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English, Children-Kids, 1 season, 78 episodes, 2 days, 3 hours, 30 minutes
The Mums Edit is the virtual catch up with your girlfriends that you no longer have time for. Let’s navigate motherhood and adult life together, one laugh at a time.
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78. Lung Infections & Lice Infestations, Oh My!

Guess who's back, back again?!In today's episode, Ren recounts her showdown with pneumonia, complete with a side-splitting pee saga that'll make you snort your coffee. Also, Lil shares tales from her Bali escapades, and we dive into the show on everybody's lips, 'Baby Reindeer'! Join us for a head-scratching game of "Lice or Lies: True or False Edition", and wrap things up with us as we answer some listener questions from you lovely gals!Enjoy! Love, TME xx
5/9/202440 minutes, 44 seconds
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77. Laughs, Locks, & Laundry!

We dive headfirst into the aftermath of Lil's birthday blowout! Ren's contemplating a hair makeover, but Lil and Steph are wielding their veto power like hair care dictators. Lil throws some tough questions our way about laundry habits - buckle up, it's about to get dirty! And stick around as we share the sidesplitting, cringeworthy tales YOU, our listeners were brave enough to send in.Get ready for a wild ride packed with laughter, debates, and a few surprises along the way!Enjoy! Love, TME xx
4/11/202437 minutes, 21 seconds
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76. Wine, Whine, & Why NOT to Have Children!

Join us for a lively episode as we pop open a bottle of wine in celebration of Lil's birthday! Ren and Lil kick off the episode with raw honesty, reflecting on a recent argument that adds a spicy twist to the evening's festivities.Ren shares her rollercoaster of emotions during her first overseas trip without her beloved boys, and (finally!) introduces us to her new flame.More fireworks ignite as we tackle a viral list circulating social media, on reasons why NOT to have children. Hear our unfiltered perspectives!Pour yourself a glass and join the conversation!Enjoy, fam! Love TME xxx
4/4/202437 minutes, 58 seconds
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75. Anonymous Confessions, Royal Revelations, & Rowdy Five-Year-Olds!

Join us for a revealing episode! We dive into our Anonymous Confessions segment, where listeners share their deepest, darkest truths - threesomes turned stalkerville, anyone?  We also discuss the latest updates and intriguing theories surrounding the Kate Middleton saga, and Ren reflects on the wild antics of Sonny as he turns five. Tune in for a rollercoaster of emotions and insights!Enjoy! Lots of love, TME xx
3/21/202434 minutes, 36 seconds
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74. Surviving Mum Flu: A Comedy of Tissues, Tantrums, & Tea!

In today's episode, we open the floor with our Anonymous Q&A segment, where listeners like you get to ask the burning questions that keep you up at night.But that's not all, baby! Join us as we also discuss:The latest scoop on the peculiar disappearance of Ms. MiddletonRen's newfound love that comes with four wheels and working air-conLil's inability to keep her tongue out of Corey's mouthSteph's dental dismay regarding her upcoming veneers installationEnjoy! Lots of love, TME xx
3/14/202440 minutes, 30 seconds
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73. Ren diagnosed with new disorder?

In today's episode, we discuss Ren's newly (self) diagnosed disorder. Trigger Warning: Suicide/Mental HealthWe also dive into our weekly segment of Ask TME! This week's scenario was quite controversial on socials. We also have a laugh over a few more hate messages we got throughout the week, love that for us!We love you xxx
3/8/202443 minutes, 34 seconds
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72. Ask TME.. Giving our opinions 🫨

In today’s episode, we dive into our brand new weekly segment; ASK TME. We invite our community to write in and ask for advice on a current situation in their lives. We give our opinion (our very non-professional opinion) and also share anonymously to our Instagram for our community to put their two cents in as well!We also have so many giggles over things that have become so normal in our lives that we don’t even realise it’s a scam - aka insurance for example lol. Enjoy angels xxx
2/29/202447 minutes, 11 seconds
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71. TME "The Miscellaneous Edit"

In today's episode, we pivot to an array of wild and wonderful topics, including but not limited to:- Lil's trip to QLD- Albie's 4th birthday (Gift hacks!)- A listener writes in asking for advice- Influencer mum goes to prison- Is Taylor really Swift?And so much more! Xxx
2/22/202440 minutes, 38 seconds
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70. We ALL had Valentine’s dates.. Including REN 🙊

In today’s episode, Ren makes a startling announcement that she HAS A VALENTINE’S DAY DATE! That’s all we’re gonna say.Enjoy lovers xxx
2/15/202432 minutes, 9 seconds
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69. Anonymous Q&A - “Is this a red flag for my husband?”

