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English, Arts, 7 seasons, 83 episodes, 4 days, 5 hours, 22 minutes
The greats in fashion, music, art and culture speak with never-jaded interviewer Dominique Nzeyimana in her loft. The Most is an ongoing stream of conversations on coming-of-age, independence, successes, breakdowns, resilience, longevity and forever mental and creative growth. Putting luminaries, prodigies, originals and mentors from all disciplines and backgrounds in front of you: we are going to get through these things called life and career together.
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*PATREON PREVIEW* The Most Extra #010: 'Rei & Vanjie Supremacy' ft. Rinus Van de Velde Aftertalk, Paris Fashion Week Men's Preview, New TV to Watch and Books to Read

Dominique lets the sunshine in for Immi who’s stressed out for his exam later that day. The pair discuss the lasting impressions left by Rinus Van de Velde on the latest chart-topping episode of The Most. Dominique makes the case for viewing Italy through a chiaroscuro lens on this week's 'WHAT ARE WE WATCHING' and the duo submit a permanent relocation application for Miss Vanjie - the scene-stealstress of RPDR All Stars S9. After pledging to finish Vanderpump, Dominique & Immi also plan their trip to the newly-opened Dover Street Market Paris and signal what to look out for during Paris Fashion Week Men's SS25.  This episode is a Patreon Exclusive - Become a member now!  FULL EPISODE only on 
6/7/20242 minutes, 27 seconds
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Belgian contemporary artist Rinus Van de Velde joins Dominique Nzeyimana in the loft. With a career spanning over 20 years, Rinus has enchanted the international art world and is hailed for his powerfully fluid drawings and texts. His artistic practice spans drawing, painting, sculpture, installation and film - opening portals to multiple realities. Rinus and Dominique have a meeting of minds about the artist’s changing relationship with nostalgia, expansion, the magic of drawing, learning from his artistic forefathers and the enduring impact of Paul McCarthy, Raymond Pettibon and Franz West.  You’ll also get the story behind his deep bond with gallerist Tim Van Laere and how their partnership came to be. From Rinus’ first fantasies of creation, learning to advocate for his art to producing internationally raved-about exhibitions across continents: you’ll hear all about it from the man behind the masterpieces himself.  A true Modern Great!  To visit Rinus Van de Velde ‘I’m Done Singing About the Past’ at Tim Van Laere Gallery Rome go HERE. Follow Rinus Van de Velde HERE. Follow Tim Van Laere Gallery HERE. Follow THE MOST:  on Instagram. on Facebook. FOR EXCLUSIVE EPISODES OF 'THE MOST EXTRA' JOIN and SUPPORT HERE  
5/30/20241 hour, 39 minutes, 4 seconds
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*PATREON PREVIEW* The Most Extra #009 'PRIDE & PLOEGENDIENST ft. Belgian Pride 2024, Art World Mess, OMGFashun, Patta x Bonne, Fuego & Friends + exclusive The Most guest reveal

0:00 WELLNESS CHECK - ARE WE OK? 2:12 BELGIAN PRIDE 2024: BITTERSWEET BEAUTY 16:21 I’LL SEE YOU IN COURT (WITH A WICKER BASKET) 19:17 SO WHAT’S ‘OMGFASHUN’ GIVING?  20:51 WHAT'S PUMP? IMMI WILL NOT SHUT UP ABOUT #VPR 27:12 ASHLEY MADISON, STRAIGHT MESS.  33:02 BABY REINDEER IN THE ART WORLD? 39:36 OBSESSEDT: PATTA, BONNE, FUEGO & FRIENDS 45:59 OPPS: (DON’T) KEEP IT IN THE CLOSET 52:51 THE MOST - EXCLUSIVE NEW GUEST REVEAL 'THE MOST EXTRA' episode 009 is a PATREON ONLY  1-hour episode in which Dominique and members of The Most Friends and Family talk Obsessions, Fashion, Pop culture, Trash & Genius TV, MESS, Inspirations, OPPS (which stands for Other People’s Problems), what it’s like doing The Most and so much more.  FULL EPISODE only on  This episode is a Patreon Exclusive - Become a supporting member now! 
