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Welcome to The Manuka Sunday Podcast. Join Mel, the founder of Manuka Sunday; the Creative Agency to dive into digital marketing tips for lifestyle and wellness brands, entrepreneurial stories, new experiences, optimization, and tp get honest about our personal-growth. Connect with us on Instagram - @manukaasunday Work with Manuka Sunday - [email protected] Enjoy!
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The True Mind Body Connection & Unleashing Confidence with ND Alisa DiFruscia, Founder of For Her Kind.

Welcome back to the Manuka Sunday Podcast! In this episode, we have a special guest - a member of the Manuka Sunday family, Alisa DiFruscia. Alisa founded For Her Kind, a community that helps women become the happier, healthier, and more confident version of themselves. Today, Mel and Alisa dive into the importance of confidence and feeling your best, and Alisa shares what she sees most commonly in her clients and experience in the fitness industry. They also chat about a fascinating part of Alisa's practice - German New Medicine, a way to approach the mind-body connection. This episode has so much value and we can't wait for you to learn about Alisa's approach. JOURNALING / RESCRIPTING PRACTICE Hope you enjoy! If you have any other questions you'd like us to discuss please leave a review sharing your thoughts! We'll be sure to add them to the next episode. Want to work with Alisa? Apply to For Her Kind ⁠here⁠, or follow them on social for updates ⁠@forherkind ⁠and ⁠@dr.alisa.nd⁠ Apply to work with us through our contact form here or Email us at [email protected] to explore collaboration opportunities. Instagram: @manukaasunday YouTube channel for video content and additional resources. xx Mel
8/17/202340 minutes, 19 seconds
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The Foundations of Company Culture: How to Hire, Build Respect, and Lead with Michel Falcon

Welcome back to the Manuka Sunday Podcast! In this episode, we have an incredible guest who will share invaluable insights on building a team and fostering sustainable company growth. Many of you have reached out to us, expressing your struggles with finding the right team members, navigating the learning curve of team building, and envisioning the next steps for your company's growth. During the episode, we delve into the importance of building company values beyond mere decoration on office walls. Michel provides expert advice on hiring, firing, and establishing a robust interview process. He shares insights on leadership skills, common mistakes made when hiring, and emphasizes the significance of cultivating a team that truly believes in the company culture, especially when scaling a business. Hope you enjoy! If you have any other questions you'd like us to discuss please leave a review sharing your thoughts! We'll be sure to add them to the next episode. Apply to work with us through our contact form here or Email us at [email protected] to explore collaboration opportunities. Instagram: @manukaasunday YouTube channel for video content and additional resources. xx Mel
7/16/202346 minutes, 29 seconds
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How to Optimize Your Website: 5 Strategies to Implement Today

Is your website optimized to its potential? There’s SO much that goes into making a successful website. Regardless of what you’re trying to sell, a strong website is a foundation to your brand. As we dive into launching our new website, I thought it would be a good time to chat about optimization. In this episode of the Manuka Sunday Podcast, I’ll share five strategies you can start with to optimize your website and start building your sales, including: Streamline website navigation to provide a user-friendly experience. Optimize product pages with compelling descriptions, images, and customer reviews. Enhance website loading speed for better user experience and search engine rankings. Use persuasive calls-to-action strategically to drive conversions. Optimize the website for mobile devices to cater to the growing mobile audience. Hope you enjoyed!
7/9/202322 minutes, 48 seconds
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Q&A: Career regrets, lessons, 9-5 vs entrepreneur life, hiring for Manuka Sunday, optimizing your week + Meet Carly !!

