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English, Education, 2 seasons, 26 episodes, 21 hours, 53 minutes
You are listening to The Lifestyle Hub, the podcast that takes you behind the scenes and into the journeys of inspiring individuals to not only educate you but unlock your very own potential to live a more healthy, active and fulfilling life.My name is Jason Grima and as your host my goal is to educate and empower more people to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle. With a few real-life topics thrown in. To do that, I’m going to be interviewing industry experts, some of which happen to be close friends of mine. I’m also hoping to do some coaching on air with listeners like you, to create something unique about my show, so you’ll hear me go solo sometimes like this episode.Some topics we will cover are:• All things Wellness• Fitness, bodybuilding & nutrition• Business startups & career• mental health & relationships• making friends, moving country & life in Dubai• influential people & their life storiesI’m confident you will all find something to connect with.Don’t forget to subscribe, leave a comment and tune into the upcoming episodes!
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Episode #25 - Empowering Women in Fitness: Amy Jean Fox's Journey to Resilience and Wellness

Join us on this weeks episode, as we dive into the captivating journey of Amy Jean Fox, a HIIT workout specialist, YouTube sensation, and program director for Lean with Lilly. This week's episode is all about celebrating the strength, resilience, and unwavering authenticity of women in the fitness world.In this inspiring conversation, Amy shares with us her journey to where she is today. From South Africa to Dubai, from Bikini Show Competitions to Crossfit & HIIT workouts. She defies societal pressures and stays true to her beliefs, a rarity in today's world of social media agendas and marketing tactics.Discover Amy's profound insights on fitness, mental health, self-confidence, and body image. Learn how she overcame an autoimmune disease and built a YouTube empire to inspire the world.We had a very deep and inspiring conversation together that is a MUST listen! Topics: Discovering a passion for fitness and wellness Fitness & Mental Health From obsessive and over worked to easy going & balanced Body Image, Self Confidence and how the wrong media is damagingBeing diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, behind the journey. Support network and personal development Building a YouTube empire to inspire the world AND MORE! Check it out!  Amy Jean Fox
9/3/202359 minutes, 2 seconds
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Episode #24 - Jason Grima - From vision boards to reality, 6 years in Dubai milestone edition!

It’s good to be back ! Well…. 6 years in Dubai. I’ve actually got the date I left home and started this new chapter tattooed on me, 07.08.2017…. 7 days later I started my first job. The rest is history. I wanted to mark this moment with a personal conversation with you all, breaking down how this all began…the whys, the how’s, the good and the bad. It’s not been an easy journey but certainly one that’s propelled my life forward in the most amazing ways possible. I’m telling a story during episode 24 on the exact road I took to make my dreams become a reality. I’m certainly not there yet… in fact the past month has been full of challenges…but that’s how we continue raising the bar! I hope to inspire you to do the same! I chat about; - Manifesting & Preparation - New city life - Embracing the unknown - New habits & my fitness routine - Expat life - Mentors, friends, negative influences - Personal growth - AND MORE! Take a listen! Jason Grima
8/20/202354 minutes, 22 seconds
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Episode #23 - Dr Sima Delghandi - All things Fertility, Pregnancy, and Birth from an expert Obstetrician!

I am very excited as always to welcome this weeks special guest Dr Sima Delghandi, who is a Specialist Obstetrician and Gynecologist and member of the German Society of Gynecology graduating in 1994. Practicing for 29 years, Dr Sima’s obstetric services cover the entire scope of pregnancy such as pre-conception, labour/delivery and post-natal care. Throughout her 17 years of practice within the UAE, Dr Sima has deservedly built a reputation not only for her expertise but also for her professionalism, personal care, and dedication to her patients.We talk all things pre and post natal during this episode and breakdown such a life changing journey.We cover really important topics such as; Should you plan a c-section?Fertility and gender choiceIs age a factor when it comes to fertility?The importance of excercise before, during and after pregnancyThe difference between German practice compared to the UAEWhen is the best time to get pregnant?AND MORE! Take a listen! Dr Sima Delghandi
7/30/20231 hour, 7 minutes, 27 seconds
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Episode #22 - Jason Grima - Body Positivity in a world of self judgment & comparison

The Lifestyle Hub Podcast is back ! I spent the last week answering questions as to our whereabouts last week…well we’ve made an executive decision to move to fortnightly for the summer as I switch my focus to some really exciting and extremely demanding developments that I will be excited to share with you in the not so distant future… For now you can expect the inspiring episodes to drop fortnightly with a wide range of special guests waiting to inspire, motivate, educate you ! This week, I catch up with you on the last few weeks and summarize my body transformation journey where I focused on getting into my leanest shape to date with the help of James at Restrive DXB. I also take some time to dive into a wide range of frequently asked questions such as; - Optimal times to train ?- Warm up requirements ? - How long should workouts be ? - How often should I exercise ? - Strength or cardio? - AND MORE! I also chat about body positivity and inclusivity in a very judgmental world full of social media comparisons as well as the importance of self care and recovery. Take a listen and let’s catch up!  Jason Grima 365 Physique
7/16/202347 minutes, 31 seconds
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Episode #21 - From Wings to Weights: How Flight Attendant Sean O’Connor's Fitness Journey Transformed His Life!

In this weeks episode we are joined by a very close of mine but that’s not how our journey started. Sean and myself first began our friendship as client and coach as I guided him on his first ever fitness transformation with The 365 Physique, 15kgs later and seeing visible abs for the first time ever at 35 years old. The most incredible part about Sean taking a stance on his health and fitness and deciding to make a change is that he also works for the worlds leading airline as an aviation professional. He has over 17 years industry experience and for those who know, it takes its toll on your body, health and mindset IF you aren’t making conscious choices to keep in check. We talk about his transformation journey, juggling his flying hours with training, nutrition and fatigue but we also go into more detail about how life is working at 40,000 ft and some pros and cons to a job that is so often looked for by millions around the world. Listen to his journey! Topics: - Making a change - a choice ! - Resisting easy comforts and putting your mind to it. - Losing fat then building muscle, how long did it take? - Managing health and wellness alongside aviation. - Cabin crew pros and cons - AND MORE Sean O’Connor 365 Physique 
7/2/202352 minutes, 28 seconds