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The Mental Health Project

English, Health / Medicine, 3 seasons, 37 episodes, 18 hours, 1 minute
Mental Health is not something we openly discuss in our Malawian society. But it is real and it is killing us. I believe vulnerability is key to healing. This podcast openly discusses Mental health and tries to openly create awareness while sharing my journey as someone who suffers from a mental health illness. I hope this can inspire you and remind you that you are not alone and give you the hope you need to forge ahead. Enjoy!
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Better Men, Better Fathers with Derek Johns of The Dear Son, Podcast.

In this epidose Mwai and I sat down with Derek Johns who graciously shared with us on how raising better men looks like. It was a conversation filled with so many gems and so much profoundness. We hope you enjoy and learn from it as much as we did. You can also check out The Dear Son, Podcast on all podcast streaming sites as well as Youtube and IG for content.
2/3/202335 minutes, 6 seconds
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The Push Through Pod

Mwai and I sit down and talk about pushing through a difficult season in your life. Processing through difficult emotions qnd finding compassion for yourself during those seasons. We hope that our vulnerability today opens you up to allowing yourself to feel and extending your light into someone's darkness. Happy new year.
1/7/202331 minutes, 10 seconds
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Lioness Arising

This title is borrowed from Lisa Bevere's book because it so profoundly reminds me of Mwai's journey of courage this past year. I realise in the episode I mentioned it was from Brené Brown, my bad. In this episode we speak about courage, the holidays, love and being vulnerable while hoping to be understood. We hope you are able to find the people you can be vulnerable around and wish you the very best in the year ahead. Happy new year from Mwai and I. Sending lots of love and light.
12/31/202237 minutes, 3 seconds
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Take your time but don't waste it!

Mwai and I continue to have organic conversations and this week we are focused on slowing down and intentionally grounding oneself. We hope that this conversation was as therapeutic as it was for us! Enjoy.
12/15/202235 minutes, 51 seconds
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Unintentionally Heart on Sleeve

This episode was more like a phonecall between Mwai and I. Because we've been out for such a long time we figured to just have a conversation between the two of us. This is us with our hearts on our sleeves, raw and authentic the only way to be vulnerable and the best way to heal. We hope you enjoy this as much as we enjoyed the conversation❤️
12/7/202229 minutes, 37 seconds
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Breaking down 360 Health and Wellness - A Community Awareness Event - with the Art of Wellness

In this episode, Mwai breaks down 360 Health and Wellness which will be happening on the 9th of October to commemorate world Suicide prevention day. You don't want to miss this!!!This program is Called "Kwacha Malawi" on PLFM Radio 88.8 FM Lilongwe, Blantyre 107.1 FM, Zomba 98.4 FM, Mzuzu 102.2 FM. We also stream live online, via A2Z Malawi App or on Radio Garden... The Morning show runs from 6am to 8am tomorrow, as Hosted by Herbert Chawinga. Your interview will be slotted in at 7am.
10/8/202216 minutes, 24 seconds
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Still Awkward at this!!

Today I am addressing being open and talking about things that deeply affect us with those we trust. I also quickly touch on how men need to start being more open about their feelings and the things that trouble them. All still learning how to navigate this podcast thing a day at a time.Enjoy
7/25/20199 minutes, 41 seconds
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An introduction to the little mental health project podcast😊

I am basically just introducing myself and letting you in on what this is going to be about. So stick around this should be lots of fun
7/17/20195 minutes, 57 seconds