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Nicole Bremner is a business owner, investor, property developer, public speaker, podcast host and mum-of-three. 11 or so years ago, having had a successful career in investment banking, like many women who take a ‘career break’ to have children, she found herself at a crossroads, not entirely sure what path to take next. Combining her financial knowledge with her passion for good architecture and design, Nicole was able to build on her experience and expertise to develop a new career, which fit around her children, and spent the next decade building a multi-million property portfolio in London. On The Nicole Bremner Podcast, Nicole interviews some of the interesting people she has met while navigating her (sometimes turbulent) voyage through professional and family life. From charity founders and travelling investors to authors and young entrepreneurs, these are the real tales of real people finding their way in business. Join Nicole as she listens to their stories and the lessons they have learned along the way. To find out who’s coming up next on The Nicole Bremner Podcast, follow Nicole on social media: Instagram:
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Interested in buying or selling a lettings or estate agency? Lucy Noonan has done it 284 times #139

EP139: I was seeing the other brokers in the industry presenting businesses for sale.  As a broker, we value on turnover, but as a buyer, you value on profits because you want to see what profit you can generate from that business.If you're interested in buying or selling a lettings or estate agency Lucy Noonan is the expert with over 20 years of experience in the industry, having worked with big names like Belleville, LSL, Hunters, and the Lomond Group. Having left corporate life, Lucy founded Atomic Consultancy, specialising in the sale of lettings and estate agency businesses nationally.In this episode, Lucy shares insights into the acquisition process, emphasising the importance of understanding numbers, preparing for due diligence, and the value of goodwill in transactions. She reflects on her journey in the estate agency industry, from starting as a negotiator to working on large-scale acquisitions. Lucy also discusses the growth of Atomic Consul
27/11/202332 minutes 46 seconds
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Could it be that house prices are starting to rise? Really? I discuss the latest data with Eyeedul Haque #138

EP138: Two biggest stories from the recent data is that some price data is actually showing a small increase in house prices. Second, rents just continue to increase. We dig into why. Key points: Prices starting to level off. Rightmove is showing prices are actually increasing on a month on month basis. How much of this is lack of supply?HMRC transaction levels are 20% lower than a year ago. Most of this is down to a lack of availability of credit due to interest rates being so high. Sellers are also sitting out with only those who desperately need to sell selling.Interest rates remained at 5.25% for the second month in a row. While inflation still not at the 2% target, 6 out of the 9 Bank of England members decided to keep rates on hold. Commentary from the BoE show that they believe the interest rates have topped out. Mortgage rates have come down about a percent since June. Rents increased 12% nationally y/y and are forecast
10/11/202334 minutes 46 seconds
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What's really happening to UK house prices? We decipher the September data #137

EP137: What struck me this month in my discussion with Eyeedul is the continued strength of the rental market. Nationally rents increased 10.3% y/y while in London it's 13%.  “It isn’t just tenants who are feeling the financial strains of increasing rental prices. The exacerbating economic issues around rental prices are also leaving landlords with increasing rent arrears, resulting in struggles to make mortgage payments and other expenses. It really is a vicious circle, with very few winners. We see no end to the madness, with rental supply coming under more pressure as Landlords try and exit the market.” Andy Halstead, CEO HomeLet & Let AllianceI asked Eyeedul: "We are seeing again, the number of renters increasing dramatically. In August alone, there were 50,000 new tenancies added to the market. The number of renters chasing each home has jumped from 20 to 25 in the last five months according to Rightmove. In 2019 there were six phone c
10/10/202352 minutes 31 seconds
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Susannah Cole, the Bounce Back Episode: Surviving 3 1/2 cancers, online criticism and rebuilding your body and life #136

"I was a little bit surprised to be diagnosed. It became quite a difficult journey for a period of time. My response on the January 19th 2021 was naïve. They asked me to go in to get results and I didn't realise that meant bad news. My response was 'this had better not kill me' and it had a 40% chance of killing me...better odds than some are facing." EP136: It was lovely to have Susannah back on the pod. When asked why she has been so quiet of late she revealed that she’d had not just one, but 3 1/2 cancer diagnoses. Since then she has been going through the slow process of rebuilding her body, mind and business. What got Susannah through this difficult time, financially at least, was her property portfolio which we discussed at length. Particularly how she managed a rapid restructuring following the first diagnosis and whether she in-sourced or out-sourced and her learnings from that time. I also asked Susannah ho
05/10/202355 minutes 12 seconds
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What's really going on with property prices? We decipher the data on the UK housing market #135

EP135 : Once again I'm joined by property expert Eyeedul Haque to discuss the recent data on the UK property market, with a focus on recent developments related to mortgage rates, inflation and property prices.We discuss: - Mortgage payments are set to increase by £500 for approximately 1m households.- The Bank of England's interest rate has reached a 15-year high at 5.25%.- Inflation stands at 8.7%, and the government aims to reach a 2% target.- Effectiveness of the monetary policy in dampening inflation, noting that it might be causing inflationary pressures.- Rental market is seeing significant rent increases due to rising costs in the economy.- Prediction that interest rates will likely hit 6% by the end of the year, with some sources suggesting rates may reach 6.5%.- Housing market is not experiencing a hard landing or freefall but rather a levelling off.-  Continued shortage of new homes.- New 100% mortgag
28/09/202329 minutes 45 seconds
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What's really happening to property prices? Interest rates at 15 year high, soaring inflation, labour shortages and cost of living crisis, join our discussion #134

EP134: As interest rates soar, inflation rises, and labour shortages continue, homeowners are left wondering what the future holds. Property consultant, Eyeedul Haque, reveals the data behind the headlines about the state of the housing market and the impending mortgage payment increases."What has actually happened is the rate of growth has slowed but it's nowhere near the Knight Frank’s and the Savill’s with their very negative forecasts; that's a huge positive."In this episode, we:·      Delve into the complexities of the housing market and who is actually impacted by mortgage rate increases. ·       Discuss the climb in interest rates and impact on inflation. ·       Dissect the mismatch between market data and realistic pricing, its significance, and repercussions. ·       Predict future investment opportunities and the course of house prices and rents. The key moments in this episode are:00:
13/07/202332 minutes 30 seconds
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What's really happening to UK house prices? We discuss the November data, with Eyeedul Haque #133

"Nationwide, Halifax and Rightmove all reported increases of 7.2%, 8.3% and 7.2% over the last 12 months. Compared to last month, the annual figures were 9.5%, 9.8% and 8.7%."  But prices are showing the first signs of slowdown. Some pundits are saying prices will drop by 30% over 2023. What about rental demand? Take a listen to see what the data is indicating. What do house price movements mean for you? I was joined live by Eyeedul Haque of My Property Consultant and we discussed: Which indices are going up or downWhat the forecasters are saying and why they differ so widelyWhat is happening with rental demand and whyComments from a conveyancing lawyer about the two year lag in Land Registry dataComments from another conveyancing lawyer about the time delays to property transactions and how they compare to other
02/12/202239 minutes 26 seconds
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Forty years in financial services: How Bob Harvey’s journey and outlook created a happy retirement #132

EP132: "I think most people appreciate someone making a purchase easier for them. Selling is not about persuading someone to buy something that they do not need but making a decision easier. ‘People buy from people,’ is a common saying and our job is to ensure that people buy us and not the product."Meet Bob Harvey, now non executive director at SeventySeven Wealth Management after 25 years in management at St. James's Place. In this interview he reflects upon his career in sales and why it's now seen as a dirty word as well as wellness and his views on retirement. "Compared to 30 years ago, the consumer is far better off. The industry is regulated, and people are more financially aware. The financial adviser is also treated as a professional person (which was not the case 40 years ago). There has been a shift in perception from financial advisers as product salesmen to genuine professionals."In this interview we d
01/11/202250 minutes 11 seconds
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What's really happening to house prices? We discuss the data behind the headlines #131

EP131: "Nationwide are quoting a 9.7% increase this month compared to 10% last month. Halifax are also quoting 9.8% this month compared to 11.5% in the previous month. So the rate of change of house price growth is slowing, but there's no evidence of this massive downturn that people are talking about."I met with Eyeedul Haque of My Property Consultant for a live discussion on the UK house prices. Each month Eyeedul puts together a tracker plotting the changes in the major house price indicators. On a single page you can see the latest data from the Halifax, Nationwide, ONS and others. Live on my LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube, we discussed:- The indicators, what they are and whether they're leading, lagging or real time- What September's indicators are, well, indicating- The reversal of the Truss government's mini-budget and appointment of Michael Gove as housing minister- Potential interest rate increases a
28/10/202227 minutes 36 seconds
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goHenry co-founder Louise Hill shares how she raised over £12m and is changing the way children are educated about money #130

“I need to push myself to build that and get myself to a point where I feel that I am financially secure. And probably that's one of the main drivers for why I'm so passionate about encouraging people to learn about money and understand money and be empowered by it so that they can reap benefits later on.”Louise co-founded GoHenry in 2012 when she realised that her children needed to learn how to manage money in an increasingly digital world. At the time her son was eight and her daughter was 11. Louise was so frustrated by how much they were buying online without realising the implications that she would pin Apple invoices to the fridge door to help them understand why their £4 a week pocket money was now just 50p. Fast forward ten years and GoHenry now has a community of 2 million customers in the US and UK who fiercely believe that good money management is a vital life skill.“It’s always fantastic when a customer contacts us and says
25/10/202248 minutes 3 seconds
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The remarkable life of 94 year old Olive Roberts: orphaned aged 8 in wartime northeast England before finding true love and embarking on unexpected adventures #129

EP129: Olive recently celebrated her 94th birthday and is still in fine form. Her active mind and unfussy approach to life is refreshing in people of any age, not least those in their 10th decade. She narrates her story in exactly the same way, and even when tragedy strikes - for example the loss of a dear cousin and step-sister in a car accident - she is able to see the bigger picture. This is a lively and spirited account of a long life lived to the full. Olive's story is a remarkable one. Beginning in the north east of England in the late 1920s, her life encompassed the aftermath of the First World War, the upheavals for Word War Two and the unexpected post war opportunity to travel and see the world. Born in Morpeth, Northumberland, in March 1928. Her parents had suffered the hardships of a working class upbringing but at the time of her birth were happy and settled into family life. This was all to change with the death of her father, who died in 1934 o
04/10/202252 minutes 53 seconds
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What's really going on with UK house prices? Working through the data behind the headlines with property expert Eyeedul Haque #128

EP128: "We are in a very interesting time. On one side, we have the Chancellor trying to encourage house sales with fiscal stimulus. And on the other, we have the Bank of England using monetary policies to control lending. What makes the decision of when to invest more interesting is exchange rates."In the first of a new monthly series I met with Eyeedul Haque of My Property Consultant for a live discussion on the UK house prices. Each month Eyeedul puts together a tracker plotting the changes in the major house price indicators. On one page you can see the latest data from the Halifax, Nationwide, ONS and others. Live on my LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube, we discussed:- The indicators, what they are and whether they're leading, lagging or real time- What September's indicators are, well, indicating- Recent changes in the Truss government's mini-budget including SDLT and tax rates- Recent interest rate increases a
29/09/202238 minutes 37 seconds
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From childhood trauma to Robbie Williams singing at your wedding; Sam White shares the ups and downs of success #127

EP#127 "If you've had some sort of trauma in your early life...the problem you potentially suffer with is an inherent feeling of a lack of self worth. And success won't fill that."Sam White tragically lost her mother to an overdose at age 23. By 24 Sam launched her first business from her sister’s conservatory and she hasn’t stopped since. Starting as a small uninsured loss company in 1999, Sam has grown the Freedom Group to become a hugely influential and expanding business. In the past 20 years she has spearheaded the growth of a dynamic company in an ever-changing sector, all the while maintaining a strongly principled approach to business.But the road has not been an easy one. While living her best life in LA even having Robbie Williams, her neighbour, sing at her wedding, a regulatory change saw Sam lose 60% of her business's revenue overnight. Swift action eventually saved the business but it was not without the war wounds of going thr
27/09/20221 hour 10 minutes 24 seconds
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What's really happening with UK house prices? We decipher the data behind the sensationalist headlines

&quot;We&apos;ve had amazing news in the last few weeks. We had interest rates go up again last week... We then had the mini-budget with the changes to stamp come into play. There&apos;s a third element with the pound taking the biggest fall in 37 years against the US dollar. All these moving parts make it an interesting conversation around when is the right time to invest.&quot;Join us live every month as Eyeedul Haque of My Property Consultant and I crunch the data behind the UK house price headlines.  Our first session will be live at 11:00 on 29 September on my LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube, links below. We hope you can join us as we look at the indicators and explain what they are, what they&apos;re indicating and how this might impact your buy, sell and hold strategy.<a href='https://www.faceb
26/09/20223 minutes 52 seconds
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Founder of the safari holiday and luxury travel pioneer Geoffrey Kent believes cashflow and discipline really are king #126

“My whole life has been one safari and I am still living it now. Even as I sit here in Monaco, I cannot wait to get up and have another adventure.”My guest today, Geoffrey Kent, is the founder of luxury international travel company, Abercrombie &amp; Kent, and the pioneer behind safari being a “hunt with a camera, and not with a gun.” After being expelled from school, riding a motorbike off into the Kenyan sunset, and later training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Geoffrey brought all his experiences together to forge a business that would not only change the face of travel, but also people’s lives, forever. “Nobody had ever decided to camp on safari and guide people to take photographs.”We discuss Geoffrey’s journey from starting with nothing but an old Land Rover and visionary ideas to how, 55 years after the founding of Abercrombie &amp; Kent, he is enjoying life’s safari with adventures spanning 150 countries - from the Galapagos to the South Pole.
12/09/202245 minutes 17 seconds
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What missing the 2020 Olympics by 2 seconds taught world champion, Jordan Thomas #125

EP125: “I was on fire. I was fighting well. Then I&apos;ve got to one of the most important fights I just needed to get through. This fight was probably the most important fight to get that chance to have the Olympic gold medal. I received a head kick with two seconds to go, and two seconds just wasn&apos;t enough to get the points back.”Jordan was on the pathway to Tokyo Olympics 2020 when he missed his dream by two seconds. Rather than wallow in the disappointment Jordan has shown incredible resilience to jump back up and keep going. Jordan was very aware of the risks in this sport. His father was also a world and European karate champion. He was also aware of what a financial strain it could be to fund full time sport. For many years Jordan worked full time training others before turning his focus on training himself in the evenings. “...before my world final, I got a message the night before that my phone bill had bounced...I was 22 at the time…
05/09/202241 minutes 2 seconds
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How Paul Green’s steady approach to savings and investment created a retirement he could look forward to #124

