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English, Finance, 1 seasons, 38 episodes, 16 hours 41 minutes
Why are Nike’s Chunky Dunky going for $6k on eBay? How did Mickey Mouse find his way onto a COVID face mask? Who put all that "Stranger Things" gear in your Target cart? Find the answers to questions like these and more in a new podcast from the editors of License Global, The Licensing Mixtape, where we explore what makes consumers click “buy” on the products that stand out above the rest, thanks to a little thing called brand licensing. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher or Spotify. Also, let us know what you think about the show or share suggestions for future episodes by emailing us at [email protected]. New episodes every other week.
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S3 E9: The Art of Storytelling with The Walt Disney Company

Three franchise leaders discuss how Disney taps into its powerful ecosystem to create constant memorable moments for its fans across products, games and publishing.
11/10/202120 minutes 53 seconds
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S3 E8: Cyber Group Studios on Building an Animation Brand that Lasts

Pierre Sissmann and Bruno Danzel d'Aumont of Cyber Group Studios shine a light on global animation trends and building a brand that lasts with "Gigantosaurus."
27/09/202130 minutes 34 seconds
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S3 E7: Bioworld Presents... Cultivating Happiness

Jennifer Staley and Beth Taylor of Bioworld share what keeps the team positive and optimistic—and why it’s so important for licensing success.
13/09/202118 minutes 41 seconds
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Exclusive Episode: Macy's and Funko Discuss a Partnership Like No Other

Patricia DeLuca of License Global sits down with Funko and Macy's present for an exclusive insight into the latest reveal of a brand-new partnership.
09/09/202120 minutes 32 seconds
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S3 E5: Spin Master CEO Max Rangel Talks Brand Strategy

From entertainment brands like "Paw Patrol" and "Bakugan" to global toy partnerships with the likes of DC, Max Rangel, chief executive officer, global president, Spin Master shares his view on the key pillars of Spin Masters future.
23/08/202129 minutes 3 seconds
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S3 E4: Ira Friedman of Topps Talks Publishing, ‘Star Wars’ and Trading Cards

From his time in creative publishing to his time at LucasFilm ahead of the launch of “The Empire Strikes Back,” or his tenure at Topps – working with Garbage Pail Kids and some of the world’s greatest brands – Ira Friedman talks to License Global's Patricia DeLuca about the power of fan engagement.
26/07/202132 minutes 13 seconds
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S3 E3: Hyram Yarbro on the Launch of SELFLESS with Semaphore Licensing

Globally renowned beauty influencer Hyram Yarbro and Mike Bienstock of Semaphore Licensing join License Global's McKenna Morgan to discuss launching the SELFLESS skincare brand.
12/07/202131 minutes 27 seconds
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S3 E2: Epik Explain Everything You Need to Know About NFTs

Gary Ma, COO of Epik speaks with License Global's Ben Roberts to explain everything you need to know about non-fungible tokens (NFTs).
28/06/202124 minutes
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S3 E1: License Global Live - The Evolution of Kids Content

Season 3 has landed, offering a dedicated look at the upcoming events, high-profile panels, and cutting-edge trend insights. To kick us off Anna Knight (VP, Licensing, Informa Markets) brings together a License Global Live panel with Mark Kingston (ViacomCBS), Gary Pope (Kids Industries), and Jon Gisby (WildBrain Spark) to discuss the evolution of kids content.
14/06/202153 minutes 55 seconds
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S2 E10: Discussing The Halo Effect with Xbox

License Global shares its exclusive cover story interview with John Friend, head, Halo & Xbox Consumer Products, and goes behind the scenes with the global gaming disruptor brand behind "Halo" and a new generation of cutting-edge consoles.
31/05/202134 minutes 35 seconds
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License Global x Bioworld - Episode 2: Connecting Fans at Retail

Navigating the consumer engagement landscape is more challenging than ever. With new platforms emerging every day, consumers have options on where to engage. Bioworld understands that and is meeting the fans wherever they are. This makes it easier for their retail and brand partners to succeed. McKenna Morgan, digital editor, License Global is joined by Beth Taylor, Jennifer Staley, Sean Parnell, Chad Neurenberg and Casey Hulse of the Bioworld team to discuss how Bioworld connects with fans at retail.
17/05/202124 minutes 52 seconds
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S2 E8: Gaming Issue Special - Top 5 Brand Engagement Trends in Gaming

