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Welcome to the Legal Toolkit, where you'll get the latest trends and business initiatives that help your law firm everyday. Hear from the experts setting the standards for the legal, insurance, and law enforcement industries. The Legal Toolkit is brought to you by Catuogno Court Reporting and Sten-Tel Transcription Services, New England-based businesses serving the legal community nationwide since 1966! You're listening to the Legal Talk Network!
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Finding Legal Mentors, The Expert Witness Roundtable, and Perry Mason

Where do expert witnesses come from, exactly? Jared welcomes guests Allison Muller, Nick Briscoe, and Nick Rishwain—an experienced and knowledgeable panel discussing the ins and outs of expert witnessing. They share how professionals come into this field and offer advice for attorneys looking to engage an expert witness for a case. Later on in the Rump Roast, guest Rachael Ziegler joins to talk about yet another of Jared’s favorite TV series—HBO’s reboot of the classic lawyer show, Perry Mason. And, lawyers of all ages and stages benefit from mentors in legal practice, but many don’t know how to tap into the expertise they need. Jared offers his tips for seeking out mentors and explains how multiple connections with differing knowledge bases can help attorneys thrive. Dr. Allison Muller is a board-certified toxicologist with expert witness experience in cases involving alcohol, drugs of abuse, carbon monoxide, medication errors, and postmortem toxicology. Nicholas Briscoe is Chief Economist at Briscoe Economics Group, Inc. and has provided consulting and expert witness testimony in a wide variety of economic and financial matters. Nick Rishwain is Vice President of business development and relations at, assisting attorneys in locating a wide variety of expert witnesses and consultants for their litigation support needs. Rachel Ziegler is the founder of Ziegler Legal Services, where her practice focuses on estate planning, estate administration, trust administration, and health care advocacy. ----- Since we talked about with no less than 4 experts, here are some songs about being smart. You'll listen, if you know whats good for you! ----- Our opening track is Two Cigarettes by Major Label Interest. Our closing track is Lucky Day by SPARKZ.
3/28/202341 minutes, 36 seconds