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Welcome to The Nourished to Thrive Podcast hosted by Registered Dietitian, Emily Vazquez. In this podcast we dive into topics such as intuitive eating, nutrition, debunking diet myths, creating a healthy relationship with food and your body and so much more. My goal is to educate and empower you to discover what true health and wellness looks like without the obsession. If you are tired of dieting and want to learn how to develop a healthy relationship with food, your body and exercise, you can apply to work with me at to learn more about my Nourished to Thrive group program. I show women how to stop letting food rules control their life and teach them how to rebuild trust with their bodies so they can finally achieve food freedom and truly THRIVE. Instagram: @emmysyummys Website:
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Signs Your Are Running Off Stress Hormones

We know that chronic stress is one of the worst things for our health, but are you aware of the signs you are living off stress hormones? From hormone imbalances, constant cravings, digestive issues and energy slumps - find out the signs you may be literally living off STRESS.In this episode we talk about:What it feels like living off stressKey signs to look out for high stressStress and the menstrual cycleDigestive issues "Healthy" habits that lead to stressLow calorie and low carb dietingand so much more!APPLY FOR NOURISHED TO THRIVELoved this episode? Tag me @emmysyummys on Instagram to share the love!
18/09/202317 minutes 8 seconds
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Answering YOUR Questions About Intuitive Eating: Part 2

Part 2 of answering more of YOUR questions about Intuitive Eating!Here are a few topics we cover today:Thoughts on macro tracking for weight gain/lossCoping with negative body image days'Extreme hunger' vs binge eatingMaintaining my weight as an intuitive eaterKeeping sweets in the house without bingeingHow to eat when you are sickAPPLY FOR GROUP COACHINGIntuitive Eating Q+A Part 1 
08/09/202315 minutes 40 seconds
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Answering YOUR Questions About Intuitive Eating: Part 1

Answering some of YOUR questions about intuitive eating! I asked you on my IG stories to submit some of your biggest concerns with eating intuitively and I am answering the first half of those in this video. Here are a few topics we cover:Struggling with being starving to stuffed"Saving calories" for the nightWhy it feels like nothing has worked for youLosing weight from eating intuitivelyHaving fitness goals without tracking food or diet rulesBingeing even when eating 3 meals a dayAPPLY FOR GROUP COACHINGINSTAGRAM
05/09/202314 minutes 45 seconds
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Can You Achieve Fitness Goals with Intuitive Eating?

Can you really achieve your fitness goals being an intuitive eater? Find out in this episode where we dive into how intuitive eating can actually help you with your relationship with exercise to support a healthier lifestyle! APPLY FOR COACHING HEREINSTAGRAM
30/08/202315 minutes 15 seconds
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Why 1200 Calories a Day Is Not Enough

Have you found yourself "stuck" with dieting and aren't sure how to go about eating more? In this episode, you will learn:What influences your metabolism and some steps to increasing itWhy 1200 calories is not enough foodThe dangers of under eating and what can happen from increasing food too fastThe mental struggle of increasingSurprising benefits of eating more food APPLY FOR COACHING HEREFOLLOW ON IG
08/08/202324 minutes 55 seconds
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Breaking The Fear of Losing Control with Intuitive Eating and Discovering True Freedom With Food

You don't want to miss this! Special guest episode with my past client Eliza. In this open, raw, real conversation - we discuss the biggest fears of recovering from disordered eating, detaching your identity from struggling, why dieting keeps you stuck and so much more!  APPLY FOR COACHING:
27/07/202334 minutes 46 seconds
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When You Are Stuck In "Quasi" Recovery

Do you feel like you have made some progress in your recovery and are not as "bad" as you used to be... but are feeling like you hit a plateau with your journey to a healthy relationship with food. Today we get in to what it looks like being in quasi recovery and why this is important to know. Apply to Nourished to ThriveFollow on InstagramWebsite
25/06/20239 minutes 23 seconds
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Am I Addicted To Sugar?

