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The Night Owl: True Ghost Stories

English, Cultural, 1 seasons, 63 episodes, 2 days 18 hours 48 minutes
True ghost stories; haunted places, haunted people, and the mysteries that surround them. Follow host Stephen Belyeu and his team as they investigate paranormal events and those who are affected by them. Have a personal ghost story or haunted home or business? Share via voicemail at (512) 270-8859 or email [email protected]
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A Psychic Journey (Campfire)

It’s one thing to experience a haunting or isolated paranormal encounter, and another all together to discover you may possess an ability to see and communicate with the dead. In tonight’s campfire episode, young psychic/medium Kate found herself in this very situation. Beginning in her early childhood with paranormal activity occurring at each new home she moved to with her family, she just assumed they were unfortunate in that they were moving into haunted house after haunted house. However, as Kate grew into young adulthood, and things seemed to follow her when she moved from Midland to San Antonio, Texas, she began to pay attention to what was going on around her. But it wasn&apos;t until an unexpected message from a missing boy on a flier she stumbled on in San Antonio came to her that she realized she possessed a very unique ability. So cozy up to the fire with us tonight and let’s take a journey with Kate as she guides us through her journey of realizing her gifts.<
26/02/20241 hour 17 minutes 40 seconds
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The Haunted Pompee House - Part II

A transplanted historic home, now sitting atop a cliffside in farwest Austin, has its residents questioning whether or not they are alone in their residence. Kevin, Sherry and their 6 year old daughter Jolene moved into the home in 2018 and each has been having both unique and shared experiences ever since. Kevin, a local musician, candidly shared with us in the previous episode all he’s experienced in this home. He’s reported faces peering from bookshelves while recording music, shadow figures standing in doorways, sightings of what he believes to be a little girl wearing white stockings, and a disembodied voice captured on a studio recording of a song. Following an interview with Kevin, the family had dropped off and seemingly lost interest in pursuing further investigation with the Night Owl team. However, Stephen was shocked to get a call from Kevin’s wife Sherry one night, informing him she’d finally witnessed something herself - she saw stockinged feet running across the upsta
29/01/20241 hour 29 minutes
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The Haunted Pompee House - Part I

A historic home in Austin, TX, originally built in the University of Texas campus area in the late 1800s, now sits nestled on a picturesque cliffside in far west Austin. Just stepping into this house, you can immediately sense, it has stories to tell…and possibly spirits wanting to tell them. Kevin, a local musician and his wife Sherry, a realtor truly felt they had found their dream home when they purchased the Historic Pompee House in 2017. However, upon moving in in 2018, they quickly realized they were not alone. Dozens of faces seemingly peering from bookshelves, shadow figures standing in doorways, sightings of what the owners believe to be a little girl named Sarah, and even a disembodied voice captured on a studio recording of a song have all led Kevin, Sherry and their now 6 year old daughter to seek answers. Join the Night Owl team as they embark on a new paranormal adventure, this one at home built in 1887 that’s had a long and colorful history.EPISODE SPONSO
25/12/202355 minutes 19 seconds
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The Rental from Hell (Campfire)

Tonight’s campfire takes back twenty years ago, to a quaint Ohio college town, where Lindsey and her two roommates were scrambling to find new lodging for the semester. But when a seemingly perfect place magically comes to them, Lindsey soon begins to question how this place fell in their lap. There were some strange things she began to notice about the home. Her bedroom had a deadbolt lock on the inside, there was a feeling that you were never really alone in the house, and then there was the old, dank basement that had an eerie symbol painted on its stone walls. Before long, Lindsey was too scared to even leave her room, so much so she had to have her boyfriend Adam walk her everywhere in the home - including the bathroom. There was someone, or something, in this old house that wanted Lindsey...and she knew it. But she couldn’t afford to move, neither could her roommates, so she found herself trapped in this rental from hell.Photo by Eric MuhrEPISODE SPONSOR
27/11/20231 hour 32 minutes 2 seconds
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The Haunted Williamson Museum - Part II

Multiple reported sightings of a woman in white. Electronics going off in unusual ways. Disembodied voices throughout the building. Feelings of being watched. Sounds of furniture moving or being displaced. Displays and objects falling or being moved far from their original locations. These are just a few of the strange occurrences reported at the Williamson Museum located on the historic downtown square of Georgetown, Texas. After gathering testimony from all the staff and volunteers who came forward with their experiences, the Night Owl team will now venture to the museum to investigate the claims in person and see what dots they might be able to connect regarding the unusual happenings at the Williamson Museum.Photo by Peyton FishbeckThis Episode&apos;s Sponsors:Thanks HelloFresh! Go to and use code 50nightowl for 50% off  plus free shipping!Go to <a href='http://
30/10/20231 hour 35 minutes 51 seconds
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The Haunted Williamson Museum - Part I

The Williamson Museum is located in the gorgeous and historic downtown district of Georgetown, Texas. The museum is housed in a historic building whose lot and early foundations date back to the early 1800’s. It was in 1997 that the building was purchased by The Historical Commission and became home to the Williamson Museum, which has been collecting, preserving, and exhibiting the rich culture and heritage of Williamson County ever since. However, staff and patrons at the museum started to realize that it’s not just the history and culture that is being preserved in the museum, there also seems to be remnants from the past lingering in the hallways and exhibit spaces of this historic building. Having had so many experiences the staff now have names for all their ghosts, they’ve had multiple paranormal investigations, and now have an ongoing ghost tour. So join the Night Owl team as they dive in to explore the entire haunted history of the Williamson Museum.This Episode&ap
25/09/20231 hour 5 minutes 54 seconds
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The Haunted House of Torment - Part III

In this concluding episode of this series, investigating a popular Haunted House attraction here in Austin TX, the Night Owl team brings in psychic friend Sara to explore the haunt and its corridors in hopes of gaining more clues to the mysterious happenings at this unique site. From previous episodes of interviews and exploration,  they learned that the haunt has been experiencing paranormal activity since its early beginnings at their Highland Mall location, but continues to this day in their current Ridgepoint location. Aside from ominous feelings and unexplained footsteps or doors opening, the staff are also seeing a tall shadow figure, creatures scurrying through the hallways and up the walls, the spirit of a small girl, and there are places, especially Haunt 3, the Haunted Manor, that have staff almost too terrified to do their job. At the end of the previous episode, the team made an eerie discovery, a casket that was found in the vacant building when House of Torment moved i
28/08/20231 hour 5 minutes 35 seconds
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The Haunted House of Torment - Part II

