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English, Sports, 9 seasons, 90 episodes, 2 days, 11 hours, 39 minutes
Brian and Zach from The Makeshift Project host this podcast to talk sports, entertainment, hypotheticals, and more! The motto they go by is โ€œWe can literally do anything.โ€ So follow us for our sports takes, funny conversations, and whatever else comes our way! Support this podcast:
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#89 MrBeast Vs Donald Trump! WHO WINS!? ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ ๐ŸŒŽ

MrBeast running for President, hilariously debating how you wipe your bum in the bathroom, shutting down social media for 2 hours a day, United States vs United Kingdom slang, the most expensive wedding of all time, and more! _________ 0:00 INTRO AND RECAP 2:18 FOODS ARENโ€™T WHAT YOU THOUGHT! 5:22 MRBEAST FOR PRESIDENT! 7:51 ATRONOMICAL SCREENTIME 9:39 HOW DO YOU WIPE? 13:03 KEEP ONE OF THESE THINGS! 16:12 TIME TRAVEL BACKWARDS! 18:48 SOCIAL MEDIA SHUTDOWN! 23:08 WHAT COUNTRY IS BIGGER? 26:29 AMERICA THE BEST AT SOCCER? 29:35 WHAT DO YOU CALL THESE? 33:44 PROTECT THE EARTH FROM ALIENS! 37:07 MOST EXPENSIVE WEDDING EVER! 40:49 OUTRO --- Support this podcast:
7/18/2024 โ€ข 41 minutes, 48 seconds
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The infamous Sally Slices joins The Makeshift Podcast to discuss meeting Dave Portnoy, building the perfect pizza party with $15, trying weird food combinations, keeping and cutting pizza styles across the world, guessing a riddle that will stump all your friends, and more! __________ 0:00 SALLY SLICES! 2:01 WHAT IS THE CORLEONE? 4:29 MEETING DAVE PORTNOY! 9:55 $15 TO BUILD YOUR PIZZA PARTY! 13:59 ITALY AND OTHER TRAVELS! 15:39 GREATEST ITALIAN DISH! 18:00 OREOS AND ORANGE JUICE? 20:39 HOW WE MET SALLY! 21:28 KEEP 4, CUT 5 PIZZAS! 25:23 HOW MANY PIZZAS SALLYโ€™S MADE! 29:06 TOP 10 CLUBS BY JERSEY SALES! 31:13 TOP 10 SOCCER PLAYERS OF ALL TIME! 33:40 THE UMBRELLA RIDDLE! 38:48 OUTRO --- Support this podcast:
7/11/2024 โ€ข 39 minutes, 50 seconds
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#87 JOE GATTO Ranks His FAVORITE ITALIAN Food! ๐Ÿฝ๏ธ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น

Joe Gatto from Impractical Jokers and more joins us! Is New York or Los Angeles the better city, ranking Italian foods blindly, building the perfect Italian dinner with $15, Joe's dream cast for a movie, the best slice in Manhattan, and more! __________ 0:00 INTRODUCING JOE GATTO! 2:47 CATCHING UP WITH JOE! 12:36 NEW YORK VS LOS ANGELES! 15:23 ACCIDENTLY IN BATMAN? 16:07 MOVIE TALK! 17:48 CAST YOUR MOVIE! 19:33 THE TENDERLOINS ORIGIN! 21:01 JOE GATTOโ€™S DOGS! 22:28 RANK THESE ITALIAN FOODS! 25:41 IMPRACTICAL JOKERS BIOPIC! 30:59 $15 PERFECT ITALIAN DINNER! 34:45 FIRST TIME EATING PASTA! 37:13 BEST NY PIZZA? 38:35 KEEP 4 CUT 5 PANCAKES! 39:58 OUTRO! --- Support this podcast:
7/4/2024 โ€ข 41 minutes, 7 seconds
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Where do you keep your phone keys and wallet in your pants, can you have multiple best friends, ten illegal baby names in the USA, how much sugar is in drinks and other foods, new vs old NBA matchup, trying sour patch Oreos, and more! __________ 0:00 INTRO 1:32 JOEY CHESTNUT BANNED! 3:55 FREE WATCHES! 7:55 PHONE, WALLET, KEYS? 10:56 MULTIPLE BEST FRIENDS? 12:51 GETTING RECOGNIZED! 14:59 ILLEGAL BABY NAMES! 17:55 SUGAR IN DRINKS! 22:12 MORE ILLEGAL BABY NAMES! 26:09 CHANGE THE LIGHTS! 29:35 ONE FOR FREE! 33:00 NEW VS OLD NBA! 35:51 FIGHT TO THE DEATH! 40:00 WAIT FOR EVERY PLATE? 43:22 FRIENDS VS CELTICS! 44:18 SOUR PATCH OREOS? 48:43 OUTRO! --- Support this podcast:
6/27/2024 โ€ข 49 minutes, 24 seconds
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#85 Trying MILK And RED WINE Together?! ๐Ÿท๐Ÿฅ›

Which liquids would you dispense from each of your fingers, why don't they cut pizza in Europe, should Zach finally get a hair transplant, taste testing some of the weirdest snacks, trying wine and milk mixed together, and more! __________ 0:00 INTRO 1:54 LIQUID SHOOTING FINGERS! 5:16 PIZZA IN EUROPE! 9:13 DRINKING AGE EACH COUNTRY! 12:32 REAL OR FAKE FISH? 16:12 FREE BIRTHDAY THINGS! 18:54 HAIR TRANSPLANT?! 22:10 BATHROOM PANTS! 24:20 I IN IPHONE! 26:58 YOU HAVE $15 TO SPEND! 31:47 WEIRD SNACK TASTE TEST! 35:10 WINE AND MILK TOGETHER? 38:58 COUNTRY IN THE USA? 42:01 OUTRO --- Support this podcast:
6/20/2024 โ€ข 42 minutes, 21 seconds
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#84 $10,000 A DAY From MrBEAST! ๐Ÿ’ธ ๐Ÿค‘

