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Entrepreneur Magazine calls Justin Donald “The Warren Buffett of Lifestyle Investing.” Imagine being able to earn passive income, long-term equity, and achieve financial freedom while gaining total freedom from your business or a job. That’s what Lifestyle Investing is all about. Justin Donald has mastered the low-risk cash flow investment principles he shares with entrepreneurs around the world. His alternative investing principles center on creating passive income and significant wealth while liberating yourself from a day-to-day job so you never run out of money. His innovative mindset principles and 10 commandments of Lifestyle Investing have released scores of entrepreneurs from the “golden handcuffs” that came with running life-consuming enterprises. This show focuses on showing today’s entrepreneurs and business executives how to think and invest to limit risk, maximize repeatable returns, and achieve retirement goals through his proven passive income cash flow strategies. Justin’s principles enable you to move from an “earned income” career to support your lifestyle with passive cash flow investments including real estate, operating companies, debt, equity, and franchises that give you the absolute freedom to live the life you truly desire. Interviews with top thought leaders, such as, John Lee Dumas, Ryan Levesque, Hal Elrod, Jon Vroman, Mike Koenigs, Phillip Stutts, Rob Dial, John Ruhlin, Brad Johnson, Robert Glazer, Mike Michalowicz, Geoff Woods, Steve Sims, and many more! For more information, visit
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163: Excelling in Venture Capital & Embracing Self-Love with Kamal Ravikant

Today, I’m talking with Kamal Ravikant – a serial tech entrepreneur and Managing Partner at Evolve VC, an early stage Silicon Valley Venture Capital fund. He’s also the author of the bestselling books, “Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It”, “Rebirth”, and “Live Your Truth”.Kamal has been building companies in Silicon Valley since the late 90's. And his experience and relationships over the years have given him access to some of the very best deal flow in tech.In this episode, Kamal’s shares his incredible story, marked by both triumphs and setbacks. He opens up about the failed entrepreneurial venture that left him deeply depressed – and the silver lining of developing remarkable mental resilience, which later fueled his success. You’ll also learn… ✅ The biggest mistakes angel investors should avoid.✅ The specific at
07/12/202359 minutes 40 seconds
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162: TLI Member Spotlight: Investing in Mobile Home Parks with Pasha Esfandiary

Today, as a part of the Lifestyle Investor member spotlight series, I’m speaking with Pasha Esfandiary.Pasha has been a part of our mastermind group for a few years now and has brought a ton of wisdom, experience, and opportunities to our community of investors.In this episode, I wanted to chat with him about his investing journey. You’ll hear how he transitioned from playing professional poker to building a real estate empire with over $250M in transactions across multiple asset classes. These include residential homes, boutique motels, large multifamily properties, mobile home parks, and more.You’re going to hear why he decided to double down on mobile home parks, how he syndicates deals for investors, his process for managing operations for his real estate business, and the benefits he’s gotten from being a part of our mastermind group.Show Notes:&nbsp;<a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" targ
30/11/202348 minutes 23 seconds
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161: Revolutionizing Beauty & Empathetic Entrepreneurship with Brooke Nichol

Today’s guest is my dear friend Brooke Nichol. Brooke is the heart and brains behind Saving Face in Austin, Texas – a full service aesthetics practice specializing in anti-aging injectables and lasers.Brooke went from being an overworked ICU and OR nurse to building Austin's premier spot for feeling and looking fantastic.Trained by world-famous plastic surgeons, Brooke set the bar high in the industry and was named a top 100 Injector by The Best Aesthetic Injectors in America in 2018.&nbsp;In today’s episode, you’ll learn:&nbsp;✅ Brooke's path from an overworked ICU nurse on the verge of bankruptcy to a leading aesthetic expert with a team of 23.✅ Strategies for building a business that not only succeeds but makes a real difference in people's lives.✅ How couples can leverage their unique strengths to build a thriving business together without sacrificing intimacy.Free
23/11/202344 minutes 53 seconds
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160: Helping Brands Publish AI-Powered Email Newsletters that Connect and Convert with Joe Stolte

Today, I’m talking with Joe Stolte. Joe is a former Inc 500 entrepreneur and 5-time technology founder with three successful exits, including, which went public for $526M, and GrowFlow, which sold for $62.5M.&nbsp;Joe is now the CEO of, an AI company that helps brands and thought leaders publish AI automated email newsletters in less than 5 minutes per week, all without writing a single piece of content. produces AI newsletters for thought leaders such as Peter Diamandis, Joe Polish, JJ Virgin, Cameron Herold, Chris Voss, and 70+ other small brands in 20 different industries.In this episode, you’ll learn:✅ Joe’s entrepreneurial journey to starting, scaling, and exiting multiple 7, 8, and 9-figure businesses.&nbsp;✅ How to get 40%-60% open rates with AI-powered newsletters.✅ How I use to power my own newsletter – it’s amazing how this tool scours over 350,000 different sou
16/11/202343 minutes 17 seconds
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159: Build-to-Rent Strategies & Strong Family Bonds with Jim Sheils

Today’s guest, Jim Sheils, is known as the “Crazy Glue” for entrepreneurial families. His celebrated “Family Board Meeting” strategy has empowered thousands of business leaders globally to foster stronger bonds with their families.But beyond that, Jim is also known for his real estate brilliance. Leveraging the “Build-to-Rent” strategy, he grew his real estate portfolio across 14 markets in Florida to a point where they raked in $185 million in sales in just one year.In our discussion, Jim shares his approach and insights on nurturing strong family bonds without missing a beat in business and also pulls back the curtain on the mindset that drives his winning real estate strategies.&nbsp;In this episode, you’ll learn:&nbsp;✅ Strategies for deepening the bond with your spouse and children.✅ Tactics to amplify your business productivity, sharpen your focus, and accelerate growth.✅ </strong
09/11/202343 minutes 58 seconds
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158: Franchise Scaling Secrets and The ROI of Mastermind Groups with Ryan Casey

Today on the podcast, I'm talking with one of my closest friends, Ryan Casey. Once a leading figure at Cutco with an impressive 22-year tenure and $40 million in sales, Ryan has since transitioned to the COO of The Lifestyle Investor business.On top of that, he has also carved out a niche as a multi-gym franchise owner with Orangetheory Fitness. His studios consistently rank in the top 10% for performance, even amidst a crowded field of 1500+ Orangetheory locations.After COVID-19 hit, many other Franchise owners expressed needing help training their sales staff. Ryan has since started sharing his methods to help small business owners prepare their salespeople and managers.&nbsp;In this episode, you’ll learn:&nbsp;✅ Ryan's scaling strategies that propelled his Orangetheory gyms to the top, even in the face of Covid.✅ A deep dive into the real-world financial gains and personal growth opportunities that come from active
02/11/202355 minutes 22 seconds
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157: Shaping the Future of Privacy in Web 3.0 with Ron Lynch

Today, I’m talking with Ron Lynch all about blockchain technology!&nbsp;We explore the concept of “identity within the blockchain”, and how Ron is making sure we can manage our assets on decentralized platforms without compromising privacy and security.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;We also discuss the challenges and opportunities of moving away from centralized, government-run blockchains, and the barriers that hold businesses back from reaching greater heights.&nbsp;&nbsp;In this episode, you’ll learn:&nbsp;✅ The greatest threats to your identity and security in the Blockchain space - and Ron’s game-plan for tackling them.✅ The one big mistake companies make when trying to scale.✅ Ron’s wild ride from a grocery store worker to a Hollywood actor/writer, and ultimately a multimillionaire infomercial mogul.Free GiftVisit&nbsp;<a href="" rel="noopener n
26/10/202337 minutes 22 seconds
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156: Scaling a $40M Midas Franchise with Brian Beers

Today, I’m talking with Brian Beers. Brian is an entrepreneur and investor who took over his Dad’s small auto repair business and grew it from just a handful of shops, to a 33 location enterprise that serves the Philadelphia and New Jersey regions. The company – which operates Midas franchises – employs 200+ people, and does $40M in revenue. Brain’s now on a mission to help others build a fortune through franchising.&nbsp;In this episode, you’ll learn:&nbsp;✅ The creative financing options Brian used to bootstrap and scale a $40M franchise – and how he did it despite having little to no experience. ✅ How to transition out of your 9-5 and start a franchise that leads to long-term wealth – including some of the top franchising opportunities to consider. ✅ How to replace yourself and recruit a trusted operator who can oversee daily operations, so you can gain free
19/10/202336 minutes 44 seconds
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155: Wealth-Building Principles to Be Richer, Wiser and Happier with William Green

Today, we're joined by William Green, bestselling author of "Richer, Wiser, Happier." Over two decades, he has built relationships with the world’s top investors such as Charlie Munger, Peter Lynch, Bill Ackman, Ray Dalio, and many others.&nbsp;Drawing from the hundreds of hours he spent rubbing shoulders with the world’s greatest minds, William sheds light on how we can emulate their strategies to not only achieve massive financial success, but also find balance in all aspects of life.The endgame? Building a life that's wealthier, smarter, and more fulfilling.&nbsp;In this episode, you’ll learn:&nbsp;✅ The key investing and life lessons William learned from Charlie Munger, Ray Dalio, and other investing greats.✅ Mindset principles for wealth-building during major economic disruptions.<
12/10/202352 minutes 24 seconds
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154: Building a Business and Life You Don’t Grow to Hate with Dan Martell

Today, I’m talking with Dan Martell – an award-winning entrepreneur, angel investor, thought leader, and highly sought-after coach in the software as a service industry.He founded, scaled, and successfully exited three technology companies within a ten year period. In 2012 he was named Canada’s top angel investor, having invested in more than fifty start-ups, such as Intercom, Udemy, and Unbounce.In 2016 Dan founded the SaaS Academy and grew it to become one of the largest coaching companies in the world.&nbsp;In this episode, you’ll learn:&nbsp;✅ Dan’s jaw-dropping comeback story, from life behind bars to becoming a multi-millionaire and leader of one of the world’s premier SaaS coaching businesses.✅ The power of hiring a great coach – and how it can help you avoid costly mistakes… o
05/10/202346 minutes 20 seconds
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153: Finding Your Mission & Purpose in Life with Jeremy Locke

Today, I’m talking with former special forces military veteran, Jeremy Locke, who nearly took his own life in December of 2020.&nbsp;Thankfully, through the love and support of his wife – Britnie Turner – Jeremy found a renewed purpose.He is now the Co-Founder and Chief of Special Operations for Aerial Recovery, which is an international disaster response non-profit whose mission is to save lives, eliminate confusion, maximize support and accelerate recovery. Jeremy draws from his military background to plan and lead effective responses in the most difficult areas of the world.Aerial Recovery has also established the Heal the Heroes Initiative which helps to heal and repurpose over 100 veterans per year to be able to utilize their skills in meaningful life-saving work in areas th
28/09/202347 minutes 52 seconds
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152: Exiting Scribe, Investing in Hard Assets, and Building a Self-Sufficient Homestead with Tucker Max

Today, I’m talking with Tucker Max. By now, you’ve probably heard his name, but just in case, Tucker became a 4x New York Times bestselling author, who sold over 4.5 million books worldwide. He went on to leverage his success as an author and co-founded Scribe Media, a company that helps you write, publish, and market your book. He’s helped people like David Goggins, Tiffany Haddish, Dan Sullivan, and countless others get their books off the ground. In today’s episode, you’ll learn:&nbsp;✅ The story of how he built Scribe into a $21M company before exiting in 2021 – including the hard lessons learned when it comes to structuring a deal with favorable terms.✅ The value of investing in hard, productive assets – and how Tucker turned a 45 acre ranch into a self-sufficient homestead.&nbsp;✅ Why money is not the only met
21/09/202346 minutes 19 seconds
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151: The Secret Strategies of the Ultra Wealthy with Greg Smith

With a career spanning over five decades, my guest today, Greg Smith, is a master in asset management and strategic planning for ultra-high-net-worth families. His portfolio ranges from M&amp;A in commercial banking to fiduciary responsibilities in tightly regulated sectors like aviation, chemicals, and real estate investment.In our discussion, we explore a wide range of topics - from optimizing debt-to-equity ratios to the nuances of investing leverage and due diligence, from both the buyer's and seller's perspectives.Whether you’re on the buying or selling side of a transaction, seeking to maximize deal flow, or aiming to refine your wealth management strategies, this episode is a must-listen.&nbsp;In this episode, you’ll learn:✅ How the ultra-wealthy strategically maximize cash flow, reduce risk, minimize taxes, apply leverage, and build long-term wealth. ✅ Best practices for engaging investment bankers for dea
14/09/202350 minutes 6 seconds
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150: Billion-Dollar Scaling Strategies with Michael Abramson

In this episode, I’m talking with Michael Abramson. Michael has spent over 20 years in the fitness industry and has successfully scaled multiple fitness franchisees.He spent just under a decade at D1 Training, where he wore a few hats - VP of Development and General Counsel, and eventually climbing the ladder to President. Under his leadership, D1 skyrocketed to the 59th spot on the Entrepreneur’s Top 500 Franchises list in 2018.Post-D1, he stepped into the COO role of Xponential Fitness, the world's premier spot for boutique fitness brands, boasting ten distinct brands and a whopping 2,500+ locations. Michael played a key role in getting the company to a $1 billion IPO valuation.Today, he is the President of Stark – a fast-growing network of high-performance health solutions which integrate concierge medicine with nutrition, training and mobility.&nbsp;In this ep
07/09/202343 minutes 39 seconds
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149: Teaching Kids About Money and Reinventing Financial Education with Scott Donnell

Today, I’m talking with Scott Donnell. Scott’s the founder of GravyStack – the world’s first gamified banking platform for kids and teens. His mission with GravyStack is to create 50 million financially competent kids ready to succeed in the real world.Scott’s also the founder of Apex Leadership Co, a school fundraising company focused on teaching leadership and fitness to kids across America. Since 2011, Apex has grown into a national franchise, served more than 6 million students, and has raised over $100M for schools.If that wasn’t impressive enough, he’s the bestselling author of <a href=";qid=1681684737&amp;sr=8-1&amp;linkCode=sl1&amp;tag=tictactopher-20&amp;linkId=af8c9eb582787a2c662dd6d069909470&amp;language=en_US&amp;ref_=as_li_ss_tl" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank
31/08/202347 minutes 35 seconds
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148: Quit Your 9-5 & Build a Business You Love with Amy Porterfield

Today, I'm really excited to talk with Amy Porterfield, who teaches people how to create digital courses and make money online. Her business has earned more than $82 million in revenue, she has served more than 50,000 students through her online courses, and her podcast, Online Marketing Made Easy, receives over 1 million downloads every month.She's helped hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs turn in their two weeks’ notice and trade burnout for freedom, income, and impact. &nbsp;In this episode, you’ll learn: &nbsp;✅ Strategies for turning your knowledge and expertise into multiple revenue streams.✅ Amy’s incredible story of leaving a toxic business partnership to scale her company–and how this decision allowed her to grow from $5M to $16M in only 18 months!✅ How to gain the courage to quit your 9-5 and build a business that buys back your time and allows you to live life on your terms!<s
24/08/202346 minutes 54 seconds
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147: Biohacking for Peak Performance & Longevity with Ben Greenfield

Today, I’m super excited to be talking with Ben Greenfield. In case you’re unfamiliar, Ben is a human performance consultant, speaker, and 17-time New York Times bestselling author. He’s also a former collegiate tennis, water polo and volleyball player, bodybuilder, 13-time Ironman triathlete, and professional obstacle course racer. He has been voted by the NSCA as America’s top Personal Trainer and by Greatist as one of the top 100 Most Influential People In Health And Fitness.Ben’s understanding of functional exercise, nutrition, and the delicate balance between performance and health has helped thousands of people around the world.In this episode, we’re talking all about biohacking, longevity, and living an adventurous and fulfilling life.&nbsp;In this episode, you’ll learn:&nbsp;✅ The tools, gadgets, and strategies Ben uses to optimize his health – and his tips for eliminating the sneaky stressors in your bedroom and wor
17/08/202353 minutes 40 seconds
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146: Conquer Obstacles and Become Your Own Superhero with Laban Ditchburn

Today, I’m talking with Laban Ditchburn. Laban is a coach, author, and motivational speaker who has an inspiring story of going from dysfunction, addiction, and poor health to being able to overcome his addictions, replace 60 pounds of fat with 30 pounds of muscle, and cure his “incurable” auto-immune disease. Called “The World’s Best Courage Coach,” Laban is the author of “Bet On You,” he hosts his “Become Your Own Superhero” podcast and teaches other people how to confront their fear and achieve all their goals. &nbsp;In this episode, you’ll learn:✅ Mindset hacks for bouncing back from life’s biggest curveballs.✅ Tips on busting outside your comfort zone and pursuing audacious goals.✅ How to level up your relationships by asking better questions.Free GiftGet Laban's Grow Your Podcast Secrets mini-course.</em
10/08/202346 minutes 6 seconds
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BONUS - My Interview on the Invest Like a Billionaire Podcast

07/08/202353 minutes 59 seconds
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145: The Science Behind Sleep Optimization with Meeta Singh, MD