Haunted House attractions have been around for over a century and here in Austin, The House of Torment has been evoking fear and eliciting screams from guests for over 20 years. However, in a place designed to scare attendees with props, sound effects, and professional actors, in this long standing haunt, the actors hiding behind hidden doors are experiencing strangeness that has them fearful to do their job. In the previous episode the team learned from some of the staff and founders that the haunt has been experiencing paranormal activity since its early beginnings at their Highland Mall location, and oddly enough, continues today in their current Ridgepoint location. Now, the team dives deeper into the more recent activity experienced here at Ridgepoint from new voices that not only reaffirm some of the experiences we’ve heard from the previous episode, but bring to light some newer experiences that include physical attacks and rumors of a young girl spirit. Finally, through the
31/07/20231 hour 4 minutes 46 seconds
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Haunted House of Torment - Part I

Chainsaws, strobe lights, blood-splattered walls, creepy clowns and blood-curdling screams. These are just a few things you would expect to encounter at a haunted house attraction. But for one particular haunt here in Austin, Texas, there are things other than actors and props eliciting fear in their venue. The House of Torment is a long-standing commercial haunted house where its employees are paid to scare the pants off their guests. But at this location, something is literally scaring the pants off of them. With reported shadow figures darting through the halls, sightings of doppelgängers mimicking the staff, eerie figures climbing the walls, doors opening on their own, and mysterious footsteps circling employees working alone at night, Stephen and the team aren’t sure what they’ve gotten themselves into…but they’re about to find out. Join the Night Owl team as they dive into their first haunted house attraction that may actually be…. haunted!This Episode&apos;s Sponsor
26/06/20231 hour 14 minutes 26 seconds
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Stowaway Spirit - Part II

Previously, we heard husband and wife Lukas and Witney recount the strange activity that has been occurring in their recently purchased home. Conducting interviews via phone with them and two of their former tenants, Stephen learned that they were experiencing paranormal activity including falling objects, phantom smells, shadow figures, strange noises, sleep disturbances, and the overall feeling of an ominous presence watching them. With their young daughter in their home and also being subjected to some disturbing experiences, most notably a phantom pinching incident, these parents want answers for what’s going on. Now, the Night Owl team travels to their home to conduct a thorough paranormal investigation.Thanks  Athletic Greens.  Go to to get a FREE 1-year supply of immune-supporting Vitamin D AND 5 FREE travel packs with your first purchase. 
29/05/20231 hour 22 minutes 44 seconds
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Stowaway Spirit - Part I

In December of 2019, husband and wife, Lukas and Whitney, began a new chapter of their life in a new home they purchased in Austin Texas.  They had their first baby on the way and Whitney’s sister, Erika,  transitioning with them until she could find a place of her own. But with a new baby arriving and an unexpected pandemic unknowingly about to hit our country, Whitney and Lukas were about to face one of the most challenging times of their lives. Fleeing New York during the pandemic, Lukas’s sister Abby would move in as well and the four residents would start to experience a growing number of strange happenings.  Falling objects, ominous feelings, phantom smells, and strange sounds on their baby monitor were just a few of the things that everyone in the household were witnessing. Join Stephen as he dives into preliminary interviews and begins investigating the details of this new residential haunting that happened at the very start of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Thanks
24/04/20231 hour 9 minutes 6 seconds
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Haunted Vision - Part III

A boutique vision center, nestled in the Texas Hill Country has been experiencing a plethora of unusual phenomena. The staff experience eye frames falling off the racks, objects going missing then rediscovered in unusual places,  loud recurring bangs on the interior walls, rubber balls seemingly appearing out of thin air, disembodied voices and sounds, shadow figures, and even two full-bodied apparition sightings of a female spirit in their Exam Room 2. After investigating  these claims with the team and psychic Sara, some interesting theories were brought to light. Through interviews and psychic readings, it was theorized that some form of witchcraft may have been performed on this property in the past, and earth spirits of a mischievous nature may be trapped on the property. Now, for the first time in Night Owl history, Stephen seeks out counsel and assistance from a local witch to see if they can provide any more answers, and possible solutions, to the staff at Dripping Springs V
27/03/20231 hour 10 minutes 47 seconds
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Haunted Vision - Part II

With initial phone interviews and a preliminary investigation of Dripping Springs Vision Center complete, the Night Owl team learned that this establishment was experiencing a wide range of unusual activity - including what appeared to be mischievous displacement of objects, rubber balls appearing out of nowhere, loud recurring bangs on the interior walls that could not be traced to a rational source, disembodied voices, whistling, shadow figures in the hall and even a sighting of a female apparition in Exam Room 2. Now, the team further investigates these claims by bringing psychic friend Sara to explore the facility and the grounds in hopes of  shedding more light on what the staff at Dripping Springs Vision Center are experiencing.Thanks  Athletic Greens.  Go to to get a FREE 1-year supply of immune-supporting Vitamin D AND 5 FREE travel packs with your first purchase. 
27/02/20231 hour 4 minutes 34 seconds
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Haunted Vision - Part I

Whenever you go to see your eye doctor, you expect to see and hear the usual sights and sounds associated with an Ophthalmologist&apos;s office.  Eye Charts, rooms filled with the latest examination equipment,  walls covered in frames of various styles and colors, telephones ringing, and the background ambience of patients and staff. But what if those weren&apos;t the only sights and sounds you experienced at your visit?  What if that field of vision test included full-bodied apparitions, objects mysteriously appearing and disappearing, and shadowy figures out of the corner of your eye? What if the normal office soundtrack was replaced with disembodied whistling and music that cannot be traced to the office sound system? The Night Owl’s next investigation takes us to just such a place. So pack your bags and let’s take a road trip to the Gateway to the Texas Hill country and explore the eerie happenings at Dripping Springs Vision Center.Photo by Christina Veg
30/01/20231 hour 8 minutes 1 second
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The Demons That Haunt Us - Part IV

