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Trump has just won!

The failed assassination attempt on Donald Trump has just gifted him the Presidential election. Everyone should condemn political violence regardless of which side you are on. However the left despite condemning it also seems to be trying to play a game of victim blaming as if Trump has brought this onto himself! I also talk about England's game tonight and Keir Starmer's first week in power. Have a listen and tell me what you think.
7/14/202439 minutes, 38 seconds
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Political pundits are worse than Politicians.

This isn't the dawning of a new era it's the same old pantomime but with the self serving pigs just sitting on different sides of the House. I don't think that much will change but I'm willing to give Starmer a chance although its clear that Blair is back in charge isnt it? What's really winding me up though are the so called polical pundits and their stupid sniping. In this podcast I really lay into these self righteous young pompous fools.
7/9/202445 minutes, 46 seconds
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Rishi lost but was Starmer the winner? Or was it Farage?

Starmer didn't win the election. The Conservatives threw it away with Covid, Party gate, Liz Truss and the lettuce! Betting on the result and of course the D- Day debacle added fuel to the slaughter too. So, Rishi is out and Starmer is in however the song will remain the shame! The real winner was Farage who got 4million votes but less seats than the Limp Dems! PR has to happen. Now we've got rid of Rishi we need to remove Southgate. His tactics and style of play are duller than Starmer's victory speech. Do you agree?  
7/5/202431 minutes, 10 seconds
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England were Rubbish. Coldplay is posh white boy Pap. Glastonbury Hypocrites!

I thought England were abysmal this weekend. We did not deserve to win. However Bellingham's goal was brilliant and the arrogance he portrayed in the press conference after the final whistle we need more of that on the pitch. The only way to achieve that is to sack Southgate NOW! Glastonbury was full of all the usual suspects revelling in their lefty hypocrisy. All led by the Wokest band in the known universe, Coldplay. They make me sick they are just a posh white boy PAP band. What were those Palestinian flags about and that mock up of a raft with migrants in it? Then of course these ECO zealots leave all their tents and litter behind. Updates on my illness and car insurance row. I finish with an email that made me cry and realise that I have not been wasting the last forty years of my life.    
7/1/202438 minutes, 48 seconds
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Farage set up again! Biden must stand down. Car insurance rip off.

I smell a rat in this Farage racism row. He can not be responsible for the actions of a canvasser can he? What this fat actor said was offensive and I understand why Rishi is upset. However when you listen to the rant it does seem like the guy is straight from Central Casting. It is cliche after racist and sexist cliche. Reform must be really rattling the Establishment. I watched the Biden and Trump debate last night and it is sad but clear that Joe BIden is really ill and should for his own sake stand down. Trump was very fair and kind to him last night and now will be the next Leader of the free world. Don't talk to me about Car insurance as my company has just tried to increase mine my 90 percent! It's a rip off and I am sure I'm not alone.
6/28/202445 minutes, 12 seconds
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I was out of touch until I nearly died and was on the dole at 63.

I'm in a reflective mood as I tell you about what I've been up to these last couple of years. I nearly died of Sepsis and it took the best part of a year to recover. Now my confidence is coming back but I can't get any real work and I'm on Job Seekers Allowance at the age of 63. However being so ill has had some positives as it has allowed me to realise just out of touch I had become from the very people that I thought I represented. In this episode I talk about he minimum wage jobs I have taken on, including working in a call centre, and the experience I have gained. I also have a pop about Taxis flying our flag, Harry Kane bleating about the press and the lack of charisma in our politicians. Don't worry this is NOT a "woe is me mental health" podcast it is a funny and hopefully an honest statement of where I am now.
6/25/202448 minutes, 24 seconds
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Harry Kane, Rishi, Tory gamblers live on Planet Delusion.

Kane is bleating that Gary Lineker shouldn't criticise the English team. I say grow up as for once Gary is correct when he said that the performance against  Denmark was shit! The Tory betting scandal is outrageous and of course all those accused should be suspended until we find out the truth. Meanwhile The Mail are accusing Nigel Farage of being a Putin puppet! Then to cap it all Keith Vaz is back and so is Skippy! Don't miss this podcast as I'm on fire!
6/23/202431 minutes, 53 seconds
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Harry Kane, Rishi and Tory gamblers live on Planet Delusion.

I say that Harry Kane, Rishi and the Tory gamblers live on Planet Delusion. Kane is bleating that Gary Lineker shouldn't criticise the English team. I say grow up as for once Gary is correct when he said that the performance against  Denmark was shit! The Tory betting scandal is outrageous and of course all those accused should be suspended until we find out the truth. Meanwhile The Mail are accusing Nigel Farage of being a Putin puppet! Then to cap it all Keith Vaz is back and so is Skippy! Don't miss this podcast as I'm on fire!
6/23/202431 minutes, 53 seconds
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Sack Southgate, Sack Sunak and crown Farage?!

Why do Politicians treat us like mushrooms? Keeping us in the dark and feeding us their Sh*t? Farage is keen to tell us that Labour have already won the election but the actual truth is that Nigel Farage is the real winner. He has dominated and shaped the whole agenda and the Establishment have been playing catch up whilst simultaneously and metaphorically filling their pants. He has only been able to do this because the Establishment have ignored the views of the people for too long. So now he produces a "red meat" wish list of Right wing polices and voters lap it up. Meanwhile Rishi has his photo taken wearing an England shirt in a pub and suggests that the terrible Beatles song "Hey Jude" should be our football song!  I despair! How about you?!    
6/18/202441 minutes, 26 seconds
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Farage has to be in TV debates.

