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The Mbali Nwoko Podcast is a farming and agricultural podcast that features industry experts and stakeholders in the agricultural sector and across its value chain. In this podcast, you will hear from farmers, scientists, agronomists, researchers, economists, investors and policymakers to name a few, with the aim to help, inspire, educate and inform you about the business of farming and agriculture. This podcast is hosted by Mbali Nwoko, a multi-award-winning South African farmer, keynote speaker, columnist and agri blogger.
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EP 61 I Dr Penny Byrne: Exploring ESG and Climate Resilience in Agriculture

Dr. Penny, an ESG specialist, sheds light on the significance of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) in today's agricultural landscape. She shares her expertise as an ESG Investment Analyst at SBG Securities, emphasising the importance of incorporating environmental, social, and governance factors into investment strategies for equities, with a primary focus on climate change.Please rate and review this podcast episode.Email [email protected] to The Mbali Nwoko Podcast today!
5/17/202429 minutes, 33 seconds
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EP 60 I Michelle Marais: Urban Farmer's mission to support African agriculture

Michelle shares her journey in the agricultural sector, her recent award win, and her work with small-scale farmers through Urban Farmer.  We discuss the challenges faced by smallholder farmers, the importance of information access, and the vision for the future of agriculture in Africa.Please rate and review this podcast episode.Email [email protected] to The Mbali Nwoko Podcast today!
4/24/202434 minutes, 15 seconds
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EP 59 I Minki Thulo: The role of a Business Coach in scaling and growing your business

In this episode, I have the pleasure of speaking with Minki, a seasoned business growth consultant and coach at GROW. We explore the crucial role of business coaching in the success of entrepreneurs, delving into the importance of clarity, focus, and intentionality in building a thriving business.We also discuss the difference between business coaches and board members, the significance of setting clear objectives, and the various measurements of success beyond just financial gains. Minki shares valuable insights on how entrepreneurs can scale their businesses, empower their teams, and drive growth in multiple aspects.If you're an entrepreneur looking to gain clarity, focus, and strategic direction in your business, this episode is a must-listen. Minki's expertise and practical advice will inspire you to take your business to the next level.You can listen to the full episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Google Podcasts.Please rate and review this podcast episode.Email [email protected] to The Mbali Nwoko Podcast today!
4/11/202436 minutes, 17 seconds
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EP 58 I Oxolo Mofokeng : Siyavuna Abalimi Development Centre

In conversation with Oxolo Mofokeng, the Deputy Director of Siyavuna  Abalimi Development Centre. Siyavuna focuses on empowering rural communities in KwaZulu-Natal through sustainable farming practices. They provide training to both elderly farmers and youth, emphasizing the importance of skills development and enterprise development. Oxolo explains how their training program includes a participatory-guaranteed system where farmers commit to sustainable farming practices without using chemicals. Additionally, they offer training on developing an enterprise, mentoring, and providing in-field support to address challenges faced by farmers.Visit for more info.Please rate and review this podcast episode.Email [email protected] to The Mbali Nwoko Podcast today!
3/21/202446 minutes, 47 seconds
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EP 57: Francois Rossouw I Unleashing AI in Agriculture with AI Farmer powered by AELA

In our first episode of 2024, we dive into the transformative world of agricultural technology with our guest, Francois Rossouw, CEO of SAAI. Francois, a returning friend of the podcast, shares exciting developments about SAAI's latest innovation, AI Farmer, powered by AELA.AI Farmer, formerly known as Hi Saai, is a groundbreaking technology providing personalized, real-time advice to farmers. It's like having an agricultural extension officer in your pocket, digitally offering expert farming guidance tailored to your needs. This AI-driven platform is revolutionizing the way farmers make decisions, ensuring they have access to the best agricultural knowledge and advice, irrespective of their location or scale.During our conversation, Francois explained how AI Farmer leverages large language models to process language in a human-like manner, distilling complex agricultural information into actionable advice. The platform taps into a vast repository of farming knowledge, simplifying it for farmers to enhance efficiency, productivity, and sustainability.We also discuss the importance of partnerships with research institutions and companies to keep AI updated with the latest agricultural data and research. AI Farmer is not just for SAAI members; it's available to all farmers and is currently in its beta version on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.Francois emphasizes the need for farmer feedback to evolve the technology further. He proudly notes that this South African company is bringing world-leading technology to the global stage, showcasing the country's innovation prowess.For anyone interested in agriculture and technology, AI Farmer represents a significant leap forward. It's a tool that can benefit farmers, agricultural extension officers, investors, lecturers, and students alike. The potential of AI in agriculture is vast, and AI Farmer is at the forefront of harnessing this potential for a more profitable and sustainable farming future.Please rate and review this podcast episode.Email [email protected] to The Mbali Nwoko Podcast today!
3/4/202431 minutes, 51 seconds
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EP 56 I Sinelizwi Fakade: Unlocking commercialisation strategies for rural agricultural development