5/23/20244 minutes, 12 seconds
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Ghina Bazzi is the first world-class chef to be featured on The Most. Classically trained at the highest level, the Lebanese-born, Antwerp-based food entrepreneur joins Dominique at the loft to recount her earliest days moving to Sierra Leone from Beirut and how that shaped her personally and professionally.  The two dive into Ghina’s formative years in the high-demand kitchens of multi-Michelin-star chefs, the heart-breaking decisions she had to make and the hard times that led her from hosting sold-out culinary nights to the inception of her current dream and Antwerp's newest hotspot, her deli ‘SUR’. Ghina also discusses the perks of being best friends with Raf Simons’ right-hand person Bianca Quets Luzi and how she uses weightlifting as a tool to channel some of her self-described “aggressive energy”.    Follow Ghina Bazzi HERE Follow SUR HERE   Follow THE MOST: on Instagram. on Facebook. The Most is on Patreon!  FOR EXCLUSIVE EPISODES OF 'THE MOST EXTRA’ JOIN US HERE      
5/16/20241 hour, 24 minutes, 15 seconds
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*PATREON PREVIEW* The Most Extra #008 'OPENINGS, HAUTE TAKES, A FILM AND MORE ft. Willy Vanderperre at MoMu, Met Gala 2024 haute takes & ‘High & Low: John Galliano’

For the first time in a loooooong while, Dominique had time to do some shopping in Antwerp and divulges what the streets are giving this Spring 2024. Together with Immi, she also recounts the invite-only, full-house, fashion star-studded premiere of Willy Vanderperre’s ‘Prints, Films, a Rave and More’ expo at MoMu. The duo then don their best André Leon Talley-inspired caftans to hand out 10s and a few chops to the 2024 Met Gala looks & discuss Andrew Bolton and SHOWstudio’s vision-come-to-life for the ‘Sleeping Beauty: Reawakening Fashion’ exhibit.  Finally, they both get way too honest about the undertones in ‘High & Low: John Galliano’, the documentary by director Kevin MacDonald.  FULL EPISODE only on  This episode is a Patreon Exclusive - Become a supporting member now! 
5/9/20242 minutes, 42 seconds
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Kiangana Mupatshi is a designer, vocalist and the founder of concept label BLESS.  On this episode, Kiangana and Dominique talk growing up in Antwerp, family histories, self-definition, overcoming left-field knock-backs and finding your voice again and again, whether it’s in music, fashion design or community work.  Kiangana shares memories of growing up alongside Jan-Jan Van Essche's family and witnessing the early days of Jan-Jan and Piëtro Celestina building Atelier Solarshop. She then opens up about making a mark as a reggae and dub vocalist and what lead her to launch her sustainable concept label BLESS. Dominique wants to know more about the highs and lows of performing on dream stages and how she dealt with some of the mental and vocal health issues along the way.   Follow Kiangana here. Follow BLESS here. Shop BLESS here. Follow THE MOST:  on Instagram. on Facebook. FOR EXCLUSIVE EPISODES OF 'THE MOST EXTRA' JOIN and SUPPORT HERE THE MOST EXTRA is a Patreon-only 1hour episode where Dominique & The Most Friends and Family talk Fashion, pop culture, mess, OPPS and take you behind the scenes of doing The Most. We will preview exhibitions and events, discuss creative processes and much more. Only on Patreon. Go to to listen to the full episode.   