Realizing you may still be it from a game of tag from your childhood, taste testing ketchup vs hot mustard chips, debating how long we can survive in the wilderness for $10k a day, seeing if we are better than the average men, building the perfect life, fighting about sitting when peeing, and more! __________ 0:00 INTRO 1:20 ARE YOU STILL IT? (TAG) 4:15 SECRET PHRASE! 5:10 KETCHUP VS HOT MUSTARD CHIPS! 9:54 HOW MANY POSTS A DAY? 14:10 MRBEAST OFFERS 10K! 17:56 HOW MANY PEOPLE AREโ€ฆ! 20:12 BETTER THAN THE AVERAGE MAN? 22:27 THE BIG SURPRISE! 25:24 $15 PERFECT LIFE! 28:43 10K A MONTH NO PHONE! 31:54 SHOULD MEN SIT WHEN THEY PEE? 35:16 CHATGPT HYPOTHETICALS 37:11 GET RID OF 4 MORE STATES! 41:05 OUTRO --- Support this podcast:
6/13/2024 โ€ข 41 minutes, 37 seconds
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#83 BOOM or DOOM with the COSTCO GUYS! ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ’ฃ

Viral TikTok sensations AJ and Big Justice join The Makeshift Podcast! Playing their hit series Boom or Doom with some of the weirdest snacks you'll find, building the perfect meal with a $15 budget, signing 400 year books, shutting down the mall, top 5 most sold Costco items, and more! __________ PODCAST 83 0:00 AJ AND BIG JUSTICE! 0:39 THE LEGEND OF BIG JUSTICE! 3:22 WEIRD SNACKS BOOM OR DOOM! 15:01 PERFECT MEAL WITH $15! 19:37 ROOM TO GROW! 21:11 MOST POPULAR KID IN SCHOOL! 21:55 HE SHUT DOWN THE MALL! 27:24 HOWโ€™D IT START? 30:24 FATHER SON PASSION! 31:47 TOP 5 COSTCO ITEMS! 35:02 BIG OUTRO! --- Support this podcast:
6/6/2024 โ€ข 35 minutes, 52 seconds
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#82 Your DEATH ROW MEAL REQUEST!? ๐Ÿฝ๏ธ โ˜ ๏ธ

Guessing which celebrity had the higher SAT score, choosing the best summer state in the USA, deciding the best food on each continent, picking your last meal on Death Row, revealing free birthday foods you can get at restaurants, seeing how many games came out between GTA5 and GTA6, and more! __________ BUY THE MERCH: __________ 0:00 INTRO AND MERCH! 1:04 HIGHER SAT SCORE? 3:33 MAKESHIFT ANNOUNCEMENTS! 5:43 THE BEST SUMMER STATE? 9:24 BEST STATE TO LIVE IN! 12:23 THE DIRTY SHIRLEY! 14:22 TAKING ON NASCAR! 15:44 BEST FOOD ON EACH CONTINENT? 20:11 DEATH ROW MEAL! 23:06 CRIMINAL PAY DAYS! 25:10 FREE BIRTHDAY THINGS! 26:53 DALLAS FRANCHISES! 29:17 HOW MANY SINCE GTA6? 32:02 GUESS THE SOCCER TEAM! 35:26 SIMPLIFIED USA MAP! 38:09 GET RID OF 5 MORE STATES! 41:41 20 WORDS OR LESS! 45:28 OUTRO --- Support this podcast:
5/30/2024 โ€ข 45 minutes, 54 seconds
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#81 $10,000,000 Or Live WORRY FREE?๐Ÿ’ฐ๐ŸŽ™๏ธ

Participating in the latest TikTok Trends, who would be your celebrity Vice President if you ran for office, debating whether snacks are chips or not, taking $10,000,000 but a snail chases you forever, playing never have I ever for the first time, which animal lives longer, and more! __________ 0:00 INTRO 0:42 BREATH OUT AND SCREAM! 1:39 WHAT HAPPENED LAST WEEK! 3:36 WHO WOULD BE YOUR VP? 6:42 20 WORDS OR LESS! 10:15 PLUTO IS HOW OLD? 12:26 CHIPS OR NOT? 15:50 STRONGER THAN AVERAGE? 20:44 RED FLAG OR GREEN FLAG? 28:17 WHICH ANIMAL LIVES LONGER? 35:55 NEVER HAVE I EVER! 40:35 MONEY OR SNAIL CHASING? 44:44 MULTI SPORT ATHLETES! 49:34 WHICH LUNCH TABLE? 53:06 GET RID OF 5 MORE US STATES! 56:59 OUTRO --- Support this podcast:
5/23/2024 โ€ข 57 minutes, 45 seconds
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#80 $15 To SURVIVE A ZOMBIE Apocalypse! ๐ŸงŸโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐ŸŽ™๏ธ

