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Welcome to The Midlife Feast, the podcast for women who are hungry for more in this season of life. I’m your host, Jenn Salib Huber, dietitian, naturopathic doctor and intuitive eating counsellor. Each episode “brings to the table” a different perspective, conversation, or experience about life after 40, designed to help you find the "missing ingredient" you need to thrive, not just survive.
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#90 - On the Menu: Your Questions About Menopause & Nutrition (Part 3)

Welcome to the third of a series of bonus episodes of The Midlife Feast, where we're flipping the script! Today, I’m in the hot seat and my podcast manager, Dee-Anna (who just turned 40) will be asking some of the questions asked by those of you in this community!I had an overwhelming response of fabulous questions, so we are serving the answers to you in a series of bite-sized episodes designed to satisfy your curiosity about diving into gentle nutrition and un-dieting in midlife!Today we’re tackling:1️⃣ How do we combat the damage of low-carb and carb-phobia nonsense that's been done by diet and wellness culture? 2️⃣ With all the "experts" out there, how do I know that your advice is the right one? Who has the right advice?3️⃣ HRT is being pushed at every angle! Can you get through perimenopause and menopause without it or is it really the only way to prevent all the worst case health conditions? 
27/11/202312 minutes 44 seconds
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#85 What Does Weight-Inclusive Diabetes Care Look Like? with Dr. Gregory Dodell, MD

In this episode, weight-inclusive endocrinologist, Dr. Gregory Dodell joins me as we continue the conversation we’ve started on the podcast (with Val Schonberg and Danielle Bubblitz) about managing diabetes in midlifeDr. Dodell emphasizes that diabetes doesn&apos;t discriminate based on body size. He advocates for a personalized, intuitive approach to eating, highlighting the importance of listening to your body. We highlight the fact that diabetes can bring emotional challenges, including stigma around medication and feeling like you&apos;ve failed if diet and exercise alone don&apos;t cut it. So, if you or someone you know is dealing with diabetes, regardless of body size, this episode offers a reassuring and hopeful perspective. You&apos;re not alone in this journey!To learn more about Dr. Dodell and his work, visit him at and follow him on Instagram <a href=
30/10/202324 minutes 21 seconds
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#12- Don’t be fooled - Challenge your change with a non-diet resolution

Tired of making new year&apos;s resolutions that fail? Learn why they fail, and how to avoid falling into the diet trap in January. Challenge your change with this year&apos;s non-diet resolution by learning how to stay out of all-or-nothing thinking, and embrace the process of change instead of only the outcome.Learn more and sign up for this year&apos;s FREE non-diet resolution challenge at: Looking for a place to learn more about midlife, menopause nutrition, and intuitive eating? Click here to grab one of my free resources and learn what I&apos;ve got &quot;on the menu&quot; including my 1:1 and group programs.
20/12/202115 minutes 18 seconds