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Meet Reese. Your Instagram Marketing Ninja, Tattoo Biz Mentor, and Motivational Coach. Reese brings you all the tips and strategies to your Success in the Tattoo Industry and on Social Media while keeping you Motivated and Kicking your Ass into gear toward achieving your goals and dreams. For years, Reese has worked hard to establish herself as a great tattoo artist, a fine artist, and a strong life and business mentor. She believes that success in life and in business is created by mindset and attitude. Her ultimate goal is to help Creatives, just like you, build a strong foundation in your life and your tattoo brand. Follow her on IG: @TheArtOfReese
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Episode 9: How I Made $20K in 24 Hours

𝐇𝐨𝐰 𝐈 𝐛𝐨𝐨𝐤𝐞𝐝 𝐨𝐮𝐭 𝟓 𝐦𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐡𝐬 &amp; 𝐦𝐚𝐝𝐞 $𝟐𝟎𝐤 𝐢𝐧 𝐥𝐞𝐬𝐬 𝐭𝐡a𝐧 𝟐𝟒 𝐡𝐨𝐮rsIn this episode, we get into the nitty gritty of how we created an extremely successful launch without overwhelm or stress.We go over what I believe are the most important foundational aspects of your business:EnergeticsIntuitionStrategyStructureWhat we did differently from previous launches to this one.Strategies behind content, emailing lists, and how we funnel in potential clients into becoming real soulmate clients. And all the lessons I learned along the way.This one is a doozy, but definitely won’t disappoint in the way of depth in both mind, body, soul &amp; business connection.Follow me on Instagram: Follow me on YouTube: <a href='
22/06/20221 hour 16 minutes 5 seconds
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Episode 8: Meaning Behind it All

What is the meaning you are making around what it is you want?Often times we think the circumstances that we are in, the goal we are trying to achieve, or the thing we are trying to create are what causes us anxiety, stress, overwhelm.But in all actuality its in the meanings that we make about how the experience is going to be in order to get to our goals, dreams, &amp; desires. We try to fill the gap between point A to Point B so we can mentally prepare ourselves for what is to come.So instead, lets of a more empowering belief and/or outcome so that we can have a more easeful experience in your life/biz journey.In this episode, I share with you how everything that we heal is a direct reflection in all aspects of our lives. We get into my personal relationships and why choosing another meaning for a current circumstance helps heal my internal wounds and why this helps me become a more expanded version of myself and how it c
15/06/202245 minutes 46 seconds
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Episode 7: Are you Feeling Overwhelmed or like you are falling behind?

Something that I noticed was the narrative for a lot of my InkSpired Academy students was the feeling overwhelmed or falling behind in their tattoo career. So today we are going to dive into that - The deep question to ask ourselves is WHY we believe that we are falling behind?What makes us believe that?When we don’t dive deeper into those beliefs, and try to bypass the feeling by doing more, we end up losing ourselves in the “DOING” and only perpetuate more overwhelm and stress in our business.In this episode, I share with you how I’ve gotten rid of overwhelm in my life and business… and I promise you… its not in any conventional way.
08/06/202239 minutes 6 seconds
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Episode 6: When to Shift Directions in your Business.

Living in this culture where we are taught that we have to finish what we started, or that we have to be people of our word.Let’s normalize changing our minds. If something no longer serves us, and we continue to keep our commitment, be sure to understand WHY you are considering to continue on. Is it for the sheerness of people pleasing, or do you believe that it will help shape you for a future you want? How to tell the difference from your inner wisdom and from your false ego. How to know when you are operating from Love art from fear.In this episode, I share a recent experience where I had taken on 23 projects in my business that no longer served me. How I understood what my inner wisdom was saying to me. The decisions I made thereafter. And what unexpected business opportunities came up after I decided to release these projects.
01/06/202246 minutes 49 seconds
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Episode 5: My Spiritual Rituals

Here are some of the rituals I practice in order to redirect my energy toward an unstoppable mindset. These rituals help me create opportunities that inspire action downloaded from my inner wisdom in order to build the Tattoo Empire of my Dreams. Impact Leadership  MastermindA 5 month mastermind for the tattoo artist ready to go to 6 figures and beyond. This mastermind is here to mold to your needs as a member of this community. Here to help you grow your empire and elevate from tattoo artist to full on tattoopreneur.VIP 1:1For the tattoo artist who has already begun to build their empire , but is ready to take it to the NEXT level.You have your own specific goals and need a hand on accountability, structure, strategy, &amp; energetics to continue building out your soul aligned tattoo empire.<
25/05/202242 minutes 28 seconds
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Episode 4: Investing in Yourself