Blind ranking some of the most nostalgic iPhone apps, surviving a zombie apocalypse with a $15 budget, which super power would you choose, an insane New York sports conspiracy theory, naming 10 cities in Asia (unsuccessfully), and more! __________ 0:00 WE HAVE MERCH! 3:09 WE WENT ON A GOLF TRIP! 5:12 RANKING NOSTALGIC APPS! 7:49 ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! 11:25 WHICH SUPERPOWER? 14:25 SAY THE NUMBER 19! 17:42 RIDDLE TIME! 21:29 ICE CREAM TRUCK! 26:08 WHICH ICK WOULD YOU DATE? 29:44 NY SPORTS CONSPIRACY! 33:23 TOOTHPASTE ON WHAT? 34:32 BEST ASIAN CITIES! 37:32 10 CITIES IN ASIA! 40:36 GET RID OF 5 MORE STATES! 47:12 INFLUENCER STARTING 5! 50:03 OUTRO! --- Support this podcast:
5/16/2024 โ€ข 51 minutes, 4 seconds
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Mr. Beast comments on one of our YouTube Shorts, the crazy "No Lose" Clause that The Rock and other famous actors have, the best cities on multiple continents, the Drake vs Kendrick Lamar beef, fast foods we need to bring back, and more! __________ 0:00 INTRO 0:24 MR. BEAST KNOWS US! 2:28 MOST DOWNLOADED APP! 5:03 GOLF TRIP! 6:29 RAREST SHOT IN GOLF! 8:06 NO LOSE CLAUSE! 10:28 ABE LINCOLN THE WRESTLER! 12:07 WHO WOULD WIN WRESTLING? 14:22 DAVE AND BUSTERS NEWS! 16:36 BEST CITIES ON CONTINENTS? 23:14 GET RID OF 5 MORE STATES! 26:21 BILLIONAIRE BUNKER ISLAND! 28:58 DRAKE VS KENDRICK! 35:17 DREAM BREAKFAST SANDWICH! 37:56 BRING FAST FOOD BACK! 41:51 HIGHEST VERTICAL IN NBA HISTORY! 45:34 WHAT DOES M&Mโ€™S STAND FOR? 48:10 KIDS ASK QUESTIONS! --- Support this podcast:
5/9/2024 โ€ข 49 minutes, 46 seconds
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#78 SWAPPING GENDERS For ONE WHOLE DAY! feat. Cakes Mitchell

Switching lives with one person in history for a day, building an army to fight an AI takeover, what you would do if you switched genders for a day, getting rid of 5 more states and continents, building the ultimate fast food restaurant, game time with Cakes Mitchell from the FRDi Show, and more! __________ 0:00 INTRO 1:06 PODCAST OVERVIEW! 2:26 SWITCH LIVES IN HISTORY! 6:25 RICH BACK THEN OR POOR NOW? 9:13 IF ANIMALS COULD TALK! 11:22 BUILD YOUR ARMY! 14:55 SWITCH GENDERS! 18:55 YAY OR NAY? 21:54 GUESS THE NAME OF THESE! 26:24 4 DAY WORK WEEK! 28:33 GET RID OF 5 MORE US STATES! 32:16 GET RID OF 5 CONTINENTS! 34:49 ULTIMATE FAST FOOD PLACE! 38:21 SPECIAL GUEST: CAKES FROM FRDi SHOW! 43:13 IS IT CHEATING WITH CAKES! 48:19 CHAIN LINK WITH CAKES! 52:28 FAST MONEY WITH CAKES! 59:03 OUTRO --- Support this podcast:
5/2/2024 โ€ข 59 minutes, 32 seconds
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Debating if you could have one beer at a bar, discovering our doppelgรคngers on the planet, discussing how futbol used to be called soccer, picking the best country on each continent, the Prime Hydration Cure that's terrorizing the sports world, how many miles you've scrolled in your life, and more! __________ 0:00 INTRO/AGENDA 2:57 ONE BEER AT THE BAR? 5:01 DOPPLEGANGERS! 7:13 FUTBOL IS SOCCER? 9:02 BEST COUNTRY ON CONTINENTS! 14:05 WORDS THAT START WITH DW! 16:18 GET RID OF 5 MORE STATES! 19:33 PRIME HYDRATION CURSE! 22:36 CAN YOU GET AN OUT? 25:46 WHICH FREE BREAD? 29:04 IS IT CHEATING? 34:31 TEAM A OR B? 37:12 FREE FRY FRIDAYS! 39:42 SCROLLING FOR MILES! 42:25 OUTRO! --- Support this podcast:
4/25/2024 โ€ข 43 minutes, 7 seconds
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We had Joey Chestnut, the most dominant athlete of all time, on the podcast! In this bonus episode, we talked about his toughest world records, played our classic games like random food rankings and getting rid of world cuisines, debated if Joey could beat Usain Bolt in a hot dog eating, 100M race, and more! __________ 0:00 INTRODUCING, JOEY CHESTNUT! 0:49 TOUGHEST WORLD RECORD! 4:14 WHICH WORLD RECORD WAS HARDER? 9:46 QUESTIONS FOR JOEY! 11:54 HOW MANY HOT DOGS CAN WE EAT? 13:45 HOW TO EAT HOT DOGS FAST! 16:16 WHAT DOES AFTER COMP LOOK LIKE? 17:16 WHAT JOEY EATS DAILY! 20:19 JOEY CHESTNUT VS USAIN BOLT! 22:32 WHAT DOESNโ€™T THE AVERAGE PERSON KNOW? 24:42 GET RID OF WORLD CUISINES! 28:16 RANDOM FOOD RANKING! 30:32 JOEYโ€™S IDEAL SANDWICH! 32:39 HOT DOG TARGET THIS YEAR! 32:36 DMS AND OUTRO! --- Support this podcast:
4/23/2024 โ€ข 34 minutes, 44 seconds
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#75 Get RID Of 5 US STATES! ๐Ÿ™…โ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

