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English, Hip-Hop Rap, 1 season, 138 episodes, 3 days, 16 hours, 12 minutes
Ross Wakefield brings you a monthly podcast celebrating some of the absolute best in new music. From Hip Hop to House to Disco to Folk to Minimal Electronica, there's bound to be something you'll fall in love with...promise. Support the music and spread the word. x
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Hideout Sessions ep.200

So here we are! We made it to 200 episode of the show. It started 15+ years ago and it's been absolutely joyous and an unrivaled privilege to bring so much inspirational music over the years. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all your support and most of all for investing in the music. Keep on, keeping on!PLEASE CONTINUE SPREAD THE WORD, SUBSCRIBE, FOLLOW, RATE & SUPPORT THE MUSIC!Love you endlessly...Ross xxHere are all my links:-Bandcamp: 1. Frankson, ft. Sarah Scott 'That Fragile Heart' (LxL, DxD)2. Divr 'As of Now' (We Jazz)3. Amanda Whiting, ft. PEACH 'Intertwined' (First Word)4. Robohands 'Moments' (Village Live)5. Pratt & Moody,  Cold Diamond & Mink 'Creeping Around (Vocal)' (Timmion)6. Alice Russell 'I See You' (Tru Thoughts)7. The Stance Brothers 'Futuristic Earth' (We Jazz)8. Onelight 'BRN' (Onelight Music)9. Yaya Bey 'The Evidence' Big Dada)10. Hiatus Kaiyote 'Everything's Beautiful' (Brainfeeder)11. Mörk 'Towards The Sun' (Albert's Favourites)12. Peter Koren 'Periods' (Life Parts)13. Shy One 'Uncle G' (Phonica)14. The Detroit Escalator Company 'Shifting Gears' (Peacefrog)15. Toby Ross 'Foundation' (Shall Not Fade)
3/27/20241 hour, 5 minutes, 1 second
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Hideout Sessions ep.199

You're going to love this one. A really diverse spread of uptempo electronica for you. Get ready to have your boat well and truly floated!! PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD, SUBSCRIBE & SUPPORT THE MUSIC!Love you endlessly...Ross xxHere are all my links:-Bandcamp: Om Unit 'Jaguar' (Civil)2. Burial 'Unknown Summer' (Fabric)3. Sinego & Argia 'Desconocidos (Original Mix)' (Higher Ground)4. Reflex 'StereoFunk' (Stereoclip)5. Nick Wisdom 'Be Like That' (Bastard Jazz)6. Cor.ece & Bad Colours 'Jeans' (Bastard Jazz)7. Wallace 'Papertrip' (Rhythm Section International)8. Four Tet 'Daydream Repeat' (Text)9. Teho & Makoto San 'Hanten' (Labo T)10. Rypli 'Check This' (Focus)11. Kassian 'Shimmer' (Faux Poly)12. Eddington Again 'Petrify' (!K7)13. Mike Schommer, ft. Milly James 'Scapegoat' (Lempuyang)
3/12/20241 hour, 2 minutes, 19 seconds
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Hideout Sessions ep.198

Aaaaaaaaaand here's another one!! Heck yeps. Some beautiful Nu-Soul and deep jazz for you this time. Get your best listening ears on!PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD, SUBSCRIBE & SUPPORT THE MUSIC!Love you endlessly...Ross xxHere are all my links:-Bandcamp: Florian Pellissier Quintet 'Coup De Foudre A Thessalonique' (Heaven Sweetness)2. Espen Horne, ft. Aich Den 'Franske Gitaren' (Wah Wah 45s)3. Joshua Moshe 'Levels' (La Sape)4. Bopperson & Bikbaye 'Changes' (+33joy)5. Yasushi Ide 'A Place In The Sun (Kaoru Inoue Remix)' (Love Injection)6. Summer Pearl 'Green Eyes' (Kitto)7. Colonel Red & Daz-I-Kue 'When The Light Goes Out' (Bandcamp)8. Nick Andre + Joyo Velarde 'Blur The Lines' (Bastard Jazz)9. Fratelli Malibu 'Tema di Susie Reloved (Banda Maje Vocal Retouch)' (Four Flies)10. Lawne 'Beta Pan' (Wah Wah 45s)11. Essa & Yungun 'Liquid Love' (First Word)12. Machinedrum, ft. KUČKA'Violet' (Ninja Tune)13. H31R 'Down Down Bb' (Big Dada)14. Finn Irregular, ft. Monique Araujo & Nikodimos (Co-Op)15. GODTET 'Texture (La Sape)16. Frankson ft, Stac & Hattie Whitehead 'Delicate Dawn' (LxL, DxD)
3/4/20241 hour, 9 minutes, 57 seconds
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Hideout Sessions ep.197

Here we are again...really please to bring you another episode in quick succession. Still a fair bit pf catching up to do though!PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD, SUBSCRIBE & SUPPORT THE MUSIC!Love you endlessly...Ross xxHere are all my links:-Bandcamp: Don Leisure, ft. Amanda Whiting 'Walk With Us' (First Word)2. And Is Phi 'Double Pink' (Albert's Favourites)3. Souleance, ft. Jenny Penkin 'Lightweight (First Word)4. All Is Well 'At Well (Night Version Bonus 2023)' (Compost)5. Kuna Maze 'Dawn (Byron The Aquarius Remix)' (Tru Thoughts)6. Róisín Murphy & DJ Koze 'You Knew (Eli Escobar Remix)' (Ninja Tune)7. Matt Sugar R 'Bounce & Swing (Club Mix)' (Sugar Tape)8. Greymatter 'Rave Free' (Unique Uncut)9. Frits Wentink 'Wet Eggs (Swiffle Mix)' (Bobby Donny)10. Murder He Wrote 'Basement Groove' (Rhythm Athletic)11. Altrice 'Bell Bird (Original Mix)' (God Mode)12. EVM128 'Gamma Riddim (Bakey Remix)' (Co-Op)13. KILIMANJARO & Junior Simba 'Channel Z (Extended Mix)' (Higher Ground)14. Lucy Kitchen 'Sun To My Moon' (Bohemia Rose)
3/1/202459 minutes, 45 seconds
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Hideout Sessions ep.196

Hi gang!So sorry for the delay, long, long overdue. All explained in the episode, but my most heart-felt of apologies.Anyway despite the lateness, it's the usual torrent of delicious newness for you. So please sit back and enjoy! PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD, SUBSCRIBE & SUPPORT THE MUSIC!Love you endlessly...Ross xxHere are all my links:-Bandcamp: Eparapo, ft. Afla Sackey 'My Beautiful City' (Wah Wah 45s)2. Immy Owusu 'The World Is Here For You' (Hope Street)3. Maribou State 'Blackoak' (Ninja Tune)4. The Variable Club 'Biorhythms' (Fusion Sequence)5. Nenor 'Start It Up (Burnin Music)6. Deep Aztec 'Bust A Move (Original Mix)' (Connaisseur Recordings)7. Bad Colours 'Easy Come, Easy Go (JKriv Remix)' (Bastard Jazz)8. Goeran Meyer 'Shadows Of The Night (Instrumental Mix)' (MYR)9. Blomfelt & Narby 'Lonesome Car Enthusiast (Original Mix)' (Atomnation)10. Laurence Guy''Don't Live in Oblivion, It's Cold Down There' (Accidental)11. Cinthie 'Masterplan' (Heist)12. David Cane-Hardy 'New Beginnings (Chris Coco Version)' (DSPPR)
2/28/20241 hour, 8 minutes, 47 seconds
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Hideout Sessions ep.195

