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English, Social, 2 seasons, 24 episodes, 7 hours 34 minutes
A young missionary named Renee Bach left her comfortable life in America to start a malnutrition program in rural Uganda. Folks back home and in Uganda praised her as a model missionary -- an example of the healing power of God’s message. But a decade later she’s accused of masquerading as a doctor and rumored to have killed hundreds of children in her unlicensed clinic. How did Renee Bach end up here? Is she a case of good intentions gone wrong...or a predator posing as a saint? Hosted and reported by journalists Rajiv Golla, Halima Gikandi and Malcolm Burnley.
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Introducing: Radical

Hi, Missionary fans! Tenderfoot TV, iHeartPodcasts, and Campside Media have teamed up for a riveting podcast called Radical. Hosted by journalist Mosi Secret, Radical investigates an Atlanta crime story to assess if justice was truly served. Since you enjoyed our show, we think you'll like this podcast too. Don't just take our word for it, though. Check out this trailer and start listening on 12/5! Show Description: On March 16, 2000, two police officers were shot in one of Atlanta’s oldest neighborhoods. One officer died and the other claimed the shooter was Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, the leader of a local mosque. Once known as H. Rap Brown, a charismatic leader of the Black Power Movement, and an honorary officer in the Black Panther Party, Al-Amin was convicted and sentenced to life in prison. But was Al-Amin truly guilty? Or was it payback for decades of work against the establishment? Listen to Radical on the iHeartRadi
05/12/20232 minutes 52 seconds
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Introducing: Talking to Death with Payne Lindsey

Hi, Missionary fans! Tenderfoot TV and iHeartPodcasts have teamed up for another exciting podcast called Talking to Death, hosted by Up and Vanished creator Payne Lindsey. Since you love this show, we think you'll like this one too. Don't just take our word for it, though. Check out this trailer and start listening today! Show Description: Up and Vanished host and creator Payne Lindsey wants to talk you to death in his first “true crime” talk show (that may or may not actually be about true crime). Pull up a chair as Payne and guests talk about all things crime, life, mystery, and fun. From Tenderfoot TV and iHeartRadio comes a new weekly series, Talking to Death. Take a listen… odds are, you won’t die. Listen to Talking to Death on the iHeartRadio app, or wherever you get your podcasts!See for privacy information.
15/11/202355 seconds
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Introducing: What Happened to Libby Caswell

Hi, Missionary fans! iHeartPodcasts is pleased to introduce the second installment of the "What Happened to" series, which covers the tragic story of Libby Caswell. You can expect host Melissa Jeltsen's same in-depth, thorough reporting and exceptional storytelling in each episode of "What Happened to Libby Caswell," starting on November 2nd. Here's a peek into the season, so check it out and start listening to Libby's story today! Show Description: In 2017, Libby Caswell was found dead in a motel room in Independence, Missouri. Police quickly ruled her death a suicide. But her mother Cindy thinks she was murdered — and she believes she has proof the crime scene was staged. Award-winning investigative reporter Melissa Jeltsen dives deep into Libby’s final days, finding new evidence that unravels the official story and threatens to implicate more than just those in the motel room that day. In her search for answers, Jeltsen exposes the web of
02/11/20233 minutes 30 seconds
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Introducing- Erased: The Murder of Elma Sands

Twenty-two-year-old Elma Sands is found murdered in a Manhattan well on January 2, 1800. Her lover, wealthy and well-connected Levi Weeks, is accused of the barbaric offense. Weeks brings in the nation’s best legal defense team – none other than Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr – to clear his name while a pandemic-stricken New York City buzzes with scandal. This six-episode true story unfolds over the unbelievable two-day trial that laid the sexist roots of today’s justice system. Through flashbacks and testimony recreated in modernized language and narrated by Allison Flom, Erased: The Murder of Elma Sands investigates history’s chronic erasure of women and highlights the toils of Catherine Ring, a 27-year-old Quaker woman who took on the nation’s best legal team to preserve her cousin Elma’s name. Starring & executive produced by Allison Williams (Get Out, Girls) as Catherine Ring, Tony Goldwyn (Scandal, Ghost) as Alexander Hamilton, Barry Scheck (Innocence Project fo
19/10/20232 minutes 21 seconds
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Introducing: Unrestorable

Hi, Missionary fans! Listen to Unrestorable hosted by Beth Karas and Sarah Treleaven! A new Truecrime podcast that takes us into the wild murder trial of Catherine Hoggle. Catherine has been found not competent to stand trial for the 2014 murders of her children. On the verge of release, is it possible she’s been faking it all along?. Don't just take our word for it, check out the trailer to decide for yourself!   Listen to Unrestorable on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcasts!See for privacy information.
04/10/20232 minutes 45 seconds
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Introducing: Earwitness

One July night in 1995, Deputy Sheriff William G. Hardy was shot behind the Crown Sterling Suites hotel in Birmingham, Alabama. At the same time as the murder, at least 10 people saw Toforest Johnson four miles away at a popular nightclub called Tee's Place. But detectives zeroed in on him as a main suspect in Deputy Hardy’s murder anyway, ultimately resulting in Toforest being tried, convicted, and sentenced to death. For over a quarter century, Toforest has been confined to a 5’ by 8’ cell on Alabama’s death row.   In 2019, investigative journalist Beth Shelburne began covering the case, going down a disturbing rabbit hole revealing many unsettling facts that cast grave doubts about Toforest’s guilt. The facts she found tear at the very foundation of the American criminal justice system: No eyewitnesses or physical evidence tied Toforest to the murder; the state tried to convict a different man for the same crime; and perhaps most disturbing of all, Toforest’s conv
19/09/20232 minutes 41 seconds
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Introducing: The Idaho Massacre