Investing in yourself and your business can seem scary. ⁣Its like signing a binding contract, that tells the Universe that you are willing to face:⁣𝘠𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘍𝘦𝘢𝘳𝘴 ⁣, 𝘠𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘓𝘪𝘮𝘪𝘵𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘉𝘦𝘭𝘪𝘦𝘧𝘴⁣, 𝘠𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘚𝘩𝘢𝘥𝘰𝘸𝘴⁣, 𝘠𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘞𝘰𝘶𝘯𝘥𝘴⁣. That you are willing to fully surrender in knowing ⁣that you don&apos;t know everything.⁣ That to be forever a student IS the key to success.⁣ 𝐓𝐡𝐚𝐭&apos;𝐬 𝐰𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐢𝐭 𝐛𝐞𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐬 𝐬𝐨 𝐟𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐡 𝐢𝐭. ⁣Because the new version of yourself that comes out the other side gets to: ⁣See your dreams and desires come true.⁣ Build the trust in knowing that you&apos;ve fucking got this.⁣ That you can do anything.⁣ That the possibilities ARE endless.⁣ It becomes so fucking worth it when you realize how much ⁣𝘛𝘪𝘮𝘦, ⁣𝘔𝘰𝘯𝘦𝘺, ⁣𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘌𝘯𝘦𝘳𝘨𝘺. You 𝐒𝐀𝐕𝐄 by just having a little faith in yourself. ⁣Buuuuuttttt... ⁣the benefits do 𝘕𝘖𝘛 come before the Leap.⁣ So I invite you to face the challenges of
18/05/202240 minutes 7 seconds
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Episode 3: Feel The Fear // How I Got Here

How did I get here? How did I get to this point in my life as an tattoo artist, spiritual tattoo business coach, and educator who makes intentional, authentic choices and is constantly changing? By feeling the fear (fear being freedom), working through the uncomfortable, investing in myself and fully committing to the evolving nature that fear is. Buckle in for a long episode of my journey from accountant to intentional tattoo artist and all the nitty gritty in-between. Want to watch the full podcast video? Follow me on Patreon! Follow me on Instagram: Follow me on YouTube:
11/05/20221 hour 12 minutes 20 seconds
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Episode 2: Passion vs Purpose

Your passion is for you, your PURPOSE is for others. Your passion becomes a purpose when you use it to serve others. That is why its so important to remember that what you do IS sacred. It IS energy exchange. It IS a piece of your soul bonded to another. Want to watch the full podcast video? Follow me on Patreon! me on Instagram: me on YouTube:
04/05/202217 minutes 25 seconds
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Episode 1: Taking Messy Action

After a TWO YEAR hiatus, I am back and ready to show up for myself. For the past year, I have been dying to get back to podcasting, but I kept making up excuses for myself for not diving right in. &quot;I don&apos;t have enough time&quot; , &quot;It needs to be perfect&quot;  - I was looking for permission to start. But I am here and screaming from the rooftops - THERE IS NO PERFECT TIME TO START. TAKE MESSY ACTION! So here I am, living in the mess and excited for a whole new season of The Mind of Reese. Want to watch the full podcast video? Follow me on Patreon! me on Instagram: me on YouTube:
27/04/202215 minutes
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Episode 25: External Circumstances Do NOT Define Who You Are

We see the world as something that happens and we simply just respond to. In many ways this is true, but In many ways this is not true.Is that confusing?? Stay with me here, and READ ON.When something happens that we dont have control over (Pandemic, Losing a Job, a Breakup, etc,) we FEEL out of control. Since this one thing is out of control, the rest of my life is out of control.Imagine yourself 3 years from now. Can you picture yourself, can you picture your life? If you are feeling like you CAN’T, its most likely because you are identifying yourself based on what’s happening in the world. Based on Externals. You Look to the outside world to define you now, but you also look to the outside world to define your future.In this episode, I talk about how I can find myself going through situations where I have felt “lost,” and the tools I use to come back to my truth.Who I am is not based on exertnals. Who I am is based on the decisions
27/07/202019 minutes 1 second
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Episode 24: Organize your Mind, Organize your Life