In this concluding episode of the series, the team work to help single mother Luna and her two children, obtain some much needed answers for the oppressive and disturbing paranormal activity in their home. Taking what he’s gathered from interviews and their most recent investigation of the home with team psychic Sara, Stephen begins the grueling work of researching and piecing together any clues he can unearth. After hitting many dead ends, he makes a hair raising discovery - one that takes this case in an entirely new direction.Sponsored by BetterHelp. Get 10% off your first month at
26/12/20221 hour 15 minutes 45 seconds
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The Demons That Haunt Us - Part III

A single mother, Luna,  along with her teenage son Finn and young daughter Shiloh had to recently flee their home due to unsettling activity in their home. Unable to afford staying in a hotel for an extended amount of time, the family has since returned to their residence. However, they now live in fear that, whatever’s been tormenting them the past seven years, is going to strengthen its attacks against them.  In part I of this series, in an interview with Luna, she recounted in detail the plethora of unusual phenomena the family were experiencing.  Phantom putrid odors, knocking on the walls, shadow figures, full bodied apparitions,, and even physical attacks such as scratch marks and people being thrown. These attacks however seemed to be focused around Finn, Luna’s teenage son. Turning their attention to Finn, Stephen and Occult Specialist Alexis had a theory that he possibly possessed some level of psychic ability and could be a reason activity was ramping up in the home. In Pa
28/11/202258 minutes 16 seconds
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The Demons That Haunt Us - Part II

After fleeing their home for a week, Luna and her two children now return to their home where unexplained activity has plagued them for the last 7 years. Disturbing sightings, unsettling sounds, foul odors, and more upsetting, physical attacks, are just a few of the paranormal experiences Luna, Finn and Shiloh have had to live with. After conducting the first phone interview with Luna, which you heard in the previous episode, it was revealed to Stephen that there were a lot of layers to this residential haunting. Layers he still wanted to uncover and shed light on before attempting an actual investigation of the home with his team. There were elements of this case that were red flags and warnings the team needed to heed. Being prepared for this particular case was crucial. Stephen decided he needed to hear from other members of the household before diving into a potentially dangerous investigation. Dangerous in that they have a family who is frightened to even be in their home. But
31/10/202258 minutes 16 seconds
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The Demons That Haunt Us - Part I

A single mother and her children have now reached a breaking point with the disturbing paranormal activity in their home. Over the last 7 years, they’ve experienced voices, knocking, phantom putrid smells, oppressive feelings, shadow figures, apparitions, and even physical attacks that have left family members scratched or feeling incredibly ill.  The disturbances have progressed to the point where they they no longer feel safe in their own home. Thankfully, through the help of a friend, the family was able to flee to a hotel . However, running out of funds, and their dogs still at the home, the family knows they must return, but fear what might happen when they do. So when Stephen got this call, he knew had had to pick up his mic, rally the team and see if they could help get this family their home back. From whatever was there, keeping them living in a state of constant fear. Part II of this series continues on October 31, 2022. 
26/09/20221 hour 15 minutes 58 seconds
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Haunted Gaslight Baker Theatre - Part II

Previously, in Episode 30, we began an investigation of a historic theater located in beautiful downtown Lockhart, Texas. We interviewed several people with first-hand accounts of experiences they’d had at the Gaslight Baker Theater. Through their testimony, we learned that they believed the theatre to be inhabited by several otherworldly inhabitants, including the original owner Colonel Baker, a woman or women who’s laughter is often heard coming from the lobby referred to as the laughing lady or ladies, and finally a darker more sinister spirit many have dubbed “the other guy”. Now, we delve deeper into this case by uncovering more eyewitness testimony and on one hot balmy night, we bring along clairvoyant friend Sara to investigate the strange occurrences and paranormal claims surrounding this beautiful historic Theater.
25/10/20211 hour 40 minutes 57 seconds
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Announcement: A Night Owl Pause

Hi listeners, You may have noticed my absence over these last few weeks as I’ve been taking a break for my physical and mental well-being. It is with a heavy heart that I announce this break will continue for longer than originally planned. For reasons that won’t be discussed, the show will be taking a six month hiatus. My team will continue to upload new content to our Patreon page during this break that include: Q&amp;A sessions with Sara and Alexis, as well as previously unreleased audio from various cases.That being said, I know you have been anticipating the release of Episode 31: The Gaslight Baker Theatre Part II. It is on the way, but will, unfortunately, not be ready for release by midnight tonight. We will work to get this episode to you in the not too distant future, but ask for your patience and understanding as we move through these next months. Your kind words of love and support have not gone unrecognized, and I hope that you continue to support the show during thi
28/12/20201 minute 36 seconds
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Night Owl Update and Announcement - Dec 2020

Dear Night Owls, I know we don’t have an episode for you quite yet, but we wanted to take time to wish you all a happy holiday season and let our local Austinites know about our upcoming Holiday Spirits event on December 19th. Due to the challenging new times, ticket sales have been unexpectedly low, so we need to sell 40 more tickets to this event before this Sunday, December 6th to make the event possible. Being candid here, I’m struggling to keep the show going during this pandemic. I’ve pushed myself hard to maintain the show as best as I could, but investigating during these times is far more challenging with a lot more obstacles and to be quite honest, it’s been hard to figure out a quality way to record new investigative episodes during this time. Also, the mental and physical tax that this pandemic has had on me personally, outside of the show, is something I can’t simply keep ignoring. So, I wanted to personally address all you awesome Night Owls who have and continue to be s
04/12/20203 minutes 7 seconds
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Haunted Gaslight Baker Theatre - Part I

Lockhart is a picturesque small Texas town, infamously dubbed the BBQ capital of Texas because of it’s long-standing establishments serving some of the best in the state. But Lockhart’s more than just a popular day-trip destination for many Texans looking for some good brisket. The history of the town dates back to the 1840’s and includes early Comanche raids, brave Texian settlers, and rowdy cowboys driving longhorns up the Chisholm trail. If the walls of the many still-standing buildings of downtown Lockhart could talk, we can only imagine the stories they’d tell. But in tonight’s episode, one such building appears to have a voice. Many voices actually. The Gaslight-Baker Theater is located in the heart of downtown Lockhart, and many in the community have had strange personal experiences in the building. It is believed that the theatre is haunted by numerous specters, and these paranormal residents have each been given their own unique name. The &quot;Laughing Lady&quot; whose lau
31/10/202057 minutes 6 seconds
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A Haunting Abroad (Campfire)

