining how we can use different tools we find in the gym to help us not improve our workouts, but to improve how we perform in the real world.  Complete show notes:
10/16/20181 hour, 35 minutes, 40 seconds
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Episode 54 - The Ultra Beast Special Episode

Are you ready to take on the Ultra Beast?  Or really any ultra endurance event.  If so you better have a plan in place and you better follow through.  Better yet, get some training advice from some of the best in the business.   In this special Ultra Beast episode I dive deep into Ultra training with three elite coaches.  They discuss the most important aspects you MUST consider with training from running, to strength, to fueling, to staying healthy, and must more.   I discuss these crucial elements of training with CJ Wagner from Misfit Strength and Conditioning, Mike King from Kings Camps and Fitness, and Gary Lombardo with Ascend Sports Conditioning.   If you have ever thought about training for an Ultra Beast or have already signed up you won't want to miss these awesome tips on how to best prepare yourself for the ultimate challenge.     Complete Show Notes:  
9/14/20181 hour, 12 minutes, 42 seconds
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Episode 53 - Finding the purpose in your training, Caffeine and Genetics, Unconventional Training For An Unconventional Sport

In this episode I share some of my thoughts on finding purpose in your workouts.  Are you just working out to work out or are you following a program to get you better at specific things?  I share some thoughts on how I choose certain exercises and help you find the best workout for you.   In my research review I dive deep into genetics.  Do you consume caffeine for its performance enhancing benefits?  If you do you might want to check this out.  Caffeine can actually decrease endurance performance based on your genetics.  This is some really interested research coming out and can really help guide us to more specific programming.   And finally in our coaches interview, I have SGX Coach Joseph Bautista back on for a 3rd time.  In this episode he talks all about using unconventional tools for an unconventional sport.  We heavily focus on using sand bags for a better workout.  He shares how not only can you can an intense workout with this tool, but it can actually improve your movement, better than some traditional tools.  Make sure to check out below for some sample exercises and workouts using sand bags.   He also shares a few other popular unconventional tools he has been using with clients as well as some cheaper alternatives to some popular training tools.   All this plus much more.  
9/5/20181 hour, 5 minutes, 55 seconds
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Episode 52 - Utah Super Recap, Change-Consistency-Progress, Do Breathing Masks Work?, Injury Prevention, Women Specific Training, & The OCR Trainer

We are back with another amazing episode to help you train smarter for your next OCR.  Just getting back from the Spartan Race in Utah I have plenty of insight for your next race. In this episode I share some of my thoughts on what it takes to make change.  We all want to get better.  Run faster, be stronger, improve body composition, etc.  But how do you actually do that?  I cover where to start when you have these big goals to hit. In our research review I break down a study looking at breathing restriction masks and strength training.  Breathing masks have become more popular for training, especially for OCR Training.  I share what they found in this study and some things to consider if you plan on purchasing or using a mask. Finally I talk with SGX Coach and ATC Megan Beck, the OCR Trainer.   Megan is a Certified Athletic Trainer and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with a Masters of Science in Injury Prevention and Performance Enhancement from California University of Pennsylvania. Megan is a 6x Spartan Trifecta Tribe member and when she’s not covered in mud on any given Spartan Race course, you can find her at the front of a rock concert or venturing around Boston with her German Shepherd, Titan. In our talk Megan shares her OCR story.  She shares her unique background on how see designs programs with an athletic training background and strength coach background.  She creates the workouts you see put out by Spartan Race with this experience in mind. We talk some of the most common injuries she sees and how to reduce your risk of injury.  She stresses the importance of screening before a workout to understand what people need in their plan.  She shares one of her favorite play style workouts for our runs. We also get into some differences to consider for men and women.  For you ladies out there, you have some special considerations while training. All this plus much more.   Complete show notes:  
8/10/201851 minutes, 52 seconds
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Episode 51 - Having A Plan "B", How Dehydration Affects Performance, Doing Too Many Races, How To Laser Focus Your Training

While in the middle of a crazy travel bout, I'm back with another great episode to help you train smarter for your OCR to enhance your longevity in the sport. After recently getting back from the Chicago Spartan Race, I share my insights on one of the muddiest races I have done.  There are some things that are hard to prep for, but many other things you can.  I share my thoughts on Plan B training.  This will help you get ready for unexpected race day issues. I also discuss how to create more balance in your training.  Most sports are very one side or asymmetrical.  This leads to issues later on if you do not address them.  Restore balance in your life with some of these great training tips. In my research review we discuss dehydration.  While it is no surprise that dehydration reduces performance, we dive into a study that show how little you can be dehydrated and still see an reduction in performance.  We will look into the physiology of what actually happens when you are dehydrated and what you can do about it. Finally in our Coach's Interview, I have Riley Nadoroznik on from Conviction Fitness in Canada.  Riley is a return guest that share some awesome insight into smarter racing.  Riley is the SGX coach at Conviction Fitness in Northwest Regina, Canada. He is a best-selling author and experienced nutrition, strength, and conditioning coach with clients all across North America. A former collegiate wrestler, Riley now competes in Spartan Race and StrongFirst’s Tactical Strength Challenge. In this interview Riley shares his experience and thoughts on going through the Russian Kettlebell Certification (RKC).  He also shares some amazing insight into racing too much, training for a trifecta vs. performance goals, deloading, having a longer racing career, and much more.  He also discusses his new training log that he released which he is giving away a few copies.  Check below on how to win.  Full show notes:
7/3/201859 minutes, 6 seconds
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Episode 50 - Big Bear Recap, How To Taper For Maximal Performance, Frontline OCR, and Coach Madeline Dolente Talks Spartan Fit, Recovery, and More.

In this episode we discuss more great training tips to help you prep for your next OCR.  I recently got to interview a few people post race after the Big Bear Beast/Sprint Spartan weekend.  I got their immediate thoughts on the race as well as my own as we review the brutal course.  I also talk about my latest article I wrote for Spartan on Addition by Subtraction, how what you remove from your program can be more important than what you include.  You can check out the full article in the link below. I also had the pleasure of speaking with Ed Leon from Frontline OCR.  Ed talked about their mission, why they started the race, how it honors those that serve, and what you can expect from their fun and challenging course.  Check below for more info and how to register. In our research review we dive into the taper.  Not only is your training phases critical to your performance but a proper taper can boost you performance by almost 10% when done correctly.  I go over some of the common techniques on how to taper and some research on how strong men taper for maximizing their strength before a competition.   Finally, in our coach's interview I have on SGX Coach Madeline Dolente out of DC.  Madeline Ann Dolente is a fitness guru, trainer to the trainers, OCR fanatic, Spartan racer, author, fitness model and certified in 83 disciplines. She wasted trained by JohnnyG, the original creator of Spinning and got certified in 1999. She created cycle programs at Gold's Gym, Washington Sports Club, Sports Club LA, and Zengo Cycle. She is the creator of Lava Cycle, Lava Cycle RX, Reebok ambassador, marathoner, and Coach. In our interview I pick her brain on some of her favorite training techniques, how she speeds up recovery, dealing with injuries, being fit vs. Spartan fit, and much more.     Full show notes:  
6/9/20181 hour, 9 minutes, 23 seconds
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Episode 49 - Hill Training Strategies, Muscle Size vs Muscle Strength, & Lessons from an Elite OCR Racer

Are you read for more training training tips to help you prep for your next Spartan Race or other OCR?  We got you covered with another awesome episode. In this episode, I share some great tips on how you can train your legs to better prep for hills without running hills.  In our research review I discuss the different between training for muscle size versus muscle strength.  Your goal is to understand the reason why behind doing certain exercises and training protocol.  Then you can match your training with your specific goal.  This research sheds some light on how you may want to focus your strength training. Finally, I was able to interview Elite OCR racer Aaron Nowlin.  Recently I was able to catch up with Aaron while driving out to Vegas for the Spartan Super.  During our time in the car we had a killer conversation about our recap of the Vegas race, stressing out about the course map, how to learn how to love running, his favorite training methods, dealing with injuries the right way, spear throwing tips, and a while lot more.    
5/11/20181 hour, 36 minutes, 8 seconds
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Episode 48 - Rotator Cuff Training, How To Prevent Running Slower as You Age, Spartan Iceland Ultra Recap, and Improving Diversity in OCR