5/3/20241 hour, 53 minutes, 40 seconds
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*PATREON PREVIEW* The Most Extra #007: 'Uncool Jokers Get The Runaround' ft Denim Tears vs Supreme, Baby Reindeer and so much more

Dominique talks about her recent The Most episode with Colin H. van Eeckhout of AMENRA. Together with Immi, she then discusses Tremaine Emory boldly releasing the Arthur Jafa collab that was previously shelved by Supreme through his own Denim Tears label. The duo also toasts to the Nike x Patta Running Team launch, marvel at its Dover Street Market installation and D's new Friends & Family status. Moving on to low/high stakes-TV, Immi needs to talk about the recent VCU (Vanderpump Cinematic Universe) expansion and gets an introduction to 'Baby Reindeer'. 0:00 COPING MECHANISMS CHECK 2:53 THE COLIN H. VAN EECKHOUT AFTERMATH 12:10 IMMI'S FRAZZLED PRAYER TO BEYONCÉ 15:31 DENIM TEARS X ARTHUR JAFA: THE CULTURE VS JJ 26:22 PATTA DOING CIRCLES AROUND EVERYBODY: NIKE X PATTA RUNNING TEAM  31:57 THE VDP CINEMATIC UNIVERSE EXPANDS 32:38 BABY REINDEER, WTF 39:36 STAKES IS LOW TV 45:01 ZONE OF NOT INTERESTED AND IMMEDIATELY YES TO ‘MONKEY MAN’ 1:01:50 FAMOUS LAST WORDS: Y'ALL WANT A BOOTLEG COLOUR ANALYSIS? This episode is a Patreon Exclusive - Become a member now!  FULL EPISODE only on 
4/25/20242 minutes, 33 seconds
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Even after 25 years of being part of venue-scorching post metal phenom AMENRA, arguably one of the best live bands in the world, Colin H. van Eeckhout isn’t planning on ending his quest towards fully embodying his highest self. The artist opens up about the enduring imprint of being a 20 year-old watching your father take his final breath and how that shaped everything after. He then delves into some of AMENRA’s distinctive performance rituals and gives a couple of hard-learned strategies for keeping a touring 5-piece headstrong band together and thriving. Colin also shares his thoughts after making his stellar acting debut in the movie 'Skunk' (still in theatres) before discussing his upcoming solo album 'KALVARIE' - making its debut on Relapse Records soon.  Follow CHVE here  Follow AMENRA here  Pre-order KALVARIE here More on 'Skunk' here Follow THE MOST:  on Instagram. on Facebook. FOR EXCLUSIVE EPISODES OF 'THE MOST EXTRA' JOIN and SUPPORT HERE
4/18/20241 hour, 26 minutes, 47 seconds
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*Patreon Preview* The Most Extra - SOE5EVA with SOE NSUKI

Dominique is ecstatic because comic, TV-host, writer and friend Soe Nsuki is joining her for an hour of serious catch-up and lots of laughter.  Soe opens up about a very difficult career decision she had to make and what led her to it. Dominique raves about the brilliance of Soe’s latest one hour special 'SOENAMI' - which is down to its last couple of shows so get your tickets now! - before trying to get the scoop on her next TV appearances. The two then dive into Soe’s favourite shows of the moment before finding out they share a very particular obsession.  FULL EPISODE ONLY on  Become a member now! Soe Nsuki has been a very early guest on The Most - look for Episode 4! 