Around 2003, Caroline was studying theatre abroad in France. While there, she lived on a boathouse on the Seine River in northern Paris and spent a stint of time at a cute farmhouse in southern France. Most everyone would have considered this a dream experience of studying abroad. But for Caroline, who has harbored a gift of seeing spirits since age 8, the experience was more like a nightmare. Mostly because, at both places during her stay, she encountered two women - both angry, both French, and both...dead.Check out Caroline&apos;s awesome theatre company based in Austin, Texas - Glass Half Full Theatre or @glasshalffulltheatre on social media.Photo by: Gautier Salles @yamnez
28/09/202046 minutes 50 seconds
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Eerie Helltown, Ohio (Campfire)

Many of us are drawn to mystery. Whether that be an unsolved murder, a mysterious disappearance, or for the paranormal enthusiasts, haunted places and legends. Tonight’s campfire iIs a combination of all the above. It’s a story of an abandoned ghost town in the middle of nowhere. A mystery surrounding the town’s population&apos;s sudden disappearance. Evidence of satanic rituals and sacrifices being held in the town’s abandoned buildings. And a group of eager teenagers who venture there, hoping to have paranormal experience of their own.In 2012, Conner and a group of high school friends, including his close friend Blake, decided to take a trip, five hours away from their hometown of Dayton, Ohio, to visit and explore the abandoned streets and buildings of the legendary Helltown. What starts off as a thrilling night with friends in a mysterious town fraught with spooky legends, quickly turns into a nightmare that still haunts Conner and many of his friends to this day. Grab a coffee
31/08/20201 hour 8 seconds
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Haunted Heartland (Campfire)

We’ve seen it in movies. We’ve read it in books. It’s the typical modern ghost story. You and your unassuming family move into a new home. A new chapter begins with a mix of uncertainty and excitement. But  then the strangeness creeps in, subtly. At first it’s just a few odd noises in the night. Possible voices in the hallway. But it soon progresses. Over time the sounds begin to move. Make their way into your bedroom. Other members of your family report hearing or seeing things as well. Ultimately, the haunting grows more tangible, maybe you are touched or you wake to find a shadow standing at the foot of your bed one night only to vanish when you jolt up and flip on your lamp.  In tonight&apos;s campfire, we have one such story for you. The story revolves around a family of four who decided to build a new home in Sioux Falls South Dakota in 2012, where each of them would have their own unique experiences, and collectively grow more concerned about their own safety and later involv
29/06/20201 hour 19 minutes 58 seconds
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Spirits of Mattie's Restaurant - Part II

After receiving a random message on Facebook stating that a place called Mattie’s at Green Pastures had four resident ghosts, Stephen’s interest was piqued to look into this claim as a new potential case. Come to find out, Mattie’s is a recently renovated restaurant, bar and wedding venue, but more interestingly it was housed in a historic mansion with an enduring colorful history. Now deemed an Austin Historic Landmark, the home in which Matties resides dates back to 1895 was witness to many families living through landmark events including two world wars. Now, staff at Mattie’s are coming forward with unexplained experiences and it’s more than just dismissable occurrences like glasses falling off shelves or lights flickering. There have been two very significant full-bodied apparition sightings by two employees. More impressive is that what each reported seeing matched, almost to a T, and even more impressive - both employees hadn’t shared their experiences with one another. Howev
25/05/20201 hour 50 minutes 20 seconds
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Spirits of Mattie's Restaurant - Part I

The Night Owl team has investigated a lot of unique Austin establishments on this show. Restaurants and bars that are housed in buildings that are historic landmarks or perhaps built over historic land. In this episode, Stephen is contacted by a restaurant and wedding venue that he’s never heard of before. A place called Mattie’s at Green Pastures. And although the place has recently gone through some renovations, this location’s history is one of the most interesting he’s come across. Even more intriguing were the strange reports on the premises - activity mostly believed to be linked to the spirits of two young children. Phantom voices, laughter, touching, and more reputedly, children’s handprints forming on windows where no children are allowed. But above all this, the reports that had Stephen most excited to learn more about Mattie’s were two separate eyewitness accounts of seeing a full-bodied apparition of an adolescent girl. The Night Owl team will take on yet another hidden
27/04/20201 hour 16 minutes 49 seconds
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Haunted Nightclub: Elysium - Part II

After hearing an impressive number of first-hand paranormal experiences from Austin night club Elysium, the Night Owl team will return with clairvoyant Sara to see what validations she might make or what new discoveries rise to the surface. However, with this particular case, Stephen finds himself facing a lot of new challenges. Never before has the team entered a case with an owner who possesses the same gift as their clairvoyant friend. Going deeper into this investigation, Stephen is unable to shake the thought of their friend Sara picking up entirely different things than Elysium owner Sara Wickham, and what that would mean? Another obstacle was the undocumented seedy history of this property, rumors of a hidden brothel and the many spirits haunting the space believed to be tied to that secret part of the buildings history. Elysium will be the first case in a long time that makes Stephen question himself all over again - if ghosts could possibly be real, or if they’re merely fig
30/03/20201 hour 51 minutes 9 seconds
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Haunted Nightclub: Elysium - Part I

The Night Owl team has been called to investigate Elysium, a night club that has been a home for the alternative and goth communities in Austin, Texas for the past 19 years. Serving up a diverse lineup of events ranging from 80’s dance nights to witchy galas, Elysium has been doing its part to not only Keep Austin Weird, but also provide a safe haven for those who sometimes feel like outsiders or misfits. Aside from being one of the longest standing entertainment venues in the city, Elysium has quite a bit of haunted lore surrounding it. Some of these stories circulating about the club are that they have resident ghosts that employees know by name, poltergeist activity throughout the building, a very haunted women’s restroom, secret hidden rooms that are off-limits to the public due to too much activity, and to top it all off, an owner who is said to be a medium with very detailed information on the buildings history and haunts. Are you ready to join the Night Owl team? Let&apos;s d
24/02/20201 hour 13 minutes 32 seconds
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Haunted Origins - Part II