I'm super excited to announce we have a new sponsor to the show.  If you have had issues with the grip based obstacles in races you will definitely want to check this out.  Handmaster Plus is an incredible tool for not just improving your grip, but for developing more balance in the muscles of the hand.  There are 9 muscles that close the hand and 9 muscles that open the hand.  The Handmaster Plus trains all 18 of them.  Check them out at Are you training your rotator cuff muscles on a regular basis?  If not you should be.  An instable RC is often at the genesis of most shoulder related issues.   But to spend 10-15 minutes of your workout on RC training might not get you excited.  Check out this video on how you can sneak in more RC training with exercises you are already doing:   We also have Cameron Schmidt on to discuss his experience with the Spartan Iceland Agoge, Ultra, and Sprint last year.  This sounds like a crazy race and if you are thinking about adding it to your race schedule you definitely want to check this out. In our research review, I look at a study that researched the biomechanical changes that occur in the aging running.  If you are getting older and notice your pace slowing down, there is a reason for it.  Learn why you run slower and what you can do to prevent the aging process from hurting your performance. And finally I have SGX Coach Allison Frumker with Phoenix Evolution OCR Training in Chandler, AZ.  I recently bumped into Allison at the SoCal Sparta Race in Chino Hills and got a chance to catch up with her.  Not only is Coach Allison a great racer, but she has a great insight on improving diversity in the sport.  She brings up some interesting statistics on men vs. women in racing and elite racing.  This is a really interesting topic that needs attention in OCR.   Complete show notes:
4/13/20181 hour, 1 minute, 53 seconds
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Episode - 47 Plyometric Training, BB vs Hexbar Deadlift, Age Group Review, & OCR As A College Sport

The Spartan Race Series is well underway now with more and more racers getting excited for the 2018 season.  This episode has you covered to make sure your OCR training is on point for this year. In this episode I discuss more on the release of our new Fuel and Fire Program.  We are only taking 30 applicants into the beta version, so if you want a done for you proven system to avoid burpees and race yoru best Spartan Race, then get in now. Do you use plyometrics or jump training in your program?  If you aren't you need to.  They are an essential for any training program, but if you don't implement it correctly you are setting yourself up for injury.  Learn some simple strategies for where to begin your plyometric training for OCR's. In our research review, I go over different hip strengthening exercises.  The straight bar deadlift, the hexbar deadlift, and the barbell hip thrust.  Which one is the best?  Learn what this study showed for strengthening that backside. Finally in our Coach interview, I have on SGX Coach Andrea Bowden.  Andrea Bowden founded and runs Next Level Fitness Training, the only Obstacle Course Race Training gym in Oregon. She is the head coach of the first ever College Obstacle Course Race team in the nation. She has been a certified fitness pro for most of the last 32 years. (Currently SGX Coach and ACE Trainer) She is proud of her OCR Podium wins in 2016 & 2017. She believes she has not reached her peak athletically, and plans to win more Obstacle Course races (and maybe a duathlon) in 2018! In this interview Coach Andrea talks about how she started coaching the first college level OCR team and where she sees the sport growing in the future.  She discussing some of her favorite techniques used for prepping her athletes for the season and how building strength is the foundation of the program.  We get into topics such as unilateral leg strength, building strength that transfers into obstacles, functional programming, workout splits, and much more.   Complete show notes:  
3/8/20181 hour, 2 minutes, 51 seconds
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Episode 46 - How To Step Up Your Training To The Next Level

In this special episode I interview SGX Coach and Registered Dietitian Anne L'Heureux on the release of our brand new 90 Day Spartan Race Training Program. We discuss some of the key elements in any training program and how your nutrition plan needs to match the demand you are putting on your body.  It is an oversimplification to eat the same way every day.  Instead Anne shares what you need to consider with how you are training and how you should eat accordingly. We also discuss what it means to be metabolic efficient and how you can teach your body to better utilize the different foods you are consuming. In this program we are calling the Fuel & Fire Elite Program, we share some of our best training and nutrition strategies and lay them out for you in an easy to follow progressive plan.  Plus each week you can check in with us to make sure you are staying on track and progressing properly. To learn how to fast track your nutrition and training routine check out the link below to learn more and apply. THE FUEL AND FIRE ELITE PROGRAM  
2/26/201839 minutes, 29 seconds
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Episode 45 - Bear Crawling Mistakes, How To Deal With Injuries, How To Assess & Train Grip Strength, Plus Training Insights From Coach Bayo Adio

We are well into 2018 and the race season is upon us.  This episode brings you more tips and strategies to bring your best game for the 2018 OCR Season.   In this episode I discuss more on my recent blog post and video on the most common bear crawl mistakes made and a simple progression to master the fundamental exercise.  Plus I go on a little rant on how many people seem to be handling injuries.  If you find your self with an injury, following these important steps.   This episode's research review is all about grip strength.  How to test for it and how you should train for it.  Plus we talk about the different kinds of grip strength you need to work on.   And in our coach's corner, I have on SGX Coach Bayo Adio from Adio Fit in Manhattan, KS.  Being a fellow former high jumper, Bayo also shares how he went from a non runner to enjoying obstacle course races.  He discusses how and what he assesses with his clients to determine what they need to work on.  We get into the biggest mistakes made by endurance athletes as well as some strategies he uses to incorporate breathe work into his training for better performance.   All this and much more in this week's episode.    Complete Show Notes:  
1/26/201844 minutes, 46 seconds
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Episode 44 - Common Lunging Mistake, How Twitter Can Effect Your Performance, & SGX Coach Matt Bouback talks Complete Race Training, Enhancing Mobility, Nutrition/Recovery Strategies

With 2017 ending now is the time to plan ahead for your 2018 race schedule and to gain insight on how you should approach your training for the best year yet. In this episode I share research on how Twitter can effect your race performance and some practical tips on how to maximize your sleep for recovery. In our coaches's corner I have on SGX Coach Matt Bouback with Power Combat Fitness.  Former college wrestler turned fat guy turned OCR Athlete and Coach Matt has seen every aspect of change in his 20+years as an athlete coach and trainer. He started my career in the health and fitness industry in college when he got my personal training certificate. In the beginning he worked mostly with clients that were in the infancy of their fitness.   Matt went from wrestling 134lbs in college to weighing close to 250lbs in about short span of two years. Living in hotels, eating like crap, and drinking as much booze he could get his hands on, almost cost his life and marriage. Since the very first race Matt has been hooked. He spent the better part of the last 3-4 years learning everything possible about Endurance Athletes and Competing in this environment. Not being a runner himself,  he went from finishing at the middle of the pack in most races to finishing 5th at World Championships in 2016 in his age. Since his run in OCR begun he have been blessed to walk through some doors that have opened. Matt owns certifications in many areas from Nutrition to Performance and has worked with many athletes locally and around the world, which is supported with passion in this sport. Coach Matt shares his insight into the biggest training mistakes he sees OCR athletes make, how to create a complete and balanced training program, his takes on mobility training and why you might want to toss the foam roller, and his secret recovery and sleep enhancement tool.   Complete show notes:
12/28/201757 minutes, 36 seconds
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Episode 43 - Removing Exercises From Your Program, Big Bear Race Recap, Vibrating Foam Rollers, & Sarah Pozdol discusses her new book.

After some time off due to travel, I'm back and ready to talk all about OCR Training.  With 2017 coming to a close I discuss the importance of looking back at your performance to help you look ahead for next year.  And how sometimes what you take out of your program is just as important as what you put in it. In this episode SGX Coach Alison Rosales gives a great Spartan Race recap for the Big Bear Beast and Sprint. In our research review I discuss foam rolling.  I talk about what foam rolling actually does for you plus we look at a really cool study examine the difference between foam rolling and using a vibrating foam roller.  Is it worth the hype and the extra cash?  Find out here. And finally I interview SGX Coach Sarah Pozdol.  Sarah is a mother, a coach, author and competitive athlete. Born and raised in Oregon, Sarah was exposed to fitness and athletics at a young age. She grew up watching her mother guide people in the fitness industry and personally excelled in softball, volleyball and track. It wasn’t until her mid-twenties after having two children that Sarah realized her deep love for inspiring others. Through her projects, she has been able to apply her passion and knowledge of the dynamic training methods used in such sports as Obstacle Course Racing and CrossFit. Sarah is the creator of Couch2Course, an 8 week program designed to prepare an unseasoned obstacle racer for their first races.  As an athlete she has landed a top the podium in both CrossFit and Obstacle Course Racing. In this interview Sarah discusses some of her training philosophies for OCR Training and share some great and inspiring stories with some of clients and how they overcame adversities.  She discusses more about her knew book and how it can help you prep for your next race.  Her program has an incredible workout plan with online videos and support system in place to help you along the way.   Complete show notes at  
11/26/201751 minutes, 55 seconds
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Episode 42 - Spartan World Championship Recap, Improving Iron Absorption, & All About Metabolic Testing For Endurance Performance