Hi guys! Mel here - I'm excited to start sharing more of a behind the scenes look at whats happening in the studio (and new team members!!) so today is the first of our Q&A series where Carly and I sat down to share our thoughts on leaving the 9-5, any regrets that come along with that, lessons learned along the way, and how we're settling into our weekly studio routine. We also dive into how to hire for a creative team, what's in store for the future of manuka sunday, how to optimize my day / weeks for maximum productivity along with some big mindset shifts that have come along with that. Hope you enjoy! If you have any other questions you'd like us to discuss please leave a review sharing your thoughts! We'll be sure to add them to the next episode. Apply to work with us through our contact form here or Email us at [email protected] to explore collaboration opportunities. Instagram: @manukaasunday YouTube channel for video content and additional resources. xx Mel
7/2/202328 minutes, 20 seconds
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Mastering Successful Product or Service Launches: Tips, Strategy, & Launch Timelines

Mastering Successful Product or Services Launches: Tips, Strategy, and Launch Timeline. Uncover the secrets of successful product launches and apply them to your next venture. Today we're going to jump into tips for a Successful Product or service Launch with Mel walking through what she would do if she was creative a launch plan. Spark notes below! What goes into building out a successful launch strategy? Well let's dive in. Set Realistic Goals and Create a Timeline: Learn how to define achievable goals and establish a timeline for your product launch. Understand the importance of setting realistic expectations to ensure success. Build a Strong Social Media Strategy and Engage the Audience: Discover effective techniques for leveraging social media platforms to promote your product. Engage with your target audience, build anticipation, and create a loyal community. Collaborate with Others and Create Excitement Around the Product: Explore the power of collaboration and partnerships to amplify your launch efforts. Discover strategies for creating excitement, generating buzz, and reaching a wider audience. Share Information, Reviews, and Expert Responses: Learn how to leverage the power of testimonials, reviews, and expert opinions. Build credibility and trust by sharing valuable information and engaging with influencers. Create Urgency with a Closing Date: Understand the importance of creating a sense of urgency to drive conversions. Discover techniques for incorporating limited-time offers and deadlines into your launch. Be Confident and Proud of the Product: Explore the mindset of confidence and pride in your product. Overcome self-doubt and effectively communicate the value and uniqueness of your offering. Plan and Execute Effectively to Achieve Success: Learn how to plan, organize, and execute your launch with precision. Full Shownotes Here We dive into all of these topics in todays episode for you to take away and utilize in your day-to-day business. Hope you enjoy! Work With Us Connect with Mel Here Youtube
6/25/202332 minutes, 11 seconds
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Leaving the 9-5: My Experience & Steps to Pursue Your Own Business

So you may be listening to this thinking — I’m ready to leave my nine to five, I’m ready to build my own passion, I’m ready to put all the hours I’m putting in for someone else’s dream into my own... Where the heck do I start... If you’re thinking this — I was in the exact same spot as you are and I want you to take a moment to acknowledge that you’re in control. Even though your days may be hectic, you feel like you’re not doing what you want to be doing, you feel like there’s more for you out there but don’t know what it is — you’re still in control. Today we're diving into my experience leaving my 9-5, my tips and takeaways, what I would do differently, hitting your tipping point, and having the belief in yourself to go after what you truly want. Manuka Sunday Youtube Channel! Join the Newsletter Connect With Mel Here Work with Manuka Sunday Creative Here
3/26/202330 minutes, 32 seconds
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Building Confidence & Attracting Your Dream Clients

Today we're diving into part two of attracting clients & opportunities. We're going to chat about where I started vs where I am now, what it looks like to train confidence, building a portfolio, networking, how to prepare for success, and more. When I first jumped into the world of freelancing - I had one question that floated around in my heard all day long: "How do I start working with an elevated clientele"  Its not an easy feat to build a high rolling client list of businesses that are putting their full trust in you with the front end of their business! You have to start somewhere.  So thats just what we're going to talk about - the steps I took to building a client list that I am so proud to be working with and how I'm attracting the next level of business. A few things we get into are:  Building confidence Networking Honing in on your skin Properly preparing  Believing in yourself  and bringing it all together to create a seamless client experience.  Hope you enjoy!  LINKED:  Mel Robbins x Jay Shetty Episode Carli Anna Brand Strategy Course Latasha James - Youtube Freelance Friday Podcast Atomic Habits The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: The Power of Focus SkillShare Connect With Mel Here Subscribe to the Newsletter! The Sunday Goods
3/5/202339 minutes, 46 seconds
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Minimal Design Hacks to Elevate Your Brand & Start Charging More.