When host Stephen Belyeu was around the age of 11, he had an experience in his childhood bedroom that would haunt him for the rest of his life - a disturbing encounter with the spirit of a little girl who he discovered watching him in his sleep. Stephen had felt her presence before and continued to feel her in his room throughout his childhood. But as most tend to do with traumatizing experiences, Stephen pushed the memory of this girl away. As he grew up and moved out of the house, the thoughts of her only resurfaced when he returned to his parents house and had to face the old bedroom on occasion. Today, Stephen&apos;s parents still own the house where this happened. But to keep these dark memories at a safe distance, Stephen adopted the habit of not sleeping in this room ever since the incident. Even today, as an adult, he drags the mattress down the stairs and sleeps where he always slept growing up following the incident...on the living room floor. Stephen admits now that avoid
30/12/20191 hour 48 minutes 45 seconds
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Cautionary Tales (Campfire)

Haunted objects, a spirit of a serial killer, and a hotel so haunted it&apos;s guest book has been deemed &quot;The Book of the Dead&quot; - these are the tales of tonight&apos;s campfire. Warning: Tonight’s Campfire episode is a cautionary tale. Stories from people who continually search for answers that might shed light on the eternal question - are ghosts real? Come join the Night Owl by the fire and let’s get transported to three haunted sites, each with its own haunted history. One such place is Zach Bagans&apos; Haunted Museum in Las Vegas, a place filled with supposed haunted objects and a sign posted to warn people of the dangers of entering such a haunted space. Another site is the Historic Jefferson Hotel in Jefferson, Texas, where guest encounters are so common they’ve created a guest log full of personal experiences the staff refer to as “The Book of the Dead&quot;. And lastly, the Magnolia Hotel in Seguin TX is place with so much history and haunts the current owner has
11/11/20191 hour 4 minutes 15 seconds
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Haunted Origins - Part I

Host Stephen and fellow paranormal investigator Alexis met while attending A&amp;M University in Corpus Christi. They were both studying film and quickly realized they had similar tastes in cinema - horror. They soon became friends and began watching scary movies and discussing cinema together. But it didn’t take long for them to discover they had another common interest - ghosts. Their nights of watching horror movies shifted to nightly road trips to desolate south Texas towns with haunted graveyards and hanging trees. Their ameteur days of paranoral investigating started out so innocently, yet was so illegal. They trespassed onto private property so many times they&apos;re surprised someone didn’t wind up shot or dead. But as you can tell now, they&apos;ve both come a long way. And although their individual paths have veered slightly down this road, their paths remained within the same realm, the realm of the supernatural. So now at the beginning of this new season, Stephen and Al
28/10/20191 hour 6 minutes 57 seconds
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Murder House - Part III

In this final installment of the Murder House series, Stephen and the Night Owl team continue their journey trying to help Martin and his family make sense of the unsettling phenomena they are experiencing in their home - which was the site of a recent, unsolved double homicide prior to their arrival. After a strange turn of events, uncovering that the activity Martin has been experiencing may have nothing to do with the murders, but instead an older male presence tied to the property, the team left with the hope that they&apos;d helped this family start moving in the right direction for dealing with what’s been affecting them so negatively in the home. But shortly after the first visit with Sara, Stephen began getting texts and calls from Martin and could sense fear, anger, and nervousness in his voice. The activity hadn&apos;t stopped. It had gotten worse. Inevitably, the team is put through their most grueling investigation to date, traveling out of town for four more visits, as
30/09/20191 hour 28 minutes 7 seconds
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Murder House - Part II

In this episode, the Night Owl team pack their bags once more, this time with clairvoyant friend Sara in tow, as they travel back to the Murder House, the home from their previous episode that was the recent site of an unsolved double homicide. The victims: a male and female discovered murdered in cold blood in the male victims home. Now, a few years following the tragedy, the current tenants, Martin, his girlfriend Veronica, and their children, believe that one or more spirits may be haunting the residence. Objects get misplaced, they have feelings of being watched, and they all seem to be losing lots of sleep. But out of everyone in the home, one person seems to be the most targeted....Martin. He’s lost the most sleep, feels disoriented most of the time, has seen shadows and smokey figures out of the corner of his eye, and more recently was physically pulled and shoved by the unseen force. Martin is also the only member of the household to have witnessed the full bodied apparition
09/09/20191 hour 11 minutes 21 seconds
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Murder House - Part I

Are you ready for a slightly darker journey into the paranormal than usual? In this episode, the Night Owl team is packing their bags, hitting the road, and traveling to a home that was recently the site of an unsolved double homicide. Martin and his girlfriend Veronica recently have decided to rent this home, fully aware of the tragedy that occurred within its walls, but with the intention of putting it out of their minds and enjoying the lovely new space for themselves and their family. However, Martin soon finds himself having strange feelings, insomnia, ghostly sightings, and eventually physical attacks by an unseen presence in the home. Desperate for help, Martin reaches out to see if the Night Owl team can provide any answers to his experiences and determine if this activity has anything to do with the horrible act that was committed in their home.
26/08/201949 minutes 49 seconds
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School Spirit: Haunted Metz Elementary (Campfire)

Metz Elementary is one of Austin ISD’s oldest schools, established in 1916 on Willow Street in East Austin. At that time, this area was considered to be on the outskirts of East Austin. The School Board that year decided that Spanish-speaking students in that area should attend a separate school where their needs could be better met. In an unprecedented move, many of the Mexican-American parents protested this decision and appealed to the school board to change their decision. The other school was several miles away making transportation extremely difficult and the parents felt that if segregated, their children would not have the same opportunities as the English-speaking students. The School Board quietly dropped the issue and Spanish- speaking students were allowed to attend Metz Elementary School.Metz Elementary continued to serve students in the community for the next 7 and a half decades. Just imagine, this school was educating our youth during the First World War, World War I
12/08/20191 hour 4 minutes 32 seconds
Episode Artwork

Ghosts of Pioneer Farms - Part III

In this episode, the Night Owl team will conclude their investigation of Pioneer Farms, the living history museum nestled on a historic site on the banks of Walnut Creek in Austin, Texas. Being the largest site they&apos;ve ever tackled, the team will have to revisit the farm several additional days with Sara and allow her time to focus on spirits she’s drawn to and further investigate strange phenomena she’s witnessed on the property.  Stephen also begins an extensive search through history records pertaining to the farm, the land, and the various buildings that were relocated to the farm. Just when the case feels to have hit a dead end,  Stephen makes a discovery that propels this story in an entirely new direction. One that involves bringing Sara back to the farm one last time, to explore its grounds with someone who might possess a gift similar to her, but who has a slight advantage over everyone, because she grew up on the farm and has talked to these spirits for most of her li
24/06/20191 hour 35 minutes 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

