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English, Finance, 1 season, 113 episodes, 3 days, 19 hours, 7 minutes
Meet the entrepreneurs in their 20's who are building companies that will shape the future. Weekly episodes range from side hustle ideas to help you build passive income to quit your job or business stories of twenty-somethings having success with their own business.
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Ice Machines, School Bus Companies, Billions In Tax Credits

Episode 1: Business & Banter • Business of Ice Machines • School Bus Routes • ERC Tax Credits • Shutting down LLCs • Loyalty Brands
11/28/202337 minutes, 15 seconds
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Re-Launching The Podcast

We got bored. So we're back. We're rebranding the show next week. Stay tuned if you don't see our faces in the cover are anymore. Now we're both in NYC full time, so we'll be recording more episodes with great ideas & mediocre hosts.
10/5/20231 minute, 20 seconds
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#110 | What do Boring Businesses, Selfie Museums, and Personality Businesses Have In Common? - Connor and Gio

This episode was a fun one with Connor and Gio together. They discuss some fun brick and mortar businesses and potential business ideas that anyone could start right now. Want to hear about new episodes? Subscribe via email and check us out on Twitter: @TheNextGenPod
12/14/202244 minutes, 7 seconds
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#109 | 400 Off-Market Real Estate Deals By 24 - Cole Ruud-Johnson

Cole has done more before turning 25 than most guys do their entire life. From the exact framework to wholesaling to growing profitable businesses, we get a tiny peak into the genius behind Cole Ruud-Johnson. Connect with Cole:  Instagram Easy Button Leads Want to hear about new episodes? Subscribe via email and check us out on Twitter: @TheNextGenPod
12/7/202245 minutes, 37 seconds
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#108 | Building a One Person Business doing $500K/year Profit at 28 - Sean O'Dowd

Today we were able to hang out with the LEGENDARY Sean O'Dowd. He was able to bootstrap his way to building a solo consulting business that generates over $500K Profit every year! We discuss how he invests it all into Real Estate and exactly how ANYONE can build a reputation doing consulting. Connect with Sean: @SeanODowd15 Want to hear about new episodes? Subscribe via email and check us out on Twitter: @TheNextGenPod
12/1/202251 minutes, 17 seconds
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#107 | How to Generate Millions From Databases, Doggie Daycares, and Single Name Domains - Connor and Gio

Today is a fun episode. Connor and Gio sit down together to talk some fun ideas they've found recently and are super interested in. The conversation ranges around some really fun business ideas, why billionaires should be partying more, and how single name domain companies are taking over and making TONS of money. If you want to see more of these episodes, be sure to drop some love on the show via Twitter and let us know more topics you'd like to hear us discuss! From the Show: Closify CyberLeads Dogtopia Layoffs Want to hear about new episodes? Subscribe via email and check us out on Twitter: @TheNextGenPod
11/25/202250 minutes, 3 seconds
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#106 | How To Build a Profitable Newsletter and Compete In A Crowded Market - Tyler Denk

Today we got to sit down with Tyler Denk, the co-creator and CEO of Beehiiv. The newsletter industry has plenty of competition, but Tyler saw something that no one else did. With his experience at Morning Brew and Google, he was able to launch a newsletter company that is designed for the creator in mind. In this episode we walk through how he did it, where he thinks the newsletter industry is going, and how YOU could launch your own successful newsletter. Connect with Tyler: @denk_tweets Want to hear about new episodes? Subscribe via email and check us out on Twitter: @TheNextGenPod
11/23/202243 minutes, 16 seconds
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#105 – Podcasting Since 2009, Building a Life of Wealth, and Whether You Should Build to Sell - Dan Andrews

Today we have Dan Andrews on the show to talk about his career in podcasting, generating wealth, and building location independent businesses. We learn about his biggest regret selling his valet parking podium business, making good financial deals, and what it's like selling a business. Dan is absolutely a LEGEND in the space of online business and it was an absolute honor to sit down and have a conversation with him. You're gonna love this episode because we both left feeling educated, entertained, and connected! Mentioned in the show: by Nick Maggiulli Connect with Dan: @TropicalMBA Want to hear about new episodes? Subscribe via email and check us out on Twitter: @TheNextGenPod
11/16/202250 minutes, 58 seconds
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#104 – Building Three 7-Figure Companies, and Finding The Best Real Estate Deals - Jon Rivera

Today we have a special guest return to the show. Our guest from episode 42, a lot has changed! Jon has gone on to build three businesses that all compliment each other. We dive into his tips on finding the best Real Estate deals, how he is planning to take over the insulation industry, and his love for helping other business owners reach their potential. Enjoy the episode! Connect with Jon Rivera: @JonathanMRivera  Want to hear about new episodes? Subscribe via email and check us out on Twitter: @TheNextGenPod
11/9/202248 minutes, 59 seconds
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#103 –How To Build A Great Life – Advice On Health, Relationships & Money with Kevin Dahlstrom

Today we have on Kevin Dahlstrom, CEO of Swell We discuss advice on health, relationships, money and more. Want to hear about new episodes? Subscribe via email and check us out on Twitter: @TheNextGenPod
11/2/202254 minutes, 26 seconds
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#102 - From Door-to-door Perfume Sales To a $1.5M ARR SaaS Business - JK Molina

Today we have JK Molina on the pod to discuss all things Twitter growth, SaaS, cohorts, and courses! JK has grown a very successful coaching business and previously built Tweet Hunter, an AI powered Twitter growth tool, to $1.5M ARR. We kick things off at the beginning as JK shares how he got started selling perfume door-to-door in Guatemala and how, over time, he progressed to AI and SaaS, before going on to launch his ‘’ Twitter leads course. Connect with JK: @OneJKMolina Want to hear about new episodes? Subscribe via email and check us out on Twitter: @TheNextGenPod
10/26/202251 minutes, 25 seconds
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#93 - Building A $2.5M/yr Cashflowing Machine - David Riggs

In today’s episode Connor sits down with David Riggs, the founder and CEO of web development agency Pneuma Media. David breaks down how to spend money scale your business, how to delegate, why a good website is one of your greatest assets, and the story of how his business came to work with billionaire Mark Cuban. If you own, or are looking to launch, an agency this one is for you! Connect With David: @dwilliamriggs Want to hear about new episodes? Subscribe via email and check us out on Twitter: @TheNextGenPod
8/3/202247 minutes
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#91 - Selling $100M+ Online, Exit From An 8-figure E-Comm Store, And Giving $10M+ Away - Jony Volk

On today’s episode we catch up with Jonathan (Jony) Volk, CEO of AllGuard, LLC, a portfolio of e-comm companies in the automotive space. Jony is the founder of, a DTC e-comm site that offers form-fitting products tailored to a range of vehicles. Jony has 20+ years of experience, has sold over $100M+ online, as well as 1 bootstrapped exit from an 8-figure e-comm store. Hit play now, this one’s wild. Connect With Jony: @jonathanvolk Want to hear about new episodes? Subscribe via email and check us out on Twitter: @TheNextGenPod
7/15/202249 minutes, 20 seconds
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#86 - Lessons From Buying and Building $400M of Real Estate - Levi Benkert

In today’s episode we chat with Levi Benkert. Levi caught our attention on Twitter, where we learned about his crazy Real Estate stories during his early years. Levi has bought, managed and developed over $400M+ in real estate properties. We revisit how he got started and breakdown how anyone can do the same. This isn’t one you want to miss! Connect With Levi: @Levijameshere Want to hear about new episodes? Subscribe via email and check us out on Twitter: @TheNextGenPod
6/24/202256 minutes, 4 seconds
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#84 – How To Buy A Business In Your 20’s Without $$$ – Ryan Condie