Ukhanyo Farmer Development (NPO) is a pioneering initiative dedicated to empowering and uplifting farmers in South Africa, in the Eastern Cape province. Focused on rural agricultural development, the organization aims to unlock the full potential of farmers by providing essential resources, training, and support. Through strategic guidance and community collaboration, Ukhanyo Farmer Development strives to catalyze sustainable growth in the agricultural sector, fostering economic independence and prosperity. Join us in this podcast episode as we delve into the impactful work of Ukhanyo Farmer Development and explore the key strategies for driving positive change in rural farming communities.Visit for more info.Please rate and review this podcast episode.Email [email protected] to The Mbali Nwoko Podcast today!
12/8/202342 minutes, 52 seconds
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EP 55 I Thabile Nkunjana: Understanding the economics behind the egg scarcity crisis

Over the past couple of months, the poultry industry in South Africa has faced unprecedented challenges, especially with the emergence of the bird flu virus. This outbreak has had a profound impact, particularly on the availability of poultry products, with eggs being a notable example, on many retail shelves. Thabile Nkunjana joins us once again; he's an economist from the National Agricultural Marketing Council. In this episode, he provides a deep understanding of the complexities and implications of the bird flu virus. Additionally, he unravels the reasons behind the shortage of poultry products and discusses its ramifications on the South African consumer market, businesses, as well as the broader agricultural sector.Please rate and review this podcast episode.Email [email protected] to The Mbali Nwoko Podcast today!
11/24/202324 minutes, 4 seconds
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EP 54: Palesa Motaung: Making agribusiness value chains more efficient with Agrikool

Agrikool, is a startup focused on making food and agricultural products accessible to everyone.  Palesa Motaung, COO of Agrikool discusses the challenges of agri-entrepreneurship in South Africa and how Agrikool has had to adapt its business model to meet the needs of its target market. The episode also highlights Agrikool's strong retail partnerships in the sector and their commitment to research and development to support the farming community. Episode timestamps:[00:18] Agri-entrepreneurship challenges in South Africa.[06:00] Access to finance for farmers.[09:07] Challenges for small-scale farmers.[15:19] Small-scale farming challenges.[19:07] Initiatives should be more focused.[23:02] Small-scale farmers and research.[26:40] Qualifying to supply through Agricool Farms.[30:29] Seasonality and market pricing.[34:10] Market intelligence is gold.Visit Agrikool for more information.Please rate and review this podcast episode.Email [email protected] to The Mbali Nwoko Podcast today!
11/10/202334 minutes, 56 seconds
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EP 53 I Stephanie van der Walt: Women in Agriculture - Highlights from the International Fresh Produce Association's Women's Fresh Perspective

Stephanie van der Walt, the Regional Manager of the International Fresh Produce Association (IFPA) discusses the purpose of industry body associations and the work they do, as well as the benefits of being a member. Stephanie shares her thoughts on the Women's Fresh Perspective breakfast hosted by IFPA and their recent conference in Southern Africa. Please rate and review this podcast episode.Email [email protected] to The Mbali Nwoko Podcast today!
10/16/202346 minutes, 38 seconds
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EP 52 I Zaheer Dindar and Fazlur Pandor: Introducing Pumpkin: A Web-Based Platform for Agribusiness Financial Management and Funding

Speaking to  Zaheer Dindar and Fazlur Pandor both Co-Founders of Pumpkn.ioPumpkn is a web-based platform that helps agribusinesses manage their finances and raise funding. It provides businesses with a comprehensive financial compliance checklist and real-time updates on their financial standing. It also offers tailor-made financing and funding opportunities specific to each business.Learn more about Pumpkn here: timestamps:00:05 Pumpkin assists agribusinesses with financial management and funding opportunities.06:10 Financial complexities in agribusiness: proving existence, operational proficiency, and ability to pay back.14:00 Helping farmers raise capital.22:06 Pumpkin helps farmers manage finances.26:33 Agribusiness platform with funding assistance.34:03 Access to financial services simplified.35:04 More funding options available for agriculture entrepreneurs.44:14 Addressing funding gaps in agriculture.47:19 Room for growth in funding.51:24 Feedback is crucial for growth.Please rate and review this podcast episode.Email [email protected] to The Mbali Nwoko Podcast today!
9/20/202352 minutes, 35 seconds
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EP 51 I Tendai Chitapi & Oliver Windram: Farming with AI! How machine vision and deep learning are transforming produce grading - Kuronga

Tendai Chitapi and Oliver Windram, co-founders of Kuronga. Kuronga is a platform that utilizes machine vision and deep learning to help farmers accurately grade their produce and target the right customers. The founders recognized that farmers were missing out on market opportunities due to a lack of tools and expertise in grading fresh produce. They discuss the challenges faced by farmers in terms of market access and strict market requirements. The episode explores Kuronga's vision, the types of farmers they are currently working with, and their plans for growth in the next five to ten years.  Tune in to this exciting episode for insights into sustainable agriculture and the latest innovations in the industry.Please rate and review this podcast episode.Email [email protected] to The Mbali Nwoko Podcast today!
9/8/202350 minutes, 31 seconds
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EP 50 I Linda Siboto: Unveiling the world of cannabis with Cheeba Cannabis Academy