In today’s episode, we sit down with an Anonymous Q&A for you gals! Always a bit nerve wracking, and a few judgey questions came through.. But also lots of dilemmas from you guys so we share our non-professional and unwarranted advice! Love you!
2/8/202441 minutes, 41 seconds
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HELLO 2024! Welcome to TME’s first episode of the year. Bringing in the new year with a big kick in the guts for Ren, being fired by Jeep! She ain’t happy. So what do we have to catch up on? • Sonny started school• Albie started kindy• Rosie pulled from childcare • Health journey• Holidays from hell• Jeep fired Ren• No more wine?• Assumptions about usWe hope you enjoy!If you love us, please leave us a 5 star review! LOVE YOU
2/1/202443 minutes, 26 seconds
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67. Reality TV want Ren?! Ft the week that was.

In today’s episode, Ren lets us all know that she was head hunted for a reality TV show - personally we think she NEEDS TO DO IT! It would be the best TV that we would ever witness. We also have many shits and giggles regarding our weeks that were.This episode is proudly sponsored by Once Upon. These beautiful photo books make for the greatest Christmas gifts, are full of your own special memories and are a stunning addition to your coffee table. Our discount code mumsedit25 is only valid for 7 days, so get in quick before Santa comes. Once Upon App Link:
11/29/202327 minutes, 11 seconds
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66. Lost keys, puppies and empty Santa threats

In today’s episode, we shoot the shit and have one of our favourite types of episode - shit talking. We discuss Lil’s hectic morning that was, updates about Steph’s new puppy, Luna’s looming tonsillectomy next week, Christmas preparations and some horror sex stories that we’ve heard along the grape vine. Godspeed.
11/16/202337 minutes, 5 seconds
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In today’s episode, we are FINALLY back with you all for the brand new season of TME. We’ve missed you!We give you a life update of everything you’ve missed since we were last in your ears. We’re also very excited that today’s episode features a prank on a LISTENERS HUSBAND! Screaming, crying, throwing up.If you want your partner to be pranked next, you know what to do. DM us on Instagram or email us at [email protected] episode is proudly sponsored by MCO Beauty, our favourite brand for the beauty queens who want luxe for less 
11/9/202346 minutes, 20 seconds
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64. Weekly catch up with some sh*ts and giggs

In today’s episode, we have a super relaxed chitchat about many important things, including the issue of kindergarten and schools imposing absurd lunch-box rules, co-parenting disagreements, Ren’s likeness to Khloe Kardashian (hello heartbreak hotel), the towel washing saga, our go-to maccas orders and our other usual chaos along the way. We LOVE YOU!
8/2/202331 minutes, 14 seconds
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63. Reality is kicking in ft shit show week

In todays episode, Ren explains that the adrenaline has started to wear off postpartum, and the reality of being a single mum to three boys is starting to kick in, BIG TIME. We also discuss Steph’s recent health drama (honestly does it ever end lmao) and Lil shares some updates with you all!
7/30/202332 minutes, 35 seconds
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62. WE’RE BAAAACK! Life updates, shits & giggles, etc.

In todays episode, we sit down and tell all about the last three weeks since we’ve been in your ears! We discuss:Lil’s motherhood-related mental breakdownHow Ren’s coping as a single mum of 3The sisterhood of the travelling lubeTelling white lies to our children (lol)How parenting times have changed since our parents eraSteph’s Bali sagas Steph’s diabetes saga And more!Today's episode is proudly brought to you by Minbie, empowering parents by offering greater freedom, confidence, and flexibility to introduce a bottle that protects and nurtures breastfeeding. Minbie's unique bottle teat design is a breakthrough in protecting a baby's perfect breastfeeding technique, and when babies feed from the Minbie, they're practising good feeding habits for sustainable breastfeeding.
7/12/202341 minutes, 42 seconds
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61. HE IS HERE! Lets do a tell all, shall we?

In today's episode, we sit down with our newest co-host (7 day old Ziggy Alexander) because REN'S BABY BOY IS HERE! We do a labour/birth/juicy Q+A TELL ALL. Enjoy this chaotic episode queens - we love you xxxx 
6/20/202335 minutes, 15 seconds
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60. Ren's Sexy Ebay Purchase 👀 ... ft Q+A

In today's episode, we bring you up to speed on all of the latest and greatest that's occurred over the past week, including us having a big lol about Ren's sexy ebay purchase circa 2021. We also answer some questions from our latest Q+A! We love you queens xxx ps please forgive us for the audio issues in this ep! It was a difficult morning with the podcast gods. 
6/7/202335 minutes, 58 seconds
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59. Uber Eats delivered to... The mental health ward?

In today's episode, Ren goes into the entire story of her sudden hospital stay on the weekend and explains the current health issues she is facing whilst being 35 weeks pregnant. In true TME fashion, absolutely nothing is straight forward or to plan, so a few hiccups were had along the way which make for an extremely funny story. We also dive into the behind the scenes of Ren's surprise baby sprinkle, and alllll of the details of how it all went down. Today's episode is sponsored by Mustela. Mustela creates safe, natural-origin products that are suitable from birth, and for the whole family. Mustela has 70 years of research and studies on the fragile skin of newborns behind them, as well as unique expertise in the extraction of natural and organic ingredients. Their products are formulated to respect all skin types, as well as the planet. Visit for more information about their products, as well as free parenting resources. 
6/1/202333 minutes, 25 seconds
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58. Why is no one talking about age 4? 😂 Ft. low tox hacks!