Do you believe that you are addicted to sugar? Let's unpack WHY you might feel like you are addicted to sugar and how restriction plays a role in feeling out of control with food. Links:Join The Nourished to Thrive CommunityFollow Emily on Instagram 
19/06/20237 minutes
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How To Survive Living in Diet Culture

Today we are discussing all things DIET CULTURE: what is it? how does it affect you? tips for avoiding it and how you can start improving your relationship with food! JOIN NOURISHED TO THRIVELETS CONNECT ON IG  
11/06/202317 minutes 51 seconds
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Removing Shame from Struggling with Food - When You Don't Feel "Deserving" of Change

In this episode, we unpack the shame around struggling with food and what needs to happen when you are resistant to change.We discuss:Unpacking shame for struggling with restricting, bingeing, and not having all the answersNot feeling "bad enough" to reach out for helpWhat mindset shifts you can make to start healing your relationship with food👉🏼APPLY FOR NOURISHED TO THRIVE Follow on IG    
04/06/202310 minutes 34 seconds
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Who Intuitive Eating Is NOT For

In this episode, I discuss the 3 potential candidates that may NOT be appropriate for Intuitive Eating and if it truly is a right fit for YOU.If you have been on the fence about intuitive eating and don't know where to start, by applying to Nourished to Thrive, we can help you figure out what approach to take to start rebuilding trust with your body so you can ditch restrictive dieting for GOOD! Apply for Nourished to Thrive HEREFollow on Instagram HERE
20/05/202315 minutes 33 seconds
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Facing Challenges, Navigating Life and Identity Beyond Disordered Eating with Emily Fiekls

In this raw and real episode, we unpack some common struggles faced in recovery from an eating disorder, unpack the "identity" crisis many face in recovery and navigating life and friendships in your 20's. If you are someone who is in recovery from an eating disorder or is struggling with your mental health in any way, I just know that you will enjoy today’s conversation with my guest, Emily Fiekls. ✨ APPLY TO NOURISHED TO THRIVE ✨Follow Emily Vazquez (show host) on InstagramFollow Emily Fiekls on Instagram 
23/04/202346 minutes 2 seconds
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What I Eat In A Day Videos and Comparing What You Eat To Others

In this episode, I discuss the problems with WIED videos and why you should stop comparing what you eat to other people. JOIN THE NOURISHED TO THRIVE COMMUNITYSubscribe to YouTube Channel"YUMMY" for 15% off G2G barsFollow on Instagram 
18/04/202318 minutes 28 seconds
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Understanding Nutrition Fact vs BS with Joy Kim, RD

With all of the conflicting nutrition information out there, it can be confusing to know what is truth versus myth. In this episode, I spoke with Joy Kim, Registered Dietitian who works in research and evidenced-based nutrition to answer some of your burning nutrition questions!In this episode, we go over topics such as:What should we look for when looking at research to see if it is credible information?Are nutrition labels accurate?Does red meat need to be avoided?Thoughts on a Whole30?Is it bad to drink liquids at meals?Are low-fat dairy items not as good for you as whole?Should we all be limiting things like sugar, sodium, fat intake?Should you be intermittent fasting? and so much more!Joy Kim IG: for Coaching: https://www.emmysyum
03/04/202349 minutes 25 seconds
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Health Consequences of a Missing Period

Not having a period is NOT healthy. Tune in to this episode that discusses some of the long-term health consequences of a missing period (Hypothalamic Amenorrhea) and to learn what a healthy cycle consists of.Join Nourished to Thrive group coaching HEREFollow on Instagram HEREWebsite
18/03/202314 minutes 54 seconds
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Emotional Eating and Hunger Cues During Stressful Times

I am sharing with you 3 tips to navigate emotional eating and hunger during times of stress and other strong emotions. I also share a huge life update and how I have managed eating during this huge change in my life.  If you are struggling with your relationship with food and want to gain support from like-minded women who truly understand, Nourished to Thrive group coaching would be the perfect fit for you. I help you stop feeling at constant war with food and your body and give you the tools and steps to take to transform your relationship with food to achieve lasting food freedom. Join Nourished to Thrive: https://www.emmysyummysnutri
12/03/202310 minutes 49 seconds
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Exercise Addiction: Signs You May Be Struggling & What To Do About It

Do you ever feel like you are addicted to exercise? Is it hard for you to take days of working out? Are you unsure of what is too much exercise? Today we are discussing some of the sneaky signs you may have an unhealthy relationship with exercise and some tips to help you overcome this. LET'S WORK TOGETHER: ON IG:  
09/02/202313 minutes 3 seconds
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Can You Be Vegan and Have Food Freedom?