Linda Siboto is the Co-founder of Cheeba Cannabis Academy and he unpacks the cannabis industry from obtaining licenses, cultivation practices, the costs associated with cannabis farming, and the various courses the academy offers to individuals that seek to learn or pursue a career in the cannabis industry. Linda also shares his personal journey and what inspired him to co-found Cheeba. Tune in to learn more about the cannabis industry and the opportunities it presents.Episode timestamps: 04:21 Cheeba offers comprehensive cannabis education.11:32 Innovative cannabis education and collaboration.16:08 Promote credible information on cannabis.17:00 Cannabis education is crucial.22:36 Legalization of cannabis in Africa.30:22 Research and collaborate for success.32:52 Involvement in community development matters.Please rate and review this podcast episode.Email [email protected] to The Mbali Nwoko Podcast today!
8/16/202337 minutes, 16 seconds
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EP 49 I Christian Giesel: The role of marketing in shaping the future of agriculture with Syngenta

Christian Giesel, the Head of Marketing at Syngenta South Africa is the guest on this exciting podcast episode. Syngenta is a global agribusiness company that plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of agriculture through innovative marketing strategies. Christian's passion for sustainable agriculture and his deep understanding of the marketing landscape has been instrumental in driving Syngenta's mission to nourish crops while preserving the environment. The episode explores Syngenta's commitment to sustainability, its innovative approach to engaging with farmers through their marketing efforts, and how Christian and his team navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape. Additionally, the challenges facing the agriculture sector in South Africa, such as high input costs and climate conditions, are discussed.Episode timestamps:00:05:50 Supporting farmers through challenging times.00:10:01 Promoting sustainable farming practices.00:12:46 Diverse marketing message for growers.00:22:35 Adapt marketing strategies to diverse markets.00:25:03 Agriculture is constantly evolving.00:31:09 Appreciate R&D behind product costs and new product launch.Please rate and review this podcast episode.Email [email protected] to The Mbali Nwoko Podcast today!
7/27/202334 minutes, 37 seconds
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EP 48 I Lindsay Hopkins and Ozzy Nel : SA Harvest

SA Harvest, based in the heart of South Africa, is a pioneering company with a mission to alleviate hunger while combating food waste. They've identified a critical issue in our society—tons of perfectly edible food goes to waste every day, while millions of people struggle with hunger. SA Harvest was founded with the belief that this disparity can be addressed by connecting these two problems in a meaningful way.Please rate and review this podcast episode. 
7/7/202337 minutes, 37 seconds
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EP 47 I Naledi Magowe: Empowering Africa's rural farmers through tech innovation.

Brastorne is an innovative technology startup based in Botswana, dedicated to bridging the digital divide and empowering the rural poor in Africa. With a deep-rooted commitment to addressing the needs of rural communities, especially those engaged in agriculture (representing 80% of the population), Brastorne leverages the transformative power of the internet. By providing access to online platforms, it enables farmers to effectively market and sell their produce while gaining valuable insights into farming best practices. Moreover, Brastorne connects these farmers with essential stakeholders along the value chain, all through the convenience of their mobile devices, ensuring accessibility without straining their limited financial resources.At the forefront of this impactful venture is Naledi Magowe, Chief Growth Officer and Co-founder of Brastorne. With unwavering determination, Naledi has become a visionary leader, driving the mission of closing the digital divide in rural African communities. Through Brastorne's mobile solutions, she has already transformed the lives of over 2 million Africans, equipping them with knowledge, resources, and vital connectivity. Naledi's extensive expertise in Technology for Development (T4D) projects, strategy, and communications greatly contributes to the success of Brastorne's initiatives.Naledi's exceptional contributions have earned her recognition on esteemed media platforms such as BBC World, SABC News, CNBC Africa, and numerous others. These appearances serve as a testament to Naledi's impactful work and highlight the immense potential of Brastorne in empowering rural communities across Africa.
6/14/202331 minutes, 3 seconds
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EP 46 I Thabile Nkunjana: Food price inflation and its impact on the consumer market

Thabile Nkunjana is an experienced economist in agri-food systems, international trade, and rural development industry, and is currently employed by the NAMC as an Economist in Agri-Food Chains.In this episode, we delve into the fascinating world of food price inflation and its far-reaching consequences. We discuss how shifts in supply and demand, government policies, and global factors can cause fluctuations in food prices, affecting the affordability and accessibility of essential goods for consumers. Thabile also sheds light on the challenges faced by both consumers and the agri sector and explores potential solutions to mitigate the impact of food price inflation.Please rate and review this episode. 
5/31/202348 minutes, 22 seconds
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EP 45 I Andy Du Plessis: Food Forward SA

Food Forward SA works with a network of food donors, volunteers, and beneficiary organizations to collect surplus food from retailers, farmers, and manufacturers, and distribute it to vulnerable communities across the country. Their mission is to ensure that no one goes hungry, while also promoting sustainable food systems and reducing the environmental impact of food waste.In this episode, we will be discussing Andy's journey with Food Forward SA, the challenges they face in their work, and the impact they are making on communities in South Africa. Please rate and review this episode. 
5/17/202336 minutes, 19 seconds
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EP 44 I Ndidi Okonkwo Nwuneli: Growing agribusinesses across Africa