Over the years, I’ve met a lot of hard-charging entrepreneurs who struggle to quiet their minds, leading to poor quality sleep and a decline in performance across all aspects of their lives. The relentless pursuit of success often takes a toll on their well-being, leaving them drained, overwhelmed, and unable to function at their best.I too have experienced issues sleeping. Ultimately, I ended up hiring Dr. Meeta Singh to help me uncover what was leading to my restless nights and how to resolve them.&nbsp;Dr. Meeta Singh is a psychiatrist specializing in sleep science who has served as a consultant for multiple NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA teams. She has also worked with large organizations, CEO’s and other C-suite executives, helping them achieve peak physical and mental performance, day in and day out.&nbsp;In this episode, you’ll learn:&nbsp;✅ Why ​​sleep optimization is a crucial factor to health, wellness, peak mental and phy
03/08/202344 minutes 31 seconds
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144: Do The Impossible with Jason Drees

Many people grapple with limiting beliefs around their potential. They play small. They let fear hold them back from what’s truly possible. Today’s guest, Jason Drees, is an expert who shows entrepreneurs how to shatter those invisible barriers, paving the way for them to 10x their businesses – all by shifting their mindset.Jason is a performance coach and CEO of Jason Drees Coaching, who’s dedicated his career to helping entrepreneurs and high-net-worth individuals overcome mental obstacles to success. With a track record spanning 23 years and over 10,000 coaching sessions, Jason's influence has been a consistent beacon of transformation and motivation in the lives of individuals and companies he encounters.&nbsp;In this episode, you’ll learn:&nbsp;✅ Why most people fail to hit their goals – and how to get in alignment with
27/07/202337 minutes 50 seconds
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143: Tell Your Signature Story in a Way that Connects & Converts with Colin Boyd

In today's market, standing out is more than just having a unique product or service; it's about connecting with your audience on a deeper level.And today’s guest, Colin Boyd, has mastered the art of translating brand values and company vision into engaging narratives that strike a chord with consumers.Colin is a Certified Speaking Professional and one of the most compelling storytellers I’ve ever met. Not only has he advised major global brands, such as Coca-Cola, Suncorp, and Fuji Xerox, but he’s coached thousands of online experts like Amy Porterfield, James Wedmore, and Carrie Green, on how to craft stories that convert and sell from the stage, without being pushy or sales-y.By putting his advice into action, you can transform your company from just another name in the crowd into a memorable brand that your audience can relate to and ultimately choose over the competition.&n
20/07/202343 minutes 44 seconds
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142: Trusts, Taxes, and Wealth Preservation Secrets with Andrew L. Howell

Building wealth is one thing, but taking steps to protect it and create a lasting legacy is an entirely different challenge many entrepreneurs fail to consider. Imagine not setting up a trust and having your hard-earned wealth stuck in probate – not a pretty picture. And remember, if you're not taking control of this process, someone else will.That’s why I'm excited to be talking with Andrew L. Howell, an expert in estate planning and wealth transfer.Andrew is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of the law firm York Howell, one of Utah’s 100 Fastest Growing Companies and the only law firm in Utah to receive this award. He has over 21 years of experience assisting ultra-high-net-worth clients in creating tailored estate plans, focusing on helping families increase harmony and purpose in their family planning.&nbsp;A focal point of our discussion is the pivotal role of trusts in building wealth legacies. We unpack how a well-structured trust can serve as a robust
13/07/20231 hour 24 seconds
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141: Building a Wealthy Mindset and a Winning Portfolio with Brian Preston

“What should I do with my money?” – That’s a question that causes headaches for everyone from starting investors to seasoned entrepreneurs, especially in today’s economy. Enter today’s guest, Brian Preston. Brian is the Founder and Managing Partner of Abound Wealth, through which he helps people maximize the potential of their hard-earned wealth, instead of seeing it shrink in the hands of banking institutions. That way, they can be truly financially free, and focus on the things that make them fulfilled and happy. Brian’s also the founder and host of The Money Guy Show, which has been helping people be more financially literate since 2006. Whether you’re contemplating how to manage your paycheck or looking for simple strategies for multiplying the wealth you’ve earned over the years, you’ll get a lot from this episode. &nbsp;In our conversation, you’
06/07/202343 minutes 10 seconds
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140: Building Wealth Without Wall Street with Russ Morgan

Are you sick of playing Wall Streets’ rigged game? Fed up letting faceless banks and government entities play dice with your cash? You’re not alone.Millions of people are getting tired of staking their financial future on the success of the failing banking system. And today’s guest is helping them do something about it. Russ Morgan is the Co-founder of Wealth Without Wall Street and leading the charge of declaring independence from traditional financial institutions.Wealth Without Wall Street is an online community that re-educates business owners and families on how money truly works. Their goal is to teach people how to enhance savings, increase cash flow and create passive income, all without the help of Wall Street.&nbsp;In this episode, you’ll learn:&nbsp;✅ Unique wealth-building strategies that don’
29/06/202349 minutes 27 seconds
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139: Bootstrapping LadyBoss into a $43M/Year eCommerce Giant with Kaelin Poulin

Kaelin Poulin and her husband Brandon used their last $1,000 in savings to launch LadyBoss – a women’s weight loss brand that they scaled into a $43M eCommerce giant. The business became the 4th fastest growing privately held company in America in 2019 and was eventually acquired by Russel Brunson, founder of ClickFunnels.After selling LadyBoss, the couple decided to launch Enterprise CEO, which helps 7 and 8-Figure founder-led businesses operate more efficiently, boost profits, and scale without breaking or burnout. The pair have personally built marketing, sales, service, support, IT, HR, and finance teams that have generated over $200M in combined revenue through multiple D2C verticals and channels including consumer packaged goods, high ticket coaching, apparel &amp; accessories, digital products, webinars, courses, live events, and book sales.<str
22/06/202353 minutes 4 seconds
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138: Uncorking Wealth & Making Fine Wine Investing Easy with Vinovest’s Anthony Zhang

The world of wine investment is often seen as an exclusive realm accessible only to the affluent and connoisseurs. However, this perception is gradually changing, thanks in part to today’s guest, Anthony Zhang. Anthony is the Co-Founder and CEO of Vinovest, a revolutionary platform committed to democratizing wine investment by significantly reducing cost and complexity for the average investor. But here's the real beauty of it all: Vinovest not only empowers you to tap into the world of wine investment but also allows you to savor the taste of exquisite fine wines while turning a profit. Imagine sipping on a delicious&nbsp;Bordeaux or Burgundy, watching your portfolio grow.At 21, Anthony suffered a devastating injury that left him paralyzed from the neck down. Rather than succumbing to despair, he displayed remarkable grit, steering his first business from the confines of a hospital
15/06/202353 minutes 8 seconds
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137: Putting People First and Redefining Philanthropy with David Green

How do you transform a $600 startup into a thriving multi-billion dollar business that not only endures, but flourishes for decades?&nbsp;This remarkable feat is achieved by only a select few, and our guest on today's episode, David Green, is one of those exceptional individuals.David is the Founder and CEO of Hobby Lobby, the world’s largest privately owned arts and crafts retailer. Since founding it in 1972, he grew his company from its modest beginnings to an astonishing $8 billion empire, employing nearly 50,000 individuals across 970 stores nationwide.David’s business model places paramount importance on the well-being of his employees, guided by his unwavering faith and a purpose that extends beyond mere profits. It is this unconventional approach that David attributes to the enduring success of Hobby Lobby.A tangible manifestation of this philosophy is evident in th
08/06/202353 minutes 30 seconds
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136: Reclaim Your Time and Unleash the Power of Virtual Assistant Services with Bryan Miles

Here’s a powerful question to ask yourself. Do you own your business, or does your business own you?Countless entrepreneurs start off dreaming big, but somehow end up trapped in a never-ending grind. Instead of building a successful company, they unintentionally create a job for themselves—sacrificing time in exchange for a paycheck.Today’s guest, Bryan Miles, learned early on that you only own your business once it can operate without you. Alongside his wife Shannon, Bryan Co-Founded BELAY—a top-tier virtual services company with a remote workforce of over 2,000 people. What’s more impressive, is that the company has won major culture and business awards despite the fact that not a single one of their team members shares an office.Through BELAY, Bryan and his wife have helped thousands of entrepreneurs in over 30 industries shed hours of “busy” and unproductive time, so that the
01/06/202346 minutes 56 seconds
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135: Creating a Family Brand and Reinventing Company Culture with Chris Smith

Culture is the glue that holds everything together and defines who we are as a family, community, or business. We can intentionally craft this culture or let external factors unintentionally shape it.Chris Smith is a testament to this understanding of culture. He embodies the belief that culture is not just what we say or believe, but it's what we do, how we do it, and how consistently we align our actions with our stated values. This is the true essence of a thriving culture; one that echoes in the corridors of a home, or an office.&nbsp;Chris is the mastermind behind The Campfire Effect, a framework that helps entrepreneurs and brands tell their stories effectively.&nbsp;Alongside his wife Melissa, he also created the Family Brand, a powerful resource that empowers individuals to become better parents and spouses and ultimately build stronger families.Whether you’re a bu
25/05/202342 minutes 40 seconds
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134: Mind Your Mindset with Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt is the visionary founder and chairman of Full Focus, a performance coaching company that’s helped over 970 business owners excel in business and life.Throughout his remarkable career, Michael has scaled multiple companies, including a $250M publishing powerhouse with 700+ employees. Under his leadership, Full Focus has grown 60% annually for the past 4 years and has been featured in the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies in America for 3 years in a row.His new book, Mind Your Mindset, draws upon the latest insights in performance psychology, neuroscience, and cognitive science, and will help you combat limiting beliefs and retrain your thinking so you can achieve your biggest goals.&nbsp;In this episode, you’ll learn:</strong
18/05/202355 minutes 23 seconds
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133: Investing in Real Estate Syndications – Exclusive Webinar Replay

This week on the podcast, I’m doing something a little different. Instead of the usual guest interview, I’m releasing the real estate syndication webinar that I co-hosted with Erik Van Horn, exclusively for our private mastermind group.&nbsp;Not only is Erik a highly successful entrepreneur, but he’s a good friend and over the years, we’ve done a bunch of successful deals together.&nbsp;This webinar is chock-full of helpful advice for investing in real estate syndication deals and covers the good, the bad, and the ugly!&nbsp;&nbsp;You’ll learn:&nbsp;✅ Why syndication deals aren’t what they used to be. The easy money is OVER! Learn how to choose the right sponsor, so you don’t get burned!&nbsp;&nbsp;✅ The major benefits to investing in a real estate syndicate.&nbsp;✅ The biggest mistakes to avoid AND steps you can take to de-risk any syndication deal.&nbsp;… That, and a whole lot more!<
11/05/20231 hour 28 minutes 9 seconds
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132: Rewriting the Rules of Wealth Building with Charles Schwartz

For entrepreneurs, the cost of success can be high. Most people subscribe to the “more work = more money” mentality, and unfortunately, they lose the plot in the process. I mean what’s the point of making more money, if you’ve got no time to spend it and nobody to spend it with? The good news is, you don’t have to sacrifice your family, your health, or your freedom in order to succeed. You don’t have to grind for 80+ hours per week in order to earn passive income and live a life by design—and today’s guest, Charles Schwartz, is living proof. Charles is an entrepreneur, wealth-hacking consultant, and coach who’s spent his entire career building businesses from scratch and flipping them into multi-million dollar empires. His expertise has earned him a reputation as a go-to coach for those who look to retire early and live life on their terms.Defying the relentless “hustle culture,” Charles champions freedom over status, proving th
04/05/202347 minutes 54 seconds
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131: Unlock the Secrets to Optimal Health & Longevity with Regan Archibald

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. It requires a relentless drive to succeed, which can take a toll on both your mental and physical health.But what if you didn’t have to sacrifice your health in order to succeed? Even better, what if there was a way to supercharge your stamina and optimize your health for peak performance and longevity?In this episode, I’m speaking with the “Peptide Expert,” Dr. Regan Archibald, one of the leading peptide specialists and functional medicine practitioners in the country. As the founder of East West Health, an award-winning clinic for peptide therapy, Dr. Regan has helped countless patients achieve optimal health and vitality.&nbsp;In this episode, you’ll learn:✅ What exactly do peptides do and what makes them so important? Imagine mental clarity, better sleep, more focus, higher productivity, reduced risk of getting sick, and much more!✅ Proven strategies to opt
27/04/202338 minutes 33 seconds
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130: Making Extraordinary Exits Possible with Rob Follows

Have you ever thought about what it would take to sell your business? Or what you’d even be able to get for it? The process can be overwhelming, and getting it right is crucial. But fear not, because in this episode, I’m joined by Rob Follows, the founder of STS Capital—a one-of-a-kind M&amp;A firm that helps businesses achieve extraordinary exits.Rob has been in the driver's seat for over a thousand mergers and acquisitions, with deals worth over $100B. When he sold his business for 27x EBITDA, he thought he had struck gold, only to find out later that the buyer would have paid a whopping 300% EBITDA. This experience led Rob to start STS Capital, which focuses on using strategic buyers to get the highest price for their clients.In this episode, you’ll learn:✅ The benefits of going with a strategic buyer instead of VCs and private equity firms.✅ How to cut out the middlemen, identify and engage with the right strategic buyers,
20/04/202347 minutes 22 seconds
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129: Using Seller Financing to Build a Real Estate Empire with Gabriel Hamel

Gabriel Hamel is the CEO of Hamel Investments and an absolute powerhouse in the world of real estate investing, boasting a portfolio of over 170 units, (Single Family Homes, Multi-Family Apartments, Commercial Real Estate, and Mobile Home Parks) worth over $40 million. Best of all, he built his real estate empire without having to rely on raising funds from others.The real estate mogul's secret? Seller financing. And let me tell you, Gabriel has developed some seriously creative ways of structuring and refinancing these deals to ensure maximum cash flow and maximum savings for sellers. What’s even more impressive is that Gabriel used the wealth he generated to create the lifestyle of his dreams. He's found freedom in every way imaginable, and now he's sharing his secrets with anyone brave enough to take notes. So if you want to learn from a true real estate pro who's been there
13/04/202347 minutes 49 seconds
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128: Investing in Fine Wine with Mario Matavesco

Have you ever considered wine as an investment?If you’ve been listening to the podcast for a while, you’ve likely heard me talk about wine. It’s one of my biggest passions!&nbsp;Some of you may be thinking… “Okay Justin, but isn’t that a hobby reserved for the rich?”Well, for most people it is. But what if I told you there was a way to explore the finest wines in the world without breaking the bank?&nbsp;One of the coolest things about the wine that I’ve collected over the years is that it’s gone up in value. And when I sell a part of my allocation, it covers the cost of the wine that I consume. As a result, I get to do something that I love to do, for FREE! In fact, in most cases, not only am I breaking even, I’m profiting.In today’s episode, we’re exploring all things wine. I’m talking with Mario Matavesco, who is an expert in wine acquisitions and investments. As the Director of the Wine Division at the Terra Rossa Family Office, he lives and br
06/04/20231 hour 3 minutes 7 seconds
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127: Using Blockchain Technology to Redefine the Gaming Industry with Timothy Jooste

Did you know that the global gaming market is set to reach $256 billion by 2025 and that more than 3.2 billion people worldwide play video games?Another astonishing stat… According to Sensor Tower, players worldwide spent $41.2 billion on mobile games and in-app purchases in Q1 of 2022.Sadly, with all the money being spent on in-game assets or currencies in video games, the total that players have true ownership over is ZERO!&nbsp;To give you context, with traditional gaming, players will spend money to buy digital assets, like skins, weapons, and other virtual items. The problem is that they can’t trade them, sell them, or even use them across different games.&nbsp;Today’s guest, Timothy Jooste, is on a mission to solve that problem. Tim is the Founder of Koin Game
30/03/20231 hour 3 minutes 40 seconds
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126: Social Media Growth Hacking Strategies with Zach Benson

Standing out in the world of social media and influencer marketing can be exhausting. Big brand names are constantly vying for followers' attention, making it difficult to cut through the noise and make a name for yourself online.Enter today’s guest, Zach Benson. Zach is the Founder of Assistagram, a network of 220+ million Instagram followers that’s helped influencers and Fortune 500 companies accrue millions of new followers on Instagram.Thanks to Zach's expertise, influencers like Les Brown, Robert Kiyosaki, as well as companies like ClickFunnels, have been able to connect with their target audience and truly make an impact.Zach has shared stages with powerhouse speakers like Tony Robbins, Sylvester Stallone, Grant Cardone, Daymond John, and GaryVee, to name just a few.&nbsp;In this episode, you’ll learn:✅ How Zach built a 220+
23/03/202343 minutes 4 seconds
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125: The Way2Wealth® Method with Scott Ford

When it comes to managing money, it can quickly get confusing trying to figure it all out. There’s so many options, experts, and conflicting information, that most people end up making bad decisions OR failing to take action because they just don’t know where to start.&nbsp;Today's guest, Scott Ford, is here to simplify the complexities around money and paint a clear picture for anyone who wants to build long-term wealth.Scott is the Managing Director, Partner, and Wealth Advisor at Carson Wealth, where he specializes in comprehensive wealth management using his proprietary Way2Wealth® process. In this episode, he answers difficult questions like: Where should you allocate your capital? How much should you have saved for emergencies? And what options exist to protect your wealth from taxes, inflation, and market downturns?And BTW, a lot of “financial experts” will dish out advice, but practice something completely different. Not Scott. All of the f
17/03/202347 minutes 26 seconds
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124: The Mindset to Money with Thomas K.R. Stovall