Setting the lineup for our personal music festival, arguing about how to become a morning person, guessing the planets in size order, building your ideal sandwich, Irish goodbyes, and more! __________ 0:00 INTRO 1:55 BUILD YOUR MUSIC FESTIVAL! 7:23 HOW TO BECOME A MORNING PERSON! 11:04 RIDDLES/BRAIN TEASERS! 16:29 DESCRIBE THESE US CITIES! 20:36 GET RID OF 5 MORE US STATES! 24:37 10 CANADIAN PROVINCES! 28:47 GET RID OF 5 US CITIES 32:10 PLANETS BY SIZE! 37:31 BUILD YOUR SANDWICH! 43:06 MAGIC TRICK WILL BLOW YOUR MIND! 46:03 IRISH GOODBYES! 48:58 OUTRO --- Support this podcast:
4/18/2024 โ€ข 49 minutes, 41 seconds
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Getting rid of 5 Fast Food Restaurants, arguing over peeing in the pool, discussing how Sketch is the most famous person in America, why country's are hated for things, how many animals would it take to kill you, Caitlin Clark to the NBA, and more! __________ 0:00 INTRO 0:57 GET RID OF 5 FAST FOOD! 4:10 MAKESHIFT UPDATES! 7:33 HAVE YOU PEED IN THE POOL? 10:58 SKETCH IS THE MOST FAMOUS! 12:45 RANK VIRAL CHARACTERS! 15:30 FILL YOUR VENDING MACHINE! 18:49 LEFT HAND OR RIGHT? 21:44 WHICH COUNTRY IS HATED? 27:28 GET RID OF 5 MORE STATES! 32:01 CAITLIN CLARK NBA? 35:32 MADE THE FINALS, NEVER WON! 38:44 HOW MANY TO KILL YOU? 44:01 LOCKING YOUR CAR! 46:52 BEST CANDY HOLIDAY? 49:26 OUTRO --- Support this podcast:
4/11/2024 โ€ข 50 minutes, 38 seconds
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We hosted a live podcast at Virgil's Real BBQ in Times Square, New York City! Recapping the NYC Earthquake, trading height for hair, Top 10 Pizza States, March Madness trivia, BBQ food taste tests, guessing and ranking sauces, and more! __________ 0:00 INTRO 1:16 EARTHQUAKE IN NYC! 3:30 TOP 10 BEST PIZZA STATES! 6:19 TRADE HEIGHT FOR HAIR? 9:01 PLAY AT ANY COLLEGE? 13:15 CUT ONE OF THESE FOODS! 16:08 RANK THESE BBQ FOODS! 18:30 VIRGILโ€™S REAL BBQ FOOD! 21:05 RATE VIRGILโ€™S BBQ FOOD! 31:49 WHO MADE EGGS BREAKFAST? 34:47 TOP 10 NCAAB CHAMPIONSHIPS! 38:21 VIRGILโ€™S DESSERTS! 39:58 60 SECOND DESSERT CHALLENGE! 42:01 CORRECT AMOUNT OF TOASTINESS? 44:05 HOW MANY CAN YOU NAME? 47:11 NBA PLAYER TO NCAA? 49:48 AVOID SAYING THE SAME THING! 53:15 GUESS AND RANK THE SAUCE! 59:55 OUTRO --- Support this podcast:
4/8/2024 โ€ข 1 hour, 1 minute, 1 second
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#72 These FOODS Can KILL YOU! ๐Ÿซโ˜ ๏ธ

Finding out just how long the Great Wall of China really is, removing 5 states from the United States, finding out which foods can kill you if you eat too much of them, which NBA teams have never made the finals, how iPhones have changed human's hands over time, and more! __________ 0:00 INTRO 1:08 WHAT OUR JOBS WERE! 4:13 GREAT WALL OF CHINA! 11:11 FOOD THAT CAN KILL YOU! 17:24 GET RID OF 5 STATES! 22:19 HOW LONG CAN YOU SURVIVE? 28:24 SPECIAL GIFT! 30:09 NEVER MADE THE FINALS! 32:38 US IN PRO SPORTS GAMES! 36:26 RIDDLE TIME! 39:53 TOOTHBRUSH HYGIENE! 42:29 IPHONE FINGER! 44:31 DRINK TO GET DRUNK? 47:35 ZACH ATE SALAD? 48:51 DORITO THEORY! 51:46 FICTIONAL BEST FRIEND! 54:32 OUTRO --- Support this podcast:
4/4/2024 โ€ข 55 minutes, 30 seconds
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#71 DIFFERENCE Between GIRLS And GUYS! ๐Ÿ‘ง๐Ÿ‘จ

Guessing which animal is more fatal when being attacked, debating the most punchable faces in Hollywood, determining if Americans are weird for doing certain things, the most likely dreams people have in the world, and more! __________ 0:00 INTRO 0:24 WHICH ANIMAL IS MORE FATAL? 5:56 MOST PUNCHABLE FACES! 10:42 MORE LIKELY TO HAPPEN? 20:40 RED PILL OR BLUE PILL! 26:34 COUNTRY BODY COUNT! 29:59 COUNTRIES STARTING WITH S 34:04 AMERICANS WEIRD FOR THIS? 36:31 HOW MANY TO KILL YOU? 39:00 MORE LIKELY DREAMS? 43:11 WHICH CAN MORE HUMANS DO? 44:48 GIRLS VS GUYS INSTAGRAMS 47:48 OUTRO --- Support this podcast:
3/28/2024 โ€ข 48 minutes, 11 seconds
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#70 How Many BABIES Would It TAKE To KILL YOU?! โ˜ ๏ธ๐ŸŽ™๏ธ

