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A Kansas City sports based podcast with an emphasis on the Chiefs and the NFL
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O Show 4/4/18

The time is ripe for offseason grades and way too early speculation. We discuss the article penned byESPN's  Adam Teicher and hand out some grades of our own.
04/04/20181 hour 41 minutes 18 seconds
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O Show 3/26/18

The draft is just around the corner. This week we begin to scratch the surface of where the Chiefs may go. 
26/03/20181 hour 10 minutes 21 seconds
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O Show 3/19/18

The new league year is finally here. With that, all of the trades become official and the team made some new additions. We explore the first week of free agencey.
19/03/20181 hour 26 minutes 8 seconds
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O Show 3/7/18

Breaking down what we think led up to the Peters deal.
07/03/20181 hour 44 minutes 7 seconds
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O Show 2/24/18

Less than a year ago when the Chiefs moved on from John Dorsey there wasnt much anyone really knew about his would be successor. As this offseason begins to heat up we take a look at some of the ways the Veach era could go. Will he turn out to be a fool or a genius? The foundation for that story starts now. 
24/02/20181 hour 44 minutes 44 seconds
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O Show 2/18/18

This week we enter the world of the "feels" as the Chiefs decide they will be moving on from Super DJ Derrick Johnson. With that in mind what does the position he leaves behind look like? Also we touch on the Amerson signing. 
19/02/20181 hour 41 minutes 7 seconds
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O Show 2/12/18

The Patrick Mahomes era is upon us. We discuss cap implications and the construction of the roster for the upcoming offseason. 
12/02/20181 hour 21 minutes 14 seconds
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O Show 1/15/18

Jared and I were joined buy two very special guests. One new and one familiar voice. Today, we wrap up the season and air out the grievances of the season past. 
16/01/20181 hour 43 minutes 28 seconds
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O Show 1/8/18

One and done... Another post season melt down is in the books and we try to put the pieces back together. Was this any different than a season ago? What does the team need to do to get over this hump?
09/01/20181 hour 38 minutes 27 seconds
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O Show 1/1/18

We tried to take a look at the rest of the team but let's be honest... We all want to talk about Patrick Mohomes. Merry Mahomesmas everybody!
02/01/20181 hour 22 minutes 36 seconds
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O Show 12/27/17

The Chiefs back to back afc west champs for the first time ever. We recap the game and talk a little bit about whag the tem will look like in the playoffs.
27/12/20171 hour 13 minutes 14 seconds
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O Show 12/12/17

Will you look at that! a dubya! The team gets bacl to winning. Getting back to the run and pressuring the QB was the formula... A formula I think theu will need desperately moving forward.
12/12/201736 minutes 15 seconds
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O Show 12/3/17

Tis the season and the Chiefs continue their giving ways handing out another W to a New York franchise. Does their philanthropy know no bounds? Alex's numbers improved  but those numbers don't tell the whole story. The defense has returned to form against the run and Marcus Peters may have ejected himself... Unlike the last couple weeks the game was at least entertaining right? 
04/12/20171 hour 24 minutes 33 seconds
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O Show 11/20/17

In this weeks episode we talk about the Chiefs unconventional decision to take a second consecutive bye week. We also wonder into the talk of Patrick Mahomes. Was this an early unceremonius end to the season? Or, is there time to get the team right before the playoffs?
21/11/20171 hour 14 minutes 18 seconds
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O Show 11/6/17

After falling to the cowboys in such a lack luster fashion there are many questions to be answered. Are some of the players on defense holding back? Has Hunt hit the rookie wall? What will this team look like after the bye?
07/11/20171 hour 19 minutes 54 seconds
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O Show 11/3/17

we are a little late geeting to the post game wrap up this week but it's still just as sweet coming off a victory against the Donkeys. There wasnt much new from this game. The run defense is still struggling but maybe help is on the way with Tamba coming off the PUP. We also play an interesting scenario out involving Mahomes.
03/11/20171 hour 13 minutes 50 seconds
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O Show 10/22/17

We are finally back after a long unscheduled hiatus! Unfortunately we seemed to have arrived just as the Chiefs defense took a break. This is not the kind of bump in the road the team was looking for but this season is far from over.
22/10/20171 hour 19 minutes 58 seconds
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O Show 9/11/17

Chiefs come out of New England with a W. Is this the new and improved Alex Smith? What can we expect from a defense without Eric Berry? The 2017 NFL debut did not disapoint and left us with more story lines than we expected.
11/09/20171 hour 32 minutes 54 seconds
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O Show 9/5