4/11/20243 minutes, 36 seconds
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Naud Verboeket is the designer and founder of cult clothing and footwear brand TEARS.  The now 26 year-old founded his label TEARS in 2016, making art out of the personal pain he was feeling at the time.  Embodying creative and social push-back while growing a close-knit community, Naud’s work with TEARS and his designs for iconoclasts like ‘Europapa’ Joost Klein and Belgian's own Nathan Vandergunst aka Acid have made a searing mark on the lowlands' style and music scene. Naud and Dominique muse on the marathon that is dream-building, unconventional ways to keep the creative flame alive and how to connect with people for real.  Get an inside look at the making of TEARS and Naud’s vision on dealing with pitfalls and mental health standoffs - distilling beauty from chaos while figuring out how to move at your own pace. More TEARS  Shop TEARS here Follow THE MOST: on Instagram. on Facebook. The Most is on Patreon!  FOR EXCLUSIVE EPISODES OF 'THE MOST EXTRA’ JOIN US HERE    
4/4/20241 hour, 36 minutes, 29 seconds
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*Patreon Preview* The Most Extra: "The New Not Dries at Dries Van Noten"

3/28/20241 minute, 48 seconds
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Aster Nzeyimana is an outstanding Belgian sports journalist, presenter and TV-host.  As the youngest-ever sports anchor on Flemish prime-time news, Aster has carved out an impressive media career budding from prodigy-status to multi-talented screen and airwaves mainstay. Today, he impresses audiences both in UEFA Champions League studios and global smash formats like ‘The Voice’.  Sitting comfortably at the loft, the two Nzeyimana’s hit replay on some of his major highlights & crunch-time challenges.  The pair discuss complex family tales, Aster's beginnings on student radio and moving through media spaces with poise and verve.  Aster opens up about his own version of the ‘inner saboteur’, the thrill and lesson-learning behind major-league football journalism and what it’s like plugging into 100-crew-strong live audience shows.  From broadcasting to fostering a future for newly launched fashion brand Mélange, co-founded with fiancée Lize Feryn, Aster's story is one of trust-falling and hitting your cue when it truly matters. Follow Aster Nzeyimana here  More about Mélange here Follow THE MOST: on Instagram. on Facebook. The Most is on Patreon!  FOR EXCLUSIVE EPISODES OF 'THE MOST EXTRA’ JOIN US HERE
3/21/20241 hour, 10 minutes, 1 second
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*Patreon Preview* The Most Extra: "Hetero Hell" ('Dune: Part 2' and 'Love Is Blind' Edition)

Dominique is featured on a great Marie Claire list, together with Immi she does a dusty deep-dive into ‘Dune: Part Two’, the duo talk about the brilliance of Glenn Martens and Y/Project after discussing the messiest season of 'Love Is Blind' so far and much more.  0:00:00 Coping mechanisms-check 0:06:31 Love is Blind S7, the messiest season ever 0:15:15 Dominique’s featured in Marie Claire 0:19:54 The Traitors US-UK-AUS: which franchise does it best? 0:22:38 Vanderpump Rules - He’s George Michael’s WHAT?!  0:30:21 Dune Pt 2 Deep Dive 0:35:00 Dune Pt 2 Fashion and Character Analysis 0:40:20 Nuns are so not Lisan Al Gaib 0:51:33 Glenn Martens keeping it real for his Y/Project 10Y anniversary  0:55:42 Elodie Ouedraogo, Ye and Kim Peers for Y/Project 1:00:00 May Thy Knife and so on and so forth  FULL EPISODE ONLY on  Become a member now!    
3/14/20241 minute, 59 seconds
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Coely is an award-winning artist from Belgium. A 21st century virtuoso with a golden voice and ultra-magnetic flow, who makes waves in whatever lane she decides to pull up in. Singing, rapping, beatboxing, writing, coaching and now also designing - Coely does it all. Offering: “I told my people: ‘Immediately yes. We have to do ‘The Most’,’” upon entering the loft, Coely then takes Dominique on a trip from early-day audiences to alchemising her scars into international success, uncovering new skills along the way. Together the pair discuss turbulent upbringings, finding community and the power of a great artistic team.  You also get the story and intention behind Coely’s first-ever fashion collab with Belgian retailer Zeb. Finally, she dissects some of her album-craft and expands on how her resilient sophomore record ‘Alive’ grew from falling into deep depression to healing her inner child. Follow Coely here. More Coely here. Follow THE MOST: on Instagram. on Facebook. The Most is on Patreon!  FOR EXCLUSIVE EPISODES OF 'THE MOST EXTRA’ JOIN US HERE    
3/7/20241 hour, 27 minutes, 2 seconds
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*Patreon Preview* The Most Extra: Angry White Ladies ft Jodie Foster, That's Not How You Say SSENSE, a TikTok Rip-Off and Doing The Most Filip Arickx after-talk!