Guessing the Top 5 most hated countries in the world, debating and proving what's more painful to the human body, the longest we've gone without showers, where you aim when you pee, how many of different things would it take to kill you, and more! __________ 0:00 INTRO 0:42 TOP 5 MOST HATED COUNTRIES! 3:27 WHICH HUMAN IS MORE HATED? 8:18 GUESS THE FANBASE! 14:37 THINKING ABOUT THINGS! 19:33 HARDER TO LEARN? 23:26 WHATโ€™S MORE PAINFUL? 26:25 AVOID SAYING THE SAME THING! 34:25 LONGEST WITHOUT A SHOWER? 38:12 YOUNGER SIBLING BETTER ATHLETE? 41:16 HOW MANY TO KILL YOU? 46:27 WHERE TO AIM YOUR PEE! 50:38 OUTRO --- Support this podcast:
3/21/2024 โ€ข 51 minutes, 28 seconds
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#69 What's MORE LIKELY To HAPPEN?! ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐ŸŽ™๏ธ

What's more likely to happen to you! Guessing which celebrities are older in age, debating how long you should be taking showers, determining what is more painful based on stats, the most famous person from each state, Mandela Effects you didn't know, and more! __________ 0:00 INTRO 1:15 WHO IS OLDER? 6:46 FOOD BRANDS IN COUNTRIES! 10:37 HOW LONG DO YOU SHOWER? 13:52 WHATโ€™S MORE PAINFUL? 16:21 RINSE AFTER BRUSH? 19:28 WHICH FOOD VERSION WINS? 23:14 DAYS MOST LIKELY TO DIE! 26:24 MOST FAMOUS FROM STATES! 31:18 WHATโ€™S MORE LIKELY? 37:00 AMERICANS WEIRD FOR THESE? 43:13 MANDELA EFFECTS! 46:39 BIGGER RIVALRY? --- Support this podcast:
3/14/2024 โ€ข 51 minutes, 49 seconds
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Brian and Zach make their biggest announcement yet! Guessing who tweeted these outrageous tweets, debating if LeBron James ruined the dunk contest, ranking 10 foods blindly, guessing the world's top 5 unhealthiest countries, and more! __________ 0:00 EVERY GUY HAS THOUGHT THIS! 3:22 BIG REVEAL PREVIEW! 4:53 WHO TWEETED IT! 11:41 COMPARED TO THE AVERAGE HUMAN! 18:21 LEBRON RUN THE DUNK CONTEST? 21:56 HOW OLD ARE THESE CHARACTERS! 25:16 TOP 5 MOVIE COUPLES! 28:18 HARDEST LANGUAGES TO LEARN! 31:18 PEE IN THE SHOWER? 33:10 OUR BIGGEST ANNOUNCEMENT YET! 39:27 FOOD BLIND RANKING! 43:10 TOP 5 UNHEALTHIEST COUNTRIES! 45:02 RIDDLE TIME! 47:23 MEASURE WITHOUT LOOKING! 49:05 OUTRO --- Support this podcast:
3/7/2024 โ€ข 49 minutes, 30 seconds
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#67 KIM KARDASHIAN Talented Or JUST FAMOUS?! ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ“ธ

Debating if celebrities like The Rock, Pete Davidson, Logan Paul, Zendaya and more are actually talented or just famous! Are selfies the new autograph, athletes wild pre game meals, the steroid olympics, best fast foods by category, and more! __________ 0:00 INTRO 0:46 ATHLETE PREGAME MEALS! 7:56 SELFIE OR AUTOGRAPH? 10:06 COUNTRIES EAT FOR BREAKFAST? 16:13 STEROID OLYMPICS! 18:53 TALENTED OR JUST FAMOUS? 24:51 DRY OFF IN THE SHOWER OR OUT? 27:46 I WAS TODAY YEARS OLDโ€ฆ 34:44 BEST FAST FOOD BY CATEGORY! 40:42 HOW LONG UNTIL NOT EDIBLE? 44:48 STRONGEST MUSCLE? 46:12 OUTRO --- Support this podcast:
2/29/2024 โ€ข 46 minutes, 28 seconds
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#66 We CREATED A $1 MILLION Burger! ๐Ÿ”๐ŸŽ™๏ธ

Attempting to create a $1 Million Dollar Burger! Is Patrick Mahomes or LeBron James closer to the GOAT, guessing the price of most expensive fictional homes, debating the worst household chores, what age to start and stop doing things, choosing super power, and more! __________ 0:00 INTRO 0:28 FICTIONAL HOME PRICES! 4:49 ANNOUNCEMENTS! 8:18 MAHOMES OR LEBRON? 11:41 MOST EXPENSIVE CARTOON HOME! 14:11 WORST CHORE! 17:30 $1M WHOPPER CONTEST! 20:20 HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? 24:44 START & STOP DOING THESE? 31:12 THIS OR THAT: SUPER POWERS! 35:34 MORE FGS OR TDS? 38:42 HOMEMADE OR STORE BOUGHT? 42:28 OUTRO --- Support this podcast:
2/22/2024 โ€ข 42 minutes, 59 seconds
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#65 Most FAMOUS PERSON From Each COUNTRY?! ๐ŸŒŽ๐ŸŽ™๏ธ