Ryan Condie knows a thing or two when it comes to purchasing businesses...Ryan has started 8+ businesses, bought 4, and sold 2! Ryan joins us to discuss how you can do it too, with minimal cash. Ryan goes deep on past experiences and the strategies needed to pull off, not just the best purchases, but also when and how to exit for live changing money! Connect With Ryan: Twitter Want to hear about new episodes? Subscribe via email and check us out on Twitter: @TheNextGenPod
6/17/202241 minutes, 39 seconds
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#81 Building A Short Term Rental Airbnb Portfolio With Taylor Jones

On today’s episode we have STR investor and Head of Acquisition at Superhost Labs, Taylor Jones. Taylor is the leading expert in Short Term Rentals and here we cover all things STR; tricks and tips for getting started and getting deals, important things to look for, acquiring 75 STRs in over 12+ markets and much, much more! Connect With Taylor here: Twitter @MrJonesSTRs. Want to hear about new episodes? Subscribe via email and check us out on Twitter: @TheNextGenPod
6/3/202257 minutes, 31 seconds
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#80 Buying Off-Market Deals & Making $40k/Mo On Vending Machines - Quinn Miller

Quinn Miller returns! Ask and you shall receive. Quinn is our most listened to episode to date and so we invited him back to give us an update on his vending machine empire. Quinn discusses the importance of cold calling, and how the vending machine business has been extremely lucrative with very little start up capital. Connect with Quinn here: Twitter Want to hear about new episodes? Subscribe via email and check us out on Twitter: @TheNextGenPod
6/1/202247 minutes, 20 seconds
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#79 Lessons from Buying 14 Co’s Doing $100M+/year with Xavier Helgesen

In today’s episode we talk with none other than serial entrepreneur Xavier Helgesen! Xavier Founded Better World Books, bootstrapped to $70m+, ZOLA Electric (brought solar power to over 1 million people in Africa), and Enduring Ventures (perpetual holding company, a self-proclaimed mini-Berkshire, nearing $100m in revenue). We dive deep on creating businesses with impact and the biggest differences in entrepreneurship vs acquiring. Hit play to learn more about the true business polymath and his advise to young entrepreneurs.  Connect With Xavier: Twitter Want to hear about new episodes? Subscribe via email and check us out on Twitter: @TheNextGenPod
5/27/202257 minutes, 59 seconds
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#78 The Magic Of Real Estate – 5 Reasons Everyone Should Buy A Property In Their 20's

We’re back! (Well Gio is…) We’ve been busy in the thick of it with all that we’ve got going on in real estate but I’m here to share an update! In today’s episode I dive into where we’re at, where we’ve been, and where we’re going with all things RE! Why you should get into real estate when you’re young and why, even without savings, real estate can be one of the best investments you ever make. Here I dive into the numbers and give you a complete breakdown of our finances to help you better navigate, as well as other tricks and tips to get started! Want to hear about new episodes? Subscribe via email and check us out on Twitter: @TheNextGenPod
5/25/202213 minutes, 37 seconds
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#76 From A $34 Blog To +$32 Million Flipping Websites — James Camp

Today we catch-up with James Camp. James buys and flips websites to the tune of $1.1 million a year. From smelting down scrap gold as a teenager and writing about it on a basic blog, to strategy consulting at Google and flipping websites north of $32 Million. James has also been involved in over 10+ acquisitions and exits. All and more is discussed on today’s episode! Connect With James: Twitter Want to hear about new episodes? Subscribe via email and check us out on Twitter: @TheNextGenPod
5/13/202252 minutes, 54 seconds
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#72 Over 15 Ideas For How To Use a Virtual Assistant — Bryant Sullentrop

Bryant Sullentrop is a founder of Elevate and Delegate a virtual staffing company. Bryant’s company goal is to provide the best and most skilled virtual assistants that help manage business needs. Helping business owner to get their life back, grow and lean towards success with the help of their Virtual Assistants. In this episode, we talked about the in-and-outs of hiring worthy and top talented virtual assistants. From measuring their knowledge in building Notion Boards, screening candidates, job postings, and appropriate compensation. Aside from business, we discussed Bryant studying for being a Duolingo, he’s learning Spanish which I found interesting. Quotable Quotes: “We have a series of 200 tests in this software that we use that we can give to them. And so like all of our everyone that like we vet, they take a personality test, an IQ test, and a test on the actual and then a test on the actual things that they'd be doing.” (12:33) “When you're looking for contractors, look in either local Facebook groups or Facebook. Facebook marketplace type stuff for Craigslist, because there are a lot of contractors that they don't have websites, and I'm nothing like unless you wouldn't know that they exist.” “We have to do more to figure out and make sure that they're actually going to be good, you know, a good fit” (12:08) Don’t Miss: Book Keeping (9:42) VA Compensation (25:52) Getting Reviews in Local Businesses (34:01) Connect With Bryant: Twitter Want to hear about new episodes? Subscribe via email and check us out on Twitter: @TheNextGenPod
4/29/202243 minutes, 53 seconds
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#71 Nathan Resnick — Building Boutique Bubble Hotels And An 8-Figure YC-Backed Sourcing Platform

Any time is a good time to start a company. In this episode, I talked with Nathan Resnick who started young as 15 for being a businessman and entrepreneur. After graduating college in 2017, he founded Sourcify - an international sourcing company that has remarkably brought approximately 10% of savings on costs and production to hundreds of brands around the world. Nathan Resnick is the founder and CEO of Sourcify, a platform that simplifies manufacturing. Throughout his career, he has developed dozens of products. He’s now running his 8 figure company Sourcify and Bubble Hotel. In this episode, we discussed hows the supply chain internationally during pandemics, his a venture into real estate, and many more.  Quotable Quotes: "We're always looking to help our customers cut costs, while also improving quality and lead time. So those are kind of the three main pillars, we look at cost, quality, and lead time. (15:17) “I was never a good writer, like, I got to actually D in English. My junior year of high school, I was like, so bad in English class, my teacher was like; “Hey never going to publish, never going to be an author or whatever.” (11:08) “In real estate, in general, it's all about finding the deal. You know, it doesn't matter if you're doing duplexes doesn't matter. If you're doing storage units, it's literally all about finding the deal.” (29:10) Don’t Miss: Nathan’s E-commerce Journey when he’s 15  (1:26) Supply Chain Difficulties during pandemic (12:24) Unique Glamping Hotel Experience with Bubble Hotel (19:55) E-commerce to Real Estate Venture (21:55) Hospitality Business (27:44) Nathan’s Bussiness and Personal Goal (40:47) Connect with Nathan: LinkedIn Want to hear about new episodes? Subscribe via email and check us out on Twitter: @TheNextGenPod
4/27/202248 minutes, 53 seconds
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#69 Oliver Brocato — This College Sophmore Is Selling $400k+ In Sex Chocolate