Night of the Ghouls (Campfire)

THE GOLDEN GHOULSI know you all hunger horrifying stories, thirst for true tales of terror, so in tonight&apos;s campfire, we&apos;re not only sharing more ghost stories with you, these stories will be told by a delightful trio of like minded ladies who are just as fascinated with the paranormal we are. Alyssa, Emily and Kyley are the hosts of The Golden Ghouls Podcast, a paranormal podcast covering all things unexplained. The ghouls inject a healthy dose of comedy into every episode, and it’s quite refreshing, because sometimes, it’s nice to explore the darker side of this strange world we live in, with a sense of humor. These ghouls do it perfectly and we&apos;ve really been enjoying their show. But tonight, for this campfire, we&apos;re turning the mic on these three ladies and asking them each to share their most memorable personal experience that sparked their interest in the paranormal. Emily shares her experience when she was 16 and visited the infamous Stanley Motel on a fam
10/06/201954 minutes 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

Ghosts of Pioneer Farms - Part II

In this episode, Stephen and the team pick up where they left off on their first visit to Pioneer Farms. Following a tour around the expansive property rich with history and haunts, clairvoyant friend Sara arrives and will now join the Night Owl team for a second walk around the farm. This time, however, instead of the farms&apos; volunteers guiding them, the team will rely on Sara to guide them where she is pulled to go. On this dark and quiet night, surrounded by several historic buildings and sites, Sara must put her abilities to the ultimate test, trying navigate such a spiritually rich location with an overwhelming number of messages bombarding her from the other side. Meanwhile, Stephen wrestles with figuring out how to manage a case such as large as this one.
28/05/20191 hour 1 second
Episode Artwork

Haunted Moorehead Stagecoach Inn (Campfire)

After spending twenty years as a paranormal investigator, Allen Cornelison moved to Ida Grove, Iowa to help his wife from his second marriage care for her ailing mother. He had absolutely no intentions putting his investigator hat back on, until one evening, taking a tour of a local park, Allen discovered something. An old house barely visible through the timber, tucked away on the property. Something about it was alluring to him, and Allen was compelled to inquire about the old structure from the townspeople. He soon learned the house was an old Stagecoach Inn dating back to 1856 and now, had been converted into a museum in the park. From this point on, Allen would unknowingly begin an intense six-year investigation of this historic site, have some of the most frightening experiences of his entire career as an investigator, and capture evidence that, in his mind and many of the townspeople’s, proved the existence of the a paranormal. Join Allen as he takes us through his unsettling
13/05/201956 minutes 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

Ghosts of Pioneer Farms - Part I

In this episode, Stephen and the team are kicking off a new investigative series at Pioneer Farms, a living history museum and historic site situated along the banks of Walnut Creek in North Austin. The property was once home to an actual pioneer homestead dating back as far as 1844, and prior to that, archeological evidence revealed that a Tonkawa tribe inhabited the area that runs along the creek as well. Now, the many volunteers reenacting the daily pioneer activities on this 90 plus acre farm are wondering if maybe they aren’t the only ones reliving the past on this property. Unlike any of their other cases, Pioneer Farms will prove to be one of the most challenging cases for the Night Owl team, as not only does the site have approximately ten historic buildings and sites on it, but it also sits on nearly one hundred acres of land that once a Tonkawa Native American encampment, and even had part of the famous Chisholm Trail cutting through the property. So get ready listeners, t
29/04/201959 minutes 28 seconds
Episode Artwork

Ghost in Grandma's Basement (Campfire)

Grandma&apos;s Basement:When they were just 13 and 8 years old, siblings Yessica and Genesis had a lot on their plate for just two kids trying to have a relaxing summer. Their parents had just divorced, they’d packed up and moved from California to Arkansas with their mother, and their Grandmother on their father’s side had moved recently as well, to Kansas where the girl’s father relocated. And it was this particular summer that the girls would be making a long 8 hour road trip to spend the break with their grandmother in her new home in Kansas. The days were uncomfortably warm due to their grandmother’s AC not working. There was a predictable tension budding between teenage Yessica and her pestering younger sister Genesis. And as usual, the girls had to navigate the strong and overbearing nature of their grandmother. But to make matters worse, there was more stirring within the walls of this house than sibling rivalry and a broken air condition. The girl’s could sense it when they
08/04/201946 minutes 51 seconds
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Haunted Buenos Aires Café - Part III

In this episode, Stephen and the team conclude their investigation into the paranormal claims at Buenos Aires Café. Join them as they embark on the tedious journey of uncovering this buildings colorful history and try to assemble the many missing pieces to this case&apos;s complex puzzle. Meanwhile, Sara and Alexis try to help Paola with the energy in her cafe by working on appeasing the spirits and learning a proper cleansing for the space. And lastly, in his archived audio files, Stephen discovers a hidden clue to the mysterious happenings in this old building - a clue that links directly back to one of the current employees of Buenos Aires Café. What he discovers forces him to get Sara involved and what happens next leads to one of the most impactful validations Sara has made on the show to date.
25/03/201959 minutes 42 seconds
Episode Artwork

Haunting Domestic Disturbances (Campfire)

&quot;Remnants&quot;In the early 2000’s, a Brazilian pastor is given an opportunity to move his family to the San Francisco Bay area, to open a new church for a large Brazilian community in area. O.C., his wife, and 3 sons found a house in the Pinole Valley area and settled in to begin their new chapter in the United States. But before long, their eldest son Filipe began experiencing phenomena that O.C. and his wife were also witnessing and could not deny. The family eventually make a disturbing discovery in the home and as a young father and pastor, O.C. must to do what he can to protect his family in their new home.&quot;Dream Home&quot;In the early 90’s, in a desperate situation to get out of an abusive relationship, a young mother and her two daughters fled California to find a home in Yukon, Oklahoma., Theresa, a now-single mother, needed to do what was best for her girls Tatiana and Natasha and try raise them in a good home. It seemed like it was going to be an impossible task
11/03/201956 minutes 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