The struggle is real for Dominique as she stayed up way past her bedtime (9pm tbh) to attend a friend and The Most alumnus' special birthday dinner. But -coffee in hand- together with Immi she happily unpacks the BTS and aftermath of her latest chart-topping episode with Filip Arickx and the two also share their thoughts on their mutual love and respect for A.F.VANDEVORST and NIGHTFALL. The duo then sell each other a new-ish TV show to watch and tuck into the latest fashion industry shake-ups - from the Essence x SSENSE link-up to the sale of A-Cold-Wall*. Later, they respond to an SOS in OPPS (Other People’s Problems), Immi shares tips on not fumbling the bag if you go TikTok-viral and makes questionable claims after a tropical encounter with THEEE Shygirl.   This episode is a Patreon Exclusive!  FULL EPISODE only on  Become a member now & support The Most on   0:00:01 A Birthday Party at an apparent Antwerp hotspot 0:03:39 Doing The Most with Filip Arickx (aftertalk + BTS) 0:15:51 Love, Respect & Nightfall 0:18:23 New TME item: Sell me a Show! 0:29:50 ObsessedT with True Detective S4 0:36:54 We love a particular type of angry white lady! 0:41:42 SSENSE x Essence Collab 0:48:01 A-COLD-WALL* Acquisition 0:53:23 Don't let the clock app (TikTok) steal your money 0:55:33 OPPS aka Other People’s Problems 1:00:31 Immi’s long awaited Shy Girl story!!!   FULL EPISODE only on     
2/29/20246 minutes, 40 seconds
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Filip Arickx also known as the 'F' in A.F.VANDEVORST, is a Belgian fashion designer, a creator and renegade innovator.  As part of the second wave of Belgian designers alongside Raf Simons, Veronique Branquinho and Jurgi Persoons; An Vandevorst and Filip Arickx were responsible for making Antwerp a fashion mainstay destination in the late 90s. Seated at the loft, Filip takes Dominique on an enchanted journey from being a precocious teenager who wanted to be heard (and was, by none other than Antwerp Six member Dirk Bikkembergs) to his homecoming-run at the Antwerp Fashion Academy, where he met his future wife and design partner on the first day.  Filip also delves into the blending of influences that made up the A.F.VANDEVORST aesthetic and the road from self-funding a fashion label to working with investors. Later in the episode, Filip discusses his brand new endeavour NIGHTFALL, the collaborative platform and adult toy company "worshipping pleasure at the altar of eros" he founded together with business partner Eveline Rigouts. Going into detail about its mission and intention, Filip discusses elevating eroticism and pleasure principles to new heights and how he wishes to define another era worth remembering .  Follow Filip Arickx here  Visit NIGHTFALL here  Follow NIGHTFALL here  More A.F.Vandevorst here Follow THE MOST:  on Instagram. on Facebook. FOR EXCLUSIVE EPISODES OF 'THE MOST EXTRA' JOIN US HERE
2/22/20241 hour, 38 minutes, 59 seconds
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THE MOST EXTRA - Please Unblock The Baby : The ‘Ferrari’ premiere, ironing our Y/Project denim chaps for B’s 'act II', VDPR and so much more

Dominique and Immi report back from the premiere of Michael Mann’s new movie ‘Ferrari’ featuring Adam Driver, Penélope Cruz and - in a twist of events - Dr. McDreamy. The two also discuss their favourite NYFW moment so far, D gives her thoughts on ‘Poor Things’ now that she's finally watched it and the two try their best to act ready (no one could ever) for Beyoncé’s imminent 'act ii'. Later in the episode, Immi is excited about his mandatory maiden viewing of Vanderpump Rules S11 and the two tackle a new inquiry in OPP aka ‘Other People’s Problems’.  FULL EPISODE on  Become a member now! Support The Most on     
2/16/20242 minutes, 14 seconds
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As creative director of SHOWstudio and other independent clients, Calum Knight is used to overseeing the output, collaborations and projects of some of the biggest names in fashion, music and culture. Born to cult-parents Charlotte and Nick Knight, Calum grew up in the trade of fashion and music story-telling and worked alongside their family from an early age, probably holding the record for youngest “consultant” to Lady Gaga ever. Joining Dominique Nzeyimana for an open, heartwarming and fast-paced conversation, Calum discusses how inhabiting multiple positions within the fashion industry from assistant buyer to model to producer, couture intern, content editor and critic has positioned them firmly at the intersection that fuels their vision as a creative director.  The duo also discusses Calum's lessons learned from working with John Galliano, carving out new lanes for queer perspectives and how working on The Met’s upcoming exhibition ‘Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion’ alongside mega-curator Andrew Bolton and legendary imagemaker Nick Knight has reignited their deep love for the art of fashion.  More Calum Knight here Go to SHOWstudio here Follow The Most: on Instagram. on Facebook. FOR EXCLUSIVE EPISODES OF 'THE MOST EXTRA' JOIN US HERE
2/8/20241 hour, 19 minutes, 42 seconds
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This is a preview of 'THE MOST EXTRA' episode 001.  A PATREON ONLY  1-hour episode that will drop every other week in which Dominique and members of The Most Friends and Family talk Obsessions, Fashion, Pop culture, Trash & Genius TV, MESS, Inspirations, OPPS (which stands for Other People’s Problems), what it’s like doing The Most and so much more.  Only on Patreon. Go to NOW to listen to the full episode.  We love you the most!   