Yes, yes...back again y'all! This one's bursting with goodness for you to enjoy and add to your weekly shopping list!PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD, SUBSCRIBE & SUPPORT THE MUSIC!Love you endlessly...Ross xxHere are all my links:-Bandcamp: C.Tappin 'Discussion' (Melting Pot)2. And Is Phi 'Double Pink (Radio Edit)' (Albert's Favourites)3. J-Felix, ft. Byron The Aquarius & Sol Goodman 'Where do We Start!?' (OVN)4. Malik Hendricks ' The Money Dance' (Darker Than Wax)5. Yuu Udagawa 'Go Slowly On Supersonic' (Compost)6. Dele Sosimi Meets Medlar 'All About The Dance (Medlar Remix)' (Wah Wah 45s)7. Philippa 'Rainy Nights' (Slothboogie)8. Frits Wentink 'Forestation' (Bobby Donny)9. Eli Escobar 'Touch, Want, Feel' (Night People NYC)10. Sound Support 'Eve' (Aus)11. Barry Can't Swim 'Dance of the Crab' (Ninja Tune)12. Kassian 'Patterns' (!K7)13. Forest Swords 'Tar' (Ninja Tune)
7/28/20231 hour, 2 minutes, 27 seconds
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Hideout Sessions ep.194

Here we are again, this time bang on schedule.Firstly, thanks so much for the lovely messages of love and support after I spoke of my Mum's health in the last episode, you're all wonderful.Secondly, there's some absolute gold in this ep, so i hope you enjoy it!PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD, SUBSCRIBE & SUPPORT THE MUSIC!Love you endlessly...Ross xxHere are all my links:-Bandcamp: KSR 'Call My Phone' (First Word)2. Summer Pearl 'Green Eyes' (Kitto)3. Secret Night Gang 'Out of My Head' (Brownswood)4. kidKANEVIL 'Algorithm Friendly Unit Shifter' (First Word)5. Sampology & Charlie Hill, ft Tiana Khasi 'Constant Call' (Middle Name)7. George Fitzgerald, ft. SYML 'Mother (Original Mix) (Double Six)8. Fybe:One, ft. Liam Bailey 'Bliss' (Tru Thoughts)9. Souleance 'Rapsodie' (First Word)10. Bright & Findlay 'NY Disco (Smile)' (Forty Five)11. Dele Sosimi 'You No Fit Touch Am (Medlar Remix Radio)' (Wah Wah 45s)12. Kuzco 'Mothertongue' (Co-Op)13. Alex Sessions 'Die Harder' (FOMO)14. Bobby Donny Soundsystem 'Fidelity' (Bobby Donny)15. Maya Jane Coles 'In2u (Extended Mix)' (I/AM/ME)16. Murder He Wrote 'Lights Down Low' (Bingo Bass)17. James Heather 'Blueprint (Chihei Hatakeyama Remix)' (Ninja Tune)
6/30/20231 hour, 3 minutes, 27 seconds
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Hideout Sessions ep.193

Bonjour!!Hope you're all well? Apologies for the show being a week late. Full explanation given in in the opening ramble.Anyway, it's definitely worth the wait. Heaven sent newness for you all to fall in love with.PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD, SUBSCRIBE & SUPPORT THE MUSIC!Love you endlessly...Ross xxHere are all my links:-Bandcamp: Totek 'Touchh' (Darker Than Wax)2. Mattr 'Tal' (Loft & Sound)3. Barry Can't Swim 'Woman' (Ninja Tune)4. Simon Mavin 'Good Hair Day' (Bastard Jazz)5. Tommaso Cappellato X Pavimento Fertile, ft. Lalin St. Juste 'Under The Moon' (Pavimento Fertile)6. Manmade Science, ft. Haldor Legreid 'Just Tell Me When (Vox Version)' (18347)7. Leslie Lello 'Spirito Rivera (Aroop Roy Remix)' (The Disco Express)8. DJ Aakmael 'Strobe (The Revenge Remix)' (Sloth Boogie)9. Cinthie 'U Won'y Wake Me' (Elevate.Berlin)10. Kiimi 'Earth' (Three Six Zero)11. Maya Jane Coles 'In2u (Original Mix) (I/Am/Me)12. Seb Wildblood, ft. Lawrence 'Don't See This' (Seb Wildblood)13. Capricorn '20Hz (Marco Lys Radio Edit)' (R&S)14. Asma Maroof, Patrick Belaga, Tapiwa Svosve ‘Sport’ (PAN)
6/13/20231 hour, 2 minutes, 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

Hideout Sessions Ep.192

Hi gang!This one's a cracker. Perfect bank holiday energy. Enjoy.PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD, SUBSCRIBE & SUPPORT THE MUSIC!Love you endlessly...Ross xxHere are all my links:-Bandcamp: Fybe:One, ft. Georgia Blackwell 'You Go Down Smooth' (Tru Thoughts)2. Kuna Maze 'Late Night Tales' (Tru Thoughts)3. Sam Ruffillo 'Just Fine (Extended Instrumental)' (Toy Tonics)4. Alan Braxe, Fred Falke 'Intro (Original Mix)' (Smugglers Way)5. GIDEÖN, Mandel Turner 'Nothing Without You' (Homo Centric)6. Laurence Guy 'On Your Side' (Accidental Pieces)7. Jabru, ft. Joel Culpepper 'Church' (Redux)8. EJ3000 'I Can't Stop Dancing (Extended Instrumental Mix)' (EJ3000)9. Obli 'Another Man' (Foreign Family Collective)10. Kapote 'What It Is (2nd Edition)' (Toy Tonics)11. Alex Session 'Spring Break' (FOMO)12. Mattr 'Tal' (Loft and Sound)13. Teho 'Backfirewall (Original Mix)' (Labo T)14. Jan Jelinek 'Waiting and watching (version)' (Faitiche)
4/28/20231 hour, 10 minutes, 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

Hideout Sessions Ep.191

Hey, hey, hey!!!A more organic and less electronica-based show for you this month. Some truly stunning newness for you. Make sure you give it your full attention and get spending to your heart's content!PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD, SUBSCRIBE & SUPPORT THE MUSIC!Love you endlessly...Ross xxHere are all my links:-Bandcamp: United Freedom Collective, ft. The Social Singing Choir 'Space Intention' (DAMA DAMA)2. Ebi Soda 'Soft Peng (JD. Reid Remix)' (Tru Thoughts)3. Quiet Dawn 'Get It' (First Word)4. J. Felix, ft. Bessi and Bigzy 'The Love That Hurts' (Tru Thoughts)5. New Sector Movements, ft. Allysha Joy 'These Times' (Co-Op)6. Antti Lötjönen 'Circus/Citadel Pt. II' (We Jazz)7. Gerardo Frisina 'On Again (Album Version) (Schema Italy)8. Cantrips 'The Prayer' (Dune Castle)9. Dead Horse Beats 'Moon Mist' (Bastard Jazz)10. Captain Planet, ft. Zuzuka Poderosa and Raphael Futura 'Moqueca (DJ Tahira Remix)' (Bastard Jazz)11. Mausiki Scales, ft. Sandra Izsadore & Ọyanikẹ Miller 'Nana Afrika (Radio Edit)' (Bandcamp)12. Soul Renegades 'Speak To Me (The James L'Estraunge Orchestra Remix)' (Local Talk)13. Titeknots Stand Home Waiting' (Bandcamp)14. JakoJako 'Opak' (Mute)15. upsammy 'Being is a Stone' (Pan)
3/30/20231 hour, 10 minutes, 59 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.190

Back again and feeling the cold, so have a lined up a batch of core-warming, Soul-drenched goodness for you. Don't sleep, get clicking the links below and get buying!PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD, SUBSCRIBE & SUPPORT THE MUSIC!Love you endlessly...Ross xxHere are all my links:-Bandcamp: Silentjay & Lori 'Walk Away' (Co-Op)2. Myele Manzanza 'Unfold' (Deepmatter)3. Coflo & Lee Wilson 'Wait' (Local Talk)4. Losoul 'Open Door (Theo Parrish 'Behind Closed Doors' remix)' (Running Back)5. Yoofee 'I know' (Casa Voyager)6. Ivory 'Steps (Album Version)' (Clipp.Art)7. Fort Romeau 'Ramona' (Ghostly Inrtenational)8. Byron The Aquarias 'Success (Nebraska Remix)' (Heist)9. Tuccillo 'It's Not Over' (Nu Groove)10. Murder He Wrote 'Baile Dub' (Bandcamp)11. Anchorsong 'Windmills (Salamanda Remix)' (Tru Thoughts)
2/28/202352 minutes, 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