EP124: My podcast is back! We have another series of 12 guests to share with you over the coming weeks. “Many people reach the age of 50 having been on a treadmill of career and families and they&apos;re faced with this realisation…they need to take responsibility for themselves as they move into the last period of their working life…If they don&apos;t, they may face a retirement…which could be less comfortable than they had in mind.”Paul Green came from a conservative background where money wasn&apos;t something that people talked about. As he went through life, he realised it’s one of the key things to get right. Heading into retirement himself and shocked by how little people knew on the subject, Paul founded Over50sMoney to help people sort out their finances as they prepare to enjoy their retirement. In this show you’ll hear about: ·       How Over50sMoney came about
02/09/202247 minutes 1 second
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What I learnt about business from being a stripper, with tech entrepreneur and angel investor Paulina Tenner. #123

“Being a stripper taught me more lessons than I could possibly imagine, a lot of which I’ve been able to apply to my business life..” For the penultimate episode of The Nicole Bremner Podcast, I’m joined by former stripper Paulina Tenner. Paulina is the founder of GrantTree, where she leads a team of 50 people in helping businesses secure government funding. To date, the company has raised over £200m for tech start-ups and larger companies. Originally from Poland, Paulina is a true trailblazer, challenging the status quo of how companies are set up and scaled and proposes a truly radical alternative of financial transparency and self-set pay.“[Self-Set pay] is a very courageous and responsible process but it’s hugely empowering for people and I think that anything that you implement in your company that is empowering to your people has long-term advantage
21/12/202136 minutes 52 seconds
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Finding clarity among the chaos and building a team for success with Staykeepers co-founder Ivo Gospodinov #122

“‘Workations’ have become really popular. We’ve ditched the office and have really embraced ‘out of office’ work.” My guest today, Ivo Gospodinov, is one of the entrepreneurs behind industry leading prop-tech company Staykeepers, which he runs with his brother, Miroslav across the UK, US, Spain, Ireland, Germany and France. Aimed at the Build to Rent market, Staykeepers is a fully-compliant, user-friendly online platform which ‘uses Smart Technology to sell empty rooms’, generating passive income for both long-term tenants and building owners by offering short lets while the tenant is away or the unit is vacant. Travel and tourism was one of the key markets hit heavily by the pandemic but Staykeepers were one of those agile companies who were able to adapt their offering and consequently achieved 520% growth from January to August this year. “T
14/12/202153 minutes
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How to be successful in a male dominated property industry with Star Projects London founder, Julia Starzyk #121

“A career in construction is not just about muddy boots.”Today my guest is Julia Starzyk, a property quantity surveyor, project construction manager and founder of Stars Projects London, a dynamic property consultancy focusing on cost consultancy and project management in the luxury £1m to £6m property sector. From converting a 150-year-old building in Mayfair into a luxury seven-bed hotel to a modern apartment in Chancery Lane with raw concrete ceilings, she has project managed over 90 luxury property renovations and listed building restorations. Julia arrived in England from Poland 11 years ago and has since worked her way up in the property industry, from assistant site manager to commercial director of a construction company, studying for and achieving two master degrees in the process. Back then the property industry was fiercely male dominated, and while more women have joined and found success in construction, there are some things that
07/12/202147 minutes 7 seconds
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The importance of natural beauty and skincare with Rachel Noble, founder and creator of The Noble Apothecary #120

“It’s so important to think about what you put into your body and so we should be taking that view with our skin too.”For anyone who has ever had problem skin or is fed up with trying endless beauty products in a bid for that healthy glow we all long for, this is the episode for you.As a beauty blogger in London, Rachel Noble was living the dream being sent skincare to try and write about and attending big brand launch events. But her blogging career soon led her down the path of deep research into what actually goes into the products we put on our skin. That journey led her to step away from the mainstream beauty industry and create her own brand, The Noble Apothecary. “I found myself getting a little overwhelmed by it all – that skin that was once happy, was no longer happy because I was testing so many different products,” explains Rachel
30/11/202153 minutes 12 seconds
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How to use marketing to raise capital for real estate business with Money Partner Formula founder Dave Dubeau. #119

“Most folks have $1 to $2 million dollars in hidden capital available to them within the people they know.” Joining me this week, all the way from British Columbia in Canada, is Dave Dubeau, the creator of the Money Partner Formula. As a bestselling author and speaker, Dave has shared the stage with people like Robert Kiyosaki, George Foreman, Robert Herjavek, Arlene Dickinson, Ted Thomas and more, sharing how he works with ‘mom ‘n’ pop’ real estate investors to help get started raising capital. He began his career almost 20 years ago, when he did 18 deals in the space of 18 months and nowadays he invests passively in multi-family properties or what we would call in UK, multi-investment apartment buildings. Dave developed Money Partner Formula, which uses marketing techniques to raise capital for n
16/11/202145 minutes 5 seconds
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The challenges of investing in art with art world editor Jane Morris #118

 “Buying art is a little bit like buying property in Knightsbridge…if you buy a blue-chip artist who’s dead and sit on it long enough then you probably will make money, but that means you need to be able to afford to sit on it for something like 30 or 40 years.“Art is a very difficult asset class generally, it’s felt that if you have a wide portfolio then art is something interesting to put your money into, but you certainly wouldn’t do it as your primary source of investment. It’s also very easy to lose money.”Jane Morris is the editor-at-large of CultureShock Media, an arts and culture content agency that delivers print, digital, film and social media strategies for leading arts businesses, museums and galleries. Jane went to Central St Martins, where she studied fine art before studying journalism and has man
26/10/20211 hour 6 minutes 57 seconds
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Building a resilient brand in the aftermath of a financial crisis with London Money founder and director, Martin Stewart #117

“Mortgage brokers are a bit like the crocodile in that we’ve been around for ‘4 billion years’ and nothing seems to be able to kill us off! We’ve managed to get through the credit crunch and the pandemic – good brokers survive those downturns because they are good business people and quite resilient.”My guest today on The Nicole Bremner Podcast is the CEO of The Money Group and founder and driving force behind its inaugural company, London Money.  Martin Stewart has been working in financial services for 30 years and believes that unifying a previously fragmented sector is the best way to get the broker at the forefront of the industry. We talk about how to break through the white noise and micromanagement within the financial industry, where the property and mortgage market is heading following the pandemic and how the simplicity of the Londo
19/10/202154 minutes 30 seconds
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How fishing and running saved me from a life of addiction, with angler extraordinaire Bev Clifford #116

&quot;People will instantly judge a book by its cover, that because you&apos;re a woman who wants to have nice hair, have their nails done or have false eyelashes you can&apos;t participate in a certain sport...the old stereotypes still exists unfortunately,&quot; My guest today is Bev Clifford, who has forged a path for herself in a very male dominated  Bev&apos;s father is Kevin Clifford,  who was one of the founders of the weekly angling magazine, Carp-Talk, and once hailed the &apos;Carp King of the North&apos;, so carp fishing is in her blood. She worked at the magazine form an early age, and took over the business when her father retired.  However, she didn&apos;t take up carp fishing herself until she was 26 years old following years of battling with drugs, alcohol and eating disorders. &quot;After struggling with alcohol and drugs, I needed that time on my own, I needed to figure myself out, I needed to
12/10/202152 minutes 47 seconds
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How technology is helping the fight against Child Sexual Abuse Material with Krunam CEO Chris Wexler #115

***TRIGGER WARNING*** This episode contains difficult content about child sexual abuse material (CSAM) that is likely to be particularly sensitive.  In 2019 nearly 30 million images and over 40 million videos relating to child sexual exploitation were released online... &quot;The most surprising part is that it&apos;s not hidden, it&apos;s on everyday tools that you and I use, it&apos;s on Google and Facebook and Microsoft, they are hiding in plain sight.&quot; Today&apos;s podcast is about a particularly difficult and sensitive topic that no one really wants to talk about, or even really acknowledge exists. But, child sexual abuse material (CSAM) sadly does exist and my guest today plays a fundamental role in helping to improve content moderation and law enforcement to more effectively protect children online. Chris Wexler is one of the founders and CEO of K
05/10/202145 minutes 50 seconds
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Cycling from Bristol to Mallorca in honour of his brother and best friend Yann with renewable energy developer Owen Saward #114

This special podcast was aired live from the Pyrenees with my guest Owen Saward, renewable energy developer. During our live interview he shares with me the tragic event that altered his life and lead him to embark on a solo cycle from his home in Bristol to the highest peak in Mallorca. Here Owen tells us why. &quot;On 6th August 2019, Yann died at home in his bed. He was just 52. He was my best friend, the only person in the world who knew me. He was a lot of people&apos;s best friend. The kindness and love in this man was limitless. One of my first memories is of Yann rescuing me when I got stuck on top of the brick built Wendy house in the playground at Primary school. I was crying and his tall strong arms (even then!) lifted me down and gave me a hug. I remember being amazed that he did that in front of everyone and I felt so proud he was my big brother. One of my last memories of Yann is him putting his arms around me when he had no strength to lift them an
28/09/202148 minutes 40 seconds
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Understanding how the PropTech industry is changing with real estate tech veteran Ben Lerner #113

“The Real Estate tech space as a whole, from an investment and ownership perspective, has been really resilient…there are various areas that have really boomed.”My guest today is Ben Lerner, a real estate tech veteran with 20 years’ experience in the PropTech sector. Ben learned his trade in his (now 40-year-old) family business creating software for the real estate industry including property management solutions, high street agency solutions, and everything in-between.He sold the business in 2017 to one of the largest companies in the sector, MRI Software, and has since set up his own M&amp;A practice, Lerner Associates, focusing on growth equity funding, sourcing, brokering and managing deals.The company provides tailored advisory services to buyers and sellers, investors and company owners, in the UK, US, Europe and Israel,
21/09/202142 minutes 17 seconds
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‘Machines won’t take over, they will just help us do our jobs better’ – discussing user-driven design and technology in the construction industry with NECA executive director Tauhira Ali #112

“There are a million different solutions out there but how do we get the right solutions into the right hands of the right people?” My guest today is Tauhira Ali, who is the executive director of industry innovation at NECA, which acts as the voice of the $171 billion electrical construction industry in the US.  Tauhira supports over 4,000 NECA member contractors to find innovative technologies to better the electrical construction industry, which brings power, light, and communication to buildings and communities across America. As a young child, Tauhira struggled with maths and science but that didn’t stop her from going on to achieve, not just one, but two engineering degrees, which have helped shape her career and fascination in robotics. “I loved machines, I was fascinated by how machines think – how you can, not jus
14/09/202139 minutes 35 seconds
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How to DIY your PR with Lucy Sambrook and Toya Satnarine from PR for the People #111

“Part of PR is working out what your USP is and what sets you apart from everyone else. The more you can niche that down the better. If you can’t describe what you do in one sentence then a journalist won’t be able to and they’re not going to remember you either.”My guests today launched their business during lockdown when they noticed a gap in the market for a DIY PR membership platform to empowering people to have the confidence to speak to the media.Lucy Sambrook, a PR and journalist who has worked at national publications like the Metro, and Toya Sambrook, a professional dancer turned events manager, launched PR for the People to demystifying PR and make it easy for everyone, from all walks of life, to be able to understand and afford. The lockdown has seen hundreds, if not thousands, of new small businesses launch all with an amazing story to tell. But start-ups often can’t afford high PR agency fees, or
31/08/202146 minutes 12 seconds
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How PropTech is changing the face of the property industry and the importance of regulation, with Michael Stephen Day #110

“We are one of the few countries in the world where our property agents are not regulated…You can commit a crime under the Estate Agency Act in the morning, effectively be struck off, and then open a lettings office in the afternoon, so we have anomalies.”My guest today has one of the most impressive biographies I have ever read. With 45 years’ experience in the property industry Michael Stephen Day is a hugely influential figure in the sector. Having held partner and director roles at AC Frost, Prudential and Connells, in 2003 he founded Integra Property Services, providing a range of business consulting, mentoring and training to the property industry. He is also a director at teclet, an innovative and award-winning platform with CRM and sales products that enable letting agents to
24/08/202159 minutes 54 seconds
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Is there such a thing as an amicable divorce? With nurse turned family law expert Linda Lamb #109

“Marriage counselling isn’t a waste of time, it’s not always about getting back together, it’s about seeing if you should part and doing it in a sensible way.”My guest today is family law expert Linda Lamb who has 25 years’ legal experience and is a resolution-trained collaborative lawyer and hybrid mediator. Linda is accredited by the Law Society and the Family Mediation Council to provide child inclusive mediation and has ‘Leading individual’ status with Chambers UK for expertise in family matters and mediation work with both adults and children.In 2017 she founded LSL Family Law and last year was named as one of the #ialso100 f:Entrepreneurs.Prior to entering law, Linda was a district nurse and community midwife – a role which has proved valuable to building her career in law. “In nursing you have that caring aspect and actually family law is very similar,&quot; Linda
17/08/202154 minutes 27 seconds
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The future of machine learning - will they be kind to us? - with serial app builder and tech veteran Christopher Slee #108

“The types of projects we’re working on now, there would have been no technical way to solve those problems five years ago. I’m looking forward to what’s next…what’s the next solution, what’s the next technology?”I’m joined today by a guest in Dublin, Ohio. Christopher Slee is the founder, principal and CPO at AWH, a software engineering firm currently celebrating its 26th year. Whether it’s Internet of Things or blockchain, a phone app, or Artificial Intelligence, AWH offers the opportunity to create a changing array of digital products.Chris has over 30 years’ experience in the industry and has built over 4,500 applications. His latest venture, Include Health, leverages machine learning proprietary algorithms and web camera technology to support a seamless blend of musculoskeletal (MSK) services anywhere
10/08/202134 minutes 54 seconds
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Changing direction and evolving in business with Terrible* co-founder and CEO, Tersha Willis #107

“You’ve got to accept that maybe the idea you had or the thing you’re working on isn’t going to be necessary or won’t survive this period of time.” My guest today is Tersha Willis a Goldsmith College graduate with a background in private equity, financial services and fashion. She is known for her progressive views on merchandise and is the co-founder and CEO of terrible*, a product management and technology company, which enables creators to source and sell products to their fans. terrible* was founded in 2016 as the result of years spent on the road and in music, merchandise, apparel and entertainment and aims to build and grow financial relationships between fans and artists that last a lifetime. The company works with over 400 creators, artists and record labels globally. Tersha has been on this podcast before but today is back to talk about how terrible* changed direction in light of the pandem
03/08/202146 minutes 20 seconds
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What’s next for property in Prime Central London? With real estate veteran Andrew Weir. #106

