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The Hijabi Project 101

English, Cultural, 1 season, 7 episodes, 2 hours, 19 minutes
Definition of Hïjäb (noun); a head covering worn by some Muslim women in public. Aim of The Hijabi Project 101 is to document, at least,101 biographical accounts from Muslim women who wear the Islamic headscarf. This project was started in the spirit so that humans can better understand other humans.
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7. "I think this is something for me"

Jonquil Bass is a maths teacher and a parent in a blended family of nine. She talks about what determined her to revert to Islam and her life since. You can see her at
3/21/202318 minutes, 25 seconds
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6. "I love the fact that my children have friends from all over the world"

Tahira Osama originally from Dayton Ohio talks about being raised by 1st generation African American Muslim parents and then raising a 3rd generation herself. She got into fitness and health because of her own struggles and as result transitioned from being a nurse to running and owning a successful fitness studio. You can watch her here
1/14/202316 minutes, 55 seconds
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5. "I want to help a little me"

Sophia Mela on Rocket Science and Fashion Sophia Mela recounts how her  love of maths  grew into space exploration and overcoming hurdles she faced trying to be modest yet fashionable. Her Hijab was also a challenge in becoming a Karate black belt, cosplaying and modeling, which she persevered and conquered. on Youtube
7/28/202232 minutes, 58 seconds
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4."From the initial declaration my parents were supportive"

Miriam Colón elaborates about her spiritual search since childhood and eventually finding Islam.  How she has taken her God given heritage and combined it with her faith. On Youtube
3/25/202228 minutes, 34 seconds
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3. "As I learn from them, they learn from me"

Hijabi Heather Elsayed from Pittsburg talks about her life as she transition into Islam. On Youtube
3/2/202222 minutes, 52 seconds
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2. "It gave me courage"

Mariam Mizhaji an artist of Syrian descent talks about her journey into art and education. You can watch this on YouTube
2/21/202210 minutes, 44 seconds
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1. "We are all humans at the end of the day"

Zohra Siddiqui a nurse, makeup and henna artist talks about how she started wearing the hijab, the Islamic headscarf, and her experiences  You can watch this on Youtube 
2/1/20228 minutes, 55 seconds