As usual this episode and webpage are filled with more gems to help you train smarter for your next OCR.  It's time to finish the 2017 season strong and get ready to start planning for 2018.     In this episode SGX Coach Juan Pablo Arias from Mexico is on to give a great race recap for the Spartan World Championships in Lake Tahoe, CA.  He helps us relive a great race event and gives some tips for training for it next year. In my research review, I discuss one of the most common nutrition deficiencies in the country.  Iron deficiency is a huge problem that can dramatically reduce endurance performance.  Iron is a critical element for generating new red blood cells and hemoglobin and iron rich protein.  When iron deficiency is present, appropriate oxygen levels required for working muscles is not possible.  Paying attention to your nutrition will allow for maximal iron absorption.  In this research I explain what types of food to consume with iron and which to avoid.   Finally, in our coach's interview, I have on Dan Shamburg with Shift Fitness. Daniel completed his Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology  from the University of Tennessee. Before moving to San Diego, Daniel was an Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for the University of Tennessee Lady Volunteer Strength and Conditioning departme   nt. Daniel owns Shift Fitness, a group fitness and strength & conditioning business in Carlsbad, CA. His passion is endurance running. Daniel's Recent Accomplishments Last Annual Vol State Road Race, 314 miles (500k), July 2016, 5 days 2 hours 57 minutes. 8th Overall San Diego 100-mile Endurance Run, June 2016 & June 2 017 Pacific Crest Trail 50-mile Run, May 2015 & 2016 & 2017 Badwater Salton Sea (81-miles), May 2017 Big Dog Backyard Ultra Run, (upcoming October 21, 2017) In this interview Dan explains what metabolic testing is, the information you will find, and how to use it for a more effective training program.   We discuss what high intensity training really means and why you need to focus on low intensity training as well. Bottom line, if you are just randomly going out on runs and p ushing yourself every time you are out there, you need to listen to this interview.   Complete show notes:  
10/20/20171 hour, 2 minutes, 24 seconds
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Episode 41 - Killington Ultra Beast Recap, Prepping for Altitude, & Advice From Dr. J On Avoiding Hypothermia

With Tahoe just around the corner and more challenging races up ahead, we have you covered with some amazing training and prep tips for your next race.   In this episode, I just got back from running the Spartan Beast in Killington, VT and share a few takeaways from the race.  If you are worried about hills, then tune in to this one.   We also have SGX Coach John Hayley on with Unbreakable Fitness to give the full Spartan Race Recap after running the Ultra Beast in Vermont.   In our research review I talk all about an article discussing the effects of altitude on the body like VO2 Max and sleep.  But more importantly I leave you with a few tips on what you can do to reduce the negative effects of altitude on your race performance.   And finally I have on the Godfather of the Spartan SGX Program, Dr. Jeff Godin.  Dr. J is a fellow UCONN alumni that currently is a professor at Fitchburg State University in Sport and Exercise Science as well as the head Strength and Conditioning Coach.   Dr. J is a veteran ultra endurance athlete and responsible for working with Joe Desena and Joe Di to create was is now known as the Spartan SGX Certification.  They have done an amazing job, helping other coaches learn the strategies to best train their clients for Spartan Races.   In this interview Dr. J shares his insight on dealing wth cold and hypothermia.  He shares his insight on how hypothermia effects the body, early warning signs, plus gives some great tips on how you can prepare yourself for racing in the cold.   If you are racing in Lake Tahoe you will love this episode or any other races in cold or altitude.   Full shownotes:  
9/26/201749 minutes, 54 seconds
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OCR Underground Episode 40 - Twister Strategies, Hawaii Beast Recap, How To Predict Injuries, & Race Day Fueling

In this episode, go inside Coach Mike's Mind and learn the different strategies to conquer the Twister obstacle.  Should you go forwards, sideways, backwards?  Learn the best tips to get through this twister and never look back.   SGX Coach Jono Blodgett, is on to give a race recap on the Spartan Hawaii Beast from a few weeks ago.   In our research review, I discuss a brand new study that uses Heart Rate Variability to predict injuries in crossfit athletes.   HRV is one of the best ways to monitor your recovery and status of your central nervous system.  This study further shows why it is such an important number to track.   And finally SGX Coach and RD Anne L'Heureux is back to give an amazing outline of your race day fueling.  In this segment she reviews what you should focus on 2-5 days out from your race.  She discusses how to taper and carb load properly, the importance of adding a strict electrolyte drink 2 days before the race, the right type of carbs to eat the day before your race, and finally day of strategies to help you perform your best.   These tips you do not want to miss.  Make sure you aren't just training hard for your next race, but also that you have a solid nutrition plan to maximize your training.    Full Show Notes:  
9/12/201734 minutes, 7 seconds
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Episode 39 - Spartan Race Time Trial Recap, Knee Swelling & Quad Activation, & Why More Kids Need OCR's.

We're Baaaack!  With a brief pause in the show I am excited to get this latest episode up and out to help you trainer smarter for your next OCR.  If you like saving money on OCR's, Spartan is running a pretty sweet promo right now.  Use the code below to get 25% of your next race. Save 25% off all US Spartan Races (2017 + 2018)! Use Code: SUMMER25. Valid through 9/4/17. Get Started! Now for this weeks episode.  After recently getting back from Hawaii and running the Spartan Trifecta weekend, I talk about some the challenges and obstacles faced with these races, although the full race recap will be in our next episode. Coach CJ Wagner from provides a full race recap for the new Spartan Time Trial held in Austin, TX a little while back.  This is a really cool new race that Spartan is putting out and CJ gives some great insight here. In our research review I talk about 2 different studies looking at swollen knees, and why you may think twice before working out with even a little bit of swelling in your knees. And finally in our Coaches's Corner I have on SGX Coach Joseph Bautista.  We switch gears a bit in this interview and talk about youth fitness and sports.  With issues in youth sports and childhood obesity on the rise, I thought it was crucial that we get an expert on to discuss different ways to get kids involved in moving more. Joseph talks about his passion for working with kids and helping them develop.  He discusses some short comings with school PE programs and talks about different ways to help standards kids development and progression. He shares his thoughts on teaching self discipline, dealing with failure, participation trophies, letting kids learn on their own, and much much more.  If you have kids or work with kids you will definitely want to check out this interview.   The full show notes available here:  
8/30/201753 minutes, 7 seconds
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Episode - 37 Goliathon Recap, Simple Trick To Boost Running Performance, & How Breathing Can Change Everything

This week we have another great episode to help you train smarter for your next OCR.  In this episode, I give you my tip of the week on how my wife figured out a simple trick to make your next barbed wire crawl alittle more pleasant. SGX Coach Brad Sims is on to give a race recap to the Goliathon Race held last month.  This is an incredibly descriptive summary of all 12 of the obstacles that were in the race.  This sounds like a fun race if you are on the East coast.  There will be another one coming up this fall you can sign up for. In our research review, I discuss inspiratory muscle training.  This unique resisted breathing training has been shown to lead to a variety of performance enhancements.  In this study we see how IMT may improve running performance when performed daily and as part of your warm up routine. This week coach's interview, we have on Michael Mullin from Integrated Fitness Training.  I had the please of hosting a workshop earlier this year, where Michael provided incredibly useful and eye opening information and training/rehab strategies.  The focus of this training was on breathing, but we also got into many applicable training principles. In this interview he explains why breathing should not be overlooked and how it is the foundation of everything we do.  He discusses the different physiological, biochemical, and postural effects of proper and improper breathing and simple ways you can incorporate breathing into your training.  While many focus on exhaling during exertion, we talk about all of the other breathing strategies that you need to consider. We get into why Michael doesn't like the term posture and how positioning is the key.  We discuss positioning and breathing during many common exercises like squatting and pull ups.  Even how many posture cues you have heard, may be making your posture even worse.  We also talk about technique for running and even monkey bars, to maximize performance and to keep you moving more efficiently. All this and much more in this weeks episode.   Complete Show Notes:    
7/19/20171 hour, 11 minutes, 16 seconds
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Episode 36 - Block Periodization vs. Undulating Periodization, Boise Spartan Sprint Recap, Training Tips From An Elite Spartan Racer, & The Best Diet For OCR's.