“The recovery in London is quick…you have to be careful because it can smack you in the face – you can miss it because it happens so quickly.”My guest today is property veteran and Chief Executive at London Central Portfolio (LCP), Andrew Weir. Andrew gained his industry-wide reputation as a consummate professional in the property sector with over 30 years&apos; experience, during a period of unprecedented growth and change within the Prime Central London residential market. He was involved from the early stages of setting up Foxtons to managing its growth and creating one of the best-known brands in the industry, taking it from private ownership to private equity and initial public offering. Andrew held the position of Managing Director from 2014, managing 300 people and a £76m+ revenue portfolio, subsequently becoming Chief Sales Officer. Subsequently, he has chosen to expand his
27/07/202158 minutes 6 seconds
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Defining your brand before the world defines it for you, with award-winning brand specialist Kubi Springer #105

“Success is made up of tiny, small daily decisions, there are no big moments, there are just daily decisions that slowly, incrementally take you towards the destination.” My guest this week is brand consultant and speaker, Kubi Springer, who has over 24 years’ experience working with some of the world’s best-known brands, from Adidas and Nike to Aston Martin and Rolls Royce. Her brand journey began back in 1996 when she took an internship with MTV, which led her to work with celebrities such as P Diddy, Justin Timberlake and Maria Carey. Since then, she  has won numerous awards including BWB Best Entrepreneur of the Year in 2018.  Last year Kubi&apos;s book, <a href=';adgrpid=104277027496&amp;gclid=CjwKCAjwos-HBhB3EiwAe4xM9_fDDC_r5BRiJyPDsTu0ksu_1Sl-eHPH-GWhmpGdUTKqXXEWPMS7IRoCa24QAvD_BwE&amp;hvadid=447200358462&amp;hvdev=c&amp;hvloc
20/07/202150 minutes 21 seconds
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Decarbonising business and developing a sustainable strategy for survival with Josephine Bush #104

&quot;If you don’t have a sustainability strategy that can stand the test of time, then you’re unlikely to succeed.”My guest this week is my good friend Josephine Bush – one of the most intelligent people I know. Josephine is a passionate advocate for the green and sustainable sector, deploying strategic, commercial and transactional skills to support clients in decarbonising, with an emphasis on the development of commercially effective Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategies that robustly manage risk as well as opportunity.She worked at Ernst &amp; Young Global for 15 years, during which time she led the delivery of a global renewables business plan and pioneered the build of EY’s renewables tax practice. She also sat on EY’s Power &amp; Utilities Board, representing the tax practice for UK&amp;I and renewables practice across EMIEA.Jo is focused on driving
11/07/20211 hour 4 minutes 56 seconds
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Reinvention and reincarnation with Rescu founder and editor Bahar Etminan #103

“Once you’ve been through the worst thing that could happen to you and you don’t die, it gives you an enormous amount of self-respect and confidence.” Today my guest is yet another fellow Australian, Bahar Etminan, who is founder and editor of Rescu, a digital magazine for women featuring curated content and advice on how to live a life more fabulous. The online collection of daily articles on style, substance and success, have been written and curated by experts in a variety of sectors from technology, personal finance and property to fashion, beauty and mindfulness. Bahar was a relatively early adopter of digital publishing technology in Australia and had to work incredibly hard to prove Rescu’s place alongside Australia’s once thriving print-dominated magazine market. Since then her business has had to continue to adapt to meet the ever-changin
06/07/202149 minutes 5 seconds
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How to manufacture creativity with world-renowned creative expert, Nir Bashan #102

“In order to do well in business, you must get creative.” My guest today is creative expert and author of The Creator Mindset: 92 Tools to Unlock the Secrets to Innovation, Growth and Sustainability, Nir Bashan. Nir has worked among Hollywood and music stars like Woody Harrelson and Rod Stewart and, in doing so, discovered that these creative superstars aren’t all that different from you and I, they’ve just mastered a method of repeatable and predictable creativity. It’s a type of creativity that anyone can learn and can be used in business and careers everywhere. Nir has spent the last two decades working on a formula to codify creativity and has taught thousands of leaders and individuals around the globe – including household names such as Microsoft, NFL, EA Sports and jetBlue (to name a few) – how to harness the power of creativity to improve profitability, increase sale
29/06/202128 minutes 17 seconds
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From pop star to interior designer with Australian singer Belinda Chapple #101

“It’s extremely hard to be in this fame bubble, where you’re looked after, to then just be tossed out… A while after I had some counselling about it all, I just felt like a failure.”Today my guest is the incredibly creative Belinda Chapple, who rose to fame in the early noughties as a member of all-female Australian pop group, Bardot. In late 1999, at the age of 24, Chapple auditioned for the first Australian series of reality TV talent competition, Popstars, landing her dream job in a girl band. However, Belinda had been in entertainment since she was just 13, having spent her teenage years singing and dancing at the Johnny Young Talent School (Australian listeners may remember the related TV Show Young Talent Time, which was a launching pad for several Australian performers, such as Dannii Minogue.) and then as a touring singer and dancer for shows acros
22/06/202143 minutes 40 seconds
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The future of sustainable food and nutrition with co-founder at Huel, James Collier. #99

“In the 21st century, you can’t just rely on eating the best diet nutritionally, you have to think about what’s better for the world as well.” I have known my guest today for many years, having collaborated with him on a number of health, nutrition and body-building books in the noughties. James Collier is the co-founder and head of nutrition at Huel, a nutritionally complete powdered food brand that I happen to use every day. He is also the co-founder of the highly popular bodybuilding website MuscleTalk. Launched in June 2015, Huel was the brainchild of Julian Hearn, who partnered with James to design a formula for a healthy product that could become the future of food. Huel is now one of the most successful meal replacement companies in the world – not that James likes to call it meal replacement. <
08/06/20211 hour 25 seconds
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Constructing the digital money of the future with LODE Pay COO, Nick Prouten #100

“If you don’t have a digital strategy yet, it’s time to start thinking about it because what we’re witnessing in the cryptocurrency market is the biggest wealth generation event of our lifetime.” For anyone struggling to get to grips with cryptocurrency and how it all works, this episode is for you! Nick Prouten is a veteran of the tech sector and COO of LODE, a blockchain-powered gold and silver money system that is reinventing money as we know it. An expert in driving project growth, Nick uses his unique leadership style and vision to cultivate seamless paths to create value and transcend goals. A firm believer that diversity is strength, he has worked in a wide array of industries, ranging from cybersecurity, gaming, real estate, entertainment and blockchain.So, what is blockchain? Nick explains: “Blockchain is a virtual handshake that uses conse
01/06/202151 minutes 15 seconds
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How do we sustain a city's culture and character? With Seeing Better Cities founder, Chuck Wolfe #97

“Imagine if the world around you disappeared and the paths to which you are so accustomed suddenly went away and you had to reinvent them…”Charles (Chuck) Wolfe is the founder of Seeing Better Cities and the author of the award-winning books Seeing the Better City and Urbanism Without Effort.In 2017 Chuck left 34 years’ experience as an environmental land-use lawyer behind and set up Seeing Better Cities to improve the conversation around how cities grow and evolve in the around the world. Chuck helps developers and municipalities with policy-related issues and community involvement strategies and leads explorations of urban spaces impacted by rapid change and growth. “Enough with the touristic experience or the classical fantasy t
25/05/20211 hour 4 minutes 53 seconds
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How to make the bones of our buildings better with Annie Rinker, from global real estate company Hines #96

“Over 83% of companies now anticipate having some kind of flex in their portfolio… How do we make our tenants want to come to the office when they could stay at home and work from home?”My guest today is Annie Rinker, who joins me all the way from Texas. Annie is director in the office of innovation at Hines, a family-owned real estate firm founded by Gerald Hines in the 1950s. Since then the company has grown to be in over 225 cities across the globe and manages over 400 million square feet of office space with an emphasis on consumer-focused innovation.&quot;Mr Hines believed it was his duty not to just build a building because you could make money doing so but because it bettered the ground it was on and the society that would walk by it every day,&quot; Annie explains.We also talk about: The changing face of our w
18/05/202139 minutes 15 seconds
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Property with purpose and nurturing a new breed of socially-conscious landlord with View From My Window founder Lorraine Thomas. #95

“Young people today have such a tough time, on every level. If people have a roof over their head, everything shifts for them.” Lorraine Thomas is a risk-taking, changemaking, life-enhancing visionary. She took a leap from a successful career in business development for the legal sector to property development, where one of her key focuses is helping young disadvantaged adults get on the ladder. Over half of the investment property that Lorraine renovates through her company, View from My Window, has a social element attached to it and part of her business focuses on encouraging a new breed of landlord with a social conscious. “When my parents first came to this country, when they knocked on that door and there were those signs saying, &apos;No dogs, no Irish, no blacks&apos;, somebody took a chance on them and said ‘okay you can rent a
11/05/202154 minutes 28 seconds
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How to overcome emotional eating with holistic health food expert, Amber Romaniuk #94

“You can have a successful career, you can make all the money in the world, but if you’re afraid of food and losing control of your body, you are not happy.”  *Trigger warning* This podcast contains content about eating disorders. Is it ever possible to really love your own body? Like many high-achieving young women, I slipped into an eating disorder in my late teens and early 20s. Thankfully having children turned me around, but what I was left with was body dysmorphia – what I see in the mirror is probably not what others see. In this incredibly open and honest episode, I chat to emotional eating, digestive and hormone expert, Amber Romaniuk. Amber helps  women achieve optimal health through mindful eating and self-care.  On her podcast, The No Sugarcoating Podcast, Amanda offer
04/05/20211 hour 1 minute 38 seconds
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How technology can positively disrupt the built environment, with JLL’s Director for Proptech, Jordan Kostelac. #93

“When we first started computing, computers were the size of rooms, now the devices are in our hands and on our wrists. The next logical step is in our field of vision.” What is the future of technology? When you think back to how computers and devices like mobile phones have changed since they were first introduced, it’s quite astonishing – if a little scary. But how can this technology be used positively when it comes to our built environment? My guest today is Jordan Kostelac, who is Director for Proptech in the Asia Pacific region for real estate firm JLL. JLL is not so much a property firm but rather a tech firm that provides for the property industry and in September 2019 formed JLL Technologies. Based in Hong Kong, Jordan’s role is to solve challenges in real estate through the creation and deployment of Property Technology and says that the nex
28/04/202136 minutes 41 seconds
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By putting your career on the line to have a family can women really ever have it all? With Sharkie & Bear founder Jenny Guertin #92

“I’d gone from having this great career, which I’d worked really hard for, to having this other life as a housewife.”The coronavirus pandemic has been tough for so many people but for some it has also enabled them to take a step back, restock and finally follow their dream. Jenny Guertin is one of those people. In April 2020, she set up Sharkie &amp; Bear, a vegan-friendly earring and accessories brand – a manifestation of her passion for design and helping women feel good about themselves.But Jenny didn’t start her career in design. She is like so many highly qualified women, who in order to have a family, have had to sacrifice their career and give up the corporate world.  Jenny studied Maths and Management at Leeds University before heading into the world of accountancy, corporate finance and business recovery, where she lived and played hard. Her world was turned upside down however when she me
20/04/202143 minutes 6 seconds
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Lifting the lid on family secrets with lawyer, mediator and No Place to Lie author Helen Garlick #91

“People have crossed the road to avoid speaking to me in the past and I can’t blame them.”Today my guest is Helen Garlick – fellow author, divorcee, YouTube presenter and cocker spaniel owner! Until recently Helen was a family lawyer and mediator and has written six issues of The Which? Guide to Divorce, but she recently stepped back from all that to write her memoir, No Place to Lie. The book is a brutally honest memoir about the secrets that shrouded her family, namely her brother David’s suicide on St David&apos;s day in 1981, and a secret her mother took to her grave – one Helen only found out about in a note written on the back of an envelope found in her mother&apos;s belongings.In the book, written in lockdown, Helen very eloquently unpicks and articulates what is often a really complex relationsh
13/04/202147 minutes 9 seconds
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How to accelerate your business using Virtual Assistants, with founder of The Freedom Geek, Imogen Cook #90

“The value of time for entrepreneurs is the most important thing.”Have you ever felt a need to clone yourself? I know I have. Running a business,  family and podcast – there just never seems to be enough time in the day. I have today’s guest, the queen of delegation outsourcing expert and coach Imogen Cook, to thank for taking some of the pressure off my shoulders  as she introduced me to Kim, who runs this podcast. In 2015, Imogen went from a full-time corporate world that she hated to launching a dynamic company that helps entrepreneurs accelerate their businesses by leveraging high-quality, yet affordable, Virtual Assistants from the Philippines. Her idea for The Freedom Geek came about while she was building her own real estate business, where she raised finance from angel investors to fund property projects. Facing burnout, she ra
06/04/202148 minutes 40 seconds
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The future of female empowerment and the power of the mentor with BelEve UK founder Marsha Powell #89

“A lot of girls don’t look in the mirror…they’re afraid of what they will see, of not loving what they will see, because of the imagery they are exposed to on social media every single day.”Today’s guest, Marsha Powell, is the ambitious CEO of BelEve UK, a London-based charity created to offer support, guidance, education, confidence, self-esteem, opportunities, positive solutions, and role models to young girls. Having herself grown up in a large family (her mum was one of nine children and Marsha herself has three sisters), Marsha has been surrounded by love and support, particularly from women, all her life. When her mother died suddenly from cancer at just 52, Marsha created BelEve as her legacy – helping to keep her mother’s ‘magic’ alive. “I was 32 when my mum died so I know what it’s like, as an adult, not to have a cheerleader. But I also
30/03/202140 minutes
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Learning how to trade forex in just 30 minutes a day with ‘the Travelling Investor’ Lewis Crompton #88

“The purpose of your life can be different to that thing that makes you feel alive.”How many times have you thought hard about building a career on one of your passions? It’s the dream, isn’t it – finding your spark and then being able to make money doing the thing you enjoy?My guest in this episode of The Nicole Bremner Podcast is Forex trader, educator and business owner, Lewis Crompton, who is all about making money work hard for you, rather than you working hard for your money. He travels the world teaching people how to trade, sometimes in front of over 14,000 people, earning him the nickname, The Travelling Investor. But, trading is not something that came naturally to him, nor is it his passion.“It’s a skill that I’ve mastered and it’s given me the freedom, choice and ability to live my life of passion,” he says. “Trading for me is more of a purpose, it’s something that I do and help other
25/03/202142 minutes 59 seconds
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How to laugh, think and play your way through business with Em Stroud #87

