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The Journey with Blue: Create the Life and Business of Your Dreams Cover

The Journey with Blue: Create the Life and Business of Your Dreams

English, Finance, 2 seasons, 26 episodes, 11 hours 58 minutes
Hi! My name is Michelle Blue your host and coach of The Journey with Blue. The Journey with Blue is all about helping entrepreneurial dreamers create the life and business of their dreams. On the show I lead conscious conversations with some of the nation's leading entrepreneurs and thought leaders on the success, mindset and spiritual principles needed to step into your power. Each conversation helps you become the person your purpose requires. Watch on Youtube Listen to the PodcastFollow on Instagram
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Unlocking Your Breakthrough With Forgiveness: A Journey of Resilience & Overcoming with Myles Berrio

Discover the transformative power of forgiveness in achieving breakthroughs in your life and business. Join me in a profound conversation on "The Journey with Blue" as we sit down with the remarkable serial entrepreneur and investor, Myles Berrio, who shares his inspirational story of resilience, overcoming and triumph. Myles recounts his life-altering experience, a tragic car accident that led to a near-death experience and left him as an amputee. He had to relearn the most basic motor skills, including walking, to regain his independence. However, instead of succumbing to victimhood, Myles chose forgiveness as his path to empowerment. In the aftermath of the accident, Myles dedicated himself to the growth of his business and extended his support to countless others on their entrepreneurial journeys. His decision to embrace forgiveness set him free to thrive in life, serving as a testament to the incredible power it holds. "A drunk driver took my leg but not my
01/11/202356 minutes 37 seconds
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Stop Investing in Strategies and Start Investing In Yourself to Grow Your Business

During Blue's Clues, Blue gets real and shares her own lessons, sacrifices and failures along the way to help you along your 'Journey'.  Blue answers a burning question from Lauren, she has an idea for a beauty business geared towards women of color. She currently works full time in the industry and is now ready to take the leap and start her own business. To help prepare her for her business, she invested in different programs to learn the strategies she thought she needed to grow, marketing, ads, social media but she still feels stuck and is lacking the confidence to get started. She shares, “I’m not sure what I should be doing or what I am doing wrong?”  Blue shares how she understands Lauren’s frustration, because we have these dreams and when we invest our hard earned money in things in hopes that that’s the missing piece and that things will work out, it can be discouraging when it doesn’t. And it can make us questi
26/10/20234 minutes 51 seconds
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Finding and Staying In Your Purpose with Maya Elious

Welcome to 'The Journey with Blue,' your guide as you pursue your dreams and purpose. I know you’re watching The Journey with Blue because you know there is a dream, a deep seated destiny and a purpose that is given to you that you feel called to bring to life. Going for your dream isn't always easy but it is always worth it. You are going to get hit with the inevitable failures, struggles, and setbacks along the way but it’s up to you to keep going. In this enlightening and inspiring conversation, I am joined by Maya Elious, a renowned marketing expert, founder and the mind behind 'Built to Impact.' This thriving community is dedicated to empowering women of faith to launch 6-figure coaching businesses, so that they can create impact through their work and the people they serve. In my conversation, we explore the concept of manifesting your divine purpose, gaining insights into the potential obstacles, hurdles you might face along the way and how to keep going
17/10/202328 minutes 59 seconds
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Blue's Clues: The #1 Mistake You're Making In Your Business Keeping You From Results & Revenue You're Proud of

During Blue's Clues, Blue gets real and shares her own lessons, sacrifices and failures along the way to help you along your 'Journey'. Blue answers a burning question from Tynisha, who launched her own workout line for plus sized women. She was excited to launch her business and bring it to the world. She posted on her social media but only sold a couple of leggings and didn’t reach her sales goal. She writes in frustration asking Blue, “What did I do wrong?” Blue shares how she has been through the same situation when she launched her first business, Bené Scarves. She was excited for all the orders to come through and to hit immediate success but that was the furthest from reality. During Blue’s Clues, Blue shares, “It’s not that you’re doing anything wrong, you are just not doing it enough.” You have to take massive and consistent action over time. So many times we expect immediate and instant success when we start our businesses but the reality is nothing
04/10/20235 minutes 19 seconds
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Prioritizing Your Mental Health to Lead to Wealth in Your Business

