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The Most Haunted City On Earth | Presented by The Savannah Underground

English, Social, 5 seasons, 164 episodes, 5 days 16 hours 14 minutes
From the creators of the nation's scariest immersive horror experience "The Savannah Underground", comes a podcast that takes a deep dive into the very tales and lore that keep our city of Savannah, GA the most haunted city in America. Join paranormal expert Chris Soucy, and paranormal investigator Madison Timmons as they discuss Savannah's creepiest legends, crimes, and haunted places. Savannah is a city of which its citizens celebrate the dead... celebrate them with us. Support this podcast:
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Seeing Ghosts When Close To Death, How To Detach A Spirit, & More! (Ghostmail #5!)

Grow with us! Join the Parajunkie Fam here!: Also, rate this podcast 5 stars if you haven't already! On this episode of The Most Haunted City on Earth, we read YOUR stories! We read stories from Ashley, Ryan, & Stephanie! We tell you the best way to detach a ghost that's attached to you, we read about a haunted brewery in Ohio, and discuss the idea of being close to death and how that affects seeing the afterlife while still alive.   Send in your ghostmail here: [email protected]   Check out Madison's spell jars! --- Support this podcast:
04/03/202348 minutes 53 seconds
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The Most Haunted City on Earth (Trailer)

This is the trailer to our hit podcast "The Most Haunted City on Earth" --- Support this podcast:
29/11/202240 seconds
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Savannah's Demon House, Intimate Relationships with Spirits & More! ! (Q&A with Madison & JT)

Grow with us!!! Check out our Patreon and become a Parajunkie! On this episode of The Most Haunted City on Earth, Chris is on vacation up in Salem MA, so JT & Madison take the reigns on the Tuesday Q&A episode and answer all of YOUR questions! We talk about the infamous St. Julian Street Demon House, and answer questions about sexual relations with ghosts, ghost dinosaurs and more! --- Support this podcast:
27/09/202251 minutes 17 seconds
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The TRUTH About Haunted Lake Shawnee Abandoned Amusement Park! (Podcast Filmed AT Lake Shawnee)

Welcome to the extremely haunted Lake Shawnee Abandoned Amusement Park! A place so haunted that you can actively communicate with a ghost through a pinwheel. Madison & JT are on location in Princeton, WV at the amusement park where they were given two hours to be on the property alone! A MASSIVE thanks to our patrons for making this trip possible! If you want to explore becoming a patron, click here: --- Support this podcast:
13/09/202232 minutes 56 seconds
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The TERRIFYING Axe Man Story, Shadow Figures, & More! (Q&A with Madison & Chris)

On this episode of the Most Haunted City on Earth, Chris, Madison, & JT discuss shadow figures, how important it is to respect your ghosts, and Chris tells us a SUPER scary childhood story about The Axe Man! Thank you to all of our wonderful patrons on Patreon! If you want to join our Patreon click here: --- Support this podcast:
10/09/20221 hour 1 minute 50 seconds
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The Irish Insane Asylum Ghost! (With Emma from "Real Life Ghost Stories" Podcast!!!)

This is a VERY VERY special episode as we are joined in collaboration with award-winning paranormal podcaster Emma from her show "Real Life Ghost Stories"! She tells us a chilling tale about a ghost she saw in an insane asylum and much more! Also, thank you so much to all of our new patrons! Your support is much appreciated! Join our Patreon Ghost Fam here: Check out Emma's show here: Check out Emma's Patreon! Give Emma's show a vote for the Irish Podcast Awards!!!  --- Support this podcast:
03/09/20221 hour 2 minutes 41 seconds
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The Wendigo & Wendigo Psychosis Illness (From One To Wicked Podcast Fusion!)

