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English, Sciences, 1 season, 123 episodes, 3 days, 7 hours, 21 minutes
A show about intellectual curiosity. Physics, sociology, finance, leadership, evolutionary psychology, conspiracies, entrepreneurship, human sexuality, sports, philosophy, dating and history. Where the playmate meets the fighter pilot, and the astrophysicists meets the flat-earther.
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Flat Earth vs Science: A Physicist, A Fighter Pilot & Two Flat Earthers -Michael Sartain Podcast

Flat Earth Dave (IG: @TheFlatEarthPodcast) and Jeran (IG: @Jeranism) are the hosts of the Flat Earth Podcast. Dr Sergei Dyda (IG: @Sergi_Himself) is a theoretical physicist from the University of Virginia. Adam Beultel (IG: @AdamBeultel) is a navy F-18 instructor pilot. Subscribe on Youtube: Learn more about Michael’s Men of Action Mentoring Program: Listen on Apple Podcast: Listen on Spotify: Filmed at Sticky Paws Studios: 0:00 Intro 2:24 The Flat Earth Debate 3:26 “Physics” of the Flat Earth Model 4:34 Antartica is the basin of the flat earth 5:31 Counterpoint: The circumference of the flat earth 7:59 Counterpoint: GPS works over the ocean 10:08 Counterpoint: Using GPS in Iraq and Afghanistan 12:33 Eratosthenes 15:11 Counterpoint: Distance to the sun 17:47 Did Eratosthenes really exist? 18:05 Counterpoint: The Library of Alexandria 19:00 Distance to the sun? 20:43 Counterpoint: Parallax, orbital periods and gravity 24:00 Counterpoint: Solar system orbits with the rest of the galaxy 27:15 Venus and Mars probes fake? 28:38 Counterpoint: Mars landing explained 30:28 Empiricism works both ways 31:49 Counterpoint: Not just NASA 33:05 The Global Conspiracy 33:49 Counterpoint: This conspiracy creates world peace 35:08 Military Industrial Complex 35:32 Counterpoint: Ford was a Fascist, Afghanistan and Vietnam 36:38 Wernher von Braun, Project Paperclip and the counterpoint 38:48 Galileo, Giordano Bruno and the stripper from the Rhino 39:49 Wernher von Braun Counterpoint 41:11 SR-71 Blackbird 43:40 Aerodynamics explained 45:03 The Space Shuttle isn’t aerodynamic enough 46:02 Counterpoint: Acceleration outside the lower atmosphere 49:22 9/11 joke 50:41 “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” - Arthur C Clark 50:06 Dropping the fuel tanks 52:58 Counterpoint: Tanks actually falling 55:05 Is the ISS real? 57:56 Counterpoint: You can’t resolve ISS, can resolve the light 1:01:25 Counterpoint: ISS brightness 1:02:14 Empiricism vs Science 1:05:10 How does Flat Earth help you understand the world? 1:06:43 Counterpoint: Raisin bread 1:12:52 Edmund Hubble’s quote 1:14:47 Any point can be the center of the universe 1:17:15 No preferred position. Still a correct answer 1:20:06 Size of the sun? 1:22:10 Counterpoint: Empiricism vs Science pt 2 1:22:34 Dave asks for number 1 proof, then promptly changes the subject 1:22:52 Plane flying straight and level over a spinning earth 1:23:10 Counterpoint: Atmosphere rotates along with the earth 1:25:59 The wind triangle 1:26:19 Neil deGrasse Tyson 1:27:04 Felix Baumgartner 1:28:54 Counterpoint: Wind direction changes, No curvature until 50 miles up 1:30:26 Horizon not curvature of the earth? 1:32:31 Flat Earth Kitchen 1:35:38 Proxima Centauri 1:36:52 Empiricism vs Science pt 3 1:39:04 Purpose of studying astronomy 1:40:39 Neutron Stars 1:42:00 Scaling invariance 1:42:33 Counterpoint: Spectroscopy, parallax and gravity 1:44:45 Dave asks me a question, then when I answer he tells me I interrupted him 1:45:00 Light from distant stars? 1:47:05 Counterpoint: You cannot resolve the image of the star but you can still see its light 1:49:50 8in/mi^2 1:50:05 Counterpoint: Formula does not come from science, describes a parabola 1:53:26 Globe seasons 1:58:20 NASA is after me 1:58:39 Flat Earth seasons 2:01:58 Adam asks about celestial sphere 2:05:48 Adam asks about sunlight 2:06:23 Sunlight is affected by a dome? Sun is moving faster in the winter 2:08:31 Personal relationship with the Sun 2:09:11 Can’t triangulate the sun in flat earth 2:10:00 Testable predictions 2:13:04 Distance to the sun in flat earth? 2:16:12 “You too will lose the respect of your family and friends.” 2:17:08 Science educators 2:17:33 Censorship 2:19:22 PROOF 1: Flying in the Southern Hemisphere 2:20:28 Flat Earth jet streams 2:20:57 Counterpoint: Ground radar, winds aloft not fast enough 2:27:40 Nonstop flights in the Southern Hemisphere 2:29:21 FAA in on the conspiracy 2:29:48 The computer does not fly the plane 2:34:24 Counterpoint: Pilots have to back up the auto pilot 2:36:04 Great Circle Route 2:42:53 Supersonic jets 2:44:53 PROOF 2: We see the same face of the moon on all points on the earth 2:45:50 The moon is actually a projection. Counterpoint: You would see a distortion 2:48:34 PROOF 3: Can see Southern Cross in Australia, Africa and South America 2:49:32 Southern stars rotating laterally? 2:50:55 Counterpoint: Southern Cross 2:52:53 Round Earth Lunar Eclipses 2:56:21 Counterpoint: Incorrect ratios 3:01:58 Flat earth moon 3:03:35 Gemini and Apollo 3:05:14 Counterpoint: The F-22 3:05:59 Science part of the conspiracy? 3:07:31 SpaceX 3:09:19 Outro 3:11:30 Episode Wrap Up
12/9/20213 hours, 46 minutes, 28 seconds