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English, Finance, 2 seasons, 86 episodes, 2 days, 18 hours, 22 minutes
We intend to include people with both advanced and basic technical skills so everyone has a common understanding of IOTA and its ecosystem. We'll be speaking with intriguing people from the IOTA Foundation as well as the surrounding community.
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#85 ShimmerSea

Dr.Tangle is back on the Podcast to talk to us about their fantastic launch of their DEX, as well as their LUM sale and other exciting stuff that's going on and coming in the future.
11/2/202332 minutes, 52 seconds
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#84: Spyce.5 & Build.5

Holger is back to present the latest news from SPYCE.5 and also explains BUILD5. Tune in to learn more about their progress, their utility, their future plans and how to be able to participate,
10/31/202334 minutes, 32 seconds
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#83: TangleSwap

What better way to be back then to present the newest updates around TangleSwap. The futuristic DEX building on IOTA, Shimmer and Cardano!TStrong from TangleSwap talk about what's new, ongoing and what's coming.
10/25/202332 minutes, 27 seconds
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Dominik Schiener, The New Way for IOTA

I sat down with Dom to talk about the recent changes that happened within the IOTA / Shimmer ecosystem. We talked about the inflation, dropping Assembly, Stardust, EVM upgrade, funding, and their exciting projects happening in UAE, EU and other places.
9/18/202350 minutes, 34 seconds