In today's episode we ask the ever important question: why is no one talking about age 4? Wasn't it supposed to get easier? The attitude ain't it sis! Lil also dives into her passion for making low tox swaps and Steph gives an update on her dog, Frankie, after he got hit by a car last night.Today's episode is proudly brought to you by Minbie, empowering parents by offering greater freedom, confidence, and flexibility to introduce a bottle that protects and nurtures breastfeeding. Minbie's unique bottle teat design is a breakthrough in protecting a baby's perfect breastfeeding technique, and when babies feed from the Minbie, they're practising good feeding habits for sustainable breastfeeding.
5/24/202335 minutes, 34 seconds
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57. BIG UPDATE with Steph's car stolen + home invasion. Ft Mother's Day shenanigans

In today's episode, Steph dives into the story of how she woke up on Saturday morning to see that her car had been stolen and her house had been broken into. Today, she received some big updates which she shares with you all. We also issue a huge warning to South Australians, as well as what our listener's REALLY wanted for Mother's Day. Let's just say it's not what their partners thought lmfao. Lil touches on Gracie's current sleep regression, and we dive into the weird, creepy and supernatural stuff that our children have been experiencing.If you love us, please leave us a review. It helps us so much! WE LOVE YOU xxxx
5/17/202349 minutes, 6 seconds
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56. You'll never guess what my partner did.. The listeners weigh in

In today's episode, our listeners send in voice memos of annoying shit their partner has done and let us tell you - they had us laughing, crying and also pissed off. The much-awaited VACUM-OFF was finally revealed today, Dyson v Samsung. Who you got? The answer might surprise you. We also discuss our recent influx of trolls who are saying some really hurtful things on social media, and the effect that this can have on not just us, but the wider community. We finish off with an "Am I the Asshole?" segment with three different scenarios.1. The Horny Wife2. Call Me Grandma Daddy3. The Clocked-Off Friend
5/10/202335 minutes, 43 seconds
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55. Motherhood INS and OUTS! Ft Q+A

In today's episode, we have an LOL while discussing the INS and OUTS of motherhood for 2023. In = the shit we need more of, out = the shit we need less of. We also dive into some Q+A's that we received on our Instagram story this afternoon! From mental health, medication, and everything in between. Love you queens xxxx
5/3/202339 minutes, 6 seconds
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54. The pressures of breastfeeding on mental health & WILD fast labour stories

In todays episode, we have some laughs along the way as we discuss our thoughts about formula feeding, and dive into how important maternal mental health is. We also discuss our listeners wild fast birth stories, including Lil’s labour with Gracie,  which was 3 hours from start to finish.  Ren dives into her labour and postpartum plans, and shares list of must haves for baby B! Steph also gives an update on the house hunting (not good)..This episode is proudly sponsored by Tooshies, who believe in making eco alternative nappies and accessories more accessible for all families. All of their products are made with love and designed with the baby, the planet and the reality of parenthood in mind, so you can feel comfortable making the best choices for your family without compromising the earth. Tooshies; a change for good.
4/26/202342 minutes, 59 seconds
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53. Ren: “could things get any worse?”.. Gestational Diabetes enters the chat.

In todays episode, Ren reveals the results of her 28 week gestational diabetes screening. And… You guessed it. She’s got fkn gestational diabetes. You just couldn’t make it up.We also go through our recent viral TME instagram poll segment, where our listeners voted who would be “the mostly to..” out of the 3 of us. We weigh in on our opinions, and let us tell you that this might seriously be our funniest episode yet. Shits and giggles are had left, right and bloody centre.If you love us, please leave us a review! xxxx
4/18/202337 minutes, 14 seconds
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52. ADHD tell all. Real, honest, vulnerable 🥵

In todays episode, Steph and Lil do an ADHD tell all. At age 28 and as a mother of two, Steph’s childhood, adolescent and adulthood years finally made sense when she received the diagnosis of inattentive ADHD, and the life changing medication that came along with it.This conversation is real, honest, raw and vulnerable as it’s something that Steph still struggles with emotionally in regards to feelings of self worth, shame and frustration.Nate also joins the conversation to explain how having a wife with ADHD can impact on his life, and his advice to any partners who experience the same thing.Lil is currently undiagnosed as the process of getting diagnosed was too overwhelming for you, but she too weighs in on her symptoms and how they impact upon her life.Xxx
4/6/20231 hour, 9 minutes, 4 seconds
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51. Dear Dolly Doctor; are MILFS still a thing? Ft Ren’s Community Service