Is soccer or football the harder sport, how tall and how many kills do these fictional characters have, Super Bowl ticket and commercial costs, most nostalgic mobile games, the most famous person from each country, and more! __________ PODCAST 65 0:00 INTRO AND ANNOUNCEMENTS! 2:27 HARDER SPORT, FUTBOL OR FOOTBALL? 6:06 THE GREAT EMU WAR! 9:19 HOW TALL IS IRON MAN AND MORE! 13:55 SUPER BOWL COMMERCIALS! 18:18 HOW MANY KILLS DO THEY HAVE? 24:12 MOST NOSTALGIC MOBILE GAME! 27:06 WHAT AGE SHOULD KIDS DO THESE? 32:39 GREEN, WHITE, ORANGE FLAGS! 34:51 MOST FAMOUS FROM EACH COUNTRY? 40:21 OUTRO --- Support this podcast:
2/15/2024 โ€ข 40 minutes, 55 seconds
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Debating which lifetime stats you would want when you die, answering the internet's most controversial questions, the Adam Sandler Universe, what do you call every day terms, safest countries to travel in 2024, wild animal starting 5, and more! __________ 0:00 INTRO 0:11 LIFETIME STATS! 4:35 MOST CONTROVERSIAL QUESTIONS! 8:01 FIRST BITE OR LAST BITE? 10:24 SANDLERVERSE! 13:36 ENTOURAGE WOMEN! 15:38 WHAT DO YOU CALL THESE THINGS? 23:06 4 TEAMS NAMED AFTER BEARS! 26:14 AT WHAT AGE SHOULD KIDSโ€ฆ? 29:46 21ST CENTURY MOST CHAMPIONSHIPS! 32:49 MOST TO LEAST FOLLOWERS! 35:35 TOP 10 SAFEST COUNTRIES TO TRAVEL! 39:21 STICKER ON OR OFF HATS? 41:09 GUY CAME BACK TO LIFE! 43:34 WILD ANIMAL STARTING 5! 46:45 OUTRO --- Support this podcast:
2/8/2024 โ€ข 47 minutes, 4 seconds
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#63 HOW MUCH Does A KRABBY PATTY Cost?! ๐Ÿ”๐Ÿ’ฐ

Guessing the price of fictional foods, guessing what improbable events kill more people, is it open or closed, do you brush your teeth before or after breakfast, hibachi chefs donโ€™t toss shrimp, and more! __________ 0:00 INTRO 0:13 WHAT KILLS MORE PEOPLE? 5:49 WHAT DOES THE CHEF TOSS? 8:03 IN WHAT ORDER DO YOU DO THESE? 11:25 BRUSH BEFORE OR AFTER BREAKFAST? 13:46 FICTIONAL FOOD PRICE IS RIGHT! 16:33 DO YOU WASH YOUR JACKET? 18:26 HOW OFTEN DO YOU WASH SHEETS? 21:14 WHAT 5 APPS WOULD YOU KEEP? 24:19 SEVEN 4 LETTER COUNTRIES! 28:26 COUNTRIES WITH โ€œHโ€ AND โ€œFโ€! 32:49 IS IT OPEN OR CLOSED? 35:23 HIGHEST TO LEAST GROSSING! 38:49 POOPING IN THE DARK! 41:05 OUTRO --- Support this podcast:
2/1/2024 โ€ข 41 minutes, 46 seconds
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#62 Will GTA 6 CHANGE The WORLD!? ๐ŸŽฎ ๐ŸŒŽ

Will GTA 6 be the biggest pop culture event in history? Hidden logo messages, surviving a zombie apocalypse, the best countries in the world by category, all time starting 5 matchups, what do you call these things, and more! __________ 0:00 PLANE ARM REST BATTLES! 3:35 HIDDEN LOGO MESSAGES! 6:49 GTA6 IMPACT ON HISTORY! 11:01 HISTORICAL EVENTS IN ORDER! 13:53 ZOMBIE APOCOLPYSE! 16:53 TEN 5 LETTER COUNTRIES! 19:31 BEST COUNTRIES BY CATEGORY! 22:40 5 ANSWERS TO 1! 26:24 ALL TIME STARTING 5 MATCHUPS! 30:40 AROUND THE CLOCK! 33:01 STATES WITH THE MOST ATHLETES! 36:02 WHAT DO YOU CALL THESE THINGS! 38:47 WHATโ€™S YOUR NEXT BITE? 41:38 OUTRO --- Support this podcast:
1/25/2024 โ€ข 42 minutes, 9 seconds
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Ins and Outs for 2024, all time white vs current black NBA game, guessing team logos on fire, most streamed rappers of 2023, how casinos are making us spend more money, and more! Oh, and we met Kevin Hart! __________ 0:00 INS AND OUTS OF 2024! 4:43 WE MET KEVIN HART! 5:33 WHITE VS BLACK NBA GAME! 9:54 PARENTS GET HAMMERED AT DISNEY? 12:23 NAME ALL EPCOT COUNTRIES! 14:36 TEAM WITH LOGOS ON FIRE! 18:47 CREATING THE BEST NBA FRANCHISE! 21:40 2023โ€™S STREAMED RAPPERS! 23:58 CASINO CONSPIRACIES! 26:50 DONโ€™T BRUSH YOUR TEETH IN THE SHOWER! 30:47 HOW OFTEN DO YOU WASH JEANS? 32:48 SELFIE PHONE HACK! 34:41 OUTRO --- Support this podcast:
1/18/2024 โ€ข 35 minutes, 17 seconds
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Zach takes an American Citizenship test, guessing the top 5 best countries in the world with a surprising #1, an updated Super Bowl conspiracy that the NFL changed because of us, the Krabby Patty secret formula revealed, how often you change your shower towel, the world country ABC's, and much more! __________ 0:00 INTRO 1:16 AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP TEST! 5:05 TOP 5 BEST COUNTRIES! 8:09 UPDATED SUPER BOWL LOGO CONSPIRACY! 10:51 GUESS LAST YEARโ€™S MVPS! 12:51 CHANGING SHOWER TOWELS! 15:23 WHAT REALLY BOTHERS YOU? 17:31 SECRET FORMULA REVEALED! 20:30 SOUP, SALAD, SANDWICH! 22:03 COUNTRIES THAT START WITH J! 24:03 ANIMAL THAT LIVES FOREVER! 26:13 2023 PEOPLE OF THE YEAR! 28:20 NFL/NBA TEAMS NAMED AFTER STATES! 32:17 ARE THESE VANS FRESH? 33:07 WORLD COUNTRY ABCโ€™S! 34:51 $499 TINDER SELECT! --- Support this podcast:
1/11/2024 โ€ข 37 minutes, 8 seconds
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#59 ALL BLACK vs ALL WHITE NFL Game! Who Wins? ๐Ÿคฏ ๐Ÿˆ

