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English, Education, 2 seasons, 71 episodes, 1 day, 18 hours, 58 minutes
Angela and Eian discuss life and how to deal with what it throws at you. Each week is a new topic and we hope you join us.
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Holding Space

We have all had that moment when we need to speak to someone. We don't need their judgment or suggestions. We need them to sit with us and listen. This week we are talking about holding space for others.
3/29/202334 minutes, 35 seconds
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Truma Responses

This week we are talking about how we respond to trauma. It comes in different forms and has a different effect on each of us.
3/10/202349 minutes, 16 seconds
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We have all met them - they are the best and you will never have the life that they have. Narcissists are a personality type that is overly aggressive and manipulating. This week we are talking about how to spot them and to share our experiences with them
2/15/202348 minutes, 24 seconds
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2022's word or the year is how we are starting of 2023. This week we are talking about Gaslighting. There are ways to recognize and deal with this when it happens to you.
1/18/202326 minutes, 18 seconds
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Burnout Fatigue Syndrome

Are you feeling tired? Lost all motivation? Just had enough of everything? Feel like you've bottomed out? Let's explore why it's not depression but instead could be Burnout Fatigue Syndrome.
4/20/202224 minutes, 13 seconds
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Spring cleaning that cerebellum

Spring is finally here! Lets get going on spring cleaning that brain! Say what???  cleaning the brain?? YEP!  Angela discusses ways to get your mind ready to take on the new challenges life is bringing your way! she offers tips that will bring you peace of mind and get rid of the old junk cluttering that mind!      
3/30/202218 minutes, 30 seconds
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Angela is back! She talks about the major swerve life just sent her way and how reflecting back on previous episodes and life lessons helped her gain fresh perspective! 
2/23/202217 minutes, 43 seconds
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EP101: Good Tidings of SAD

Angela is excited to be back! She discusses being away, where the show is heading and begins the discussion on SAD as the fall season approaches.
10/15/202110 minutes, 5 seconds
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Show and Format Updates

Today we are announcing some show changes for a bit.  Eian is stepping away due to some work obligations for a while.  The New Day Podcast will continue but with some changes to the format.
8/18/20213 minutes, 17 seconds
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Shame and Guilt

Believe it or not, shame and guilt- while they are similar there are distinct differences. This week we share ways that we have experienced guilt and what you can do to pivot into being more productive.
7/21/202125 minutes, 26 seconds
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Cognitive Dissonance

We often have two or more thoughts that occupy our minds, and then we experience conflict.  That conflict causes mental and emotional discomfort. This week we dive into the topic of what happens in our minds when that happens - we get cognitive dissonance.
7/14/202125 minutes, 53 seconds
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Emotional Intelligence

Learning to control our response to others is not as easy as it sounds. Learning how to monitor our emotions, how we respond, and learn to work with others is a valuable skill. This week we are talking about Dan Goleman's research into understanding ourselves and our emotions better.
7/7/202135 minutes, 47 seconds
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Mindset of an Athlete

We talk with Jarom Thurston - who was our first international listener from down in Brazil. He shares how he started into marathon running and then moved into ULTRA marathon races. We discuss how he started from an "I'll try it "and pivoted into a whole lifestyle.  If you get a chance also be sure to check out his episodes with Coach Blu on our sister show - Addict to Athlete here on the Radio Ronin network.
6/30/202143 minutes, 40 seconds
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Emotional Suffering

Suffering is part of the human condition. What we choose to do with that suffering is totally up to us. We discuss how choosing to decide that events in our life are just that events. Allows you to move past the pain.
3/31/202123 minutes, 19 seconds
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We can look into others' lives through the internet, and all of us have felt a desire to want what others have.  But what happens when you go beyond that?  You want to see someone lose it – that is envy. Today we are talking about alternatives to feeling envy towards others.
3/24/202119 minutes, 38 seconds
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Loving Yourself

One of the most challenging things we can do for ourselves is actually to love ourselves. When we priorities our happiness and put ourselves first, we can be accused of being selfish. This week Eian shares his three pillars of self-love and the ways that he focuses on loving himself.
3/19/202122 minutes, 42 seconds
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Letting Go

We have all be there where things didn’t work out the way we thought they would – for a job, a relationship, or anything else.  Yes, it is a failure – failures aren’t necessarily the bad thing that we think they are. Failure is how we grow. Letting go of the failure and moving on is the final step of growth.
3/17/202126 minutes, 4 seconds
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Perceptions with Chandler Smith

Welcome to our FIRST Friday Episode! We have Chandler Smith from Radio Ronin stops by to talk about perceptions. We all have ways that we look at things. Chandler edited an award-winning Documentary on Perceptions and is sharing what he learned from some of the top experts in Perceptions. Be sure that you listen to Chandler on on Bash Music on
3/12/202151 minutes, 53 seconds
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With as busy as we are these days, stress is part of life. It comes in many forms. We talk about ways that we deal with what is stressing us out today.
3/10/202127 minutes, 14 seconds
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What is Important?