In todays episode, we have the full version of Ren’s mum finally getting the ultimate prank revenge - by convincing Ren that she is off to community service. We then have our weekly shits and giggles by diving into our rabbit holes of wondering:• are milfs still a thing?• will Ren ever explore men again?• have we finally decided on a baby name?• why did Ren get stuck at the Canadian border patrol being accused of drug smuggling?• and have we just created the ultimate TME tv show?
3/30/202330 minutes, 33 seconds
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50. Buckle up ladies & gents, this ep is a ROLLERCOASTER 🎢

In todays episode, we dive into an absolute rollercoaster of topics, including Pranking REN’s mum with wild baby names, the story of a woman’s cheating-ass rag doll of a husband (yes, he is literally a rag doll haha), international custody battles, celebrity news, Bali sagas and more!Todays episode is sponsored by one of our absolute favourites, Naked Harvest Supplements. NH provide you with supplements that nourish, fuel, complement and optimise your day whilst being carefully formulated using only the finest ingredients mother nature has to offer. Naked Harvest will elevate your health, support your active lifestyle and most importantly, educate and inform you on the supplements that you choose to consume. Use our discount code MUMSEDIT10 when shopping at for a discount! 
3/22/202344 minutes, 18 seconds
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49. HE DID WHAT TO HER? 🤬 ft Harry Styles meet and greet 🤥

In todays episode, MANY laughs are had along the way. We revisit Steph and Nate’s 24 hour trip to the Gold Coast to see Harry Styles in the flesh , only to find out he was in the same hotel as them. The story of Nate and Steph getting into a random ladies car and then being stuck in it for two and a half hours has made our year.We also go down the rabbit hole of the Vanderpump Rules cheating saga - we all love to mutually hate on an absolute prick so join us as we explain everything from start to finish. Your blood will be BOILING.Love y’all xxxDon’t forget to follow us on Insta: @themumsedit.podcastLeave us a review if you feel like being kind hehe x
3/9/202345 minutes, 14 seconds
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48. Ren’s had some very dark days 💔 And WTF is going on in the world btw? 🛸

In todays episode, Ren speaks in depth about her recent depressive episode which was amplified by her pregnancy hormones, and takes as on the journey as she begins to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We also discuss Steph’s impulsivity in booking flights to Europe to visit a -20 degree Santa Village in Finland, chat about WTAF is happening in the world (UFOS? Maddie McCann?) AND answer some more Q&As.We love youuuu xxxx
2/23/202338 minutes, 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

47. Goodbye toxic habits, we’re levelling up ✨

In todays episode, we discuss our new journeys to the higher versions of ourself after we all hit breaking point from being tired of our own sh*t and toxic habits.We also honour Valentines Day by sharing our listeners worst ever *sensual* experiences.This episode is proudly brought to you by ABC Reading Eggs, created by experienced Australian teachers to help your child learn to read and prepare for school. Get ready for back-to-school season with this exclusive 30-day FREE trial to ABC Reading Eggs + a free Rewards Sticker Book valued at $7.95 to help your child track their progress.This offer won’t last long, so join over 20 million users worldwide and see how your child’s reading ability can improve in just 30 days!Visit to claim yours now.Don’t forget to follow us on Insta: @themumsedit.podcastPlease also subscribe to the podcast and leave us a review if you love us! We love YOU xxx
2/15/202325 minutes, 9 seconds
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46. Q&A - A little bitta everything!

In todays episode, Ren and Lil sit down to answer some questions that have been going down in the DM’s! Today’s episode is brought to you by Bae The Label. Bae was born from the idea that pregnancy shouldn’t change your individual style.You can shop them directly online. They have fast shipping and really easy returns which makes shopping with them a breeze. Use the code MUMSEDIT15 to get 15% off your first order at baethelabel.comDon't forget to follow us on Instagram to be in on all the juicy convo’s: @themumsedit.podcastWe bloody love ya xxx
2/8/202321 minutes, 1 second
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45. Your husband did WHAT during labour? 🥴

Hello lovers! In todays episode we discuss the annoying and irritating sh*t your partners did during your labour - not good. We also discuss some important, timely reminders in regards to maternal mental health, and have many laughs at the expense of our life hiccups along the way. We love you! xxxx
2/1/202334 minutes, 43 seconds
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44. 2023 Era - Pregnant & Single ✌🏼

HEY ANGELS! Welcome back to TME, in our 2023 era! In todays episode, we catch up on how our lives have developed over our month off-air, including Ren’s fresh start as she’s navigating being single whilst pregnant. We also touch on our current issues with our children resettling into childcare after the Christmas/New Year break, and do a catch up Q+A! It feels good to be back - we bloody missed you xxx This episode is proudly brought to you by ABC Reading Eggs. ABC Reading Eggs was created by experienced Australian teachers to help your child learn to read and prepare for school. Watch your child's confidence grow as they follow the guided, one‑on‑one lessons that perfectly match their ability. They'll fall in love with the fun games, colourful animations, catchy songs and exciting rewards.
1/18/202332 minutes, 39 seconds
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43. Lil vs Steph; Game Show Edition - Hosted by Drag Queen HUNTY DUMPTY 👑