Thomas K.R. Stovall started his entrepreneurial journey at 19 years old selling luxury custom car accessories online out of his dorm room. He's now a sought-after speaker, facilitator, investor, and author, as well as a Google Entrepreneur in Residence and a SXSW Tech Advisory Council Member.Thomas is also the creator of, an organization that catalyzes growth for Black and Latinx entrepreneurs with almost 6,000 people in the membership network across 16 countries. Additionally, he’s the co-founder of the global community, Mindset To Money, where he helps career professionals and entrepreneurs achieve financial autonomy and retire in 5 years or less.In this episode, you’ll learn: ✅ How Thomas mastered the art of connecting with others, even though it didn’t
09/03/202356 minutes 18 seconds
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123: Why You Don’t Have to be Rich & Famous to Fly Private with Nik Tarascio

How much money do you really need to fly private? It turns out, you don't need as much as you’d think. When I was younger, I often wondered, how in the world does someone afford a multi-million dollar plane? I used to think you had to put $15M down to buy one. The reality is, most people finance it over time, and in the process, they take advantage of some serious tax write-offs. Imagine for a moment that you had a BIG exit. Amazing! Except there’s one problem. Now you have to worry about a huge tax liability. I can’t tell you the number of business owners who get nailed with an insane tax bill because they didn’t have a plan in place. Luckily, through the power of accelerated depreciation, financing a plane is one way to offset the amount you’d need to fork over to Uncle Sam. Not only that, but it offers some pretty cool benefits from a lifestyle perspective. Am I suggesting that everyone go out and buy a plane? Absolutely not. BUT, it’s worth noting tha
02/03/202349 minutes 59 seconds
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122: Building Family Legacy & Generational Wealth with Rich Christiansen

As we grow older, we realize that while money can provide comfort, it cannot give us the lasting satisfaction we get from relationships and family.Today’s guest, Rich Christiansen, has dedicated his life to teaching people how to not only build a life of abundance, but to do it without sacrificing time with family. He has founded or co-founded 52 businesses, of which 17 have become multimillion-dollar successes, each capitalized with $10,000 or less. What’s even more remarkable is that all five of his children have founded million-dollar businesses before they finished high school.Rich is the first person I think of when it comes to guiding families to a life of wealth, happiness, and unbreakable bonds, and today you’ll find out why.In this conversation, you’ll learn:✅ How to help your kids be successful, confident, and happy without being spoiled.✅ How to build a family legacy that will last for generations.✅ Why you don’t
23/02/202352 minutes 40 seconds
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121: Operating at Peak Performance with Justin Roethlingshoefer

Most entrepreneurs I speak to are very intentional about building a high performing business that scales. But oftentimes, it comes at the cost of their physical and mental wellbeing. Today’s guest, Justin Roethlingshoefer, is on a mission to close that gap. Justin is a performance coach to over 500 elite athletes and the co-founder of Own It, a multiple 7-figure coaching company with clients ranging from NHL stars to Fortune 500 executives to entrepreneurs looking to take that next step and level up. If you want to learn the strategies for developing the mindset and habits to operate at peak levels each day, this episode is for you.In today’s conversation, you’ll learn:✅ How to rewire the stories you tell yourself about success and unlock your true potential✅ The key habits to improved health &amp; longevity✅ How to stop living life on autopilot and start living intentionallyFree Gift</st
16/02/202351 minutes 16 seconds
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120: Digital Marketing Strategies for Hypergrowth with Patrick Dillon

It’s no secret that digital marketing is essential to building a business. But there’s a lot to keep up with; SEO, paid advertising, social media, web development, branding, email marketing, lead generation, sales funnels, and so much more. And for the busy entrepreneur trying to scale their business, knowing what to do and how to do it gets confusing quickly! No one knows this better than today’s guest, Patrick Dillon. Pat is a lifelong entrepreneur and Founder of WISE Digital Partners—an award-winning digital marketing agency specializing in developing strategies, products, and services designed to help any size business grow and thrive in the digital world.In today’s conversation, you’ll learn: ✅ How WISE Digital Partners is helping entrepreneurs navigate the confusing world of marketing to achieve hypergrowth in their business.✅ Why hiring the right team is the most effective strategy to scale. ✅ The downside to niching
09/02/202336 minutes 46 seconds
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119: Cracking the Code on Operational Efficiency with Nick Sonnenberg

What if your company could operate at peak efficiency? How would that affect your bottom line AND your ability to scale?&nbsp;Most businesses fail to grow beyond a certain point because they’re working in unsustainable and inefficient ways. Solving these problems isn’t complicated, but most entrepreneurs just don’t have the time to figure it out.&nbsp;Today’s guest, Nick Sonnenberg, has a solution. Nick is the Founder and CEO of Leverage, a company that helps teams eliminate waste, increase profits, and create a better workplace culture. He’s on a mission to help entrepreneurs and leaders save thousands of hours and operate smarter in business and life.&nbsp;We go over Nick’s cost-effective strategies for scaling, his counterintuitive yet easy methods for drastically increasing the productivity of your business, and how to create systems that will 1
02/02/202341 minutes 7 seconds
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118: Leveraging Relationships to 10X Your Business with Cameron Herold

Cameron Herold, a.k.a. The “CEO Whisperer,” had 15 businesses by the time he was eighteen and is the mastermind behind 1-800-GOT-JUNK?’s spectacular growth from $2 Million to $106 Million in revenue in just six years.&nbsp;Cameron is a living embodiment of a person crushing it in business while leading a life full of joy and fulfillment. Eighteen months ago, he and his wife decided to sell all their possessions and travel the world. That not only didn’t harm his financial success, but it also bolstered it even further. &nbsp;During all this time, Cameron didn’t lose sight of why he became an entrepreneur in the first place… To build the lifestyle of his dreams. &nbsp;In today’s episode, we discuss why surrounding yourself with smarter people than you is better than any other growth strategy, how establishing sound leadership systems will skyrocket the success of your business, and the ground rules for a successful exit strategy that will ben
26/01/202346 minutes 52 seconds
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117: Designing Bulletproof Exit Strategies with Rick Sapio

Rick Sapio is an entrepreneur who started his first company when he was 13 and had already led more than $100 million in transactions while still in his twenties. &nbsp;Rick is the Founder and President of Mutual Capital Alliance Inc. (“MCA”), which has made over 100 investments in the past 25 years. MCA has worked with companies and invested in financial services, technology, healthcare, real estate, and telecom and has more than 40 holdings. &nbsp;To get to the level he’s at today, Rick had to struggle through the challenges of navigating the business world at a very young age. Although he would go on to found more than 20 companies during his career, his early entrepreneurial difficulties gave him an understanding of the challenges that business owners in all areas face.&nbsp;Today, he uses his 30+ years of experience to guide companies and entrepreneurs through the often grueling exit process, ensuring that all parties, from the investme
19/01/202355 minutes 33 seconds
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116: Jesse Elder on Building Thriving Businesses By Following Your Passion

Jesse Elder is a motivational speaker, mentor, and performance coach who has helped thousands of people create a life of freedom and fulfillment by rediscovering their passion and building their life around it. &nbsp;In 2012, Jesse left a massively successful multi-million dollar business to create a life built on creative abundance instead of competition. That decision led him to create his Mind Vitamin videos that have touched hundreds of thousands worldwide and coach high-achievers such as Tony Robbins’s #1 sales guy.&nbsp;In our conversation, Jesse shares the tools and strategies he used to build his dream life that you can start applying today. You’ll learn how to use your thoughts to get more out of your life, whether related to wealth, health, happiness, or financial success.&nbsp;Whether you’re looking to grow your business or start one, strengthen your relationships, experience inner peace, or simply get better at life, you’ll get a
12/01/202349 minutes 43 seconds
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115: Growing Your Brand Through Authentic Human Connections with Joshua B. Lee

Joshua B. Lee, known as “The Dopamine Dealer of LinkedIn,” is the Founder and CEO of StandOut Authority, a company that helps business owners and influencers create a strong personal brand, grow their influence, and create unique opportunities.&nbsp;At the age of 24, he seemingly had it all. Despite his achievements, deep down, he felt empty and depressed. His identity and self-worth were tied to his bank balance, and his relationships with others had become purely transactional.&nbsp;It was clear to Joshua that he needed to start over and move in a new direction. He knew that he could always make more money. But he could never buy back time. That decision led to StandOut Authority, where he reinvented his career and found purpose by helping people create authentic and genuine relationships.&nbsp;In today’s conversation, we discuss the imp
05/01/202353 minutes 20 seconds
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114: Scaling Literacy By Reinventing Education with Wendell Byrd

Wendell Byrd is a former teacher, legendary basketball coach, and education entrepreneur who has dedicated his career to helping young people be more literate. He’s the founder of Readers Are Leaders, a non-profit that has helped over 35,000 at-risk youth all over the country improve their reading.&nbsp;Their innovative program also helps student-athletes become role models and coaches for their younger peers. They learn patience, encouragement, and enthusiasm as they help struggling students from low-income families become more positive, engaged, and capable students ready to take on life’s challenges. &nbsp;Wendell learned the importance of having mentors from an early age. As a child, he struggled to read. But he had people around him that believed in him and pushed him forward. He now repays them by doing the same for others. &nbsp;By earn
29/12/202238 minutes 36 seconds
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113: Niching Down To Scale Up Your Business with Kasim Aslam

Kasim Aslam is the Founder and CEO of Solutions 8, a top-ranked Google Ads agency that has helped hundreds of organizations grow and scale.&nbsp;He’s also the author of The 7 Critical Principles of Effective Digital Marketing, featured as one of the Top 100 Digital Marketing Books of All Time by Book Authority, and was also named one of the Top 50 Digital Marketing Thought Leaders in the United States by The University of Missouri in 2020.&nbsp;Kasim had to overcome severe challenges on his journey toward becoming one of the world's premier marketing minds. He was raised by a blind single mother on social security disability and was surrounded by people who could have easily steered him toward a life of poverty and crime. &nbsp;Instead of debilitating him, these circumstances led Kasim to reinvent himself, personally and professionally. He now has a thriving b
22/12/202254 minutes 36 seconds
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112: Escaping the Real Estate Rat Race with David Richter

David Richter is an active real estate investor who has been essential in closing over 850 deals over the last 7 years. These deals include wholesale, turnkey, BRRRR, owner finance, rentals, lease options, and more.&nbsp;While growing and building his real estate business from 5 to 25 deals a month, he quickly realized that he was losing just as much money as he was gaining. &nbsp;He used the proven Profit First method created by Mike Michalowicz, to turn his real estate investing business from a cash-eating monster into a money-making machine—and now he’s helping others do the same!&nbsp;As the Founder of SimpleCFO, David shows real estate companies how to increase their business revenue, build cash reserves, and maximize profit! His goal is for his clients to gain financial clarity and to stop living from deal to deal.&nbsp;In tod
15/12/202242 minutes 45 seconds
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111: Building a Thriving Business By Putting People First with JeVon McCormick

Today, I’m talking with JeVon McCormick. JeVon is the CEO of Scribe Media, a multi-million dollar publishing company that was recently ranked the #1 Top Company Culture in America by Entrepreneur Magazine.&nbsp;His bestselling book, The Modern Leader, sold out on day one on Amazon and Ernst &amp; Young recently named him Entrepreneur of the Year. &nbsp;While JeVon has achieved unbelievable success, he’s also had to overcome many obstacles.&nbsp;As a son of a black pimp father and a white single mother on welfare, his childhood and adolescence were mired in physical abuse and discrimination. But, JeVon refused to play the victim and used his difficult upbringing as a springboard to succeed down the road. &nbsp;Since the
08/12/202256 minutes 12 seconds
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110: Scaling Philanthropy to End Human Trafficking with Ryan Sobey

Over 50 million people are trapped in the world of human trafficking, and today’s guest is doing something about it.&nbsp;Ryan Sobey is the VP of Anti-trafficking at Love Justice International, an organization that has helped over 34,000 people worldwide escape human trafficking, find freedom, and reconnect with loved ones. They’re a testament to the fact that with the right people and mindset, any organization can be financially successful while also providing value to society.&nbsp;Love Justice currently operates in 22 countries, and Ryan has been an integral part of the efforts that helped them contribute to over 1,200 arrests worldwide with an over 35% conviction rate. While Ryan and his team are on the front lines stopping vulnerable people from becoming victims, they also help traffickers find a better life for themselves, stop trafficking and deter others from foll
01/12/202242 minutes 44 seconds
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109: Scaling to $100 Million By Reinventing Philanthropy With Scott Harrison

Scott Harrison is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and bestselling author on a mission to bring clean drinking water to every person on Earth who needs it. &nbsp;And he's not just talking about it; he's actually doing it. Scott is the Founder and CEO of charity: water, one of the fastest-growing nonprofits in history with more than 1 million supporters worldwide that raised over $700 million and funded over 111,000 water projects in 29 countries. Scott has provided over 15.5 million people with clean, safe drinking water through his charity. &nbsp;After a decade of pure indulgence as a nightclub promoter, Scott fell apart physically and emotionally. He spent two years volunteering as a photojournalist on a hospital ship off the coast of Liberia and came back to NYC on a mission to bring clean drinking water to people worldwide. &nbsp;He details his incredib
24/11/202248 minutes 28 seconds
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108: Investing in Alternatives, Capitalizing on Inflation, and Building Recession-Proof Businesses with Ben Fraser

Ben Fraser is the Managing Director at Aspen Funds, a private fund that operates real estate funds for investors. He has raised over $100M in the past several years.&nbsp;Before Aspen Funds, Ben worked as a commercial banker and underwriter in boutique assets management. He’s also a contributor to the Forbes Finance Council and a co-host of the Invest Like a Billionaire podcast.&nbsp;Ben’s experience in real estate and banking taught him that even though successfully navigating a recession and rising interest rates can be challenging, the best opportunities appear when the economic landscape is shifting. &nbsp;In today’s conversation, he reveals why ultra-wealthy individuals and organizations allocate significant portions of their investment portfolios outside the stock market and in alternatives—like real estate, private
16/11/202248 minutes 21 seconds
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107: Scaling Businesses, Exit Deals, and the 2-Hour Cocktail Party with Nick Gray

Nick Gray is an investor, entrepreneur, and author who has started, scaled and sold multiple businesses. &nbsp;One of his most successful ventures was Museum Hack, which was his unique approach to offering museum tours for people who hate museum tours. It got into the Inc 5000 as one of the fastest-growing companies in the country. Eventually he struck a 7-figure exit deal, and continues to own 15% of the company.&nbsp;While Nick could have enjoyed an early retirement, he decided to follow another passion: connecting with people and helping others build personal and professional relationships. After hosting hundreds of parties, he authored The 2-Hour Cocktail Party, which teaches anyone how to build relationships by hosting small gatherings. New York Magazine has described him as “the host of culturally significant parties.”&nbsp;In this conversation, we go over the lessons he learned from bootstrapping and exiting multiple business
10/11/202248 minutes 13 seconds
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106: Using Leveraged Buyouts to Scale and Secure 9-Figure Exits with C.L. Turner

C.L. Turner is the Founder and Managing Partner of Crescendo Capital. He has invested in 50+ companies and closed 13 platform acquisitions with multiple eight and nine-figure exits. &nbsp;Through Crescendo, C.L. primarily focuses on low-to-middle-market businesses valued from $20M to $150M, and takes them to the next level by providing capital, operational expertise, and a hands-on collaborative approach to enable their organic and acquisitive growth.&nbsp;What differentiates C.L.’s approach with Crescendo from that of countless other companies is that when they invest and acquire companies, they prioritize the cultural and personal fit of the acquisition with the founders and key employees in the company. &nbsp;In our conversation, we dig into using leveraged buyouts for scaling and exiting, the importance of collaborating with founders and employees when acquiring companies, and C.L’s strategy for investing that he used to land 8 and 9-fig
03/11/202249 minutes 50 seconds
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105: Let Go of the Past & Overcome Your Trauma with Stefanos Sifandos

If you want to live a rich life, one of the most important assets to invest in is yourself. You can have all the money in the world, but if you don't have your health, the money is pointless. While today’s episode doesn’t cover the usual investing strategies our guests normally speak on, it does offer valuable insight into how someone with a difficult past can face their fear, let go of the past, and completely turn their life around for the better.&nbsp;&nbsp;I’m talking with Stefanos Sifandos. Stefanos is a behavioral scientist and relationship expert who has worked with Elite Special Forces soldiers, Olympic Gold Medalists, high-performing CEOs, entrepreneurs, world champion fighters, and everyday people, helping them to move past their trauma and step into freedom.&nbsp;Before Stefanos could help all those people, he needed to help himself first. He grew up in a low-income family with an abusive father, and the trauma he went through as a chi
26/10/202242 minutes 43 seconds
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104: Accelerating Growth with Tax-Free Profits and Investing in Relationships with Scott Ryan