Hideout Sessions Ep.189

Happy New Year folks!Apologies for being a couple of days passed the end of the month deadline, but it's been a full on start to the year.Anyway, despite my slackness, the music is well and truly up to it's usual wonderful standards. Take your time to really enjoy this one and hit 2023 at optimum joyfulness.PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD, SUBSCRIBE & SUPPORT THE MUSIC!Love you endlessly...Ross xxHere are all my links:-Bandcamp: Fybe:one 'Big Love (Instrumental)' (Bandcamp)2. Inkswel & Colonel Red 'Hold On 2 It (Moodymann Remix)' (Compost)3. Tour-Maubourg 'Solaced (Original Mix)' (Point Neuf)4. Eli Escobar 'I Miss Someone' (Night People NYC)5. LAZA 'Dem Good Ol' Days' (Darker Than Wax)6. Seb Wildblood 'vitara 3000 (Central Remix)' (Oath Creations)7. Unkown Artist 'The Things I Do For Love' (Lucianno Villarreal)8. Cinthie 'Light A Fire' (Aus)9. Danism & Ridney 'Fast Life (Brokenears Edit)' (Paharas Musica)10. Marc Gonen 'All Night Long' ( Overmono 'Is U' (XL)12. Hint 'Physical Stamina (Titeknots Remix)' (Tru Thoughts)13. Bonobo & Jacques Greene 'Fold' (Outlier)14. Dan Nicholls 'Lou (The Posthuman Reverberates)' (We Jazz)
2/1/20231 hour, 2 minutes, 23 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.188

The final show of the year, landing right as 2022 breathes it's last breath! Wishing you all the happiest of 2023s and sending love thanks for all of your support this year.PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD, SUBSCRIBE & SUPPORT THE MUSIC!Love you endlessly...Ross xxHere are all my links:-Bandcamp: Etyen 'Sparkles & Wine' (Thawra)2. PY X TS 'On The Phone' (Bandcamp)3. Teebs 'NES' (Brainfeeder)4. Galcher Lustwerk 'Parlay (Original Mix)' (Lustwerk Music)5. WheelUP & Abacus 'Infinity' (Tru Thoughts)6. Setwun 'H.B.Y.' (Co-Op)7. Footshooter 'Turning' (Wolf)8. Nikitch & Kuna Maze 'La Di F… Da' (Tru Thoughts)9. Eli Escobar/Felipe Gordon 'Seein You (Felipe Gordon remix)' (Papa)10. Yann Polewka 'Que La Montagne Est Belle' (Yellow Van)11. David San 'Toda La Noche' (Psicodelica)12. Maya Jane Coles ft. Moxie Knox 'Freefall (Original Mix)' (I/Am/Me)
12/31/20221 hour, 1 minute, 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

Hideout Sessions Ep.187

Merrrrrrrrrrrrrrry Xmas!!! Happiest of ones to all you wonderful listeners. Hope you're all hanging up stockings and enjoying a festive tipple.Thanks as always for your enduring support and I hope you've found sound new music that ignites your soul this year. It's been a joy as always bringing you another years worth of musical goodness.PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD, SUBSCRIBE & SUPPORT THE MUSIC!Love you endlessly...Ross xxHere are all my links:-Bandcamp: NxWorries 'Where I Go (feat. H.E.R.)' (Stones Throw)2. Shirt 'Dave Chappelle Is Wrong (Beef With God)' (Mello Music)3. Uffe 'Sunrise, Coffee & Cigarettes' (Tartlet)4. Tooli 'Karma' (Local Talk)5. Kapote & Kosmo Kint 'Misbehave (Andres Remix Extended)' (Toy Tonics)6. Mr. Confuse 'Time To Move' (Confunktion)7. Baalti 'Marigold' (Krunk Kulture)8. Waajeed 'Keep It Coming' (Tresor Records - BMG)9. Gideon 'Over Back' (Home Centrics)10. DJ Tennis 'Nobody' (Aus)11. Ron Boss 'There Is No Pastor (Swamp People Remix)' (Atide)12. Winnie Raeder 'I Wear a Ghost (AE)
12/23/202259 minutes, 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

Hideout Sessions Ep.186

Back once again and only ever so slightly late. Apologies. An emotional, work-filled, family-filled, man flu-filled few weeks.Anyway, a deliciously varied and inspiring box of newness to spin for you this ep. All rounded off with some wonderful music from my very special pal Stephen McCleery. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPLEASE SPREAD THE WORD, SUBSCRIBE & SUPPORT THE MUSIC!Love you endlessly...Ross xxHere are all my links:-Bandcamp: Takuya Kuroda 'Time Coil' (First Word)2. Enver Göyken 'Selim I'(Shapes of Rhythm)3. Amane 'Cover Me Part 1' (Musica Macondo)4. Sam IRL 'Music About Talking' (Jazz & Milk)5. Folamour 'My People (Dam Swindle Remix) (Sony)6. Ben With Nets, ft. Tamil Rogeon 'Steady Weather' (Darker Than Wax)7. Bad Colours, KAS & Jarv Dee 'You Don't Know' (Bastard Jazz)8. Byron the Aquarius 'I Love Yo' (Heist)9. Joy Orbison & Overmono 'Blind Date' (XL)10. Athlete Whippet 'Talk About This Love' (House of Disco)11. Daphni 'Arrow (Lossless)12. Applescal 'Dreamerboy' (Atomnaiton)13. Oversight, ft. Lucy Kitchen 'Falling In' (Influenza Media)14. Stephen McCleery 'Dreaming' (Bohemia Rose)
12/2/20221 hour, 5 minutes, 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

Hideout Sessions Ep.185

Howdy gang!I trust you're all doing okay? Got a lovely show in store for you this month. Lots of soul-drenched business! Get stuck in!PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD, SUBSCRIBE & SUPPORT THE MUSIC!Love you endlessly...Ross xxHere are all my links:-Bandcamp: David Versace 'The More We Love' (La Sape)2. Surya Botofasina, Carlos Niño, Dwight Trible, Pablo Calogero, Nate Mercereau, Efa Etoroma Jr. 'Beloved California Temple' (Spirit Muse)3. JK Group 'Rising Part I' (La Sape)4. Dorian Concept 'Let It All Go' (Brainfeeder)5. Tom Esselle, ft. Lizzie Berchie 'Let Me Love You (Wolf)6. Beringei, ft. Shama Joseph 'Never Ending Sun' (Wotnot)7. Oliver Night 'Welcome' (Co Op) 8. Shy One, ft Simeon Jones  'Be As One' (Eglo)9. WheelUP & Sam Interface 'Copacetic (Tru Thoughts)10. Tuccillo 'Ondas' (Inermu)11. Yuu Udagawa 'Mojito' (Cyphon)12. NLXLB 'Dirty Vision' (18437)13. Eli Escobar 'Seq 24' (Night People NYC)14. Floating Points 'Problems (Ninja Tune)15. Danielle Ponder 'Darker Than Blue (Future Classic)
10/28/20221 hour, 11 minutes, 57 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.184

...and as Autumn arrives with a slightly unwelcome thud, I hope you'll find the 184th episode of the show a very welcome tonic. Some serious chops on this one folks. Enjoy. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD, SUBSCRIBE & SUPPORT THE MUSIC!Love you endlessly...Ross xxHere are all my links:-Bandcamp: Rumtum 'Stawberry Moon' (Bastard Jazz)2. Titeknots 'Released In Layers' (Press Something, Play Something)3. Flying Lotus, ft.Devin Tracy 'You Don't Know' (Warp)4. Koreless 'Joy Squad' (Young)5. Actress and Mount Kimbie 'AZD' (Ninja Tune)6. The Jungle Giants 'Charge My Phone (Fort Romeau's Disko Dream House Remix)' (Amplifire)7. Matthias Vogt 'Shimmering Sea (DJ Jauche Rework)' (Infracom!)8. Chris Korda 'Virtue Signal' (Chapelle XIV)9. Dusky 'Endless Sky (Original Mix) (17 Steps)10. Zero dB 'A Pomba Girou (Szajna Remix)' (Tru Thoughts)11. S8JFOU 'Soft' (Parapente)12. Neil MacLeod 'Mouthshut' (BigPop)
9/23/20221 hour, 5 minutes, 1 second
Episode Artwork