I always have my hand in so many Opportunity jars, that I don’t realize how much I’ve put on my plate until I have hit overwhelm or close to burn out. I was told by one of my coaches that I needed to clean out my thoughts and practice new thinking. Organize my mind, if you will.Many people aren’t taking the time to think about what they are thinking about. We aren’t differentiating between our thoughts and our circumstances.We simply let our thoughts drive our behavior that is either reactive or inactive. In this episode, I talk about cleaning out your mind like you’d clean out your closet.Take out all the thoughts from your mind, and say goodbye to the recurring thoughts (aka beliefs) that no longer work to our advantage or is outdates. Just like we would take out everything from the closet, and give to the clothes that no longer fit to GoodWill.But sometimes getting rid of things/thoughts feel like a loss. But by saying goodbye, you
18/07/202024 minutes 55 seconds
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Episode 23: Don't Let Your Ego Get the Best of You!

Would if there was no such thing as right or wrong?Think of it this way, when you or your EGO has to be right, that means you are making someone else wrong. This game we play of who’s right and who’s wrong, just means that we are so bonded to the perspective that we are we are right, or that our way is the only way.  Sometimes, we look at the world through only one lens and we wonder why we keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.Literally, the definitely in INSANITY.How about we shift our perspective. Listen openly, without deciding what you agree with and don’t agree with. Just go about it with neutrality. Two perspectives can be accurate. Even if you don’t agree, it doesn’t invalidate someone else’s perspective. In this episode, I walk you through what’s going in my life, how I’ve let my own ego get the best of me, and how I am challenging myself to go throughout each day and see things from a different
10/07/202021 minutes 9 seconds
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Episode 22: Creating Beliefs that will Make You Successful

If you could CREATE certain Beliefs that will effectively make you MORE successful, would you?In this weeks episode, I talk about 5 different beliefs that you need to shift in order to change the results in your business and your life. .Most don’t see beliefs as beliefs, we see them as law, or the way it is. Beliefs are just perceived truth. A habit thought that you continue to believe.Ha! Did I just blow your mind?!How you see Business and/or Life, will determine what’s possible for you. If you beliefs do not align with the outcome you want, you can change them. Be sure to follow me on IG @theartofreese Id love to hear how much you loved this episode.
26/06/202040 minutes 1 second
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Episode 21: Wake Up and Smell the MF'n Roses

I am always in the mood for some Gratitude! In this short and sweet episode, I just had to let loose and give thanks to all the people who have and still support me through my advantageous adventure, even when they think I am crazy pants! Sometimes, we humans lose sight of all the things and people we DO have in our lives, and focus on all the things we don’t have or what we want.Nothing wrong with having goals, but it’s always good to take a moment, smell the roses, and remember to be stoked on life as we know it right now.Follow me on IG @theartofreese
19/06/202018 minutes 10 seconds
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13 Things Mentally Successful People Don't Do

I had recently read an article about Amy Morins book about 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do. I was curious if could consider myself mentally strong. In this episode, we will go over those 13 things along with how, if you feel that you struggle with these things, you can start taking the steps toward strengthening those mental muscles. .And by consistently flexing those mindset biceps, you will come to learn that success isn’t something you are going be given from a job, it’s something that you are. You are Successful.Follow me on my other Social Medias! Instagram, Facebook, &amp; TikTok: @TheArtOfReeseYouTube: @ArtofReese
13/06/202054 minutes 56 seconds
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Episode 19: How To Cultivate Confidence

I think its safe to say that we all have had our moments of doubt and fear of failing. More times then I’d like to admit, if I am going to be honest.Maybe you’ve never done something before and you want to confidence in order to DO the thing, or you have tried to do something thing over and over, and felt the feeling of “failure” which has made you nervous to try again. In this podcast, I give you the 7 ways to on how to create more confidence within yourself. Because the meaning of confidence to me is the deeps sense that you can handle the emotional outcome of whatever your face or whatever you pursue. Gaining confidence is Ones capacity to experience unpleasant feelings. Being Comfortable with the uncomfortable is key. Hope you guys LOVE this episode! Please comment, like, and Subscribe!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Are you a Tattoo Artist who would like to learn
22/05/202041 minutes 20 seconds
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Episode 18: 5 Ways to get Back into the Present Moment

