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English, Education, 2 seasons, 49 episodes, 17 hours, 48 minutes
The How-To Girl Podcast is the everyday girl's how-to guide to relationships, career, wellness & practical life skills. New episodes every Tuesday!
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Working With Grief, Losing A Parent Unexpectedly, Starting A Clothing Brand With Influencer Addyson Brooke

Hi friends! In today’s episode, I welcome my first guest to the show. Addison is a lifestyle influencer/business owner of Peachy Threads Apparel. She talks about how she’s been dealing with grief since the sudden passing of her mom, moving from her small town to a new city and how to launch a clothing brand. New episodes every Monday.Follow Addison on Instagram @thatssoaddy Be sure to support the podcast by sharing this episode with a friend and following the podcast on Instagram @thehtgpodConnect with your host Elliana on Instagram @helloelliana. 
10/10/202235 minutes, 54 seconds
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Career: Content Creator Essentials, Talking TikTok Tips, Useful Instagram Practices

Hi besties! In today’s episode, Elliana spills all her best social media tips & practices. More importantly, her best tips for Instagram & TikTok. There’s no gate keeping in this episode so listen for a detailed list of essentials you’ll need as a content creator. Share this episode with someone you know & don’t forget to rate the show 5 stars. Follow The How To Girl Podcast on Instagram @thehowtogirlpodcast and follow your host, Elliana on Instagram @helloelliana | New episodes every Monday.
8/8/202230 minutes, 3 seconds