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English, Technology, 35 seasons, 87 episodes, 2 days, 53 minutes
We discuss the future of Web3 with founders, technologists, creators, investors, and open-source developers building the next wave of the Internet. Hosted by Alex Kehaya, CEO of Holaplex and sponsored by the Graph, the Google of Blockchain.
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Future of AI in the Workplace with Vinny Lingham, CEO of Rumi

This week on The Index, host Alex Kehaya welcomes Vinny Lingham, the Founder and CEO of Rumi, an AI-driven platform that offers video conferencing. Vinny shares his unique insights into the startup world as an investor and entrepreneur.  We take a deep dive into the future of AI in the workplace,  ChatGPT, decentralized storage,  chip shortages, and what's next for Bitcoin. 
4/12/202435 minutes, 5 seconds
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Wealth Creation and the Solana Ecosystem with Akshay Bidi, Founder of Superteam

This week on The Index, host Alex Kehaya dives into the world of cryptocurrency with Akshay Bidi, advisor to the Solana Foundation and founder of Superteam. Akshay's journey, from launching Uber in India to becoming a key player in crypto. Alex and Akshay discuss the potential of crypto to revolutionize wealth creation. They break down how owning tokens in a project can be similar to holding equity in a company. Learn how contributing to the development of crypto blockchain projects can mirror the financial benefits of traditional investments.
4/6/202438 minutes, 46 seconds
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Ritual: Web3's Next Generation of AI & Crypto Infrastructure with Co-founder Niraj Pant

This week on The Index, host Alex Kehaya welcomes Niraj Pant, Co-founder of Ritual, the network for open AI infrastructure. Join them as they take a deep dive into Ritual's groundbreaking architecture, built on a crowdsourced governance layer aimed at ensuring safety. Explore Ritual's mission to become the focal point of AI in the web3 space by evolving Infernet into a modular suite of execution layers that interoperate with other base layer infrastructure.
3/22/202443 minutes, 11 seconds
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Hacking Innovation in the Solana Ecosystem with Matty Taylor, Co-founder of Colosseum

This week on The Index, host Alex Kehaya welcomes Matty Taylor, former Head of Growth at the Solana Foundation, who left to co-found Colosseum. Known for organizing some of the largest blockchain hackathons in the crypto space, including Grizzlython and Hyperdrive, it's a great conversation about hacking innovation within the Solana ecosystem.
3/15/202435 minutes, 9 seconds
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Web3 Community Building and the Future of AI with Alex Pisarevski, Co-founder of Epic Web3

This week on The Index, host Alex Kahaya welcomes entrepreneur Alex Pisarevski, Co-founder of the Epic Web3 conference. Join us as we explore how Alex is shaping a future where developers and founders come together, sharing insights and driving innovations at the forefront of the decentralized future.
3/2/202423 minutes, 16 seconds
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Digital Marketing with AI and Blockchain: BizQuiz with Founder Joey Janyshek

What if we told you that artificial intelligence and blockchain technology are creating new frontiers in the way we play games and engage with brands? Gear up for an insightful ride with our distinguished guest Joey Janyshek, the innovative mind behind BizQuiz. This web-based trivia game is not just about answering questions right, it's about experiencing an exciting fusion of AI and blockchain technology. Joey gives us a peek into his journey from Web 1 to Web 3, and how interactive TV, despite its huge potential, has yet to make its mark.We then shift gears to dissect the powerful role of wallets in targeted marketing. Joey illuminates how BizQuiz provides a unique platform for brands to engage their customers by rewarding them with blockchain-based digital collectibles. You'll get a behind-the-scenes look at the BizQuiz analytics dashboard, offering valuable insights into customer behaviors and enabling brands to fine-tune their targeting strategies. As an unexpected treat, we also cast light on the diverse materials used for pickleball paddles and the top pick among them. This episode is a treasure trove of insights for anyone intrigued by the intersection of AI, blockchain, and interactive marketing. Don't miss it!
1/12/202425 minutes, 55 seconds
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Web 3, Blockchain Scaling, and Bitcoin with Diego Perez de Ayala of Frictionless Capital

This week on "The Index, " host Alex Kehaya welcomes Diego Perez de Ayala, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Frictionless Capital, for a deep dive into the world of Web3 and crypto infrastructure. Together, they explore the concept of self-sovereignty and self-custody pioneered by Bitcoin and discuss how Solana democratizes these ideas. Join this insightful conversation to gain a deeper understanding of Web3, blockchain technology, and the transformative power they hold.
11/9/202328 minutes, 53 seconds
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Web3 Revolution: Navigating the Decentralized Future with Rhys Lindmark

Tune in for our rewind episode with host Alex Kehaya and Rhys Lindmark, CEO and co-founder of ETHDenver and Roote, a nonprofit startup studio building the Wisdom Age. It's a great conversation about the Web3 revolution, blockchain ethics, and the evolution of society in a decentralized future. Tune in to learn more about the transformative power of blockchain technology and the potential for a more transparent, equitable, and ethical world.
5/15/202329 minutes, 18 seconds