In this episode, we take a closer look at the incredible career of Ndidi Nwuneli, an entrepreneur, author, and advocate for sustainable development in Nigeria's agri sector. Ndidi is the founder of AACE Foods, an agribusiness company that works with smallholder farmers to produce high-quality food products for local and international markets. Ndidi is also a co-founder of Sahel Consulting, an innovative consulting firm that supports agricultural transformation in Africa. She is also the executive chair of the African food Changemakers, a home for 2500 entrepreneurs and approximately 150k users n the platform, and currently sits on multiple boards. With over two decades of experience in the private sector and international development organisations, Ndidi has established herself as a leading voice for agricultural transformation in Africa. She is a recipient of numerous awards, including the Vital Voices Global Leadership Award, the Eisenhower Fellowship, and the Harvard Business School Alumni Achievement Award.Ndidi is a dynamic speaker and writer, and her work has been featured in publications such as The Economist, The Guardian, and The New York Times. She is also a frequent keynote speaker at international conferences, sharing her insights on sustainable development, gender equity, and the role of the private sector in driving economic growth in Africa.Visit the following links:African Food Changemakers The Leading African Women in Food FellowshipBuilding Resilience Against Climate and Environmental Shocks (BRACE)Sahel Consulting Please rate and review this podcast episode.
5/5/202335 minutes, 57 seconds
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EP 43 I Mishkaat Anderson: Breeding varieties for the South African deciduous fruit producers.

Speaking to Mishkaat who is the newly appointed GM for Culdevco. Culdevco’s main objective is to identify, market and commercialise profitable Agricultural Research Council (ARC) bred varieties for the South African deciduous fruit producers and Culdevco licensees abroad.  Since 2006, Culdevco and the ARC have had an exclusive deciduous fruit license agreement to market and commercialise most of their apple, pear, plum, peach, apricot, table grape and dried grapes in South Africa, and in other specific countries of the world. Please rate and review this episode.
3/24/202331 minutes, 46 seconds
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EP 42 I Shalom Ben Or : Building a fintech company for the African agriculture sector.

Avenews is a fast-growing Israeli-Kenyan fintech company building the first financial super app for the agriculture industry in Africa.Despite their economic contribution, agri-SMBs receive only 3-5% of total bank credit. An estimated 2.5M agri-SMBs are in need of financing solutions in SSA alone, resulting in an $80 billion finance gap in the sector.Avenews is closing the gap through an ML-powered credit platform that enables Africa's agribusinesses to digitalize their business operations, make informed financial decisions, and access the financing they need.Please rate and review this episode.
3/9/202331 minutes, 3 seconds
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EP 41 I Dimakatso (Nono) Sekhoto: Developing young agricultural leaders across the African continent

Nono is a commercial farmer and business women who has built a remarkable career in the agricultural sector focusing on primary agriculture, particularly in empowering youth, women and new entrants in the agriculture sector.We discuss her role within the African Leadership Academy where she has successfully managed to establish and run the AL for Agribusiness Network Program, which aims to support and connect alumni of the ALA and MasterCard Foundation to the agricultural sector, across the African continent.Please rate and review this podcast episode.
2/23/202336 minutes, 40 seconds
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EP 40 I Maluta Netshaulu: Commercial agriculture and the banking sector

In conversation with Maluta Netshaulu - Senior Manager: Agriculture (Client Value Proposition). He is a thought leader in the sector and we highlight the wins and losses experienced across the agri sector over the past  6 months and what the future looks like for 2023 and beyond. Please rate and review this podcast episode.
2/9/202337 minutes, 16 seconds
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EP 39 I Chirene Jelbert - How to export your produce as a grower/ producer.

Chatting to Chirene Jelbert , Owner and MD of C- FRUIT. She is an entrepreneur and commercial agriculture professional that has been in the industry for over 15 years. Let's hear how her business helps growers and clients see fruit differently through unique, practical, and sustainable go-to-market strategies from farm to table.Please subscribe to the podcast, like, and review the episode. Contact [email protected]
12/8/202237 minutes, 13 seconds
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38 I Priaash Ramadeen: Data storytelling with The Awareness Company

In conversation with Priaash, Co-Founder of The Awareness Company, who worked together with his business partners for over 10 years in research, development and innovation in the public sector, building, amongst other things, pioneering technology that is still being used today in the fight against wildlife poaching.That’s when they realised the value of creating technology that solves real-world problems. And so, The Awareness Company was established in April 2018 to create a positive impact across various industries which include the agriculture sector.Please rate and review this episode and subscribe to the podcast. Visit for more info. 
11/16/202231 minutes, 1 second
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EP 37 I Liza Bohlmann: Agricultural Writers South Africa

In conversation with Liza Bohlmann - Chairperson and North Regional  Representative for Agri Writers SA. Agricultural Writers SA is a voluntary, non-profit association promoting the image and standards of agricultural journalism in South Africa.Visit: rate and review this episode, and subscribe to the podcast.
9/18/202236 minutes, 15 seconds
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EP 36 I Ayanda Majola & Kagiso Tloubatla: Cattle and livestock investment opportunities with SV Capital.

SmartVest Capital trading as SV Capital is South Africa’s first crowd-investing fund manager offering innovative investment products geared for digitization with the ability to efficiently scale. SV Capital's flagship product  - "Build a Herd" offers fractional ownership of cattle during the high growth phase of the animal’s life cycle, maximizing monetary value growth and investment returns over short repeatable life cycles.Visit: rate and review this episode and subscribe to the podcast.Contact me on [email protected]
9/9/202244 minutes
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EP 35 I Andries Wiese : Understanding how insurance works in the farming sector.