The preseason is over and the day of reconing will soon be upon us! We discuss the roster breakdown and look ahead to the Patriots. Also what would a season introduction show be without a record prediction?
05/09/20171 hour 29 minutes 39 seconds
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O Show 8/27

This week we got into everyones favorite subject... The Quarterbacks. It kinda snowballed from there. Also we answer our first twitter question. @OshowKc @OShowKCJared
27/08/20171 hour 37 minutes 5 seconds
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O Show 8/21

Chiefs win! The first victory in the preseason for the team had many storylines. Who will round out the depth chart running the ball? Will we be seeing more chunk plays this season? And the question everyone wants to know... Will Mahomes get a shot to start at any point this seaon?
21/08/20171 hour 8 minutes 29 seconds
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O Show 8/14

This weeks O Show we explore the possilities for life after football for our dear friend Tamba Hali. We also talk about concern for the run game and what everyone was waiting for Patrick Mahomes.
15/08/20171 hour 2 minutes 32 seconds
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O Show 8/6

In this weeks O Show we discover that social security is broken... who knew? Also the Chiefs are in camp and coming up on the first pre-season game. Whats different this year? And once again its time to play "how long can Albert Wilson actually stay on the roster. 
07/08/20171 hour 8 minutes 18 seconds
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O Show 4/23

The NFL draft is finally upon us! David and Jared go down the rabbit whole that is the NFL draft to uncover the players the team will select. Then we get derailed by the quarterback yet again. HA! Enjoy!
24/04/20171 hour 39 minutes 25 seconds
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O Show 3/12

The offseason has finally taken off. The Chiefs are fully into the swing of things making the roster moves that will shape the future of the franchise. We get into the signings and players the team will be moving on from. Also with the combine all wrapped up we get into what the draft might look like for the red and gold. 
13/03/201752 minutes 45 seconds
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O Show Quickies Pre Season @ Rams

 Is Spencer taking too many hits in the pre season? And without Houston does this team have any threat to rush the passer? Plus a Dorsed error or two and a little thin shaming. 
30/01/201712 minutes 24 seconds
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O Show Quickies Pre Season vs Seahawks

A lot of Dee Ford talk with some Chris Jones and some love for Tyreek.
30/01/201716 minutes 12 seconds
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O Show 1/16

Game set match and the season is over for the Chiefs. An ugly game that ended with much more of a thud than many had hoped left the team asking many of the same questions we had this time a year ago.
17/01/20171 hour 10 minutes 56 seconds
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O Show 1/9

The wild card week is in the books and the Chiefs are set to take on the Steelers in a rematch no one would have wanted after the week 4 debacle. There are several key differences in this game though. Will it be enough to give the Cheifs a victory?
09/01/201759 minutes 38 seconds
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O Show Quickies intro

New intro for the best snippets from the show. 
09/01/20171 minute 4 seconds
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O Show 1/2

Ladies and Gentlemen, your Kansas City Chiefs are champions of the west. Heading into the playoffs with a bye week in tow. What can the Chiefs take from this game into the playoffs? As always the QB is a point of contention and Jared thinks he got his pre season prediction correct?? 
03/01/20171 hour 25 minutes 18 seconds
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O Show 12/27

The Chiefs have clinched a playoff spot! The Broncos are their own worst enemy going against all conventional wisdom to attempt to air it out against the Cheifs secondary. Was Andy anymore aggressive this week? Does the team still have a reasonable shot at the division? 
27/12/20161 hour 10 minutes 32 seconds
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O Show 12/19

A dismal showing by Alex Amith and the offense cost the Chiefs this week against Tennessee. The defense had its struggles as well but they are still playing at a high level. The team is down but not out. Every game is that much more important moving forward. 
20/12/20161 hour 15 minutes 48 seconds
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O Show 12/12

Chiefs are in the drivers seat in the west but can ill afford a let down moving forward. Is this team strong enough to win in the post season? Is Jamaal on the horizon ready to ride in on his white horse in time for the playoffs?
13/12/20161 hour 31 minutes 34 seconds
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O Show 12/6

Chiefs pull out a tight game in Atlanta thanks to the unstoppable Talents of Eric Berry!
06/12/201652 minutes 52 seconds
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O Show 11/29

Chiefs win a huge division game against the hated Donkeys. Alex Smith showed up for a half and Justin Houston came back and made sure everyone knew he was healthy again. Still a game behind the Raiders theres work to be done but this goes a long way in making the Chiefs a contender for the division. 
30/11/20161 hour 13 minutes 50 seconds
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O Show 11/26