As entrepreneurs and creative minds, we know the hustle can bring a lot of stress and a load of uncertainty. We're always aiming to grow our businesses, make more money, and make a real impact, but it's easy to forget that our top priority should be taking care of ourselves, especially our emotional and mental well-being. Here's the deal: our health is our true wealth in this game. The better we feel, both mentally and physically, the better we can show up and take our businesses to the next level. That's exactly why I brought in the amazing therapist, Ariane Byron, who specializes in working with entrepreneurs, onto ‘The Journey with Blue’. She not only inspired but she shared practical mindfulness tools and activities that we can use in our everyday lives. These activities aren't just about feeling good; they're about creating a solid foundation for success in our lives and businesses. Ariane’s Top Tips for Emotional and Mental Wellbeing: Be Honest Wi
19/09/202340 minutes 26 seconds
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Overcoming Fear of Failure to Bring Your Dreams to Life

Is fear of failure keeping you stuck from stepping into your purpose to create the life and business of your dreams?  During Blue's Clues, Blue gets real and shares her own lessons, sacrifices and failures along the way to help you along your 'Journey'.  In this episode, Blue answers a burning question from Renae, who is ready to step into her purpose and wants to start her own wellness company. She recently heard Michelle Blue on one of her favorite podcasts share how she went through a $40,000 loss in her first business and writes in because stories of failure are keeping her stuck and afraid to start and go for her dreams.  Blue gets real and completely understands where Renae is coming from and shares how she views failure and how she allows failures to help her reach her dreams, instead of discouraging and stopping her.  Blue shares her top lessons on Failure:  -Failure is not easy, i
13/09/20235 minutes
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Unlocking the Power of Practice: Embracing New Skills and Overcoming Failure for Success with Abu Fofanah

Trying new things and venturing into unfamiliar territory can be daunting, and the fear of failure often holds us back. However, that doesn't mean we should avoid these challenges altogether. The key lies in recognizing the immense power of practice and dedicating the necessary time to master our craft in order to bring our dreams to life. In my conversation with my friend Abu Fofanah and founder of Power Your Launch, whose ads you have probably seen across the internet, we gain valuable and real insights into his journey. With his platform, Abu has empowered countless students to earn $80 million by teaching them the art of running ads effectively. Abu reveals his personal process of starting from scratch when acquiring new skills, acknowledging the inevitable failures that come with it. Through commitment and relentless practice, he demonstrates how one can achieve remarkable success. By embracing the power of practice, we can overcome our aversion and fear to trying new t
13/06/202349 minutes 31 seconds
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The Power of Manifestation with Christina Rice

The Journey with Blue LIVE Power of Manifestation and Vision Book Party in Atlanta, GA was AMAZING and just what we needed to bring in the new year. Manifestation queen and founder of OmNoire, Christina Rice, joined me in conversation to share how we could get clear on our dreams, uncover what's keeping us from our possibilities and the steps necessary to manifest powerfully. After the conversation, we had an ultimate vision book party to claim what you want to create in every area of your life and business in the new year. You had to be in the room. If you're ready to unlock your manifesting potential with powerful tools for manifestation. Learn how to harness the law of attraction and manifest your desires effortlessly. Discover the secrets of manifestation and the tools that can help you manifest abundance, love, and success in your life. From vision books, gratitude, affirmations and healing from within, explore a range techniques to amplify your manifestation po
30/05/202341 minutes 30 seconds
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Design Your Life on Your Own Terms with Tonya Rapley

Are you ready to design and create a life you truly love? Join us in this conversation on The Journey with Blue with Tonya Rapley, founder of My Fab Finance and an acclaimed life and money expert. Discover how to overcome life's challenges, including pandemics and recessions, and step into your power to manifest the life of your dreams. Life doesn't happen by chance, it happens by DESIGN. In this conversation, Tonya Rapley shares valuable insights on how you can become a true co-creator of your reality. Learn how to navigate life's circumstances and rise above them, irrespective of the world's ups and downs. Discover practical steps to take, regardless of your current situation, and unleash your potential to create a life on your own terms. Tonya breaks down the process of bringing your dream life to reality. Start by gaining a clear understanding of where you currently stand and where you want to go. Explore your core values, as they serve as guiding principles
15/05/202335 minutes 16 seconds
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Blue's Clues 4P's to Instantly Show Up More Confident in Your Life and Business

During Blue's Clues, Blue gets real and shares her own lessons, sacrifices and failures along the way to help you along your 'Journey'. Blue shares her tips on how to show up more confidently in your business, whether it is on social, on a podcast or on camera, and in real life. Blue shares that putting yourself out there can be vulnerable and shares their own struggles with it. We can all be our own worst critics and that oftentimes, the things we fear being judged for are not even noticed by others. To help overcome this, Blue shares her "4Ps" to instantly show up more confidently. The first "P" is to Prepare and emphasizes the importance of doing research and being knowledgeable before a podcast or meeting someone in person. The second "P" is Presentation, and Blue emphasizes that looking the part is 70% of the battle, even if you're not on camera. The third "P" is to Pretend, and Blue encourages you to act as if they are
14/05/20235 minutes 46 seconds
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Building Confidence to Get Next Level Results with Real Estate Agent Ariane Ellsberry