Hideout Sessions Ep.183

*AIR HORN SOUNDS- It's Bank holiday weekend, carnival weekend, We Out Here Festival weekend and the sun is out. So happy to bring you an hour+ of spectacular new music. LET'S GO!!!!!!PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD, SUBSCRIBE & SUPPORT THE MUSIC!Love you endlessly...Ross xxHere are all my links:-Bandcamp: The Pro-Teens 'Doomsday' (The College Of Knowledge)2. The Cookers Quintet 'Summit' (Do Right! Music)3. Elia & Elizabeth x Franc Moody 'Alegria (Franc Moody Remix)' (Mushroom Pillow)4. Dele Sosimi Meets Medlar 'All About The Dance' (Wah Wah 45s)5. David Walters 'Bow Down (Fulgeance Remix) ' (Heavenly Sweetness)6. JK Group 'Find Joy' (La Sape)7. Sai Galaxy, ft. Gabriel Otu 'Obio' (Soundway)8. Eli Escobar 'Something Inside Of Me' (Phonica)9. Clive From Accounts 'Rough & Tough' (Dirt Crew)10. Flaze 'Resolve' (Ruff Stuff)11. David San 'Purple Box' (Psicodelica)12. Medlar 'Interruptor' (Delusions of Grandeur)13. Session Victim 'Trying To Make It Home' (Rhythm Section International)14. Kassian 'No Clear Shape (original mix)' (Faux Poly)15. Ola Szmidt 'For Eric' (Accidental)
8/27/20221 hour, 20 minutes, 28 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.182

Phew! I'm not sure what's hotter, the tune or my studio! Anyway, he's a cracker foryou...PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD, SUBSCRIBE & SUPPORT THE MUSIC!Love you endlessly...Ross xxHere are all my links:-Bandcamp: Hardkandy, ft. Sarah Goodson '3AM' (Wah Wah 45s)2. Amanda Whiting 'Abstraction' (Jazzman)3. Lauren Ritter & Tenesha The Wordsmith 'Dopamine' (Rift Vision)4. Allysha Joy & Ego Ella May 'Calling You' (First Word)5. B. Bravo 'Penelope' (Bastard Jazz)6. SBTRKT 'BODMIN MOOR (Original Mix)' (Awol)7. Anushka, ft. Wolfgang Flur '4AM' (Tru Thoughts)8. Jimi Jules feat. JAW 'Too Young For Me (Ripperton's Neptunians Marathon Mix)' (Drumpoet Community)9. Barry Can't Swim, ft. Taite Imogen 'God Is The Space Between Us' (Technicolour)10. Ladymonix 'High Notes' (Frizner Electric)11. Aguila 'Morning Slide' (All My Thoughts)12. George IV 'Everything To Me (Extended Edit') (White Label)13. George FitzGerald 'Cold' (Domino)14. Phtalo 'Re-Verbalize' (Endless Process)
7/29/20221 hour, 3 minutes, 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

Hideout Sessions Ep.181

A little late...sorry!!! June kicked my ass, so I'm still playing catch up. Anyway, a corker in store for you. I took the decision to make it really sunny to accompany the music, so enjoy! Love you endlessly...Ross xxHere are all my links:-Bandcamp: Erin Buku 'One and Only' (Hopestreet)2. Guohan ' Night at the Sky Palace' (Darker Than Wax)3. Zretro 'Superpower' (Hopestreet)4. Uffe 'Bald Spot Jam' (Tartlet)5. Eparapo, ft. Dele Sosimi 'From London To Lagos (WheelUP Remix)' (Wah Wah 45s)6. Marsolo 'Need Some Help (Original Mix)' (Psicodelica)7. Orlando Voorn 'Tenderness' (Heist)8. Ben Rau 'Calling Out Your Name (I Can't Sleep)' (Knee Deep In Sound)9. Werkha, ft. Moreiya 'Eterno Retorno' (First Word)10. Murder He Wrote 'Drop' (Rhythm Athletic)11. Daphni 'Cherry' (Jialong)12. KH 'Looking At Your Pager' (Ministry of Sound)13. Fybe-one 'Workin' FybeRemix' (Bandcamp)14. Rival Consoles 'Echoes' (Erased Tapes)
7/8/20221 hour, 1 minute, 40 seconds
Episode Artwork

Hideout Sessions Ep.180

Boooooooof!!A lightening quick follow up episode for you folks and goodness me it's a belter. Some serious 4/4 goodness for you that's screaming to be blasted from cars and open windows in the sunshine.Spread the word, share the love and whilst you doing so, please give the show a 5 star rating on Apple podcast too!Love you endlessly...Ross xxHere are all my links:-Bandcamp: 1. Cain 'Juba' (Darker Than Wax)2. Manuel Tur 'Bubble Wrap' (Drum Poet)3. Lauren Ritter, Tenesha The Wordsmith 'Where My Sisters At' (Rift Vision)4. Shonky 'Kombattant' (Third Ear)5. Bad Colours 'Hit The Brakes' (Bastard Jazz)6. Lex (Athens)/Locke ' 7 Day Path' (Delusions of Grandeur)7. Moonee 'U.K.I.' (Groovence)8. Retromigration 'Hafenluft' (Wolf Music)9. Feiertag 'How U Do It (Clean Version)' (Sonar Kollektiv)10. Dam Swindle 'The Wrap Around' (Heist)11. ByDJBLVD 'Katz's Delight' (Mango Sounds)12. Monrroe & Pola & Bryson,  ft. Emily Makis 'Complete' (Shogun Audio)13. Kubiks & BCee, ft. Lucy Kitchen 'Always Been You' (Spearhead)14. Fred Again...'Tanya (Salisbury Station)' (Atlantic)
5/11/202259 minutes, 38 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.179

Hey gang!Ever so, slightly late, but definitely worth waiting for. As promised, a glorious selection of new house and disco for you to feast on.Spread the word, share the love and whilst you doing so, please give the show a 5 star rating on Apple podcast too!Love you endlessly...Ross xxP.S. Sorry to mention it yet again, but please do checkout my new EP on the links below. It's out this Friday and if you nejoy the show, I'm sure you'll be into it. xHere are all my links:-Bandcamp: 1. Dj Vas 'No Beginning No End (Edit)' (EDR)2. John Gazoo 'What Happened' (Compost Disco)3. DJ Seinfeld 'She Loves Me (godmode Nuptial Remix)' (Ninja Tune)4. DJ Koze, ft. Róisín Murphy 'Illumination (Mano Le Tough Needs A Birra Light Remix)' (Pampa)5. Big Miz, ft. Washington & Washington 'Still Deciding' (Aus)6. Tooli 'That Cowbell Track (Dub)' (Local Talk)7. Greymatter 'Everything You Are' (Unique Uncut)8. Krankbrother 'All Her Loneliness' (Krankbrother)9. Sony Synth 'It's A Sunset, Baby (Original Mix)' (Psicodelica)10. The Magician & Kolombo 'Doo Doo Ratata (Club Fever Part. 2)' (Potion)11. Barry Can't Swim 'God Is The Space Between Us (feat. Taite Imogen)' (Technicolour)12. Dusky, ft. Janai 'Lost In You (Herbert’s Lost Dub)' (Anjuna Deep)13. Rumpistol 'I Rum Sø' (Rump)
5/4/202254 minutes, 32 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.178