As always, we have another great episode to help you crush your next Spartan Race or other OCR with smarter more effective training and nutrition programs.   In this episode, get my tip of the week to help you avoid unnecessary burpees on your next race.  We have a complete Spartan Race Boise Sprint recap from this past weekend.   In our research review I discuss two common periodization programs.  If you are still going from workout to workout with no plan, it is time to wake up and get with the program.  This research looks at block periodization and weekly undulating periodization.  Find out which one won the head to head battling in this study and showed better strength, muscle growth, and fat loss.   And finally in our coaches corner, I have on SGX Coach and RD Anne L'Heureux with Spartan SGX BFD.  Coach Anne has been killing her races this year and shares some of her new training and nutrition strategies.   She discusses the importance of building a strong aerobic base and build your endurance from.  We get into the importance of hiring a coach to look at your strengths and weaknesses and truly see your progress and how to pick the best distance to be competitive in.  We also talk about new nutrition strategies that are allowing her to use her carbohydrate intake as super fuel for her workouts and racing.  Anne has a unique perspective to maximize metabolic efficiency to burn fat and carbohydrates to their fullest potential.   She discusses her opinions on the best diet plan for the obstacle course racer and simple steps to help you get started with.  Need help with your nutrition program?  Reach out to Anne through her link below for more info.   Anne's results speak for themselves and this is a must listen to interview for any serious OCR athlete.     Complete show notes:  
7/3/20171 hour, 3 minutes, 37 seconds
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Episode 35 Monterey HH and Super Recap, Squatting Essentials, Training at work, & Common Running Compensations

In this episode we have a few great training tips to assist you with your next race.  First up we have on SGX Coach Sam Slosman with Synners OCR to give the Monterey Spartan Super and Hurricane Heat race recap.  He shares some insight into the course and gives some great advice if you plan on trying a HH this year.   Check out the Woodworking Spartan here: In our research review I discuss a great journal review all about squatting.  Even though you have probably performed this exercise thousands of reps, there is always something new you can learn or ways to do it better.   This review breaks down the squat at every joint as well as a number of different variations.  I discuss some key points you should pay attention to at the ankle, the knee, and the hips.  Plus I give 5 practical take aways that you can apply to your squatting immediately.   In our Coaches Interview segment, I have on Level 2 SGX Coach Brad Sims from Legacy Athletic Club in New Jersey.  Coach Brad has a background in obstacle course training, corrective exercise, and works with a physical therapy clinic which gives him great insights into common compensations that runners development and other injury prevention techniques.   Brad gives us insight into his training programs he uses with his clients.  Plus we get into the importance of body weight training, key movement patterns, and common compensations that he sees.  Don't miss the great resource for runners that he gives below.  He also touches on how to train without having access to obstacles and even training that you can do at work.   All that plus much more in this episode.   The complete show notes are available at  
6/21/20171 hour, 2 minutes, 48 seconds
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Episode 34 - Are Your Workouts Making You Worse?, Your Shoulder Is Jacked Up, & Everything OCR

In this episode we ask one of the most important questions you might be afraid to ask yourself, "Are your workouts making your worse."  A common trend in fitness, is to push ourselves with disregard to what it might be doing to our bodies.  There is a balance between intense workout and maximum function and performance.   In our research review I discuss how despite being pain free, your shoulder may be a ticking time bomb.  I explain the findings a 3 research studies that show how even if you have no shoulder pain, you might be completely jacked up.   And finally in our coaches's interview, I have on Coach Bonnie Spartan from Fitness Without Limits.  Bonnie is known for being an OCR all-star.  You will find her at just about every race out there.  As we expand our topic of other Obstacle Course Races, I wanted to bring in an expert to discuss all the different options out there.  We touch on the most common OCR's you will find on the West Coast and what you can expect if you sign up for one.     Complete Show Notes:  
6/7/201745 minutes, 39 seconds
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Episode 33 - Ohio/Citi Field Spartan Recap, Ancient Greek Memory Technique, & Training For A Stadium Race

Need help training for your next OCR?  We have everything you need here.  We review up to date research and training tips from some of the top coaches out there.   In this episode you get a two for one.  We have the Ohio Beast and Sprint Spartan Race Recap as well as the Citi Field Stadium Recap.  I also review an ancient memory technique that will help you never fail the memory obstacle again.  If you have failed this one in the past, you know how frustrating it is to do unneeded burpees.  This simple drill will give you the tools you need to nail the obstacle and probably never forget your code again.   We also have SGX Coach Mike Confer from MROC Training in Oceanside, CA.  Mike was on our show just a few weeks ago but we wanted to get him back in to go over the Citi Field race plus talk about some great training tips to help you better prepare for a Spartan Stadium Race.  Mike has done quite a few races and gives some great insight whether you are running at the elite level, or just having fun with your first race.   Mike talks about the different obstacles you will see in a stadium race that you won't see in a typical Spartan Race.  He reviews how even obstacles you do see in a normal race aren't exactly the same and need to be performed differently, like the Herc Hoist.  He explains how to prepare for running downstairs quickly, and weaving through aisles.  He even breaks down his training plan to show you what your cross training days look like, track workouts, and obstacle specific days.  This is a complete resource for prepping for your next stadium race.       Complete Show Notes at    
5/26/20171 hour, 9 minutes, 17 seconds
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Episode 32 - NJ Beast Recap, Interval Training Recovery, & Programming Obstacle Skill Training

In this episode, get a Spartan Race Recap for the NJ Beast.  SGX Jono Blodgett is on to give a complete summary of the race and how to train for this this one in the future.   In our research review, I discuss interval training.  Specifically we review a study that looks at different methods for comparing the best way to determine how long you should rest between sprints.  The results were a little surprising to me.   And finally in our coaches's corner, I have on SGX Coach and Wordworker, Sam Slosman.  Sam has his Bachelors degree from Fresno State, in Kinesiology: Exercise Science. He ran his first race in 2015 and fell in love with the sport instantly. He has dedicated his life to figuring out the most efficient way to conquer any obstacle in your life. Sam also loves to test his mind and body both physical and mentally by completing Endurance events that last from 4hr to 12hrs.  Sam is a Spartan Obstacle Specialist, specializes in functional training, and a skilled woodworker.   Sam reviews how he sets up in OCR training program.  He discusses in great detail how he organizes his different workouts from endurance training, strength work, and skill development.  He discusses some of his favorite strategies for helping his clients better prep for the unknown element in racing to help them better prepare for anything they might face.  Sam explains how he sets up his obstacles in his programs for a more race stimulated workout.  And finally he gives some tips in case you want to try and build some of your own obstacles.   All that and more in this episode.     Complete show notes:  
5/16/201751 minutes, 9 seconds
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Episode 31 - LA Epic Series Recap, Static Stretching Increasing Power, & SGX Coach Mike Confer Explains The Complete Training Program

The OCR Underground Show is a weekly podcast that educates you on the latest research and training methods of some of the top coaches in the world.  These tips will help you take your OCR training to the next level. In this episode we talk with SGX Coach Bryan The Ginger on the Epic Series.  Bryan just got back from filming for the Spartan Race Ultimate Team Challenge, but had the time to stop by and give us a recap of the LA Epic Series event that just happened, plus gives some tips for prepping for your first Epic Race. In our research review, I discuss static stretching.  While static stretching is often forgotten or shunned due to it effect on power, it is still an integral part of a training plan.  This research shows that static stretching actually can increase power development before exercise, when you do it the right way.  Plus I give some take away tips and practical applications to incorporating stretching to maximize function and performance. And in our Coaches's Corner we have on SGX Coach and elite racer Mike Confer from MROC training in Oceanside, CA.  MROC is a unique training facility that have many obstacles you would find in a typical OCR race plus some things you would see on American Ninja Warrior.  While they specialize in OCR training they work with any individuals looking to improve their health and move better.   Coach Mike’s fitness journey began in Okinawa, Japan as a Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructor. His passion for coaching and healthy living continued through college as a Personal Trainer, reaching a peak in 2011 when he discovered Obstacle Course Racing (OCR). This new sport demanded a training regimen that challenged his body with explosive movements while creating dynamic speed and lasting endurance, requiring him to develop a uniquely stimulating program for hybrid athletes like himself. Mike shares his insights on how to create a complete program.  He discusses the importance of polarized training, how to incorporate both high intensity workouts with low intensity training, proper activation and mobility drills to start a workout, training for a stadium series, and much more.   Complete Show Notes at  
5/5/20171 hour, 3 minutes, 22 seconds
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Episode 30 - Rotator Cuff & Grip Strength, San Jose Spartan Race Recap, & Fat vs. Carbs for fueling.