If you can execute it well, visual content has the ability to send a powerful message without having to use so many words. Whether you're creating your social media assets, building your website, or just creating a simple brochure, design matters and holds a lasting impression on your current / potential clients. Today we're diving into our top tips for levelling up your design and, in turn, building a stronger brand presence. Enjoy!  FULL SHOW NOTES HERE.  Connect With Mel Here! Inquire to Work With Us Here Join the Newsletter for Weekly Business & Design Tips Here
2/5/202321 minutes, 16 seconds
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Daily Tools, Tips, & Resources for Creating Content & Running Your Online Business

My top resources that I ACTUALLY use to run my online business - Our SOP's, content creation tools, mindset habits, and more.  Mel's Notion Template (Goal Setting & Daily Mindset)  Bonsai Calendly Zapier Descript BigVU Splice Cap Cut Zencastr Connect With Mel Here! Work With Us // Wondering how to maximize your time so you show up as your best, most productive self? Sometimes that extra boost you need can be as simple as adding something new into your workflow. Here are a few tips we use throughout our days to get productive, and stay productive. As a freelancer or solo entrepreneur, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of work that needs to be done on a daily basis. Especially because, for the most part, you're the only one standing in the way of being getting that "one last thing" done. While we don't claim to be experts on all things productivity, we do believe it's important to have a toolkit that can help you stay focused, organized, and on top of your workload. Here are a few suggestions that might help you boost your productivity as a freelancer or solo entrepreneur. MORE SHOW NOTES HERE!
1/29/202343 minutes, 40 seconds
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8 Tips for Growing Your Wellness Business in 2023 - Show Up and Stand Out on Social

Wondering how to grow your social media following as a business? or how to start booking out your services? Time to start building a strategy for your health and wellness business to stand out on social media. Here are a few tips that we build into our clients strategy in order to create strong, engaging content that builds trust with their audience – which is (in our opinion) the secret sauce to standing out in your industry. Here's what we run through:  - How to start looking at content as research rather than consuming it all - How to build strong relationships through your social media platforms - Tips to start speaking your mind and staying consistent with your brand messaging - Why you should have a omni channel marketing approach - How to put value into your content to better the quality - And why you should be humanizing your brand.  I added some prompts for you to think about throughout this episode for future planning so grab a journal, grab your pen, and enjoy the episode! Let me know if you have any great takeaways -- these episodes aren't made to give you all the answers but they ARE created to help any entrepreneurs start thinking about what they can do to boost strategy and think outside of the box when it comes to your social media game.  PLAYBOOK PRE-LAUNCH ACCESS 📲 @manukaasunday  📞 Book in a call with Mel 🤎 Work With Us!  Show Notes & Blog Here
1/10/202316 minutes, 12 seconds
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2023 Planning for Business, Finances, and Your Future Self.

2022 hit me like a ton of bricks if I'm being honest with you. There were ups, downs, and everything in between. In this episode we're going to get honest about how I'm reflecting on a year that didn't go as planned and what I'm taking from it going forward. We get into my planning exercises to get ready for a new year, my expectations, and how I want to show up as my best self.  We're breaking down:  How I'm visualize myself this year How I'm breaking down my systems in my business How I'm reflecting on my client experience How I'm building my goals in a analytical way to see where I can work smarter - not harder  Tips on Time Tracking for service driven business How I build my vision board How I'm building out my year to hit my financial goals.  Thank you so much for tuning in! Subscribe to here more episodes on building your brand, managing a healthy mindset with business, and life chats with Mel.  Get the Content Creation Template Here! Connect with Mel Here Work With Manuka Sunday Creative Here Full Show Notes Here -- How to Build Your Vision Board
1/3/202325 minutes, 39 seconds
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Social Media Strategy for Showing Up Consistently & Authentically