Is veganism a restrictive way of eating or is it full food freedom possible on a vegan diet? In this episode, my past client Rachel tells us about her experience achieving food freedom and getting her period back as a vegan.If you are struggling with your relationship with food and wish you could just eat without obsessing about calories, fear of bingeing or having constant food guilt, apply for coaching down below! You will learn how to stop dieting, rebuild trust with your body using a proven framework, and finally make peace with food and your body:Apply Here: 
25/01/202322 minutes 11 seconds
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How Sadie Stopped Binge Eating and Healed Her Relationship with Food and Her Body

If you struggle with bingeing and feel like food is controlling your life, my past client Sadie gets raw and real sharing how she stopped bingeing and took back her life after years of struggling with this.We discuss:The detriments of prolonged dietingHow Sadie stopped bingeing and what her relationship with food looks like todayWhen to know it's time to reach out for helpThe power of community + connectionAnd so much more!APPLY FOR GROUP COACHING HEREFOLLOW ON IGWEBSITE
20/01/202322 minutes 44 seconds
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3 Reasons Why You Have An All-or-Nothing Mindset with Food

Does it feel like you are either dieting or being super "healthy" or feeling out of control and eating everything in site? Find out in this episode 3 reasons why you have an all-or-nothing mentality with food. In this episode, we discuss the biggest culprits for having an "all-or-nothing" mindset with food and the one thing you need to do to overcome it.APPLY FOR NOURISHED TO THRIVE GROUP COACHING HEREFOLLOW ON IGWEBSITE
16/01/202312 minutes 20 seconds
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Brandy's Story: From Food Obsession to Achieving Food Freedom

In this episode, my past client Brandy shares how she went from being obsessed with food, tracking calories, an all-or-nothing mindset with food and exercise to regaining her life back after struggling for years. If you resonate with Brandy's story and want to finally heal your relationship with food and your body, Nourished to Thrive will take you through the exact steps to get there!Apply to Nourished to Thrive HEREFollow Emily on Instagram HERE 
11/01/202324 minutes 26 seconds
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Is Your Diet Ruining Your Relationships?

In this short and personal episode, we get real about how dieting can have a big impact on friendships, family and even romantic relationships.If you are struggling with your relationship with food and wish you could eat without anxiety, stress or fear of losing control, you would be a great fit for  Nourished to Thrive!APPLY HERE for group coachingCLICK HERE to follow Emily on Instagram   
16/12/202212 minutes 29 seconds
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The Problem with Intermittent Fasting: What You Need To Know

Are you not a breakfast eater? Are you wondering if intermittent fasting is worth the hype? In this episode, I break down what intermittent fasting is, who may not benefit from it, and important things to look out for.If you are tired of following all these diet rules that just leave you feeling guilt, stress and overwhelmed and are ready to create a life-long, healthy relationship with food - applications for group coaching are OPEN!Apply HERE to join the next round of Nourished to Thrive!Follow Emily on Instagram HEREFollow on TikTok HERE
10/12/202213 minutes 4 seconds
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The Link Between Orthorexia and Binge Eating

In today's episode, I share a relatable past client's story with overcoming her urges to binge while struggling with a lesser known eating disorder, orthorexia.We discuss:What orthorexia isSigns to look out for How orthorexia can contribute to binge eatingGetting honest with yourself about your relationship with foodTo apply for Nourished to Thrive group coaching, CLICK HERETo follow Emily on Instagram, CLICK HERE   
07/12/202210 minutes 47 seconds
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Surviving The Holidays When You Struggle with Food

Are the holidays a struggle for you? The large amount of food, the family members you hardly ever see, the unavoidable diet and body talk.... it can feel like a lot to handle when you are working on improving your relationship with food. In this episode, I am sharing 5 tips to help you navigate the holidays with a bit more ease and enjoyment. Because guilt does not belong at the dinner table.Apply to work with me: 
16/11/202213 minutes 43 seconds
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6 Tips for Increasing Your Intake for Weight Gain

Tune in to this episode for 6 of my top strategies for gaining weight and increasing your intake to feel your best physically and mentally. I also discuss some of the body image struggles that come with weight gain and how to navigate and shift your mindset around weight gain + self image. Apply to work with me:www.emmysyummysnutrition.comMy Recipe Ebook: Bars ("Yummy" for 15% off)  
04/11/202214 minutes 56 seconds
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Real Life Intuitive Eating: Busy Schedules, Rest Days and Navigating Restaurants

Not sure how to eat around your busy schedule? Or how to eat on an active versus a rest day? Does eating at restaurants feel scary? In today's episode I am sharing 3 ways I practically eat as an intuitive eater and someone who has a healthy relationship with food. Follow me on IG: @emmysyummysJoin my group coaching program: more information:  
14/10/202212 minutes 36 seconds
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Going "All In" for Binge Eating and Period Recovery

