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English, Religion, 1 seasons, 12 episodes, 9 hours 2 minutes
Spirituality, mental health, healing and relationships. Come with me on my journey of self discovery
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Episode 11: Survival Mode and How To Get Out!

Survival served our ancestors as a defense mechanism to remain alive.  However, what happens if we constantly operate from a place of "fight or flight"? Discover this topic with me!  --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
12/09/202233 minutes 15 seconds
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Bonus Episode: Full Moon in Gemini 2021

Humans have been doing moon rituals since the dawn of time. From a time when all we had was our senses, nature and our faith in a higher power, we have honored the energy that the moon creates.  The moon, mother and ruler of our emotions and of the feminine energy, helps us put some POWER into our intentions.  Each phase of the moon brings a portal in which we can send our intentions.  The FULL moon is all about RELEASING.  This full moon in Gemini is the last full moon of 2021! What a great time to release and let go of things that no longer serve us. Starting on Saturday, December 18th, the full in Gemini invites us to take a look at the relationships and words we no longer want to carry with us into 2022. Gemini is dominate in communication and bonds. Which relationships do you see in your life as beneficial to your higher self? Which are not? Which do you want to take with you into 2022? Tune in to find out how I release during Full moon phases and what rituals look like during t
19/12/202136 minutes 54 seconds