I’m baaack!  After a brief pause in my podcast I am back with an all new name.  The show is not the OCR Underground Show, but we are still providing you great Spartan Race Training tips, plus other OCR strategies.  My apologize for the delay but we are back and better than ever.  Technically this is show 1 of the OCR Underground, but for an easy transition I am just going to keep the episode number going. In this episode, the always energetic and motivating Coach Josh Graves, with Fitness On Fire,  is on to give a Spartan Race Recap of the San Jose Super and Sprint from a few weeks ago.   I talk about the importance of grip strength and how it relates to your shoulder function.  Obviously, you already know how important grip strength is for your training, but did you know how it effects your rotator cuff strength and how your rotator cuff effects your grip?  Some pretty cool research that helps give you some insight on to the best way to improve your grip. And in our Coaches’s Corner, I have SGX Coach and RD Anne L’Heureux on to take a deep dive into a few hot nutrition topics.  Coach L’Heureux and I have a great conversation on our thoughts on topics such as carbs vs. fats for fueling, prioritizing and progressing your nutrition plan, how the body adapts to what foods you put in it, metabolic testing, and how your nutrition plan should vary based on your training and lifestyle you are living.   Coach Anne helps clear up some of the confusion with nutrition and gives some awesome tips to evaluate yourself in order to set up your nutrition plan for better results. All this plus much more in this weeks episode.   Full Show Notes:    
4/24/201752 minutes, 7 seconds
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New Shows Coming Soon!

Sorry for the delay in any new podcast episodes.  I am changing the name of the show to the OCR Underground Show.  We will be back shortly.  Thanks for your support and patience.     Mike Deibler MS, CSCS, SGX OCR Underground
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Episode 29 - Vegas Recap, Dynamic Variable Training, & SGX Coach Andi Hardy Inspires You

This episode we have more great tips and strategies to help give you an unfair advantage in your next Spartan Race with some awesome training advice. In this episode we have Brooke Bowen, with RFT Coaching, who gives us a Spartan Race Recap of the Vegas Super Weekend. In our research review I discuss variable resistance training.  This involves using equipment that changes resistance as you perform an exercise.  This is an incredible effective tool for building strength and power.  Plus it is a perfect way to change up your program if you have never done anything like this.  I discuss of few studies that show how effective it is and explain more about how you can apply it to your training. And finally in our SGX Coach's interview, I have on Andi Hardy with Wired 4 Life.  Andi has been an Elite Obstacle Course Racer since 2012 and has multiple top three finishes.  Outside of the obstacle course racing world she has several 5K top three finishes, two triathlon top three finishes, and a 10 mile race top three finish. Not only does she love to race and compete, but  loves fitness in general. She gave up a career as an educator to work in the fitness industry. She worked as a coach for the Spartan Race Workout Tour for two years and lead workouts across the country to large groups of people.  The participants vary from beginners to advanced athletes.  She also coaches and trains individuals and groups outside of Spartan Race through her business called Wired4Life. In this episode Andi shares her story of climbing out of a very dark place and finding Spartan Racing and fitness  to inspire her and others.  She had a million excuses to not be successful, but she just ignored them and push through until she reached her goal.   We all have those times where we feel down on ourselves and our situation.  Andi shares some of her tips on how you can pick yourself up and reach your goals no matter what.   Full show notes:    
4/5/20171 hour, 28 seconds
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Episode 28 - Houston Sprint Recap, Heal Ripped Up Hands Faster, 1 Truth You Must Know About Nutrition, & A Complete Fueling and Recovery Supplement Guide.

In this episode we provide you with awesome insights and strategies to help you crush your next Spartan Race. I recently got back from the Vegas Super and gave a brief overview of some things I noticed about this course and what seems to be the trend for 2017. We have on Coach CJ Wagner with to give us a Spartan Race Recap of the Houston Sprint and Hurricane Heat.  If you like being dragged through the barb wire crawl, this race might be for you. In our research review I discuss how you can heal your ripped hands quicker with this powerful house hold item.  According to one research article we discussed it may work faster and be more effective than medical gels. SGX Coach and RD Anne L'Heureux is back on to finish her two part series on the 10 biggest lies and 5 truths that everyone believes about nutrition.  In this episode she discusses one of the big truths and how you can apply it. And finally we have on SGX Coach Mark Barroso from  Mark is an athlete turned jounalist/writer, turned Spartan racer and coach.  Mark shares his path to becoming a fitness writer and Spartan Coach.  He shares his experience performing back to back races like the Sprint followed by the Hurricane Heat and some of his common nutrition and supplement strategies to properly fuel and recovery from the races. He is a body builder that perform races as a hobby.  Unlike many of our other guest he still trains like a body builder, but adds Spartan specific training in so he doesn't have to give up the workouts he loves to perform. All this plus much more in this episode.   Complete Show Notes:  
3/24/20171 hour, 6 minutes, 14 seconds
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Episode 27 - Greek Peak Recap, 10 Lies About Dieting, Polarized vs Threshold Training, & The Endurance Pyramid

In this episode SGX Coach Mark Barrosso, with, gives a Spartan Race Recap of the Greek Peak Winter Race.  He discusses both the Sprint and the Hurricane Heat. In our research review, learn about how you should be distributing your intensity.  Train hard all the time, moderate, easy..?  We looks at what the research is saying about what training zone you should be spending most of your time.  You might be surprised at the answer. SGX Coach and RD Anne L'Heureux is on fresh off her 2nd place finish at the Greek Peak Sprint.  She goes over what has helped her pick her training up and discusses a recent article she wrote for Spartan Race, 10 Lies Everyone Believe About Dieting (Plus 5 Truths).  This is part I where she discusses of few of the lies. And finally in our SGX Coaches's interview, I talk with Coach Chris Judy from RFT Coaching. Chris comes from an endurance sports and military background. He raced bicycles for 20 years, competing in both the US and Europe. After that career, went to the military,  spent 10 years serving our country and deploying to both Iraq and Afghanistan. Chris trained and deployed next to some of the fittest men on the planet, and it's that experience, knowledge and mindset that he can bring to everyday life with RFT Coaching. Currently he competes in obstacle course races, snowboard, rock climb, trail run, hike our beautiful mountains, and of course train for it all in the gym. If you need help organizing your training program for endurance performance you will not want to miss this interview.  He discusses his Endurance Pyramid and walks you step by step through his programming for elite level athletes.  He discusses how strength training should be incorporated, and why many will train for obstacles wrong. All that, plus much more in this episode.   Complete Show Notes:  
3/13/20171 hour, 14 minutes, 16 seconds
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Episode 26 - Tapering The Right Way To Boost Performance, Arizona Super & Sprint Recap, & Tips From A Spartan Pro Team Member

Thanks to our sponsors of the Underground SGX show.  Check them out to learn more about how their products might help with your training program: Mobilitas Designer Protein  Use code SDPREMIER20 to save 20%   In this episode, we review the second Spartan race of the year, the Arizona Sprint and Super.  SGX Coach Allison Krumker, for Phoenix Evolution OCR Training, is on to fill you in on all the details from this past weekends race in case you missed it.   In our research review we talk about tapering and how it has been shown to boost performance when done correctly.  A proper tapering program can lead to physiological adaptations that leave you primed for a personal best.  You will definitely want to try this out before your next race.   In our SGX Coaches's interview, we have on Coach and Spartan Pro Team member Kevin Donoghue.  Kevin is all over the place in the Spartan world.  He was a NBC Spartan Team Challenge Coach, Trainer for the new Daily Burn Spartan Workouts, and 64 Time Podium finisher (and still growing).   Coach Donoghue give is insight on to some of his success in Spartan Race Training.  We talk about how he got involved with Spartan Races, how you should plan your week leading up to the race, what to do if you are running back to back races over a weekend, his workouts with Daily Burn and a whole lot more.   He provides incredible insight into training and nutrition.  You won't want to miss this episode.     The complete show notes are available here:
3/3/201742 minutes, 57 seconds
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Episode 25 - How Low Carb Stores Before A Workout Boost Performance, An App That Helps You Fast, And All About Hurricane Heats From A Krypteia