Speaking to Andries Wiese - former Head of Agri and currently the National Business Development Manager at Hollard. In this episode we get to touch on the following topics:How insurance works in the agri sector.Why farmers should have insurance.What to insure on your farm and why?The relationship between the farmer and the broker. Please rate and review this episode and subscribe to the podcast.Contact me at [email protected]
8/24/202250 minutes, 9 seconds
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EP 34 I Stephan Pietersen : Labour law regulatory requirements for farmers and agribusinesses.

Stephan has a background in employee benefits and more than 20 years of experience, knowledge, and skills in the administration and consulting of work accidents. His company - Work Accident Support assists clients (farmers and agribusinesses) to be compliant in terms of the Compensation for Occupational and Diseases Act and utilise all benefits prescribed in this act. Please contact Stephan using the details below:[email protected]+27 64 360 rate and review this episode and subscribe to the podcast. 
8/19/202248 minutes, 44 seconds
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EP 33 I Dr Johnny van der Merwe: Agricultural market trends analysis with AMT

If you are interested in commodity pricing, analysis and forecasting around Agri industry trends then this episode will deliver just that. I have the honour of speaking to Dr Johnny van der Merwe who completed his PHD at the NW University and has now become a lecturer in the faculty of Natural Sciences. His involvement in the industry spans across a number of development projects that are focused on social upliftment.AMT is a South African-based company specialising in the analysis and forecasting of national as well as regional agricultural industry and market information. Their services enhance production, management and marketing efficiency within agriculture through apt and well‐prepared market trend analysis.Please rate and review this podcast episode.
7/28/202243 minutes, 34 seconds
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EP 32 I Tafara Shuro: Empowering rural farming communities through farming enterprise hubs.

Speaking to Tafara Shuro, Director of the South African Essential Oils Producers’ Association.Tafara is part of the executive team overseeing the Siyakholwa Group and is also the Project Manager for Qobo Qobo Essential Oils. He joined Siyakholwa in June 2010 and since has been involved in projects aimed at alleviating poverty and empowering youth and adults alike to become entrepreneurs and generate income.Visit to learn more about the organisation Please rate and review this episode and subscribe to the podcast. 
7/14/202235 minutes, 35 seconds
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EP 31 I Dr Alfred Kgasi: The importance of managing animal health in livestock farming.

Today's conversation is an animal farming masterclass. Dr Kgasi , President of the South African Veterinary Council helps us understand how to look after our livestock /herd by identifying diseases in animals, we talk about the type of veterinary services you could get in South Africa as a livestock farmer, as well as biosecurity measures farmers can implement within their farms to protect their animals. Please rate and review this episode and subscribe to the podcast. Kindly contact me at [email protected] 
7/7/202240 minutes, 9 seconds
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EP 30 I Grant Jacobs: How to digitally trade and auction fresh produce using HelloChoice.

Grant Jacobs co-founded HelloChoice which is an online agricultural marketplace established in 2018.  He directs HelloChoice's business model and platform development, working hands-on in the field to recruit and coach initial buyers and packhouses with early adopting farmers. He currently leads strategic projects, platform design, and business and financial management.In this episode, we discuss how the HelloChoice platform connects buyers and sellers alike,  the milestones that the company has achieved over the past few years and their growing partnership with leading companies in South Africa to fight food insecurity and hunger. To learn more about HelloChoice, visit to the podcast, rate and review this episode.This episode is sponsored by The African Pre-Seed Podcast. Visit to learn more about the show or simply search for the African Pre-Seed Podcast to listen. 
6/24/202240 minutes, 53 seconds
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EP 29 I Alina Truhina & Philani Mzila : Agritech entrepreneurship with Founders Factory Africa

Speaking to Alina Truhina, Chief Strategy Officer and Philani Mzila, Investment Manager at Founders Factory Africa (FFA). We explore the journeys that early-stage businesses face within the agri-tech sector, how entrepreneurs can connect with investors and how organisations such as the FFA support entrepreneurs to build and scale agri-tech startups across the continent.  Please visit their website: and review this episode and subscribe to the podcast. Directly contact me on [email protected]
6/8/202233 minutes, 8 seconds
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EP 28 I Louis de Kock: Disrupting the fresh produce markets -

Nile's vision is to see a future where Africa’s producers can access the markets with the biggest need for their products. By integrating regional food systems, Nile aims to make nutritious food more accessible to consumers across the continent and beyond.In conversation with Louis de Kock, Founder of, a tech company that aims to solve issues inherent to food trading including price discovery, quality verification, payments and traceability.Please rate and review this podcast episode, and SUBSCRIBE.
9/24/202143 minutes, 14 seconds
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EP 27 I Cilliers Geldenhuys: The importance of using labour tracking technology to improve your farms production with Agrigistics.

In conversation with  Cilliers Geldenhuys, a qualified Industrial Engineer with a mining background who co-founded Agrigistics which is an agritech startup that helps increase labour efficiency, crop yields and assists decision making on farms, using labour tracking technology. Topics discussed on this episode: Agrigistics background and improvements from clients Agrigistics current and future plans Agrigistics giveawayVisit the podcast? Subscribe, rate, review and share!Contact [email protected]
9/1/202139 minutes, 20 seconds
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EP 26 I Karidas Tshintsholo : Introducing the farmers input marketplace app with Khula!

