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The Last Outlaws

English, History, 1 season, 4 episodes, 1 hour, 52 minutes
In a History Lab season like no other, we're pulling on the threads of one of Australia's great misunderstood histories, moving beyond the myths to learn what the Aboriginal brothers Jimmy and Joe Governor faced in both life and death. Australia's budding Federation is the background setting to this remarkable story, that sees the Governor brothers tied to the inauguration of a 'new' nation and Australia's dark history of frontier violence, racial injustice and the global trade and defilement of Aboriginal ancestral remains. This Impact Studios production is a collaboration with the Governor family, UTS Faculty of Law and Jumbunna Institute for Indigenous Education and Research. The Last Outlaws team Katherine Biber - UTS Law Professor and Chief Investigator Aunty Loretta Parsley - Great-granddaughter of Jimmy Governor and the Governor Family Historian Leroy Parsons - Governor descendant, Narrator and Co-Writer Kaitlyn Sawrey - Host, Writer and Senior Producer Frank Lopez - Writer, Senior Producer, Composer and Sound Engineer Allison Chan - Producer and Researcher Professor Daryle Rigney, Jumbunna Institute for Indigenous Education and Research - Cultural Consultant Dr Lyndon Ormond-Parker, honorary senior lecturer in the Centre for Heritage and Museum Studies at the Australian National University - Cultural Consultant Belinda Lopez - Editorial Advisor Benjamin Vozzo - Digital Communications Manager Emma Lancaster - Executive Producer Jake Duczynski - Digital Animation and Artwork by Studio Gilay Additional sound engineering by Martin Peralta and Ryan Pemberton Additional sound supplied by Camilla Hannan Darwin Studio support from the Top End Aboriginal Bush Broadcasting Association - Lee Hewitt, Brendon Barlow and Bernard Namok
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What remains of Joe Governor?

After Jimmy’s trial, what happened to his brother Joe?Joe has mostly been forgotten by history, and his presence in the archives is little more than a whisper.From coronial records, family tales and a visit to a country pub, it becomes clear that Joe fell foul of the frontier, in life and death.And yet, more questions remain: Was Joe Governor, an outlaw, killed lawfully?How do his ancestral remains become another transactional asset in the murky world of race science? And why is western knowledge still entangled in its colonial past?
10/5/202141 minutes, 52 seconds
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Death Row Diary

How does the law deal with an outlaw?Jimmy Governor is captured and his legal case becomes a lightning rod for justice in the new federation. But how did Australia’s most-wanted murderer get one of the best lawyers in the colony?A prison experiment begins with a diary and we find out how the present mimics the past.
9/28/202134 minutes, 25 seconds
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The Last Outlaws

This is the tale of a prison colony trying to become a country and the murder case that stood in its way, but this is not a true crime podcast.Jimmy and Joe Governor, two brothers from Wiradjuri and Wonnarua country, were the last proclaimed outlaws in Australia - wanted dead or alive.120 years later we examine what has survived and what we can still learn from the Governor brothers' story.To find out more visit:
9/21/202132 minutes, 25 seconds
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Introducing: The Last Outlaws

The Last Outlaws is the latest audio series to be released by Impact Studios, an audio production house embedded in the University of Technology Sydney.The trilogy podcast is based on UTS Law Professor Katherine Biber’s tenacious and careful research of Jimmy and Joe Governor, Australia’s last proclaimed outlaws.The Governor brothers' story has been told in books and film before, but never like this.For the Governor family descendants this is a difficult story to tell, but one that demands to be heard.Coming September 22nd.
9/15/20213 minutes, 28 seconds