In the final episode of 2022, we have some sh*ts and fkn giggles with Drag Queen Diva, Miss Hunty Dumpy 🔥 It’s Lil vs Steph in the ultimate game show - how well do we know each other? Who wins the bragging rights?  Listen to find out and have many LOL’s along the way.Follow Miss Hunty Dumpty on Instagram: @misshumptyFollow us on Instagram: @themumsedit.podcastSee you in 2023 xxxx 
12/21/202226 minutes, 3 seconds
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42. Have some absolute LOL’s with, it’s silly season after all 🤪

In todays episode, we have some friggen LOL’s. Sleep deprived and delirious, we get carried away with laughter as we discuss everything and anything… From Lil’s neighbourly dilemma to Ren getting abused for her children running a muck, and midwife drama to the latest TikTok conspiracy theories Don’t forget to follow us on Insta: @themumsedit.podcastPlease also subscribe to the podcast and leave us a review if you love us We love YOU xxx
12/14/202237 minutes, 7 seconds
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41. TME IS HAVING A BABY! Ren’s Rainbow Baby & Pregnancy 🌈

In todays episode, we sit down with Ren to discuss EVERYTHING about her rainbow baby pregnancy! We talk about the moment she found out, baby gender, her experience with the first trimester, when she is due, her mental health, public vs private, birth plans, how the children reacted and more! Enjoy angels xx
12/7/202248 minutes, 29 seconds
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40. Amelia Webb; Baby Tommy, Pregnancy After Loss & Rainbow Baby Lottie 🌈

In todays episode, we sit down with Amelia Webb (@makeupbyameliawebb) to discuss the loss of her darling son, Tommy, who was devastatingly born sleeping. We discuss Amelia’s birth experience with Tommy, the complexities that come with pregnancy after loss, and the birth story of her beautiful rainbow baby girl, Lottie. We are in awe of Amelia’s strength, courage and the unwavering love that she holds for all 3 of her children. Don’t forget to subscribe, leave a review if you love us and follow us on Instagram @themumsedit.podcast
11/30/202238 minutes, 18 seconds
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39. Wild Week 😦 & Pranking Ren’s Mum, Postpartum Essentials & Home Birth?

In todays episode, Steph updates everyone on her sister, a mum of 4, and her fight for life in the ICU last week. We prank Ren’s mum with the “Last Friday Night” Katy Perry trend, which has us screaming. We also discuss newborn essentials, and if we would ever have a home birth!This episode is proudly sponsored by Chemist Warehouse & Centrum Kids.Chemist Warehouse & Centrum Kids promotional content. If you experience any issue with the product, please contact @centrumau
11/23/202235 minutes, 48 seconds
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38. QUEEN PSYCHIC FOTINI has entered the building!

AHHH! In todays episode, we are absolutely fan-girling. PSYCHIC FOTINI IS HERE! We discuss alllll the important things from manifesting exactly what you want in life, to fertility, personal, business and home cleanses, protecting your energy, and evil eyes. Psychic Fotini’s Instagram: @psychic_fotiniDon’t forget to subscribe, leave us a review and follow us on Instagram! @themumsedit.podcast xxx
11/16/202258 minutes, 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

37. A man with machete swings at Lil 😳 Oh, and some weekly LOL’s

In todays episode, we dive into the incident that Lil experienced yesterday where a man with a machete started to swing at Lil (on the day of the lunar eclipse - freaky deaky)… Steph also experienced an unknown man attempting to lure her into his car a week beforehand!Despite these scary experiences, we have some major LOL’s and talk some absolute sh*t.This episode is proudly brought to you by ABC Reading Eggs. ABC Reading Eggs was created by experienced Australian teachers to help your child learn to read and prepare for school. Watch your child's confidence grow as they follow the guided, one‑on‑one lessons that perfectly match their ability. They'll fall in love with the fun games, colourful animations, catchy songs and exciting rewards. xxx 
11/9/202240 minutes, 13 seconds
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36. Should I feel guilty for needing or wanting a break from my kids?