What do you do consider to be “important” to you? What is important should be your guide for everything that you do in life. Quite often these days we see things that are urgent but not really all the important. When you come up against decisions in life having a clear picture of what is important makes it easier to navigate life.
2/24/202125 minutes, 44 seconds
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Today we are more distracted than ever with every device and a life that is set up to let you "know" when something is happening. This is detrimental to getting what you want and need to be done. We talk about ways to set yourself up to not fall pray to the hey, pay attention to me world we live in.
2/10/202138 minutes, 40 seconds
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Making Changes Stick - TAKE 2

You have worked hard to dig deep. You have figured out where you want to go and made the changes in your life. Now it's time to make sure that those changes stick. This week's book recommendations: James Clear - Atomic Habits David Allen - Get Things Done Dr. BJ Fogg - Tiny Habits  
2/3/202126 minutes, 57 seconds
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Self Pity

This week we are talking about moving out of one of the most destructive modes that we can get in, self-pity. Feeling down or sorry for yourself will happen, but there are ways to make sure you don’t stay there.  We have all been there multiple times, and life can get you down. You mustn't stay there.
1/20/202128 minutes, 21 seconds
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Reinventing Yourself

Welcome to our final episode of 2020! To wrap up what a listener called “Deep Dive December,” we are talking about the process of reinventing yourself. We share ideas on how to tackle this with a method to help you stay the course.
12/23/202033 minutes, 39 seconds
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Self Talk

What you say to yourself is the most important conversation that you have each day. It is time to be more compassionate with yourself and reframe the conversation.    Be sure you let us know what are positive things that you are saying to yourself: or New Day Podcast (@newdaypodcast)
12/16/202026 minutes, 41 seconds
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Imposter Syndrome

We discuss the five types of Imposter Syndrome this week and which ones we identify with. In this “fake it until you make it” world, it becomes difficult to tell what is real and what isn’t on social media. It’s essential to understand its effects on our self-perceptions. If you would like to read the book that Eian mentions this week check out the link below: 
12/9/202039 minutes, 4 seconds
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Self Image

Each of us has a way that we perceive ourselves. As we wrap up the year and start to think about how we want to set goals and make changes for next year, we have done what Eian likes to call "deep work" and examine ourselves. What do we think about ourselves? This is a more formidable challenge than you make think.
12/2/202045 minutes, 30 seconds
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Friendsgiving with Gregg

Our friend Gregg from Gregg's Guide to New Music here on the Radio Ronin Network stops by. We talk about what started him into music, his newest musical purchase and ghost hunting.
11/25/20201 hour, 3 minutes, 53 seconds
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This week, Eian and Angela discuss ways to deal with situations that seem almost impossible to face. With 2020 throwing so many challenges at people and new things popping up every day that make us feel like we are completely of control, they share how they have been navigating through the plot twists that have come their way. Be sure you join the conversation and share how you have bounced back from situations like this on Facebook or Instagram.
11/18/202031 minutes, 29 seconds
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Fear is a part of everyone’s lives. How we deal with it and move on is what Eian and Angela are talking about this week.
11/11/202029 minutes, 37 seconds
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Dealing with Disappointment

While life will bring you disappointment, how you deal with them is even more critical. This week Eian and Angela talk about things that have disappointed them in life and ways they overcome it.
11/4/202027 minutes, 52 seconds
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Attitude of Gratitude Challenge

For the month of November, we are asking you to post each day something that you are grateful for. It could be someone that helps you, your home, your job, or even your health.  When you post each day be sure to tag us and put the #AttitudeofGratitude on each post daily.  We can't wait to see what you all are grateful for.
11/1/20201 minute, 40 seconds
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Staying Motivated

Motivation is something that we struggle with even in the best of time. Eian and Angela share their tips on how to boost your motivation. If you have your own ways and we don't talk about them be sure that you share them with us.
10/28/202031 minutes, 16 seconds
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We are talking about something that we all could use a little more in 2020, kindness. There are many benefits to you and those you show it towards. We talk about the ways that we can show kindness to each other.
10/21/202041 minutes, 9 seconds
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Let’s Make It a Habit with Spencer Myers

Spencer Myers from Radio Ronin stops by to talk about the power of creating habits in your life. He discusses how he has used habits to make changes for the better, and Eian even did homework to get ready.   Link to purchase Atomic Habits: 
10/14/202056 minutes, 53 seconds
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Eian and Angela are talking about the signs of burnout.  Most of us are not just feeling everyday stress anymore, and we are hitting a major wall. It’s not a sign of weakness to admit it.
10/7/202034 minutes, 57 seconds
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Survival Mode

There will be a time in your life when it just becomes overwhelming, and we need to cut back on everything. This week we discuss strategies on how to cut back and enter survival mode. That way, you can get things back to where they are manageable and re-engage with life when you’re ready.
9/30/202038 minutes, 5 seconds
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Giving and Receiving Feedback

