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English, History, 2 seasons, 16 episodes, 12 hours, 11 minutes
History podcast run by two GCSE history fanatics. Join Jonah and Charlie for chilled chats around the GCSE course, delving deeper into some fascinating stories. Appearing as guests, several renowned and intriguing expert historians help us explore further into some of their specialist areas, before a short political section joined by many other young people with burning questions. Subscribe to our newly-created youtube channel, with weekly content for those who prefer more visually stimulating episodes: The Historic Present Pod Contact: [email protected] Follow our insta too!
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Episode 13: Drone warfare

In this episode, Charlie talks to James Rogers about the history and future of Drone Warfare. Unfortunately Jonah was too ill to join the recording, but will be back for the next episode. 
6/1/202224 minutes, 1 second
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History Enrichment: Social inequality

Having taken on the task of producing a special episode for our school's enrichment week, this episode is centred around two prime examples of social injustice in history, centuries apart. Revolutionary changes always come as a result of social inequalities, sooner or later, and the two examples - in France and in the US - that we discuss in today's episode perfectly reflect this. Enjoy!
1/31/202133 minutes, 46 seconds