In todays episode, we dive into a listeners question: should I feel guilty from wanting a break from my children? We also have a massive LOL about our listeners petty, not so civil goodbyes from the workplace, from  stealing stationary to deleting important files. Also, Steph explains how she accidentally turned Luna’s hair orange from a certain shampoo. Love you guys xxx
11/4/202226 minutes, 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

35. BALI REVIEW! Travelling with kids, nanny’s, kids club?!

In todays episode,  we sit down and do a full BALI REVIEW! We answer our most frequently asked questions regarding our recent travels with our children. We touch on our Bali accomodation experiences, nanny’s,  kids clubs, villas vs resorts, the best locations to stay, buying baby supplies over there and more! 
10/28/202241 minutes, 51 seconds
Episode Artwork

34. A stranger yelled at my children & made them cry.

In todays episode, we discuss Ren's shocking experience when a group of middle-aged women began yelling at Harry and Sonny on the flight to Bali. Ren's response? She called them bitches to their face! Hahah go girl. We also answer a few Q&A's from our Instagram about motherhood, talk about Rosie seeing a ghost, discuss our birth charts and reveal our inner secret traits that we hide from the world. Love ya'll xxx
10/19/202253 minutes, 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

33. A chat with Erin ( - Incurable epilepsy & welcoming a new baby into the family

In todays episode, Steph sits down for an interview with Erin ( to discuss her 3 year old daughter, Luella's journey with incurable epilepsy, along with postpartum depression and anxiety.Erin is also staring down the barrel of an impossible decision; whether or not to let neurosurgeons remove half of Luella's brain.Recently, Lulu became a big sister to her 4 month old little brother, Tom. We dive into the emotional complexities that came with Erin's second pregnancy, as well as the adjustments that come with having a child with a complex medical condition and a newborn. Erin is so raw, honest, vulnerable and brave, this interview will have you unable to press pause. Love you, Erin xx 
10/12/20221 hour, 11 minutes
Episode Artwork

32. Should you partner not drink while you're pregnant? Opinion time

In todays episode, we discuss whether your partner should stay sober while you are pregnant, based on ours, and your opinions! This episode was recorded two weeks ago while Steph was in Bali, so we also touch on Ren's passport dramas for the boys, and Lil and Ren's upcoming trip overseas! Sorry for the slight issue with the audio... Steph really is the glue and audio queen HAHAxxx
10/5/202223 minutes, 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

31. BALI AIRPORT SAGA! Yaaaa fkn joking mate.

In todays episode, we CATCH UP! We have a big debrief on the drama that is Steph's return trip to Australia from Bali.  Buckle in ladies because #anxiety #stress #notgood haha love you guys xx
9/28/202232 minutes, 20 seconds
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30. Jess Dover - Life glow up as a single mum

In todays episode, we sit down with Jess Dover! Single mum, model, influencer,  House Rules contestant, primary school teacher and quite possibly the nicest person we have ever met. Jess unexpectedly became a single mum when her son, Seb, was only 6 months old. It was the hardest year of her life, but Jess discusses how this hardship completely changed her perspective and ultimately, who she is as a person. We talk all things from trying to conceive, pregnancy, Jess's birth story, her journey into single motherhood, and her recent Europe trip! X
9/14/202247 minutes, 1 second
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29. I got a positive pregnancy test?! Umm

In todays episode we CATCH UP! It's been a bloody minute. Ren received a positive pregnancy test which we dive into further (Clear Blue, we're looking at you), Steph explains Luna's recent health scares, we touch on your favourite pre-children simplicities that you took for granted AND have a bunch of laughs along the way! X 
9/9/202227 minutes, 31 seconds
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28. "I'm a swinger!" - A chat with Jess about her open relationship!

In todays episode, we sit down with Jess, a swinger who is an open, loving relationship! Jess also co-owns an adult club called Our Secret Spot. Being very vanilla ourselves, we live vicariously through as a fly on the wall as Jess as she shares ALLLL the juicy details of her swinger lifestyle! Join us as we get down to all the nitty gritties from jealousy, her first ever swinging experience, to family opinions and more! 
9/7/202234 minutes, 2 seconds
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27. "I have 21 kids under the age of 2" - Controversial Motherhood News

In todays episode, we discuss the controversial motherhood news that made headlines this week! The articles we discuss include: 1. 27-year-old man has asked to move in with his parents during the week to 'get a proper night's sleep' away from his newborn baby. 2. Russian mother of 21 IVF babies gives update as husband is in prison.3. Consent parenting: Mothers reveal rules they have when babies are born.4. Husband 'cuts off his genitals in his sleep' 5. Twin sisters reveal their sons are genetic brothers and cousins.6. Cafe owner asks female employees to 'wear a red sticker' while on their period so people know to 'tread carefully'.
8/24/202226 minutes, 48 seconds
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26. "Your podcast made me not want kids" - Unpopular Opinions

In todays episode, we dive into our listeners unpopular opinions. One that took us by surprise was that a lovely listener let us know that after listening to some episodes and seeing our listeners parenting confessions, they no longer want children. Is it wrong to voice your struggles with motherhood? Or is it healthy to share the highs and lows with a community and village who is there to support you?This episode is proudly brought to you by ABC Reading Eggs. ABC Reading Eggs was created by experienced Australian teachers to help your child learn to read and prepare for school. Watch your child's confidence grow as they follow the guided, one‑on‑one lessons that perfectly match their ability. They'll fall in love with the fun games, colourful animations, catchy songs and exciting rewards.
8/19/202233 minutes, 18 seconds
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25. "What I want parents to know" - Ness & Bobby's fight with Leukaemia