To mark the launch of License Global's Gaming Issue, we’re looking at the top five brand engagement trends and methods behind the biggest entertainment platform in the world. Read the gaming issue here:
03/05/202112 minutes 2 seconds
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S2 E7: Inclusivity, Fandom and Retail with Redbubble

Eric Morse of direct-to-consumer retailer Redbubble joins Patricia DeLuca of License Global to discuss how brands and retailers can truly cater to fans everywhere.
19/04/202120 minutes 58 seconds
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S2 E6: The Top 5 Takeaways from License Global's Kids Issue

To mark the launch of License Global's first themed issue, Ben Roberts takes a deep dive into The Kids Issue, looking at our Top 5 takeaways, exclusives, and insights from the stories themselves.
05/04/202111 minutes 15 seconds
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S2 E5: "League of Legends" and Brand Extensions with CAA-GBG

Robert Schwartz of CAA-GBG talks to Patricia DeLuca and Ben Roberts of License Global to explore the depths of the "League of Legends" universe, how gaming is facing a meteoric rise in terms of fandom, and what exactly Brand Extension means for the future of retail and consumer engagement.
22/03/202123 minutes 4 seconds
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S2 E4: Kids Industries on Kids Fandom and the Importance of Play

Ben Roberts speaks to Kids Industries for an in-depth insight into how the psychology of fandom works, why nostalgia isn't a big enough word for what we share with our kids and what family brands need to do in order to stand out in 2021.
08/03/202131 minutes 16 seconds
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License Global x Bioworld - Episode 1 - Powering Fandom

Bioworld's Jennifer Staley and Beth Taylor join License Global's Bibi Wardak and McKenna Morgan for an in-depth discussion on fandom, the creativity it fuels and how Bioworld has become a fan-favourite from gaming to movies, anime and beyond.
22/02/202126 minutes 2 seconds
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S2 E2: Going Green with Products of Change

Founder of Products of Change, Helena Mansell-Stopher, joins Ben Roberts to discuss the organisation's sustainable goals, the industry leaps underway across brands and licensing and the small steps brands can take to make a big impact today.
08/02/202125 minutes 12 seconds
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S2 E1: Rugby League World Cup on Strategy, Sport & Social Impact

Jonathan Neill, commercial director, Rugby League World Cup 2021 joins Ben Roberts to discuss the resilience of sport, how to engage fans on and off the pitch and how to build the biggest event to be held in the U.K. this year.
24/01/202124 minutes 51 seconds
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The Licensing Mixtape Season 2 Announcement

The Licensing Mixtape is back with a brand-new season on January 25, 2021. Hear how the Rugby League World Cup is engaging fans at home ahead of the UK’s biggest sporting event. Find out how the psychology of fandom is driving success in lockdown with Kids Industries and where inclusive retail fits into the world as we know it with Redbubble. All this and much more, coming Jan. 25.
14/01/20211 minute 53 seconds
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S1 E17: The Biggest Brands of the Decade with License Global

The License Global Team breaks down their top picks of 2020 edition of The Influentials report, as the December issue gives us chance to look back at the brands that broke the decade as well as those to keep a close eye on over the next ten years.
13/12/202039 minutes 10 seconds
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S1 E16: The Smiley Company's Feel-Good Retrospective of 2020

Matt Winton, global head, partnerships, The Smiley Company, shines a much-needed positive light on the stories and people of 2020, discusses the importance of emotional intelligence and the green shoots of 2021 for purposeful brand growth.
30/11/202032 minutes 55 seconds
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S1 E15: The Art of Character Creation with Sanrio

Silvia Figini, COO, EMEA (Global, Mr. Men), Sanrio joins us on the Licensing Mixtape to discuss the art of creating iconic characters, how kawaii culture works on an emotional level and what Sanrio is planning for the future of Hello Kitty and Mr. Men & Little Miss.
15/11/202024 minutes
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S1 E14: Opsec Security on How COVID-19 Impacted Licensing

License Global sits down with Opsec to dig into to new reports on the impact COVID-19 has had on the broader supply chain and retail spaces.
10/11/202032 minutes 12 seconds
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S1 E13: How Barbie Turned into A Cultural Icon