“ The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it. “ - Eckhart TolleBrrrrooo…. Read that Shit Again. Let that marinate for a sec.Eckhart Tolle is the MAN! HIs teachings are incredible when it comes awareness of your thoughts, and how to get back to the Moment when lost in those thoughts.Most of us still spend a lot of our regular days lost in memories, reliving a sunny vacation or maybe more commonly repeating an old conflict or negative situation over and over in our thoughts.Or we get lost in scenarios about what could happen in the future. Maybe through wishful daydreams.Or maybe by building monsters in our minds as thoughts go round and round and round and create scary and dangerous mountains out of molehills or just air.Or your thoughts may become split and unfocused between several different things and tasks.If you spend a lot of your everyday moments and time in the future or the past o
15/05/202034 minutes 31 seconds
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Episode 17: 3 Steps To Believing New Thoughts

If you have been following me for a l while then you know that I LIVE by the rule that your thoughts create your success. I understand that my thoughts are what create my actions and my results. Bottom line, is that we all know how important it is to have good thoughts inside of our heads. That all we need to do is believe in things about ourselves that will motivate us to achieve our goals. Simple, right?Then why is it so hard to do?? I don’t know why, but I have found that most of us believe in really negative things. Its like our brains are genetically made to go straight to the negativeIn todays episode, I want to give you the 3 Tools on how to help you change those thoughts and create new beliefs about yourself and your capabilities. 
08/05/202027 minutes 10 seconds
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episode 16: Three Ways to Deal with Trolls, Critics, and Criticism

The Mind of Reese Ep 16: 3 Ways on How to Deal with The Critics, The Trolls, and the CriticismHey Guys, I am no different than you!..Fear of criticism and judgment, especially in the online space, can damn near debilitate you from reaching for your dreams, and achieving your goals...The first time I decided to pivot directions and wanted to start helping my fellow artists by sharing my knowledge about tattoo business and marketing, as well life and business mentoring, the crippling feeling of fear bubbled up inside of me...But I knew that the only way to avoid criticism was to Do Nothing, Say Nothing, and Be Nothing. ..In Today’s podcast, Ill be sharing 3 ways you can overcome one of the biggest fears you likely have; how to deal with the critics, trolls, and the criticism...If you like this podcast, please comment down below and hit that subscribe button!
30/04/202025 minutes 51 seconds
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Episode 15: Letting Go of Old Beliefs

The Importance of Letting Go of your Past Beliefs in order To Achieve your Goals for the Future…..Do you ever wonder why you don’t even try new things?  Like starting a new business… Being more present online… Quitting your Job… ..But what caused that fear in the first place? Just because you’ve never done something before, does that mean you will “fail?” What is Failure anyway? Its your own opinion. Where you might think you’ve failed. Others may be inspired that you tried, right?..Somewhere, typically in our early adulthood, we stop focusing on our future and focus instead on our past to help us decide what we are capable of. ..We limit our future potential based on who we’ve been and what we’ve accomplished so far. ..We need to focus on the future. And by doing so means recognizing limiting beliefs, letting them go, and replacing them with beliefs that serve your goal and your
22/04/202025 minutes 9 seconds
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Episode 13: What's in OUR Control?

In todays episode, I want to talk about the things we can control and the things that we can not control. ..During times like these, we are trying to navigate through unfamiliar territory. When we tend to try to control the circumstances happening around us, we lose. We go a little cray-cray. However, the sooner that we all realize that we can not control external situations, people, weather, what’s going on in the world, we will start to focus on the things we can control; our thoughts, feelings, actions, &amp; reactions. ..Today, I want to discuss with you what we CAN control uncertain circumstances. I want to share with you an exercise that can help you with organize your thoughts. When we organize our thoughts we can determine what thoughts we keep and what thoughts we let go of.  ..There is ultimate power in letting go. And when we do, we regain a sense of power over our lives back. ..Hope you g
17/04/202023 minutes 28 seconds
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Episode 14: Who Are You Being? The Victim, The Worker, or the Winner?

For the full Episode, please search “The Mind of Reese” on Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube...In today’s episode, we dive a little deeper on Identity. Once we get clear on what our beliefs are about WHO we are, we are able to shift and start creating the mindset of the Winner.Many of you may have heard of the mindset “Have. Do. Be” (The Victim) For example, When I HAVE money, I will DO the things I want to do, and than I’ll BE happy. ..Or another one being “Do. Have. Be.” (The Worker) The more I DO, the more I HAVE. And the more I have, the Happier I’ll BE...Both  mindsets (The Victim and The Worker) have some flaws in them and most likely will not withstand the longevity and wherewithal to get you where you want to go, or help you achieve the goals you set it for yourself because both have LACK mentality behind them. ..The Victim focuses on what you don’t have, constan
17/04/202042 minutes 35 seconds
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Episode 12: Why Competition Can Stunt your Growth as an Artist

