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The Holidays

English, Children-Kids, 3 seasons, 46 episodes, 7 hours, 9 minutes
Introducing a family called the Holidays. Yup, you guessed it - they run a party planning store. And they celebrate a different holiday every day. It’s their thing. There’s shoe day, the day of the banana, karaoke day, talk like a pirate day, and more! The Holidays are the coolest family ever when you’re in grade school. Every day is a party! But when you’re about to turn 12, it becomes totally embarrassing. Enter Clementine Holiday. It’s an awkward family to be a part of when you want to be a kid, but you also want to grow up. For ages 7-12
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S3E14: Once Upon a Time...

Clementine Holiday takes listeners on a fantastical journey to celebrate "Tell A Fairytale Day" with a unique story set in the magical, imaginary land of Party Central, featuring her family as enchanting characters like a mer-man and a ticklish eel, blending the everyday with the magical in a tale that reminds us of the power of imagination and storytelling.
4/2/20245 minutes, 56 seconds
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S3E13: Girl Power!

Join Clementine in imagining and advocating for a gender-equal world where every day is a holiday worth celebrating.
3/25/20246 minutes, 37 seconds
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S3E12: March Madness

Clementine Holiday shares the chaos of World Plumbing Day at her house, where her dad's overzealous plumbing efforts lead to annual disasters, prompting a girls' weekend escape and highlighting the importance and history of plumbing with humor and fun facts.
3/18/20246 minutes, 18 seconds
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S3E11: Random Act of Kindness Day

Join Clementine Holiday on a heartwarming adventure filled with unexpected surprises! When Clem is baffled by a sudden shower of compliments from her brother Corey, she discovers the true essence of Random Acts of Kindness Day. From mistaken vegetable bouquets to secret garden mishaps, this episode is a delightful journey through acts of kindness that bring a family closer together.
2/26/20246 minutes, 5 seconds
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S3E10: Tug-of-War

Clementine Holiday gears up for International Tug-of-War Day, a fiercely competitive family tradition where she and her mom challenge Dad and Corey for a coveted day off and a grand trophy.
2/19/20247 minutes, 54 seconds
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S3E9: Sunny With a Chance of Winter

In the heartwarming episode, Clementine Holiday navigates the quirky traditions and anxious hopes of her Chicago family on Groundhog Day, eager to escape the city's notorious winter chill.
2/17/20246 minutes, 27 seconds
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S3E8: Girls Run the World

Join Clementine Holiday as she celebrates the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, a day recognized by the United Nations to promote equal access and participation in STEM fields. Clementine highlights the achievements of trailblazing women like aerospace engineer Tierra Fletcher, the first female medical school graduate Elizabeth Blackwell, astronaut Mae Jemison, Nobel Prize winners Marie Curie and Gertrude Elion, and encourages young listeners to explore organizations like Girls Who Code and STEM Like a Girl.
2/15/20247 minutes, 27 seconds
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S3E7: Happy Valentine’s Day!

This Valentine's Day, join Clementine Holiday for a heart-fluttering episode as she navigates the highs and lows of the season of love. From dodging her teasing brother Corey's chants about her and Everett, to dreading the school dance without a Valentine, Clem's day is full of surprises. Tune in for a tale of friendship, family antics, and the excitement of young love, all wrapped up in the most unexpected Valentine's Day celebration at Party Central.
2/14/20246 minutes, 53 seconds
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S3E6: A President’s Day!

Join Clementine Holiday as she celebrates Abraham Lincoln's Birthday with a President's Day extravaganza! Dive into six fascinating facts about the 16th President of the United States, from his towering height of 6 feet 4 inches to his unique status as the only president to hold a patent. Discover Lincoln's love for animals, his diverse career, and his monumental Emancipation Proclamation. Plus, find out why Lincoln is the most written-about person in American history, with over 18,000 books to his name. It's a red, white, and blue celebration of one of America's greatest leaders, so tune in, learn something new, and remember, every day is a holiday at Party Central!
2/12/20245 minutes, 59 seconds
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S3E5: Meet Scrooge Holiday

Join Clementine Holiday as she navigates the grumpy waters of Curmudgeon's Day in her family's quirky party planning store, Party Central. On a day when everyone is supposed to be in a bad mood, Clem tries to turn things around with thoughtful surprises for her family. From avocado toast with extra tomatoes for her mom to a special Lego set for her brother Corey, and even brewing her dad's favorite coffee, Clem does her best to spread cheer. But will the Curmudgeon's Day curse catch up to her? Tune in to find out!
2/6/20248 minutes, 26 seconds
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S3E4: Meow, Meow?

Join Clementine Holiday on a purr-fectly delightful episode of The Holidays as she celebrates National Answer Your Cat's Question Day! In this whisker-tickling episode, Clem becomes a cat whisperer, communicating with Mr. Kitty, the feline guest of honor. Together, they set up a cozy cat café at Party Central, complete with treats for both cats and humans.
1/22/20247 minutes, 55 seconds
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S3E3: Wikipedia Day

Join Clementine Holiday and her quirky family as they dive into the fascinating world of Wikipedia, comparing it to the traditional encyclopedia and sharing mind-blowing facts about this online knowledge powerhouse. Listen in as they explore the origins of Wikipedia, its massive team of editors, and even its unique birthday committee!
1/15/20246 minutes, 54 seconds
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S3E2: Splish Splash Bubble Bath

Celebrate National Bubble Bath Day with Clem and her brother Corey, as they revel in the joys of long, relaxing bubble baths. Join them at Party Central, where they teach customers the art of bubble-making with simple ingredients like warm water, sugar, and dish soap. Plus, discover the wonders of bubbleology with Dad, a certified Bubbleologist, as he demonstrates how to create fascinating bubble shapes and explains the physics behind them. From sphere bubbles to tetrahedron-shaped wonders, this episode is a delightful mix of fun, learning, and, of course, lots of bubbles!
1/8/20247 minutes, 5 seconds
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S3E1: Happy New Year!

Join Clementine Holiday as she shares her family's unique New Year's resolutions, from her dad's hilarious attempt to learn the "Thriller" dance to Corey's ambitious pizza-tasting goal. Laugh along with Clementine as she tries to perfect her marshmallow-to-hot-cocoa ratio and vows to giggle at her dad's corny jokes. Discover how different cultures around the world celebrate the New Year, from Brazil's beach tradition to Denmark's plate-smashing for luck. Tune in for a fun, festive episode that explores global New Year's traditions and the Holiday family's humorous resolutions.
1/1/202410 minutes, 42 seconds