Helping you dominate you next Spartan Race with tips from some of the best SGX Coaches.   In this episode learn how low glycogen stores (carbs) before a workout can actually improve your endurance.  Just make sure you are doing it right.  Learn the research behind this type of nutrient timing.   Also, learn about intermittent fasting and a great app to help you track your fasts and export all your data. Best of all it is free.   In our SGX interview we are with one of the Spartan Race Krypteia, Steffan Cook, AKA Cookie.  Cookie, along with being a Spartan Race Krypteia and organizing the Hurricane Heats, is part of Team SISU, Spartan Endurance, and have a podcast of his own.   Cookie shares what goes into putting together a HH, what you need to do to be prepared to complete a HH, and how being the best athlete isn't what is important when doing one.  With over 70 OCR's under his belt Cookie has a vast wealth of knowledge when it comes to endurance training and racing.  He shares some of his most important tips to make sure you are ready for anything that is thrown at you.     View the full show notes:
2/25/201754 minutes, 34 seconds
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Episode 24 - What Causes Muscle Cramps & How To Get Rid Of Them, Making A Jump To The Elite Heat, & Tips For the Masters Athlete

In this episode we talk all about muscle cramping.  The idea of dehydration and electrolyte imbalance might not be the best cause of this common problem.  If you are one who experiences chronic muscle cramps you definitely want to check this one out.  Learn why muscle cramps happen and what you can do about it based on some newer research. In our resource of the week I provide you will some good tips on what you can do in race or during your workout to help prevent or eliminate any cramping.  With these simple tips you might avoid some painful races and not have a cramp completely ruin your race day.   In our SGX Coaches's interview I have on Coach Robin Legat from Power Jam Fitness.  Here's a quick word from Coach Robin: Robin is the owner of Power Jam Fitness, providing group fitness, online training and coaching for people seek to live a life where age, size or background is no limit to what they are able to accomplish.  She earned a Certificate in Fitness Instruction from UCLA Extension in 2012 and currently holds the titles of Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. She is also a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Coach. Learn some of Coach Robin's best tips and insights into Spartan Race Training.  She talks about how to step up your game and go from the open heats to your first elite heat, and shares some valuable lessons she learned during her first elite race.  She also gives some strategies for any Master's athletes on how to stay young, stay fresh, and stay competitive.  And finally she talks about different ways to train in case you don't have a course set up in your backyard, but still prepare from obstacles.   Complete Show Notes:
2/17/201754 minutes, 9 seconds
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Episode 23 - Is Combining Cardio & Strength Workouts Hurting Your Performance, SoCal Spartan Race Recap, Plus Training Tips For A 12HH

In this episode learn all about concurrent training and what the research is showing.  Concurrent training means doing your cardio work and strength work at the same time.  Much of the research shows these two types of training interfere with each other.  Learn how to do both but still not see a decrease in performance.   SGX Coach Robin Legat, from Power Jam Fitness, give us a recap of the first Spartan races of the year in SoCal for the Super and Sprint.  Learn what the course is like and what you have in store for 2017.   And finally we have on SGX Coach Nicole Kifer from Platinum Personal Training in our SGX Coaches's interview.  Nicole’s number one passion is helping others; and more specifically, improving one’s state of mind through fitness. “If you’re not happy, you’re not healthy!” Watching the child obesity epidemic first-hand growing up, she knew this was a way that she could help make a positive impact in many lives. Nicole deals with exercise induced headaches and scoliosis, but she didn’t let that stop her from staying healthy. At 16, her chiropractor recommended weight training to strengthen her back. She immediately hired a personal trainer and got hooked! Since becoming a personal trainer in 2007 she has worked with a wide range of clientele including weight loss clients, weight gain, pre-post pregnancy, athletes, mature adults, disabled, post-injury, post-surgery, and people with eating disorders. Nicole specializes in functional and corrective exercise, as well as obstacle and race preparation and nutrition. “Once you have a strong core and a solid foundation, possibilities are infinite!” Coach Nicole shares her experience in running a 12 Hour Hurricane Heat.  She gives you an inside look on what you can expect, plus some great training tips and nutrition tips to keep you lasting the whole time.   Also, she explains her favorite grip training exercise routine plus nutrition strategies to help maximize your performance.     For the complete show notes visit:  
2/9/201750 minutes, 26 seconds
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Episode 22 - Top 5 Spartan Training Recovery Strategies

In this episode learn my top 5 recovery strategies that will dramatically reduce your risk of injury please help you break through plateaus and see massive improvements in your performance.   Learn how you might be stuck in the recovery cycle and never really see any true gains from your workout program.  While recovery strategies might not be the sexiest topic in training, if you aren't paying attention to it you are falling behind.   This episode will teach you the fundamentals in want you must be doing to get the most out of your workouts.   Full Show Notes:
1/31/201729 minutes, 13 seconds
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Episode 21 - How Cadence Breathing Will Make You A Better Runner, Spartan Race Training & Weight Loss, & Training Tips From Coach Bryan Ginger Spartan

In this episode learn tips and strategies to help better prepare for your next Spartan Race.  Learn about a training app to track all of your training activities.  It gives you live feedback on your training, heart rate, intensity, and progress.  This app provides incredible feedback to help you understand your training and determine if you are making the right progress.   Also, learn the research behind rhythmic breathing and its effect on running.  Rhythmic or cadence breathing refers to timing your breathes with each step while running.  Learn the physiological and psychological benefits of this breathing strategy and how it can help make you a better, more efficient runner.   In our SGX Coaches's interview, I talk with Coach Bryan Ginger Spartan.  Coach Bryan is the co-owner for Fitness Without Limits.  Him and his partner Coach Bonnie Spartan are living and embracing the Spartan Lifestyle.  Bryan shares his story how he was in his 20's and pre-diabetic, suffering from high blood pressure, exhaustion, and a host of other health issues.  He took control and lost over 100lbs and eventually found Spartan Racing.   Coach Bryan's passion is undeniable, and you will learn some incredible insight and tactics to help you with your training.  Coach explain how Spartan Racing can play a role in your weight loss journey, how to eat for weight loss and performance, how to be a better runner when you struggle at it, planning for the 2017 race season, and lessons he learned from being on Season 4 of the Bone Skull Challenge.  Learn this and a whole lot more in this episode.   The full show notes are available at
1/24/20171 hour, 1 minute, 8 seconds
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Episode 20 - Training Pace Calculator, Improving Lactate Threshold, Creating Phases In Your Training Program, Deloading, Training As A Masters Athlete & Training For The Elements

As always the Underground SGX Show is providing you training tips and advice to improve your next Spartan Race. In this episode, discover a cool calculator for determining your training pace for your runs.  Instead of just randomly going for a run, this calculator tells you the exact pace you should be hitting, based on the specific training adaptation you are trying to improve. We also discuss lactate threshold.  Discover what it is and why you need to know about it.  Plus we review some of the research on lactate threshold training and how you can improve it if you want to be a better racer. And in our SGX Coach's interview I have on Coach Stephanie Lozon.  Coach Lozon is a former RN turned trainer and OCR coach.  She works with many Masters athletes helping them prep for racing and helping them stay injury free.  Coach Lozon has helped her clients prep at the OCR World Championships maximizing performance and longevity. In this episode she discusses how she helps her seasoned athletes stay fresh and healthy for the long haul.  She give great tips on how you can train for the elements.  And she provides a great template to help you divide your training plan into different phases to help you peak for your most important races.  We even touch on the importance of the deload and how so many are increasing their injuries and decreasing their performance, but not implementing this crucial component.   Full Show Notes:  
1/17/201753 minutes, 47 seconds
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Episode 19 - How To Improve Your VO2 Max, 10 Foods You Must Have In Your Kitchen, What It Takes To Be A Spartan Athlete, And Tips From One Of The Original Spartan Racers

In this episode, learn about one of the key elements that you must train to improve if you want to see gains in your endurance performance.  This episodes research review discusses a study on what type of training you should be performing on a regular basis to improve VO2 Max.  Learn what VO2 max is, why it is important, and how to train to improve it.  Plus practical strategies to implement these techniques. On the nutrition side of training, we have SGX coach and RD Anne L'Heureux to discuss one of her recent articles she wrote for the Spartan blog.  In this episode she reviews her article on 10 Foods You Should Always Have In Your Kitchen For Good Nutrition.  She discusses 3 of the 10 in this podcast and explains why it is not just about carbs, fats, and proteins, and why you need to consider micronutrients to maximize your health and performance. In our resource of the week I talk about a book that is a must have in your library.  This book is a complete guide to OCR training and has everything you need to know to train for your next race.  For a complete exercise library, training checklists, gear recommendations, done for you programs, and much more.  In our SGX Coach's Interview we have on one of the authors of the book Coach David Magida. David is the Founder and Head Coach of Elevate and has dedicated his life to fitness. A former collegiate runner, David shifted his training focus to the Elevate Method and immediately moved up the world rankings in the sport of competitive Obstacle Racing. Through HIIT David got stronger, leaner, faster and more explosive. He is a founding member of the Reebok Spartan Race Pro Team, the author of “The Essentials of Obstacle Race Training” and the host of NBC Sports “Spartan Race.” In this interview he chats about how he got started running competitively in the early days of Spartan Race training.  We dig into some of the topics discussed in his book from proper gear and apparel, how to create a balanced program, what it takes to be a athlete built for Spartan Racing, lessons from Randy Moss, and a ton more.  You won't want to miss this jam packed interview.   Full show notes at
1/4/20171 hour, 12 minutes, 47 seconds
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Episode 18 - 4 Step System For Planning Your Spartan Race Season