No matter what industry you're in social media is crucial for customer relationships, building trust, and most of all - sales. And whats the more crucial part of this equation? Posting consistently and authentically. Today we break down my process on how I build out months of consistent content for my clients and my personal pages. With this strategy, I'm confident you'll walk away with some tools to keep an authentic brand voice throughout your content without hitting the burn out.  In this episode we cover; brainstorming content ideas why time batching is so important for creativity building your video library getting into the flow state of content creation tips on finding content topics scheduling and maximizing your time Hope you enjoy! Chat soon - xx Mel NOTION CONTENT SCHEDULING TEMPLATE Work w/ Mel 1:1  Here  Monthly Social Media Management Services Here  Connect w/ Mel Here 
9/28/202224 minutes, 9 seconds
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life chats: a trip down memory lane

hi friends ! here’s a new type of episode where I share some more personal sides of life. I found myself sitting on a four hour flight with nothing but my thoughts and wondering how the heck I’ve gotten to where I’m at in life. so I thought I’d share — enjoy !
9/19/202216 minutes, 15 seconds
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Following Your Fear Compass w/ The Wilds Skincare Founder, Ronak Brahmand

The founder of The Wilds Skincare, Ronak Brahmand, joins us today to chat about how she built her Clean, Genderless Non-Toxic Skincare line from a just a dream to hitting 5 million views through instagram and being named a finalist in the Pure Beauty Global Awards for Best New Clean Skincare  all in the span of 4 months post launch. Episode breakdown;  The founding elements of The Wilds Skincare How she delegated her time, money, and efforts with a start up budget Creating with authenticity The importance of networking Building confidence and owning your product + all the fine details about building a non-toxic skincare routine Enjoy!  Shop The Wilds Here Connect with Ro & The Wilds Here  Connect with Mel Here Manuka Sunday Creative Agency 
8/31/202255 minutes, 29 seconds
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Stand Out & Stay Relevant w/ Pinterest & Blogging Expert Coley Lane

Today we’re talking about something i think will be valuable to anyone in the creative / entrepreneurial space - whether you're running a business, working on a side hustle, working in the the marketing field, or just wanting to ramp up their views  - you’re in the right place. Today we’re being schooled by the founder of Life Goals Magazine and pinterest / blogging extraordinair, Coley Lane Bouschet.  As I mentioned Coley is the Founder & Editor of Life Goals Mag - a blog built to support productivity and optimization. When she's not running Life Goals, she's helping creatives get more visibility and clients through blogging and Pinterest.  Here’s a breakdown of what we dive into:  Why blogging isn’t dead  How to revamp your website & blog to get seen How to build your Google SEO  A deep dive into Pinterest - Where to start, how to optimize, and get found.  How to start repurposing your content  How to build income through Pinterest Staying consistent with blogging  The Struggles of being a solo entrepreneur  How to understand your enneagram and let it improve your work schedule.  Check out Coley’s blog post all about how you can use the enneagram test to make the most out of your workday. FULL EPISODE NOTES HERE Check out the blog post here!  Connect with Coley Here  Read LifeGoals Mag Here  Connect With Mel Here
8/25/20221 hour, 1 minute, 20 seconds
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Reality Check: Unlearning the Hustle

Reality Check - A new segment where I give a little update on where I’m at in life. Givin it to you real, as always. Enjoy! THINGS IM LOVING:  — Ouai - Shampoo / Conditioner / Leave in Spray — YTTP - Superfood Cleanser — Spotify Playlist — Wake Up Light Alarm Clock Connect with Mel Here!
5/17/202220 minutes, 22 seconds
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Creatively Visualizing Your Dreams & Taking Action w/ CEO of Frame Fitness Melissa Bentivoglio