All black vs all white NFL matchup that stirred up the internet the past few weeks, can the best high school team best the best WNBA team in basketball, which celebrity would you bring back to life, how much would it take to do certain things, a game of Password, and more! __________ 0:00 WNBA TEAM OR BEST HIGH SCHOOL TEAM? 2:53 HOW MUCH WOULD IT TAKE?! 7:56 WHAT DO YOU CALL THESE THINGS?! 11:35 FUNNY WORDS IN DIFFERENT LANGUAGES! 14:16 BLACK VS WHITE NFL GAME! 17:17 WHEN DO YOU SHUT THE GAME OFF? 21:06 ALL WORLD VS ALL USA NBA FACE OFF! 23:58 BRING A CELEBRITY BACK TO LIFE! 26:09 WHAT DOES IT STAND FOR? 30:20 SPORT MISSING FROM THE OLYMPICS? 31:46 PASSWORD! --- Support this podcast:
1/4/2024 โ€ข 33 minutes, 39 seconds
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#58 The HIDDEN MEANING Behind The VANS Logo! ๐Ÿ‘Ÿ๐Ÿคฏ

British people wearing the same underwear for way too long, the hidden meaning behind the Vans logo, most searched people by category for the year, how many owls it would take for you to determine something is wrong, fast food hacks, celebrity dating, and more! 0:00 BRITISH PEOPLE ARE DISGUSTING FOR THIS! 3:35 HIDDEN VANS LOGO MEANING! 6:22 MOST SEARCHED PEOPLE IN 2023 BY CATEGORY! 11:10 HOW MANY OWLS UNTIL SOMETHINGโ€™S WRONG? 14:24 FREE BREAKFAST! CHICK FIL A HACK! 16:51 MCDONALDโ€™S NEW RESTAURANT! 19:23 GUESS THE CELEB ON DATING HISTORY? 22:29 HOW MUCH TO SPEND ON A FIRST DATE! 24:50 WORST FOOD TO EAT ON A FIRST DATE! 27:52 INDIAN WEDDINGS ARE INSANE! 30:21 YOU CAN CUSTOMIZE YOUR NUGGETS? 32:40 NAME THE COUNTRIES THAT START WITH โ€œ__โ€! 37:33 OUTRO --- Support this podcast:
12/28/2023 โ€ข 37 minutes, 48 seconds
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Calling the Grinch gone VERY WRONG, naming countries that start with "U", Top 10 most searched people on Google in 2023, highest grossing Christmas movie ever, the richest fictional character, a rant on holiday decorations, and more! 0:00 CALLING THE GRINCH GONE WRONG! 2:52 COUNTRIES THAT START WITH โ€˜Uโ€™! 4:56 WHAT DOES WAP STAND FOR? 6:03 USAโ€™S HIGHEST GROSSING REALITY TV SHOW EVER! 8:30 TOP 10 MOST SEARCHED PEOPLE IN 2023! 11:15 WHY CANโ€™T PEOPLE SWALLOW PILLS?! 13:48 WHATโ€™S THE BEST/WORST TYPE OF SAUCE? 15:28 TOP 5 MOST USED SLANG TERMS OF 2023! 18:47 HIGHEST GROSSING CHRISTMAS MOVIE OF ALL TIME! 20:09 TOP 5 HOLIDAY GIFTS OF 2023! 22:50 THE RICHEST FICTIONAL CHARACTER! 25:07 ARE YOU SPENDING ENOUGH ON YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER? 28:05 THE BEST FOOD IN THE WORLD! 30:26 ENOUGH WITH HOLIDAY DECORATIONS! 33:40 GUESS HOW MUCH THESE COMPANIES ARE WORTH! 34:40 WHICH ANIMAL WOULD WIN IN A FIGHT? --- Support this podcast:
12/21/2023 โ€ข 35 minutes, 54 seconds
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#56 The HIDDEN MEANING Behind The XBOX LOGO! ๐ŸŽฎ ๐Ÿคฏ

The Xbox logo was designed based on what?! Guessing each other's Top 5 Spotify Wrapped artists, debating the most photographed person of all time, iPhone hacks you didn't know, the crazy Super Bowl conspiracy, which fictional world would you live in, and more! --- Support this podcast:
12/14/2023 โ€ข 34 minutes, 12 seconds
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Guessing the updated Top 10 most beautiful women in Hollywood, drafting celebrity foursomes in golf, debating whether we want to live forever, the universal language that all men know, washing your hands after the bathroom and much more! --- Support this podcast:
12/7/2023 โ€ข 37 minutes, 28 seconds
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#54 RONALDO And MESSI Started A PODCAST?! โšฝ๏ธ๐ŸŽ™๏ธ

Did Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo start a podcast together, a recap of Brian and Zach's awesome week in Las Vegas at the Netflix Cup, debating hypothetical animal fights, are these things sandwiches, and more! --- Support this podcast:
11/30/2023 โ€ข 32 minutes, 55 seconds
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#53 The WORST TEXT You Could EVER Receive! ๐Ÿ“ฒ๐ŸŽ™

Top 5 most attractive nationalities, discovering that you're supposed to clean your belly button, Top 10 most common last names, the worst texts to EVER receive, Taylor Swift's new net worth, debating American's vs. Europeans, and more! --- Support this podcast:
11/23/2023 โ€ข 35 minutes, 38 seconds
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#52 Did ZACH Get PUNCHED In The FACE?! ๐ŸฅŠ๐ŸŽ™

