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English, Religion, 3 seasons, 220 episodes, 6 days 23 hours 47 minutes
Enjoy the ride with this hilarious new Podcast as hosts (Ray Comfort, Emeal (“E.Z.”) Zwayne, Mark Spence, and Oscar Navarro) and special guests explore the pressing questions of our day with sound theology and apologetics! We would love to hear from you. How has the podcast encouraged you? Are there any subjects you’d like the guys to cover or questions you’d like them to answer? Email us at [email protected] and you may hear your feedback and questions quoted on the next episode!
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Ep. 190 - Ray Comfort’s Pastor Tells All

Get ready for a deep dive into the complexities of pastoral ministry with our special guest, Bruce Garner. Bruce, best known for being Ray Comfort's pastor and author of 'The Resilient Pastor', offers a unique insight into the trials and triumphs of pastoral life. Drawing on his unique upbringing as an American living in Mexico and his spiritual journey, Bruce paints an intimate picture of the challenges that pastors face, the resilience needed to overcome them, and the crucial role of the congregation in supporting their leaders.Strap in as we rummage through the gritty realities of ministerial burnout. Delving into Bruce's research, we uncover a staggering fact - a third of pastors in a national survey reported signs of burnout. But the conversation doesn't stop there. Bruce shares his profound insights on how pastors can sidestep the pitfall of burnout and his strategies to keep his congregation connected. We also explore the significant role th
29/08/202358 minutes 39 seconds