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Baby led weaning or purees? What foods do I feed my baby? How do I get my toddler to eat veggies? How do I respond when my toddler asks for snacks all day?! Hey there, I’m Edwena Kennedy, registered pediatric dietitian and mom of two, and this is the My Little Eater podcast! Each week, I’ll be dishing out all the best info on feeding and nutrition for your baby and toddler, answering all of your what-do-I-do-when scenarios, and helping you gain complete confidence in, not only feeding your child, but in parenting as well. Every episode is filled with actionable and proven feeding strategies, delivered by a mama and feeding expert, who’s been there and done that. I hold your hand and take you step by step through all stages of feeding, while showing you how to implement what I teach you, so you can raise a happy and healthy little eater of your own!
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#65: Plates for babies & toddlers: What age to use them, divided or not, and my favourite plate recommendations

Today’s quick tip is all about choosing the right plate for your baby or toddler! Parents ask me all the time about what products I recommend for starting solids, and then also for picky eaters - and one of their main concerns is choosing the “right” plate. So today I’m going to share some of my favourites, and my best tips for picking plates for your kiddos. First, I share all the traits I personally look for when shopping. I’m sure you’ve noticed that the baby section of every store is filled with numerous options for everything - and everything says that it’s recommended, or backed by research, etc. So how do you choose? I’ll give you my list of what to look for when shopping for plates for babies and toddlers, and then also answer the popular question - divided or undivided? Finally, I cover when you should start using them, brand recommendations, and if you really need the ones that suction to the table/tray (spoiler...yes, you probably do!). As always, if you get value from this episode, please rate and review it at Apple Podcasts! And let me know your favourite plate - maybe there’s another new one out there I’m missing! Additional Resources: ONLINE COURSES: CANADIAN AMAZON SHOP: US AMAZON SHOP: SHOP EZPZ: FOOD THROWING TIPS: MORE ON PLATES: Skip To… What to look for in plates (1:05) When to introduce a plate (2:15) Divided vs. undivided plates (5:03) Why you need suction plates (9:05) *Please note that I do receive a small commission from any products purchased from the links in this post. But, this comes at no additional cost to you, and I will only ever link items that I FULLY support and stand behind! These small commissions help me keep my website alive and kicking so I can continue to provide you with valuable feeding info. 
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The My Little Eater Podcast

That’s right - The My Little Eater Podcast is coming! Season 1 of the podcast is launching on April 6th, 2020 to all of the popular streaming apps, including: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and more! You’ll be able to listen to my expert feeding advice on demand - listen while you run, drive, or even during nap-time! The episodes are nice and short (I know how precious your time is), but are packed full of my best tips. On this first season of the podcast, I’ll be talking to you about… >> My Journey with Feeding My Kids >> Overcoming the Fear of Gagging/Choking in Baby Led Weaning  >> The Top 5 Ways We Sabotage Our Picky Eating Plan >> Feeding Kids During a pandemic >> How Much Should My Baby Be Eating? >> Night Wakings and Milk Feedings with Little Z’s Sleep >> Time management hacks to make cooking for babies less stressful >> Baby Sign Language with WeeTalkers >> The ONE Feeding Strategy that will Change Mealtimes Forever >> Simple Tips to Eliminate Food Throwing - For Good! >> Bonus: The “Three E’s” of Food Play with Melanie Potock >> My Top 8 Foods for Starting Solids >> Feeding Schedules for Babies 6-12 months >> From Baby to Toddler: Changes to Expect when Feeding >> Feeding Schedules for Toddlers >> How to Stand in your Confidence as a Parent with Myla Leinweber >> What to do when your toddler is sweet obsessed? >> How to Foster Independence in the Kitchen with Adeline Dubreuil >> What is Baby Led Feeding? >> Baby Led Weaning Myths You Can Ignore! >> Raising body positive kids with Verena Dickson >> What to Do When Your Toddler Just Won’t Eat! >> Safe Foods for Picky Toddlers >> Foods to Avoid for Babies Under 1 >> Protein Needs for your Toddler >> Season Finale - Potty Training Q&A with Allison Jandu  Don’t miss a single episode! Subscribe to The My Little Eater Podcast on your favourite streaming site, but don’t forget to leave me a rating and review at Apple Podcasts. This will really help to get the podcast out there so more parents can benefit from these tips, and feel confident raising their healthy little eater! Additional Resources: If you’re looking for someone to show you all the ins and outs of feeding your baby solid food for the first time, and every time after that, you’re in luck! My Baby Led Feeding online course is the perfect fit! I’ll be showing you how to introduce solids to your baby for the first time, and how to gradually move them through various textures so they’re skilled at feeding themselves a variety by their first birthday. Enroll now to know you’ll have the knowledge to feel confident starting this new journey with your little eater! ( Are you already past the baby stage and wondering how to feed your newly independent toddler? That’s okay! My Feeding Toddlers online course is for you! I can prepare you for all the changes that happen in toddlerhood, and set you up with the techniques you need to ensure you know how to respond when your toddler throws you a curveball. If you’re already familiar with some of these changes, and beginning to see picky eating tendencies, or maybe you’ve been dealing with some pickiness for a while, this course will help with that too! Enroll now to feel prepared and be confident knowing how to react to any mealtime situation. ( 
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