For the past series of episodes, we had amazing people with small businesses, real estate, software, and other forms of entrepreneurship. We're excited to bring you Oliver Brocato, a 20-year-old Sophomore at the University of Michigan who’s building a million-dollar sex chocolate business.  Usually, people start off selling t-shirts or trying to build websites. Thus, Oliver's entrepreneurial venture didn’t start with sex chocolate. In this episode, we unpacked his business ventures and how Oliver come up to build a sex chocolate business. Challenges, pros, and cons of running food-based products and how they market them online in spite of community guidelines experiences, and other problems. We also discussed ways and funnels to win the marketing campaign.  Quotes from this episode: "Not being able to run PPC, we thought it was gonna be like, pretty brutal, but it actually ended up being like a blessing in disguise. The reason why it's because it made us focus on the fundamentals and made us focus on organic.” (22:06) “So I love working with micro-influencers, like Tiktoker with 200,000 followers to 600,000 followers. For me, that's kind of the sweet spot where I think you're able to extract the most value from a brand perspective.” (39:45) “Instead of selling like 50 chocolates in a box, we sold three, this creates like scarcity and value, we sell it, we put in a super sexy and luxurious box,” (18:11) Don't Miss: Business venture before Sex Chocolate (00:50) How Sex Scholate Business Ideas Come up (16:44) Shitty PArt of Business (20:13) How Mobile-Only Website work for Oliver’s business? (29:19) Funnel of getting the right Influencer (45:55) Connect with Oliver: Twitter Want to hear about new episodes? Subscribe via email and check us out on Twitter: @TheNextGenPod
4/13/202254 minutes, 32 seconds
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#68 Colin Landforce — Building An 8-figure Cannabis Company

In this episode, we have Colin Landforce, CTO for a publicly-traded cannabis company, UnrivaledBrands. Colin has built a career hustling to build one of the biggest names in the cannabis industry and still finds time to work on miscellaneous projects from selling physical goods to even building software. He loves the play of building an agency and then building SaaS and all the systems behind it. We discussed how Colin started becoming an entrepreneur and its challenges especially he built a Cannabis Brand where there are a lot of regulations needed to follow to operate. How to market high ticket sales like firearms amidst the digital marketing environment. Quotes from this episode: “The way you make it work with any partner, even if they are a friend; you communicate clearly and you set expectations with each other, you speak candidly with one another. Put people in roles based on their merit not based on it being the homie.” (7:15) “Cannabis hasn't even come close, like entering pop culture and culture in general in the future, I see tons of loads happening.” (20:47) “I think focus is a little bit of a scam. I jumped into this business, I had my moment of I'm finally going to focus on something. But I did not get outsize results out of it.” (32:26) - Colin Landforce Don’t miss: First Dollar Income Stream (1:22) Why Agency is a Trap? (3:14) Marketing high ticket sales like Firearms (9:17) Will Cannabis catch up to alcohol sales? (18:31) Business idea in Cannabis Space (23:53) Connect with Colin: Twitter Unrivaled Brands Want to hear about new episodes? Subscribe via email and check us out on Twitter: @TheNextGenPod
4/8/202238 minutes, 24 seconds
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#66 — Unconventional Advice For Entrepreneurs In Their 20’s - Michael Girdley

In today’s episode, we are joined by Michael Girdley, an entrepreneur and investor who buys, starts, and operates companies in San Antonio, Texas. His ventures include everything from tech and software companies to coffee shops and even to fireworks. Yes, you read that right, fireworks! Michael shares with us how he takes business concepts and turns it into reality by incubating or putting up businesses. Though he’s no longer 20-something, his age and experience have helped him amass a huge amount of wisdom and experience over the course of his career, including how his early entrepreneurial beginning led him to where he is today, the struggles he faced on that journey, and some very important lessons. Listen to find out more. Quotes from this episode: ● “Nothing gives me more joy than that process of creating support and then supporting the right team as they go on.” (6:44) ● “That's ultimately the number one thing. How can you find that culture of people that are pursuing entrepreneurship?” (14:36) ● “What I learned over a number of years is this roller coaster, you need to make it like a sloping road that you're going up and down. Never get too high. Never get too low. I don't take the good things personally. I don't take the bad things personally. Just keep it all in perspective.” (22:37) ● “The core of every great business person is a combination of curiosity and humility.” (30:44) -Michael Girdley Don’t miss: ● What Michael does (1:09) ● The advantage of having an entrepreneurial family (10:30) ● Building strong and solid relationships with business partners (25:57) ● How to become a good entrepreneur (30:43) ● Sound advice from Michael (40:240) Find out more about Michael here: Website LinkedIn Want to hear about new episodes? Subscribe via email and check us out on Twitter: @TheNextGenPod
4/1/202242 minutes, 51 seconds
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#65 — Going From 0 to 18 Rental Units At 24 Years Old – Grace Gudenkauf

Grace Gudenkauf is a 24-year-old who originally worked as a mechanical engineer then switched careers and founded Good Morning Investments, a real estate business in Eastern Iowa. In an amazing feat, Grace was able to acquire 18 rental properties, and she shares how this career change and founding a business happened accidentally, which she explains more about in this episode. Grace talks about creative financing and what it means, the huge impact getting a mentor had on her business, mistakes she’s committed that you should avoid, and so much more. She also offers great advice for anyone who’s starting out or interested in the real estate industry such as how to find your first house and tips on negotiation and community engagement. You won’t want to miss this episode. Quotes from this episode: ● “Do you want to do a little bit more work and hopefully get a better deal? Or do you want to take maybe a little bit of an easier way, maybe pay a little bit more, but somebody is doing a lot of that work for you? So, there's no right answer.” 8:37) ● “When I was only three months into real estate, I decided to enroll in a mentorship that was $5,000, which is a lot of money, and that exponentially grew my business.” (12:12) ● “Under promise and over deliver to yourself, to your investors, to your team.” (22:44) ● “If you're a newbie, start with a cosmetic rehab. Look for that orange shag carpet and the pink painted kitchen and the oak cabinets… That can be a great first deal to start out with.” (40:59) -Grace Gudenkauf Don’t miss: ● How Grace got into real estate (2:24) ● Lessons learned from her first sale (9:15) ● Creative financing (14:14) ● What you need to know before getting into real estate in Iowa (26:22) ● Streamlining operations through apps and tools (36:46) Find out more about Good Morning Investments here: Facebook Connect with Grace here: LinkedIn Want to hear about new episodes? Subscribe via email and check us out on Twitter: @TheNextGenPod
3/30/202242 minutes, 27 seconds
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#63 Codie Sanchez — Building Wealth Through 26 Businesses; How To Buy, Build, And Sell 8 Figure Cos

Meet Codie Sanchez, a self-made contrarian investing guru who wants to help you get rich. Codie is a reformed journalist turned investor who over the course of her career has bought and sold 66+ businesses, built x2 8 figure and x2 7 figure businesses and now runs a portfolio of 26 companies, ranging from car washes to laundromats to a paid newsletter business. It may not sound glamorous, but you can earn a healthy income from owning trailer parks. Or maybe investing in laundromats, car washes, or tiny home Airbnbs is more your speed. These are the kinds of straightforward, but perhaps overlooked money-making ideas that Codie Sanchez both practices and preaches. The 34-year-old self-made and self-styled investment expert is the co-founder of Unconventional Acquisitions, an educational provider that helps people learn how to buy small businesses. She also founded Contrarian Thinking, a newsletter that discusses investment themes and trends, as well as offering a “how-to playbook on ways to cash flow.” But she quickly shifted her professional focus from journalism to the world of high finance — working for Vanguard, Goldman Sachs and State Street, and becoming head of Latin American investments for First Trust. She also served as a partner at Entourage Effect Capital, investing in the growing cannabis industry. We caught up with Sanchez and asked her to explain a little more about what she does and how she became an investing expert.  Connect with Codie here:  Twitter LinkedIn Want to hear about new episodes? Subscribe via email and check us out on Twitter: @TheNextGenPod
3/18/202230 minutes, 4 seconds
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#58 — How To Use Tinder To Buy Rentals And Build $20,000 Monthly Passive Income - Soli Cayetano