There are so many things that go over my head and I was to keep learning about — one of those things is getting investors on board with ideas I have to create something bigger than I could handle on my own.. This is why I was so excited to get to talk to Melissa Bentavoil, the Founder and CEO of Form Fitness. Melissa is a classically trained ballet dancer turned pilates enthusiast and a mother of 3. In this episode we talk about how she went from being a pilates instructor and ambassador to leading her company to a 5 million dollar round in seed funding with some of the most iconic names in the fitness world. She’s designed her own studio in Toronto which houses her personally designed Frame Fitness Reformers. As the pandemic hit, she saw a gap in the market and visuallzed her reformers becoming a household name. They went back to the drawing board and designed a sleek reformed that can sit aesthetically in your living room or be tucked away to make sure you have access to the coaches and classes you need on demand. I’m so excited for you to listen to this episode - one of my favourite parts was how Melissa has built this beautiful life through creative visualization along with her points of staying true to what you believe in while chasing a wild dream. FRAME FITNESS REFORMER HERE CONNECT WITH MELISSA // FRAME FITNESS CONNECT WITH MEL // MANUKA SUNDAY  WORK WITH MEL 
5/12/20221 hour, 3 minutes, 46 seconds
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The One Where We Eloped

SHS'S A WIFE!? This week on the Manuka Sunday Podcast Joey (aka my HUSBAND) joins me to chat about the day of our very intimate wedding, feelings around the day, stress, guilt, family, friends, and everything in between. This is a snippet of our special day - hope you enjoy!  xx, Mel @manukaasunday
4/25/202245 minutes, 50 seconds
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Owning Your Body With RDN Sanam Tahan

Welcome back to the Manuka Sunday Podcast ! On today’s episodeI am so happy and excited to introduce Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and founder of The Well Society – Sanam Tahan. Sam built up her education through a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics from California State University, Long Beach. And then went on to complete a Masters of Science in Nutrition for Wellness at Bastyr University. She works with her clients through Understanding their Body Types, lifestyle changes, hormone health, gut health, and thyroid health – all in which we cover in this episode. We also talk through how Sam found out she has thyroid cancer and healed, all while she was studying her practices. Sam was such a pleasure to have on and truly opened me up to a vulnerable side. We do speak on the impact of social media, body types, and body dysmorphia in this episode - this is something that i haven’t opened up about much till now, but body dysmorphia has been something along with other food related issues that I’d lived with in the past. So this episode will be dear to my heart. I do want to put a quick cation on this for anyone that may be more sensitive to these topics. If you are, and this episode isn’t for you at this moment in time, I love you and I understand what you’re feeling – and we will be right back with a new episode next week. Enjoy!  CONNECT WITH SAM HERE  THE WELL SOCIETY  CONNECT WITH MEL HERE WORK WITH MEL
3/29/202256 minutes, 22 seconds
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Hacking Your Health and Leaving Corporate Burnout Behind w/ @TheLivingFuel

From a 6 figure corporate burnout lifestyle to helping thousands of people change their lives through wellness consulting. I had the pleasure of chatting with Nicole and Manoli from The Living Fuel on this weeks episode. The Living Fuel is a wellness consultancy founded for the sole purpose of improving lives.  We walk through all things home health, workspace optimization, hacks to feel more energized, how to test your home (and yourself) for mold, the steps they took to build their impressive client base, the ups and downs of building a business from scratch and more.  FULL SHOW NOTES HERE! CLICK HERE to connect / work with @TheLivingFuel CLICK HERE for @TheLivingFuel's IG CLICK HERE to connect with Mel @manukaasunday CLICK HERE to work with Mel -  GET CANOPY - HUMIDIFIER HERE 
3/10/20221 hour, 6 minutes, 32 seconds
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Productivity is a Mindset + Some Tough Love to Myself

Today we're talking productivity mindset. Because  at the end of the day, you can have all the tricks, hacks, and tools in the book, but if you don't have your mindset in the right place, nothing will get done. So lets chat about it and hold ourselves accountable. I speak on a few examples that I ran into in the past few weeks that really helped push myself into the right direction, comparison, staying focused on your vision and more. Enjoy this chat on productivity mindset! Check out my lasted productivity / focus tool here: BRAIN FM 20% OFF Connect With Mel @manukaasunday Full Show Notes here! 
2/21/202218 minutes, 32 seconds
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Forgetting the Fear of Failure with Sustainable Fashion Designer, Celeste Bouchard