Karidas is a young entrepreneur from South Africa with over 7 years of experience in building startups from ideas to fully-fledged businesses. He is passionate about finding inclusive sustainable solutions for emerging markets. Karidas is the founder and CEO of one of Africa's top tech startups which is now his full-time focus. The company has grown fast, impacting farmers, agri input suppliers, and the entire agriculture supply chain across South Africa, with its sights set on global markets.Please rate and review this episode and subscribe to the podcast.Visit for more info.To contact me, please send me an email on [email protected] Visit
8/26/202155 minutes, 15 seconds
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EP 25 I Erna du Plessis: The basics of greenhouse / tunnel farming with Bosman van Zaal South Africa

Erna - CEO of Bosman van Zaal South Africa has an Industrial Engineering degree and Masters in Agricultural Engineering degree. She has been in the greenhouse industry for 10 years. She started Bosman van Zaal South Africa with the Dutch mother company in 2018 and has a team of 30 people currently building greenhouses and turnkey solutions across the country.In this episode, we discuss the basics of greenhouse/tunnel farming.  Visit rate and review this podcast episode and subscribe to this podcast.Visit for more info.
8/19/202131 minutes, 42 seconds
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EP 24 I Hamlet Hlomendlini: The role of financial institutions in the farming sector.

Hamlet is a Farmer's Weekly regular columnist and a multi-skilled Agricultural Economist with over eight years of experience in the agribusiness and financial services sectors. He specializes in advocacy, trade, project management, banking, people management, opportunities identification, and strategy planning including socialization and facilitating the execution thereof. Hamlet currently serves as the Secondary Agri Enablement Head at Absa AgriBusiness.Please rate and review this episode and SUBSCRIBE to the podcast. 
8/13/202150 minutes, 11 seconds
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EP 23 I Dr. Vijayender Nalla: Online agri learning with the Digital School of Food and Agriculture

In conversation with Dr Vijay Nalla, Content Facilitator at the Institute of Food and Agribusiness Leadership (IFAL).Visit and The Agribusiness Academy powers content and curriculums over several digital learning programs specifically at Digital School of Food and Agriculture and Institute of Food and Agribusiness Leadership (IFAL). Please rate and review this podcast episode. Subscribe to The Mbali Nwoko Podcast, one of the leading agriculture and farming podcast.
8/5/202133 minutes, 29 seconds
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EP 22 I Julian van der Nat: How to improve your sales and marketing skills as a farmer

Julian has 28 years of experience in the agricultural sector and has held numerous senior positions ranging from National Consultant, Country Manager, Managing Director, Chairman and a number of international consulting roles to name a few, where his responsibilities involved managing diverse teams and projects within varying business sectors. He also partook in various key studies and presented to large developmental groups, governments, as well as the private sector.His passion and contribution to the agri sector is marketing, post harvest, business plans, and sales.Please rate and review this episode. 
6/30/202150 minutes, 26 seconds
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EP 21 I Angie Khumalo: Transitioning from being a TV & Radio presenter to becoming a cattle farmer

In conversation with Angie Khumalo, a dynamic woman who is currently a Metro FM Sports Presenter and former presenter of African Farming, an agricultural show showcasing successful black commercial farmers in South Africa. Angie is a motorcycle enthusiast, a lover of agriculture and she goes by the name of Mother of the Cows. Listen to her story and how she transitioned to being a cattle farmer whilst still pursuing her career on TV and Radio. Please rate and review this podcast. 
6/3/202157 minutes, 33 seconds
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EP 20 I Wandile Sihlobo: An Economists perspective into the South African agricultural sector

Wandile Sihlobo is the Chief Economist of the Agricultural Business Chamber of South Africa (Agbiz) and the author of “Finding Common Ground: Land, Equity, and Agriculture.”He is also a Visiting Research Fellow at the Wits School of Governance, University of the Witwatersrand.Visit his website www.wandilesihlobo.comPlease subscribe to the podcast, rate and review each episode. 
5/20/202152 minutes, 52 seconds
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EP 19 I Rahmat Eyinfunjowo: Growing a network of agripreneurs with Nourishing Africa

Rahmat is the Operations Lead at Nourishing Africa, where she manages the company’s membership engagement and business operations. Nourishing Africa is a digital knowledge and membership platform supporting African agriculture and food entrepreneurs to scale their businesses by providing critical resources, tools and opportunities including funding, capacity building, data, networking events, e-learning, and local and global recognition, and mentoring. Rahmat is also the host of the biweekly Nourishing Africa Podcasts and the monthly virtual First Thursdays sessions with agri-food entrepreneurs and industry experts across the Continent. Before Nourishing Africa, Rahmat has worked at consulting firms, including Sahel Consulting and Agri-Logic Nigeria, to implement various consulting projects in the agriculture sector. Rahmat holds a bachelor’s degree in agriculture from the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.Please rate and review this podcast and subscribe. 
5/13/202138 minutes, 31 seconds
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EP 18 I Jolene Dawson: How to develop sustainable agricultural programmes with Thrive Agriculture & Nutrition