Salut!!!!!!How are we team? Nice to be back again already.This ep is packed with laid-back soul-drenched beats to welcome the spring time!Get buying, get streaming, get gigging and please, please tell everyone you can...Love you...Ross xxTracklist:1. Jono McCleery 'Walk With Me' (Ninety Days)2. Hardkandy, ft. Andy Platts 'Stronger Stuff' (Wah Wah 45s)3. Jordan Rakei 'The Flood (Live at Maida Vale)' (Ninja Tune)4. Mayssa Jallad & Khaled Allaf 'Madina min Baeed' (Thwara)5. Yaya Bey 'keisha' (Big Dada)6. K15, Lex Amor & Karun 'Hold On' (Extra Soul Perception)7. Don Leisure 'Egg Yolk Bun' (First Word)8. POSY & Brandon Markell Holmes 'Fill My Cup' (Bastard Jazz)9. Zretro 'Silly Games' (Hopestreet)10. Adam Rudolph's Moving Pictures 'The Earth Spins Faster Than Words' (Hyper Jazz)11. The Invisible Session 'Africa Calling' (Space Echo Italy)12. Joel St. Julien 'The World is Ending (again)' (Land and Sea)
4/20/202254 minutes, 50 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.177

Yes, yes!!!!! Thank goodness, I'm managing to come through on my promises for once in a damn while!Anyway, another hour (ish) long offering of spectacularly uplifting electronica for you, plus another snippet of my new project, Frankson. Please support the music and come follow me on @FranksonMusicUK across IG, FB and the Tweets.Love you endlessly...Ross xxTracklist:1. Allysha Joy 'Let It!' (First Word)2. Braxe & Falcon 'Creative Source' (Domino)3. James Greenwood 'You Control Me' (Semi Skimmed Edits)4. Laurence Guy 'Untitled Needs' (Shall Not Fade)5. Dele Sosimi Meets Medlar 'Lord Have Mercy feat. Tamar Osborn' (Wah Wah 45s)5. Blacksmith UK 'Way Back When' (All Colours Music)6. Groove Chronicles 'Joy (Brokenstep Mix)' (DPR)7. Nikitch & Kuna Maze 'La Di F… Da' (Tru Thoughts)8. Floating Points 'Vocoder' (Ninja Tune)9. Space Dimension Controller 'Mansion '96' (Tiraquon)10. Frankson, ft. Kathrin deBoer 'Mistaken (Radio Edit)' (LxL, DxD)
3/31/20221 hour, 6 minutes, 20 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.176

Here we are again...another show, another pile of wonderful new music for you guys to fall in love with, then get straight on to you beloved record store and get buying the heck out of.Plus, another snippet from my new EP, due for release on 06/05/22!Please, please, please spread the work, now more than ever!Love you...Ross. xTracklist:1. LNDFK 'Ku' (Bastard Jazz)2. Koma Saxo with Sofia Jernberg 'Croydon Koma' (We Jazz)3. Souldynamic 'Hostile Land' (Excedo)4. Fouk 'Paradise' (Shall Not Fade)5. Manolaco 'Boulevard' (Psicodelica)6. Fred Everything & Trevor Walker 'E.S.M. (Earth, Sun, Moon) (Atjazz Galaxy Aart Remix)' (Compost)7. Blindsmyth 'Connection Error (Original Mix)' (Connasseur)8. Burial + Four Tet 'Nova' (TEXT)9. Fort Romeau 'Untitled IV (Original Mix)' (Ghostly International)10.Matt Robertson 'Enveleau (Roches Noires Remix)' (Subtempo)11. Frankson 'Burning Embers' (LxL, DxD)
3/16/20221 hour, 28 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.175

Yes, yes!Now being served in new, more manageable chunks, I'm glad to say I'm back super quickly with a another show. Loads in store for you including a little taster of the title track from my forth coming EP.Please, please, please spread the work, now more than ever!Love you...Ross. xTracklist:1. Bobby Hex (KRL Beats) 'Generation Alpha' (Hexadecimal)2. Titeknots 'Up To Business' (Press Something, Play Something)3. K S R, ft. Children of Zeus 'CGWY' (First Word)4. Contours 'The Programme' (Band On The Wall)5. Jono McCleery 'Moonlit Parade' (Ninety Days)6. Sarah Williams White 'Green' (First Word)7. Conclave 'All That I Need (Photay Lullaby Remix)' (Love Injection)8. Greymatter, ft. 'Gold Slang' (Unique Uncut)9. Dj Vas 'Road To Now' (Razor 'N Tape)10. Seb Wildblood 'Night Ride' (All My Thoughts)11. José González 'Tjomme (DJ Koze Remix)' (Pampa)12. PITR 'Feel Something' (Urban Garden)13. Higgo 'Fantasy (Extended Mix)' (Signal>>Supply)14. Sahala 'Bring Out The Best' (Tru Thoughts)15. Construction 'Nervous' (Self-released)16. Coldcut and Mixmaster Morris, ft. Julianna Barwick (Star Ray)
2/11/20221 hour, 12 minutes, 58 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.174

Hey you wonderful lot, you!So sorry for the unintentional hiatus from the show. I've been super busy setting up my own little label and finished it's first releases. I'll be giving you the full low down in the next episode, but until then enjoy the below 2hrs of glorious new(ish) music I've lined up for you.Love you...Ross. xTracklist:1. Scrimshire, Cleavland Watkiss 'The Pile' (Wah Wah 45s)2. The Pro-Teens 'Peach Fuzz' (College of Knowledge)3. Herma Puma 'Illary Summer' (Cheeba Cheeba)4. Sarah Williams White 'Nebula' (First Word)5. Bonobo, ft. Jamila Woods 'Tides' (Ninja Tune)6. Marshall Vincent 'If I Was Your Lover' (SA Recordings)7. Anchorsong 'Common Ground' (Tru Thoughts)8. Wheel Up ft. Afronaut, Brint Story & Destiny Will 'Good Love(Anushka Remix)' (Tru Thoughts)9. The Goods, ft.Steve Spacek 'Feels 4 U' (Bastard Jazz)10. Khalab 'Olivine' (Hyberjazz)11. Ross from Friends 'The Daisy' (Brainfeeder)12. Red Baron 'Fascinate' (REDBAR)13. Ruf Dug/Lovescene 'Make This Right' (Wolf Music)14. UC Beatz 'Midnight Swing' (Razor N Tape)15. C. M. TONI 'Working Together' (Omniverse)16. Principleasure 'Aurora (Original Mix)' (Princepleasure)17. Ladymonix 'The Nerve' (Frizner Electric)18. Cinthie '13 Steps To Heaven' (Shall Not Fade)19. Space Dimension Controller 'Dispatch477' (Aus)20. Elkka 'Harmonic Frequencies' (Technicolour)21. Prxz 'Blush (Original Mix)' (Reflective Music)22. George FitzGerald 'Ultraviolet (Extended Mix)' (Domino)23. Godtet 'Meditation I' (La Sape)
2/1/20221 hour, 58 minutes, 58 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.173

Hi gang!Super pleased to be back with you, unleashing a suitcase full of cracking new music. Tons of goodness lined up this month, so make sure you give it a right good listen.Please promise me you'll keep spreading that word and support the music!Love you...Ross. xTracklist:1. Eparapo, ft. Dele Sosimi 'From London To Lagos' (Wah Wah 45s)2. Let Your Hair Down 'BF Holiday' (College of Knowledge)3. Children of Zeus 'I Need You' (First Word)4. Demetrius Rhymes 'Livit (Tokyo Dawn)5. Jordan Rakei 'Runaway' (Ninja Tune)6. Mild Minds & Frameworks 'No Skin' (Ninja Tune)7. EVM128, ft. Natalie May 'Tell Me' (Co-Op)8. sUb_modU 'Air Easter' (Tru Thoughts)9. Double Exposure 'Everyman (Dam Swindle Remix)' (Salsoul)10. The White Lamp 'Harmony (Ron Basejam Dub Mix)' (Skint)11. Sam Ruffillo 'Perfetta Cosi (Gome Remix)' (Toy Tonics)12. Shire T 'Burnin’ Jungle' (DAMA DAMA)13. Lore of the Samurai 'Justifice' (Heist)14. Disclosure 'Another Level (Original Mix)' (Disclosure)15. Bad Colours & Dave Giles II 'Back Outside' (Bastard Jazz)16. Nandu 'The Verge Of Sanity (Original Mix)' (Out Of Options)17. Felipe Gordon 'Continuous Develop' (Heist)18. Nasaya & Maro 'Tempo' (Foreign Family Collective)19. Lakou Mizik & Joseph Ray 'Sanba Yo Pran Pale (DJ Koze Remix Edit) (Ajuna Deep)20. Âme 'What The Hell (Original Mix)' (Innervisions)21. Interplanetary Criminal & Hypho 'Talbot Road' (Shall Not Fade)22. Azifm 'Complicated' (Must Make Music)23. DJ Marky & EVABEE 'Love Will Find A Way' (Shogun Audio)24. Jan Jelinek 'Raw and The Cooked (III)' (Faitiche Germany)
9/29/20212 hours, 1 minute, 54 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.172