Robert Best, senior design director, Mattel, shares how inclusivity and imaginative play has kept Barbie in the cultural zeitgeist for over 60 years.
01/11/202027 minutes 40 seconds
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S1 E12: New Kids On The Block’s Danny Wood Gets Candid About Music Licensing

From an early ‘90s kinetic whirlwind to a perfect well-oiled machine, the licensing program of pop megagroup New Kids On The Block has evolved today into an ideal blueprint for music licensing. NKOTB’s Danny Wood tells License Global editor Bibi Wardak about going from merch mayhem to merch mastery.
21/10/202027 minutes 11 seconds
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S1 E11: Crafting Creative Engagement with Crayola

Ben Roberts and Amanda Cioletti of License Global speak with April Heeren, general manager, domestic licensing, Crayola to discuss the company's incredible origin story and what the future holds for one of the world's biggest family brands.
18/10/202023 minutes 41 seconds
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S1 E10: Funimation on the Power of Streaming Anime

Mitchel Berger, senior vice president of global commerce, Funimation, highlights the impact that streaming media has had on growing anime’s global footprint.
12/10/202025 minutes 44 seconds
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S1 E9: Bioworld's Fan First Approach to Licensing

Bioworld Merchandising’s Jennifer Staley and Beth Taylor highlight how the company’s “Fandom Forever” approach has redefined the licensing business in this special Festival of Licensing episode.
05/10/202028 minutes 24 seconds
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S1 E8: Lessons from the World of Licensing with Sid Kaufman, UTA

Licensing icon Sid Kaufman, UTA speaks with Steven Ekstract about his early days building brand programs for "Alf" and a lesser-known Dinosaur movie called "Jurassic Park", all the way to his work with modern social media influencers. Learn about the evolution of licensing, retail and consumers here on the Licensing Mixtape.
27/09/202033 minutes 3 seconds
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S1 E7: The Trends Behind the Top 150 Global Licensors Report

License Global Editors Bibi Wardak and Patricia DeLuca break down the latest Top 150 Global Licensors and Top 25 Agents Report to find out what trends sit behind the ranks of the biggest names in licensing.
16/09/202032 minutes 51 seconds
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S1 E6: The Biggest Gaming & Movie Titles (and why they work) with Difuzed

Ben Roberts & James Dohnert speak with Difuzed to figure out what new video game and movie titles licensees need to look out for in 2021 and what makes us fans so invested in big ticket properties like "Animal Crossing" or "Doom: Eternal".
13/09/202028 minutes 9 seconds
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S1 E5: How to Build a Brand Licensing Programme in Japan

John Parker, principal, Patencio Development speaks to Steven Ekstract about the long-standing impact of Anime on global fan culture and how to license brands in Japan.
30/08/202029 minutes 38 seconds
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S1 E4: How Digital Brands are Redefining Home with BuzzFeed

Eric Karp, senior vice president, global brand licensing, BuzzFeed, speaks to Ben Roberts & James Dohnert about the data-driven power of digital brands and bringing consumer goods to the market in the right way.
17/08/202019 minutes 24 seconds
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S1 E3: The Essentials of Video Game Licensing with Ubisoft

Sarah Buzby, vice president, consumer products, Ubisoft, speaks with Steven Ekstract to discuss the rapid rise of big ticket gaming titles like "Assassin's Creed: Valhalla" and how the power of fandom is changing gaming like never before.
27/07/202034 minutes 14 seconds
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S1 E2: The Modern Movie Business with The Numbers

Ben Roberts & James Dohnert talk to movie analyst Bruce Nash, The Numbers about lockdown's affect on big ticket picture releases and what production backlogs mean for the movie business.
24/07/202033 minutes 41 seconds
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The Licensing Mixtape Trailer

Welcome to the Licensing Mixtape, a podcast by License Global. Where we look at the products that stand out above the rest, thanks to a little thing called brand licensing. Now available via SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify and Stitcher.
23/07/20201 minute 41 seconds
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S1 E1: Brand Licensing Today with The Global Licensing Group

Steven Ekstract, brand director, Global Licensing Group speaks to Ben Roberts and James Dohnert to highlight how brand licensing, retail and consumer products have evolved against the backdrop of global pandemics and rapidly shifting trends.
09/07/202030 minutes 51 seconds