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English, Finance, 3 seasons, 654 episodes, 3 days 12 hours 38 minutes
The Insurance Dudes, Craig Pretzinger and Jason Feltman, help Insurance Agents create a Predictable, Consistent, and Profitable Agency Sales Machine.
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Growth and Mentorship Navigation with Brandan Keegan PART 2

Another day, another playbook!! This time we have the legendary Brendan Keegan, CEO of Merchant Fleet, with us to discuss the landscape of insurance and leadership!We start with Brendan discussing the challenges of managing large vehicle fleets, offering a unique perspective on the risks and strategies to mitigate them. We also get into the challenges of managing large vehicle fleets, and Brandan offers a unique perspective on the risks involved and the strategies to mitigate them.The conversation delves into the impact of remote work on professional development and underscores the competitive advantage of being present in the office, as well as the power of hard work, innovation, and adaptability as key components of a successful career.📻 Tune in for a Fascinating episode with the Idudes and Brandan Keegan. Keep listening to become a Pro Insurance Dude!The Insurance Dudes are on a mission to find <a
30/10/202321 minutes 57 seconds
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Why Your P&C Agency MUST have Purpose | Insurance Agency Playbook

Join us as Craig Pretzinger discusses the first  &quot;P&quot; in his framework for agency success - Purpose!Craig emphasizes the importance of having a clear purpose, which is the reason why the agency exists and the unique value it brings to its clients. Purpose acts as the guiding light for decision-making and culture-building within the agency. The host also touches on the impact of a well-defined purpose on attracting clients and employees who resonate with the agency&apos;s mission. Learn how to reflect on your agency&apos;s purpose and how it aligns with your passion for serving clients and making a positive impact in your community and as an insurance agent.Join the IDudes and become the best at what you do!The Insurance Dudes are on a mission to find the best insurance agentsaround the co
07/08/202310 minutes 47 seconds
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How To Sell P&C Insurance And Get Best In Company PART 1 | Insurance Agency Playbook

Join insurance sales expert Jason Feltman as he shares his proven strategies for selling Property and Casualty (P&amp;C) Insurance in this engaging episode. Drawing from his experience in turning around a failing agency, Jason reveals the key challenges faced in sales and emphasizes the importance of providing exceptional value to customers.Jason takes you deep into the mechanics of the sales funnel, employing his renowned napkin tactic approach to simplify complex calculations. Discover how to set and achieve audacious sales goals by maintaining a steady flow of leads and quotes that keep the momentum going.Get ready to unleash your sales potential, as Jason empowers you with precise methodologies that will drive your success in the competitive insurance landscape. This power-packed episode is your ticket to sales mastery and exponential growth!The Insurance Dudes are on a mission to find <a href='
28/06/202313 minutes 52 seconds