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English, Christianity, 1 seasons, 42 episodes, 23 hours 50 minutes
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What Happens When You Have An Encounter With God? | Jordan Roebert

In this episode, Jordan Roebert shares about the importance of a face-to-face encounter with God and how you can change the atmosphere around you by the presence of God that you carry within you because of those encounters. 
23/03/202237 minutes 4 seconds
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Why You Can Live in Supernatural Peace | Faith Roebert

In this episode, Faith Roebert continues sharing on the armor of God and talks about the Gospel of Peace.  Did you know that as a child of God it is illegal for you to live in anxiety and depression?  When Christ died for you, He gave you power over all the enemy so you can be WHOLE in every area of your life. As a child of God you have a right to live with a supernatural PEACE that surpasses all understanding! 
09/02/202230 minutes 56 seconds
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Why You Won’t Waste Time in 2022 | Jordan Roebert

Having vision from God for this new year is awesome, but it is crucial that you know how to walk in it effectively and not get distracted.  In this episode, Jordan Roebert shares 3 keys on how you can go into 2022 without wasting time.
26/01/202232 minutes 22 seconds
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Don’t Compromise Your Call | Faith Roebert

God has a purpose for your life, but in order for you to live out that purpose to the fullest, you have to live a holy life before Him and not settle for the world's standards.  In this episode, Faith Roebert shares exactly what the Word of God says about living a holy life so you "DON'T COMPROMISE YOUR CALL"!
19/01/202233 minutes 22 seconds
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How to Build Yourself Up in the Lord | Faith Roebert

When you can't rely on doctors, the government, or your emotions, how can you grow your relationship with the Lord to where you can solely rely on Him?  Find out in this episode where Faith Roebert shares 3 points on how to practically "Build Yourself Up in the Lord"!
30/11/202127 minutes 27 seconds
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A FEARLESS GENERATION | Tayla Clur & Chante Narainasamy (NXT LIVE)

When we have the Holy Spirit living inside of us, we can live a life of peace that the world doesn’t understand, we can walk without fear in every situation, and we can boldly step out and live on fire for Christ.
25/10/202120 minutes 4 seconds
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I DON‘T NEED FAITH? | Feat. Ryan Sullivan

Living by faith is fundamental in the kingdom of God, but why is it so important? Isn’t believing in God enough? How can I be so certain that God is really there? All these questions and more are answered in this podcast. Ryan Sullivan dives into the difference between belief, faith, and relationship. As well as his own personal story as to what it all means and why it’s real.
18/10/202115 minutes 9 seconds
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Jesus is building His church and those who refuse to compromise will be used by Him in this final hour.  Will you stand for Jesus and be the remnant when the pressure comes?  
11/10/202120 minutes 20 seconds
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ARE YOU READY? | Chante Narainasamy (NXT LIVE)

What if Jesus came back tonight?  Are you ready?  Are you living a life that Christ wants you to live?  Are you the spotless bride He is coming back for? Let's talk about that in this episode.
22/09/202120 minutes 16 seconds
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This is the greatest hour to be alive!  What an honor it is to be able to serve Jesus and save souls for His Kingdom.  It is not a sacrifice to serve God, but a blessing!  You were BORN TO TRANSFORM this world for Jesus!
15/09/202118 minutes 25 seconds
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Did you know that Psalms 23 is your portion for here and now?  As a believer you can WALK in POWER and AUTHORITY here on earth - not just when you get to heaven!  You can WALK through and be surrounded by a lost and dying world and have no FEAR.  Why?  Because greater is He Who is with you - than he who is in the world! 
08/09/202133 minutes 15 seconds
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We do not live by our feelings but by faith!  Living by faith will make you effective - living by your feelings will make you deficient.  Choose faith TODAY!  
30/08/202123 minutes 28 seconds
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As believers our lives are completely different to those who are in the world.  We can walk in complete freedom and everything that is in the Word of God can be our REALITY!  In this podcast Niall Clur tells us three specific things that we, as believers, are called to and the reality that we are to live in! 
23/08/202128 minutes 37 seconds
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It's not about where you come from, what color your skin is, the clothes you wear, or the car you drive - It's about Who called you! Who saved you, Who is in you!  You were called to be an overcomer because the One who overcame lives inside of you!  You can overcome because Jesus is with you!
16/08/202135 minutes 27 seconds
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WHAT DO YOU HUNGER FOR? | Feat. Jay Adkins