Yo, yo!!!!!!Squeezing in this Ep just in time, before August bids us farewell. Sorry for leaving it to the last minute. It's been a super busy month or so since I was last in touch. Lots of wonderful music to play you and hopefully, some exciting news to bring you in the course of the next month. So make sure you stay tuned.Keep supporting the artists, labels and above all, the music as much as you possibly can and please spread the word about the show.Love you...Ross. x1. Eddie Hale 'Terrace of an Elephant' (Denude)2. Deep Eyes 'Step To Agartha' (Lumina)3. Elkka 'Burnt Orange' (Technicolour)4. Gabriels 'Love & Hate In A Different Time' (Atlas Artists x Parlophone Records)5. Kozmodrum 'Povratak na Parni Pogon' (Rika Musika)6. Sampology, ft. Allysha Joy 'Suffer and Swim' (Middle Name)7. Anushka 'Bad Weather' (Tru Thoughts)8. Kidnap 'Untroubled' (Birds That Fly)9. TSHA 'Power' (Ninja Tune)10. Afronaut 'How It Goes' (Tru Thoughts)11. First Choice 'Let No Man Put Asunder (Dam Swindle Remix)' (Salsoul)12. Felipe Gordon 'Keepin’ It Jazz' (Heist)13. Makèz 'Feel the Same' (Heist)14. Denyl Brook 'Rollin' (Shall Not Fade)15. Brooklyn Baby 'Well See What They Say' (Don't Need A Million)16. Halal Sol 'Rushin (Bongomann Re-rush)' (Darker than Wax)17. Tom Junior 'Move Ya Body (Original Mix)' (Legent)18. David San 'Ragweed' (Psicodelica)19. Blip Service 'War Cry' (Dancing Family)20. Jeremiah Asiamah 'Bring It' (Ground Up)21. Kamus 'Better 'Off Her Own' (Self Release)22. Rival Consoles 'Pulses of Information' (Erased Tapes)
8/31/20211 hour, 59 minutes, 12 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.171

Whoooooooooop!So pleased to be back in your aural company again. This ep, is definitely the best of 2021, so far. Hold tight, enjoy and get buying. xxTracklist: 1. Alice Russell 'Heartbreaker' (Tru Thoughts)2. Hector Plimmer 'Circle' (Albert's Favourites)3. Children of Zeus 'No Love Song' (First Word)4. Jonny Wildey 'Roll' (Wotnot)5. Bev Lee Harling 'Dirty Dragonfly' (Wah Wah 45s)6. Makèz 'Looking Up' (Heist)7. Greymatter & GOLDSLANG 'Can Be Mine' (Unique Uncut)8. Medlar 'Aerial' (Wolf Recordings)9. Ron Basejam 'Flight Of The Eisenberg' (Ron's Reworks)10. Parisian Soul 'Diamant Bleu (Parisian Soul mix)' (Local Talk)11. Four Tet 'Pockets' (Text)12. Anchorsong, ft. Bookend 'The Ocean' (Tru Thoughts)13. Solomun, ft. Jamie Foxx 'Ocean (Moodymann Extended Remix ft. Amp Fiddler)' (NINL)14. Athlete Whippet 'Vesta' (Toy Tonics)15. Marina Trench 'Wake Up' (Heist)16. WeTurnToRed 'Bounce n' Swirl' (Smoked Glass)17. Bad Colours 'CMYK (Jamal Dixon Remix)' (Bastard Jazz)18. THEOS 'Lie Machine' (Shall Not Fade)19. Moomin 'The Snoofer (Original Mix)' (Oath Creations)20. USHR 'Blue Wonder' (Don't Need A Million)21. Throwing Snow 'Equitem Nocte' (Houndstooth)22. Shire T 'Blue Kiss' (Dama Dama)23. Fox, ft. DRS 'Paper Weights' (Signature Recordings)24. James Heather 'Happy Tears' (Ninja Tune)
7/9/20212 hours, 14 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.170

Lovely to be back in your company once again folks...really enjoyed this show. We're definitely starting to see the fruits of music makers in lockdown. Some really special stuff in this month's selection.Get buying, get supporting, share the show and tell your friends...please.Love you...Ross xxP.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected]:// or search "HIDEOUT SESSIONS" in iTunes.Tracklist:1. Elsa Hewitt 'Car In The Sun' (ERH)2. POSY 'Nakano' (Bastard Jazz)3. Fears 'Fabric' (Tulle)4. Soothsayers Meet Prince Fatty 'We Won't Lose Hope (Truth & Lies Dub)' (Wah Wah 45s)5. DJ Format 'The Light' (Project Blue Book)6. Kumail 'Without You (Bastard Jazz)7. Àbáse x Zeitgeist, ft. Dumama 'Body Mind Spirit (Jazz & Milk)8. Conclave 'Rise' (Love Injection)9. Dampé 'Awning Slapper' (Darker Than Wax)10. Burial 'Dark Gethsemane' (Keysound)11. Anushka 'Speak To Me' (Tru Thoughts)12. Matt Robertson 'Enveleau' (Subtempo)13. Deep Eyes 'Step To Agartha' (Lumina)14. Optik 'Music Harmony and Rhythm' (MBG)15. Flight Facilities ft. Channel Tres 'Lights Up (Original Mix)' (Future Classic)16. Marina Trench'Wake Up' (Heist)17. Fouk 'Blue steel (Girls of the Internet remix)' (Heist)18. Jordan Nocturne '22BB' (Nocturne)19. Souldynamic 'Find A Way' (Excedo)20. Dauwd 'Acireams' (Pictures)21. Brian Kage 'Impossible Bridge' (Lumina)22. Fred Again.. 'Big Hen (Steal My Joy)' (Atlantic)23. Shy FX, Breakage & Break, ft. Tyler Daley  'I Got You (Original Mix)' (Digital Soundboy)24. Joseph Ray 'Lose My Mind (Original Mix)' (Big Beat)25. Ralph Kinsella 'Born on the Cusp' (8D Industries)
5/21/20212 hours, 5 minutes, 52 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.169

