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English, Comedy, 2 seasons, 28 episodes, 21 hours, 44 minutes
This is the newest podcast for nurses all over the world - a show that will discuss unique stories and experiences in the frontlines. Hear where they've failed, struggled and succeeded. Let them take you through the amazing life of being a nurse. If you like nursing entertainment then you’ll surely enjoy The NH Podcast!
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S2 EPISODE 12 - I want to be a nurse in Finland

Northern lights? Sauna? Santa? Do you want to know how to be a nurse in the happiest country in the planet?🇫🇮Sa episode na ito, tatalakayin ni Chito and Champ ang nakaka-exciting na paglalakbay   nila patungong Finland para tuklasin paano maging isang registradong nurse sa Finland with their very special guest Michielle Liwanag. Pinag-usapan din nilang ang mga hamon from learning the Finnish language down to discussing the healthcare system ng Finland. Hali na’t makinig sa kulitan nina Nurse Chito and Champ at tuklasin ang proseso paano maging nurse at professional sa Finland. Support the show
8/26/20231 hour, 18 minutes, 21 seconds
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S2 EPISODE 11: TechNurse - Transforming Healthcare Through Informatics with Tristan Pahuyo.

Join us in this exciting episode of 'Technurse' as we delve into the fascinating world of healthcare informatics and its transformative impact on the healthcare industry. Our special guest, Tristan Pahuyo, a renowned expert in the field, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the conversation.In this episode, we explore the role of technology in revolutionizing healthcare delivery, improving patient outcomes, and enhancing the overall patient experience. Tristan shares valuable insights into the innovative applications of informatics, from electronic health records and telemedicine to data analytics.Tune in to 'Technurse' and let Tristan Pahuyo guide you through the exciting world of healthcare informatics, where technology meets healthcare to shape a brighter future for all."Pure Southern Comedy!What's the number ONE southern thing? Listen to this train wreck!Listen on: Apple Podcasts   Spotify The Jay Franze Show: A deep dive into the entertainment industryJoin Jay Franze on a journey through the captivating world of entertainment.Listen on: Apple Podcasts   SpotifySupport the show
6/30/202353 minutes, 19 seconds
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S2 EPISODE 10: I want to be a Nurse in the Norway.

Throughout the episode, our guest, RJ Mesina,  offers practical advice on adapting to the Norwegian healthcare system, including tips for overcoming cultural differences and language barriers. From understanding the role of nurses in Norwegian society to learning about healthcare policies and patient care rules, this episode is your comprehensive guide to nursing in Norway.Tune in to explore the different nursing specialties and career advancement opportunities available in Norway. Get inspired by our guest's personal stories as they navigate the ins and outs of working in the Norwegian healthcare system.Whether you're an experienced nurse considering a career change or a recent graduate with dreams of working abroad, this episode of the Nurse Hokage Podcast equips you with the essential knowledge and inspiration to pursue a nursing career in Norway. Get ready to learn, be motivated, and uncover the secrets of nursing success in this Scandinavian wonderland.So put on your headphones, join us, and get ready to unlock the path to nursing in Norway on this captivating episode of the Nurse Hokage Podcast!Support the show
5/29/20231 hour, 10 minutes, 26 seconds
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S2 EPISODE 9: Frequently Asked Questions as a Nurse in the U.K.

Are you a Nurse in the U.K. or is planning to travel to the U.K. and practice Nursing?Chito and Champ are back again with another amazing episode about Frequently asked questions as a UKRN with their very special guest Manong George. They talk about topics ranging from the current process on being a UKRN, Things to bring in the UK, Finances which includes Bank, Tax concerns, Credit cards and health insurance. Moreover, they spoke about effective  tips on how to save money as a UKRN, distinguished which offers are bad from good offers and a whole lot more.If you are a UKRN or planning to be one, this episode is for you.Support the show
5/10/20231 hour, 27 minutes, 24 seconds
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S2 EPISODE 8: I will pass and top the nursing board exams!