Just before Bobby's second birthday, he came down with what his parents thought was just a common cold, but within an hour, a blood test revealed the worst possible news. Bobby had Leukaemia.  This episode is an emotional one, but shows the true depths of a mother and fathers love, and that when faced with the unimaginable, you can get through anything, together.To follow Ness and Bobby's journey, visit their Instagram: @charlie_eddie_bobbyTo help ease Ness's financial burden of stopping work to care for Bobby, donate at:
8/18/202244 minutes, 39 seconds
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24. "I feel like the sh*ttest fu*cking mum" and child predators

In todays episode, Steph explains her heartbreak of returning to full time work, and has a mental breakdown and panic attack live on air. We also discuss the recent attempted child abduction in our local neighbourhood, and how frighteningly common it is when adults make inappropriate advances on children, teenagers and even adults like ourselves, sharing our personal experiences on this horrifying subject. 
8/11/202243 minutes, 45 seconds
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23. WTAF sis?! NOBODY told me that happened in pregnancy?

In todays episode, we take a trip down memory lane as we discuss the effed up sh*t that happens during pregnancy, that NOBODY talks about. Did my waters break, or is that discharge? Or wee? Why do I have long, black nipple hairs? Why does my vag look like it's been stung by a bee? And so much more!
8/3/202242 minutes, 4 seconds
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22. "Nate, call a f*cking ambulance", and our polls that divided us all

In todays episode, Steph revisits her traumatic scare with Luna where she developed sudden onset hypothermia with no known cause. An ambulance and resuscitation room later, little Luna is okay, but Steph shares the warning signs that made her realise something wasn't right. We also dive into our polls that divided us all, with VERY important questions ranging from which wiggle you'd rather have sex with, to whether motherhood is what you'd thought it would be.
7/27/202256 minutes, 38 seconds
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21. Baby Choking Hazards, Weekly Giggles and Hollywood Mama Heartbreaks

Would you rather give birth in a forest alone or on a stage in front of 100,000 people? And do you know what to do if your child chokes? In todays episode we discuss Luna's near-choking incident, which was a huge wake up call to us all. We also discuss the recent Hollywood mama heartbreaks, our recent parenting wins, and all our weekly giggles.
7/20/202235 minutes, 33 seconds
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20. Psychic Ebony does a LIVE READING! Wild.

In todays episode, Psychic Ebony does a live reading for Lil's sister, Ree. Their dad comes through and lets them know how he felt about his passing, and the messages he has from the other side. Ree said this was the most accurate reading she's ever had, and felt like she "was inside my head". This reading is WILD, enjoy being a fly on the wall. XEbony's Instagram: @ebonyuamaki
7/18/202242 minutes, 2 seconds
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19. PET PEEVES! Can you just fkn not?

In todays episode we dive right into our listeners top pet peeves and they are SO fkn relatable! We also touch on Ren's struggle with sharing the boys during school holidays, the rise in the cost of living, toxic free cleaning hacks and fussy toddler eating habits.
7/11/202230 minutes, 21 seconds
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18. Q+A - Get to know us with some LOLs

We've had so many new followers and subscribers so we thought what better time to do answer some listener Q+A's than now! We have some major fkn LOL's along the way. Have a laugh with us x
7/8/202236 minutes, 53 seconds
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17. "And this is why I got divorced"... They were annoying AF.

In today's episode, we have an absolute LOL about the annoying sh*t other halves do in the relationship/parent duo... The kinda annoyance that led one long time listener to divorce. We also catch up on the struggles of threenagers, try-hard teenagers ruining park visits (can you fkn not) and touch on our new perspective on alcohol.Todays episode is sponsored by Lust Minerals. Long lasting, full coverage makeup that your skin deserves. Take control of what you put onto your skin and into your body. Use the code THEMUMSEDIT to receive $20 off when you spend over $50 xx
7/6/202247 minutes, 5 seconds
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16. Psychiatrists, Vasectomy Saga, Prank Controvery, Botox. Sh*t!

In today's episode, we chat about Ren's psychiatrist visit, Steph's ADHD diagnosis, the vasectomy saga, botox, oh and chat with the LEGEND that is Ren's mum about the prank drama.This episode is sponsored by Lust Minerals. The long lasting, full coverage, cleaner makeup alternative that your skin deserves. Use the code THEMUMSEDIT for$20 off when spending $50.00 or more! You're welcome! X
6/24/202240 minutes, 6 seconds
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15. Postpartum Body Image. Ft Ren's going to court lol

In today's episode, Ren and Steph discuss their journey with body image throughout pregnancy and the postpartum phase. They also prank call Ren's mum to say that Ren is going to court for an altercation with a policeman.
6/15/202235 minutes, 57 seconds
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14. Ren has a... BOYFRIEND?