Soli Cayetano is a young real estate investor based in the Bay Area, whose goal is to hit $20,000 in monthly passive income. Today’s episode gives us a peek at how a beginner got into real estate investing and even invest in out-of-state properties, how she raised private money for her deals and the power of social media in growing her network.  Soli will tell us how she got into real estate investing, how to purchase rentals out of state, and how to raise private money for her deals. We’ll also be covering how to use social media platforms to build a following and expand your network. So if you want to learn how to generate passive income with out of state rentals and how to raise private money from friends, family, and followers, then you need to listen to this episode. Be sure to check out Soli on Instagram: @lattes.and.leases Want to hear about new episodes? Subscribe via email and check us out on Twitter: @TheNextGenPod
3/2/202240 minutes, 39 seconds
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#57 - Making Millions in 4 Months Selling Sauna Blankets - Ed Hodge

Imagine making a million dollars in revenue in just four months. Sounds impressive yet impossible? Well, 20-something Ed Hodge made that happen. Born from Ed and his co-founder, Wyatt Westmoreland’s, idea of having a sauna in the comfort of your own home, they launched MiHigh as a means of making saunas accessible and affordable for everyone. With one of their taglines highlighting their portable saunas as easy to use, buy, and try, it’s no wonder that this product became hugely popular and profitable! Before MiHigh was created, Ed and Wyatt first did research on the market, determined a niche or product that met their specific criteria, tested it out with a handful of consumers, and once they realized there was a demand for their product, they went head-first into developing MiHigh and ensuring it was a top-quality product. Ed talks about the operations and technical aspects of the business, and he shares how they are leveraging the power of public relations and content marketing to spread the word on the many health and lifestyle benefits that infrared sauna blankets can offer. Listen to this episode to find out more. Quotes from this episode: ●  “Depending on how the first six months of your business is, it'd be wise for a lot of people starting an ecommerce business to still have some clients on the side.” (21:56) ●  “It's more like how much of a competitive advantage would the agency have versus if we did it in-house.” (30:20) ●  “You have to really widen the breadth of the channels that you’re using.” (34:56) ●  “Your product has to be unique and novel… If your product doesn't fit that criteria, then you won't get any hits.” (35:57) -Ed Hodge Don’t miss: ●  The rundown on MiHigh (1:42) ●  Quality control (13:13) ●  Ed’s launch strategy (23:03) ●  Working in-house vs. hiring an agency: Ed’s game plan (30:19) ●  Ed’s future goals (48:23) Find out more about MiHigh here: Connect with Daniel here: LinkedIn:
2/25/202250 minutes, 6 seconds
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#56 – Starting 50 Companies By 2050, How To Hire Operators, A Few Business Ideas

Stephen Olmon runs Several Ventures. Stephen owns 11 businesses already that are all high cash flowing. On his website, he offers courses and newsletters for entrepreneurs interested in starting their own business, whether alone or with a partner, for individuals interested in joining a company to help it grow, and for investors who want to support a business without having to operate it. With his dream of creating 50 businesses by 2050, Stephen’s work is most definitely cut out for him. And so, in this episode, he shares how he built his solid network of connections along with the journey and lessons he learned and is continuing to learn as he grows his portfolio of companies. Aside from that, he also talks about the possible business opportunities he’s looking into and what he recommends for you, so listen to this episode to find out more. Quotes from this episode: ●  “What are you optimizing for? … I optimize for balance between family and business, and friendship and hobbies.” (4:34) ●  “A business is only ever as healthy financially as the owner is.” (6:30) ●  “I'd rather be patient and wait for opportunities.” (18:330 Don’t miss: ●  The pros and cons of entrepreneurship (4:16) ●  Stephen’s 11 businesses (9:01) ●  Network-building (14:12) ●  Stephen’s advice for you (18:55) Find out more about Stephen here: Connect with Stephen here: LinkedIn:
2/23/202223 minutes, 41 seconds
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#55 — How Building A Personal Brand Is The Ultimate Business Advantage — Dave Gerhardt

As Drift's first marketing employee in October 2015, Gerhardt built the company's foundation for scale in his four-year tenure.  Today we talk about his thoughts on B2B marketing and how to get started today. He built the initial marketing organization at Drift, which now boasts 500+ employees; created the brand's keynote annual event, HYPERGROWTH; and co-wrote the best-selling book that launched the category, Conversational Marketing. His impact on the company laid its foundation for rapid growth, which was recognized by Deloitte in 2020, when Drift ranked No. 6 on its Technology Fast 500 List for 35,474 percent revenue growth from 2016-2019. Gerhardt is also the founder of Dave Gerhardt Marketing Group (DGMG) and runs a community of over 3,000 marketers.  Be sure to check out Dave on Twitter: @davegerhardt. Want to hear about new episodes? Subscribe via email and check us out on Twitter: @TheNextGenPod
2/16/202233 minutes, 14 seconds
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#54 — How to start a marketing agency and build multi million dollar DTC eComm businesses — Zach Stuck

Zach Stuck spent several years working for a digital agency before deciding to go out and start an agency of his own, Homestead Studio. Today we’re talking with Zach about paid social tactics that are working for his clients and the system process Zach uses to ensure both his clients, and his agency, can be successful. Highlights: - How Zach went from working at an agency to starting his own. - Resources Zach used to help a client grow from zero to a million $ in their first year. - Common paid social misconceptions Zach hears from his clients. - What’s working in paid social right now and how to successfully approach dynamic creative testing. - Value-based lookalike audiences and how to easily start using them. - Crucial steps for successfully onboarding new clients and building a strong ongoing relationship. - The challenges with growing an agency and how finding clients who are the right fit is key to success. - How Zach’s avoiding the churn and burn that happens so often to agencies. Be sure to check out Zach on Twitter: @zachmstuck Want to hear about new episodes? Subscribe via email and check us out on Twitter: @TheNextGenPod
2/9/202254 minutes, 54 seconds
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#53 – $30,000,000 by 30 From An Instagram Agency to Cold Email Mastery – Daniel Fazio

Have you been burning through your money to spend it on ads that barely convert? Disappointed with the leads you’ve been getting or the lack thereof? To help you turn things around with your marketing strategy, Daniel Fazio, also known as the Cold Email Wizard, is here to teach you how to successfully sell your services and make money through cold emails. Daniel’s only in his mid-20’s, yet he’s already launched five software companies and taught over 4,000 students the Cold Email Mastery Framework. How effective is Daniel’s Cold Email Mastery course? Well, his students have generated a whopping S4 million dollars just by following his tips and tricks, which you can do too. Apart from cold emails, Daniel is also an expert at scraping emails off Instagram and crafting video sales letters, landing pages, and videos that will get you buyers, which he offers altogether in one course or individually too. In this episode, he also talks about how his career began and how he eventually went from being an employee to becoming a founder of five software companies. He also shares with us his advice for young entrepreneurs, how he manages his time, who his mentors are, and so much more. You won’t want to miss this. Quotes from this episode: ● “I only make products that solve issues that a past version of myself once had.” (2:25) ● “Follower accounts do not correlate with income.” (17:58) ● “You're a salesman, but did you generate the lead? Did you make the team that does the fulfillment? Did you make the ads that brought the lead?” (26:15) ● “The best way to learn something is to look at real world examples.” (50:36) ● “There’s only two situations where you should use cold email.” (57:50) -Daniel Fazio Don’t miss: ● The beginning of Daniel’s career (3:36) ● How Daniel created five booming software companies (12:56) ● Daniel debunking misconceptions about young entrepreneurs (22:20) ● How Daniel manages his time among his businesses (34:55) ● The most useful skills to have according to Daniel (45:50) ● What you need to do to improve your cold emails and get clients (57:43) Find out more about Daniel’s courses here: Connect with Daniel here: Twitter: Instagram:
2/2/20221 hour, 6 minutes, 32 seconds
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#52 – How To Build A Local Media Company, Getting Off Autopilot, Creating Wealth Goals – Ryan Sneddon