Today, I’m speaking with Scott Ryan. Scott is the Managing Partner for Terra Rossa Investments, which is an active investor in fixed income, debt products, real estate, blockchain, VC, and later-stage tech. Scott oversees deal origination, due diligence, acquisition, and liquidity for the company. Additionally, he is the fundraising manager for Lotus Domaine Fund 3.In this episode, Scott shares his early beginnings as an entrepreneur, going from making 6-figures as a tennis coach to starting, scaling, and selling 3 tech-based companies—one of which landed him an 8-figure exit!&nbsp;In our discussion, you’ll learn the biggest investing mistakes Scott made after his big exit (and how to avoid them), the power of relationships, and the strategies Scott leverages to earn more, while avoiding long-term capital gains tax.Free GiftGet Scott's curated list of some of the best wines in the world! This is an excelle
19/10/202244 minutes 27 seconds
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103: Retiring Early, Buying Companies With No Money Down, and Scaling Smarter with Roland Frasier

You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who knows more about buying, scaling, and exiting companies than today’s guest, Roland Frasier, one of the most creative and intelligent minds in business.Roland is the co-founder and/or principal of 5 different Inc. Magazine’s fastest-growing companies, and a serial entrepreneur who has built or sold over 24 businesses with adjusted sales ranging from $3 million to just under $4 billion. Roland also advises business owners on leveraging, growing, scaling, and exiting their companies.&nbsp;He specializes in creative deal structuring and low and no money down acquisitions. Roland is a master in adding value, growing, scaling, and selling the businesses he acquires for as much as 200 times his initial investment.&nbsp;In our conversation, we go over his strategies for acquiring companies with no money out of pocket, why relationships are the most important currency, and how to leverage debt to buy and scale any business to a
12/10/20221 hour 5 minutes 45 seconds
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102: Leveraging Life Insurance to Build Tax-Free Wealth with Will Duffy

You can’t put a dollar value on your family. But you can make sure their financial future is taken care of in case of unexpected events. Nowadays, we’re sold on the idea that banks are our best bet to do this.That’s simply not true. Banks only have their interests in mind. And, contrary to popular belief, they’re not bulletproof and can go under. Luckily, there are ways in which you can take care of the financial security of your family and create wealth at the same time.&nbsp;That’s why you have to listen to today’s episode with my guest, Will Duffy.&nbsp;Will is a Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC), Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP), and Enrolled Agent (EA) who became a millionaire at age 33 by following the same contrarian wealth-building and tax-saving strategies he teaches his clients. His proven roadmap helps clients realize their financial goals and secure the future of their families.&nbsp;&nbsp;In this episode, you’ll learn how t
06/10/20221 hour 4 minutes 28 seconds
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101: Funding Enterprise SaaS and Achieving 9-Figure Exit Deals with Christian Mack

Christian Mack is an enterprise software veteran and a master of securing eight and nine-figure exits for his clients.Christian is the Managing Director at Lotus Innovations Fund, a private equity firm specializing in the lower-middle Enterprise Software and Services markets. Under his leadership, Lotus has delivered double-digit returns by leveraging small businesses that don't have access to bank and private equity capital into highly profitable and fast-growing SaaS firms.Before that, Christian built a company (Resolve Systems) from scratch and scaled it organically before securing a massive nine-figure exit. Now, he’s on a mission to help other business owners do the same.In this episode, we go over the lessons he learned during his journey from an aspiring professor to Fortune 500 consultant and successful business owner.You’ll learn how he bootstrapped hi
29/09/202243 minutes 33 seconds
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100: Starting & Scaling a $650M Real Estate Empire with Brandon Turner

Today is a major milestone for the podcast, as we’ve reached 100 episodes. And to celebrate, I’m speaking to the one and only Brandon Turner.&nbsp;Brandon Turner is widely regarded as one of the top authorities in the world on real estate investing. He’s the bestselling author of several real estate books, with over 1 million copies sold, and is the former host of BiggerPockets, the #1 real estate investing podcast with over 100 million downloads.Brandon is also the founder and managing member of Open Door Capital, a private real estate investment firm that helps clients achieve superior risk-adjusted returns through the acquisition of value-add assets nationwide.In this episode, Brandon shares how he got started as a real estate investor and went from buying his first single-family home to building a real estate empire comprising 7,400 units and $650M AUM.&nbsp;We discuss the pr
22/09/20221 hour 1 minute 4 seconds
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099: Raising Capital, Deal Structure, and Scaling Multi-Million Dollar Companies with Dan Fleyshman

Dan Fleyshman is a serial entrepreneur and the youngest founder of a publicly traded company in history.At 23, after selling $15M worth of clothing in six department store chains and getting a $9.5M licensing deal with STARTER apparel, he went on to scale his “Who’s Your Daddy” energy drink into 55,000 retail stores.He later launched Victory Poker, which scaled to $65M within 10 months and became a top 5 international poker brand. Unfortunately, poker was banned in the US during that time, and overnight the business imploded. Dan lost everything and was forced to start over from scratch.While it was a tough blow, he describes it as the best thing that ever happened to him. It led to him building the largest social media influencer agency in the world (Elevator Studio), becoming an angel investor for 37 different companies, starting multiple mastermind groups, and launching an investment fund, as well as an investor syndication group, among many other ac
15/09/202252 minutes 37 seconds
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098: The Power of Investing in People with Mike Ayala

Building a thriving business and having enough time for family is difficult. Many hard-hitting entrepreneurs believe it’s impossible to have both.Today’s guest, Mike Ayala, is a living example that you certainly can with the right mindset and people by your side.Mike’s been through some adversity from a young age. An alcoholic dad, hanging with the wrong people, and even spending time in prison. That experience led to him finding what he values most in life: Family, freedom, and loving relationships while also having the wealth to fund that lifestyle.He sketched out his vision for what he wanted out of life and business, and he turned it into reality through sheer determination and help from the right people.By age 24, Mike founded his first construction company and has been involved with over 2,000 projects totaling over $1 billion. He scaled one of his companies to more than 100 employees and sold it at a $12 million valuation.Today, he helps oth
08/09/20221 hour 2 minutes 12 seconds
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097: Getting Paid to Speak & Creating a Life by Design with Grant Baldwin

Today, Grant Baldwin joins the podcast to talk about how he started and scaled a 7-figure speaking business, which allowed him to create life by design.&nbsp;You’ll learn how to find and book paid speaking gigs of your own, the power of surrounding yourself with the right people, and his approach to building true wealth &amp; freedom.&nbsp;Free GiftGrant Baldwin is giving you a free copy of his book, The Successful Speaker. In this book, Grant outlines the exact system he used to build his 7-figure speaking career. His system has helped thousands of other speakers get booked &amp; paid to speak on a consistent basis. The book is yours for free, all you need to do is cover the cost of shipping.To get access to this gift, visit
01/09/202251 minutes 29 seconds
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096: Finding Financial Freedom and Building Generational Wealth with M.C. Laubscher

In times of adversity and economic downturn, we need to learn how to position our energy, time, and resources to prepare ourselves and our families for worst-case scenarios.If we play our cards right, not only will we survive crisis scenarios, we’ll bounce back much stronger than before.It’s what today’s guest, M.C. Laubscher, has learned during his journey of escaping the rat race to build a passive income portfolio through cashflow investing. He came to the US from South Africa, dreaming of being a professional athlete. What he found was a perfect opportunity to showcase his entrepreneurial talents. After starting in maintenance, he quickly learned the ins and outs of wealth management and all the moving parts of real estate.Today, M.C. empowers people to generate their own income and manage, grow and protect their own wealth in any economy. M.C. is the creator and host of the top-rated business and investing podcast, <a href="
25/08/202252 minutes 1 second
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095: Finding Freedom in an Unfree World with Kevin Koskella

Are you free? It seems like a simple question, but the answer isn’t always obvious.Most people live with the illusion of freedom. They have a stable job, nice house, and if they’re lucky, 2-4 weeks vacation. But is that really freedom?This question is one that today’s guest has dedicated his life to answering. I’m talking with Kevin Koskella—lifelong adventurer, free-thinker, entrepreneur, and author of The Rebel's Guide to Freedom.Kevin used to feel stuck in the corporate world, slaving away for money and repeating the same day for weeks, months, and even years on end. But when he lost his job during the crash, he decided that he would never go back to that life.In this episode, he shares his story from being laid off to starting a lucrative online business, his approach to investing in crypto, and the importance of designing a life on your terms and following your definition of success.Free GiftHe’s giving you free
18/08/202255 minutes 22 seconds
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094: Landing an Eight Figure Exit With Cole Humphus

Imagine growing your side hustle to a $1 million business in a single year. That's exactly what Cole Humphus did with his online wedding photography business.He continued to grow that company to a total of $13.6M while making sales on auto-pilot without having to becoming an online influencer.Eventually, Cole landed an 8-figure exit deal, allowing him to spend more time with family and live life on his terms.Cole is also the Founder of Rapid Scale Group, a company that has helped over 200,000 customers build a 7-figure per year business without sacrificing profit or lifestyle. Whether you’re thinking of quitting your day job to start that business or want to grow your existing one, Cole’s here to share all kinds of insights.In today’s episode, we dig into the strategies he used to develop and sell his business, how to turn niche traffic into large revenue streams, the importance of pursuing a fulfilling lifestyle outside of business, and so much more.
11/08/202252 minutes 9 seconds
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093: Relationships Are The Ultimate Currency with Chris Ryan

We’re often so focused on maximum achievement that we forget true success lies in serving others and providing value to them.As you’ll hear from today’s guest, Chris Ryan, investing in relationships with other people is one of the best things you can do for your personal and professional life.&nbsp;Chris has a 25+ year career dedicated to guiding individuals and organizations to maximize their potential and exceed the expectations they set for themselves. He’s the CEO of GoBundance, a collective of 800+ healthy, wealthy, and generous men seeking to live life to its fullest. He’s also a Founding Partner at R360, leading groups of sophisticated investors, philanthropists, and intellectuals who seek to grow in all areas of life.In today’s episode, we dig into the power of relationships for living a l
04/08/202252 minutes 17 seconds
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092: Scale Up On Your Own Terms with Taylor Welch

It’s not often you get the chance to speak to a man who dreamed of being a church pastor but instead became a real estate investing mogul.It’s why I’m excited to talk to Taylor Welch, internationally acclaimed business consultant and entrepreneur. Taylor has advised and serviced over 50,000 businesses worldwide in the last five years and currently sits as CEO of several multi-8-figure companies.One of the things that I love the most about Taylor is that even amid adversity, he never compromised his mindset of learning and surrounding himself with people smarter than him. Using that mindset, he scaled his first business, Traffic &amp; Funnels, from zero to tens of millions in just five years.No wonder he built a name for himself in hundreds of industries and is nearing three-quarters of a billion in client revenue.He’s now pulling back the curtain on how other businesses
28/07/202258 minutes 14 seconds
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091: Building Recession-Proof Businesses with David Lawver

The slow-moving real estate market allows you plenty of time to make adjustments when you notice a downturn coming. It’s hard to time the market, but a crisis will surely come.That’s why you want to surround yourself with the right people, ask the right questions, and learn to position yourself to capitalize on the next downturn.Today’s guest, David Lawver, did just that.David is an expert in building wealth in all aspects of life. He jumped into the mortgage business after his first year of university. After making $50,000 over the summer, he decided to bet on himself. He ditched college, dove deep into the real estate world, and never looked back.He now operates a massively successful mortgage brokerage firm, a seven-figure flipping company, and is the owner of a wealthy Airbnb portfolio.In this episode, David shares his advice on how to build wealth in a volatile market, how to best position yourself for the next downturn, and his tips on how to
21/07/202251 minutes 6 seconds
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090: Negotiate Like a Pro with Christine McKay

When people hear the term negotiation, they usually think of tense arguments and nerve-wracking meetings. To think that negotiation boils down to whether someone gets the better deal of the bargain is to operate from a place of scarcity.Today’s guest, Christine McKay, will be the first to tell you that negotiation doesn’t have to be a “win or lose” scenario. It’s not about winning; it’s about building relationships and being curious about your counterpart.Christine is the Founder and CEO of Venn Negotiation, a company through which she turns clients into world-class negotiators. She has worked with roughly half of the Fortune 500 companies and negotiated on behalf of hundreds of small and mid-sized businesses.Before becoming a negotiation powerhouse doing billion-dollar deals, Christine had to overcome adversity. She was homeless, on welfare, and a single mother. On top of t
14/07/20221 hour 1 minute 15 seconds
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089: Work Less, Achieve More, and Enjoy Life with Joe Sanok

You’ve heard about the four-hour workweek. That’s perhaps a tad unrealistic, but what about a four-day workweek?It might also seem far-fetched, but many countries and companies work just four days a week to achieve fantastic results. What if we focus more on the outcomes we want to accomplish instead of how much time we spend ‌to accomplish them? Can we learn to work less and do more while having more free time?Today’s guest, Joe Sanok, would undoubtedly agree. Joe is a speaker, mental health counselor, business consultant, and podcaster. He is the author of Thursday is the New Friday: How to Work Fewer Hours, Make More Money, and Spend Time Doing What You Want. Joe’s work was featured on Forbes, Business Insider, and Huffington Post. He hosts the #1 podcast for counselors, <a href="
07/07/202257 minutes 12 seconds
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088: How to Use ‘The ONE Thing’ to Create Extraordinary Life with Jay Papasan

What’s the number one activity that makes everything else in your life better? The thing that will move you towards financial freedom and allow you to live life entirely on your terms?Today’s guest, Jay Papasan, has answered that question for himself and is now sharing the roadmap with other people that want to achieve ultimate success.Jay is a bestselling author who serves as Vice President and Executive Editor at one of the largest and most trusted real estate companies on the planet, Keller Williams Realty. Keller Williams has over 1,000 offices worldwide with more than 180,000 working agents. In 2018, they generated over $332 billion in sales.Jay is a living example that with a deliberate and efficient system in place to prioritize actions, one can achieve tremendous success in all categories of life.In today’s episode, you’ll learn the importance of personal relationships for achieving success in life, how to build businesses that suit your personali
30/06/20221 hour 7 minutes 40 seconds
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086: Sue Dyer on Becoming a Trusted Leader People Want to Follow

What if I told you that it’s possible to build a business that continues to grow even after you’re out? Allowing you to embark on other journeys, while still reaping the rewards from the success of the business you built.Today’s guest, Sue Dyer, is a perfect example of someone who achieved that through nurturing a high-trust environment in every organization she stepped in. Sue is the first woman in the US to head a huge construction trade association. She has represented 200 construction companies, negotiating their collective bargaining agreements and mediating their disputes.Sue’s been in the game for over 40 years. During that time, she’s worked on more than 4,000 construction projects, and brought in over $180 billion for over 48,000 executives and leaders across the globe.She’s now helping other companies and leaders reach that same level of sustainability and profitability, through her models of collaboration, trust and integrity, and high-performance.</p
16/06/202252 minutes 6 seconds
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085: Billion Dollar Exit Strategies with Coran Woodmass

Today, I’m talking with Coran Woodmass, founder of Billion Dollar Exits.Despite not finishing high school, Coran became dedicated to self-education and entrepreneurship. After decades of mastering sales and negotiating dozens of exits, he discovered a unique ability to reverse engineer billion-dollar deals.Now he helps clients negotiate creative deals when exiting their companies, raising capital, and rapidly acquiring millions in EBITDA at a discount using other people's money.According to Coran, successful exit planning is both an art and a science. It requires the right strategy, the right people, and aligned agendas. Fortunately, Coran’s proven himself as an expert at getting all three of these factors to align for his clients, and he’s about to share some of those secrets with you today…Free GiftHe’s giving away his exclusive video titled 10 Secret Mindsets Behind Billion Dollar Deals - which will teach you how to pos
09/06/202251 minutes 36 seconds
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084: Leveraging Quiz Funnels to Generate Leads and Sell at Scale with Ryan Levesque

Imagine for a moment that your website could have hundreds or even thousands of sales conversations on autopilot every single week—24hrs a day, 365 days of the year.And by doing so, you could uncover your ideal client's exact wants and needs to serve them at the highest possible level.What kind of impact would that have on your business?Today, I'm talking with Ryan Levesque—entrepreneur, investor, bestselling author, and Founder of The ASK Method®.Using the power of Quiz Funnels, Ryan has built an email list of over 4.1M people and a highly-profitable $10M+/year business across 23 different niche markets.In this episode, you'll find out why his Quiz Funnels strategy is used by over 30M people each year. You'll also learn how your business can leverage this strategy to lower acquisition costs, increase conversions, and collect valuable data that will allow you to better serve and sell to your market!Free GiftOnce a yea
02/06/20221 hour 8 minutes 36 seconds
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083: There’s More to Life than Winning with the “World’s Greatest Athlete,” Trey Hardee

Sometimes, the one thing you want to happen the most is often the best thing that never happened. And while it can be difficult to see in the moment, hang in there and have faith because life will surprise you in ways you can't yet see.My guest, Trey Hardee, knows this all too well. He's experienced countless setbacks and moments in life that didn't seem to be going his way. But without them, he never would have become "the world's greatest athlete."His accomplishments as a track &amp; field athlete are quite remarkable…Trey is a two-time Olympian, two-time World Champion, two-time U.S. Champion, three-time Texas Relays winner, an NCAA Champion, a four-time All-American, former NCAA Record holder, and 2012 Olympic silver medalist in the decathlon.Pretty good for a guy who didn't even take up track and field until his junior year of high school… which, by the way, wouldn't even have happened if he hadn't been cut from his basketball team.In
26/05/202254 minutes 42 seconds
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082: Self-Storage, RV Parks, and Major Exit Deals with Ian Burnstein

