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The Intelligence Brief: OSINT and its application by HENSOLDT Analytics Cover
The Intelligence Brief: OSINT and its application by HENSOLDT Analytics Profile

The Intelligence Brief: OSINT and its application by HENSOLDT Analytics

English, Technology, 2 seasons, 10 episodes, 6 hours 13 minutes
On the edge of the intelligence topic, there is a conversation to be had around just how valuable the application of OSINT methods is to security. Join us and our expert guests from the field of intelligence as we look to identify the application of innovative OSINT strategies for the security and defence sector.
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HENSOLDT's New Mobile App: Combining OSINT and Crowd-Sourced Intelligence

In the second episode of our second season, our host, OSINT Analyst Jennifer Kelly sits down with Head of Software Development Jakob Frohnwieser and Software Developer Mert Demir to explore HENSOLDT Analytics's new mobile app.  From detailing the conceptualisation of the app to exploring the app's crowd-sourced intelligence functionalities, both Frohnwieser and Demir highlight the impact of having a multi-source intelligence app. For a free demo of the mobile app, please contact our HENSOLDT Analytics Team at [email protected]
28/11/202328 minutes 32 seconds
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The Economic Crime Landscape: Asset Recovery and its Challenges

In the first episode of our podcast’s second season, we are looking at how OSINT is incorporated within the world of financial crimes. Our host, Jennifer Kelly, will be joined by a special guest to shed some light on the UK economic crime landscape. Maria Nizzero, a Research Fellow at the Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies at RUSI, will discuss her recent work on the topic of asset recovery mechanism in the UK. She will also share the challenges the UK government faced in the aftermath of recent geopolitical events, how open-source information is utilized when overcoming these challenges, and what the future fight against illicit finance looks like. Please note, the views expressed in the interview are those of our guest, and do not represent the views of RUSI or any other institution the speaker is connected with.
21/04/202329 minutes 50 seconds