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The New Rules of Business

English, Finance, 4 seasons, 40 episodes, 19 hours, 42 minutes
How do you lead when “business as usual” has gone out the window? Enter The New Rules of Business, by Chief. Chief Co-Founders Carolyn Childers and Lindsay Kaplan tackle the nuanced questions facing executives today — alongside world-renowned business leaders and academics like Diane von Furstenberg, Cindy Gallop, Ben and Jerry, and Frances Frei.
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Why Executives Should Start Asking, “How Are You, Really?”

Eighty seven percent want mental health support from their employers — and not just through policy. Beyond expensive benefits, the answer to solving the mental health crisis in offices today could be asking one simple question. On this episode, Carolyn and Lindsay talk to Amy Gilliland, President of General Dynamics Information Technology, about how she radically changed the conversation on mental health in the defense industry and how executives need to act now — before it’s too late.
1/24/202327 minutes, 23 seconds