In our lives, we will talk with others and need either offer or receive feedback.  Feedback is a process, and we need to be active in that process.
9/23/202031 minutes, 8 seconds
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Toxic People

The term "Toxic People" is thrown around a lot. We examine what does it mean and how should we deal with them this week.  It starts with focusing your mindset and setting boundaries.
9/16/202045 minutes, 9 seconds
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Have that Difficult Conversation

In life, we all have conversations that come up that we struggle to have but we have to have them. They might be with a significant other, a co-worker, or a child. This week we discuss why you should have them and strategies to handle them better.
9/9/202036 minutes, 36 seconds
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Choose Your Circle Wisely

This week we take a dive into how important it is to when you are deciding who you spend the majority of your time with. Eian shares his top criteria when he evaluates who is in his inner circle.
9/2/202034 minutes, 46 seconds
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Josher and his Mindset Evolution

Josher from Radio Ronin discusses how changing his mindset has helped him conquer running over 250 races and losing more than 180 lbs since he graduated from college.  It started with a conversation that he had with his mother the night he graduated from college.  Link to purchase Mindset by Dr Carol Dweck: 
8/26/20201 hour, 1 minute, 4 seconds
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Stop Being Selfish

Everyone is struggling right now, and it’s time to recognize that we all have challenges and that we need to think of others.  Being compassionate and considerate is what is necessary to make the world a better place.
8/19/202043 minutes, 36 seconds
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Your Past Does Not Equal Your Future

We have all done things that we regret in our lives, but it is time to let them go.  This week Angela and Eian discuss that while your mistakes are part of who you are, they are not all you are. 
8/12/202047 minutes, 29 seconds
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Recovering from Failure

Angela and Eian are back and talking about the complicated process of recovering from failures.  We all make them and that is inevitable. You do not have to let them define you or be defeated by them!  Let us know how you have bounced back from failures on Facebook or Instagram.
8/5/202046 minutes, 1 second
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Passions of the Chandler!

Chandler Smith of Radio Ronin and Pod Bash Music stops by to talk about following your passions. He also throws out the weekly challenge too! 
7/22/20201 hour, 16 minutes, 17 seconds
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Let’s get musical with Gregg!

Gregg from Gregg’s Guide to New Music stops by and discusses all things music.  We talk about our concert memories favorite music mediums and a little ghost hunting! Be sure you go check out his podcast and open your mind to new artists.
7/15/202054 minutes, 54 seconds
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It’s All About Decompressing

Taking time for yourself and decompressing is more important than ever. Angela and Eian share ways that you can wind down and recharge yourself.
7/8/202046 minutes, 28 seconds
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Jimmy Chunga: The Art of the Personal Brand

If you are on the internet these days, you have a personal brand.  Angela and Eian sit down with Radio Ronin and Salt Lake Radio Legend Jimmy Chunga to talk about his personal branding.  We are happy to have Chunga as our first interview and guest on the show.  A New Day Podcast is part of the Radio Ronin network.
7/1/20201 hour, 26 seconds
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Meditation is for Everyone

Anglea and Eian talk about how they use meditation to help them sleep, not say everything that is on their minds and cope with an ever-changing world.
6/24/202045 minutes, 22 seconds
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Tell Us What You are Worth

This week we talk about knowing your self-worth. We often don’t value ourselves and that needs to change.
6/9/202041 minutes, 8 seconds
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Let's all be honest

We are digging in on a topic that not many seem to talk about, and that’s being honest with yourself and others.
6/4/202043 minutes, 28 seconds
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Accepting vs. Approval

Angela and Eian talk about accepting someone vs. approval, it’s tough but worth the struggle.
6/4/202037 minutes, 41 seconds
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Choose to be Authentic

Why you should be your genuine or authentic self, Eian shares how it’s been a long road to be true to himself.
6/4/202051 minutes, 35 seconds
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Setting Personal Boundaries

Angela and Eian are discussing the need for personal boundaries with others, it’s not easy but it’s necessary.
5/13/202052 minutes, 32 seconds
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To Do Lists and Goals

Angela and Eian are talking to do lists and goals this week, get ready for a bomb shell because Eian will encourage you to ditch your list.
5/6/202040 minutes, 10 seconds
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Being Honest with Yourself

Angela and Eian are tackling a tough topic of being honest with yourself.  This is often more difficult than we think it is.
5/3/202046 minutes, 37 seconds
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A case for having a daily routine.

We are back this week with Angela and Eian talking about the power of daily routines.  Eian shares his routine through the Quarantine and Working From Home.  We are also throwing out our first weekly challenge.
4/26/202037 minutes, 19 seconds
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Angela's Guide to Dealing with Anxiety

Angela and Eian are launching their podcast where we talk about life what how to deal with what it throws at you.  Today you get to learn more of who Angela and Eian are. We are exploring ways to start each New Day a little better. We are starting with ways that Angela uses to cope with the stress or anxiety. 
4/11/202035 minutes, 37 seconds