When you get a newsletter in the email, are you likely to open it? Maybe yes, maybe no. Well, there is actually power in the newsletter, and this is evidenced by Ryan Sneddon, a 20-something who founded Naptown Scoop, a hyperlocal newsletter in Annapolis, MD. On his Twitter, Ryan shares that he sent his first Naptown Scoop newsletter to just 60 people. After a year, he was sending it to over 6,000 people with more and more people being added every day. More than just adding daily subscribers, it also matters whether people open and read his newsletter. As a testament to his company’s growth, Ryan shares how a high percentage of his readers actually do open and read his newsletter. Despite expecting a low turnout of readers before Christmas 2021, they were pleasantly surprised that their Dec. 22 newsletter received nearly 6,000 unique impressions. With the success Ryan’s achieved, he talks about how he made that possible and his goals for the future. Listen to this episode to find out more. Quotes from this episode: ●  “I think you have to forget ‘normal.’ If you want a not normal life, and you can't think normal like everybody else.” (12:52) ●  “The key for any referral program is to make your first prize free, actually free, but still really desirable.” (40:57) ●  “There are no personal businesses on the internet. It's the internet. That's the beauty of it. It's a massive scale. But if you do a little bit of personal touch, it's a cheat code.” (44:23) ●  “I think it's important to know that money, I don't think it will make you happy… If you're not happy before you have it, you won't be happy when you get it.” (57:10) -Ryan Sneddon Don’t miss: ●  Ryan’s Naptown Scoop newsletter (7:03) ●  The Instagram and Twitter algorithms (24:41) ●  Newsletter statistics (37:02) ●  Ryan’s next goals (46:49) ●  An eye-opening moment (54:28) Check our Ryan’s newsletter here: Connect with Ryan here: Twitter:
1/28/20221 hour, 3 minutes, 40 seconds
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#51 – Rohan Gilkes – Creating 4 Million Dollar Companies, Bootstrapping, Should You Work For Someone Else?

On Today's Mentor series we have on Rohan Gilkes. Rohan has self coined the nickname the Bootstrapped Stuntman because he has grown over 4 different businesses to doing $1M+/year and has done it across several categories like Software, E-commerce, even Service Businesses like Maid Cleaning. Let us know what you think on Twitter @c_gro and @gio__aa
1/17/202218 minutes, 8 seconds
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#50 - Crazy Cashflow From RV Rentals, House Hacking, Duplexes - Robert Leonard

Today we chat with Robert Leonard on a few different topics. We cover: - How to make money investing in RV rentals  - Getting your first house hack  - Building a successful podcast - And much more Checkout what Roberts up to by searching millennial investing on your favorite podcast player and follow him on twitter
1/12/20221 hour, 32 seconds
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#49 – Andrew Gazdecki – Should You Bootstrap, How To Send The Perfect Cold Email, Advice From 8-Figure Exit Founder

Today's episode of the mentor series is with Andrew Gazdecki. Andrew is the CEO of MicroAcquire, an online marketplace that makes selling your business as easy as possible. Basically the Zillow for businesses. Andrew started one of his first companies in 2010 called, Bizness Apps, while still in college, he grew it to 10M in annual recurring revenue with over 100 employees before selling it for 8 figures. If you enjoyed today's podcast, let us know on twitter @c_gro and @gio__aa
1/6/202222 minutes, 9 seconds
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Podcast Update: Introducing The Mentor Series

With the goal of becoming the #1 show for entrepreneurs in their 20's, we are announcing the mentor series. Have a guest recommendation? Tweet at @c_gro or @gio_aa on twitter.
1/3/20222 minutes, 53 seconds
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#47 - $5M+ Per Year Installing Floors And The Path To A Billion - Furkan Yuce

Today we talk with Furkan Yuce on how he has created an extremely successful flooring business. We cover a lot of ground in this episode including: - Finding Contractors  - Winning Bids  - Managing remote teams - And much more You can follow Furkan on twitter at
12/22/202158 minutes, 14 seconds
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#46 – Alex Garcia – How to Build a Media Business In 2021, Digital Products, Using Your Job To Accelerate Side Hustles,& Optimizing Life With Notion

On today's episode we have Alex Garcia (@alexgarcia_atx on twitter) We discuss: • How to organize your life in Notion • Building a modern day Media Business • Placing Small Bets • Using Internet Leverage • How to get 100k twitter followers  and so much more. If you liked today's podcast, be sure to leave a 5 ⭐️ review!
12/15/20211 hour, 1 minute, 27 seconds
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#45 - Accidentally Building an 18 Company PE firm, Best Business Models for Cashflow - Sam Thompson

Today we chat with Sam Thompson. Sam has one of the most overwhelming resumes we've ever seen. He manages to run multiple profitable companies, create content, and scale out all of his businesses at the same time. We cover a lot in this episode  Sams two favorite non service based businesses for cash flow  How he started and sold a company within 3 weeks Building a no code project and how they work and so much more Checkout Sams community and follow him on twitter @ImSamThompson
12/8/20211 hour, 13 minutes, 5 seconds
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#44 – How We Made $422k in 90 days – Storage Deal Update

On today's episode we are going to run through an update on the storage deal from episode #34. We break down: 1) The math behind the storage deal we acquired in September and how real estate cap rates work 2) The horror stories of running the facility to date 3) Our plan for the next few months If you liked it, let us know by tweeting at us at @c_gro and @gio__aa
11/24/202123 minutes, 46 seconds
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#43 - Dickie Bush – Creating Ship30For30, Teaching 1,000s How To Write Online, Mental Models on Life

Today we chat with Dickie Bush who co-founded the popular Ship 30 For 30 online course. He's helped over 2,500 become better writers, was a D1 athlete at Princeton and currently works full-time at one of the largest asset management firms in the world.  You can find him on twitter at We chat about  - How he learned to become an effective writer so quickly - Building well developed product - Using leverage and efficiency to get things done
11/12/20211 hour, 1 minute, 50 seconds
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#42 – This 24 Year Old Sold His Business For $5,000,000 & Started A New Million Dollar Business 7 Days Later, Jon Rivera

On today's episode we sit down with Jonathan Rivera who has sold a $5M animal control business and has since started a new attic insulation business. You can follow him on Twitter @JonathanMRivera We talk about: • How Jon got his start in entrepreneurship • How he sold his business for $5M • What's next in the future Enjoy and please leave a review if you enjoyed todays episode.
11/3/202153 minutes
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#41 - How To Build Three Businesses That Grow Each Other, Hitting $10M+ - Matt Schroeder, 26

Special Offer for today's listeners: Get a $0.99 copy of Opting In To Optimization by The Good, to learn how to optimize your e-commerce store today. Checkout for your $0.99 book. Today we chat with Matt Schroeder on how he's build three business that all build off of one another We discuss  - Selling millions of t-shirts while giving back  - Starting a 3PL and screen printing business  - Other SMB ideas Follow Matt on twitter And let us know what you thought about today's episode @c_gro or @gio_aa
10/27/202158 minutes, 53 seconds
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#40 – Making 50k in Income Every Month, Building a $100M Short Term Rentals Portfolio, Automating SMB Operations with Liam Kircher