Haunted Buenos Aire Café - Part II

In this episode, we travel back to the quaint Argentinian restaurant at the corner of Waller and East 6th Street in Austin, Texas. Here, at Buenos Aires Cafe, many of the staff have experienced a presence they all believe to be a male spirit who seems to be hiding out in the buildings basement - which was recently converted into a speakeasy called Milonga Room. Now my team and investigate the claims and involve our clairvoyant friend Sara to see if she can locate any entities residing in the building and offer of up any validation for what a majority of the staff have felt, heard in many cases seen with their own eyes. We discover who might be residing in this old building, why exactly they are making themselves known to the staff, and through some shocking twists and turns, we uncover more secrets surrounding this case.
25/02/20191 hour 4 minutes 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Monsters Might Be Real (Campfire)

“Doppelgänger”The word Doppelgänger was first introduced by German author Jean Paul in 1796, in a book he wrote wherein the protagonist exchanges identities with a lookalike. The word Doppelgänger’s literal translation is “Double Walker” or “Double Goer”. However the myth of doubles dates as far back as ancient Egypt, where in mythology, a “ka” was regarded as a tangible “spirit double” that could possess the same memories and feelings as their counterpart. However, Doppelgangers aren’t just bound to legends and stories, they’ve been documented in several real-life accounts throughout history. In this particular campfire episode, we’ll hear from Linda, who grew up in a town near Lubbock, with religious parents who taught her it was best to never meddle with the dark side. But against her best judgment and with a little peer pressure from her best friend, Linda’s first session with a Ouija board as a teenager may have been the catalyst for a series of strange events and eventually a
11/02/201953 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

Haunted Buenos Aires Café - Part I

In this episode, travel with us to Buenos Aires Café, a quaint Argentinian restaurant in East Austin, that’s having some serious concerns about activity a majority of the staff are experiencing. Reports of employees growing nervous because it sounds like someone has broken into the building when they are closing alone at night, dishes and objects falling and even being thrown at staff members, and sightings of a shadowy male figure that the staff have now given a name, and whom most believe resides in the cafe’s basement speakeasy. With an overwhelming number of staff coming forward, café owner Paola has decided to get to the bottom of what’s really happening in her family owned restaurant and help her staff feel comfortable coming to work.For photographs from this episode visit more The Night Owl Podcast follow us on Instagram @thenightowlpodcast, subscribe to our newsletter on our website, and for exclusive content visi
28/01/201955 minutes 46 seconds
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The Devil's Backbone (Campfire)

“The Devil’s Backbone”Years ago, when they were only teenagers, good friends Brian, Seth, Ryo and McCall would spend many nights hanging out, playing video games, and getting high on sugar. Siblings Seth and McCall’s parents had decided to build a ranch home on an undeveloped plot of land in the Texas Hill Country that just so happened to be on the edge of a stretch of highway known as The Devil’s Backbone. Sightings, voices, and general strangeness was commonplace, but on one dark and stormy night on Seth’s 17th birthday, these four friends would experience a night they would never forget. Now, years later and all adults, they’ve come together to tell you about the many odd experiences they each had in this ranch home, and how they all believe they encountered something otherworldly during their time growing up on the edge of The Devil’s Backbone. “Man of My Dreams”When Jennifer got back from backpacking around the world, she needed a quick place to squat and recoup her finances in
14/01/201949 minutes 29 seconds
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A Haunting on Main Street - Part II

In this episode, the team returns to Buda to further investigate the unexplained reports surrounding Old Town Buda Antique Mall. Staff and patrons have reported strange happenings including objects relocating or being thrown, phantom smells throughout the building, an uneasy feeling commonly felt on the 2nd floor, and even sightings of figures on surveillance cameras and in the windows at night. Stephen and his team now return and have some of their very own experiences while Sara puts her ability to the test in a building full of objects with unique histories. Stephen continues to do a deep dive into this case and tracks down two of the paranormal investigators that investigated this shop in the past. They recount their experiences and even share some of their findings, including voices captured on their recording devices. So join Stephen and the team again as they navigate the many reports and findings to make some very interesting connections that might just validate some of the
26/11/20181 hour 1 minute 52 seconds
Episode Artwork

A Haunting on Main Street - Part I

Let&apos;s take a small road trip, just 20 miles south of Austin, to the town of Buda - where an antique shop occupying a historic three-story building on Main St. is reporting countless experiences they can’t explain. Join Stephen and the team as they dive deep into another fascinating case where countless eyewitnesses are recounting strange happenings in this unassuming small-town shop in downtown Buda. Reports include voices coming from a downstairs booth that was once an apartment, an uneasy feeling commonly reported by patrons on the 2nd floor, smells appearing and disappearing throughout the building, objects relocating and in some cases being thrown, and even sightings of full bodied apparitions on surveillance cameras and in the windows at night. Old Town Buda Antique Mall is a place full of history and it’s very own haunts.
29/10/201852 minutes 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

Spirits of the Spider House

In the final episode of season one, we travel back to where this incredible journey all began – at an unassuming tattoo shop on the Spider House grounds in Austin, Texas. In Episode 1, “ Ink, Coffee &amp; Spirits”, Stephen and Sara investigated the story of Ray and the many unexplained experiences surrounding the Royal Legion Tattoo Shop. Sara shed some light on the spirit who haunted their shop, but what was not revealed was that Sara encountered several other Spirits that very same night on the grounds of the Spider House Café. These Spirits wanted to be seen but their stories were hazy and unclear at the time. Now, we are thrilled to guide you through one of the most interesting stories that has developed over the course of this past year. It centers around the many Spirits haunting the Spider House grounds, one of whom we call “The Man With A Box”. Throughout this year long journey, Stephen uncovers new fascinating stories, meets with past and present employees who share their p
24/09/20181 hour 15 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

Restless Spirit of New Braunfels - Part III

In the final chapter of “The Restless” series, Stephen, Sara, Alexis and Franklyn must put their heads together to figure out what’s really happening to this young couple in New Braunfels, Texas. With activity heightening, rather than subsiding after a small cleansing ritual, Stephen and the team fear they might have angered the spirit and put Amanda and Paul in danger. Join Stephen and the team as they gear up and travel back to confront this darker presence oppressing Amanda and Paul, discover new physical evidence that Franklyn has captured on video, and finally do what they can to enlist the help of a local Native American Medicine Man. This case takes the team back to New Braunfels two more times with the hope that they might provide peace for this family, help them regain control of their new home, and for once in their time here, get some rest.
27/08/201846 minutes 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