The news weโ€™ve all been waiting for! Zach shares the true story on how he got his black eye, Brian reveals LeBron Jamesโ€™ top 3 biggest lies, guessing countries with the most beautiful women, debating the future face of the NBA, and more! --- Support this podcast:
11/16/2023 โ€ข 37 minutes, 9 seconds
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Debating the better entertainer between MrBeast and Taylor Swift, guessing the sexiest accents in the world, testing Zach and Brian's friendship, best cities to host your bachelor party, the most challenging sports to go pro in, and more! --- Support this podcast:
11/9/2023 โ€ข 30 minutes, 58 seconds
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Who is more clutch, LeBron James or Harry Potter?! The shower addition that changed Zach's life, debating what states smell like, lost control of calling people the GOAT, Drake tying Michael Jackson's record, guessing celebrities by their real name, and more! --- Support this podcast:
11/2/2023 โ€ข 34 minutes, 55 seconds
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A group of monkeys that beat the stock market, the top 10 sports movies of all time, insane NFL stats you won't believe are true, Fast Money Family Feud, seeing if he's smarter than a 5th grader, banning the Tush Push, celebrity impressions, and more! --- Support this podcast:
10/26/2023 โ€ข 34 minutes, 57 seconds
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#48 Is TAYLOR SWIFT Overhyped?! ๐Ÿ“‰๐ŸŽ™๏ธ

Who is the better artist, Taylor Swift or Kanye West?! Brian and Zach debate between the 2 major artists of their generation! Do you wear socks with sandals, the feature that will change the podcast game forever, outrageous Oreo flavors, Messi described in one word, the face of the USA in a worldwide brawl, and more! --- Support this podcast:
10/19/2023 โ€ข 34 minutes, 14 seconds
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#47 Is PETE DAVIDSON the RIZZ GOD?! ๐Ÿ’•๐ŸŽ™๏ธ

Brian and Zach debate and talk about several topics including Pete Davidson's amazing run, which part of the country wins in a brawl, they guess the top 10 passing leaders of all time, reveal the best accent in the world, draft the best celebrity couples and more! --- Support this podcast:
10/12/2023 โ€ข 36 minutes, 46 seconds
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Brian and Zach compete in the Conspiracy Theory Draft, as well as discuss if Adam Sandler the GOAT of comedy, is English the worst language, the most dangerous sport in the world, if Florida is the best state to live, and more! --- Support this podcast:
10/5/2023 โ€ข 31 minutes, 10 seconds
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Brian and Zach share their top 5 celebrity crushes, call Ronaldo second-best, guess the top 10 most significant figures in human history, choose between Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift, rant how fashion doesn't make any sense, and more! Throw us in your ears and join the fun! --- Support this podcast:
9/28/2023 โ€ข 34 minutes, 15 seconds
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#44 MR BEAST Spends All His Money ON THIS?! ๐Ÿ’ธ๐ŸŽ™๏ธ

Christopher Nolan's genius, the highest grossing comedy movie ever, the best country to live in, the biggest streaming contract ever, morning and night routines, how much Mr. Beast spends per video, and more! --- Support this podcast:
9/21/2023 โ€ข 33 minutes, 55 seconds
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FANTASY FOOTBALL IS BACK! ๐Ÿˆ The Makeshift Podcast 43 ๐ŸŽ™๏ธ

Brian and Zach host Podcast 43 which is heavily revolved around sports topics such as College Football, Fantasy Football, the NBA, the tennis US Open, and soccer. They have several conversations such as Giannis Antetokounmpo's future with the Bucks, ranking Fantasy Football punishments, rating Brian's Fantasy team, the most athletic country in the world, and more! --- Support this podcast:
9/14/2023 โ€ข 30 minutes, 27 seconds
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DRAKE or MESSI? WHO GETS THE GIRL?! ๐Ÿ’โ€โ™€๏ธ๐ŸŽ™๏ธ

Brian and Zach debate several topics in Podcast 42 including who wins if Messi and Drake are going after the same girl in a club in Miami? They play their favorite guessing games including struggling to name all the positions in soccer, the richest actor of all time, guess the country, which celebrity has never done a brand deal, and more! Listen in for the 99 club in Madden, how Super Mario lied to us as kids, McDonald's drive thru hacks, and several other fun topics in this loaded podcast! --- Support this podcast:
9/5/2023 โ€ข 52 minutes, 52 seconds
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TOP 3 People BANNED From The NBA!

Brian and Zach host The Makeshift Podcast 41! Covering topics from SpongeBob conspiracy theories, guessing the Top 5 Most Featured Rappers of all time, naming the most popular banned people from the NBA, debating which sport deserves the highest pay, and more! This jam packed episode involves a lot of laughs, information sharing, and some unexpected screams from two best friends. --- Support this podcast:
8/23/2023 โ€ข 57 minutes, 27 seconds
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Brian and Zach host The Makeshift Podcast 40! They cover all sorts of topics in this jam packed episode of their podcast. They talk about their potential 2v2 basketball match against TheBreadBasket, the tomfoolery occurring on TikTok Live, Mbappe's gigantic contract offer from Saudi Arabia, money based questions like the highest paying job, and more! Listen in to play along with the guessing games and learn fun facts about the world! --- Support this podcast:
8/10/2023 โ€ข 56 minutes, 35 seconds
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Brian and Zach host Podcast 35!! In this extended podcast, the two lifelong friends discuss several different topics such as Elon Musk's favorite foods, the most unhealthy fast food items and chain restaurants, the joke that Zodiac signs are, and more! They also play some funny guessing games such as naming the 6 original Marvel characters, naming the 6 US Sports teams that share the same name, and others! Join in and listen to the funny conversations, debates, and games. --- Support this podcast:
6/12/2023 โ€ข 46 minutes, 15 seconds