Today, I’m talking with Ian Burnstein, an entrepreneur and investor with an extraordinary real estate track record, specializing in acquisitions, development, management, and more.He is the co-founder and principal at SPM Advisors LLC., which invests in multi-family, RV parks, self-storage, cannabis dispensary sale-leasebacks, and other sectors. They have been a part of more than $500M in transactions since 2015.He’s also the co-founder and COO of Storage Pros Management LLC, the co-founder and President of the Storage Business Owners Alliance, and has been an active principal in more than $2B of real estate investments.The list of other businesses, advisory roles, and real estate deals that Ian’s been a part of goes on and on, but today, you’ll get a chance to hear his inspiring story.We talk about his comeback from 2 major life-threatening setbacks, how he built and scaled a self-storage empire, and the pandemic-proof real estate asset class th
19/05/202251 minutes 50 seconds
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081: Building an 8-Figure Mushroom Empire with Four Sigmatic Founder, Tero Isokauppila

Today, I’m talking with Tero Isokauppila, a self-proclaimed Finnish nomad turned into a fungi lovin' foodpreneur, who built an 8-figure mushroom empire!Tero capitalized on a time when the health and wellness industry was booming, marrying his family’s farming background with a market opportunity. And with that, Four Sigmatic was born.As a 13th-generation family farmer, Tero’s exposure to mushrooms started a lot earlier than other kids. And throughout his life, mushrooms just kept popping up. Realizing some of their health benefits, Tero grew obsessed, experimenting and concocting herbs and natural products.Today, Four Sigmatic is an omnichannel brand selling nutrient-dense, “really good for you” everyday magic products, like mushroom coffee and plant-based protein.In this episode, you’re going to learn how a farm boy from Finland started and scaled an 8-figure mushroom coffee company that’s served over 100M customers, the risks and rewards of investing in
12/05/202252 minutes 32 seconds
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080: Building Wealth and Keeping More of It with Garrett Gunderson

Most of us are taught that investing our money in Wall Street and waiting 30 years is the key to a profitable retirement. Well, it turns out, 95% of Americans are not financially independent by age 65. If you want to learn what the other 5% are doing, today’s guest, Garrett Gunderson can show you the way.For 20+ years, Garrett has helped people keep more of what they make – legally and ethically – by plugging financial leaks and finding cash that is rightfully theirs. He’s the author of the New York Times bestseller, Killing Sacred Cows and the Founder of Wealth Factory, which helps entrepreneurs build their wealth and keep it, no matter what happens in the market.In this episode, Garrett shares his advice for navigating a financial future, in a time when our world seems progressively unstable.You’ll learn why Wall St. will never make you rich, insurance strategies to preserve and grow your wealth, and the exit deal that allowed Garrett to create ongoin
05/05/20221 hour 4 minutes 26 seconds
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079: Investing In Real Estate and Empowering Women to Grow their Wealth with Tamar Hermes

Financial freedom takes time, but you don’t have to come from money to achieve it.Today’s guest, Tamar Hermes, knows this all too well. Despite growing up poor, Tamar ended up becoming a millionaire investor and highly successful entrepreneur—and she believes that anyone can follow in her footsteps.As the CEO of Wealth Building Concierge, she empowers women to become financially free by teaching them how to invest in Real Estate.Tamar has been investing in real estate for over 20 years, focusing on appreciation with buy &amp; hold single-family homes and duplexes in Los Angeles. Over the past few years, she has expanded her portfolio to include passive multi-family investments across multiple states, private lending, and AirBnB properties.In this episode, we discuss how Tamar got into real estate investing and how she’s helping others (specifically women) do the same.You’ll also learn that investing your money in a 401k is a bad plan for b
28/04/202243 minutes 31 seconds
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078: Business As a Force For Good with Britnie Turner

Today, I’m speaking with Britnie Turner. Britnie is a serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, humanitarian, and philanthropist who is positively transforming the world, one business at a time.At the age of 21, she founded Aerial with the mission of elevating people and places. She went from living out of her car and working for free, to becoming a multimillion dollar real estate investor with active domestic and international projects.She went on to form multiple companies under the Aerial brand, all accelerating the mission of empowering people, sustaining the planet, and utilizing capitalism as a force for good.In this episode, I’m talking to Britnie about how business can be used as a transformative vehicle to change lives. You’ll hear about her missionary work in Africa, how she went from homeless to becoming the biggest real estate flipper in Nashville, why she revitalizes distressed neighborhoods, and the private island she bought that serves as an incu
21/04/202257 minutes 48 seconds
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077: Bootstrapping vs. Raising Money with Chris & Rob Taylor

Today, I’m speaking with the powerhouse brother duo, Chris and Rob Taylor.Here’s a bit of context…Chris founded a company called Square Root in 2006 which helps automotive OEM field managers understand and act on unique data patterns and opportunities for retailers in their markets. The company was acquired by CDK Global, where Chris continues his journey as Vice President and General Manager.His brother Rob Taylor is co-founder of Austin-based Convey, which was acquired for $255 million by project44. Convey powers direct-to-consumer delivery experiences for more than 2,000 of the world’s largest brands.What’s interesting is that Chris &amp; Rob took very different startup paths, but got to very similar destinations.Chris bootstrapped and scaled a single startup over the course of 17 years and didn’t take a single dollar of outside money.Rob on the other hand, leveraged venture capital to fund 7 different startups over a 20 year per
14/04/202258 minutes 28 seconds
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076: Sam Parr on Bootstrapping a Multimillion Dollar Company

Sam Parr is the Founder of The Hustle, a fast-growing media company that serves up important business news to over 1.5 million people daily.He bootstrapped the company from his kitchen table back in 2014, and by 2021 it was valued at $27 million and acquired by HubSpot for an undisclosed amount.At 30 years old, Sam was set for life… Though it hasn’t stopped him from creating or starting new ventures.Sam has built and sold multiple companies and is always looking to buy undervalued assets or invest in cool startups.He also co-hosts My First Million, which is one of the top ranked business podcasts in the world. And for good reason. Not only is it informative, but it’s super entertaining! The show involves interviewing entrepreneurs, breaking down successful companies, and sharing a ton of interesting business ideas that listeners are encouraged to go start.In this episode, I talk to Sam about the company he built and sold for milli
07/04/202255 minutes 4 seconds
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075: Russell Gray on Protecting Your Wealth with Cash Flow Real Estate

Today, I’m speaking with Russell Gray. Russ is a financial and business strategist, real estate investor, and co-host of The Real Estate Guys™ Radio and TV Shows, which has been broadcasting weekly since 1997.The podcast version of the show has thousands of episodes and has been downloaded over 15 million times.Russ is an expert on the subjects of investment strategy, finance and real estate investment planning, and has consulted with hundreds of investors on their personal financial strategies.He’s also the co-author of Equity Happens: Building Lifelong Wealth with Real Estate.In this episode, we talk about Investing in cash-flowing assets that protect you in a down economy, the differences between (inflation, deflation, stagflation, and shrinkflation), and why our current financial system is so broken!Want the Full Show Notes?To get access to the full show notes, including audio, transcripts, and links to all the
31/03/202253 minutes 34 seconds
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074: Josh Trent on The Connection Between Your Health & Wealth

Today, I’m speaking to Josh Trent. Josh is the Founder of Wellness Force Media and host of the top-ranked iTunes podcast, Wellness Force Radio. He has spent the past 16 years as a researcher, trainer, and facilitator discovering the physical and emotional intelligence that allow humans to thrive in our modern world.Josh has published over 300 high-level interviews with some of the most respected minds in the health, wellness, and self-help industries, and has been spotlighted in major wellness media outlets such as Onnit, Spartan, SEALFIT, and more.While his background is impressive, it wasn't that long ago that Josh hit rock bottom. He was unhealthy, both physically and mentally, and his beliefs around money were holding him back.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;In this episode, you’ll hear what he did to overcome the darkest period of his life, and how he completely turned things around for the better.You’ll also learn why you don’t need to sacrifice
24/03/20221 hour 7 minutes 38 seconds
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073: Ryan Moran on Helping Entrepreneurs Build 7-Figure Businesses that They Can Sell

Today, I’m speaking with Ryan Moran. Ryan is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, author, and investor who has successfully built, operated, sold, and invested in multi-million dollar e-commerce brands.As the founder of, he teaches entrepreneurs to build businesses and invest the profits. He has helped over 300 new entrepreneurs build 7-figure companies without requiring big teams or 100-hour workweeks.More than that, he helps empower entrepreneurs to create the individualized change they want to see. That means creating a life they want, discovering the passions they possess and participating in causes they want to be a part of… to live lives that make a mark in the world.In this episode, Ryan shares his entrepreneurial journey, including his early beginnings starting and scaling an e-commerce company to $10M.We also talk about what makes entrepreneurship so amazing, why ego is your enemy, and how he invests in early-stage businesses with the m
17/03/202249 minutes 38 seconds
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072: Scale Your Business Without Sacrificing Freedom with Amber Vilhauer

How do you build and scale a business without sacrificing your freedom?Most entrepreneurs struggle to separate themselves from the constant grind, resulting in burnout, or even worse, failure.But if you want to build a life on your terms, you need to free yourself from the daily hustle. You need to put systems in place that will allow your business to thrive, even when you're not around.That's why I'm so excited to be speaking with my long-time friend, Amber Vilhauer.Amber's company, NGNG Enterprises (standing for No Guts, No Glory), has become the go-to option for entrepreneurs and influencers who need help with high-performing book launches, web design, marketing, and scaling their business.Her team has developed over 1,000 websites from the ground up and has helped hundreds of clients create #1 bestselling books (including me).Not only has Amber built an incredibly successful business, but she's living a lifestyle that she absolutely love
10/03/202251 minutes 10 seconds
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071: Investing in Emerging Markets with Cole Shephard

The Federal Reserve is printing more money than ever before in history. In fact, 40% of the money in circulation was printed within the last two years! This has led to overpriced assets, overpriced stock markets, and overpriced real estate. So, when it comes to investing, how exactly do you find good deals? In today’s episode, you’ll learn about one way you can invest in deals with high growth potential!I'm speaking with Cole Shephard. Cole is the co-founder of Legacy Group, a highly successful alternative asset management firm based in Colombia.Prior to Legacy Group, he spent eight years providing accounting and advisory services for PricewaterhouseCoopers, which is the second-largest professional services network in the world and is considered one of the Big Four accounting firms.Cole’s desire to learn led to him working abroad in places like Bermuda and China, where he was able to fast-track his experience. He provided accounting and advisory services for cli
03/03/202254 minutes 38 seconds
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069: Starting and Scaling a $150 Million Marketing Agency with Erik Huberman

Today, I’m speaking with Erik Hubermnan. Erik is the Founder and CEO of Hawke Media, the fastest growing marketing consultancy in the United States. His company launched in 2014 and is now valued at over $150 million!In addition to Hawke Media, Erik successfully founded, grew, and sold two e-commerce companies by the age of 26. And he continues to strategically expand his business portfolio today…He’s been a part of multiple acquisitions, launched Hawke Ventures in 2018, and in 2021 went on to launch Hawke Z—an agency offering brands the tools needed to tap into GenZ. He also created Hawke Capital, which offers revenue financing solutions to e-commerce companies.If that wasn’t enough, Erik is the host of the popular podcast HawkeTalk and author of The Hawke Method: The Three Principles of Marketing that Made Over 3,000 Brands Soar.In this episode, you’ll hear all about Eirk’s entrepreneurial journey, including how he started and scaled Hawke Medi
17/02/202246 minutes 9 seconds
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068: The Good Money Revolution with Derrick Kinney

Money is often viewed as a taboo topic that most people don’t like or want to discuss openly. You’ll often hear parents advising their kids never to ask how much someone makes or how they make it because it’s rude. But this attitude leads to most people growing up with little to no concept of what a healthy perspective of money should be. This prevents the majority of us from ever reaching our financial potential.Today’s guest, Derrick Kinney, is here to change the way people view and talk about money. He’s on a mission to help people make a lot more money and then use it to do good!As a Private Wealth Advisor at Derrick Kinney &amp; Associates for over 25 years, Derrick has a proven track record of providing financial security and quality advice to help people live the lives they’ve always dreamed of. But upon realizing that he no longer had the driving passion to be a financial advisor on his annual sabbatical in 2019, Derrick knew it was time to sell his practice, b
10/02/202245 minutes 55 seconds
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067: Build, Grow, and Protect Your Financial and Personal Sovereignty with Mark Moss

Today, I’m talking to Mark Moss. Mark is an Investor and Entrepreneur with a passion for helping others avoid the same mistakes he made, so they too can live a life by design, not by default.Mark has founded 7 companies, each of which have scaled beyond 7-figures within the first year. One of those companies became a Fortune 500 Exit to the biggest medical equipment company in the world.Mark has also fixed, flipped and developed over $25M in real estate, invested in private business, gold mines, oil fields, and new technologies.In our discussion, you’ll hear the story of how Mark lost a multimillion dollar fortune early into his entrepreneurial journey, and what he did to rebuild his wealth faster than ever.We also talk about financial sovereignty, why the financial system is rigged and working against you, the importance of holding hard assets, and the “great reset” that everyone should be preparing for. That and a whole lot more!FREE Gift
04/02/20221 hour 5 minutes 20 seconds
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066: Chris Pronger on Investing, Business, and Life Outside of Hockey

Today, I’m talking to Chris Pronger. And yes, I’m referring to the NHL Hall of Fame Hockey Player! Chris had an absolute legendary career as a defenceman. He got to the Stanley cup finals with three different teams, won the cup with the Anaheim Ducks in 2007, won the Hart Memorial Trophy as the NHL’s most valuable player for the 1999-2000 season, won Olympic gold medals at the 2002 and 2010 Winter Olympics, and was named one of the "100 Greatest NHL Players" in history.While Chris is considered a major success in the world of hockey, it’s not the only thing that defines him. He’s also a father, husband, investor, and entrepreneur. And today, we talk about all of it.You’ll hear some fun stories from his playing days, his guiding principles for making smart investing decisions, and the story behind building a boutique luxury travel company with his wife. That and a whole lot more!FREE GiftChris is giving away a free report outlining the top
27/01/202253 minutes 59 seconds
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065: Scaling Beyond a Million with Brad Weimert

Today, I'm speaking with my long-time friend, Brad Weimert. Brad is an adventurer, investor, entrepreneur, and Founder of Easy Pay Direct—a payment gateway touted as the most critical tool on the market to facilitate high-level eCommerce.What makes Brad's business so unique is how it manages what bigger processing companies (like PayPal or Stripe) would consider to be "high risk." While these merchant accounts allow you to get set up quickly, they fail to get to know your business. And the result can lead to holds on money that you legitimately earned—or even worse, closing down your account altogether without notice.Easy Pay Direct solves this problem by underwriting on the front-end and really getting to know your business and how it operates. Through that unique differentiation, Brad's company has been able to work with over 30,000 businesses and serves clients like Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Hal Elrod, Grant Cardone, Frank Kern, and many others.Seeing the
20/01/202257 minutes 12 seconds
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064: Leveraging Video To Close More Deals With Todd Hartley

Today, I’m speaking with Todd Hartley, known as the rockstar of remote selling, video marketing, and sales optimization. He’s one of Tony Robbins’ Business Mastery faculty speakers, trained each of Tony’s 74 businesses how to sell remotely, and delivers high-octane keynotes all over the world.Todd’s tactics as CEO earned WireBuzz, (his ROI Focused Video, Marketing &amp; Sales Optimization Agency) a spot on the Inc5000 list as one of the fastest growing privately held businesses in America in 2020.His track record for being years ahead of his industry is why billion dollar companies, celebrities, and world leaders hire him to develop their sales and marketing strategies. His clients include 23andMe, Justin Timberlake, MD Anderson, Home Depot, and many more.In today’s episode, Todd shares his journey from the kid who struggled in school, to becoming a digital marketing expert and super successful entrepreneur.In our discussion, you’ll learn how video can be
14/01/202245 minutes 9 seconds
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063: Chris Schelling on Growing Your Wealth with Alternative Investments

Here's something to consider. The wealthiest people in the world don't waste their time investing in the stock market. The majority of their net worth is allocated to alternative investments—and on today's episode, you'll learn why.I'm speaking with Christopher Schelling, the Director of Alternative Investments for Venturi Private Wealth. As an institutional investor, Chris has invested roughly $5 billion and met with over 3,000 managers across private equity, private real estate, real assets, private credit, natural resources, hedge funds, liquid alternatives, crypto, and more.He is currently a contributing columnist for Institutional Investor, has written over 60 articles on investing, and is the author of Better than Alpha: Three Steps to Capturing Excess Returns in a Changing World.Chris was named one of Money Management Intelligence's 2012 Rising Stars of Public Funds, a Rising Star of Hedge Funds by Institutional Investor in 2014,
06/01/20221 hour 4 minutes 13 seconds
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062: Creating a Life by Design with Real Estate Investing with Dave Allred