Sales can be a daunting task for many people, but it's an essential skill that can be applied in various aspects of life. Whether you're pitching an idea, promoting a product, or presenting yourself for an opportunity, you are essentially selling. It's crucial to develop confidence in yourself and believe in the value you offer to excel in sales. In this conversation, we get insights from Ariane Ellsberry, a master real estate agent based in Atlanta, who has sold over $50 million worth of homes in the last three years. Her clientele includes celebrities such as Khadeen and Devale, Kendall Kyndall, and Yandy, for whom she creates a luxury buying experience. Ariane shares her tips on how to show up confidently, even when lacking experience or results in sales, to achieve next-level outcomes in your life and business. Don't miss out on Ariane's expert advice and start boosting your sales skills today. Watch and Listen to This Ep
01/05/202342 minutes 32 seconds
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How the Power of Belief Landed Renae Bluitt on Netflix

Have you been doubting the dream that has been given to you? Do you feel like others just don't understand your dreams and you're alone on the 'Journey'? So often when you're going for your dream, you are the only one with the vision and belief that it is possible for your dream to become a reality. Renae Bluitt is no stranger to believing in her dream when others didn't. For years, Renae self-invested, self-produced and self-promoted her documentary, She Did That, featuring the stories of other amazing black female entrepreneurs such as Luvvie, Lisa Price, creator of Carol's Daughter, Melissa Butler, creator of The Lip Bar and more. Even when others doubted Renae kept her belief in the dream given to her and landed a deal with Netflix to share the stories she had devoted to sharing years before. Renae shares how times she questioned the dream given to her and how her belief carried her through even when things looked as if they wouldn't work ou
01/05/202328 minutes 55 seconds
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The Keys to Attract More Money in Your Life with Expert Kara Stevens

The Keys To Attract More Money In Your Life - Kara Stevens | Transform Your Finances Money, Money, Money! Lets Talk About It! Are you tired of feeling like you never have enough money? Are you ready to transform your finances and go from broke to abundant?...I know that I am! This conversation, I invited financial expert Kara Stevens, creator of Frugal Feminista and author of 'Heal Your Relationship with Money'. Kara has been able to support other women step into their abundance as a trusted money and career contributor for Essence Magazine. We all have a money story that has been developed from our experiences and passed down from our family. Kara gives us the tools to heal our relationship with money to step into our birthright of riches. She shares the power that our energy, thoughts and words holds and how we can shift, so that we can attract more money to ourselves. In this conversation, Kara helps us... --Uncover Our Money Story: It is time to explore what are
01/05/202335 minutes 9 seconds
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Cliff Jumping to Bring Your Dreams to Life with Brandice Daniel

Cliff Jumping To Bring Your Dreams To Life - Brandice Daniel | Make Your Dream Real Lets get real...Have your fears been keeping you from going for your dreams? In this episode we get real about the fears and failures that keep us from making our dreams a reality. My guest Brandice Daniel, is the founder of Harlem's Fashion Row, a fashion agency helping designers of color get representation in the industry through partnerships with some of the largest brands such as Nike and LeBron James, Gap Inc., Tommy Hilfiger and more. Brandice shares how constantly on her 'Journey' she was faced with moments of fear and doubt, and all that seemed impossible. Even in these scary and questionable moments Brandice shares how she was still able to overcome and cliff jump into making her dreams a reality. Brandice shares her keys in 'Cliff Jumping' to create the life and business of your dreams: -Failure is Inevitable but Doesn't Have to Be the End: Often times we
01/05/202332 minutes 15 seconds
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How to Make Millions from The Inside Out with Danielle Leslie

How To Make Millions From The Inside Out - Danielle Leslie | Key Points To Transform Your Life Have you ever questioned how others are making their millions? In my conversation with Danielle Leslie, I am giving you an inside look of how she was able to make her millions from the inside out and how you can too! "Work harder on yourself than you do anything else." Danielle Leslie lives by this motto, as a true student to personal development work, Danielle shares her transformational strategies of how she was able to grow her business from $0 to $16 Million in just three years. Danielle Leslie is the creator of Course from Scratch, a program that teaches women how to create a course and monetize their expertise. AfroTech named Danielle a tech "unicorn' for how fast she was able to grow her business and Forbes has given her the name "Millionaire Maker" as she is helping other women do the same. During our conversation, Danielle gets real about how s
01/05/202335 minutes 27 seconds