It's Donkey week! A must win for this team coming off a very painful loss. 
27/11/20161 hour 8 minutes 32 seconds
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O Show 11/21

The piling injuries finally caught up with the chiefs this week. Ford out with a hamstring and Peters with a hip pointer the sputtering offense could do nothing to compensate for the defficiencies on the defense. Alex smith is on pace for 15 touchdowns on the year and isnt showing anything better. This is a tough stretch for this team upcoming with the Broncos and Falcons on the horizon. These games could define the season. 
22/11/201652 minutes 20 seconds
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O Show 11/16

At 7-2 the Chiefs are in the driver seat for their own destiny throughpout the playoffs. As per usual the team is not firing on all cylinders. Special thanks to my good friend Adam for guest appearing at the last minute. Last but not least Happy Birthday to my Mom! Love you mom!
17/11/201657 minutes 5 seconds
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O Show 11/6

Chiefs end the first half of the season at 6-2. Seems as though the quarterback controversy to be has been squashed before it could begin and from Spencer Ware to Ramie Wilson the young depth on this team is really starting to contribute. Not to mention that Dee Ford is coming around as a pass rusher. It's time to make hay and the chiefs are in a great position to make that happen. 
07/11/20161 hour 5 minutes 54 seconds
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O Show 11/5

Jamaal Charles on IR and Spencer Ware/Alex Smith out for the game against the Jaguars. The Chiefs are heavy favorites at home. Can this team show out with the depth that team brass has been touting all season? 
05/11/201643 minutes 54 seconds
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O Show 10/31

QB Controversy? Maybe but the chiefs are 5-2 with a win in Indianapolis and the playoff push begins in ernest now. 
01/11/20161 hour 9 minutes 44 seconds
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O Show 10/24

Chiefs win! Thanks to some unlikely places namely Daniel Sorenson the Chiefs were able to stifle the vaunted Saints Offense.
25/10/20161 hour 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

O Show 10/22

Chiefs vs Saints preview. A ton of roster moves and Justin Houston is back on the field!
22/10/201645 minutes 1 second
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O Show 10/17

Chiefs win! In very sloppy fashion. Cant apologize for road wins in the NFL though. Analysis from the game and we talk about wether or not its time to make the Chiefs great again. 
17/10/20161 hour 8 minutes 18 seconds
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O Show 10/4

Who doesn't love a bye week in the NFL? The Chiefs are definitely going to need a week to recover after the Steelers destroyed them. We try to break down the disappointment with our own little spin. SOY UN PERDEDOR! 
04/10/20161 hour 7 minutes 51 seconds
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O Show 9/26

Chiefs win! The offense is still sputtering though. The defense looks as good as it was at any point last season. The Jets were a turnover machine led by one Ryan Fitzpatrick.
26/09/20161 hour 6 minutes 9 seconds
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O Show 9/19

Chiefs lose but the season isn't over. Alex smith has one of his worst games as a chief. That spawns a new era in saber metrics. The defense and special teams are a bright spot as we move forward in the season.  Find us on Facebook:
19/09/20161 hour 4 minutes 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

O Show 9/12

What a terrible Start to a great finish! Alex Smith shakes the comeback bug and Spencer Ware had the game of his life. Also I'm on the road and my Mom's cats make a guest appearance. 
12/09/201639 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

O Show 9/5

The roster is set and the Chiefs are ready for week 1. Are there still questions remaining? Absolutely... 
05/09/201656 minutes 43 seconds
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O Show 8/30

The dress rehearsal left much to be desired. Conley continues to grow but the rest of the corps below him is stuck in neutral.  Be sure to comment in the section below to let us know if there is a topic you would like to hear discussed. 
30/08/201618 minutes 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

O show 8/23

Preseason game number 2. Should Nick Foles have a reserved roster spot? Tampa back on the practice field and is Conley emerging as the #2 threat this team desperately needs?
23/08/201638 minutes 6 seconds
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O Show Draft Review

Draft day... Christmas for every football fan.
17/08/20162 hours 8 minutes 19 seconds
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O Show 5/15

Archived O Show
17/08/201649 minutes 47 seconds
Episode Artwork

O Show 8/14

This week we discover that Dee Ford still isn't living up to potential and the Chiefs QB situation might not be as good as we want it to be.
15/08/201654 minutes 55 seconds