“The story of me has been really hard work, loads of self-analysis, a bucket load of therapy and also giving myself permission to have a team around me that help me be me.”Today’s guest on The Nicole Bremner Podcast is partly to thank for me being able to speak eloquently in public as her Pitch Perfect Club is where I learnt so many helpful skills in this area.   Comedienne, MC, West End performer, speaker mentor, podcaster and filmmaker Emma, ‘Em’ Stroud has many strings to her bow and joins me straight from filming a trailer for her new immersive film about mental health and how we “show up” in life and business. Em’s mission is to get people to laugh, think and play more through her global movement Laugh, think, play.  She speaks candidly about her upbringing and how it has led to making certain decisions in life and business, c
23/03/202144 minutes 17 seconds
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How to immigrate through real estate so you can live, work and play across borders - with Lauren Cohen #86

EP86: “Imagine, you’re coming back from your honeymoon, you’re newly married and you’re told you can go back to Florida but your husband can’t go with you – it was so shocking.”On February 22, 2007, something truly devastating happened, which turned Canadian-born Lauren Cohen’s life upside down. On returning to America, where she lives, from her honeymoon in Thailand, her husband was deported and told he could never return to the US. This sparked a journey that has seen Lauren become a top international immigration lawyer, helping others to avoid a similar fate. She is now a bestselling author, speaker and cross-border expert with a globally-acclaimed advisory service, assisting entrepreneurs and real estate professionals and investors expand their global footprint so they can live, work and play anywhere in the world. Lauren tells me about how she recovered from this traumatic time in
18/03/202129 minutes 40 seconds
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What I learnt from building a million pound business in my teens with UK Young Entrepreneur of the Year Liv Conlon #85

EP85: “Get too big for your boots, it’s what you need to do to make it.”My guest today already has a decade of business experience under her belt, yet she is only in her early 20s. Liv Conlon started her first business when she was just 13, importing products from China and selling them online. After leaving school at 16, she founded her next business, ThePropertyStagers, which revolutionised how the UK sells properties and became a seven-figure business within two years. Named UK Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2019 and 2020, Liv is now a personal brand expert, helping other like-minded entrepreneurs grow an internationally-recognizable brand through her  The Thought Leader Method. She’s also written a book, <a href='
16/03/202142 minutes 48 seconds
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Why it's imperative that we rethink fast fashion with Áslaug Magnúsdóttir, sustainable fashion expert, investor and CEO of Katla #84

EP84: “In the traditional fashion industry, there’s about 30-40% over production on average every season – if you can find a way to tackle that, you’re tackling a big part of the problem.” Did you know that the fashion industry emits more carbon than the airlines and maritime industries combined? The effect of fast fashion on the environment is an issue that has been highlighted more frequently in the press in recent years but is enough being done? Today my guest is Aslaug Magnusdottir, an Icelandic fashion entrepreneur responsible for the launch of luxury women’s fashion e-commerce site Moda Operandi, customisable women’s fashion store Tinker Tailor and sustainable fashion brand Katla. Sustainable fashion has shaped Áslaug&apos;s career but through her American-based, Icelandic-focused brand, Katla, she has created a company centred around on-demand manufacturing to produce clothes
11/03/202149 minutes 1 second
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The rise of ‘Coroner Cruisers’ seeking an alternative life at sea with Kræn B. Nielsen of X-Yachts #83

EP83: “The wonderful thing about sailing boats is that you’re always on your toes – you’re always racing a little.”Those who follow me on socials will know that my partner Paul and I are avid sailors and love nothing better than escaping to the Mediterranean to spend time together with our families on his X-Yacht, Savvy of London.So, it was an absolute honour for this episode to speak with X-Yachts CEO Kræn B. Nielsen, who is not only as passionate as us about sailing but also power-boating, open-water swimming and paddle boarding too.Denmark-based Kræn’s love of sailing started as a child with classic small dingy lessons but, after writing a letter to one of his country’s best sailors, Olympic gold winner Jesper Bank, in 1992, he managed to join the national team. “Back then, I was a hardcore sailor but now I’m a hardcore cruiser,”  he tells me. X-Yachts
09/03/202135 minutes 13 seconds
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Cities are a physical manifestation of our society explains Monika Jaroszonek of Ratio.City #82

EP82: “Every single city is unique – the result of the direct forces that act upon it…they are a physical manifestation of the society that we live in and they represent the best of us.”What makes a city a good place to live? Is it the buildings? The infrastructure? The history perhaps? In this episode of the Nicole Bremner podcast, I speak with Monika Jaroszonek, co-founder of Ratio.City, about what shapes a city and how data can be used to help develop and transform cities for the better. Toronto-based Monika is inherently passionate about cities. Ever since she was a child she was fascinated by the various different factors that make up a city. This fascination evolved into a career in architecture, which then led to her co-founding Ratio.City, a dynamic Proptech company that helps city builders make data-driven decisions for urban transfo
03/03/202136 minutes 9 seconds
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Beating The Imposter Syndrome with Caroline Flanagan #81

 EP81: “Imposter syndrome is that feeling that you’re a fraud, that whatever success or achievements that you’ve had are down to luck and the fear that any minute now someone is going to tap you on the shoulder and expose you as the fraud you think you are.&quot;Imposter Syndrome can be totally debilitating but it can also be used as a force for good. In this episode of the Nicole Bremner podcast, I explore this subject with my guest, inspirational keynote speaker, transformational coach, author and fellow podcast host, Caroline Flanagan. Caroline was the only black student in an all-white school, was one of a tiny minority of students of colour at Cambridge University and one of the only people of colour at two of the world’s most prestigious law firms. She now works with some of the most influential international global organisations including Latham &amp; Watkins, Kirkland and E
02/03/202159 minutes 25 seconds
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The Property Twins, Tonya and Rea, discuss mothering, careers and property as well as their exciting new venture #80

EP80:  In the last of our live podcasts we interview  The Property Twins, Tonya and Rea. With England still in lockdown we talk about how much of the burden of homeschooling  and childcare typically falls on women and the myth of having it all. While many aspects of Tonya and Rea&apos;s lives are similar - they&apos;re both mums of two, they started as lettings agents and their husbands even work together - there are many differences too. Particularly in their choices in property. Tonya is a very hands-on property manager favouring HMOs and student lets while Rea prefers a more hands off approach developing and selling. About The Property Twins :In their early 20s Tonya and Rea began their property careers in estate agency in their hometown of Chelmsford. Working from the bottom of already established businesses as trainee negotiators, up to management positions before setting up their own property com
25/02/202142 minutes 32 seconds
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Fellow Aussie Elinor Moshe on becoming a construction coach and the mistake most people make #79

EP 79 :  Elinor believes that success in construction is all down to one thing; mindset. In her experience lack of self belief holds people back from what could be a very rewarding career in construction. Elinor was always attracted to the construction industry and started her career studying architecture and then specialising in construction management. When the pandemic hit and construction sites in Australia closed Elinor realised that she really enjoyed the coaching and mentoring side of her job. She set out to write a book, launch a podcast and establish herself as Australia&apos;s first construction coach. About Elinor Moshe :Elinor Moshe is an ambitious and driven thought leader in the construction industry. Her passion to guide, inspire and direct future leaders and industry professionals led to her founding Australia&apos;s first construction coach, The Construction Coach. She is also the host of the
19/02/202141 minutes 50 seconds
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What innovations will save retail and leisure companies nimble enough to adapt? RLI's Jayne Rafter joins me #78

EP78: It&apos;s easy to forget that many of the high street and travel chains collapsing were already on that path pre-covid. The global pandemic has just been the nail in their coffin, unfortunately. But there are some good signs coming out of this beleaguered sector. I was joined by Jayne Rafter, co-publisher of RLI, Retail Leisure International, a long-running print and digital magazine about some of the trends she believes will save those companies nimble enough to adapt to changing consumer demand and habits. Interestingly RLI faced its own challenges at the start of lockdown quickly switching from print-only to both digital and print. In doing so they increased their circulation from 20,000 a month to over 85,000 digital subscribers and growing. About Jayne Rafter :Jayne Rafter is the Co-Founder &amp; Publisher of RLI, the world’s only global retail and leisure magazine established in 2004, and the Global RL
15/02/202157 minutes 10 seconds
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The last untapped opportunity of the property sector? I talk to Andrew Fyfe, senior housing strategist, on his research with University of Aberdeen #77

EP77: Savills research recently said senior housing was the last untapped sector in the property industry.  To discuss this as well as recent trends in the elderly living market I welcome back Andrew Fyfe. He shared his recent paper published in conjunction with the University of Aberdeen and Elderly Accommodation Counsel about the supply of senior housing in Scotland. We also talked about his venture Sovereign Property Partnership which is planning their next move for their research to create a matrix for homes that shows which technology products can help people with certain diseases and disabilities stay independent for longer.About Andrew Fyfe  :Andrew Fyfe is co-founder of Sovereign Property Partnership. His research in the field of senior housing first alerted him to the difficulties faced by the ageing population and inspired him to want to investigate further. He is a published research author and currently sits
09/02/202146 minutes 19 seconds
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Meet Yael Tamar of Solidblock, a compliant global platform for the issuance and trade of digital securities backed by real estate #76

EP76: In this podcast we discuss ways property developers can create a tradable market for their investors by utilising blockchain technology and list on global exchanges. We touched on women in the current day traders v. hedge fund tussle and why some crypto currencies are so volatile. Yael founded the Women in Block global network, advancing women influencers in the blockchain industry. She&apos;s also a regional co-chair at FIBREE, the Foundation for International Blockchain and Real Estate Expertise, the leading international network for exchanging knowledge between the real estate industry.About Yael Tamar:Yael has spent almost two decades in the financial markets. She started at a Wall Street broker dealer as an analyst, moving to M&amp;A and private equity, as well as financial engineering, structuring products and indices for pensions funds and family offices. Yael worked on the largest IPO of an Israeli real estate company on
04/02/202145 minutes 5 seconds
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HGTV personality Amy Mahjoory gets very real on the ups and downs in property and mastering strategic networking to fund her projects #75

EP75: Tear jerker alert! Amy really was such a lovely guest. I welled up, and so did she, as she opened up about the near-failure of her business and what she did to move on and learn from her mistakes. Clearly it&apos;s still raw but her humility and willingness to talk about provides us with such value. Also an HGTV presenter and best-selling author Amy Mahjoory who mastered the art  of strategic networking while in a corporate environment before transferring her skills to real estate. Over the last 8 years have raised over $16 Million in private money.  Amy also discussed her traditional roots and how she defied her family&apos;s dream for her to pursue entrepreneurship. In this podcast we also discussed her journey with mentors and coaches in which a system Amy encourages that you can apply to yourself. Also how she transitioned from being a shy kid to being an extrovert and how this attitude propels her to greater heights.About Amy Mahjoory:<br
27/01/202141 minutes 44 seconds
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Should you buy your own investment property or leave it to an expert? You wouldn't take over from a pilot #74

EP74: Buying property is not as simple a process as shows such as Homes Under the Hammer would have you believe. Many people end up getting it wrong and end up over paying or purchasing the wrong type of product for their area. The argument goes that you wouldn&apos;t fly your own plane back from your holiday in Alicante so why not leave investment property buying to an expert too? In this podcast I talk to My Property Consultant founder Eyeedul Haque about time poor professional and how he helps them invest in property. We also discuss his excellent one page summary of the many monthly property statistics which are published each month. We also discuss: How  My Property Consultant came aboutWhat will happen to UK house pricesThe MPC property index trackerAnd the challenges in the housing market eg is there a housing crisis?About Eyeedul Haque:Eyeedul spent 20 years in financial services before s
25/01/202146 minutes 37 seconds
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Siobhan Baker of Coding Black Females discusses the opportunities for women in STEM #73

EP73: In this podcast we talk about:Leadership Team for Coding Black Females (largest community of black women in tech in the UK);Mentoring and education events for children and young people with Inspiring the Future and STEM Learning UK; andComing from an Arts background I&apos;m curiously engaged in the move to bring the Arts to STEM.About Siobhan Baker:Siobhan Baker first entered the tech industry in 2017, as the Community Manager for a social enterprise aiming to get more women into careers in tech. Whilst there she scaled their community offering to almost triple its size - delivering over 200 activities across the UK including free coding courses.She left this role in 2018 to pursue a coding internship through Black Girl Tech and 8th Light, which was instrumental in preparing her for her current role (still with 8th Light) in full-stack software development.<br/
21/01/202138 minutes 11 seconds
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Kohab, an intergenerational co-living venture bringing older and younger adults together to live side-by-side in mutual support #72

EP72: When I met Justin Shee a couple of years ago he had a very good idea. It wasn&apos;t a unique idea per se, but his approach and the reasons behind it were. That idea was Kohab, an intergenerational co-living venture bringing older and younger adults together to live side-by-side in mutual support. The idea was influenced by Justin&apos;s background as a musician and the way that music is one tool that can be harnessed by all generations to bring joy, friendships and combat loneliness.In this podcast we talk about:- Kohab, what it does and where the idea came about;- Their approach to conceiving of and designing around the needs of their customer;- Loneliness as a topic and how it affects both older and younger people;- The mutual benefits of older and younger people having strong relationships;-
18/01/202147 minutes 8 seconds
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Making stuff happen in a world where nothing stands still with change strategist and author Neil Usher #71

EP71:  If you haven&apos;t read Nick Usher&apos;s  second book Elemental Change: Making stuff happen with nothing stands still, now the right time. While it is written with a corporate workplace in mind it is applicable to all of us in a world of change. Interestingly while many say we don&apos;t like change, just our desire for a better version of ourselves is a desire for change. In this episode, workplace and change strategist Nick Usher shares his learnings from years of experience working with leaders and as a leader for change.  Among other things we discuss Stoicism, fatalism, perpetual beta and &quot;day two&quot; planning. He also offers us his well informed view on the famed saying &quot;Leaders are born not made&quot;. About Neil Usher:Neil Usher has wrestled with complex change problems for almost 40 years, solving them with a rare blend of straightforward and creative thinking together with an eye for both strategy and detail.<br
11/01/20211 hour 2 minutes 13 seconds
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The importance of being authentic and making a positive impact on social media with influencer Elizabeth Cates #70

