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Can an Open Source Foundation Fix Continuous Delivery Pipelines?

The choice of cloud native development tools and platform options have grown exponentially during the past couple of years. But with such a wide range of choices comes uncertainty, and sadly, confusion in many cases when deciding which option represents the best fit for software production pipelines. Chris Aniszczyk, CTO of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and vice president of developer relations at the Linux Foundation, recently described the state of affairs in the cloud native landscape where there are “at least 20 to 30 tools out there, and it’s constantly growing, with a mix of startups and cloud providers, as “an opportune time amongst vendors and users to bring sanity to this space.” Much of this much-needed “sanity” involves the availability of common standards for continuous delivery (CD). To this end, the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) was created to foster collaboration for deployments using Jenkins, Jenkins X, Spinnaker and Tekton. During this podcast episode of The New Stack @ Scale series, Alex Williams, founder and editor-in-chief of The New Stack, discussed CDF’s mission and what the development community can expect. The podcast discussions recorded at the Open Source Leadership Summit also covered hopes, as well as concerns, about what such a foundation might represent. Other speakers, in addition to Aniszczyk, included: Matt Klein, a software engineer at Lyft and creator of the Envoy Proxy; Kit Merker, vice president of business development, at JFrog; Dan Lorenc, a software engineer on Google’s Cloud Platform; Kim (Vogt) Lewandowski, a Google product manager.
5/16/201926 minutes, 42 seconds
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‘Fork and Commoditize’ — GitLab CEO on the Threat of the Hyper-Clouds

GitLab exemplifies, in many ways, what is possible in the open source world. Created from scratch with the goal of solving a problem — in this case, how to offer developers a collaborative software platform; GitLab exemplifies the mind and spirit of the open source community. But in the fast-changing world of software development and as tech giants Google, Amazon and Microsoft seek to redefine how software is made and distributed with unparalleled capital resources, open source enterprises face many challenges and threats — some of which border on the existential for many projects. During this first podcast episode in the relaunched The New Stack @ Scale series, hosted by Alex Williams, founder and editor-in-chief of The New Stack and recorded during the Open Source Leadership Summit; Sid Sijbrandij, co-founder and CEO, of GitLab, discussed the state of development open source development today. He also discussed emerging threats, such as those posed by the hypercloud model and what many say is the menace of what Sijbrandij describes as Amazon AWS’s “fork and commoditize” strategy.
4/17/201914 minutes, 5 seconds
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Show 12: Has the Go Language Become Cloud Native?

In this episode of The New Stack at Scale, we explore the ways in which today’s developers must think when working in the cloud, the differences in static and dynamic programming languages, and how Go has found its niche in today’s container-based infrastructures. The New Stack’s Scott Fulton and co-host Fredric Paul, Editor in Chief at New Relic sat down with New Relic Product Manager Victor Soares, New Relic Product Marketing Manager Neha Duggal, Red Hat Principal Software Engineer Vincent Batts, and New Relic Lead Software Engineer Chris Haupt to get their thoughts.
9/6/201631 minutes, 9 seconds
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Show 11: Implementing Best Practices for Agility at Scale

In this episode of The New Stack at Scale embedded below, we explore how HyperDev is lowering the barriers to building scalable applications, why Rocana prioritizes showing enterprises how to build a better infrastructure, balancing agility across distributed teams, and how today’s developers and operations teams are using agile practices to meet the needs of today’s high-scale applications. The New Stack Founder Alex Williams and co-host New Relic Editor-in-Chief Fredric Paul sat down with Rocana CTO Eric Sammer and HyperDev Lead at Fog Creek software Daniel X. Moore for an in-depth discussion on these topics and more.
7/28/201635 minutes, 53 seconds
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Show 10: Mobile Application Monitoring

In this episode of The New Stack at Scale is all about application monitoring. The New Stack Founder Alex Williams sat down with Charity Majors, one of the original developers of the Parse mobile platform, a technology that was acquired by Facebook. They are joined by Tori Wieldt, a developer advocated for New Relic and with Fredric Paul, Editor-in-Chief at New Relic.
6/23/201640 minutes, 20 seconds