The difference between the people who want financial freedom and those that achieve it is commitment. If you can identify specific goals, break them into manageable steps, and take action, there’s no reason you can’t achieve financial freedom too.Dave Allred, managing partner of Axia Partners, is a perfect example of how living with intention can launch you forward in business and life.Dave started as a door-to-door sales rep for a security company and worked his way up to the Regional Vice President of Sales.While he had built an incredible career, more than anything, he wanted to achieve financial freedom and knew real estate was the vehicle to get him there.By the time he was 30, Dave had decided to turn his dream into a reality. Over the next 10 years, he built an investment portfolio of more than 1,000 residential units, syndicated more than a dozen deals, and even start
30/12/202147 minutes 4 seconds
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061: Building a Billion Dollar Real Estate Empire with Ken McElroy

You don’t have to come from money to build wealth. If you can find a good deal, the money will follow. What you do need is a strong work ethic, solid relationships, and a willingness to put yourself out there!Today, I’m speaking with Ken McElroy, who went from a broke college student managing an apartment building to becoming a business mogul who has transacted over $1 billion in real estate.&nbsp;Ken was by no means an overnight success. In fact, he spent 8 years managing properties before he would own any of his own. But his determination to learn and ability to surround himself with the right people eventually paid off.Ken has gone on to experience great success in the world of real estate. Not only is he a bestselling author and internationally recognized speaker, but he’s the real estate advisor to Robert Kiyosaki of The Rich Dad Company.In this episode, Ken talks about his unbelievable journey and his steps to go from property manager to pr
23/12/202146 minutes 47 seconds
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060: Vanessa Peters on Investing in Land Entitlement and Making Big Returns

So many people end up going to school, choosing a career, working as hard as possible, and climbing the corporate ladder, hoping that they will one day achieve financial success. But far too often, that day never comes.&nbsp;Today’s guest, Vanessa Peters, is an excellent example of someone who fell into that trap but ultimately decided to do something about it.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;After 10 years of building a career as a Doctor, she realized she wouldn’t achieve her financial goals, even as a high-income earner. Not only was she swimming in debt from years of schooling, but her life revolved around work, leaving little time to enjoy anything else.&nbsp;&nbsp;In 2008, Vanessa decided to start investing in real estate and began with a single-family home. Before long, she moved on to multifamily, mobile home parks, self-storage, short-term rentals, and even land entitlement, which is turning raw land into a “shovel-ready” state. This adds value and can lead to B
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059: Sam Marks on Building a $100M Exit and Learning to Invest Like a Boss

Today, I’m speaking with Sam Marks. At the age of 24, after some early setbacks (including 4 arrests while in College) Sam moved from the US to the UK and founded the e-cigarette company, SKYCIG. He bootstrapped the company initially out of the back of a rental car, and grew it into Europe’s largest e-cig brand in only 4 years. In 2013, the business was acquired for $100 million!Sam had all this money, but no idea what to do with it. He gave 40% of his earnings from the sale of the business to a financial advisory team to manage—later realizing they were losing him money, even when the markets were up. He felt manipulated, duped, and frustrated by the entire process.He decided it was time to take control of his money. Despite having zero investing experience, he started the Invest Like a Boss podcast, so he could interview and learn from the most experienced investo
09/12/202149 minutes 9 seconds
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058: David Nurse on Creating Breakthrough Moments that Change Your Life

Sometimes, the one thing you want the most, is oftentimes the best thing that never happens.Maybe you can recall one of those moments in your own life; where you worked SO hard for something and it just didn’t work out the way you had planned. But in the end, it got you to where you are today.Today’s guest, David Nurse, calls these happy little accidents “breakthroughs”, which is exactly what this episode is all about.&nbsp;More than anything, David wanted to play in the NBA. But when his dreams didn’t come true the way he had envisioned, it didn’t stop him. He simply pivoted.Instead of becoming a player, he decided to become a coach, and eventually landed a position with the Brooklyn Nets. Not long after he joined the team, a new head coach came in and fired everyone—including David.Naturally, this wasn’t the outcome he was looking for, but it opened doorways he never knew existed. And in the end, getting fired was the best thing that ever happene
02/12/202143 minutes 43 seconds
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057: The Power of Positive Leadership with Jon Gordon

Have you ever wondered what makes great leaders so great? What do they do differently that inspires the people around them to perform at their absolute best?In today’s conversation, you’ll find out, as I’m speaking with leadership expert, Jon Gordon.Jon’s leadership principles have been put to the test by numerous world-renowned organizations, such as NFL, NBA, MLB coaches and teams, Fortune 500 companies, schools, hospitals, non-profits, and more.He is the author of 24 books, including 6 best-sellers: The Energy Bus, The Carpenter, Training Camp, You Win in the Locker Room First, The Power of Positive Leadership and The Power of a Positive Team.Here's just some of the things we get into:Why parenthood is all about selfless leadership.Leadership lessons you can learn from Clemson University’s head football coach, Dabo Swinney.If you had all the money in th
25/11/202138 minutes 54 seconds
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056: You Don’t Have to Be Ruthless to Win with Jonathan Keyser

When Jonathan Keyser entered the cut-throat world of commercial real estate brokerage, he became the worst version of himself and hated himself because of it.Then one day, he decided he’d had enough. He realized he was sacrificing his values in pursuit of success, and that he needed to stop. He abandoned his ruthless ways and reinvented himself as a selfless leader, which skyrocketed his brokerage firm to eight figures.&nbsp;Jonathan now believes that anyone, in any industry, can experience resounding success through selfless service—which is what this episode is all about.&nbsp;In our conversation, we discuss real estate strategies, company culture, and the most important principles from his new book, You Don’t Have to Be Ruthless to Win.Here's just some of the things we get into:How to win in life AND business by helping other people succeed.Why serving others in a meaningful way is rarely taught in busines
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055: Become a Global Citizen to Grow Your Wealth and Freedom with Andrew Henderson

Today, I’m speaking with Andrew Henderson, the world’s most sought-after expert on offshore tax planning, second passports, and global citizenship.As the Founder of Nomad Capitalist, he helps successful entrepreneurs and investors legally reduce their tax bill, create a Plan B, and grow their wealth globally.In this conversation, we talk all about why geography is no longer a limitation for investors who are willing to follow Andrew’s advice to “go where you’re treated best.”What does that mean exactly?Well, it’s not only about reducing your taxes. While that’s a part of it, it’s also about choosing how you spend your hard-earned money, mitigating risks, and creating a backup plan that gives you and your family peace of mind. It’s about diversifying, optimizing, and taking control over all aspects of your life, so you can experience true freedom. Don’t worry, we dive deeper into all of this during our conversation.And to
10/11/202158 minutes 57 seconds
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054: Alan Olsen on Why Collaboration is Your Ticket to Freedom

In this episode, I’m speaking to Alan Olsen, who is a tax expert with over 25-years of tax advisory experience serving some of the most influential and successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalists in the world.Alan started out as an IRS agent and a CPA, but was destined for something greater. His grit, determination and community involvement brought him early success, and an understanding of the value of relationships.&nbsp;As a father of seven, Alan always prioritized family and leaned on his faith, but it wasn’t until his kids went to college that he had an epiphany. He decided to share his wealth with less fortunate families, and virtually bankrupted himself to fund a low-cost college tuition program for disadvantaged children. Despite the uncertainty, following this unconventional path would lead to success far beyond his imagination!&nbsp;Today, Alan’s a Managing Partner at GROCO
04/11/202142 minutes
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053: Mike McCarthy on How to Succeed as an Investor without Sacrificing Family!

There’s no point in making money if you’ve got nobody to spend it with. Unfortunately, far too many entrepreneurs sacrifice their freedom to achieve financial success—and in the process, they lose out on spending time with the people who matter the most.Those who fall into this trap will say they’re “doing it for their family”, but sadly, it’s the family that always gets the short end of the stick. And I can tell you from experience, I’ve made this mistake!But keep this in mind…Your kids will never remember how many mortgage payments you make, but they will remember if you show up to their little league games, birthdays, recitals, and family dinners.This leads me to today’s guest. I’m speaking with my good friend and lifestyle investor, Mike McCarthy, whose mission is to help you see that what your family really wants isn’t material wealth—it’s YOU!Mike is an entrepreneur, speaker, author of The Miracle Morning for Parents and
28/10/202154 minutes 41 seconds
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052: Investing in Real Estate Using Other People’s Money with Matt Aitchison

How do you start investing in real estate if you don’t have any money?&nbsp;Matt Aitchison is a real estate investor, syndicator, speaker, and host of the Millionaire Mindcast podcast. He’s flipped hundreds of houses, built a Top 1000 real estate team in the U.S, and now focuses solely on raising capital for syndications and scaling his passive income portfolio, which consists of commercial strip centers, hospitality assets, and single family rentals.&nbsp;Matt graduated from college with what he calls “a really expensive piece of paper” that he knew he wasn’t going to use.Thankfully, he ended up finding a mentor-seeks-mentee ad on Craigslist, and spent the next year flipping more than 100 houses for the guy who’d posted it. Matt didn’t earn a dime, but he got an education that’s paid back in spades!&nbsp;At 21 years old, Matt branched out on his own. He bought his first home for $75,000, fixed it up, and sold it three months later for $210,000.<
21/10/202159 minutes 42 seconds
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051: How to Permanently Reduce Your Taxes and Build Wealth Faster with Tom Wheelwright

Taxes are looked at so negatively by most people, but taxation is actually one of the most powerful tools for wealth creation—and today, you’ll learn why!&nbsp;I’m speaking with Tom Wheelwright. Tom is an entrepreneur, best selling author, Rich Dad Advisor® and international authority on tax, whose goal in life is to make taxes fun, easy &amp; understandable. He’s dedicated his life to learning and studying the tax law and has taught thousands of investors around the world how to permanently reduce their taxes.He has been a keynote speaker at Rich Dad conferences worldwide with Robert Kiyosaki and his work has been featured in hundreds of media outlets, including Forbes, The Huffington Post, Accounting Today, CFO Magazine, ABC News Radio, and Entrepreneur Magazine.In today’s discussion, you’ll hear the real truth about taxes. If you want to follow the rules of the rich, gain more control over your money, and permanently pay less taxes so you can build wealth fas
14/10/202155 minutes 58 seconds
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050: Steve Sims, The Real Life Wizard of Oz

How do the richest, most successful people get to where they are?Today’s guest, Steve Sims, was determined to find out—and in the process, accidently created the world’s first luxury concierge, with Forbes later calling him “The Real Life Wizard of Oz.”&nbsp;Steve’s day job is to make the impossible possible. With his help, his clients’ wildest fantasies and dreams come true. Getting married by the Pope in the Vatican, being serenaded by Andrea Bocelli, and connecting with powerful business moguls like Elon Musk &amp; Sir Elton John, to name just a few.&nbsp;In this episode, I speak to Steve about his remarkable journey from his humble beginnings as a bricklayer’s son, to creating a unique and thriving career while rubbing elbows with the most successful people in the world.&nbsp;You’ll also learn all about his book, Bluefishing: The Art of Making Things Happen, which reveals his secrets to accomplishing the seemingly impossible!He
07/10/202146 minutes 7 seconds
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049: Dane Espegard on Creating a Culture of Achieving Your Dreams

How do you create a work culture that leads to happier employees and explosive growth?Today’s guest, Dane Espegard, is here to answer that question. While in college, Dane stumbled into an entry level sales position with Vector Marketing selling Cutco Cutlery. Little did he know that he would still be with them almost 20 years later.&nbsp;He has since trained thousands of sales representatives, managed over $51 Million worth of Cutco sales, and has created a culture centered around ‘Dreams’ that helps employees become more engaged with their work, and creates consistent growth for his business.In our conversation, we’re talking all about Dane’s new book, The Dream Machine: A Leader's Guide to Creating Teams of High Performers Who Achieve Extraordinary Outcomes.&nbsp;Here's just some of the things we get into:Dane’s early success with CutcoAdvice &amp; insights for first-time mobile home park investors<li
30/09/202146 minutes 32 seconds
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048: Steven Pesavento on How to Think Like the Ultra-Wealthy

How do the wealthiest of the wealthy think? And what can you learn from their mindset and apply to your own investment approach?Today’s guest, Steven Pesavento is a high performance coach and active real estate investor, who knows that mindset is at the center of what it takes to create lifestyle freedom.Steven entered the real estate market with zero experience and within the first two and a half years, his company bought 200+ houses in multiple states, renovated 100 properties, and was entrusted with more than $12 million of investor capital. Later, he was introduced to passive real estate investing and transitioned his business completely to syndications — in part because it was an opportunity to work with wealthy, lifestyle-driven investors.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;In today’s episode, I speak to Steven about his path into real estate investing and his overall approach to cultivating an investor mindset and creating passive income.Here's just some of
23/09/202144 minutes 43 seconds
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047: The Habits of Highly Effective Leaders with Brad Lomenick

When you’re looking at the qualities it takes to be a great leader, it’s easy to get lost thinking it’s about what other people are doing for you. But it’s actually about how you can provide value to other people.&nbsp;To better understand the most important habits of highly effective leaders, I’m speaking to Brad Lomenick. Brad is a leadership consultant, founder of BLINC, host of the H3 Leadership podcast, and has worked alongside thought-leaders such as Jim Collins and Malcom Gladwell, Fortune 500 CEOs and start-up entrepreneurs.In our discussion, you’ll hear us talk about his new book, H3 Leadership: Be Humble. Stay Hungry. Always Hustle—a practical road map for implementing and living out 20 transformational habits of a leader. Not only are humility, <
16/09/202146 minutes 30 seconds
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046: Daniel Alonzo on Building a Highly Scalable Business and Living Life on Your Terms

Even the most driven of us are sometimes forced to swerve from our goals when life takes an unexpected turn. And although it might seem like the end of the world at the time, it could also be a major opportunity.Today’s podcast guest, Daniel Alonzo, started in financial services when he was 21 — and was a millionaire by 28 — but that wasn’t his original plan. His dreams of becoming a baseball player were dashed by an injury. Prior to that, he admits, he was a “bad kid,” whose pastimes included breaking into people’s cars, and stealing whatever was loose inside.Little did Daniel know that one of these incidents would set him on the path to success. Inside a stolen boombox was a cassette tape by Jack Canfield of “Chicken Soup For the Soul” fame. The tape was called “Self Esteem &amp; Peak Performance,” and listening to it changed Daniel’s perspective on life. It helped him find focus and set goals.&nbsp;One of those goals was to retire by the age of 30, and he cer
09/09/202153 minutes 30 seconds
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045: Creating Passive Income with Residential Real Estate with Marco Santarelli

When you have your mind set on achieving financial freedom, it’s easy to get impatient. But you can’t start generating wealth-building passive income overnight.Marco Santarelli is the CEO and founder of Norada Real Estate, and host of the Passive Real Estate Investing podcast. He bought his first property at 18, laying the foundation for what became his ticket to long-term wealth: residential real estate.Marco sums up the story of his journey to financial freedom with the word “tenacity.” It took decades for him to achieve his goals — but he needed that time to learn the lessons that ultimately helped him succeed.On this episode, you’ll learn from Marco’s fascinating path to becoming a nationwide real estate mogul. He shares advice for people getting started in the real estate industry, and explains why you should choose steady income over gambling on one big pay day.Want the Full Show Notes?To get access to the full show notes, in
02/09/202151 minutes 31 seconds
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044: John Hall on Building Influence and Becoming #1 in Your Industry

Have you ever wondered how industry influencers and thought leaders become known in their space? I’ll tell you one thing, it doesn’t happen by accident!&nbsp;Maybe you can even think of someone who you’ve never heard of before, and then all of a sudden their name is popping up everywhere; in major publications, all over social media, on all the big podcasts, and in every book store. Their content seems to be everywhere!&nbsp;So, how did they do it?&nbsp;Today’s guest, John Hall, is someone who knows exactly how it’s done. John was a millionaire by the time he finished college, and has been strategically investing and building businesses ever since.&nbsp;He’s a serial entrepreneur, real estate developer, author, advisor, speaker, connector, and co-founder of — a leading scheduling app that he believes will change how people manage and invest their time.He’s listed as “#1 must-see keynote speaker” by Forbes, “One of the most
26/08/202156 minutes 42 seconds
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043: Geoff Woods on The ONE Thing that Creates Extraordinary Results in Every Area of Life

Most people wake up, see their to-do list, and tell themselves that they have to get as many things done as possible. This is what today’s guest, Geoff Woods, calls The Lie of Productivity; the idea that everything matters equally.&nbsp;If you want to win at investing (or any area of life), you need to focus on what matters most, not on everything.Geoff is the Co-Founder &amp; President of ProduKtive®, the training company behind The ONE Thing and the host of The ONE Thing podcast, which is in the top 5% of all podcasts in the world. He’s an advisor to executives ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, helping them to design the future of work, and create cultures where people are clear on what matters most so they can achieve extraordinary results.In today’s conversation, you’ll learn all about The ONE Thing, and how it’s helping people live more rewarding lives by building their careers, strengthening their finances, losing weight and
19/08/202152 minutes 4 seconds
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042: Mike Michalowicz on How to Profit First and Successfully Scale Any Business

By his 35th birthday Mike Michalowicz had founded and sold two multi-million dollar companies.&nbsp;Confident that he had the formula to success, he became an angel investor. But to his surprise, what he thought he knew about building a successful company, was all wrong — which led to him losing his entire fortune.&nbsp;He lost his house, his cars, and even had to tell his 9 year old daughter that her horse riding lessons were no longer affordable.&nbsp;Driven to find better ways to grow healthy, strong companies, he created the Profit First system — which is now used by hundreds of thousands of companies across the globe to drive real profit.Since starting over, Mike has built two new multi-million dollar ventures and has had 52 consecutive quarters of profit distributions for his businesses.In today’s episode, Mike explains how he lost everything betting on seemingly successful companies, the problem with growing a business too slow or t
12/08/202134 minutes 9 seconds
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041: Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life with Garrain Jones