Ep#70 :  We&apos;re kicking off 2021 in style with influencer Elizabeth Cates. She&apos;s calling out all those tone deaf influencers holidaying in Dubai and plastering your feeds with their bikini shots while we&apos;re locked up during a pandemic. Also those who portray an unrealistic lifestyle they can&apos;t afford thanks to all the freebies they receive. Instead Elizabeth believes that we should all use our platform for good only posting what is authentic. We had an interesting discussion about using your platform for good especially in a time of the #BLM and this global pandemic. Elizabeth shares the nitty-gritty of being a conscious creator and invites you to her advocacy on making a positive conversation and making an impact on social media .About Elizabeth Cates :Elizabeth Cates is a content creator and advocate for positive social media, meaning, she cultivates conversation with other industry insiders about the trending topics in soc
06/01/202158 minutes 24 seconds
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Proptech success story redefining the way commercial property is managed with co-founder and industry veteran Maciej Markowski #69

EP69: spaceOS is one of those inspirational success stories. Their first line of code was written in 2016 and now they count some of the biggest names in commercial real estate as clients and have offies in 17 cities around the world. Co-founder Maciej Markowski joins me to discuss how his co-founders  started with an idea that grew so big in such a short time.As a former Workplace Strategist for some of the top real estate corporates, Maciej shares his view on the growing trend of the flexi space in London and worldwide and how this translates to smaller commercial operators.  About Maciej Markowski :Maciej Markowski, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer of spaceOS - an operating system for commercial real estate, used by Commerz Real, Immofinanz and Hitachi. Maciej has a decade of experience in PropTech and workplace strategy, having worked for AECOM, CBRE, JLL and as Partner at Cushman &amp; Wakefield, prior t
23/12/20201 hour 19 seconds
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Launch a powerful podcast in 2021 with James Burtt the Podcast King #68

EP68: &quot;I dunno, I&apos;ll give it a go!&quot; - James Burtt2020 will be the year of podcasts with seemingly everyone starting one. But the listening numbers are increasing rapidly too. This is why I invited one of Europe&apos;s top podcast trainers James Burtt to take us through his process. James has launched  129 podcast shows with over 80% of those shows landing in the charts and has hosted some top names like Grant Cardone, Elena Cardone and many more on his own podcast. About James Burtt : James Burtt is a multiple iTunes Top 50 Podcaster, a certified Performance Coach, and having launched 100+ podcasts for clients, an in-demand Media Trainer. His love of radio and broadcast started 14 years ago when he ventured into the world of Broadcast PR which led to him working with some of the world&apos;s biggest household name brands and eventually led to him becoming a radio presenter.James is an international keynote speaker who has shared
18/12/20201 hour 4 minutes 53 seconds
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Bronwen Vearncombe is living a life of purpose volunteering in Namibia thanks to her property investments #67

EP67: Bronwen Vearncombe joins me for an inspiring interview live from a nature reserve in Namibia where she is currently volunteering. We talk about what led Bronwen and her husband on this adventure and how they set up their property portfolio to enable this lifestyle. I was also curious to se what systems they had set up to manage their properties remotely. About Bronwen : Property Investor, best-selling author and coach, Bronwen Vearncombe, has built a successful business over the last few years and been able to give up her full time corporate banking job and find freedom.In just two years she and her husband replaced their corporate income with property rental and left their jobs. Inspiring many people each year through her success, not only does she have a great property business, but she teaches others through her online learning platform established in 2017.    Two years later they set out to follow their dreams and specific adventures:  Jo
16/12/202059 minutes 32 seconds
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Demystifying recent planning legislation changes particularly around permitted development rights with expert David Kemp #66

EP66: Planning expert and qualified barrister David Kemp joins me to discuss one of the most confusing areas of property development. We talk about the recent changes to planning legislation and the possibility of a centralised government planning function that could speed up the process, provide more continuity and finally push the local authorities to spend the CIL payments sitting in their coffers. David also weighs in on land and rental values for commercial and businesses and his view on the possibilities for our high streets and retail premises. About David Kemp David Kemp has more than 20 years’ experience in planning consultancy, and is a qualified barrister, solicitor, planning consultant, and chartered surveyor.  His background in advising Councils as well as private clients, combining legal experience with planning practice, uniquely distinguishes him from other planning consultants, bringing together a developer-focused and commercial approach
11/12/202057 minutes 19 seconds
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Helen Pollock Shares her Get Unstuck Programme that will make 2021 the year you finally write your book #65

EP65: I wrote my first book, Amazon best seller Bricking It, in just 10 days because I had a brilliant system that mapped out the book before I started writing. Since it&apos;s publication in 2017 being an author has opened many doors and is one of my top achievements for which I&apos;m proud. Now I&apos;ve got another two books I&apos;d like to write. If you&apos;re just like me that already have a book in mind this episode is for you. Helen Pollock of Content Doc shares  tips on what to do before you start writing and insights into what it takes to publish a book. Additionally she ran us through her five-day challenge Get Unstuck Programme which helps you with these crucial first steps, starting with auditing your audience, profiling your reader, or in her words, the Reader Avatar Stage; book structure writing, to reader&apos;s journey. At the end of this five day programme you&apos;ll have a complete skeleton of your book and
09/12/202053 minutes 45 seconds
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It's more than cake, it's a philosophy for life. Great British Bake Off's Miranda Gore Browne #64

EP64: &quot;Baking is showing you love someone without saying the words.&quot; Miranda Gore Browne, Great British Bake Off episode one finalist.There is a reason why audiences fell in love with bubbly Miranda Gore Browne on the first episode of Great British Bake Off. She is as warm and bubbly in real life as she was on the show all those years ago. After a fast tracked corporate life at M&amp;S in charge of millions of pounds of budgets (and using cake to extract more) the birth of her second child caused her to step back as it does for so many women. Baking for friends became her outlet and a way of expressing that she cared without saying the words. Miranda Gore Browne became the biscuit fairy. Her heart shines in this interview as I get to know her more of her story especially her inspiring line ‘It’s more than cake, it’s a philosophy for life.&apos;  In this podcast we talk about what went on behind the cameras in The Great British Bake Off contest
04/12/202057 minutes 48 seconds
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My keynote at PropIT on the importance of personal brand in scaling your business and attracting investment #63

EP63: In this special episode I share with you the opening keynote speech I presented from  BuildIT &amp; PropIT 2020 in October. The brief was to deliver a speech talking about the importance of personal brand in scaling your business and attracting investment. As one of the early adopters of property crowdfunding and once the record holder for the highest amount raised in the UK I feel well placed to discuss this. There&apos;s actually a bit of a funny story behind this speech. It was delivered to a couple of thousand people from yacht sailing around the Greek Islands! It went really well except...🙈I managed to delete my whole presentation and only realised 4 minutes before I was due to to go live. The night prior to the talk my partner Paul and I were going over the logistics of having solid WiFi on the boat and all the apps installed and ready. H
01/12/202028 minutes 29 seconds
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My architect of 10 years, Amrita Mahindroo, talks about architecture, urbanism, working with your husband and children #62

EP62:  I&apos;ve worked with my architect, Amrita Mahindroo, for nearly ten years now. Together we have created some beautiful properties across Hackney. Award winning in fact.Here, we chat over the properties we have worked on, juggling a career and being a mum, and shed light on the diversity aspect within the industry. She also shares her forecast on what&apos;s next in the architecture world. Amrita BiographyAmrita Mahindroo holds a Masters degree with Honors from MIT in Architecture and Urbanism, a Bachelors degree in Architecture with Honours from the University of Melbourne. Following a number of years of collaboration with reputable firms in Australia, Europe and North America, including Atelier Seraji, Shigeru Ban Architects in Paris and the MIT Media Lab, she co-founded DROO with her husband, Michel Da Costa Goncalves.
27/11/20201 hour 39 seconds
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Is buying online businesses the key to passive income? Jaryd Krause discusses why and how #61

EP61: In this bonus episode we are joined by Jaryd Krause from Australia. As an expert on online business buying, we touched on drop shipping, fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), valuations, processes and tips straight from Jaryd&apos;s experiences. Also, we share stories about getting mentors and coaches and his journey that made him settled in the online business buying industry. Principles need for website due diligence, business mindset, and more.About Jaryd :Jaryd runs the only Buying &amp; Building Online Businesses Community where there are 5,6 &amp; 7 figure income earners buying, growing, and selling websites in the group with Jaryd’s programs, training, and help. Jaryd Krause used to be a plumber working 60+ hours per week and hated it. Fast forward to today and he now owns multiple online businesses himself and many of his clients earn thousands to tens of thousands of dollars per month from their busi
26/11/202049 minutes 48 seconds
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Transformation coach Jennifer Nagel talks about the importance of building a foundation of health #60

EP60: Many of us know what to do but come up with excuses for not doing it especially as working mums. Jennifer Nagel, CEO of Figured Out Fitness and certified personal trainer, and her team work with high performing women over 30 using proven methods to overcome the blockers and create a firm foundation of health that goes beyond the aesthetics. Jennifer Nagel shares some actionable tips about the small but effective changes we can make. After all, the way we feel has a direct impact on the way we perform in all areas of life.Learn also the turning point of Jennifer&apos;s career, her journey, fitness and health tips that you can include in your routines.About Jennifer : Jennifer Nagel is a certified personal trainer and CEO of Figured Out Fitness an online coaching company for women over 30 who want simple nutrition and fitness solutions that they can be strong, feel energetic, and live he
20/11/202056 minutes 14 seconds
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What does it mean to be a conscious entrepreneur? Transformation coach and branding expert Nikki Trott shares her experience #59

EP59: Nikki is the reason why I relaunched this podcast!In this episode I am joined by branding expert and transformational coach Nikki Trott who empowers people to be  &apos;conscious entrepreneurs&apos;. Find out what this means and how you can be more empowered in this conversation! During the first lockdown I worked with Nikki to help me in the midst of my own identity crisis. It was this work that lead me back to what I really enjoyed, this podcast. If you feel the same lack of purpose listen to Nikki share her practical tips on balancing body and mind to create that holistic approach wellness. She also shares inside information about her recently launched podcast, Going Conscious .  ABOUT Nikki Trott: Nikki&apos;s mission is to empower people to unleash their power, true purpose, and positive impact on themselves and the world as a conscious entrepreneur. She is a certified transfor
13/11/202054 minutes 8 seconds
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Susannah Cole on how to build and manage a multimillion pound property portfolio, even in a pandemic #58

In this episode, Susannah Cole answers all your questions revolving around properties, investments, and portfolio management.  Highlighting our very insightful conversation is her foresight to the industry and her powerful tips in maximising assets during this very unique situation that we are currently living with. We also get to take a peek at her point of view on how to navigate in the property industry as a woman and how she beat all odds. Plus, her view on why  social media is an important way to build community and accelerate your brand.ABOUT SUSANNAH COLESusannah started in property from her kitchen table, and since then has raised millions in private finance, sourced over £45m of property at an agreed purchase price of £30m, built a multi-million-pound property portfolio in Bristol, and run a successful buy to sell strategy, at one point with 30 projects on the go. Now Susannah splits her time between the UK and traveling the world. She is also a social m
06/11/20201 hour 17 minutes 44 seconds
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Is that spare room the solution to isolation and loneliness in the over 50s? Suzanne Noble believes so #57

Feelings of loneliness and isolation are a devastating side effect of the current lockdown measures. Even before this, finding somewhere to live as a person over 50 was a difficult process. Suzanne Noble recognised this predicament when her partner tried to find a flat share in Camden and toured a series of unsuitable students digs. Suzanne set out to change that with Silver Sharers. Silver Sharers (new name TBA) is a plat
16/10/202048 minutes 33 seconds
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Is it important to have ethnic diversity in the workplace? If so, how? #56

I confess that I couldn’t sleep before recording this podcast. It was the toughest discussion I’ve ever broached; that of ethnic diversity and inclusion. As a white woman how do you approach it? What language do you even use? Is black socially acceptable for a white person? Is the word black or Black? What about white or White? Or BAME? And what is it about grouping everyone “non-white” into one label like that? I needn’t have worried because CJ of @urbanistplatform is an expert. And specifically relating to the built environment. Together we discussed the big issues of language, tokenism, meritocracy versus inclusion and the cost to corporates of not having a policy of diversity. In this episode, CJ helps us answer and understand one of the industry&apos;s posing issues on the importance of ethnic diversity in the workplace. He also delves into the most important bits of the Urbanist Platform an
09/10/202053 minutes 37 seconds
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My podcast is back! I answer your questions on crowdfunding, JVs and more #55

It&apos;s been a while coming but we&apos;re back bigger and better than ever. We&apos;re now streamed live across LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube every Thursday at 13:00 and then later available as a podcast. Join us live to have your questions answered live or listen later. This one is a pretty unique episode since I myself was the guest in order to test the tech and answer some of the bigger questions I get asked across my socials. Stick around and let&apos;s chat about joint ventures, crowdfunding and more.Support the show
05/10/202052 minutes 40 seconds
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How Cheryl Laidlaw can build your website in a day #54

 &quot;The word ‘authentic’ has become a buzzword and a bit of a joke. Really, we want to be a bit more real and we can do that with video.&quot; - Cheryl Laidlaw When website developer Cheryl Laidlaw told friends she was going to build websites in a single day they laughed. But Cheryl has done just that for years, and successfully with a waiting list that keeps getting longer. During lockdown we spoke about the initial panic that things would completely shut down to the bounce in motivation as people realised now was a time they could reshape their businesses. What this means for Cheryl is many of her clients requiring shiny new websites. We also discussed Social Media World 2020 she was lucky enough to attend in San Diageo just before the world shut down including her key learnings. Although, she’s still digesting them.   Then we switch over to a previous podcast I recorded with Cheryl in September 2019 but was never published. Enjoy and as always, I welcome your feedbac
04/06/202037 minutes 18 seconds
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Is there a future for care homes post Covid-19? #53

&quot;Care homes still have a place in our society but it’s about finding a halfway point in retirement housing.&quot; Andrew Fyfe With the backdrop of the covid-19 pandemic and numerous tragic fatalities in care homes I interviewed independent living strategist, Andrew Fyfe. We discussed the role of care homes and retirement living for today’s society and the way our approach needs to change if we are going to meet increased demand for suitable property. With 8.6 million more people reaching age 65 over the coming decades, demand for suitable accommodation is only going to increase. The vast burden of meeting demand is going to rest on housebuilders. It’s a subsector of this industry which could be very interesting for those quick to adapt their strategy and take specialist advice. ABOUT GUEST Founded in 2019, Sovereign Property Partnership is the brainchild of two top University of Aberdeen Real Estate Masters Graduates. Through their academic studies and with
15/05/202029 minutes 17 seconds
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What to do if your business is student lets and universities shut down? #52