In this mini episode you will hear my 4 step process on how you should plan out your 2017 race season.  This system will limit injuries and burnout, maximize performance, and give you the best plan for success in the 2017 session.   Plus you can take advantage of my special offer.  Get a free 20 minute coaching call with me.  In this call I will answer your biggest training questions and start helping you plan the perfect program to get the best results and dominate your next Spartan Race. To take advantage of this offer just click on the link below and schedule your call.  You will receive an email to confirm your appointment. Once you click on the link just select the free coaching call service and select your preferred time.  All times are PST.  You can also email me at [email protected] with any questions.
12/29/201616 minutes, 1 second
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Episode 17 - How To Prevent Detraining Over The Holidays, Protecting Your Hands, Training For A Hurricane Heat, Embracing The Spartan Lifestyle, & Balancing Family Life and Training

In this episode learn about a great resource to help improve your grip and prevent calluses or training related hand issues.  This cool tool can improve your racing and your training.  In our research review I talk all about detraining.  While sometimes taking time off from your program will lead to increases in performance, too long off leads to decreases in strength, power, endurance, flexibility, and performance rather quickly.  Learn the best strategies and research behind how you can maintain your hard earned progress even when you cannot workout as much. And in our SGX Coaches's interview I am with Alisha Lopez.  Owner of No Limits Sports and Fitness Academy and Co-Owner of Rise Up Training- RUT Camp With a mission to inspire and motivate others to live a healthy and meaningful life, Alisha Lopez has worked with adults and kids in the health & sports industry for the past two decades. She currently serves as the Founder & Owner of No Limits Sports and Fitness Academy, a 16,000 square foot Sports & Fitness Training facility, and Rise Up Training, based in Signal Hill, California. Alisha’s facility offers personal training, Boot Camp, Obstacle Course Training and fitness & wellness education—with a mandate to motivate and support clients with a positive attitude in a relaxed atmosphere. Her upstart has been awarded kudos as the Best Small Business in Signal Hill. She brings to her business certification as a Personal Trainer, with additional training and certifications in Spartan SGX, Spinning, Yoga, Resist-a-Ball, Mat Pilates, Pilates, Bosu Training, Power Flex and Kettlebell Training. Alisha is also a USA Cycling Coach, and continually attends continuing education workshops across the nation. We talk about how to balance being a parent, having a career, and still getting your training in.  3 Strategies to help incorporating a training program into your life, not just to improve performance be to help you improve your life in general. Alisha also shares some of your insight and tips for prepping for a Hurricane Heat.  All that plus much more in this weeks episode. Full Show notes:
12/22/201658 minutes, 27 seconds
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Episode 16 - The Biggest Mistakes & Best Strategies For Attacking Hills During A Spartan Race

In this mini episode I talk about a short review of the L.A. Spartan Sprint at Lake Castaic.  This is a quick episode with a few strategies to help you with your training.   My big tip for this week is how to approach his during the race.  There is a very important difference between training on hills and how you attack them during a race. One of the biggest mistakes I saw at the Lake Castaic Sprint was Spartans sprinting up hills and then just destroying themselves for the rest of the race.  In this episode I discuss how you want to approach hills correctly and some things to focus on while you are heading up the mountain. See the full shownotes here:
12/19/201613 minutes, 13 seconds
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Episode 15 - Improving Running Economy, 5 Reasons To Track Your Nutrition, And Keys To Mindset & Motivation

In this episode learn all about running economy.  Discover the what it is, why you need to train to improve it, and the secrets to maximizing your economy for better performance.  SGX coach and dietician Anne L'Heureurx is back to give you 5 reasons why EVERYONE needs to be tracking their nutrition.  To work with coach L'Heureux online and have her help you with your nutrition you can message her on facebook here: We also welcome our first official sponsor of the show Mobilitas.  Mobilitas provide high quality, durable mobility tools.  Their mission is to provide the best mobility tools on the planet.  Give them a try and see what they are all about.  This month, they are giving away a free mobility kit (foam roller, peanut, sphere, and carrying bag) to one of our lucky listeners.  To enter just post a pic or video of your favorite mobility exercise on FB or instagram.  Use #SpartanUnderground to be automatically entered for a chance to win.  Just in time for the holidays! And finally in our SGX Coaches interview, we have Coach Josh Graves.  Josh is the Co-Owner of a Personal Training Studio in Irvine, CA called Fitness On Fire with his wife Haydee.  Not only does Fitness On Fire offer a variety of personal training services, but FOF’s community also has multiple competition teams that have put over 200 athletes into competition. Competing in Spartan Races, Kettlebell Competitions, Ragnar Races, Bodybuilding Shows, etc.  He is student of movement and believes in trying to move in a new way everyday. Which is why he fell in love with the challenge of Spartan Racing. As a RKC (Russian Kettlebell Certified Instructor) Josh’s favorite workout tool is a kettlebell. Josh is a multi rig specialist.  He has never missed a multi rig in a Spartan Race. Coach Graves shares his insight on mindset and motivation.  We talk about two simple strategies to get your mindset right for training and performance, the real reasons you fail, overcoming failed obstacles, 3 beliefs you must have in training, and much more.  Josh is an incredible motivator and coach and I know you will love this interview.   The full show notes can be found at
12/8/20161 hour, 11 minutes, 46 seconds
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Episode 14 - Periodizing Your Program, Testing Your Central Nervous System, & Training As A Master's Spartan

In this episode of the Underground SGX show you will learn about different periodization methods.  Research is clear that a planned workout program that progressively gets more challenging is more effective that performing random workouts each day.  You will learn research on some of the more effective ways for designing a program to maximize your results for your next Spartan Race. You will also discover a cool app to help you test the status of your central nervous system (CNS).  Top coaches from around the world agree that the nervous system is the key to elite athletes and maximizing performance.  If you train hard all the time you will see performance decrease, injuries increase, and many other issues arise.  This cool app is a simple way to track your readiness each day in a few minutes. In our SGX coaches's interview I chat with Mike King from King's Camps and Fitness.   Mike spent the better part of his life in Information Technology working with Biotech Startups having a direct impact on the technology slated to improve people’s lives. During this time, Mike returned to a life of physical fitness and his pursuit of having a more direct impact on people’s wellbeing and lifestyles began. In his pursuit of continued personal growth, Mike returned to school to obtain his Bachelors of Science. During this time he took an opportunity to coach group fitness classes within his community. It wasn’t long before he realized where he could have a profound impact on the wellbeing of those in his community. Taking this new career path to heart, Mike became a National Academy of Sports Medicine – Certified Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT), A Certified Spartan Group X Coach (SGX) and a Dynamic Variable Resistance Trainer – Level 1 and 2 (DVRT.)  This study along with involvement with industry professionals have allowed him to have positively affected and changed the lives of hundreds. This pursuit continues with every client he sees – regardless of their pursuits – and is the basis of opening King’s Camps and Fitness.  In 2013, Mike began working to improve the fitness of our youth by opening the Youth Obstacle Boot Camp a fitness program designed at promoting fitness in a fun and unique way. Mike shares his insight on how to create efficient exercise programs to stay healthy and stay competitive.  He talks about training as a Master's athlete and specific ways to prepare for races.  Mike shares a host of knowledge from help getting more kids involved in races, all the way up to keeping your body fresh as you age.   See all of the show notes at:
11/29/201648 minutes, 50 seconds
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Episode 13 - Will Antioxidants Hurt Performance? The Ultimate Sandbag Workout, And How To Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