Going "all in" with food - aka eating what you want, when you want seems to be a hot topic these days in the recovery and nutrition space. In this episode, I am giving my honest and professional advice as a Registered Dietitian who helps women improve their relationship with food and their body.If you want to learn how to ditch your diet rules, rebuild trust with your body so you can eat without stress, obsession or fear of losing control - apply for Nourished to Thrive group coaching: me on IG: @emmysyummys 
07/10/20229 minutes 24 seconds
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What is Set Point Weight? Finding YOUR "Healthy Weight"

Do you feel like you are only able to maintain your weight by dieting or over-exercising? Is it difficult for you to trust your hunger and fullness cues? Does your weight constantly go up and down? Listen to today's episode where we talk all about finding your body's natural set point weight.In this episode, we talk about:What is 'set point weight theory'?What can happen to your weight with intuitive eating after a dietInternal and external influences on our weightHow to know if you are at your healthy weightIf you want to learn how to stop dieting and rebuild trust with your body so you can achieve a healthy, sustainable relationship with food and your body, apply to Nourished to Thrive: <a href="
30/09/202212 minutes 5 seconds
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Disordered Eating and Gut Health with Dasha Agoulnik

Dasha Agoulnik is a Registered Dietitian and founder of her own gut-friendly supplement line CorePerform. Dasha specializes in helping people get to the root cause of their gut issues and healing using evidence-based practice.Dasha's Instagram: @dashafitness
24/09/202230 minutes 50 seconds
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Q+A: Body Image Struggles, Sugar Cravings and Dealing with Change

In this Q+A style episode, I am answering some specific listener questions on all things sugar cravings, intuitive eating, dealing with negative body image, tips for higher self-confidence and opening up about some personal struggles I have faced this past year. We discuss topics such as:What to eat when you are not hungryDealing with sugar cravings and binge eatingTips for self-confidenceNavigating friendships in your 20's + (my love life?!)What to do on bad body image days...and so much more!Instagram: for group coaching:<p
17/09/202224 minutes 52 seconds
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3 Reasons Why You Always Think About Food

Is food on your mind 24/7? Are you always thinking about and planning your next meal?In this episode we discuss 3 major culprits to this "food obsession":Mental restriction and what this actually looks likePhysical restrictionEmotional RegulationIf you resonate with today's episode and are looking for more guidance and support to finally heal your relationship with food, apply for Nourished to Thrive group coaching!Group Coaching: @emmysyummys  
09/09/202210 minutes 10 seconds
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Taking An Exercise Break + Getting My Period Back

Not having a period is NOT healthy! Sharing a bit of my personal story of overcoming hypothalamic amenorrhea and rebuilding a healthy relationship with exercise and my body. If you are missing your period, be sure to give this episode a listen! Need more support?Apply for 1-1 coaching: www.emmysyummysnutrition.comCheck out this blog post:Health Consequences of Hypothalamic Amenorrhea
02/09/202221 minutes 43 seconds
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An "Innocent Diet" or an Eating Disorder?

Are your dieting attempts leading you into an eating disorder? In this episode, we discuss the differences and similarities of disordered eating and eating disorders and bringing awareness to unhealthy eating behaviors that are keeping you from food freedom.  For more information and support for eating disorders: to work with me:
26/08/202213 minutes 53 seconds
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The Dangers of Under Eating

Under eating has a huge impact on your hormones, digestion, sleep and mental health. Not sure if you are truly eating enough?Find out in today's episode where I discuss some of the most common physical + mental consequences from under fueling. Apply to work with 
19/08/202212 minutes 8 seconds
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5 Mistakes I Made When I Started Intuitive Eating

Tune into this episode where I talk about the biggest mistakes I made when I first started my intuitive eating journey. If you are new to intuitive eating or are unsure what it is, we dive into common misconceptions about it in this episode! Join The Nourished to Thrive Community group coaching: 
12/08/20228 minutes 10 seconds
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My Story: Overcoming an Unhealthy Relationship with Food

Welcome to episode 1 of The Nourished to Thrive Podcast! In today's episode, I am sharing a bit of my story of overcoming an eating disorder to developing a healthy relationship with food and my body. I struggled with an unhealthy relationship with food for the majority of my adolescence and it wasn't until I had a major eye-opening moment for me to take the steps towards healing my body and mind for good. You can find me over at: Instagram: @emmysyummys
05/08/202210 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

Start Here - What is Nourished to Thrive?

04/08/20221 minute 36 seconds