Celeste Bouchard is a sustainable fashion designer, an entrepreneur, corgi lover, espresso martini enthusiast and a long time friend. This week we got to chatting about how Celeste built her sustainable fashion brand La Leur, the in's and outs of running a sustainable business, future plans for the brand, and some wise words on how to start overcoming the fear of failure. We dive into the importance of taking control of your own health, the power of visualization while healing, creating a capsule wardrobe, feeling confident in your clothes and SO MUCH MORE. We really jam packed it with as much as we could. So enjoy this episode with Celeste Bouchard! Enjoy this Episode with Celeste!  Connect with Celeste Here Celeste's Fashion Brand: La Leur  Connect with Mel Here
2/11/202243 minutes, 32 seconds
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Re-Write Your Inner Dialogue & Start Dreaming Big with Shania Bhopa

In this episode Shania and I spoke about mindset, owning the practices in your daily life, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, re-writing inner dialogue for a better future, the future of health literacy, creating discipline for yourself when you're lacking motivation, friendships, travel, accountability and MORE. Shania Bhopa is a wellness content creator focused on sharing health research and informed thoughtful dialogue from her Naturopath Mother and Physician sister. Shania is a Global Health Ph.D. student and co-founder of the GTA-based non-profit organization The Canadian Courage Project. Visit her website here. Expanding her impact on youth/child health she recently published Gurk & Bianca: The great adventure of the gut-brain connection on a path to mindfulness, a children's book for those of all ages! Shania's mantra is "to improve health it starts with health literacy, equitable access to resources and support within our community". Valedictorian of her graduate class, Shania frequently shares her insight on student wellness across her digital platforms and in her classroom workshops. FULL SHOW NOTES HERE Connect with Shania  Canadian Courage Project  Shop Gurk & Bianca Connect with Mel Here
2/3/202256 minutes, 3 seconds
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Ep 014: Womanhood, Confidence & Owning Your Femininity with @Justmands

Welcome back!! This week we dive into a solo episode where Mel chats with the one and only, Amanda DiMarco; a creator, podcast host, blogger, and mother. Womanhood, stress, and confidence are the main topics we get into in today's episode. We walk through how it feels to become a little closer to our feminine side, how Amanda tapped into finding her true confidence, and how slowing down can contribute to our overall mental health.  Enjoy!  Connect with Amanda - @justmands @justmands podcast Connect with Mel - @manukaasunday
5/9/202156 minutes, 18 seconds
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013: The Power of Visualization, Stress Management and Building an Online Practice with Dr. Jackie Koudys ND

In the latest episode of Songs For Your Sunday, we sit down to talk with Jackie Koudys. Jackie Koudys is a Naturopathic Dr. certified by the Naturopathic Medicine School of Canada and the founder of FZN - Jackie's online Virtual Care Practice.  During our time with Jackie, we discussed finding inspiration and motivation through the practice of visualization. Furthermore, we touched on how visualization is an effective tool not only for athletics but also for test-taking Within the general topic of learning Jackie shared her personal learning styles, how she began to level up her productivity, tips on stress management or even using stress to your advantage along with building a structured routine.  Full Show Notes HERE! Hope you enjoy! Work With Dr. Jackie Koudys, ND HERE  Connect with the FZN Instagram Connect Dr. Jackie Koudys, ND Instagram
5/2/202158 minutes, 9 seconds
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EP 001: Goal Setting - Shifting Resolutions into a Lifestyle

Welcome to the first official episode of Songs For Your Sunday, hosted by Manuka Sunday.  We welcome in the new year with a fresh outlook, a strong sense of alignment, and structure to hold ourselves accountable to our goals. In this episode, Joey and Mel chat about habits (the good and the bad), what daily movement can do for your mental state, morning routines, burnout season, how to keep on top of their goals, and how they are staying accountable.  Enjoy & Happy Sunday! Connect with Songs for Your Sunday on Instagram: @songsforyoursunday Connect with Mel from Manuka Sunday HERE Interested in learning more? Check out our website - Flowdesk %50 off link HERE
1/10/202126 minutes, 17 seconds