Why Competition Can Stunt your Growth as an Artist...In todays Episode, I talk about how competition can actually stunt your creative growth as an artist, and in turn can stunt your growth in your life. ..Healthy competition is always welcome and great. But more often than not, when an artist enters into a competition, the weight is focused on the outcome of “Winning” or “Losing.”..When your sole focus is on the outcome we believe that ONLY through the results can we secure a pathway to better art or even a better future. But thoughts like this are selfish and overwhelming when you focus only on what others think of you rather than what you think of yourself...When you start focusing your attention and energy less on the results but rather on the processes or the techniques involved you discover that you learn fast
19/02/202040 minutes 17 seconds
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Episode 11 - Reprogramming Your Reactions

In the past year I have been reprogramming my reactions to the happenings of my business (And life!)  that I do NOT have control over; Cancellations, No Shows, Cancelled Trips, Disgruntled Emails, Peoples Opinions, etc. Ya know, all the stuff we Tatooprenuers go through all the time...What I have learned is NOTHING that happens outside of us is in our control. We can believe that we have a hand in pushing things in a certain direction, yes, but people, environment, etc, we have no control over. The only thing we have control of is our reaction. Our reaction to the life that we lead. So when things arise in our lives, do you react defensively with stress and victimization? Or do you react offensively with strategies to take another route and not take it personal?In this Episode, I go into a bit of a recent experience about how I was able to control my reaction to an event out of my control and coming to find that it all
05/02/202023 minutes 34 seconds
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Episode 10 - Shifting Your Identity

The best version of you is just around the corner, waiting for you to become him or her. All you need to do is change the beliefs you have about yourself, create better habits, and take inspired action to get there...By digging deep, you’ll start to understand who you believe you are and what you are projecting onto others. Once you get honest and take 100% responsibility for your life, you can truly become aware that everything you have believed about yourself is just a story. A story we can change at anytime....If you are passionate about change in your life, all you need is awareness. When you become aware of the experiences and memories that have developed your story over your lifetime, you will realize that those experiences created your core beliefs. And if some of those beliefs are no longer serving the person you are aspiring to be, you have the power to change them..So for example; to those that
29/01/202032 minutes 26 seconds
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Episode 9 - 7 of my FAVORITE Affirmations

In today’s Episode, I go over 7 of my FAVORITE Affirmations. The ones I tell myself ALL OF THE TIME...Just like any belief whether it be negative or positive, is just a story we tell ourselves over and over again that our subconscious minds absorbs as TRUTH. But like I said, its just a story, we do not have to believe it. So when someone says “I am not a good enough artist,” we can change that around and say “I am an amazing artist who is constantly growing better everyday!”.. You want to know how to get to your happiness, your purpose, your abundance? It begins with believing in yourself. How do we do that? Well, let’s start with how we speak to ourselves. ..Once you start affirming all of the AWESOMENSS that is YOU, the world around you changes for the better. This is just one way to start you in the right direction to your greatness...To listen to the full PodCast or any other Episode you can find
22/01/202046 minutes 40 seconds
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Episode 8 - Eliminate your Excuses & Stop Procrastinating.

Eliminating your Excuses &amp; Stop Procrastinating.All of us, including myself, need to realize that we have relationships beyond human to human. We have relationship with animals, relationship with food, relationship with money, and even relationship with TIME.Time is Finite. It’s the one thing that we can NOT get back. So what we do with our time is extremely important. Often I am told (Even I tell myself!) that we do not have enough time. But is that ACTUALLY true? Without a shadow of a doubt, is it truth? If you are procrastinating on doing something (ANYTHING!) Getting to the Gym, starting that business, Drawing More, Painting More, Taking that Class, Eating Healthier… you are lacking one of 3 things (or all 3, for that matter!): Vision, Reasons Why, and Discipline. On this Episode, I help you realize why you are procrastinating, how to get rid of the excuses that
16/01/202059 minutes 21 seconds
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Episode 7 - Finding your A-Ha Moments

In a lot of my podcasts, I talk about inspired action. Those moments in our lives where we are pushed into a direction we KNOW intuitively is right for us. And when you take physical action toward that feeling or calling, we have an epiphany or what I like to call an “A-Ha Moment.”In my life I have had several experiences where I have had an “A-Ha moments” after taking a leap of faith into the UNKNOWN and just trusting that everything would work out. When you except everything is as it should be, and live in the moment of your life, you can experience these moments of clarity and insight that truly has you expand your compassion, your wherewithal, your drive, and your determination to succeed.In this episode, I talk about 6 A-Ha Moments that everyone should have or at least be aware that they are coming. These are those moments the creates transformation. The moments when you can no longer return to the person you were before you discovered it. 
08/01/202041 minutes 26 seconds
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Episode 6 - Making 2020 Your Bitch!