Restless Spirit of New Braunfels - Part II

In this episode, Stephen returns to Amanda and Paul&apos;s New Braunfels home, this time joined by clairvoyant friend Sara to further investigate their claims. Stephen and his team work to determine whether the activity Amanda and Paul are experiencing is supernatural or if it all has a scientific explanation. Sara once again makes interesting discoveries and connections, brings new things into light, and Stephen and the team are left with some troubling realizations by the end of it all. For tickets to &quot;Free Range Spirits&quot;, our first live event on Oct. 11, 2018 co-presented with Story Bar in Austin, TX, please visit: Credit: @bentorresphoto
30/07/20181 hour 1 minute 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

Restless Spirit of New Braunfels - Part I

In this episode, the Night Owl Podcast dives into unfamiliar territory, investigating, for the first time, a private residence in New Braunfels, Texas. It’s the home of a husband and wife who have reached the end of their rope. Recently having purchased the home, within weeks, the couple began hearing and seeing things they could not explain. Loud noises coming from their living room at night, full-bodied apparitions appearing in front of them, and even object levitation. The activity has continued to progress throughout their first year there, so much so that they are unable to sleep or feel comfortable in their very own home. Join host Stephen Belyeu along with two of his fellow ghost hunter friends, as he takes a road trip to New Braunfels to investigate these claims and see if they can provide the couple with any answers.Photo provided by @bentorresphoto
25/06/201844 minutes 47 seconds
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The Ghosts at Clay Pit - Part III

In this episode, Stephen and Sara return to The Clay Pit for two more investigations. Sara pushes the spirits to give her more answers while Stephen starts connecting the dots to this mystery by means of research and more interviews. He discovers a secret about the tunnels in the cellar that coincides with Sara’s visions, Sara gets a name for the little boy spirit, and a startling new discovery is made regarding the fire Sara keeps having visions of in the building. Sara also faces the mirrors once more, discovers a new intelligent spirit who’s been hiding from us this whole time. A spirit that evokes fear in both Steadman and April and may be connected to their deaths. And to make matters even more interesting, a new photograph surfaces that appears to have captured this elusive spirits in one of the upstairs mirrors.
28/05/20181 hour 29 minutes 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Ghosts at Clay Pit - Part II

After gathering personal testimonies from the staff and guests of The Clay Pit in Episode 6, Stephen now brings clairvoyant friend Sara to investigate this historic landmark to see if she can either validate any of these experiences or perhaps shed some light on what might really be haunting The Clay Pit. On this first investigation, Sara makes new discoveries, validates some of the existing claims, and then reports some disturbing news following their first visit. However, questions remain after this first visit and Stephen and Sara must return for two more thorough investigations that you can listen to in Episode 8, the concluding episode in The Clay Pit case.
30/04/201850 minutes 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Ghosts at Clay Pit - Part I

Celebrating its 20th year, this famous Indian restaurant located in downtown Austin shares its stories about the building&apos;s seedy history, the countless unexplained experiences the staff have had over the years, and offers up a &quot;taste&quot; of what it&apos;s like to have an experience that makes you question, &quot;Do ghosts really exist?&quot; In this episode, hear the staff, patrons, and our friends at Haunted ATX Ghost Tours share their experiences and shed some light on the many spirits rumored to haunt this historic building. From a murdered prostitute who calls you by name in the cellar to a little boy messing with you upstairs, this place is sure to give you a chill or two. But if you visit, just have one of their spicy curries and it&apos;ll warm you right up!
26/03/201854 minutes 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

South Texas Ghosts (Campfire)

This campfire-style episode features two eerie tales that take place in South Texas:&quot;The Boy In My Room&quot; - Several members of a family living in a ranch home in South Texas encounter what they believe to be the spirit of a little boy.&quot;Seance at The Shores&quot; - On Halloween night in Corpus Christi, a group of college friends forgo the typical dress up party and decide to have a good old-fashioned seance instead. They end up getting a bit more than they bargained for.
26/02/201849 minutes 38 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Haunted Tavern - Part III

In this special hour-long episode that concludes this series on The Tavern, host Stephen Belyeu and clairvoyant Sara return to uncover more hidden clues to this mystery, confront a dark spirit that has started to frighten the staff, and hunt down an elusive new spirit that might hold the key to solving this entire case.
29/01/20181 hour 1 minute 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Haunted Tavern - Part II

Host Stephen Belyeu dives deeper into the stories surrounding The Tavern, a historic bar in Austin, Texas. Join him and clairvoyant Sara as they attempt to uncover the truth behind the activity that&apos;s haunted this building for decades. Are the stories about Emily, the murdered child, true? Or is this a fabricated story that has grown out of late night storytelling by patrons and staff at the bar? Or could something else be haunting this bar that no one really knows the truth about? Listen and find out.
24/12/201735 minutes
Episode Artwork

The Haunted Tavern - Part I

One of Austin&apos;s oldest bars has, what the staff refer to as, a prankster spirit who likes to hide objects from the staff, play with electronic equipment, make unexplainable noises, and even throws things in the kitchen and bar. The tragic murder of a young girl named Emily has the staff believing she may be the prankster behind all this mischievous behavior. A creepy drawing done by a child claiming to see Emily and also an old pair of girl&apos;s shoes that were found during 2003 renovations of the building add to the credibility of these tales. Listen in as the staff tell us what&apos;s happening at The Tavern.
19/11/201738 minutes 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Night Owl Trailer

The Night Owl Podcast is a new monthly podcast featuring true tales of the paranormal. Join me, your host Stephen Belyeu, as I track down haunted places and personal ghost stories, dig deep into the mysteries surrounding them and share it all with you, right here. Each episode features candid stories straight from the mouths of those who’ve experienced them. Tune in on the last Monday of each month to hear a new episode. Subscribe now, wherever you get your podcast. Visit for more info. And if you have a ghost story you’d like us to consider for the show, email us at [email protected] us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for sneak peaks and behind the scenes photos for upcoming episodesStay restless out there, and be sure to tune in for our first episode on October 30th!
29/10/20171 minute 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

Ink, Coffee & Spirits - Haunted Royal Legion Tattoo

A local Austin tattoo shop has things mysteriously moving in the night, its employees feeling uneasy, and sightings of an angry woman in their shop window after hours. But when a clairvoyant happens by one evening, this story takes an unexpected turn. RELEASE DATE: OCTOBER 30, 2017
25/10/201736 minutes 4 seconds