2/2/20243 minutes, 49 seconds
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Inge Onsea is a total embodiment of joie de vivre which makes her the perfect guest during The Most wonderful time of the year.  As the co-founder and creative director of global brand ESSENTIEL ANTWERP Inge has lived quite the rollercoaster of a life. A self-described "woman without a plan" Inge's career flowed from gigs as a background singer to magician’s assistant to ‘mannequin de cabine’ for big names like MUGLER and Max Mara before founding her own label in 1999 with her business partner and father of her children Esfan Eghtessadi.  As she and Dominique sit down for a long conversation, Inge describes the road from starting out designing a few T-shirts to growing a global brand with 165 employees, 30+ flagship stores (from London to Paris to  Seoul to New York) and 780 salespoints worldwide including Neiman Marcus and Anthropologie – while still remaining independent.  Inge also has no qualms talking about the beautiful chaos that is her private life and how her travels and home contribute to living an unapologetic life.  This episode of The Most is brought to you by MAISON NOILLY PRAT, the original vermouth crafted by the sea in the South of France.  Enjoy responsibly.  Happy Holidays!  Inge Onsea  ESSENTIEL ANTWERP  Follow The Most:  on Instagram.  on Facebook.    
12/14/20231 hour, 24 minutes, 30 seconds
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Vincent van de Waal, creative director of global streetwear juggernaut Patta came fully willing to talk and as he starts out by telling Dominique they can discuss everything she wants, your host couldn't be happier.  Listen in as the duo traces back Vincent's journey from hanging outside the local community centre and parole office in Leiden to his big move to Amsterdam at the tender age of seventeen and getting his first jobs selling ties and later on nuts at the market.  The true quest into where his passions lie lead Vincent to a succesful run at the prestigious Rietveld Academy where he found multiple mentors and associates for life.  The two also discuss his lifetime commitment to Patta, team work, his style influences, the evolution of his visual art practice, the aspirations of his post-punk band OWN and - drumroll - future Patta plans.  Follow Vincent van de Waal HERE Follow Patta HERE  Follow The Most: on Instagram. on Facebook.        