Let’s make 2020 your Bitch!In the past few years, I have had many trial and error experiences (Still do!) on what works for me to stay on course toward my goals and what doesn’t work.When to LET GO of a project that no longer serves you, or when to keep trudging forward even when EVERYONE around you tells you to “stay in your lane.” In this podcast, you will find 9 principles on how to get your 2020 started right! I live by these principles  in order to set myself up for success when attaining my goals.  I hope that the insight into my experiences help each and every one of you get on the right track to following your HEART. WE ALL DESERVE TO BE FUCKIN’ HAPPY IN LIFE. So what are you waiting for?Here is to an EPIC decade. Want to hear more the full podcast? Please go to my YouTube, Spotify, or Apple Music and search: The Mind Of Reese <
01/01/20201 hour 4 minutes 43 seconds
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Episode 5 - If you want it bad enough, you'll figure it out!!

“Dont talk about it, Be about it.” I have always told all of my couching clients this. Often times I get asked, “Reese how do I… (insert your own caption here.)” It can be ‘How do I’ get into the tattoo industry, ‘How do I’ know when I’m ready, ‘How do I’ let go of my stable job and pursue entrepreneurship, and the most FAMOUS one is “How do I get started?”On this podcast, I give you a little tough love and a few pointers on how to get going even before you think you are ready. This can go for ANYTHING that you’d like to pursue in your life. I have to tell you that in the end, I can NOT make this decision for you. I can only guide you to ask yourself the right questions in order for you to come up with your own SOLUTIONS. Let me know what you guys think! Screenshot and repost! Ask me any questions that you’d like to ask! Shoot me a DM. Comment with Hearts if this hits home for you! Would you like to listen to the rest? Find me on Spotify, Appl
26/12/201942 minutes 34 seconds
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Episode 4 - Authenticity

As you guys know, I talk a LOT about Authenticity. I truly believe that this is the foundation. That first step in the direction to creating everything you have ever wanted in your life and in your business. In this Episode I dive a little deeper on how you can find that by being your true Authentic self and implement that into your business, you will attract (not chase!) your tribe that want more of what YOU have to offer through your Tattoos, Art, and You as a Brand.But it all starts with you.If you are finding yourself constantly comparing your life or work with others online, you are not alone! We are conditioned in our society to compare or judge ourselves with everything around us!Don’t beat yourself up about it, its OK. Because you know what? You can change that frame of mind at any moment. And you will have to change, because that will be the only way to allow the EGO to stop speaking and allow your Real Self guide you in the right dir
18/12/201937 minutes 11 seconds
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Episode 3 - Letting GO!

“Opinions are like assholes. Everyones got ‘em and most of them stink…   when someone says, ‘I don’t like your art.’ That does NOT mean that I do bad art! Let it go.”In this episode I talk about the art of letting go. I speak about how holding onto grudge against what people or clients say or do does not help you grow in your business, as an artist, or as a person. We must take 100% responsibility for our reactions. We can not control what other people say about us or our work personally. If we do, it only tends to hold us back. When we can recognize that any and ALL situations are opportunities for growth, we can start becoming the person we want to be. That person that goes after their goals, that gets shit done, that can look at struggle and see it as GOOD thing, and not something to avoid or run away from. We all have it in us to WIN, but we all will have some adversity in order to get to that win. But you know what? When adversi
11/12/201942 minutes 17 seconds
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Episode 2: Getting Clear on YOUR Dreams

On todays episode I am discussing helpful tips on how to get clear on your dreams so that you can bring them into fruition. I challenge you to pick one of these tips and implement them into your life today.
04/12/201933 minutes 48 seconds
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Episode 1: Attitude of Gratitude

Hey guys! Welcome to my first podcast, I. This podcast goes over a little about me, a little bit about how I got started and how I got to where I am today. If you enjoy the video! Like, Subscribe and Comment!!You can also find us on Spotify and ITunes Podcast!For more Mind Of Reese content head over to @theartofreese on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube for daily content
30/11/201933 minutes 47 seconds