In today's episode, we dive in deep into the issue of men making choices about women's bodies, prank call Ren's mum and sister, and answer the question of all questions...Does Ren have a BOYFRIEND?!
5/6/202242 minutes, 40 seconds
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13. HELP! My child ran away, a robber is at my front door.. and Endometriosis?

In today's episode we prank call a pharmacist about intense cravings, touch on Steph's recent fertility decision and a known robber knocking on her front door. We also answer some of your questions about traumatic parenting moments, endometriosis and how to navigate co-parenting.
4/27/202238 minutes, 53 seconds
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12. Ghost stories, psychic kids, oh and Rens flooded house

In today’s episode we share ghost stories as told by you guys, we chat over the special intuitive gift we think children carry and we dive deep in to one of our beautiful followers personal questions in our advice segment.
4/6/202229 minutes, 57 seconds
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11. He cheated, now what? And is it ever okay to lie to your kids?

In today's episode, we dive into two of our listeners problems. These are: "he cheated (many times). Do I stay with him for the kids and resent him forever, or leave?", and "how do your friendships/relationships change after kids?". We also go into lying to your kids - is it ever okay?
3/23/202236 minutes, 27 seconds
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10. Our birth stories ft a prank on Stephs husband

Today we touch on our birth stories. From Ren finding out Harry had a "birth defect", Steph's induction being stopped after 12 hours, and Lil experiencing the ring of fire without an epidural. We also prank Steph's husband and he thought we were dead serious. Funny, funny sh*t.
3/16/202243 minutes, 54 seconds
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9. Mackenzies Mission: a tale of love, loss and determination

Today we chat with the incredible Rachael Casella (@mylifeof_love). Rachael's daughter Mackenzie passed away from a terminal genetic condition when she was just 7 months and 11 days old. We talk to Rachael about her journey through love, loss, heartbreak, hope and courage, as well as her national campaigning for genetic testing to be free and routine for all prospective parents across Australia.
3/9/202256 minutes, 4 seconds
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8. Hello boobs, bottles and babies!

This week we are talking all things feeding - breast and formula fed. No ones journey, including ours, is straight forward. Between us, we've done it all, both breast and formula, allergy babies, reflux & more.
3/2/202248 minutes, 9 seconds
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7. Co-sleeping, no sleeping and everything in between!

You asked, so we've delivered! Between the three us of we've done it all - co sleeping, bed sharing, bassinets, cots, the lot! We have a laugh along the way while sharing our experiences with the dreaded S word - what's worked for our babies and their sleep, and what's not. *for co sleeping families please remember to refer to the SAFE SLEEP SEVEN*
2/23/202246 minutes, 13 seconds
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6. Hormonal rages and intimate celebrity moments ;)

Serial hormonal rager? It’s okay we’re here to tell you you’re not alone. Plus listen to our claim to fame with friends who have slept with celebrities AND find out which one of us confesses to chatting with a Hollywood celeb.
2/16/202232 minutes, 43 seconds
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5. Happy Valentine's - horror date stories

Get ready to laugh - the girls share some hilarious horror date stories from our lovely listeners and find out how Steph found herself naked in a hotel lobby.
2/13/202222 minutes, 16 seconds
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4. Chit chat with Davina Rankin - all the juicy MAFS goss, breast explant surgery and wellness

The gals have a great chat with Davina Rankin (@davvyxx) - getting you guys all the juicy MAFS goss, hearing some crazy sh*t regarding her breast explant surgery, a little about her health + wellness journey and mum life!
2/9/202248 minutes, 39 seconds
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3. Steph's journey to her rainbow baby

Steph bravely shares her secondary infertility journey. After Steph experienced a completely healthy first pregnancy with no complications, it was then she endured 5 recurrent miscarriages until she was able to bring her rainbow baby Luna in to the world. Steph shares all 5 experiences, what worked for her and what didn’t. We hope this episode can bring light to those going through a similiar situation, or some company to those grieving what they have been through.
2/6/202259 minutes, 21 seconds
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2. Single motherhood, the ICK factor, annoying habits and red flags

Episode 2; Ren, Lil and Steph delve in to rens journey on single motherhood, the hilarious, trending ICK factor and annoying habits.
2/3/202241 minutes, 14 seconds
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1. WELCOME! Episode 1 baby!

Steph, Lil & Ren welcome you to TME, a mama's go to podcast to delve into all things motherhood, life, friendship, the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Join us for a relaxed, funny (if we do say so ourselves) episode with a little bit of chit chat, get to know our new co-host, hear Lil's birth story, our COVID experience and a cheeky little game of fuck, marry, kill and would you rather. Buckle up lovers! It's a goodie.Don't forget to subscribe, rate and review and follow us on Insta @themumsedit.podcast 🤍This episode is brought to you by I'm Possible Academy, providing the most epic school holiday multi sports events for all abilities in Adelaide. For all the Adelaide mamas, visit for more info or head to our socials to see their insta!
1/30/202245 minutes, 56 seconds