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English, Personal stories, 3 seasons, 29 episodes, 1 day 6 hours 19 minutes
Ross Kemp is joined by guests from all walks of life, who all have engaging stories to tell.   Whether it’s about their life, their career, or their expertise, we hope that if you listen to this series, not only will you learn something about the guests, but also about the world we live in.   See ( for privacy and opt-out information.
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Ep28. Chris Daw QC: Defence Barrister

Chris Daw QC is one of Britain’s top defence barristers. His clients have included bankers, international footballers, murderers, rapists, and members of organised crime groups.Chris’ book Justice on Trial: Radical Solutions for a System at Breaking is out now: Chris:Twitter: to The Kempcast Podcast:
25/03/20211 hour 52 minutes 43 seconds
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Ep27. Dr Daisy Fancourt: The Psychological and Social Impact of Covid-19

Dr Daisy Fancourt is an Associate Professor of psychobiology and epidemiology at University College London, and is currently running the UK’s largest study into the psychological and social impact of COVID – 19.Follow Daisy:Twitter: COVID-19 Social Study: COVID Minds Network: to The Kempcast Podcast: <a href="
18/03/202152 minutes 29 seconds
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Ep26. Andrew Wallis: UNSEEN

Andrew Wallis OBE is the founder of Unseen, an organisation working towards the eradication of modern slavery and human trafficking.If you feel like you’ve been affected by any of the topics being discussed in this episode, you can contact the Modern Slavery Helpline on 08000 121 700.Follow Andrew&nbsp;Twitter: to The Kempcast Podcast: <a href="" rel="noopene
11/03/202146 minutes 56 seconds
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Ep25. Professor Jim Fraser: Forensic Investigator

Jim Fraser is an expert in forensic investigation and has been involved in hundreds of murder investigations as an expert witness and a cold case reviewer. He’s now a research Professor in Forensic Science at the University of Strathclyde and a Commissioner on the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission.Jim’s book Murder Under the Microscope: Serial Killers, Cold Cases and Life as a Forensic Investigator is out now: Jim:Twitter: to The Kempca
04/03/202154 minutes 46 seconds
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Ep24. Mandy Hickson: Fighter Pilot

Mandy Hickson is a former Royal Air Force pilot and was only the second woman to fly a Tornado GR4 on the front line, completing three tours of duty and 45 missions over Iraq.&nbsp;Mandy’s book An Officer, Not a Gentleman: The inspirational journey of a pioneering female fighter pilot is out now: Mandy:Twitter:<p
25/02/202147 minutes 40 seconds
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Ep23. Darryl Laycock: Ex Gang Member

Darryl Laycock was once named the most dangerous man in the North West, and has&nbsp;been shot more than 20 times in three separate attacks. He’s now turned his life around and&nbsp;runs Pain 2 Purpose, a charity that&nbsp;mentors young people who are at risk of being drawn into a life of crime.&nbsp;Follow Darryl:Twitter: 2 PurposeWebsite: <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target
18/02/202145 minutes 14 seconds
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Ep22. Professor Quassim Cassam: Conspiracy Theories

Quassim Cassam is a Professor of Philosophy at the University of Warwick and the author of the book Conspiracy Theories.Quassim’s book ‘Conspiracy Theories’ is out now: Quassim:Twitter: to The Kempcast Podcast: <a href="
11/02/202152 minutes
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Ep21. Luis Navia: Ex Cartel Drug Smuggler

Luis Navia spent 25 years working as a drug trafficker for some of the world’s most powerful drug lords. Including Pablo Escobar’s infamous Medellín Cartel.&nbsp;‘Pure Narco’ by Luis Navia and Jesse Fink&nbsp;is out now: to The Kempcast Podcast:
04/02/20211 hour 12 minutes 36 seconds
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Ep20. Oksana Pyzik: Global Health Advisor

Oksana Pyzik is a global health advisor and the lead in UCL’s outbreak educational program. Ross and Oksana discuss the current Covid-19 situation.Follow Oksana:Twitter: to The Kempcast Podcast: https:/
28/01/202151 minutes 24 seconds
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Ep19. Ollie Ollerton

Ollie Ollerton is an Ex-Special Forces soldier and star of SAS: Who Dares Wins. He’s&nbsp;the co-founder of the Break Point corporate training facility and he’s just released his first fictional book, Scar Tissue.Ollie’s new book Scar Tissue is out now: Ollie &nbsp;Twitter:</
21/01/202149 minutes 24 seconds