On November 13, 2022, four students from the University of Idaho are brutally stabbed to death in an off-campus house. After a lengthy investigation and cross-country manhunt, a Ph.D. student from a neighboring university is charged with the crimes. As it turns out, the 28-year-old was majoring in criminology, studying the behavior of killers like the ones he would later be accused of becoming. Did he use his skills to become a real-life Dexter? Were the Idaho victims his first, or was a serial killer hiding in the midst? The producers of The Piketon Massacre explore all sides of the shocking crime in pursuit of the truth. Listen here or on the iHeartRadio app. See for privacy information.
10/08/20231 minute 38 seconds
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Introducing: The Girlfriends

It’s 1995 and Carole Fisher is a high-flying divorcee looking for love in Las Vegas. It’s slim pickings in the medical community she works in. But then Bob comes to town. Bob Bierenbaum is a plastic surgeon who flies planes and speaks several languages. Her mom loves that he’s Jewish - but there’s something off about him. He’s perfect on paper but he’s quick to anger and he never talks about his ex-wife. Who, it turns out, is missing and presumed dead. After Carole and Bob break up she tells her friend Mindy all about Bob’s wife and his bizarre behavior. You see, Mindy dated Bob too, in fact a lot of women in Vegas dated Bob and they all have their own strange stories to tell. Before too long they form a club dedicated to bitching about Bob, eating noodles and figuring out what happened to his wife, Gail. In this riveting nine part series, Carole Fisher uncovers the truth of Gail Katz’s death, the systems that failed her and all the girlfriends that brought her justice. Listen to Th
10/07/20232 minutes 48 seconds
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Introducing: Sacred Scandal

La Luz del Mundo Sacred Scandal, named one of Podtrac’s Best New Podcasts of 2022, embarks on its second season, focusing on Mexico-based megachurch La Luz del Mundo (Light of the World). It tells the story of Naasón Joaquín García, a self-proclaimed apostle, who is currently behind bars after pleading guilty in June 2022 of sexually abusing girls from his congregation. Naasón is currently serving a nearly 17-year sentence, but maintains his innocence. Host and investigative journalist Roberta Garza explores Naasón's control over a multitude of devotees, some of whom now describe their experiences in the church as "pure evil." In this true-crime series, survivors share stories about this powerful religious leader and the alleged sexual abuse that followed, many relating to minors.   Listen here and subscribe to Sacred Scandal on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your
16/06/20232 minutes 49 seconds
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Introducing: Queen Havoc and Her Murder Cult

Hi, Missionary fans! Dive into how South African cult leader Cecilia Steyn leads her followers to kill 11 innocent people over the course of four years. Join host and filmmaker Kurt Kubicek as he travels to Krugersdorp, SA - a small mining town rocked by these brutal serial murders. Listen to Queen Havoc and Her Murder Cult now on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcasts! About Queen Havoc and Her Murder Cult: Serial Cult murders in South Africa bring on a deep, winding, decade-long investigation to uncover the criminal mastermind of Cecelia Steyn and those who followed her. She has been dubbed “The Charles Manson of South Africa.” Complete with corrupt cover-ups by police that would cost the lives of many, this cult case unravels itself to reveal dark truths about th
31/05/20232 minutes 26 seconds
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Introducing: Betrayal Season 2

Ashley Lytton was a typical mom and wife in suburban Utah with three children until she discovered her husband’s horrifying secret. It was a shocking crime that would alter Ashley’s life and jeopardize the safety of her children. This season Betrayal will focus on one mother’s fight to find justice for her daughter and protection from a predator too close to home. Listen to Betrayal Season 2 on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcasts. for privacy information.
18/05/20232 minutes 5 seconds
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Introducing: Hell and Gone Season 4

Hi, Missionary fans! iHeartPodcasts and host Catherine Townsend are excited to announce Hell and Gone Season 4! The Little Rock Police Department searched an abandoned car in a small residential park. The keys were in the ignition and the car was out of gas as if it had been left running. The car belonged to 18-year-old Ebby Steppach, and she had vanished without a trace. A thrilling true crime that continues to unravel with every clue. Don't just take our word for it, check out the trailer to decide for yourself! About Hell and Gone: On October 30, 2015, the Little Rock Police Department searched an abandoned car in a small residential park. The keys were in the ignition and the car was out of gas as if it had been left running. The car belonged to 18-year-old Ebby Steppach, and she had vanished without a trace. It seems like everyone in Arkansas knows about Ebby. They know she disappeared in 2015, and
24/03/20223 minutes 32 seconds
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Introducing: The Missionary

In 2009, a young American missionary named Renee Bach built a nonprofit to fight child malnutrition in Uganda. Ten years later, allegations surface that hundreds of children died at her facility. How could this happen? Hosted and reported by Rajiv Golla, Halima Gikandi and Malcolm Burnley.  Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.comSee for privacy information.
14/05/20202 minutes 23 seconds