Bonjour, you spectacular lot, you!!I hope you're all feeling a little closer to "normality" or at least finding something reminds you of what that is each day?!Well, here's hoping that this show is providing a positive distraction, I know all the artists and labels are doing an incredible job for me personally. Proper emotional scaffolding.Anyway, I know I don't need to say, but I will. Please ensure you're supporting these amazing, independent saviours, with your hard earned $£€ and purchase their music. It's vital!Also, you can double the love, by sharing and spreading the word about the podcast where ever you can. Love you...Ross xxP.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected]:// or search "HIDEOUT SESSIONS" in iTunes.Tracklist:1. Jono McCleery 'To Watch The World Slip Away' (Bandcamp)2. Lucia Cadotsch 'What's New ' (We Jazz)3. Emma Donovan & The Putbacks 'Don't Give Up On Me ' (Hopestreet)4. Serpentwithfeet 'Fellowship' (Secretly Canadian)5. Eddington Again 'Remedies' (Bandcamp)6. Adrian Lux and Lune 'Leaving On Time' (LUXTAPE)7. Eparapo,ft. Dele Sosimi 'Black Lives Matter' (Wah Wah 45s)8. Kalabrese & KAYYAK 'Make No Time' (Rump)9. Anchorsong 'Tunis Dream' (Tru Thoughts)10. James Greenwood 'Sonoma' (Silk Edits)11. Kavita 'Goddess Deluxe (BB Boogie Original 12" Vocal)' (I-Kue)12. Hammerton 'You Wont' (Lefty Shades)13. Dam Swindle 'Move Out the Way (Nebraska Remix)' (Heist)14. Conclave 'Perdón (Louie Vega Remix)' (Love Injection)15. Tee Mango 'You Are The Sun (Sun Up Mix)' (Permanent Vacation)16. Hector Plimmer 'Step (Daz I Kue Remix)' (Albert's Favourites)17. Am Jams & Murder He Wrote,  ft. Maddie Ellerby 'In Too Deep' (Amateur Jams)18. David San 'Antidoto 26 (Original Mix)' (Psicodelica)19. Swamp People 'Chernobyl' (Atide)20. Greymatter and Christian J 'Be Yours (Original)' (Fat!)21. Laurence Guy 'Mutual Excitement is a Wonderful Thing' (Shall Not Fade)22. Jan Jelinek 'ICE 594' (Fatiche)23. Stephen McCleery 'Dreaming' (Bohemia Rose)
4/15/20212 hours, 8 minutes, 54 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.168

So, just about managed to get another episode in within the promised time frame. Hurray!Thanks to everyone that has got in touch, so relieved to hear you're all with me.Loads of delicious new music for your listening gear. Please tell everyone you possibly can to get involved with the show.Love you...Ross xxP.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected]:// or search "HIDEOUT SESSIONS" in iTunes.Tracklist:1. Godtet 'Neon' (La Sape)2. Actress, ft. Sampha 'VVY" (Ninja Tune)3. Hector Plimmer 'Tapeloop (Kidkanevil Remix)' (Albert's Favourites)4. Elsa Hewitt 'Inhaler' (ERH)5. Allysha Joy 'Light It Again (Radio Edit)' (First Word)6. Charles Webster, Ft. Thandi Draai 'Music' (Dimension Recordings)7. Fear 'Vines' (Tulle)8. Matt Ryder 'Feel (Seb Wildblood Remix)' (EC30)9. Beringei ft. William Florelle 'Without You' (Wotnot)10. Four Tet 'Parallel 4' (Text)11. 3Strange 'The Way You Hold Me' (Apex Faction)12. Caribou 'Never Come Back (Koreless Remix)' (City Slang)13. St Germain 'Rose Rouge (Nightmares On Wax ReRub)' (Parlophone)14. Tom Trago ft. Ben Westbeech 'We Rise Above' (WeZeinWel)15. Munky Fike 'You Make' (Strictly Flava)16. Haider 'Why so Blue' (Aus Music)17. Gerry Read 'Sunshine Kissing (Extended Mix)' (Ministry Of Sound)18. Scan 7 'The Best Is Yet to Come' (Heist)19. Kassian 'All I Know' (Shall Not Fade)20. Soul Central, ft. Jennifer Wallace 'Work It Out' (Tru Thoughts)21. Bonobo & Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs 'Heartbreak (Kerri Chandler Remix)' (Ninja Tune)22. Bicep 'Apricots' (Ninja Tune)23. Karlita 'Body Language' (Clipp.Art)24. Technimatic, ft. Charlotte Haining 'Still Miss You' (Shogun Audio)25. Henrietta Smith-Rolla 'Sugathi' (SA Recordings)25. Koherent & Riya 'Talk To Me' (Shogun Audio)
3/12/20212 hours, 4 minutes, 22 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.167

Ho-leeeeee-crap! I can't apologies enough for my staggeringly poor performance over the last over the last 5 or so months. It's been an absolute age. I'm so damn sorry you lot! Moving house, building work, Covid-times has all got the better of my time management and I had to aim my attention elsewhere.Not to worry, I'm back, armed to the teeth with piles of incredible music for you guys to get stuck into. You're going to love it. Promise.Spread that word and support that music. Please! Love you...Ross xxP.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected]:// or search "HIDEOUT SESSIONS" in iTunes.Tracklist:1. Oaagaada 'A Swimming Trip' (We Jazz Records)2. Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad 'The Midnight Hour' (Jazz Is Dead)3. Jimi Tenor 'Afroeuropean' (Philophon)4. Takuya Kuroda, ft. Corey King 'Fade' (First Word)5. Kidd Mojo 'Theshapeoffunk2come' (Hyper Jazz)6. Audeka 'Robots Have Emotions' (Yuku)7. Fybe:one 'Too High' (Tru Thoughts)8. Dugong Jr 'On My Own' (Be Rich)9. Souleance 'Les Mouches' (First Word)10. Buscrates, ft. DJ Epik 'Sure Shot' (Bastard Jazz)11. Hoffy 'Lamont's A Believer' (Wah Wah 45s)12. Web Web 'What You Give (Mousse T. Boogie Shizzle Remix)' (Compost)13. James Blake 'Before (Original Mix)' (Polydor)14. Reginald Omas Mamode IV '400 Years (IG Culture Remix)' (Co-Op)15. JiHell 'Stormy On The Lake' (Brique Rougue)16. COEO 'I Can Never Be Yours (Original Mix)' (Toy Tonics)17. TSHA, ft. Gabrielle Aplin 'Change' (Ninja Tune)18. Tee Mango 'Don’t Let It Slip' (Permanent Vacation)19. WheelUP 'Sun City' (Tru Thoughts)20. Frits Wentink 'Trouble Man' (Royal Oak)21. Eauxmar 'Opal' (Eauxmar)22. Cinthie 'From The Vaults' (803 Cyrstal Grooves)23. Spirituals 'Despite Our Best Efforts' (Douman)
3/3/20212 hours, 6 minutes, 54 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.166

Back from my holiday, all nice and refreshed and staring down the barrels of a house move, followed by a bucket load of building work. Exciting, but holidays are already feeling like a very distant memory.Anyway, lovely to be back in your company. No vinyl selection this month as my collection is packed away ready for the big move. Nevertheless, that mean even more incredible new music for you to enjoy.Spread that word and support that music. Please! Love you...Ross xxP.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected]:// or search "HIDEOUT SESSIONS" in iTunes.Tracklist:1. Native Dancer 'Transitions' (Psychological Banana)2. Emma Donovan & The Putbacks 'Pink Skirt' (Hopestreet)3. Ronin Arkestra 'Onkochishin' (Albert's Favourites)4. Dan Waldman Quartet 'Back By Due Demand' (Bandcamp)5. Machinedrum, ft. Freddie Gibbs 'Kane Train' (Ninja Tune)6. Max Cooper 'Swam' (Mesh)7. Souleance 'Aquarelle' (First Word)8. Dele Sosimi x Medlar 'Full Moon (Detroit Swindle Remix)' (Wah Wah 45s)9. Bryony Jarman-Pinto 'Sour Face (Dego Remix)' (Tru Thoughts)10. 2fox 'All Love ft Nandi (Original Mix)' (Arusha)11. Alex Session 'Player' (White Label)12. Lady Blackbird 'Blackbird (Foremost Poets Version)' (Foundation Music)13. Panik Pop 'Ginger (Dub Club Mix)' (Embassy One)14. Lawrence Guy 'The Spirit (Original Mix)' (Shall Not Fade)15. Zoo Brazil 'Lions' (Clipp.Art)16. DJ Clea 'Leon Stone' (Church)17. Will Saul ft. Gilli.jpg 'Your Time Is Up (Original Mix)' (Aus Music/Skint)18. Paolo Solo 'Get Stop It (Original Mix)' (My Own Beat)19. Paul Kalkbrenner 'Eyes Open' (B1/Three Six Zero)20. !Sooks 'Era' (Stay True Sounds)21. Julianna Barwick, ft. Jónsi 'In Light' (Ninja Tune)
9/10/20201 hour, 58 minutes, 24 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.165