Today's episode is brought to you by Lemon – visit to get 15% off your first 4 weeks with one of their developers. On today's episode we sit down with Liam Kircher to chat through how he started his commercial cleaning business and scaled it to where it is today. We walk through his plan to build a $100M short term rental management company, and so much more. Follow Liam on Twitter @LiamKircher and let us know what you thought about today's episode @c_gro or @gio_aa
10/20/202153 minutes, 8 seconds
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#39 - How To Sell $3M+ Of Bracelets & Launch a Coffee Brand - Chad Ross

Today We chat with Chad Ross on: - Scaling a 7 figure company  - The importance of branding - Best business models to start generating cash flow  Follow Ross on twitter Share your thoughts with us on twitter @gio__aa  and @c_gro To learn more about our sponsor, visit 
10/13/202148 minutes, 35 seconds
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#38 – How A 23 Year Old Makes $100k/Month Flipping Nike Products On Amazon

Today we chat with Flips 4 Miles on how he went from 200 shoes in his dorm room to flipping over 100k of product every month on Amazon. We talk about: - How to get started flipping products - Who Miles looks up to - How to create equity in your business You can find Miles on twitter You can find his discord group at Share your thoughts with us on twitter @gio__aa  and @c_gro To learn more about our sponsor, Praxis, register for a program workshop at
10/7/202143 minutes, 18 seconds
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#37 – Bryant Suellentrop – $15K Per Month From Commercial Cleaning, How To Hire & Use VA's, Controlling Your Own Destiny

Today we chat with Bryant Suellentrop on how he started a commercial cleaning business during covid.  - Scaling to $15K in recurring revenue - How to hire and use VA's - Being in control of your own destiny You can find Bryant on twitter You can find his discord group at Share your thoughts with us on twitter @gio__aa  and @c_gro To learn more about our sponsor, Praxis, register for a program workshop at
9/29/202151 minutes, 19 seconds
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#36 – Jeremy LaBahn – 500k Wedding Rental Business, Building A Hold Co, Buying Service Businesses

On today's episode we have serial entrepreneur Jeremy LaBahn from Wonder Companies. Jeremy has started a wedding rental business, moving business, home staging business and more. We discuss the economics behind these local businesses, and why Jeremy is interested in buying businesses instead of building them from scratch. Share your thoughts with us on twitter @gio__aa  and @c_gro with your thoughts on this episode. @JeremyLaBahn To learn more about our sponsor, Praxis, register for a program workshop at
9/22/202159 minutes, 53 seconds
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#35 - Danny Miranda - Becoming your 2.0 Version & Getting High Profile Guests

On todays episode we chat with Danny Miranda. Danny is also a podcast machine with over 150 episodes and some crazy guests like Gary Vaynerchuk. We cover a lot of ground in this episode.  - How to become the 2.0 version of yourself - How he gets high profile guests on his show  - Books that will change your life  - and much more You can find Danny on  - Twitter - - Podcast - - Youtube -
9/15/202151 minutes, 52 seconds
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#34 – Why We Just Bought A $400,000 Self Storage Facility In Texas (In 7 Days)

Sorry for skipping last weeks episode! Here's a little sneak peek into what we were up to instead. Btw, wish @gio__aa Happy Birthday on twitter.
9/8/202110 minutes, 43 seconds
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#33 – Corey Nicholson – Building a 500k E-commerce Brand in 10 months at 20 years old

On today's episode we sit down with Corey Nicholson (@coreynceo) to break down how he launched his brand, Peachy Shapewear ( Corey talks about why he dropped out of college after only 4 days, how he got into e-commerce and built a knee brace company before moving into Peachy Shapewear, how to go viral on Tiktok, and even shares his plans for the future of the company and himself personally.
8/27/202157 minutes, 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

#32 - Paul Benigeri - Scaling Past $10M+ With Influencers

On todays episode we chat with Paul Benigeri from We discuss A step by step playbook for brands to use influencers  How Paul started Scaling past $10M+ using influencers  And much more You can connect with Paul on twitter and check out at
8/19/202157 minutes, 57 seconds
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#31 – Branick Weix – Drone Photography, Selling Pumpkins Online, Raising Millions For SaaS & Scaling Through Facebook Groups

On today's episode we sit down with Branick Weix, Founder of Aryeo ( Branick breaks down how he started his first business back in high school doing drone photography, how he pivoted into e-commerce and finally how he was able to raise $3.5 M for his latest company, Aryeo. If you enjoyed todays episode, please be sure to review and subscribe to the podcast and let us know on twitter @c_gro or @gio__aa See you guys next week!
8/12/202150 minutes, 20 seconds
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#30 Zach Pogrob - $50K Per Month In Photo Booth Rentals and How To Start One

Today on the podcast we have Zach Pogrob.  Zach runs a lot of different projects and businesses. His most lucrative is which does Photo Booth rentals on Long Island. He also creates exceptional content on instagram @bahaviorhack and his substack We covered a lot on this episode - Scaling event rentals to $50k per month - Getting 100k+ Instagram followers  - Other profitable ideas to start 
8/4/20211 hour, 2 minutes, 48 seconds
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#29 – Corey Haines – Building Paid Communities, Brainstorming Membership Site Ideas, Quitting Your Job, Economics of Inflatable Movie Theaters

On today’s episode Corey Haines, Founder of shares with us how he got started creating and growing Swipe Files into a membership site that makes several thousand dollars every month. Corey shares exactly how: He’d start over from 0 today His favorite niches to start a community in and why How much $$$ he paid for domain Why he’s bullish on businesses like this If you love the episode and want to check out more of what Corey is working on, head on over to or follow Corey on twitter @coreyhainesco . Get 50% off with the code THENEXTGENERATION.
7/28/20211 hour, 28 minutes, 53 seconds
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#28 – Craig Curelop – 28 – Buying 20 Rental Units, House Hacking, Building A Brokerage, Financial Freedom, Buying Real Estate In 2021

On todays episode we sit down with Craig Curelop to discuss his path towards financial freedom through real estate. Craig currently owners 14 rental units in the Denver area and 6 single family properties in North Carolina. Craig also runs his own brokerage at the and puts out a ton of content on instagram @thefiguy. Craig shares with us how he got started on his first deal and how people in their 20's can also get started without needing much money down.' And you enjoyed today's episode let us know on Twitter @c_gro and @gio__aa
7/22/202144 minutes, 13 seconds
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#27 - Failed Businesses That Cost Us Thousands & 3 Business Ideas You Can Steal

On todays episode Gio and Connor discuss projects they've started that didn't go as planned. Why some of them failed, why they were started, and lessons learned. They also chat about different business ideas that are interesting and could be worth pursuing.  Don't forget to subscribe and leave a review.
7/12/202148 minutes, 59 seconds
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#26 - Jake Thomas - How Writing About Golden Retrievers Makes You $5,000 Per Month

For anyone looking to start an online business, this is a great episode.  We chat with Jake Thomas on how we went from no experience in SEO to generating $5k per month with We learn his strategy for coming up with new content, discovering profitable niches and much more.   And the best part? He spent almost no money. You can stay up to date with Jake by following him on twitter
6/30/202158 minutes
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#25 – Josh Belinsky on Scaling A DTC Milk Brand from $0 to 3,500+ stores at 26.