In this episode of the Spartan Underground SGX Show learn more insights on how you can maximize your training and become unstoppable in your next Spartan Race.  This week we talk about supplementing with antioxidants.  Antioxidants have become incredibly popular due to their multiple health benefits, but they may be effecting your performance.  Learn about current research on antioxidants and endurance performance in this week's research review.  In the resource of the week we talk about one of my favorite training tools, The Ultimate Sand Bag.  Plus I give two awesome sand bag videos you can check out below. And finally I talk with Elite OCR Racer and SGX Coach Shaun Provost from Live Unbreakable.  Coach Provost is a full-time Online Personal Trainer and Obstacle Course Racing Coach, specializing in prehab, injury prevention, running, TRX, Kettlebells, and body bars to help you achieve the healthiest version of yourself.  She has multiple top 3 finishes in Spartan Races, as well as, many other OCR's.  Shaun talks about how she has overcome some serious injuries and stayed competitive, plus she shares strategies she uses with her clients how have to conquer what could be some of your biggest obstacles, which is yourself.  We get into how to train for the mental side of Spartan Race Training and what she does to prepare for a race/training. See the full show notes at
11/21/201642 minutes, 51 seconds
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Episode 12 - Training Induced Anemia. Learn how your training and nutrition plan can lead to anemia

In this episode I chatted with our favorite Spartan Dietician and SGX Coach Anne L'Heureux.  Recently I had a health scare after some routine blood work.  Expecting an all clear call from the doctor, I was shocked when I was diagnosed with anemia.  After running more tests, my doctor couldn't figure out what was going on and I found myself at an Oncologists office. Coach L'Heureux talks about what happened to me and a common condition that occurs with endurance athletes, sports anemia.  Learn all about what happens to your body in an attempt to adapt to endurance training and what you can do about it.  Iron deficiency is a common issue among athletes and dramatically effect performance.  Discover how to increase your iron intake through whole foods, increase absorption rates, and avoid common things that decrease absorption.   Complete Show Notes available at
11/14/201630 minutes, 34 seconds
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Spartan Underground SGX Show Episode 11 - Sleep Low Strategy For Improving Performance, Mastering Push Ups, Training Outdoors, and Unconventional Training

In this episode learn about a new nutrient timing strategy that goes against everything you heard.  Timing your carbs has been shown to increase performance, specifically endurance performance.  This can be a huge advantage for your Spartan Race Training.  But should you consume carbs after your workout?  This new research might get you to question common practices. Also, learn how you can master the push up.  No more push ups from your knees.  The only way to get better at push ups is by doing them.  So get off your knees and master the push up wth this awesome strategy. And finally join me for my SGX interview with Coach Jono Blodgett.   Jono grew up in Hawaii where he was constantly immersed in the outdoors. If the surf was good, then he would be in the waves; but if not, then he would be either under the water going free-diving, or up in the mountains hunting down waterfalls. He specializes in using the outdoors and a variety of equipment to get people out of their comfort zone and moving their bodies in a way they wouldn’t normally move, but also help them to realize that they are capable of so much more. He has been competing in obstacle course races for the past 5+ years and just competed in this year’s World Champion Men’s Elite division in Lake Tahoe. Coach Jono gives his insight into how to maximize your training by taking outdoors, unique and unconventional training tools, and some nutrition strategies to help you with your training.
11/7/201657 minutes, 59 seconds
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A New Benefit For Caffeine, Training Complexes Made Simple, Spartan Race Training Without Running, And How To Be A Predator

In this episode learn how Caffeine can actually help improve workout recovery by speeding up glycogen replenishment.  Also, see one of my favorite workout protocols, Training Complexes.  See why you need to be doing them more often, how to set them up, and a sample complex to get you started.   In our SGX Coaches interview we talk with Coach Riley Nadoroznick, owner of Conviction Fitness and author of Predator.  Riley gives his insight into training for your next race and why he wrote his book.  He talks about his traditional training for size and strength hurt his OCR performance and what he did to help himself and his clients maximize their obstacle course abilities.  Riley shares some of his key training points from the book on periodization, wave cycling, simple nutrition guidelines to follow, and how to prepare for a race without running.  Learn all this and more on how you can dominate your next Spartan Race. Check out the complete show notes at    
10/27/201652 minutes, 50 seconds
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Episode 9 - Contrast Therapy, Running Cadence App, Fat Intake, Overtraining, Simplified Endurance Training, And More

In this episode we discuss what contrast therapy is, how it can help you recover faster to train harder more often, and how to set it up at home.  Learn all about a cool running app to help lower your risk of injury.   SGX Coach Anne L'Heureux explains how to read food labels regarding fat content, what to look out for and more.   And SGX Coach Joseph Bautista shares his insight on Spartan Race Program Design giving you an incredibly simple way to plan your endurance training plus common signs of overtraining and how to avoid it.     Check out the show notes at
10/17/20161 hour, 1 minute, 34 seconds
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Episode 8 - The Mobility Episode. Studies on Foam Rolling, Must Have SMR Tools, Equipment Needs For An Ultra Beast, And More.

In this episode we focus on recovery.  The missing link in most programs is recovery and here we talk about mobility, and how it is the key to your success in Spartan Race Training.  Most injuries are a result of lack of mobility vs. strength, yet we spend most of our time trying to get stronger and little of our time trying to move better.   Learn about the latest research on what self myofascial release can do for your workouts, our favorite SMR tools, and Coach Bonnie Spartan share her successes and failures with Spartan Races.  Learn the most common issues that come up with Spartan Races and what SMR exercises you must do to prevent them.  She also shares some of her mistakes she made while training for the Ultra Beast and how she is preparing for her next one.  Even get her top must haves while running the Ultra Beast.
10/10/201658 minutes, 59 seconds
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Episode 7- Precooling Techniques, HRV, Spartan Travel Nutrition Tips, And Becoming An Ultra Beast.

In this episode, we explain the latest research on how to precool yourself to maximize performance in extreme hot weather.  You will learn about a cool app that measures your HRV and reveals how recovered you are for your next workout.  SGX Coach Anne L'Heureux shares her best travel tips for better nutrition and fueling as she travels to the World Championships in Tahoe, CA.   In our SGX Coach's interview we chat with Level 2 Coach John Hayley from Chicago.  He shares his first ultra beast experience where he got pulled off the course around mile 31 of 32 and what he did to better prepare for his next one.  He shares tips on running downhill, focusing on your foundation before specificity training, and much more.   Check out the complete show notes at    
10/3/20161 hour, 2 minutes, 5 seconds
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Episode - 6 - SGX Coach Anne L'Heureux explains nutrition vs. fueling.

In this episode we interview SGX Coach Anne L'Heureux.  Coach Anne is a Dietician and a high level Spartan Race Competitor.  She shares her own mistakes when she first got into Spartan Racing, and how being unprepared lead to serious injury, which forced her to take time off from training and racing.  Coach L'Heureux explains how she came back from training and her philosophy on how you can put together your own training program. We get into the topic of nutrition vs fueling and how you must understand the difference for optimal health and performance.  Anne will be a regular guest on the share since we merely scratched the surface on proper nutrition strategies for Spartan Racing. Along with the interview we also get into how you can use complex training to improve performance and a cool app to track your sleep cycle each night. See the show notes at
9/26/201657 minutes, 16 seconds
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Spartan Underground SGX Show Episode- 5 - Altitude Training Masks and Coach Dominic Frazier Overcoming Epilepsy, Unconvential Training, And Other Warrior Training Tips

In this episode we review some recent research on how, if at all, altitude training masks can improve performance and on what inspiratory musculature training is.   In our SGX Coach's interview we talk with Coach Dominic Frazier.  Coach Frazier shares his story of how he was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 17 and how he embraced it to help others overcome obstacles.  Coach Frazier has a wide range of education for his training background and gives insight on how he puts it all together with unconventional training methods and bringing out the inner athlete with all of his clients.   Check out the show notes at
9/19/201655 minutes, 19 seconds
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Spartan Underground SGX Show 4 - How and What To Assess

In this episode, SGX Coach and host of the podcast, Mike Deibler explains the importance of starting your program with proper assessments.  Learn how to evaluate your own strengths and weaknesses for common Spartan components of training such as, Movement, Power, Strength, Endurance, and Grit.     See the show notes at
9/16/201620 minutes, 7 seconds
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Spartan Underground SGX Show 2 - Coach Albert Lu Explain The Pose Method For Better Running

In this episode learn all about running economy and some innovated ways to improve it.  Also, learn an incredible tool to help you get a better night sleep, improve your sugar metabolism, and decrease your risk for diabetes.   This week SGX interview is with Coach Albert Lu.  Coach Lu is a Pose Method Running Specialist on top of being an SGX Coach.  Albert discuss what the Pose Method is and how you can use it to become a more efficient runner and reduce your risk of injury.   Check out all the show notes at
9/7/201642 minutes, 34 seconds