In conversation with  Jolene Dawson who is a skilled strategist, advisory professional and CEO. Her business, Thrive Agriculture and Nutrition Consulting, is focused on agricultural development, working with iNGO’s, donors, foundations and companies to plan, design and implement system-level programmes to address food security and farmer development and access to quality balanced nutrition. We unpack how organisations can strategically conceptualise and implement sustainable farmer development programmes that not only meet their ESD/ CSI objectives but make a meaningful and direct economic impact to communities through agriculture.Visit to rate and review this podcast and click on the subscribe button.
4/27/202141 minutes, 42 seconds
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EP 17 I Denene Erasmus: How to become a leading agricultural publication - Farmer's Weekly

Denene Erasmus is the editor of Farmer's Weekly South Africa, the largest English-language agricultural publication in Southern Africa. She has been an agricultural journalist since 2009 and has won numerous international and national awards for her reporting on farming, conservation and the agribusiness sector in Africa;In our conversation, we talk about the launch of the Farmer's Weekly 110th anniversary commemorative issue and how the magazine has been able to adapt and transform over the past couple of decades and how it has managed to captivate a diverse audience in race, gender and demographic. Furthermore, we also speak about important issues that the South African agricultural sector is faced with today. Visit  for more info. Please remember to rate, review and subscribe to the podcast. 
4/7/202144 minutes, 54 seconds
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EP 16 I Dr Sifiso Ntombela: Development and structural reforms in agriculture

In conversation with Dr Sifiso Ntombela, Chief Economist of the NAMC, Coordinator of AAMP, Columnist for Fin24, and Farmers' Weekly Magazine.In this podcast we discuss the following:The role of the National Agricultural Marketing Council (NAMC).The Department of Agriculture, policymaking and implementation.Farmers and the agricultural landscape Transformation and inclusive agriculture.Like this podcast, please rate, review and share!!
3/24/202156 minutes, 46 seconds
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EP 15 I Watson Matsa: Creating sustainable livelihoods for smallholder farmers with eSusFarm

Speaking to Watson Matsa who is the Co-Founder & CEO for eSusFarm® Africa, where he leads Operations, Technology Implementation and Market Development.eSusFarm is an agri-fintech that specializes in tracking and providing advanced agricultural statistical data to smallholder farmers and the entire agri-value chain for the purpose of increasing agricultural productivity, smallholder market and credit access, and the overall efficiency of the agri-value chain.Visit website
3/17/20211 hour, 29 seconds
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EP 14 I Ivor Price & Kobus Louwrens : Food For Mzansi

In conversation with Ivor and Kobus, who are the Founders of  Food For Mzansi, which is a digital agri news platform that has taken the South African media space by storm. They both have long-standing careers in journalism and have won numerous awards for their contribution/ work in broadcasting, print and digital media, this includes Food For Mzansi's global award as Africa's best digital news start-up. We talk about Food For Mzansi's contribution to the agricultural sector, and their mission to present a new face of South African agriculture including their soon-to-be-released second farmers' book, and at least two more English-language farmers' television shows this year.Visit and  and follow them on their social media platforms. Please remember to rate and review this episode. 
3/10/202152 minutes, 54 seconds
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EP 13 l Joy Pharasi : Overcoming lupus, depression, physical disability and discrimination as a farmer.

In conversation with me is Joy Pharasi. She is a livestock farmer based in the Northern Cape province of South Africa and she shares her story/journey of the challenges and life adversities that she had to overcome from childhood right through to her career as a Farmer. Connect and follow Joy on Instagram @joyziqua21 Please rate and review this podcast episode and don't forget to subscribe. Contact me on [email protected]
3/3/202155 minutes, 40 seconds
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EP 12 I Francois Rossouw : Family farming with Southern African Agri Initiative (SAAI)

The Southern African Agri Initiative (SAAI) is an agricultural interest network for farmers by farmers, which is committed to the protection and promotion of the rights, values, ideals and needs of family farmers in the primary production sector.In conversation with Francois Rossouw, CEO of SAAI.https://saai.orgRemember to rate and review this episode and subscribe to the podcast. 
2/17/202142 minutes, 8 seconds
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EP 11 I Reabetswe Malema: The Black Farmer

Reabetswe Malema is the Director of The Black Farmer Food Group which is a farming company that acts as an agent on behalf other farmers and provides them with access to market through the physical Black Farmer Market in Ga-rankuwa.Through their digital platforms, they have also allowed clients to find access to fresh produce and livestock from farmers.Connect with Rea on Instagram @the_blackfarmerRemember to rate and review this episode and subscribe to the podcast. 
2/9/202150 minutes, 13 seconds
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EP 10 I Alessandro and Sakhe : Data farming with Tillo App

In conversation with Alessandro Colafranceschi and Sakhe Radebe from Tillo.Tillo is a digital app that allows you to gain real-time visibility and control over your farm.You can collect, analyse, share and export your farm’s data on your smartphone, tablet or desktop, from wherever you are in the world, for FREE. Visit Tillo by clicking on the link below : to rate and review this episode and subscribe to the podcast. 
11/25/202041 minutes, 12 seconds
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EP 09 I Mark Hutton : Sustainable Agriculture with Madumbi