Today, I’m speaking to Garrain Jones! For over 2 years, Garrain lived out of his car and was over $300,000 in debt. If life wasn’t miserable enough, he then spent 2 ½ years in prison for selling heroin. But through these challenges, and many other tragic events surrounding his life, Garrain found his purpose and was able to completely change the trajectory of his life.&nbsp;Today, he’s a transformation coach, business coach, speaker, author, health and wellness advocate, and serial entrepreneur who has motivated and inspired thousands of people around the world.&nbsp;He is living proof that your circumstances can change, IF you’re willing to change the way you think.&nbsp;In his bestselling book, Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life: Lessons of Love, Leadership and Transformation he shares his proven process for removing lifelong struggles (starting from within), and gives you the tools to attract prosperity and passion in all areas of your life.<p
05/08/20211 hour 36 seconds
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040: Tony Cappell on De-Risking the Deal and Earning Higher Returns

Today, I’m speaking with Tony Cappell. Tony is the Principal and Co-founder at Chicago Atlantic Group — a private market investment firm combining deep expertise with an entrepreneurial approach to multi-asset class investing.As a debt investor with over 10 years of experience in the specialty finance space, Tony has completed over 150 deals comprising over $5B in total credit.Prior to founding Chicago Atlantic, Tony was a Managing Director and Head of Underwriting at Stonegate Capital, a private credit investment firm that specializes in the cannabis industry. At Stonegate, he was responsible for credit, underwriting and the growth strategy of the loan portfolio.Tony is an unbelievable source of information when it comes to understanding loan and fund structure. He knows exactly what to look for when it comes to protecting the downside and mitigating risk. He’s also a wealth of knowledge when it comes to enhancing a deal and creating opportunities to earn bette
29/07/20211 hour 8 minutes 4 seconds
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039: JP Newman on Making a Real Impact with Real Estate

Today, I’m speaking with JP Newman. JP is the Founder and CEO of Thrive, FP — a relationship based private equity firm focusing on real estate projects that make a real impact. Their focus is on generating profit for investors, while also improving tenant communities for the greater good.&nbsp;The way JP see’s it, when residents thrive, a property succeeds—and when a property succeeds, investors win.Since 2009, JP and his partner (Adrian Lufschanowski) have done over a billion dollars in real estate transactions and have acquired more than 11,000 units.&nbsp;Few businesses strive to create prosperity, but JP’s company is proof that it’s possible to invest with purpose and create wealth and success where everyone succeeds.&nbsp;&nbsp;In our conversation, JP shares his story from quitting a lucrative career with SONY and his humble beginnings as an investor, to building a real estate empire focused on building community and doing social good.You’ll a
22/07/20211 hour 1 minute 30 seconds
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038: Dr. David Phelps on Creating Freedom with Real Estate Investing

From a very young age, we’re taught that in order to earn money, there has to be an exchange of time. To make more, you have to work more. The problem is, there’s only 24hrs in a day, so the earned income model completely limits how much money you can make.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Sure, you can level up by making a higher hourly wage or working more hours, but beyond that, you’re stuck.&nbsp;As a result, people will settle for mediocrity. They end up building a lifestyle around what they get paid, rather than building their pay around the lifestyle that they truly want.It’s a trap! One that most people don’t know how to escape. Which leads me to today’s episode of the podcast…&nbsp;I’m speaking with Dr. David Phelps. David worked on the dental practice hamster wheel for over 20 years before being punched in the gut by his daughter’s life-threatening battle with leukemia, epilepsy, and a liver transplant — all before the age of 12.&nbsp;Fortunately, he had
15/07/202155 minutes 55 seconds
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037: Khalil Rafati on How to Develop a Millionaire Mindset

In this episode, I’m speaking with Khalil Rafati. Khalil is a high school dropout, convicted felon, and former heroin and crack addict who wound up homeless by the age of 33.With nowhere to go but up, he decided it was time to get sober — and that’s exactly what he did!Fast forward to today, Khalil is a bestselling author, speaker, and health and wellness entrepreneur. He is the founder and owner of SunLife Organics, a rapidly growing chain of health food cafés with locations in California, Texas, and Arizona.In our conversation, you’ll hear Khalil’s unbelievable journey from a homeless junkie, to learning to invest and becoming a millionaire! We talk about overcoming the poverty mindset, the power of surrender, and why billionaire John Paul Dejoria decided to invest $1 million into his business. That and a whole lot more!Want the Full Show Notes?To get access to the full show notes, including audio, transcripts, and links to all t
08/07/20211 hour 3 minutes 12 seconds
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036: Mac Lackey on How to Successfully Exit at Maximum Value

There’s a common misconception that entrepreneurship has to come at a cost; that in order to make a company valuable, a trade-off must occur. If your business goes up, your personal life must come down — and there’s no other way!&nbsp;&nbsp;Well, today’s guest, Mac Lackey, would humbly disagree.&nbsp;As an entrepreneur for over 24 years, Mac has started, built and sold six companies — all of which have achieved 7 or 8 figure exits.What’s more impressive, is that he didn’t do it at the cost of spending less time on his family, his health, or living an exceptional life. As a devoted husband and proud father of two amazing girls, he found a way to do it all. He’s traveled the world, lived abroad, met his idols, had 50 yard line season tickets to his favorite team (FC Barcelona), and never missed a “Donuts with Dad” or a chance to carve a pumpkin with his kids.Not only has Mac avoided the entrepreneurial grind that we’re taught is inevitable, but he’s develop
01/07/20211 hour 2 minutes 37 seconds
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035: Preston Smiles on Manifesting a Limitless Life of Joy and Freedom

Money can’t buy you happiness. It may be cliché, but it’s true.&nbsp;I’ve met lots of people whose bank accounts are full, yet their lives are completely empty. And no matter what they acquire, it’s never enough and never satisfies.&nbsp;Don’t get me wrong… I’m not saying that money is bad or that it can’t help you build a life on your terms. BUT, if you’re struggling to find joy in your life, no amount of money, status, or material possessions will fill that void.&nbsp;That’s because true happiness, success, and freedom aren’t external, they come from within.To help us better understand this idea, I am speaking with Personal Freedom Coach, Preston Smiles. Preston has helped thousands of people around the world to understand &amp; embrace their fears, so they can live the life of their dreams.He is the founder of The Bridge Experience — a workshop where he and his
24/06/20211 hour 1 minute 24 seconds
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034: Jon Vroman on What it Means to Be a Family Man First

When I started a family, I made a very intentional decision that I wasn’t going to trade time for money. I knew I wanted to show up at every game, recital, and important activity for my daughter, so I decided I was going to build a life that would give me and my family lifestyle freedom — and that’s exactly what I did!But, just because I created that freedom, it didn’t mean that I was automatically an amazing husband and father.&nbsp;In fact, for someone who’s always been a high achieving, hard working, competitive natured person, working on my business oftentimes felt more natural than working on my family.As entrepreneurs and investors, we’re so used to planning, setting, and achieving big goals for our businesses. We track progress, hit targets, hold meetings, and more...&nbsp;But why aren’t we taught to put that same level of energy into planning for our families — and shouldn't that be a top priority?With Father’s Day just around the corner, I
17/06/202159 minutes 16 seconds
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033: The Great Unlearn with Cal Callahan

When I quit my job years ago, a lot of people thought I was crazy for doing it.But why? Was it because I had checked off all the "right" boxes; or because I was making good money and could make even more if I had stayed?From the moment we’re born, we’re told how to look, how to feel, and who to be. We’re taught to do things a certain way and to follow a certain path. But if we’re not careful, it can prevent us from living in alignment with our true values.For me, the goal was NOT to make more money, the goal was to buy my time back...So, quitting my job was the right decision. And of course, the money followed, but if I had listened to what everyone else had told me to do, I would never have achieved the lifestyle freedom that I have today. This is an important lesson that leads to today’s discussion with my friend Cal Callahan.Cal is the owner of Unlearn Ventures, which is an investment fund and incubator for forward-thinking proj
10/06/20211 hour 5 minutes 58 seconds
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032: Robert Glazer on How to Build & Scale a Top Performing Virtual Team

Today, I’m talking to Robert Glazer. Robert is the founder and CEO of Acceleration Partners — a $20 million business that has won over 30 awards for its company culture. The company employs over 200 people worldwide, and despite being fully remote, is recognized as a best place to work by Inc, Fortune, Forbes, Entrepreneur, the Boston Globe and Glassdoor.&nbsp;&nbsp;He’s also ranked as the #2 small-business CEO in America by Glassdoor, hosts his own podcast, is a bestselling author, and his Friday Forward newsletter reaches over 200,000 readers each week.On top of all that, he’s just released a new book, How to Thrive in the Virtual Workplace — a leadership book for any entrepreneur who wants to build a world-class virtual company.&nbsp;In this episode, you’ll learn what it takes to build and scale a fully-remote team, the major mistakes to avoid, and why doubling down on core values is key to long-term business success.Want the
04/06/202151 minutes 34 seconds
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031: Craig Kessler on The Dad Advice Project and Building a Powerful Legacy

Today, I’m speaking with my friend Craig Kessler. Craig is the COO of a multimillion dollar company, Topgolf, which is one of the fastest growing sports and entertainment companies in the world with over 60 venues across the US and nearly 20,000 associates.&nbsp;Before he joined Topgolf, Craig cultivated extensive experience in the world of private equity, which helped him prepare to serve as one of the youngest C-suite executives in the country.Craig’s also just released The Dad Advice Project — a book of real-life stories and advice written by more than forty dads from all walks of life. It’s a powerful behind the scenes look at raising a family and being a great father.Today, Craig and I dive into a bunch of topics, including the risk/return of private equity investing, the power of culture, mentorship, work/life integration, The Dad Advice Project, and how to think about building your legacy!Want the Full Show Notes?To
01/06/202146 minutes 25 seconds
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030: John Ruhlin on The Art of Gift Giving and Building Great Relationships

Today, I’m speaking with my good friend John Ruhlin. John is a master networker, keynote speaker, sales and marketing expert, and entrepreneur who has built an entire business around the art of gift giving.It all began when he created the Corporate Gift Program at Cutco - which he still owns to this day - and now he’s creating gift packages for some of the largest companies and pro sports teams in the world!His book Giftology, has ignited a movement that is helping other businesses level up their gifting game and increase their bottom line. For over a decade, the Giftology System has been helping privately owned businesses and billion dollar companies get to new levels of success with it’s proven process.In this episode, we’re talking all about the art of gift giving and the profound impact it can have on both your personal and professional life. You’ll learn how bad gifts damage relationships, and how good ones can cut through noise and leave lasting, positive
27/05/202156 minutes 12 seconds
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029: Frank Rolfe on Making Millions with Mobile Home Park Investing

Today, I’m talking to Frank Rolfe — the godfather of mobile home park investing.&nbsp;Frank has been an investor in mobile home parks for almost three decades, and has owned and operated hundreds of mobile home parks during that time. He is currently ranked, with his partner Dave Reynolds, as the 5th largest mobile home park owner in the U.S., with a portfolio valued at over $500 million.&nbsp;He is also the co-owner of Mobile Home University, which teaches people the exact steps to successfully evaluate, purchase, repair, rent, and sell mobile homes.&nbsp;In today’s conversation, you’ll learn how Frank accidentally broke into the world of mobile home park investing, his approach to analyzing deals, and why now (more than ever), mobile home parks present incredible opportunities for lifestyle investors.&nbsp;Key Takeaways with Frank RolfeHow Frank started his career with a beat-up trailer park that was losing money on the wron
20/05/20211 hour 6 minutes 47 seconds
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028: Michael Blank on The Blueprint to Quitting Your Job with Real Estate

Today, I’m talking with Michael Blank — the leading authority on apartment building investing in the United States.&nbsp;Through his investment company, Nighthawk Equity, he controls over $90 million in performing multifamily assets and has raised over $21 million.&nbsp;In addition to his own investing activities, his unique training programs have helped his students purchase over 7,600 units valued at over $337 million.He's also the author of the best-selling book, Financial Freedom With Real Estate Investing and host of the popular Apartment Building Investing podcast.Not only has Michael dedicated his life to showing people how to achieve financial freedom through real estate, but he believes anyone can do it within a 3-5 year period, regardless of experience or capital.&nbsp;In this conversation, Michael shares his incredible story of nearly losing everything before winning in the world of real estate investing. You’ll also le
13/05/202146 minutes 41 seconds
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027: Jake Harris on Investing in Distressed Commercial Real Estate

Today, I’m thrilled to be speaking with my friend Jake Harris — a very successful entrepreneur and real estate investor. In his new book, Catching Knives: A Guide to Investing in Distressed Commercial Real Estate, he shares practical advice and personal anecdotes to help you embrace the next economic downturn and navigate the risk of distressed investing.Jake became a millionaire before the age of thirty, but soon found himself overextended and with massive debt in the middle of a monumental recession. However, he emerged stronger than before by building a portfolio that leveraged distressed market opportunities.In today’s conversation, we talk through what went wrong for him early on
05/05/202151 minutes
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026: Unlocking Your True Potential with Rob Dial

Rob Dial is a motivational speaker, coach, and content creator who has inspired millions of people around the world.&nbsp;&nbsp;I actually first met Rob back when he was only 19 years old selling Cutco — where he got his start in sales and discovered a passion for personal growth.Rob quickly moved up in the company, and by 24 he owned and operated a multimillion dollar office, where he trained over 2,000 sales reps. Throughout that time he taught personal development to his team and saw just how much it impacted their lives.By 2015, Rob had left the corporate world and launched The Mindset and Motivation Podcast, which hit #1 on iTunes in 6 categories and accumulated over 1 million downloads in the first 12 months.&nbsp;He has since built an international audience of over 1.5 million followers, and is now living his mission to help people realize their true potential.&nbsp;In this conversation, Rob and I talk about the path he took to get
29/04/20211 hour 3 minutes 53 seconds
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025: Phillip Stutts on The 5-Step Formula to De-Risking the Deal

Today, I’m talking with Phillip Stutts. Phillip is recognized as a political and corporate marketing genius, who has over 2 decades of experience working on campaigns with billions of dollars in political ad spend, and contributed to over 1,407 election victories, including 3 U.S. Presidential victories.&nbsp;Phillip has spoken in front of 40 million+ people in his career and made more than 350 national media appearances. He’s been interviewed by renowned business, entertainment and health leaders including: Anderson Cooper, Gary Vaynerchuk, Peter Diamandis, James Altucher, and Michael Hyatt, just to name a few!&nbsp;In today’s conversation, you’ll learn how Phillip grew his political marketing agency into an eight-figure business. He also reveals the 5-step marketing formula that’s responsible for electing presidents and building billion-dollar companies. This same formula will help you uncover key market insights, and find high quality, de-risked investment deals!&nb
22/04/202151 minutes 48 seconds
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024: The New Age of Real Estate Investors with Rachel Richards

Today, I’m speaking with Rachel Richards. Rachel and I have taken similar paths in life; she did very well selling Cutco, then took the leap to write a bestselling book and build a business buying real estate rentals. By the age of 27, she had quit her full-time job and successfully created over $15,000 a month in passive income.At Money Honey Rachel, she provides resources to help female millennials take control of their financial future. She’s on a mission to empower young adults not just to manage, but to change how they feel about money, once and for all.&nbsp;In our conversation, Rachel and I talk about how she discovered real estate investing and passive income as a kid, made her financial dreams come true as she became a full-time investor in her twenties, and the work she’s now doing to help people just like her achieve real financial independence.Key Takeawa
15/04/202152 minutes 25 seconds
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023: Achieving the Yield of Dreams with Charlie Epstein

Today, I’m talking to Charlie Epstein. Charlie is the Desirement Coach and the author of Paychecks for Life and Save America, Save! He’s coached over 10,000 financial advisors around the country and helped thousands of working Americans create paychecks for life, ensuring they can do all the things they desire to do.He’s on a mission to make the word retirement disappear. He aspires to change the mindset of working Americans so that they do all of the things they desire to do today - not sometime in the future.&nbsp;In our conversation, Charlie and I talk about how he caught the entrepreneurial bug as a child, how lifestyle investors can “bend time,” and the unique storytelling tools he’s created to help people achieve their financial goals in the present.Key TakeawaysWhat Charlie learned from his entrepreneur father and opera singer mother.What it means to have a sense of divine discontent.Why Cha
08/04/202154 minutes 34 seconds
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022: Your Passport to Freedom, Opportunity, and Prosperity with James Hickman

Today, I’m talking to James Hickman. James is an international entrepreneur, investor, and prolific traveler who has visited over 120 countries on all seven continents. He has started or acquired businesses all over the world, including his own private bank, a prominent retail brand in Australia, and an organic, self-sufficient farm in Chile, just to name a few!&nbsp;He holds multiple foreign passports and offshore bank accounts, stores gold in different vaults around the world, and grows his money using off-the-radar investments that pay way above normal yields.James is also the founder of Sovereign Man, a community teaching tens of thousands of people how to build a free and prosperous life; one that protects your money from bankrupt governments, the volatile stock market, and world changing events — like the 2008 financial crisis or the most recent global pandemic.
01/04/202159 minutes 31 seconds
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021: The Blueprint to Scaling a High Growth Business with Don Wenner

