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The Kimani Mbugua Podcast

English, Education, 1 season, 6 episodes, 11 hours, 11 minutes
Welcome to The Kimani Mbugua podcast where he gets to share some of the highest and lowest moments of his life and new perspectives on life events.
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How I became a Catholic

From a Seventh Day Adventist on the far end of the anti-catholic spectrum to a practicing Catholic, this is my conversion story, my journey home to Rome. 
5/11/20221 hour, 8 minutes, 2 seconds
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Why death shouldn't scare you as much as it does

On this episode I share with you reasons why death should not scare you as much and what you should do about it.
5/2/20221 hour, 54 minutes
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My Darkest Hour And Why I Wrote My Own Eulogy On Facebook

This week I lost an old friend who committed suicide and memories of the day I contemplated taking my own life came flooding back. 
4/24/202240 minutes, 33 seconds
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What I have learnt from failed relationships and love done wrong

From relationships done out of lust and selfishness to an extremely painful breaking up of an engagement, I share my experiences in relationships and the lessons I have learnt from them.
4/18/20222 hours, 16 minutes, 57 seconds
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Going mad a second time and finally finding healing

On this episode I talk about the second time that I went mad and was admitted at Mathare again for about 45 days. This second time came with significant spiritual meaning that changed my life entirely.
4/10/20221 hour, 25 minutes, 20 seconds
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Going mad and being in Mathare; My toughest year ever

On this first episode, I open up about the most traumatic event of my life; being a drug addict going mad and suffering psychotic episodes for seven months. This cost me my relationship with my now ex-fiance and it brought so much pain to my family. 
4/3/20223 hours, 46 minutes, 44 seconds