&quot;This is a huge experiment we&apos;re all living through. How do you feel when you&apos;re stuck inside?&quot; Philippa Charrier What do you do when your business is student lets and universities shut down? This is the problem facing Philippa and Tom Charrier of FAT Properties. Late last year I had the opportunity to interview Philippa for my podcast. It wasn&apos;t published at that time so we caught up a couple of weeks ago to discuss what&apos;s changed now we&apos;re in lockdown and the rapid adjustments they&apos;ve had to make in their business.  ABOUT PHILIPPA Philippa Charrier trained as an architect and urban designer and has 10 years experience working in the public and private sectors facilitating high profile urban regeneration projects throughout the UK and Australia.  She understands the impact that the built environment has on people’s behaviour, mood and mental wellbeing. Six years ago she co-founded FAT Properties with her husband  Tom
07/05/202054 minutes 9 seconds
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Jamil Qureshi, sports psychologist, on quick adaptation to change #51

&quot;The most successful people I have worked with have a really good level of self awareness.&quot; Jamil Qureshi Jamil knows all about successful people having coached no less than six elite sports people to number one positions. Jamil agreed to speak with me not once but twice. Listen to the two podcasts back to back now.  We spoke more broadly about success late last year. Before publishing I caught up with him again to see what adaptations he has made in his business, once highly dependent on travel, now we&apos;re in lockdown.  ABOUT GUEST In 2006, he was appointed as the first-ever official psychologist to work with the European Ryder Cup team. They made history in winning by a record-equalling margin. Jamil has worked with 22 golfers inside the top 50 in the world, including two world number 1s. His clients have included Darren Clarke, Lee Westwood, Henrik Stenson, Paul McGinley, Graeme McDowell, Paul Casey, Thomas Bjorn, Sergio Garcia, Ranked among the
01/05/202054 minutes 5 seconds
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Longevity and health especially in lockdown with GP Louise Wiseman #50

Dr Louise Wiseman MBBS BSc(Hons) DRCOG MRCGP is a mother, former GP, now health writer and motivational speaker. After working 15 years in the NHS, Louise has written her first book Your Best Life - A Doctor’s Secret Guide to Radiant Health Over 40 (release September 28th 2020), working with experts from all fields of medicine to uncover evidence-based secrets to improve health and maximise longevity. Within the book you can also find the stories of many prolific women who will tell you whether you can really have it all. Louise is also a medical editor and writer for and a medical writer for Instagram and twitter @drlouisewrites <a href='https://www.trouba
08/04/202048 minutes 15 seconds
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Joao Botelho founder of Casa Botelho on creating beauty and harmony #49

“How can I accomplish something beautiful within the budget that I have?” - Joao Botelho Before founding Casa Botelho, João Botelho enjoyed a 22 year career in global luxury retail, beginning his journey in sales for a prestigious Brazilian brand Belo Horizonte. With the ambition to explore the world, he decided to move to Europe in 1994, making London his new home. Since then he has worked for Harvey Nichols, Nicole Farhi and Jasper Conran, opening Jasper Conran&apos;s flagship Mayfair store in 2004. He joined Donna Karan New York in 2000 and has held several senior positions including Director of Retail. Having worked with iconic homeware designers and travelled around the globe, he has experienced style at its best, learned exquisite architectures and gained interiors&apos; knowhow, inspiring him to explore different sides of his creative personality through the redesign of a space. Joao&apos;s obsession for homeware and passion for styling has led him to disc
18/09/201927 minutes 2 seconds
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Katie Smith - Multi award winning bricklayer on a mission #48

&quot;My mission is to let others see just how construction can change lives and lead you down a different path.&quot; Katie Smith, bricklayer My name is Katie Smith, I am 30 years old and I’m a multi-award-winning Bricklayer. I love what I do and wouldn’t change it for the world. My mission is to let others see just how construction can change lives and lead you down a different path. I believe there’s something for everyone and I think for people with backgrounds like me. Construction is the answer. While working in construction I quickly realised that there&apos;s a gap in the market for Womens workwear. So I did something about it and designed a range especially for the increasing number of women entering the industry.  #thelifeofafemalebricky #togetherwecanmakeadifference I have an Instagram account @the_bricky_chick_ feel free to follow my journey and watch my love for bricklaying and helping o
09/08/201920 minutes 41 seconds
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Securing millions in an otherwise lacklustre property market #47

A good news story in an otherwise lacklustre property market. Graeme Alfillie-Cook, consultant, Apex Airspaces In this podcast we discussed what it was that sets Apex Airspaces apart and how they&apos;ve grown from a standing start to now a company with a heft delivery pipeline and millions of development funding. Graeme is a senior real estate banker now working on a consultancy basis for Apex Airspace. He has helped the company put in place a £9m development financing with Homes England and more recently a £10m revolving development financing with the GLA to deliver 500 units across London. Graeme formerly headed Lloyds Bank’s Developers team providing innovative client centric debt finance solutions and in turn helping customers deliver complex development projects. He has extensive real estate and structured finance experience having worked with
17/07/201948 minutes 9 seconds
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Adrian Cormican discusses financing over £750m of property #46

&quot;How do you get your investors? We just ask.&quot; Adrian Cormican In this podcast Adrian discusses: - His unique property financing offering; - Getting over his fear of public speaking; - Being called a LinkedIn guru; and - Turning around a development that starts going wrong. Adrian has worked in the property industry since 2001. Initially starting in banking before setting up a property brokerage in 2010, Hallcroft Finance. Since then the business has assisted with the finance of over £750,000,000 worth of property to the market. The business has grown alongside its clients into a lending business in its own right with both a second charge lending business and a joint venture arm which has been built on strong relationships created over the years. For more information see:<a rel="payment" href="https://www.
24/06/201935 minutes 19 seconds
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Neuroscience geek on what it takes to be a High Definition You - Gita Trevorrow-Seymour #45

High Definition You is the brain child of Gita Trevorrow-Seymour. Her love affair with human behaviour began at age 6 when she attended her first play. Who, she wondered, couldn’t be fascinated with the inner workings of the human being and how we portray ourselves and how we are perceived?! Understanding what makes humans tick and what forms ‘character’ developed over the decades from a fascination to an occupation. An unexpected passion and current study into applied neuroscience now deeply informs the approach we take at High Definition You and our focus on how we can transform the mindset and ‘confidence’ of our clients. We love inspiring a-ha moments but we live to empower our clients to take action. Having sat through too many dull trainings in her corporate career, Gita is determined to equip our clients with a toolkit full of practical techniques that are not only easy to remember and implement but also have a huge impact on their
29/05/20191 hour 3 minutes 14 seconds
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Creating impactful relationships in property with Martine Bridge founder of property PR firm #44

Martine is the driving force behind Bridging London, her charisma and professionalism have enabled her to build one of the most significant networks in the Property PR industry. Martine and her skilled team have leveraged their considerable experience to create long lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships for all in her network. Before starting Bridging London in 2013, Martine had a varied and extensive career in property and lifestyle communications, including five years with luxury developer Candy &amp; Candy, where she has worked on iconic developments such as One Hyde Park, Chelsea Barracks, and Fitzroy Place. Martine has also worked for luxury interior design firm Lawson Robb and branding and design agency Heavenly, on prestigious projects such as The Lancaster’s and Somerset Place at the Royal Crescent, in Bath.Support the show
03/05/201942 minutes 23 seconds
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The creative Producer behind The Real Life of Brands #43

‘We won’t mention what the short comedy is about…!’ Marina Conway-Gordon, producer of short comedy Get Notted.Marina Conway-Gordon is a media strategist and producer. Joining East Eight in 2016, she helped develop the East Eight story which attracted over £6.4m in equity crowdfunding over 18 months. Marina is a firm advocate of storytelling over advertising; attraction versus promotion in business. ‘It’s only going to get louder out there, and what differentiates you is story.’ Marina is also a scriptwriter and at the time of this podcast was getting ready to launch her latest short comedy, Get Notted! funded entirely on Kickstarter. It’s now been made and going through festivals. But we won&apos;t mention what it&apos;s about... In this podcast: -The importance of story and messaging - Being creative in business - Bringing a sense of humor and the ‘real’ to media strategy
03/04/201938 minutes 24 seconds
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If you have a book within you, you should do it - Mo and Angelos of Your Success Podcast #42

“If you have a book within you, you should do it.” – Your Success PodcastMo and Angelos are the always fun duo behind Your Success Podcast, a podcast celebrating well, success! It’s all about actionable insight and stories behind real life success.Each week, Mo and Angelos try and understand what contributes towards successful people and businesses.They are interviewing people from a wide range of industries and professions, including property, law, sports, acting and modelling often featuring interviews with world record holders and globally recognised personalities._____It is yet another time where I have the pleasure to join forces with the best Your Success Podcast team, this time to deliver a very special, two-part series focusing on Podcasting and Publishing of course. | PART 2In this podcast:-how to start writing?-everything you need to know about publishing;-how to guide to an unforgettable book launch;Find out more at:
28/03/201947 minutes 16 seconds
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Have something you want to say? Start a podcast - Mo and Angelos of Your Success Podcast #41

“You have to have something to share, something you want to say.” - Your Success PodcastMo and Angelos are the always fun duo behind Your Success Podcast, a podcast celebrating well, success! It’s all about actionable insight and stories behind real life success. Each week, Mo and Angelos try and understand what contributes towards successful people and businesses.They are interviewing people from a wide range of industries and professions, including property, law, sports, acting and modelling often featuring interviews with world record holders and globally recognised personalities. ______It is yet another time where I have the pleasure to join forces with the best Your Success Podcast team, this time to deliver a very special, 3-part series focusing on three p’s, Podcasting, Publishing and Property of course.| PART 1 In this podcast: -how to start a podcast? ;-all you need to know about podca
20/03/201944 minutes 48 seconds
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Kerry Gooden from the Party lifestyle of an advertising pro to fitness pro #40

“If you’ve got it, flaunt it, but know your worth and be prepared to prove it.” - Kerry Gooden Kerry has been in the fitness industry for seven years. She freelances at Virgin Active, Equinox, and Gymbox teaching a range of group exercise classes from hardcore HIIT to booty-sculpting Barre. She is a Les Mills Tribe Coach and partner in EDER Active - a luxury fitness wear brand. She also co-runs the Ibiza Body Blitz Bootcamp in Ibiza. In a previous career, she worked in the advertising industry as one of the few female creatives in London. She refused many an interview about the difficulties of being a woman in a male-dominated industry and believes it is such articles that perpetuate sexism. ‘If you’ve got it, flaunt it’ would be her mantra but know your worth and be prepared to prove it. The force is female.  In this podcast:   - Hear how Kerry started in advertising after being photographed at a party by Loaded magazine wearing a bin liner bustier. Campaign mag
13/02/201921 minutes 16 seconds
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When your family has been investing since the 1600s Edward Benyon explains how you think differently #39

&quot;This long term attitude has enabled us to do things which a shorter-term trader developer company might not be able to do.&quot; Edward BenyonNot many people can trace the start of their property portfolio to the 1600s. Yet his family initially bought a farm in the 1640s which then covered Islington, De Beauvoir, and into Kings Cross. By the 1930s the estate owned just about every freehold in the 1930s. Since then the estate has shrunk thanks to bombing, leaseholder reform, compulsory purchase, and, most significantly, death duties. In this podcast we discuss: - The history of the De Beauvoir and Benyon families; - The rise and fall of Hackney&apos;s fortunes; - Investing for the long term; - Rental reform and so much more. Horses were an early passion in life and Edward briefly considered a career in eventing and showjumping before quickly realising that it was a challenging way to make ends meet. Instead, he turned his mind t
13/02/201940 minutes 22 seconds
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Tim Hyde on managing some of the biggest social media communities on the planet #38

“The real key for me in the social media marketing space is nurturing the rest of the journey, after you’ve got that touchpoint or an initial bit of awareness.” - Tim Hyde, a 23-year-old award-winning marketer and CMO who specialises in Social Media Marketing, Acquisition Strategy and Brand Strategy. As a business consultant focused on growth, product and viral marketing, Tim has pioneered the top 9 most engaged live streams, by a brand, ever. Having worked at TheLADbible and Social Chain Tim has managed some of the biggest social media communities on the planet and leveraged these channels to engage young people and influence their purchase decision. As a CMO for TruFan Tim is part of the founding team and has helped the business privately raise $1,000,000 in funding. As a Public Speaker and Brand Consultant Tim has spoken in front of the likes of UFC, ASICS, Eurosport, Apple Music, Unic
07/02/201941 minutes 6 seconds
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Making your Mondays matter every single week with Jo James #37

 “Aim for doing things really, really well and to the best, I think perfection stops you from doing things.” - Jo James With over two decades of growing multiple 6 and 7-figure businesses, Jo James is a rather experienced business coach. Her focus is empowering people with a variety of proven networking, sales, social media and mindset strategies for success. Through her coaching work with entrepreneurs, executives and teams Jo can significantly increase sales and develop client relationships for future growth. She also provides Executive Coaching &amp; Corporate Training, Sales Training, Stress Busting &amp; Time Management Workshops, ACE Customer Engagement, Email Marketing, Effective Networking &amp; Events. Last but not least, Jo facilitates great business networking events Contacts and Cocktails where you have an excellent opportunity to develop relationships with like-minded, ambitious business owners and executives. In this podcast: - how to grow your
30/01/201936 minutes 16 seconds
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Merchandise helps fans identify each other out in the world. Tersha Willis of Terrible Merch #36

“Merchandise helps fans identify each other out in the world.” - Tersha Willis Tersha is the co-founder and Head of Creative at the innovative music merchandise and tech company Terrible Merch. She graduated from Goldsmiths College with a Fine Art and History of Art Degree. Tersha then worked in financial services, private equity and fashion before becoming an entrepreneur and co-founding cult streetwear brand Terrible Movement and later, Terrible Merch. Now, Terrible Merch provides unparalleled design, production, and merchandising services and tools for artists to help them increase profits from merchandise but also to create a unique connection between the artist and their fanbase. Tersha works only with projects that she truly believes in, carefully curating a roster of the best new artists and brands, including Marika Hackman, Girl Ray and Chastity Belt. Data aggregated across the client base creates valuable insight for both artists and the wider
23/01/201929 minutes 24 seconds
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Charismatic Mr Youngman, former dancer, electrician now property pro #35