Today, I’m talking to Don Wenner, who is a master of scaling high growth, high profit entrepreneurial companies.Don is the Founder &amp; CEO of DLP Real Estate Capital, a leader in the residential real estate sectors of investment management, lending, asset management, property management, construction, home building, and brokerage.Using the Elite Execution System, Don led the DLP Real Estate Capital family of companies to over $1 billion in assets under management and over $100 million in annual revenues in less than 10 years. He has been teaching this system to a select group of private clients who have revolutionized their businesses and shares the complete blueprint to his success in his upcoming book, Building an Elite Organization.&nbsp;In this conversation, Don and I are talking about the major benefits to buying a community bank, the core values at the heart of Do
25/03/202158 minutes 15 seconds
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020: Leveraging The Enneagram to Become a Better Investor with Susan Drumm

Today, I’m speaking with Susan Drumm. Susan is a CEO Advisor and Leadership Coach with over 20 years of experience helping C-suite teams and senior executives develop their leadership skills so they can take their business to the next level.&nbsp;Her consulting firm, Meritage Leadership has worked with organizations such as KPMG, Oracle, Viacom, Microsoft, L’Oreal, A&amp;E Networks, Cisco, Merrill Lynch, MTV Networks and many more!&nbsp;Susan also just launched The Enlightened Executive, a podcast that spotlights ground-breaking techniques and strategies to help executives and entrepreneurs get an edge when it comes to their leadership effectiveness.&nbsp;In this conversation, we’re diving deep into The Enneagram — a personality assessmen
18/03/202149 minutes 26 seconds
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019: How Failure Makes Us Better Investors, Leaders, and Parents with Aaron Amuchastegui

Today, I’m speaking with Aaron Amuchastegui. Over the last 10 years, Aaron has built multiple companies and websites, bought and sold over 700 houses across the United States, and helped take all sorts of ventures from broke to blessed.I love Aaron because in addition to having a ton of successes, he’s had his fair share of failures, and he’s always been humble enough to talk openly about them. It makes him an amazing leader and a really captivating speaker, as well as a very honest investor who’s built a killer lifestyle for his family.In this episode, Aaron shares the story of how he lost everything, rebuilt his finances on his terms, shifted his mindset and his values, and inspired his entrepreneurial family to carry them on.Key TakeawaysHow failing to pay attention to his cash flow left Aaron with nothing despite having a million dollars saved in the bank.&nbsp;The mindset shifts that helped Aaron start thinking about th
11/03/202156 minutes 25 seconds
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018: The Psychology of Wealth with Mike Dillard

Today, I’m speaking with my friend Mike Dillard. Mike is an entrepreneur, online marketer, business coach, investor, author, and host of The Mike Dillard Show, which has been downloaded over 7 million times, and has been listed as one of the top 10 “must-listen” personal development podcasts in the world. Combined, his businesses have produced more than $50 Million in revenue without any outside funding!While Mike has achieved enormous success, his life took a drastic turn at the age of 40. He experienced an unexpected brain injury and couldn’t work for two and a half years. During this time, he realized that he hadn’t built true passive income, but instead, a business that completely relied on his involvement in order to make money.This was by far the darkest and most difficult time of Mike’s life. But through this challenge came a transformational change. When his business came crashing down in the blink of an eye, it helped him to see just how much of his i
04/03/20211 hour 4 minutes 34 seconds
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017: Financially Free & Living a Life by Design with Arman Assadi

In this episode, I’m speaking with Arman Assadi. Arman helps leaders and creatives find their flow. He is the host of the FLOW podcast, co-founder and CEO of Project EVO, founder and CEO of Assadi Ventures, and co-founder of Steno, a stealth startup.Arman is also the co-creator of the EVO Planner™ (the most funded planner of all time), and has also been the chief strategist and copywriter behind 13 different 7-figure launches. Fortune 500 companies, Silicon Valley startups, celebrity thought leaders, and New York Times bestselling authors have consulted Arman and generated tens of millions of dollars with his strategies.Today, Arman joins the podcast to talk about the investing philosophies that have allowed him to create financial freedom and live a life by design.Key TakeawaysWhy so many entrepreneurs get trapped by trying to optimize investments, businesses, and hustle.How to avoid becoming insanely depressed during the j
24/02/202159 minutes 44 seconds
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016: The Power of Collaborative Investing with Dinesh Gauba

In this episode, I’m catching up with my good friend Dinesh Gauba. Dinesh and I have done countless deals together where we’ve had the opportunity to leverage and share our networks, our resources, and our knowledge of different spaces.&nbsp;What makes Dinesh a uniquely great investor is his incredible sense of deal flow. Though he got started in real estate, he also has extensive experience as an angel investor. He sees opportunities everywhere, knows the ins and outs of private deals, and is one of my favorite people to bounce ideas off of.Today, Dinesh joins the podcast to talk about what he learned from the early investments that didn’t work out, the questions he asks as he considers taking on deals in a group, and things you can do to make sure that your portfolio never keeps you up at night, no matter how risk-averse you are.Key TakeawaysHow to collaborate and partner with people on investment deals.&nbsp;Why so many p
18/02/20211 hour 2 minutes 44 seconds
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015: The Contrarian Investor Mindset with Codie Sanchez

In this episode, I’m speaking with Codie Sanchez. Codie is Managing Director and Partner at Entourage Effect Capital, a private equity firm focused on the legal cannabis industry. Since 2014, EEC has deployed $100+ million into over 65 companies. Before that, she built out Vanguard’s ETF business and led global teams at Goldman Sachs, SSGA, and First Trust.&nbsp;Codie is also the author of the Contrarian Thinking Newsletter, where she hits on how to make diversified income through side hustles, investing, and startup building. She’s appeared on CNBC, Fox, and CNN, written for Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Fortune, and spoken to tens of thousands of people. She believes that understanding money leads to power, and that capitalism, commerce, and cannabis are incredible forces for societal, monetary, and regulatory change.Today, Codie joins the podcast to share why she walked away from conflict journalism to focus on finance, the powerful ripple effects of her work, and how s
11/02/202154 minutes 16 seconds
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014: The Core Value Equation with Darius Mirshahzadeh

In this episode, I’m speaking with Darius Mirshahzadeh. Darius is a high growth CEO, serial entrepreneur, and culture building mad scientist who was ranked #9 on Glassdoor's list of Top CEOs of Small and Medium Companies in the US. He's led organizations that have won numerous Stevie awards, been named "#3 Best Place to Work" by San Francisco Business Times, and have landed at #40 on the Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing companies.&nbsp;He has been recognized in the New York Times and Inc. Magazine for innovation in corporate culture, and his business insights and thought leadership have been published in Huffington Post,, Fast Company, and Forbes.Darius is also the author of The Core Value Equation: A Framework to Drive Results, Create Limitless Scale and Win the War for Talent.&nbsp;Today, Darius joins the podcast to share his unique entrepreneurial journey, from building a
04/02/202152 minutes 29 seconds
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013: The Power of Lifestyle Entrepreneurship with John Lee Dumas

Today’s guest is John Lee Dumas. John is the founder and host of Entrepreneurs on Fire, one of the earliest and most groundbreaking podcasts on the subject of entrepreneurship.&nbsp;John has interviewed over 2,700 entrepreneurs, including Tony Robbins, Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Barbara Corcoran, and Tim Ferriss - many of whom he now considers dear friends. He has achieved over 100 million listens and has generated over $18 million in revenue since 2012. In his new book, The Common Path to Uncommon Success: A Roadmap to Financial Freedom and Fulfillment, he takes what he learned from his interviews and lays out the exact path you can take to unlock your potential and create the life you deserve.In this episode, John and I are talking about how he created a category and built a business that’s both very profitable and incredibly lean. We get into how he found his passion after a tough transition out of the Armed Forces, how his podcast generates real revenue
28/01/202146 minutes 6 seconds
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012: Building Wealth by Impacting the World with Hal Elrod

Today’s guest is my good friend Hal Elrod, whose mission is to elevate the consciousness of humanity, one person, and one morning at a time.&nbsp;Hal is a father, husband, entrepreneur, investor, public speaker, podcaster, producer, personal development coach, and international bestselling author of The Miracle Morning book series — which has been translated into 37 languages and has sold over 2.5 million copies.&nbsp;In this episode, Hal and I are talking all about how positively impacting others has a direct effect on the wealth that we generate. We discuss the importance of creating multiple streams of income, the commitment needed to achieve great success, and the unique investment strategy Hal used to build the life of his dreams. That and so much more!Key TakeawaysWhy books, movies, and other intellectual property that generate monthly royalties are a very real way to create streams of passive income.How eliminating th
21/01/202157 minutes 14 seconds
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011: Structuring Deals & Minimizing Risk with Hans Box

As investors, it’s our goal to find opportunities to turn a passive investment into a major return. But when things go wrong, what can we do to ensure that we aren’t positioned to take a major loss?&nbsp;In 2009, Hans Box took a leap of faith, quit his job at PriceWaterhouseCooper, and bought a handful of rental properties. Under a client’s mentorship, he invested a substantial amount of his net worth into a deal overseeing 800 units of multifamily housing. When things started to go wrong, Hans’s partners voted for him and his current business partner to take over the deal, and he was able to take the investment from the negatives to a 24% return.&nbsp;Today, Hans brings his CPA skills to the podcast to share the story of how salvaging a high-risk deal informed his unique outlook on investing. You’ll learn what a deal should look like and how to interpret it, what you can do to minimize and mitigate your risk as you structure it, and how creating reliable streams of pa
14/01/202150 minutes 19 seconds
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010: Franchising for the Lifestyle Investor with Erik Van Horn

Many lifestyle investors don’t just want to live life on their terms - they want to use their skills and knowledge to help others do the same. It’s why so many of us use our time to focus on building incredible networks, launch masterminds, and work to become better spouses, parents, and friends. It’s also what naturally leads some lifestyle investors into the world of franchising.&nbsp;Today’s guest, Erik Van Horn, understands this well. He’s founded the Franchise Tribe, a mastermind for franchise owners, as well as the host of the Franchise Secrets podcast - and he consistently brings real value into people’s lives while generating very serious ROI. He’s also a participant of Clubhouse, a platform where people can join virtual rooms, share stages, and listen in - and participate in - real conversations about life and business.&nbsp;In this episode of the podcast, I’m excited to talk to Erik about the power and value of networks, doing work because you want t
07/01/202153 minutes 44 seconds
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009: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Investing with Robert Brooker

Many entrepreneurs believe asset management will be a lot like running a business. However, this doesn’t always prove to be the case, and many business owners experience real shocks as they transition into being passive or semi-passive investors. My guest, Robert Brooker, is someone who navigated this transition beautifully.&nbsp;Robert built a successful business, removed himself, and set off on a new course as a lifestyle investor, and today we’re exploring how he did it! We discuss the unique perspective on investing he inherited from his family and how he’s passing it on to his kids, how to analyze and assess many different factors as you consider investments, and what truly constitutes a life well-lived.Key TakeawaysWhy people often think selling their businesses will make their lives easier - and why putting their cash to work often proves to be extremely difficult.&nbsp;What makes entrepreneurship so risky - and why Robert a
31/12/202048 minutes 43 seconds
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008: How to Build a Company (and Life) in Service of Your Values and Priorities with Shawn Sparks

Today, I’m speaking with Shawn Sparks, who is a financial coach to the top 1% of Independent Financial Advisors. Over the course of the last decade, he’s helped financial services leaders market, sell, and run better businesses, and he shared the lessons and wisdom from these experiences in his book, The Advisor Breakthrough.More recently, Shawn decided to leave his high paying job to work for himself, not because he needed to make more money, but to live in greater alignment with his priorities - and today, we’re talking all about it!In this conversation, we explore how Shawn repositioned his life to achieve long-term freedom. We talk about what it means to build a company with people you want to do life with, what true wealth really is, and how to avoid becoming addicted to making money when it doesn’t serve you.Key TakeawaysHow our work lives impact our personal lives – often for the worse.&nbsp;How to analyze de
24/12/202048 minutes 4 seconds
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006: The Unexpected Gift of Financial Success with David Osborn

Today, I’m speaking with David Osborn. At the age of 26, David returned home from travelling the world, broke and unemployed. Within 10 years, he built one of the top real estate brokerages in the world with more than 4,500 agents and annual sales volume exceeding $10 billion per year.In addition to being a world traveler and real-estate investor, David is a serial entrepreneur (who’s founded 50+ companies), speaker, wealth building mentor, and the author of several books, including Tribe of Millionaires and Wealth Can’t Wait.Yet, more than anything else, the inherent freedom derived from his success awards him the time to focus on what matters most: being a proud father and husband.Today, David joins the podcast to talk about how he scaled a real-estate empire and built true wealth &amp; freedom in both business and life.Key TakeawaysWhy creating wealth doesn’t have to come at the cost of losing time with yo
10/12/20201 hour 28 seconds
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005: Cash-Flow Investing Secrets with Serial Entrepreneur, Mike Koenigs

Today, I’m speaking with Mike Koenigs. Mike is the CEO and founder of the Superpower Accelerator, a serial entrepreneur, VC, angel investor, podcaster, and 13-time bestselling author. He helps experts create competition-proof, “category of one” brands to help them achieve freedom, simplicity, and elegance in their lives.Mike’s also the guy who helped me dream up and create the concept for The Lifestyle Investor. As someone who’s had 4 business exits and a deep understanding for how to accelerate growth through the power of teamwork, his wisdom has been invaluable.In this conversation, we explore the strategies for building low-risk, passive income streams. We also dig into the wins and losses Mike’s experienced throughout his own investing journey, and how he’s been able to break free from the daily grind to pursue a life that most people can only dream of living.Key TakeawaysHow to grow your business exponentially using the power of
03/12/202057 minutes 43 seconds
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004: Passive Real Estate Investing with Josh Cantwell

Josh Cantwell is the founder of Freeland Ventures, where he manages $40 million in capital and $240 million in assets. He uses this to offer investors passive real estate opportunities to diversify their portfolios, including 401(k)s, retirement roll over funds, and self-directed IRAs.Josh is deeply knowledgeable about his field. He has extensive experience as both someone who empowers lifestyle investors and as a lifestyle investor himself, and he uses his freedom to show up for his family when they’ve needed him the most.In today’s podcast, we dive into the world of passive real estate investing - and how to find deals that suit your portfolio’s unique needs.Key TakeawaysHow Josh found his passion for numbers at an early age and gave himself a foundational education in investing.What is a value-add apartment syndication?The difference between a syndication and a fund - and how syndications are structured to benefi
27/11/202041 minutes 51 seconds
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003: How to Create a ‘Job Optional’ Life with Casey Weade

In today’s episode, I’m speaking with my friend Casey Weade. Casey is the CEO and Chief Visionary Officer of Howard Bailey Financial, as well as a firm believer in developing retirement plans that are driven by meaning and purpose. He’s also the host of the Retire With Purpose podcast, radio, and TV shows, where he helps people maximize their financial confidence and overall financial well-being.Casey is someone I have the utmost respect for as an entrepreneur, husband, and parent. We talk about his strategies for success across different aspects of life, what lifestyle and purpose really means to him, and how to invest to design the life that you want and deserve.Key TakeawaysNot all financial advisors are created equal! What you NEED to know before you start working with one!Why focusing on money &amp; “things” is a recipe for disappointing life — and how to shift your focus to create more meaning and purpose.What should
19/11/202051 minutes 21 seconds
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002: The Meaning of Wealth with Brad Johnson

In today’s episode, I’m speaking with my friend Brad Johnson. Brad is the host of The Elite Advisor Blueprint® podcast and coach to elite level independent financial advisors. As the former VP of Advisor Development at Advisors Excel, Brad coached a group of independent advisors managing over $1billion of assets annually.Brad has recently chosen to leave a 10+ year career to build a company of his own. We talk about this major life change and how he knew he was ready to leave, the key philosophical difference between money and wealth, and why now is the time to take a step — no matter how big or small — toward living the life you truly want.Key TakeawaysWhat Brad learned from some of the greatest minds in the financial industry — and how he knew it was time to move on from a company he spent over a decade with.The importance of creating freedom of time — doing what you want, when you want, with whoever you want.The true me
19/11/20201 hour 2 minutes 45 seconds
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001: Welcome to The Lifestyle Investor - A Conversation with Ryan Levesque

Lifestyle investors have the power to live the lifestyle they want, stay in their zone of genius all the time, and still provide for themselves and their families. Anyone can become a lifestyle investor, but it requires focus, action, and education.If anyone embodies what it means to be a lifestyle investor, it’s Justin Donald. Entrepreneur has called Justin the next Warren Buffett. Justin made a conscious decision to become a lifestyle investor. Now, he's ready to help share savvy investors’ success stories, his philosophies when it comes to deals and investments, and how to stop wasting time and make things happen.Today, Ryan Levesque joins the podcast for a conversation with Justin about how he became a lifestyle investor, what you can expect from this show in the weeks to come, and an outline of Justin’s 10 commandments of investing.Want the Full Show Notes?To get access to the full show notes, including audio, transcripts, a
18/11/202053 minutes 28 seconds