11/30/20231 hour, 46 minutes, 33 seconds
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Dominique is convinced that there are very few people more talented and cooler than today’s The Most guest Martha Canga Antonio aka Martha Da’ro. As the award-winning - among which ‘Best Actress’ for her debut movie role in 2015 - multi-disciplinarian artist sits down in the loft, the two dive into an honest conversation about self-discovery, growth, breaking away from “feeling lost in the sauce”, the protection she received while filming a brutal story and the road to her STELLAR brand new album ‘Philophobia’.   ‘Philophobia’ by Martha Da'ro Out Now!  Buy Tickets to Martha Da’ro at AB concerts  here Watch Lupin Season 3 on Netflix with Martha in the role of Fleur  Follow Martha Da’ro here   Follow The Most:  on Instagram.  on Facebook. Get your The Most merch on !  The Most is written and produced by KNOTORYUS  
11/16/20231 hour, 18 minutes, 12 seconds
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Award-winning designer Bonne Reijn of Bonne Suits joins Dominique Nzeyimana in the loft. A heartfelt conversation cross-pollinating style, art, culture, friendship, loss, grief and strengthening community praxis from one famous Amsterdam stoop to the world. Cycle with Bonne through his incredible life story – from poignant early memories to therapeutically knitting a close circle of friends to the birth of his acclaimed label Bonne Suits. Hear Bonne reflect on free space and the cultural value that fashion stores hold, plus how these factors influence his creative decisions. Bonne also taps into the support and mentorship he received from Team Patta, emphasizing the importance of forging a supportive community in fashion and art, the current Vincent van de Waal expo at Galerie De Schans and what is next for the ever-expanding house he has built.   Follow Bonne Suits here.   Go see: Vincent van de Waal 'Courage: Love, Laugh, Leave, Let’s Go' at Galerie De Schans, Amsterdam - until November 5 2023.   Follow The Most: on Instagram. on Facebook.
11/2/20231 hour, 44 minutes, 12 seconds
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Award-winning photographer Kyle Weeks joins Dominique at the loft for a conversation about the skate and metal scene of Windhoek, early mentors and making big moves.  Kyle Weeks' Magnum Photo Prize-winning imagery explores the lived experiences & ancestral traditions of different communities - from the Ovahimba & Ovazemba tribes to Namibia’s queer subcultures and the beyond fashion-forward kids coming of age in Accra. Born in Namibia, but currently Amsterdam-based, Kyle gives us a unique look into the feeling and process behind his work for Raf Simons x Fred Perry, Patta, i-D & many more.  With a new book out called 'Good News' and currently showing at Galerie Gomis in Brussels and David Hill in London, Kyle and Dominique discuss being self-critical yet intuitive, influences, shifts within his work, capturing authentic essences around the globe, mental blocks and so much more.  Follow Kyle Weeks here. Go see:  ‘Intersections of African Youth’  Sanlé Sory & Kyle Weeks, Galerie Gomis, Brussels  ‘Meeting at the Volta’  Sanlé Sory & Kyle Weeks,  David Hill Gallery, London    Follow The Most: on Instagram. on Facebook. GET YOUR THE MOST MERCH here
10/19/20231 hour, 20 minutes, 53 seconds
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Belgian fashion designer Meryll Rogge joins Dominique Nzeyimana in the loft! In another podcast exclusive, Dominique sits down with Meryll Rogge: the award-winning Belgian fashion designer whose pieces have been worn by notables like Paloma Elsesser, Lil Nas X, Zazie Beetz, Rose Byrne, Gwyneth Paltrow, the Kardashian-Jenners and our own Elodie Ouedraogo. On this episode Meryll reminisces about her childhood in Deinze, overcoming feelings of isolation, the trials and joys of law and fashion school (oh hey, Stephanie D'heygere and Glenn Martens!) and landing her dream internship and job at Marc Jacobs in NYC that set her on the path to global fashion cult status.  Just before the pandemic struck early 2020, Meryll debuted her Whit Stillman, David Armstrong and Nan Goldin-inspired collection, making instant waves at Paris Fashion Week. The label was immediately picked up by 19 luxury retailers, including Bergdorf Goodman, Beams, Net-a-Porter and SSENSE, with added glowing coverage by The New York Times. Discover how Meryll made her teenage-vision-board-turned-portfolio a reality, gain insights into the profound influence behind her sought-after namesake collections and find out what might be next. More Meryll Rogge here Follow Meryll Rogge here. Follow The Most: on Instagram. on Facebook. More info HERE
10/5/20231 hour, 29 minutes, 49 seconds
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Abigail Abraham is what we call a QUADRUPLE threat, being an actress, singer, dancer and a theatre maker.  After graduating in Musical studies from the Royal Conservatory of Brussels in 2011, Abigail continued to star in and create theatre productions in addition to carving out a career in film,  television and opera. After recently filming supporting parts alongside names like Chiwetel Ejiofor, Ben Kingsley and Monica Bellucci, this is turning out to be a turnkey year for Abigail, having secured main character billing in 2 major TV shows and a feature film released this year.  Join Dominique and Abigail during this heartfelt conversation as the pair take it back to the early Destiny’s Child-soundtracked days of this versatile entertainer. Learn how Abigail, with no backup plan, conquered hard firsts in hostile spaces and how her unwavering commitment led her to more freedom and a greater range of choices.  Follow The Most: on Instagram. on Facebook. Follow Abigail Abraham here. The Most Merch is here!   Get 15% off when you subscribe to the newsletter.