EP35: &quot;Life is about connections, experiences and life long memories.&quot; - Ray Youngman From a council block to the tallest of skyscrapers, Ray Youngman have been lucky enough to experience a lot and understand that liking and wanting the nice things isn’t just reserved for the rich and privileged. He started developing properties around London at the age of 24 and was able to forge fantastic working relationships with worldwide partners who shared his vision of creating luxurious environmental experiences that seduce all the senses. Now, Ray is an experienced property investor, entrepreneur, visionary and social media and marketing guru with more than 50K followers on Instagram alone. Numbers do speak for themselves, right? He is the founder of Mr.Youngman Global which specialises in prime residential properties, wealth services, hypercars and lifestyle. He believes that everyone has to start with investing in themselves as with the right mindset, anythi
16/01/201933 minutes 18 seconds
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Pro football Carl Hutchings on how an early investment changed his career #34

EP34: &quot;People ask me &apos;what is it that pushes you Carl? And it&apos;s always the next &apos;can I achieve that? &quot; -Carl Hutchings , Elite Property TradingCarl Hutchings played as a professional football player for over 13 years making over 300 football league appearances including Brentford, Bristol City and Southend United. Quite early in his career however he made a decision to take full responsibility of his financial future. After being introduced to the property market through a close friend and mentor, Carl bought his first property at the age of 19 in New Cross, Peckham for £58.000! He then followed that up with another purchase in Fulham and those two properties alone netted him over £250.000 in profit by the time he turned 22 years old. He set up his first property company which had bought and sold over £5 million worth of property by the time he retired at only 29 years of age. Now
09/01/201948 minutes 49 seconds
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Richard Blanco of the NLA discusses building a property portfolio properly #33

EP33: &quot;I think having good, positive values is important that&apos;s what helps me sleep at night. That&apos;s what motivates me, that&apos;s what drives me. &quot; - Richard Blanco​ Richard Blanco is a London based landlord developer with properties in North, East and South East London. Areas of interest and his exceptional expertise include buying at auction, managing the development process, encouraging positive landlord-tenant relations, fundraising, and business strategy. Richard is also a London Representative for the National Landlords Association, sets up and speaks at landlord meetings and works on policy, press and media campaigns. His recent television appearances include BBC, Sky &amp; Channel 4 News. He also commented on housing issues on BBC Radio London, LBC Radio and Radio 4, plus appeared in a range of national newspapers and property websites. Richard has featured in sixteen episodes of
19/12/201831 minutes 47 seconds
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When injury ended Simon Church's professional football career he turned to property #32

EP32: &quot; It&apos;s all about mentality isn&apos;t it really? I think if you&apos;ve got the mentality that you believe you can do something, that&apos;s so powerful. &quot; - Simon Church Simon Church (happy birthday for earlier this week) had a successful career playing professional football at both Premier and International levels. He spent ten years at Reading after signing for their academy as a teenager. In six years as a professional, he scored 22 goals in 104 league appearances before moving to Charlton Athletic, MK Dons and finally Roda JC Kerkrade. Despite being born in Amersham, Simon represented the Wales national team at international level. He has been capped 38 times, including two appearances at Euro 2016. Luckily for him, quite early in his career he recognised the need to invest in the future. Buying property from the age of 20 was a kick start to his property journey. Now he is a founder and director of Church Investments where in partnershi
12/12/201831 minutes 40 seconds
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I speak with Tal Orly multi award winning FinTech entrepreneur #31

EP31: “Success is not just about providing finance; it is about creating opportunity for all of our stakeholders.” - Tal Orly, Co-Founder &amp; CEO, Cogress A veteran of the UK property market with over two decades’ experience as a developer, Tal Orly is the founder of Symbia Realty Portfolio and an experienced global investor himself. He has been involved in large, complex urban property development projects since 1992. He has vast experience in acquisition, development and resale in both the residential and commercial sectors. As a licensed solicitor, Tal is well versed in the complexities of realty law in multiple markets, as well as the legal, financial, planning and execution stages that are vital to increasing the value of property investment projects. He is the co-founder and CEO of disruptive property investment company Cogress. First within the UK, Cogress provides mezzanine and private equity loans to SME developers, and makes off-market property develo
05/12/201836 minutes 59 seconds
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Why Rosie Coxshaw published a magazine Modern Woman when the world was going digital #30

EP30: &quot;Building a brand is very much about building a community.&quot; - Rosie Coxshaw Certainly a modern woman herself, Rosie​ started her first business after leaving school at just 16 years old. Since then she’s worked in finance, baking, interiors, marketing, and media! In 2009 she was one of the pathfinders of the Peter Jones (Dragon’s Den) National Enterprise Academy, a business course that is now available across many schools and colleges in the UK. Also a keen runner, Rosie ran the London marathon in 2012 as well as climbing Kilimanjaro for charity. After working in many industries Rosie felt that women weren’t being recognised in the business for who they are and wanted this to change so in May 2018 she launched Modern Woman. Modern Woman is now a multi-media brand to empower, support and influence women in the workplace. Accessible across events, podcasts, online, and via a digital and print magazine. In this podcast: - building a re
28/11/201821 minutes 12 seconds
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Stylish staging that actually sells - Ademchic #29

EP29: &quot;There is no competition. You&apos;re competing with yourself and if people want to compete with you, fair enough but you just have to smash it, you have to be better. &quot; - Karolina Adamczyk I met Karolina Adamczyk three years ago for an informal chat as she was looking to switch from banking into property and I absolutely love her story. Despite travelling around the world having highly successful career in banking, she felt something was missing and decided to follow her passion for interior design. Building upon her experience in property development, she founded Ademchic. Karolina saw the need to help homeowners and developers create properties that make a statement. She noticed, that unique homes are often created once refurbishment is completed, through bringing together furniture, accessories, soft furnishings and items of emotional value. This is how ADEMCHIC was born. Ademchic now is an Interior Design and Styling Studio helping
14/11/201828 minutes 45 seconds
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From professional rugby to property investment with a lot of education. Meet Richard Thorpe #28

EP28: Richard has been involved with property for the last 10 years, purchasing his first buy-to-let property at the age of 21. As well as a property developer and landlord, Richard is an ex-professional rugby player, spending 14 years playing over 150 premiership rugby games with London Irish, Leicester, and London Welsh. Richard has 12 international caps for Canada whom he represented at the 2015 Rugby World Cup. He is a co-founder of RDT Invest​, a property investment company, with a core focus of SME Property Development. He is also a director of SBL Capital, a family office offering principle funding solutions typically to SME Developers. Richard combines his experiences from professional rugby career and property development with his knowledge of psychology, psychotherapy, financial and wealth management, and investment to produce content that adds val
07/11/201835 minutes 5 seconds
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Daniel Priestley of Dent Global is a global mentor to thousands #27

EP27: &quot;You&apos;ve got to be consistent. It&apos;s about the signal, not noise&quot; - Daniel Priestley Daniel Priestley is the closest I&apos;ve had to a mentor. He knew me when I was a shy returning to work mum sitting at the back of the KPI classroom too scared to ask a question. Dan&apos;s straight-talking, insightfulness has always inspired me so I was thrilled when he agreed to be on my podcast. Daniel started out as an entrepreneur at age 21 and built a multi-million dollar event, marketing, and management business before the age of 25. A successful entrepreneur, international speaker, and best-selling author, Daniel has built and sold businesses in Australia, Singapore, and the UK. Daniel is the founder of Dent Global, which runs a 9-month growth accelerator programme for small enterprises, working with over 500+ entrepreneurs each year to develop their businesses. Dent has offices in the UK, USA, Singapore, and Australia. Daniel uses campa
31/10/20181 hour 1 minute 20 seconds
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How to communicate with investors to keep them happy #26

EP26: Atuksha’s background is in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and data analytics. Over 15+ years, she has helped businesses, across many industries build a raving fan base through her CRM consulting business. Her focus now is crowdfunding. In 2013, Atuksha co-founded Simple Backing, a property focused Peer to Peer Lending (P2P) platform. She then launched a second platform, Simple Equity in August 2016 following feedback from the crowd. P2P (including investing using the Innovative Finance ISA) and Equity projects now sit alongside each other under her brand ‘Simple Crowdfunding’. Being an active property investor herself, she understands the benefits that crowdfunding brings to this industry. Atuksha is also a director of the UK Crowdfunding Association and in 2017 won the National Venus Award for ‘Influential Woman of the Year’. In this podcast: - current state of the market - the benefits of crowdfunding - how to crowdfund yo
17/10/201834 minutes 13 seconds
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Quantity surveyor Michelle Lowe talks about her 20 years in construction #25

EP25: &apos;I want to do ground-breaking things; things that are interesting and difficult! Because that&apos;s how you get to the next level.&apos; Michelle Lowe is a streetwise and spirited Quantity Surveyor with over 20 years of experience in the construction industry. Leaving A-level studies at 17 to pursue a career in construction, Michelle was looking for a career path that would offer tangible fruits of her labour and provide the variety and challenges that only construction can! Michelle has worked her way through the ranks as Trainee QS to Senior, Project Manager to Associate and is now the founding director of Redshell Consulting, an independent and agile consultancy company offering the very best of Cost, Project and Development Management and has worked on some of the largest and most prestigious developments in and around London. In this podcast: - doing sustainability on a high-end level -
26/09/201825 minutes 3 seconds
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Medical doctor and successful property investor educating doctors to create careers they love #24

EP24: Lafina Diamandis​ is a medical doctor, educator and property investor with over 10 years of experience buying, developing and selling residential properties. She is also the co-founder of Eurekadoc, a startup providing education and training to help doctors to create careers they love. Lafina delivered education and training to over 1000 doctors to date, is an advocate for portfolio careers in medicine and the author of two books. Her recent crowdfunding campaign known as ‘The Doctors Project’ was overfunded in just 7 minutes! ‘Healthcare real estate, that’s a new area for me, but I think it’s a really important area. Something I feel really passionate about because a lot of my patients have huge housing problems.&apos; Currently working on a pipeline of developments between £1 and £5 million across the UK, Lafina’s focus is on leveraging her experience and contacts in both real estate and healthcare, to create innovative solutions for the housing
12/09/201838 minutes 58 seconds
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The property duo that is Mike & Victoria Stenhouse of Inside Property Investing #23

EP23: Mike &amp; Victoria Stenhouse are full time property investors who, after years of flipping houses and creating HMOs, were both able to escape the rat race before they were 30. Aside from continuing to add to their personal property portfolio the duo also run a hugely successful property media company centred around their iTunes top 10 podcast - Inside Property Investing. In this podcast: - Leaving corporate for the property life - Starting a media company especially for property professionals - Valuing your time - Building and sharing a community Mike and Victoria are well known on Facebook, Twitter and iTunes - see Inside Property Investing.Support the show
29/08/201834 minutes 11 seconds
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Oli Lowrie of Ackroyd Lowrie Architects are at the forefront of technology #22

EP22: How do you solve the problem of old-fashioned, limited 2D design briefing in building projects? &apos;Most people do not know how to read plans, or really visualise the project from a simple document. If we can show our clients a complete 3D look of how the space will feel and work, it solves a huge amount of problems down the line.&apos; Oli is an architect and co-founder of Ackroyd Lowrie. At AL the focus is on using VR to design and collaborate with their clients. Previous to this, Oli spent 10 years working at Architype where he was responsible for developing a modular, timber-framed construction system that was used by several London Boroughs to deliver new Primary Schools and Nurseries. Most recently Oli has spent three years as Project Architect for the prestigious £24m New Junior School for Highgate School in North London. Oli passionately believes in working closely with clients, makers and builders to del
15/08/201835 minutes 43 seconds
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Creative director and interior designer Simon May in a truly entertaining discussion #21

EP21: What Simon can’t draw isn’t worth illustrating. His unique ability of being able to visualise in minutes a vague thought and idea in his clients’ mind-eye; bringing concepts to life in simple yet compelling sketches, is like watching a maestro at work. Simon has over 24 years worth of practical experience in both residential and commercial interior design, having worked for global agencies and clients in London, Milan &amp; Sydney Australia. Clients include Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge, Moda In Pele for House of Fraser, and Dennys. And with a background education in furniture design, Simon&apos;s creative process brings a very full spectrum of detail to his work. More recently Simon founded his own interior design practice in London where he and his talented team craft unique environments for a multitude of clients across many dynamic sectors including retail, F&amp;B, hotel, workplac
01/08/201837 minutes 20 seconds
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The importance of a broker to support your funding needs #20

EP20: &apos;The funding puzzle is quite organic. What was once the way to get funded can be affected by the economy, lenders own situations, changing needs of the borrower, interest rates, geo political situations...&apos; After a career in Corporate Banking helping large listed companies with their funding needs, Piragash Sivanesan set up Totum Finance in order to support SME businesses and property developers improve their access to finance. He has worked at KPMG , Lloyds Banking Group and Royal Bank of Scotland, across credit, front office, restructuring and turnaround divisions, in a career spanning over 14 years. In this podcast: - seeing through the ups and downs of financing a project - crowdfunding and changes in the lending landscape - starting your own finance business. Piragash has worked with London Central Developments on seve
19/07/201835 minutes 53 seconds
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Greg Pope bringing a bit of London to the north west #19

EP19: Greg Pope is a property developer and investor located in the North West of England. After successfully selling his large estate agency business Greg concentrated on building his property development and finance business. As an entrepreneurial property developer, Greg has looked to fund his developments with creative finance consisting of angel investors, crowdfunding and his own capital. A range of developments have been completed by Greg which include commercial to residential conversions, new build apartment blocks and private luxury housing. Greg devotes a lot of time to building a social profile and connecting with other like-minded people and growing the group brand under which he operates his businesses. In this podcast: - Developing quality homes and products - Crowdfunding developments and social media - Building a brand and becoming an entrepreneur <b
05/07/201842 minutes 8 seconds
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Audiobook Sample - Bricking it: From Stay at Home Mum to Millions in Property

*COMING SOON - BRICKING IT - ON AUDIOBOOK* Want to create a stunning property portfolio and still have time to go to the kids’ school plays? Want to get started now and learn while doing it? My book Bricking It takes you into the world of property development from first purchase to scaling up the business and growing an internationally-known brand. - Choose a strategy which suits your skills and your lifestyle. - Create an attractive brand so investors and partners come to you. - Learn as you go, being prolific not perfect! Here is a 5 minute sample from the audio version of my book, coming soon to Audible. About the Author For Nicole Bremner, property was not an obvious choice. An ex-banker with three kids to work around, she had tried all the usuals - photography, cooking, even knitting. None of them allowed her to contribute to the family finances in the way she wanted. Since her first property development in 2010 (her own home), Nicole’s gross development value has risen to over
04/07/20185 minutes
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The confidence that comes with finding your style - Lizzie Edwards #18