Our Patrons are AMAZING! Thank you to Seth Hadfield & Chuck Barker for becoming Patrons this week! To join our Patreon head over to On this special episode of "The Most Haunted City on Earth", we're shamelessly plugging our NEW podcast called "From One To Wicked" with an actual full episode of "From One To Wicked" where we rate malevolent spirits from around the world on a scale of 1 to Wicked. This episode is all about Wendigos and a terrifying incurable illness called Wendigo Psychosis! Keep an eye out for Saturday's episode as we will be collaborating with Emma from the famous Real Life Ghost Stories Podcast! --- Support this podcast:
01/09/202232 minutes 7 seconds
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Boo Hags, Ghosts Nuns, & MORE! (Q&A with Madi and Chris)

Thank you to all of our new Patrons on Patreon! Your support means the world! Become a part of the Patreon family here: In this episode of "The Most Haunted City on Earth" we answer YOUR questions! We talk about hags that's visit you at night, a possible ghost nun that haunts a local catholic school & more! --- Support this podcast:
30/08/202250 minutes 37 seconds
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Pet Possession, Haunted Local Coffee Shops, & More! (Q&A with Madison & Chris)

Thank you so much to our newest Patrons for your support! Sub to our Patreon for early access to all episodes AND bonus episodes you can't hear anywhere else!   In this episode of "The Most Haunted City on Earth", Madison & Chris answer YOUR questions! They talk about the local haunted coffee shops, if your pets can get possessed, the best hotels/inns to stay in for paranormal activity and more!!! --- Support this podcast:
23/08/202251 minutes 8 seconds
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The Infamous & Tragic Legend of Alice Riley! (First Woman Executed in Savannah)

In this episode of "The Most Haunted City on Earth" Madison and Chris tell the tragic tale of Alice Riley... an Irish indentured servant who was the first woman to be executed in Savannah! We talk about the hauntings of Wright Square (Possibly the most haunted square in Savannah) and Chris tells a terrifying story of a weeping woman in the basement of a building on the south west corner of Wright Square. Follow us on TikTok! @thesavannahunderground --- Support this podcast:
13/08/202243 minutes 43 seconds
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The Horrifying Truths Behind Ouija Boards! (Why they're so dangerous)

In this episode of "The Most Haunted City on Earth", Madison, Chris, & JT discuss ouija boards! We look into how they work, what gets through them, why they're so dangerous and much more! Welcome to Ouija week!   Follow us on TikTok! @thesavannahunderground Also, thanks to The Southern Spectre podcast for sending in the great question! --- Support this podcast:
11/08/202253 minutes 52 seconds
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The Terrifying Legend of Rene Asche + More! (Q&A with Madison & Chris!)

In this episode of "The Most Haunted City on Earth", Chris and Madison answer YOUR questions! We talk about the effects the moon has on your body, a Savannah-based serial killer giant by the name of Rene Asche Rondolier, and we look at a photo taken on a local tour that seems to have a demon face in the shadows! Continue to send us your questions and ask them in the comments on TikTok and we will answer them! TikTok: @thesavannahunderground Patreon: Photo credit of demon face in bushes goes to Ghost City Tours. --- Support this podcast:
09/08/202253 minutes 50 seconds
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One of the MOST HAUNTED Houses in Savannah! (With Horror Film Director William Mark McCullough)

Welcome to the podcast where we celebrate Savannah's dead by keeping their stories alive! In this episode of The Savannah Underground Presents: The Most Haunted City on Earth, we sit down with William Mark McCullough, owner of the haunted house and director of the film "A Savannah Haunting"!  Chris has already investigated the house and concluded it's extremely haunted by multiple spirits. Madison, Chris, and William discuss witchcraft, and mirrors being portals, and demons trying to get into the house. The film will be coming soon to a theatre near you, but for now here's the trailer: --- Support this podcast:
17/07/202255 minutes 16 seconds
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Our Favorite Savannah Ghost Stories! (With Ghost-TikTok Extraordinaire Enocha Edenfield)

Welcome to the podcast where we celebrate Savannah's dead by keeping their stories alive! In the first episode of The Most Haunted City on Earth, we sit down with highly successful Enocha Edenfield of saltwavesspanishmoss and discuss the Savannah ghost stories that creep us out the most! We take a deep dive into Colonial Park Cemetery, Chris shares a super disturbing story about a malevolent spirit, and Madison explains why in Savannah, there are always dead people under your feet. Follow our podcast and join ghost hunter Chris Soucy and clairvoyant Madison Timmons as they talk about Savannah's lore & legend. You'll hear everything from famous Savannah ghost tales, to little known stories Savannah locals rather keep hidden! --- Support this podcast:
08/07/20221 hour 1 minute 15 seconds