In this podcast Jordan Roebert and Eric Hofer are joined by Pastor Jay Adkins as they talk about what our generation can be hungry for and bring true revival.  Oh, and we also talked about some very awkward church stories. Enjoy.
21/07/202142 minutes 23 seconds
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As children of God, we are not called to live an average life, but to live in the fullness of all that Jesus died for. We are called to carry His Presence and His authority through the power of the Holy Spirit.  To be transformed into His image through time in the Word of God and face-to-face encounters with Jesus.
14/07/20211 hour 54 seconds
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When you are sold out to Jesus, you'll never be sold out to the world.  Our life is the best offering we can ever give to God.  It is the best seed we can ever sow.  God is calling us to give Him our all.  Will you say yes to being SOLD OUT for Him?
06/07/202130 minutes 44 seconds
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FOLLOW HIM | Niall Clur (NXT Live)

Jesus calls us to be followers not fans.  He wants you to follow HIM!  No one else.  He wants to bring you back to what really matters - Himself.   Nobody else can make this decision for you.  Will you follow Him today?
23/06/202133 minutes 25 seconds
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THE FACE OF FIRE | Niall Clur (NXT Live)

God cannot set a blaze what you don't present to Him.  If we want to burn with fire for God, we have to surrender fully to Him!  To be living sacrifices.   You will never fear men and their fiery furnace when you are filled with the fire of God.   In this podcast, Niall Clur talks about how Daniel faithfully laid his life down for God - even in the face of adversity and even in the FACE OF FIRE. 
14/06/202133 minutes 21 seconds
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When you have the Holy Spirit living inside of you, you cannot stay silent anymore!  When you have an encounter with Jesus you can't stay the same.  everything around you has to change because of the light inside of you!  It's time to see the world changed - it is time for an UPROAR.
09/06/202126 minutes 18 seconds
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The Word of God, sharper than any two edged sword, is our life line, its our rock, our foundation, and weapon for spiritual warfare. There will be giants in this world, but we are already one step ahead of David. We already have our swords. 
11/05/202121 minutes 40 seconds
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LIGHT BE | Feat. Jordan Roebert

In this episode, Jordan Roebert explains how we have access to the same creative, wonder-working, dead-raising, and life-changing power that created the heavens and the earth. Sometimes it just takes someone with faith to call their breakthrough into their now.
06/05/202129 minutes 46 seconds
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Hey Guys, welcome back to a very special episode of the NXT! Today we've got something a little different for you, Because for the first time ever on NXT LIVE, we had 4 consecutive sermons from 4 different speakers, Niall, Tayla, Jade, and Chanti. We think you guys are going to love it, lets jump right in!
27/04/202159 minutes 50 seconds
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EFFECTIVE EVANGELISM | Feat. Chris Mikkelson

In this episode we are joined by Chris Mikelson, who shares his heart on how we can practically and effectively reach our generation with the message of Jesus! 
21/04/202138 minutes 59 seconds
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BREAK THE MOLD | Feat. Ted Shuttlesworth Sr.

In this episode, Ted Shuttlesworth Sr. explains what it will take to see a generation, this generation, to rise up, and break the mold. From stories of Gods goodness, to hilarious yet unrelated advice, Ted Sr. covers it all. So grab your headphones and join us for a wild ride, get ready to break the mold.
06/04/202140 minutes 2 seconds
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MARKED | Niall Clur (NXT Live)

As believer’s we are called to live by faith. Operating from a position of faith is that which will cause you to become a MARKED one in this final hour. As the NXT generation we must determine to live by faith and as we do, it will become clearly noticeable that we serve the living God. Our lives will become signs and wonders to those around us.
24/03/202129 minutes 44 seconds
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In this podcast Nicky Jr talks about having an encounter with the Grace of God. Things get deep as he shares from John 8, where an adulterous woman has an encounter with the light of the world. In order to truly live a life of grace we need to die to self and allow him to live through us.
03/03/202127 minutes 15 seconds
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It's important to know that whatever God calls you to - He empowers you for! As the NXT generation, we must recognize that we have been set apart and empowered for this hour. You are not alive to fit in! You are supernaturally empowered to bring about change to the world around you!
24/02/202127 minutes 28 seconds
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Josiah Malan joins us again and shares with his heart about a generation truly set apart for GOD's GLORY.  Not us - but Him.  
25/01/202144 minutes
Episode Artwork


