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The Met Éireann Podcast

English, Weather, 4 seasons, 34 episodes, 1 day, 1 hour, 14 minutes
A podcast from Met Éireann – the National Meteorological Service of Ireland. In this monthly podcast we will be discussing all things weather and climate.
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Rapid and effective action is required to help mitigate climate change and to help adapt to its impacts. With an ever-increasing number of climate studies showing evidence of ongoing changes and detailing future effects, it’s vital that policy makers and the public have access to clear and concise information. In this month’s episode of the Met Éireann Podcast, we are exploring the TRANSLATE project; an initiative to provide a unified source of climate information and climate projections for Ireland. Noel is joined by Dr Claire Scannell, physicist and researcher with Met Éireann. Together, they discuss the future climate projections for Ireland, and how the TRANSLATE project can help decision makers to prepare for change and to take steps to avoid the worst impacts. You can find out more about the TRANSLATE project here:
11/14/202328 minutes, 31 seconds
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Season 4 Trailer

The Met Éireann Podcast is back with a brand new season. Episode 1 is coming very soon!
12/6/20221 minute, 36 seconds
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IPPC Report - avoiding the worst effects of climate change

Dr. Padraig Flattery is back to take us through the latest instalment of the IPCC's sixth report which focuses on the steps we need to take to avoid the worst effects of climate change.
4/29/202236 minutes, 24 seconds
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Top 10 take aways from the IPCC Report on the impact of Climate Change

Dr. Padraig Flattery from Met Éireann's climate services discusses the top 10 messages from a recent IPCC report on the impact climate change is having on the planet.
4/12/202233 minutes, 12 seconds
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The influence of the sky on ancient Ireland

Archaeoastronomer Dr. Frank Prendergast joins Noel to talk about the relationship between people in our prehistoric past and the sky above them, particularly how structures they built, such as burial tombs and ritual sites, align with solar cycles and even clusters of stars.
2/25/202248 minutes, 26 seconds
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The future of forecasting

Noel and Liz discuss the advancements that will help to predict our weather in the future including the new UWC supercomputer in Iceland.
1/31/202254 minutes, 2 seconds
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COP26, Storm Barra and winter weather forecast

In this bumper Xmas edition, senior climatologist Keith Lambkin gives us a round-up of what happened at COP26 and meteorologist Paul Moore joins us to discuss Storm Barra and what lies ahead weather wise this winter.
12/17/202149 minutes, 3 seconds
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COP26 - What's at stake and what to look out for.

Dr. John Hanley is a climate scientist at Met Éireann and in this episode he highlights some of the latest findings on climate change as well as the key objectives of COP26, which he will be attending.
10/31/202158 minutes, 58 seconds
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How weather affects rescue services

Noel and Liz speak to members of the Galway Mountain Rescue Team and one of the pilots of Rescue 118 to find out how weather impacts these vital services.
9/24/202150 minutes, 29 seconds
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The impact of weather on food growth

This month we're exploring the basic science of how plants grow, the risks weather poses to our crops, how climate change may affect food production, and we also get some tips from the experts for those of us growing food at home.
5/31/202141 minutes, 56 seconds
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Why ice matters

Most of us live far from the coldest parts of the world, so why should we be concerned by the loss of the earth's ice? Featuring interviews with glaciologists working in the Alps and Greenland, this episode explores the importance of ice to the health of our planet.
4/29/202147 minutes, 44 seconds
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How climate influences the spread of disease

Dr. Rachel Lowe Associate Professor at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, explains how climate influences the behaviour of disease vectors, the impact of climate change on ecological systems and if Covid-19 is affected by the weather.
3/25/202127 minutes, 54 seconds
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Long-range forecasting

Weather has an impact on everything from economic activity to energy consumption. Being able to spot potential problems or opportunities caused by our weather is really important.
3/25/202139 minutes, 50 seconds
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Weather and Climate: Fact and Fiction

In this month’s episode of the Met Éireann Podcast, Liz and Noel are investigating these weather sayings to separate fact from fiction. From red skies at night to cows lying down, we hear about how these sayings may have developed and if they have a meteorological leg to stand on!
6/25/202055 minutes, 29 seconds
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Antarctica: Weather & Survival

There are few places on Earth more challenging to live than the southernmost continent, Antarctica, the world’s highest, driest, windiest, and coldest continent. In this month’s episode of the Met Éireann Podcast, Liz and Noel speak to an Antarctic meteorologist about the challenges of working in one of the most extreme locations on the planet.
5/1/202046 minutes, 19 seconds
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Storm Chasing

We’re heading storm chasing in this month’s episode of the Met Éireann podcast! Liz and Noel are joined by meteorologist Paul Downes as they discuss a trip last year to ‘Tornado Alley’, an infamous region in the United States with notorious severe weather.
3/27/20201 hour, 15 minutes, 32 seconds
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Waves and the Science of Surfing

In the first episode of 2020, Liz and Noel are joined by Met Éireann marine researcher Dr. Sarah Gallagher and surf coach and professional bodyboarder Seamus McGoldrick of Sligo Surf Experience. Together, they explore how waves form and travel, and the best ways to predict their development as a forecaster and as a surfer.
1/31/20201 hour, 19 minutes, 31 seconds
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White Christmas

In the Christmas edition of the Met Éireann Podcast, Liz and Noel dig into all things snow. We hear about how often we get a white Christmas, how frequent snowfall is in general, and review some of the notable big snow events we’ve experienced in Ireland and around the world.
12/17/201948 minutes, 4 seconds
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Behind The Curtain: The View From Inside Met Éireann During Severe Weather

In this episode, Liz and Noel take a behind-the-scenes look at the preparations and activities taking place in Met Éireann in the build up to a potentially major weather event.
11/11/201947 minutes, 54 seconds
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Valentia Observatory

This month Keith Lambkin – Senior Climatologist at Met Éireann – joins Liz and Noel to discuss all things geophysical and meteorological from his time as Chief Scientist at Valentia Observatory.
10/17/201943 minutes, 28 seconds
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Chaos and Computing in Weather Forecasting

In this episode, Dr. Alan Hally from the Research Division in Met Éireann joins Liz and Noel to talk about the concepts behind using computers to forecast the weather, how accurate they have become and what the limiting factors are in terms of scale and forecast duration. Can they tell us if we will get a white Christmas this year?
9/5/201955 minutes, 31 seconds
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The hurricane season in North America lasts from June to November, so this month we speak to John Cangialosi from the National Hurricane Centre in Florida, to learn all about hurricanes.
8/6/201950 minutes, 4 seconds
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What Causes Ireland's Weather

Weather has a massive impact on day-to-day life in Ireland. However, what drives the weather and climate we experience in this country? In this episode, we will be answering the question ‘What Causes Ireland’s Weather?’ with Met Éireann meteorologist and forecaster Pat Clarke.
7/10/201937 minutes, 12 seconds
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Fundamentals of Climate Change and Projections for Ireland

With our guest this month, Seamus Walsh – Head of Climate and Observations at Met Éireann – we bring you through the fundamentals of climate change and discuss the latest climate projections for Ireland and the world, including how temperature, rainfall, storms and sea level will all change into the future.
6/21/20191 hour, 1 minute, 21 seconds