In this episode, Chito featured Reiner Tamayo (Top 9 PNLE November 2016). Nurse Reiner talked and discussed on his journey on how he passed and eventually top the PNLE board exams. They also shared tips and strategies on how to ace the examination. For the upcoming takers this episode is for all of you! Come, Relax, laugh, and listen to this amazing episode.Next Generation sci-fi sitcom Join a cast of hilarious AI idiots on a mission to wipe out the humans and save Earth. Listen on: Apple Podcasts   Spotify
5/4/20231 hour, 4 minutes, 14 seconds
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S2 EPISODE 7: I want to be a Nurse in Spain.

Gusto niyo bang malaman paano maging nurse sa Spain?Barcelona, Madrid, La Sagrada, Cochinillo at Paella. Kung gusto mong malaman ang pag-nanars sa Espanya makinig ka sa podcast na ito. The #IWantToBeANurse serye is back! We have traveled to England, Ireland, Australia, Germany, and Netherlands. Today we are flying to the west of Europe in Spain featuring our lovely guest, Sikat sa Madrid.Hali na’t makinig sa kulitan nina Nurse Chito and Champ at tuklasin ang proseso paano maging nurse at professional sa Espanya.  The Original canceled radio guys. Chris and Costello: SEASON 2Chris and Costello: things we couldn't do or say on the radio...Chris and Costello...Listen on: Apple Podcasts   Spotify
4/23/20231 hour, 8 minutes, 22 seconds
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S2 EPISODE 6: Caring the mind: Tips and Strategies of Mental Health for Nurses.

Join us for an enlightening episode as we discuss the crucial role of mental health in nursing and share tips and strategies for promoting self-care and managing stress in the nursing profession. From building resilience and setting boundaries to accessing resources and seeking support, our special guest: Chris Acebu of The Mental Arsenal Podcast provided valuable insights and practical advice for caring for your mind and thriving in your career.
4/23/20231 hour, 1 minute, 22 seconds
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S2 EPISODE 5: How to live a happy life as a Nurse.

As a Nurse, what are the things that make you happy?'Pag niregaluhan ka ba ni crush ng 1 box of pen, will that make you happy?How about ka-duty mo si pogi or pretty doctor, does it make you energized in your shift?Oftentimes, the smallest appreciation from our patients make our Nursing life happy.In this podcast we'll talk about living a happy life as a Nurse. As we are priviledge enough to have a guest that epitomizes happiness in his career. Let's all hear from Tito Nurse on how he exudes joy in our profession.
3/24/202357 minutes, 16 seconds
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S2 EPISODE 4: I want to be a Nurse in the Netherlands.

Roses are red, Violets are blue.  Kung windmill, cheese, tulips at nursing opportunities ang hanap mo makinig ka sa podcast na  ito. The #IWantToBeANurse serye is back! We have traveled to England, Ireland, Australia, and Germany. Today we are flying all the way to the Netherlands with our very special guest, Nurse Aurora.
3/11/202358 minutes, 27 seconds
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S2 EPISODE 3: Top 5 na dapat dala ng isang Nurse sa duty.

Na-try mo na bang mawalan ng pinakamamahal mong ballpen sa duty? O di kaya'y mawala sa mood dahil di mo nakain ang pabaon ng jowa mo sa duty? Alamin natin ang top 5 na dapat dala ng mga nurse sa duty at makipagkwentuhan tayo sa ating special guest na si Jay-ar Salumbides ng The Mokujin Project. 
2/28/202351 minutes, 21 seconds
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S2 EPISODE 2: Basic Love Support(BLS)

Hey hey are you ok? is there a sign of breathing? is there a pulse? Malamang nasabi mo na rin 'to sa basic life support training . Eh pano naman kung yung lovelife mo na ang kelangan iresuscitate? In this episode, we tackle about saving your relationship using the B.L.S. (Basic Love Support). 
2/18/202338 minutes, 12 seconds
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S2 EPISODE 1: Superstitions in Nursing

At long last, Chito and Champ has comeback with its new season and episode of the nurse hokage podcast. In this episode, the duo discussed the different superstitions in Nursing such as wearing red underwear during examination, eating pancit while on duty, and etc. They also talked about examination superstitions and conversed about examination tips and tricks on how to overcome anxiety and fear. 
2/15/202335 minutes, 21 seconds