Heyo NXT fam - in this episode we are joined by Josiah Malan, who shares his testimony and the importance of saying "YES" to God's call on your life.  Our guest gets real and shows us how the Gospel truly does change everyhting.
20/01/202134 minutes 35 seconds
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We had the honor to have our good friend, Ted Shuttlesworth Jr. (Founder of Miracle Word University), share a bit of his testimony and how vision is the start of discipline.  He also gave some great advice on what NOT to do with a mini van.  It's a fun episode - enjoy our first TED TALK.
15/12/202058 minutes 28 seconds
Episode Artwork


Yo fam!  We had the honor to record with Matt and Kelly Gilman and hear the fullness of their testimony as a couple. Learning to let the Holy Spirit guide you in the midst of heart break and correct your path to allign with His will.  We know you will see so much break through and truly be touch by the Lord through their testimony!
08/12/202056 minutes 19 seconds
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God is personal and so are His Words.  Prophecy is an entire office set up just for connecting people to God.  In this epsiode we explore more of the practicals of the prophetic and how God can speak through anyone who is willing.  His thoughts become our thoughts when we yield to the Holy Spirit.  Let's goooo.
30/11/202026 minutes 31 seconds
Episode Artwork


God is above time, He exists outside of it, and often He speaks through men and women of God to bring our futures into the now. On today’s podcast we go into more detail about the gift of the prophecy, and why it’s available to everyone!
23/11/202031 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork


God is raising the standard back to normal.  Back to operating in the supernatural!   In this episode we are once again joined by  Nicky West, who heads up a ministry called “A Movement of the Supernatural” which is spreading around the globe.  Today we are talking about the cost of living a supernatural life, and how we can be the remnants in our generation.  Let’s goooo!
02/11/202053 minutes 15 seconds
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TAKING TERRITORY // Love That Fights (Feat. Phillip Renner)

As a church, we often forget that the body of Christ needs to be constantly TAKING TERRITORY for the Kingdom of God.  Joining us in this episode is Phillip Renner, a traveling worship leader and evangelist.   Changing the world starts with obedience to take the first step.  So get ready - the church has just left the building.
16/10/202052 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork


Let's keep that fire of revival in our hearts aflame. Even on the days we don’t feel like it.  In this episode Eddie James and a few guys from his team joined us to share their testimonies.  Get ready for a power packed, spirit filled, and fire lighting episode!
06/10/202023 minutes 5 seconds
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WHO AM I? Feat. Nicky West

Get ready for an encounter! Join us as we speak with Apostle Nicky West - who heads up several ministries, has started supernatural movements all over South Africa, and now the USA. In this "WHO AM I?" episode Nicky West gets real as he shares his story with us.  It's a story of an overcomer.  A story of someone who, against all odds, said: “game on”.   Keep your ears open for the wisdom that comes from this episode. Enjoy it guys!
28/09/202045 minutes 13 seconds
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Part 2 - here we go! In this episode we jump right back into where we left off previously with Prophet Andre! Not only do we discuss how to position ourselves to hear the voice of God, but we cover some practical ways to follow His voice, and chase after our callings. Get ready, this episode is straight up fire!
22/09/202032 minutes 15 seconds
Episode Artwork


Bruh. This, this is it. You've waited, and we delivered. It's about to get real! We sat down with Prophet Andre Bronkhorst and discussed what it truly means to have a relationship with the One who created you. Enjoy! 
19/09/202028 minutes 7 seconds
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WHO AM I? Feat. Eddie James

In this episode we dive deep into the testimony of a renowned worship artist, Eddie James.  He has impacted many people's lives for the kingdom of God and we can't wait for you to hear how it all started.  Get excited to learn all about Eddie Jame's small beginnings and the man behind the mic, in this new series called: "WHO AM I?"
08/09/202029 minutes 30 seconds
Episode Artwork


Welcome to our first episode! We are the NXT, join us as we dive deeper into what it truly means to live a life on fire for Christ. Get ready for a REAL podcast, with REAL guests, and REAL testimonies. As we begin this NXT journey,  We couldn’t be happier to have you here along for the ride!
17/08/202037 minutes 22 seconds