9/21/20231 hour, 42 minutes, 51 seconds
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The globally acclaimed photographer and rebel eternal Willy Vanderperre visits Dominique Nzeyimana at the loft.  From pastoral Belgium to the world, during an ongoing and decades-spanning career, Willy Vanderperre has lensed highly influential fashion editorials and campaigns season after season.  When i-D magazine first published young Willy’s work with Raf Simons and the Antwerp Six, it attuned the fashion world at large to his gift. In the following years the most coveted houses and labels like Raf Simons, Jil Sander, Dior, Calvin Klein, Prada, Alaïa and many more all leaned on Willy Vanderperre’s eye for creating culture-shifting and cerebral imagery. As a favoured cover snatcher and editorial contributor, Willy Vanderperre - who has been good friends for years with print god Jefferson Hack - has been published on the pages of DAZED, Another/Another Man, System, DUST, LOVE, W Magazine, Vogue, 032C and more.  Willy Vanderperre has captured modern muses like Frank Ocean, Rihanna, Arca, Lupita N’yongo, A$AP Rocky, Solange, Dev Hynes, The XX, Maharshela Ali, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Willow Smith, FKA twigs, Zendaya, Michelle Williams, Margot Robbie – the list is endless and incredibly impressive.  His art prompts instant recognition: a Willy Vanderperre shot connects rock hard and squarely. His eternal fascination with youth, yearning, isolation, angst and pop culture has burgeoned into a visual language that extends to all senses, whether they’re expressed through stills or moving parts. Various works of his have been on view at prestigious museums like the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and MoMu in Antwerp.  At this particular moment in time, Willy Vanderperre’s first feature film ‘Heartlands’ is setting the underground alight. In a future-classic sit-down, Dominique and Willy discuss the renegade’s upbringing, self-defining spirit & contrarian nature as he has lived his life questioning barriers from rock bottom moments to the top.  Hear how the artist started drawing from a young age & leaned into his own queer expressiveness through fashion and music. Willy also voices his admiration and views on the new generation(s), and how his lauded filmography went through naked, wasted and sacred stages to bloom into ‘Heartlands’ - his breathtaking debut feature film.  A timeless conversation on everything to know from the man himself, sharing priceless morsels on a life and career forged in your own way, with your own unique voice.  Follow The Most: on Instagram. on Facebook. Follow Willy Vanderperre here. Learn more about ‘Heartlands’ here. The Most Merch is here! Get 15% off when you subscribe to the newsletter.
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After giving Dominique a private tour of 'Non-Profit At All Cost',  the exhibition she curated at NEST, The Hague, visual artist, curator, fashion & print designer and writer Farida Sedoc takes some time out to look back on her life and practice so far.  From a difficult couple of years at Fashion University over a devastating park brawl that acted as the fire-starter for her multi-layered cult-label ‘HOSSELAER’  to showing work at some of the best museums in The Netherlands & beyond, Farida Sedoc knows what it means to dig deep and persevere.  Her artistic work, interventions and curatorship are crucial in challenging the collective consciousness by centring the often unseen or avoided. With forever ties to big city life, her Surinamese heritage and Hip-Hop culture, her work explores, pushes back & reflects on western dogmas and the influence of money, identity, globalism and politics.  The exhibition ‘Non-Profit At All Cost’ is on until November 6 2022 at NEST The Hague. Info & tickets here. More on Farida Sedoc HERE  Follow Farida Sedoc here Follow HOSSELAER here  The Most Merch is here! Get 15% off when you subscribe to the newsletter.
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