Josh Belinsky grabs the mic today to chat about he went from lactose intolerant to running Slate Milk, a beverage brand in over 3,500 stores with 20 grams of protein and 0 grams of sugar. They’ve been seen on everything from Kickstarter to Sharktank to some of the biggest stores in the world. We sit down to chat about: How they even figured out how to make milk How they think about using Kickstarter How they do influencer outreach all the way to getting the US Bobsled team to want to sponsor their brand What Josh sees for the brand in the next 10 years. If you like the podcast, be sure to leave a review and let us know what you thought!
6/24/202156 minutes, 57 seconds
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#24 - Should You Get A Job After College?

On today’s episode, we answer the question “Should You Get A Job After College”? We break down the financial risk of not getting a job, share stories of why Connor got a job for 5 weeks before quitting, how to structure your days if you chose entrepreneurship, and more. Let us know what you thought of today's episode.  Don't forget to subscribe.
6/19/202118 minutes, 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

#23 – Joseph Lee – On Building A $5M+ Company, Losing 90% of Revenue Overnight, Dropping Out of College, And Shifting Business Models

Joseph Lee is the co-founder of Freshline, an e-commerce platform for food suppliers and retailers. Joseph is a serial entrepreneur who first got his start at only 14 years old. He’s not 26 and has been through Tech Stars, Thiel Fellowship, and a pandemic that shut down 90% of his customers overnight. We chat with Joe about the benefits of starting small projects before your first company, why he dropped out in his last semester of university, and the resiliency to keep growing Freshline during COVID-19. Follow along with Joseph at his blog or on Linkedin here:
6/16/202152 minutes, 35 seconds
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#22 - How A 22 Year Old Convinced A Dozen Millionaires To Buy Him a $100,000 Business - Daniel Scott Mitchell

Today we chat with Daniel Scott Mitchell.  We discuss: How he persuaded 14 millionaires to give me $100,000 to buy a SAAS company.  The business he bought and his plans for growth  His insanely effective cold outreach Strategy You can check out the resume he sent here
6/11/20211 hour, 5 minutes, 42 seconds
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#21 – Lyn Chen – 22 Year Old Serial Entrepreneur, Thiel Fellow & YC Alumni, Tips On Building A World Class Network And Getting Your First 1,000 Customers

On todays episode we have on Lyn Chen who is a 22 year old serial entrepreneur who went from starting Tuf Candy to being the COO of LayerCI – a software product that helps developers build web apps faster. Lyn is also a recipient of the Theil Fellowship and took her business through YCombinator as well. On todays episode we learn about the story of Layer CI got started, how Lyn learns new skills, how she builds a world class network, got here first 1,000 users, & how she comes up with new business ideas.
6/4/202147 minutes, 1 second
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#20 – Quinn Miller - 27 Year Old Building A Vending Machine Empire

Quin Miller is a 27-year-old businessman who has built an empire of… vending machines. You heard that right. Vending machines. It’s a surprisingly lucrative way to make money as evidenced by the fact that Quin rakes in thousands of dollars every month. Who knew you could make so much money off of vending machines? In this episode, Quin gives us a rundown of his background and how he started his career out, what led him to leave his job, and what inspired him to get into the vending machine business. He also talks about the money-making aspect of vending machines, the importance of cold calling, and how the vending machine business is actually an inexpensive method of earning money and it doesn’t even require that much capital! If you’re looking for a business venture or possibly a side hustle, then you’ll want to listen to Quin and his tips for you on how to get started on your vending machine business! Quotes from this episode: “When I started making calls on the vending side, it was just a local sale, and I realized, “Hey, I can do really well on this… I'm just going to bet on myself.” (9:38) “I would recommend getting into sales and learning some processes and then jumping in entrepreneurship.” (13:35) “We're talking about growing corporate versus entrepreneur. Those are lessons that you learn a lot in corporate… A lot of people, they don't get that. They miss that fuse, and that stuff is important. If somebody calls you and you missed the call, you lost that business forever, especially on an SMB side. ” (26:58) “The general rule of thumb that I say to people is buy nice, offer low.” (32:53) -Quin Miller Don’t miss: Quin’s entrepreneurial journey (3:09) Joining a company or starting a business right after college: Quin’s advice (11:23) Vending machines: cost, profit, margins, and more (28:08) What it means to remove yourself from the business (37:36) How to grow your Twitter following (46:40) Connect with Quin here: Twitter
5/26/202157 minutes, 15 seconds
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#19 - McKenzie Bauer - 29 Year Old Building Thread Wallets From 0 To A $10M+ Company

McKenzie and her husband Colby gave themselves six months after graduating college to build a company. Within a few years, they had millions in sales and over 28 employees. McKenzie lays out her playbook on how Thread Wallets scaled form 0 to 8 figures in revenue with no outside funding. She discusses different sales channels, marketing tactics, and strategies. If you’re interested in building a strong online brand with diverse revenue streams, you’ll love this episode.
5/19/202157 minutes, 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

#18 - John Wilson - $10M+ Buying & Scaling Home Services Businesses

What’s up everybody, we have an awesome episode today on scaling and buying home service businesses. We chat with John Wilson who is on track to hit $10 Million in revenue this year with his companies. After buying out his fathers plumbing business, John has been acquiring up other home service companies. We dive into exactly how he’s done this and some of the struggle along the way. If you like this episode, don’t forget to subscribe. Follow John on twitter to stay updated on what he's doing
5/12/202154 minutes, 57 seconds
Episode Artwork

#17 – The Easiest Side Hustle To Start (Without A Lot Of Money)

On today’s episode Connor and Gio sit down to discuss their opinion on the easiest way to make money on the internet without needing to invest a lot of cash up front. They walk through why it’s the best opportunity, how to approach starting one, and even share how they bought a business like this last year. If you enjoyed today’s episode please let us know on twitter at @TheNextGenPod
5/7/202128 minutes, 32 seconds
Episode Artwork

#16 – Nikita Kopotun – 26 Year Old Bootstrapping A $65 Million Dollar Business

On today’s episode we sit down with Nikita Kopotun from Juniper. Nikita has one of the coolest stories we’ve heard yet. He went from dreams of being a professional ballet dancer, to study physics to eventually deciding he wanted to go all in on being an entrepreneur when he started Juniper which is on track to hit $65M in revenue this year. On today’s episode we discuss things like how Juniper got started, how Nikita approaches learning new things, and how he got out of a depressive state and the steps he takes to stay happy. Enjoy!
5/5/20211 hour, 5 minutes, 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

#15 - Cody Davis - 21 With 30 Apartments, Turning $3k Into Millions

Today we speak with Cody Davis. He’s only 21 but already owns 30 apartment units. We dive into exactly how he has done this at such a young age. Starting with less than 3 thousand dollars he’s managed to buy millions of dollars worth of real estate. We learn how he structures his deals, and also discuss tips and tricks for anyone else looking to get into real estate. This episode is packed with a ton of valuable content so stick around. Don't forget to subscribe and leave a review if you liked this episode
4/28/202144 minutes, 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

#14 – Johnny Robinson Growing $150 to a $700,000 Window Cleaning Business

On today's episode we sit down with Johnny Robinson. Unlike some of our past episodes where we’ve brought on Software CEO’s or professional race car drivers, Johnny has had a lot of success at only 22 years old doing something that isn’t exactly what you would call glamorous. Johnny spent $150 his freshman year of college to buy a bucket, a squeegee and some gear, and now he and his partner are running window cleaning business on track to do $700,000 this year.
4/21/202158 minutes, 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

#13 – How We Started, Built & Sold Cardly

Today we are sharing the untold story of how Connor & Giovanni met. From freshman year of college to selling Cardly last year, we dove into all of the stories (even the ones we've never told publicly before). If you liked today's episode, let us know on twitter! It's @c_gro or @gio__aa – We'll do more episodes like this in the future if you enjoyed it.
4/14/20211 hour, 9 minutes, 45 seconds
Episode Artwork