Of course Nigel Farage should now be included in the TV debates and the growth of Reform must lead to PR in the UK. Like him or loathe him, it is a fact that in just ten days he has completely altered the direction of this General Election. Why can't the other leaders be authentic or even honest. Rishi's D day apology was insincere and his depiction of a deprived childhood being the fact he didn't have Sky TV was a joke but also a crass insult to the British people. Meanwhile Starmer needs to develop a sense of humour and also just be genuine. Both parties are taking and treating the voters like mushrooms; keeping us in the dark and feeding us BS. Jon also feels sorry for Biden and says that it is cruel to allow him to stay in office, in fact it is almost elderly abuse. Jon also attacks fellow podcasters saying stop trying to be a radio show and be more punk in your attitude. Don't miss this episode as Gaunty is on fire!  
6/14/202439 minutes, 58 seconds
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I'm not going to forgive Rishi Sunak, are you?

Rishi has been hiding in his bunker all weekend and now he emerges like a drowning rat and begs for our forgiveness?!  Well he can shove that where that sun don't shine as he has insulted the whole nation and he is not fit to lead the UK. He should resign immediately. The attacks on Nigel Farage and calling him a racist is both predictable and lame by the Mainstream media. Farage is a real force to be reckoned with and is already the real opposition to the incoming Labour Government. Please have a listen and tell me what you think onTwitter and Facebook.  
6/10/202436 minutes, 46 seconds
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"France didn't demand papers in 1944 when we liberated them did they!"

Jon was really moved by the D Day commemoration on the BBC. However he was outraged by the French demanding to see our paratrooper's papers when they landed in France. "They didn't demand papers in 1944 when we liberated them did they!"  Was the sacrifice worth it back in 1944? Europe is divided again and we now have a PM in Rishi who thinks he can lie in a TV debate and con the British people over taxation. Will F Day save the day asks Jon who is delighted that Nigel Farage has been listening to his podcasts and decided now to stand in the election rather than work for the Yankee Dollar. But will Farage really be able to change or reform anything?
6/6/202434 minutes, 25 seconds
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National Service, Votes at 16- it's all PR spin and will never happen.

The election campaign has only just begun but already the stench of PR bull is polluting the airwaves. National Service isn't a bad idea but Rishi will never implement it. This policy is just "red meat" to attract the Tory deserters who were flocking to Reform. But now that Farage has run away from the democratic fight Reform are finished.  Meanwhile Labour's only real policy idea seems to be lets bribe kids with the promise of giving them the vote at 16. The only voting reform we need is the scrapping of postal votes. Is this the best that the Political Class can offer us? Have a listen and see if you agree.  
5/29/202431 minutes, 8 seconds
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Farage is a hypocrite. Post Office bosses should be in a criminal dock.

Is Nigel Farage just the same as all the other politicians? Is he a self server, only interested in himself? Why would he chase the Yankee Dollar when he has the chance of a lifetime (after 7 failed attempts) to get elected. Why should you vote for Reform if he is too frightened to actually stand? Jon also attacks Drowned Rat Rishi as he calls for an election in the pouring rain. Would you vote for any of these clowns? Jon's also been watching the Post Office story and believes that Paula Vennells should be delivered straight to a court of law and tried for her alleged crimes. Stop crying, dry your tears love and take some blooming responsibility for your actions. Listen and let Jon know if you agree?
5/24/202435 minutes, 5 seconds
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Re-nationalise water. Train ticket rip offs. Coventry city were cheated by VAR.

It's time to re-nationlise water in the UK says Jon Gaunt. It's a disgrace that we can't trust the water we drink or swim in. Fat cats have been trousering huge profits whilst our water system has fallen apart. Has Gaunty turned into a socialist, even a commie as he also suggests that we need to think about doing the same with Gas and Electricity. Jon has also become a convert to public transport since he rose from his sick bed. He must have been drinking the water and not the coffee! Listen to this funny and thought provoking podcast right to the end when Jon has a good old rant about football and his beloved Sky Blues being cheated out of the FA cup. Please like and share.  
5/21/202433 minutes, 38 seconds
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Rishi is a dead man walking and talking cobblers.

Jon Gaunt is back and he is tearing into Rishi and other mainstream politicians. He says that they are all useless and clueless and acting like self serving pigs with their snouts in the trough. Sunak is blaming the unemployed, the disabled, refugees and asylum seekers and now even the obese for the state of Broken Britain. He says that he is the only person who can lead this once great nation through the real troubles ahead? Jon reckons he might take him more seriously if he could get a suit that fits him and if he recognised just hard life is for the real people of the UK. And then Jon turns his attention to the 'smutfest' that was Eurovision! Jon is back and he is on top form. Tell him what you think on Twitter and Facebook.    
5/13/202428 minutes, 32 seconds
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Jon Gaunt. Is he coming back?

It's been a long time but I now feel strong enougth to make podcasts. Please spread the word.
7/4/202324 seconds
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Mark needs to get home from Sri Lanka!

Jon Gaunt catches up with Mark who has been stuck in Sri Lanka for five weeks longer than he intended. Now he needs to get back home but wonders what kind of country he is coming down to in Lockdown Britain. He also tells Jon about the lockdown in the beautiful country of Sri Lanka. Being a plasterer Mark doesn't even know if there will be work when he gets back to the Uk. As a regular world traveller on a budget Mark also wonders if the whole nature of youngsters travelling the world will fundamentally change or even end when this coronavirus pandemic is over. This is a really good listen. You will find all of Jon's podcasts on his website  
5/5/202025 minutes, 3 seconds