Joining me in this episode is Mark Hutton from Madumbi Sustainable Agriculture. Mark is a Bio Specialist for the KZN region and is also the Business Development Lead for Intensive Growers at Madumbi.In this conversation, Mark unpacks the following: What is sustainable agriculture. The benefits of using or farming with biologicals.Madumbi Sustainable Agriculture contribution to the agri sector and how they work with farmers. And more.... Please rate and review this episode and if you are enjoying The Mbali Nwoko Podcast, please subscribe to the podcast, to receive notifications on the latest episode. 
11/17/202044 minutes, 38 seconds
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EP 08 I Russel Luck: Online livestock auctions with SwiftVee

In this episode, I have a conversation with Russel Luck who is an Entrepreneur, Technology Attorney, Television Analyst and Public Speaker. Russel is the founder of SwiftVee which is an online livestock auction platform, that has been recognised internationally for its technology innovation and has been shortlisted as one of South Africa’s Top 100 Most Innovative Companies (TT100). Its solution provides intuitive data and analytics and also makes it easy to find and view livestock auctions and so much more. Connect with Russel: to rate and view this episode and don't forget to subscribe to the podcast. 
11/9/202036 minutes, 28 seconds
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EP 07 I Ntuthuko Shezi: Livestock Wealth

In this episode, Ntuthuko Shezi explains the idea behind Livestock Wealth and how he managed to successfully build his livestock crowd farming platform in 2015 till date. Today, Livestock Wealth has local and global investors owning cattle that they do not have to physically farm/manage across various farms in South Africa. Shezi also shares his expansion plans and tells us about his new product offering called The Farmers Club ( where consumers can order premium beef directly from the farms and have delivered to their doorstep. For more details visit: rate and review this episode and don't forget to subscribe to the podcast. 
11/2/202040 minutes, 35 seconds
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EP 06 I Ikageng Maluleke: Grain farming in South Africa

Ikageng Maluleke is an Agricultural Economist at Grain SA, a farmer organisation representing major grains in South Africa; her focus in the organisation is international trade policy in the grain industry, monitoring of inputs as well as the development of New Era farmers into more commercialised farmers amongst other things.  In this episode, Ikageng provides us with an overview of grain farming in South Africa, the importance of joining an agricultural association as a farmer and the opportunities that exist for grain farmers in South Africa.   To contact me please send me an email to [email protected]   You can also follow me on social media @MbaliNwoko on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.  Visit 
10/22/202041 minutes, 50 seconds
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EP 05 I Wendy Geza: Insights into small-scale rural farming.

Wendy is a Research Assistant and Project Facilitator at UKZN, under the Sustainable Healthy Food Systems (SHEFS) Project and uMngeni Resilience Project.In this podcast, Wendy shares with us her role in finding better solutions of building capacity for farmers in rural areas, particularly youth, to adapt better to climate change and build sustainable livelihoods through agriculture.Please subscribe to this podcast, rate and review each episode because your feedback is important. Episodes are released weekly and should you wish to contact me, please email me on [email protected] can follow me on social media @MbaliNwoko on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. 
10/13/202042 minutes, 5 seconds
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EP 04 I Yunike Phiri: Building a business against all odds.

In this episode, I speak to Yunike Phiri an award-winning farmer, trained agripreneur by the African Development Bank and Korean Institute Development Strategy in SME Development.Yunike, CEO of Amicus Farms, shares her story of building a crop and livestock farm against a challenging agricultural sector in Zambia. Please subscribe to this podcast and most importantly rate and review each episode. Your feedback is important.Episodes are released weekly and should you wish to contact me, kindly send me an email to [email protected] social media handles are @MbaliNwoko on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.
10/5/202045 minutes, 5 seconds
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EP 03 I Khathu Mashau: Scaling in numbers and through diversification.

Joining me in this podcast is entrepreneur, farmer and Founder of U-Move Group, Khathu Mashau. Khathu speaks about creating his own outgrowers model within U-Move Farming, to retain a lucrative tomato contract. He also shares his experience in doing business with small scale farmers in rural areas and takes us through his strategy behind growing his brand and business through diversification. Please subscribe to this podcast and most importantly rate and review each episode. Episodes are released weekly and should you wish to contact me, kindly send an email to [email protected] social media handles are @MbaliNwoko on Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and YouTube. 
9/28/202032 minutes, 16 seconds
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EP 02 I Sonto Mujakachi: Finding success in a conservative agricultural town.

In this podcast, Sonto Mujakahi who is the CEO of Treasure Trove Farms takes us through her journey of how she managed to successfully grow a commercial vegetable producing farm in a small and conservative town and shares her experience with retailers, as well as leveraging off her families expertise and skills to take her business to the next level. Please subscribe to this podcast and also rate and review each episode.The podcast episodes are released weekly and should you wish to contact me, kindly send me an email to [email protected] 
9/7/202048 minutes, 3 seconds
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EP 01 I Eric Mauwane: How to thrive in competitive markets.

In this podcast, I speak to Eric Mauwane CEO of Oneo Farms, a commercial vegetable farmer whose story is nothing but resilience. Eric shares his experience in dealing with financial institutions, the relationships that agri bankers need to have with their farmers, as well as, the important aspects that farmers need to consider when sending their produce to the national fresh produce markets. Please subscribe to this podcast and also rate and review each episode.  The podcast episodes are released weekly and should you wish to contact me, kindly send me an email to [email protected]
9/1/202042 minutes, 27 seconds
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The Mbali Nwoko Podcast Trailer

An introduction to The Mbali Nwoko Podcast. 
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