#12 – Danielle Diamond – Starting A 6 Figure Agency, What Most Brands Get Wrong About Creative, Operating Camera Robots

On today's episode we sit down with Danielle Diamond. Danielle has started Epiq Media and is regarded as one of the leading creatives in B2B and social content today, I've directed content for companies like Drift, Privy, DGMG, User Interviews, Boundless, NYSHEX, Snapchat, Rosetta Stone, Vicks, King, Zenni Optical, Adidas, Tampax, Vicks and more. Her work has contributed to 30M+ organic views, 500K+ followers, and over $250M in funding and revenue. If you enjoyed today's episode, please subscribe to the podcast and tweet at us @c_gro and @gio__aa with your thoughts.
3/31/202150 minutes, 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

#11 – Aaron Spivak – $50M In Sleep Accessories, Party Buses, and Juice Stores

Today we speak with Aaron Spivak. He’s the cofounder of hush blankets. They are on track to do $50 million this year selling weighted blankets and sleep accessories. Before hush blankets, Aaron ran one of the most popular party bus companies in Canada, and also launched a successful retail fruit juice business that is still doing well with multiples locations. We dive into a lot of awesome topics. So stick around and don't forget to subscribe and leave a review if you liked today’s episode.
3/24/20211 hour, 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

#10 – Alex Wieckowski – Lessons Learned Reading Over 200 Books & Getting Over 120k followers

On today’s episode we sit down with Alex Wieckowski also known as Alex and Books. Alex is 26 years old but has already read over 200 books in his lifetime and at the time of the recording has over 120,000 followers on social media across instagram twitter tiktok and more. On today’s episode we talk about Alex’s favorite books, how to be a better reader, and strategies on how someone can go from 0 to 100k followers on social media. Let us know what you think about the episode by leaving a review below and hitting up Gio or myself on twitter. Now, please enjoy the episode!
3/17/202146 minutes, 45 seconds
Episode Artwork

#09 – Aurora Straus - 22 - Youngest Professional Race Car Driver On Breaking Into Male Dominated Industries and Other Obstacles at 200 MPH

On today's episode we chat with Aurora Straus. Aurora is a full time student at Harvard University and also one of the youngest professional race car drivers. When she’s not winning races or taking exams, she’s running Girls with Drive which helps young women break into male dominated industries. We talk with Aurora about her experience learning to drive at the age of 13, the intense training that goes into preparing for a competition, and the best way for people to get started in racing.
3/10/20211 hour, 6 minutes, 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

#08 Hayes Canupp – 21 Year Old Selling $1M Of Custom Jerseys From His College Dorm Room

On today's episode we sit down with Hayes Canupp, a senior at University of Tennessee Knoxville. Hayes has grown his brand Jersey Bird into a 7-figure brand without spending a single dollar on Facebook ads. We talk about how Hayes is using TikTok influencers to explode his brand, why he left his internship on the second day, and what he wants to be working on in the future. By the way if you want to get a jersey for 50% off, use the code NEXTGEN50 on . If you enjoyed today's episode, let us know in the reviews below!
3/3/202142 minutes, 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

#07 Michael Martocci – From Dropping Out To Running An 8-Figure Company, Meeting Richard Branson & Living With An NFL Player For A Year

On today’s episode we sit down with the CEO of SwagUp, Michael Martocci. Michael talks about how he decided to leave school to pursue his entrepreneurial passion, how he started SwagUp, what it was like living with an NFL player for a year, which business he’d be working on if he wasn’t full time on SwagUp, and more. If you enjoyed the episode be sure to subscribe to the pod and let us know what you think in the reviews below.
2/24/20211 hour, 7 minutes, 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

#06 Greg Meade - $10M+ Per Year, CEO of CROSSNET On Inventing A Sport And Scaling an 8-figure brand

On today's episode Giovanni and Connor sit down with Greg Meade, the CEO of CROSSNET. The worlds first first 4-square volleyball set. Greg is also the cofounder of Glunt, a glass blunt product company. Today we talk through how Greg started CROSSNET, how they hire their team, and how they've been scaling their company to a $10+ million company in only 3 years. We hope you enjoy!
2/17/202140 minutes, 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

#05 Joe Zanca – Learning How To Sell, Building A Nation-Wide Storage & Moving Business

On todays episode we sit down with Joe Zanca and dive deep into his company, OnDemand Storage. Joe is 28 years old and has been running On Demand Storage for the past 4 years growing it into a nation-wide brand. We talk about everything from Joe's tips to selling better, the numbers behind OnDemand Storage, and how Joe would go about making money if he was just graduating from college again. If you loved the episode please subscribe and toss a review on the podcast. 
2/10/202157 minutes, 26 seconds
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#04 Davis Clute – 26 Year Old Building $25M Amazon Business + China Importing Stories

On today's episode we sit down with Davis Clute. Davis is the co-founder of Hiccapop, an Amazon FBA brand doing just under $25M a year in revenue. Davis and his co-founders started this brand just years ago and using Amazon FBA have grown it into an 8-figure brand. Connor and Giovanni sit down with Davis to talk about how he got started, learn stories from him importing thousands of products, and what his plans are for the future. If you enjoy today's episode please be sure to subscribe to the podcast and leave us a review.
2/3/20211 hour, 9 minutes, 28 seconds
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#03 Ari Lewis – Starting A Crypto Hedge Fund, Building An Audience, The Future Of The Creator Economy

On today’s episode we sit down with Ari Lewis. Ari is the co-founder of Brandstreet, an online community connecting brand builders from across the internet. Before Brandstreet, Ari helped start a crypto hedge fund that grew to over 10 million in AUM. Ari shares his thoughts on growing an audience, where the creator economy is heading, why he’s bullish on cities like Cleveland and so much more. Be sure to subscribe to The Next Generation so you never miss an episode with interesting and successful 20-somethings. If you enjoyed the show, please be sure to leave us a review as well!
1/27/202147 minutes, 29 seconds
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#02 Nick Nanakos – Growing A Software Business, Dropping Out Of College, Future of Ghost Kitchens

On todays episode we interview Nick Nanakos. Nick is 24 years old and the CEO of TruckBux. Truckbux is a mobile app that makes discovering and buying from Food Trucks dead simple. On today's episode Nick talks about how COVID-19 impacted the food truck industry and growth for TruckBux, why he decided to drop out of Drexel to go full time on TruckBux, and where the future of ghost kitchens is heading.
1/20/202154 minutes, 10 seconds
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#01 Ryan Lange – 240 Mile Ultra Runner & Entrepreneur

On the first episode of the Next Generation, we brought on Ryan Lange. Ryan is 23 years old and the youngest person to ever run the MOAB 240, a 240 mile endurance race. Ryan has competed in several ultra marathons since; while Ryan isn't running he is building his hydration pack company, Gen Z. In today's episode we talk about Ryan's mindset, diet, approach to product design, and his goals for the future. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast and leave a review if you're enjoying the show!
1/10/202145 minutes, 48 seconds
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The Next Generation is a podcast that brings on the most successful 20-somethings for weekly interviews. We talk about how they got there, how they did it so young, and what their plans are for the future. Make sure to subscribe so you are up to date on all future episodes when they are released. Have a guest who you want to hear from? Tweet at Connor & Gio on twitter at @c_gro and @gio__aa , or just follow along for all of the updates on the podcast and the businesses they are starting. 
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