EP18: What defines success when it comes to personal style? Style consultant, fashionista and former model Lizzie Edwards joins Nicole to talk about dressing for work and making an impact through your personal style. Starting her style career early, Lizzie was &apos;spotted&apos; by Storm model agency and spent much of the 1990’s working as a fashion model living in London, Milan and Paris and working with some of the leading fashion photographers including Rankin, Corrine Day, and David Sims for magazines The Face, I-D and Dazed &amp; Confused. She also worked for fashion magazines such as Elle, Marie Claire, and Glamour and as a fit model with designers including John Galliano, Jasper Conran, Karl Lagerfeld, Chloe, and Issey Miyake. In 2005 she set up her Style and Wardrobe Consultancy combining this grounding in fashion with a talent and love for shopping and effortless style, and an interest in personal development. <br
20/06/201841 minutes
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How Ollie Streek found success from selling on eBay #17

EP17: Having left school Ollie started to look for a &quot;real&quot; job. To keep him in petrol money for his racing cars Ollie started selling discontinued bathroom products on eBay. His eBay strategy snowballed and he never found the &quot;real&quot; job. Instead, Ollie focused on building his bathroom product company. At just 19 years old the Bathroom Cellar was incorporated and now has a distribution hub, office and showroom based in Kent. Seeing the frustration involved in buying full bathroom suites from multiple retailers and wholesalers Ollie came upon the idea of selling full bathroom suites perfectly curated to your individual bathroom. In 2017 he founded Salacia of London, a disruptive, online bathroom brand alongside long-term family friend Jamie Dixon and Creative Director Simon May. In early 2018 I came onboard as the marketing director.
31/05/201824 minutes 3 seconds
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Avi Dodi on over 30 years of developing in London #16

EP16: From a standing start of just one property, 30 years later Avi Dodi’s high-end commercial and residential property development portfolio boasts a global reach spanning the UK, Israel and the US. In 2013, Nicole and Avi became partners and formed London Central Developments - the development partner to East Eight - now developing around 300 units together. Here Avi joins Nicole at April 2018&apos;s Quorum Property Club to give insights into his long career in development including: - Keeping construction costs competitive - The UK and London market currently - Building a loyal team in property With a focus on sourcing interesting sites, Avi has navigated the vagrancies of the UK property market to become an expert in creating and handling property and development opportunities. His two sons have recently graduated from university and now work alongside him and with staff who have been with him from the beginning.<a rel="payment" href="
16/05/201859 minutes 4 seconds
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Marketing to Chinese investors with Sally Wang, UK property investor and author #15

EP15: Property Investor, author and Londonphile Sally (Jing Wang) talks about what it’s like to be a Chinese Investor in London - a perspective you don’t often get to hear. Born in China, she has spent the last 17 years working, living and investing in property in the UK. Author of two property books Buy Smart: what you need to know when investing in UK properties, and her latest book being released this week EXTRAordinary: a peek into UK property magnets’ minds, she has a unique perspective on the property market. The Chinese version has been picked up by one of the best publishers in China and is going live nation-wide from the 12th of May. In this book, she has managed to interview some of the top property ‘legends’ in the U.K. including the founder and chairman of the Berkley group. The book is full of untold stories, fascinating facts, and timeless wisdom. She is the Founder and Director of <a href='ht
09/05/201839 minutes 5 seconds
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IFA Lisa Conway-Hughes talks about the importance of money management #14

EP14: In property, there&apos;s one thing which ALWAYS needs to be perfect - the numbers. Lisa Conway-Hughes is a financial adviser at a wealth management firm in the City of London. She is a Chartered Independent Financial Adviser and also a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society (PFS). This is the highest qualification a financial adviser can hold and less than 2% of PFS members have reached this. I met Lisa at Sister Snog and we often chat about the relationship between people and money. Lisa has featured in national newspapers such as The Financial Times, The Telegraph, The Independent &amp; The Daily Express commenting on issues as diverse as retirement planning, setting up a savings plan, getting out of debt, and protecting your financial future. Lisa is a Chartered Financial Planner, Independent Financial Advisor, and a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society (PFS) - the highe
26/04/201838 minutes 3 seconds
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The importance of storytelling in social media with Rob Lee #13

EP13: Rob Lee is a social media speaker, trainer, and strategist, specialising in helping brands to develop a meaningful presence on Snapchat and Instagram. Rob has developed and run several industry-specific workshops, including #PropertyGoLive with Nicole, and ‘Snapchat and Instagram for Recruitment’, which has been attended by brands including BBC Worldwide, Barclays, Virgin Trains and The Ritz. He also has a passion for the charity sector and works closely with the Salvation Army Housing Association, teaching homeless young people how to use social media storytelling in a positive way to improve their relationships, career and community.Support the show
28/03/201849 minutes 54 seconds
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Alexandra Notay, one of the most sought after property professionals #12

EP12: Voted one of the top 100 young property professionals in the UK 2012 and the only independent consultant make that list (Property Week&apos;s &apos;Hot 100&apos;), Alexandra Notay’s areas of expertise include city economic development, real estate, regeneration and sustainability. She has led projects in London, Moscow, New York, Istanbul, Barcelona and many other global cities. Alex operates as an independent advisor to a range of global organisations from the public and private sectors, providing strategic advice and initiative leadership. Her client portfolio includes Grosvenor, Cushman &amp; Wakefield, IPD (Investment Property Databank) and the Greater London Authority. Alex also sits on a number of boards, including the World Economic Forum’s Building Retrofit Steering Board, the UK Green Property Alliance and as an observer member for the UN ECE Committee on Housing and Land Mana
08/03/201845 minutes 8 seconds
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Alex Harrington-Griffin founder of TrustedLand and Developers Boardroom #11

EP11: Alex Harrington-Griffin, a seasoned entrepreneur in two continents, brings together insight into over 100 land deals, 45-years of family experience, from football clubs to graveyards, and a network of over 100 developers through his private Developers Boardroom group. Ongoing Land Director of award-winning property development firm Coeur de Lion Property, and founder of TrustedLand, the UK’s first land transaction advice platform, Alex believes strongly in business ethics, transparency and bringing land buying into the 21st century. Alex offers audiences an upbeat, inspiring and authentic presentation. Whether chairing development panels or unique and original industry insights. Alex thoroughly enjoys his philanthropic work, as a LandAid nominated Charity Ambassador and Larches Community Trustee.Director @ TrustedLandFounder @ Developers Boardroom;Support the show
01/03/201844 minutes 34 seconds
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CrowdWithUs founder Rob Wilkinson discussed compliant fund raising #10

EP10: Rob co-founded Crowd with Us, an FCA-approved FinTech property crowdfunding platform in 2014. As a qualified Master Mariner (Ships Captain) Rob has worked both commercially in the shipping industry and on several of the worlds largest privately owned yachts for some of the worlds wealthiest and most influential people, including a senior member of the Saudi Royal Family and former richest man in the world. Since purchasing his first property in London in 2002, with six months vacation per year, in the years that followed he continued to expand his portfolio, refurb, develop and raise investor funds alongside his day job. This eventually culminated in the formation of Crowd with Us. Rob has vast operational and project management expertise is used to running and working alongside large teams and has extensive experience in managing and budgeting multi-million-pound projects. Having retired from the sea Rob is now entirely focused on Crowd with Us.
15/02/201833 minutes 42 seconds
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How to legally source property and comply with GDPR #9

EP9: Property sourcing has become a popular trend for many people wanting to get into property. Sourcers – are you being compliant? There is regulation around sourcing which few property professionals know about. Property sourcer and trained architect Laura McLoughney has a layered previous experience in Healthcare &amp; Operations for urgent and primary care services in both UK &amp; Ireland, with responsibility for data protection policy &amp; process implementation and adherence. She advises start-ups on data protection processes and has a real desire to ensure that private data is well protected at a time when we share more and more online. On today’s podcast: Property sourcing – what makes you compliant? GDPR – what you need to know about data protection e.g databases as of May 2018 Project Management tips and CRM.<a rel="payment" href="
25/01/201839 minutes 57 seconds
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Taking property auctions online - Robin Rathore of Bamboo Auctions #8

EP8: Robin ​is ​the ​CEO ​of ​Bamboo ​Auctions ​and ​Duomo. ​He ​qualified ​as ​a ​corporate ​solicitor in ​London ​and ​practised ​for ​a ​number ​of ​years, largely ​in ​the ​TMT ​and ​Corporate ​Real Estate ​sector. It ​was ​personal ​experiences ​of ​the ​auction ​sector ​that ​prompted ​Robin ​to ​found Bamboo ​Auctions, ​with ​the ​belief ​that ​property ​transactions ​should ​be ​fast, ​certain, transparent ​, and ​excellent ​value ​for ​money. Duomo ​takes ​this ​fundamental ​belief ​and ​applies ​them ​to ​the ​new ​homes ​market. The ​first ​come ​first ​serve ​reservation ​system ​is ​outdated. ​Being ​at ​the ​back ​of ​the ​queue means ​buyers ​could ​miss ​out ​on ​their ​dream ​home. With ​Duomo, ​buyers ​can ​place ​their ​highest ​offer ​online ​for ​individual ​new ​build properties, ​with ​the ​chance ​to ​increase ​that ​offer ​over ​the ​sale ​period. ​The ​highest ​offer when ​the ​sale ​period ​ends ​rese
04/01/201840 minutes 18 seconds
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Quorum, the property club for property professionals #7

EP7: Matthew Siddell has been investing in property since 2001. An experienced entrepreneur, property investor and property developer, he has bought, developed and sold many millions of pounds worth of property. He has also helped countless other people with their property-related challenges. Matthew is a regular public speaker and the founder and host of PPN Knightsbridge, a joint venture with Progressive Property. Since it began in 2015, thousands of people have attended to listen to Matthew’s contacts discuss a variety of entrepreneurial and property-related topics some of which have been filmed and can be viewed here. Matthew is also the founder and host of property developers club Quorum which gives investors, developers and professionals the opportunity to collaborate, share contacts and knowledge, and massively accelerate their progress.<a rel="payment" href="
15/12/201742 minutes 23 seconds
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Helping property professionals understand their market with data - REalyse #6

EP6: Gavriel is founder and CEO of REalyse, the UK&apos;s leading big data analysis platform, helping property developers and investors to better understand the market, its opportunities and risks. Having previously worked in derivative structuring and quantitative finance with several hedge funds, he joined Quintain and then Essential Living, overseeing analytics across their £bn developments. The lack of fast, accurate, and reliable data in the market is what prompted him to create REalyse.Support the show
22/11/201743 minutes 14 seconds
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John Corey, founder of Property Fortress, on property investments from Hawaii to Bradford #5

EP5: Starting out as a software engineer in Silicon Valley, John made his first investment when he was 25. A ‘nothing down’ deal after a weekend seminar on the same. Yes, a Saturday and Sunday weekend seminar followed by exchanging on a purpose by Monday afternoon. They did not say you had to go slower. John is a proper software engineer who spent years working on interesting projects with famous people and companies you would recognise. In the 1990s John moved to London to take up an IT role at Swiss Bank Corp. The oldest of the 3-big Swiss banks. After some mergers, the name changed to UBS. These days, John is a multi-national landlord with property from Hawaii to Bradford. Yes, a spread of 11 time zones and multiple legal systems. Real estate really is all about finance the legal details. Having received a lot of help from others along the way, John is happy to speak with people when they have questions. He runs an Ask John hotline where people can book in for a 20 minute call. N
25/10/201754 minutes 23 seconds
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Enabling more women to Talk Real Estate #4

EP4: Andrea is a writer and communications consultant in the property industry. She most recently worked as Head of Marketing and Communications EMEA at CBRE Global Investors where she oversaw the corporate and programme marketing, press, branding and internal communications in the region. Andrea began her career as a journalist at Property Week before moving on to be editor of EuroProperty for seven years. Following this, she worked for various industry bodies including the Urban Land Institute as well as spending three years as a director and interim CEO at INREV in Amsterdam, and one year at its sister organisation ANREV in Hong Kong. She is currently working as a consultant in the industry while working on a book about the history of the modern European property industry.For more information, visit Women Talk Real Estate Support the show
11/10/201743 minutes 48 seconds
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Do you need a planning consultant? Mark Shearman from Firstplan explains why #3

EP3: Mark is a partner at Firstplan, a Central London planning consultancy based on Bermondsey Street, SE1. He has over 10 years of experience dealing with a variety of developments across London and the UK, including a range of residential, mixed-use and retail, restaurant and commercial developments, as well as high-end, smaller-scale residential schemes such as basements and listed building alterations and extensions. Mark first worked with Nicole on her City Road scheme – winning a planning appeal enabling her to build 2 additional storeys of residential on the roof of the building – and has subsequently assisted with a number of her other ongoing developments in Hackney, including the St. Matthias Club in Dalston and the Paintworks site on Kingsland Road. He specialises in managing and negotiating with local authorities and advising developers on planning strategies aimed at helping them to maximise the planning potential of their sites
27/09/201739 minutes 46 seconds
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Property crowdfunding can be simple with Atuksha, founder of Simple Crowdfunding #2

EP2: Atuksha’s background is in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and data analytics. Over 15+ years, she has helped businesses, across many industries build a raving fan base through her CRM consulting business. Her focus is now crowdfunding. In 2013, Atuksha co-founded Simple Backing, a property focused Peer to Peer Lending (P2P) platform. She then launched a second platform, Simple Equity in August 2016 following feedback from the crowd. P2P (including investing using the Innovative Finance ISA) and Equity projects now sit alongside each other under her brand ‘Simple Crowdfunding’. Being an active property investor herself, she understands the benefits that crowdfunding brings to this industry. Atuksha is also a director of the UK Crowdfunding Association and in 2017 won the National Venus Award for ‘Influential Woman of the Year’. Support the show
22/09/201753 minutes 2 seconds
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Space as a service: Antony Slumbers discussed the serviced office industry #1

EP1: Nicole Bremner speaks to Antony Slumbers – 20th September 2017 Antony has over 20 years of experience developing and running online technology companies, primarily within the commercial office and property management sectors. He currently runs the office research site, the SaaS software company, blogs at, and writes a technology &amp; real estate column for Estates Gazette. He consults widely with companies looking to leverage technology within the real estate sector. For more information visit antonyslumbers.comSupport the show
19/09/20171 hour 5 minutes 41 seconds