Got to keep this really short, sorry! Insanely hectic week and just about crawling over the line.Will add a track list the second I get a moment.Please spread the word, encourage everyone you know to search "Hideout Sessions in Apple podcasts, hit subscribe and support the music I play!Love you endlessly...Ross xx
8/28/20201 hour, 58 minutes
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Hideout Sessions Ep.164's been a minute! Sorry chaps. I've been right under the cosh, with trying to finish my own music, suddenly deciding to sell my house, all of the usual Dad duties etc, etc. However it's wonderful to be back, so enjoy the slightly tweaked format of 50/50 vinyl and brand new music. It's guaranteed to sooth the soul, so tell everyone to get subscribing.Love you...Ross xxP.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected]:// or search "HIDEOUT SESSIONS" in iTunes.Tracklist:1. Joe Henderson 'No Me Esqueca' (Milestone)2. Carlos Garnet 'Mother Of The Future' (Muse)3. Bill Summers 'Brazilian Skies' (Prestige)4. Benny Golson 'Alway Dancing To The Music' (Columbia)5. Zulema 'Standing In The Back Row Of Your Heart' (RCA)6. Donald Byrd 'Think Twice' (Blue Note)7. Jaisun 'Keepin' It To Myself' (Jett Sett)8. Barbara Roy and Ecstasy, Passion and Pain 'If You Want Me' (Roy B)9. Gino Soccio 'Dance To Dance' (RFC)10. Al Hudson & The Soul Partners 'Spread Love' (ABC)11. Change 'Glow Of Love' (Warner)12. Linda Clifford 'Build A Fire' (Capitol)13. Wheel Up 'Virtruvian Man' (Tru Thoughts)14. Alex Session 'Leftie' (Fomo)15. Teymori, ft. Jace XI 'Running For You' (Darker Than Wax)16. Marquis Hawkes 'Let's Go Way' (Aus)17. Neraska 'Dip & Flip' (Heist)18. Alkalino 'Let You Go' (Audaz)19. Kink 'Bug' (Sofia)20. OneOneOne 'Pipeline' (17 Steps)21. Howling 'Bind' (Counter)22. Four Tet 'Love Salad' (Text)23. Jono McCleery 'A Little Out Of Reach' (Bandcamp)
7/20/20202 hours, 4 minutes, 24 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.163

Me again!Sending you all endless positivity and love in these truly testing times. I hope this episode provides you with some welcome distraction from all of the negativity, that we're all feeling at the moment.Thanks for downloading the show, I hope you find something you love and do come and find me on instagram: you...Ross xxP.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected]:// or search "HIDEOUT SESSIONS" in iTunes.Tracklist:1. Irreversible Entanglements 'No Más' (International Anthem)2. Ross McHenry 'Forest Dance' (First Word)3. Tall Black Guy & 14KT, ft. Moonchild 'I Will Never Know (14KT IAMABEENIE Remix)' (First Word)4. B0nds 'Lonely Afternoon' (Cold Busted)5. Godtet 'Women's Choir' (Plug Seven)6. Dumama + Kechou 'Mother Time' (Mushroom Hour Half Hour)7. Maxwell Owin & Xenia 'Probably Never' (Extra Soul Perception)8. Jungle Brown 'Keep It Movin' (Mr. Bongo)9. Young RJ, Mega Ran, Abstract Orchestra 'Pray' (Here & Now)10. Jordan Rakei, ft. Common 'Signs' (Ninja Tune)11. Rob Clouth 'Emerging Fromr' (Mesh)12. Alphabets Heaven 'Hulu' (Wotnot)13. J-Felix, ft. El Train 'Check' (Tru Thoughts)14. Buscrates, ft. Sally Green 'Lost & Found (Bastard Jazz)15. Horatio Luna 'Bubbly' (La Sape)16. Rayko 'Touch Down' (Rare Wiri)17. Christian Rich 'Everything Looks Bigger Closer (Instrumental Mix)' (2020 Christian Rich)18. Laolu 'Force' (Compost)19. Bongomann 'Deeperluv (Get it) (Halal Sol Reluv)' (Darker Than Wax)20. Don Voyer 'Hit You' (7Wallace)21. HYYTS 'Bullet (Paul Woolford Extended Dub)' (Warner)22. Disclosure 'Etran (Original Mix)' (Island)23. Dan Shake 'The Deep End' (Shake Label)24. GLXY, ft. DRS 'She Sings For Me' (Shogun Audio)25. ・ ・-・ ・- ・・・ ・ -・・ '-- ・ -・・ ・ ・-・・ ・-' (Erased Tapes)
3/25/20201 hour, 58 minutes, 28 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.162

Hi you lot!Sorry for the delay in bringing this episode to you, I've been chasing my tail for the most part this year, due to constant grappling with builder noise from next door. Going a little insane!Anyway, here's the show. Loads of goodness for you to explore, so enjy it!Thanks for downloading the show, I hope you find something you love and do come and find me on instagram: you...Ross xxP.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected]:// or search "HIDEOUT SESSIONS" in iTunes.Tracklist:1. Calibro 35, Illa J 'Stan Lee' (Records Kicks)2. Clear Soul Forces 'Chip$' (Bandcamp)3. The Midnight Hour 'Harmony' (Linear Labs)4. Hector Plimmer 'Joyfulness' (Albert's Favourites)5. Tawiah Don't 'Hold Your Breath' (First Word)6. Takeleave 'The Woods' (Project Mooncircle)7. Caribou 'Hendrix with Ko' (The Leaf Label)8. Le Motel 'Wasiwa' (Moloca)9. Nasaya 'Soleil' (Minerva Music)10. Kit Sebastian 'Senden Baska (Natureboy Flako Remix)' (Mr. Bongo)11. Romare 'Danger' (Ninja Tune)12. Olando Voorn 'Spread My Wings' (Moonlight)13. Soulphiction '24/7 Love Affiar' (Local Talk)14. Camea 'Missing You (Original)' (Neverwhere)15. Artists In Support Of Lastesis 'Un violador en tu camino' (Accidental Jr)16. 4-Lea Lisa 'Something For The Dancers' (Wold Music)17. Anchorsong 'Testimony (Letherette Remix)' (Tru Thoughts)18. Goddard 'Fourth Dimension (with Harry Wolfman)' (Apparel Music)19. Kassian 'U Make Me' (Phonica White)20. Prince Ivyson 'Roy Clark (Original Mix)' (DeepWit Uncovered)21. Danny Russell & Ronald Christoph 'One Two One' (Sprechen)22. Detroit Swindle 'The Life Behind Things' (Heist)23. Leon Vynehall I, Cavallo (ClubFront) (Ninja Tune)24. Four Tet 'Baby' (Text)25. Peter Van Hoesen 'Vooropgesteld-04' (Time To Express)
3/5/20201 hour, 59 minutes, 4 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.161

Hello you wonderful lot! Happy flipping Xmas to you and yours. Sending you all the love in the world for the festive season. I hope you have a perfect one and I look forward to seeing you in the next decade. Thanks for downloading the show, I hope you find something you love and do come and find me on instagram: you...Ross xxP.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected]:// or search "HIDEOUT SESSIONS" in iTunes.Tracklist:1. Gang Starr, ft. Group Home & Royce da 5'9" 'What's Real' (Gangstarr Enterprises)2. Apollo Brown, ft. Clear Soul Forces 'Deception & Woes' (Mello Music Group)3. Kumail, ft. Pink Siifu 'Same Shit' (Bastard Jazz)4. Izy 'Moon' (Hope Street)5. Masok 'Right Up Your Alley' (Raw Tapes)6. Brisa 'Behind The Veil' (Bastard Jazz)7. Caribou 'You and I' (City Slang)8. North Downs 'Nightlife Blues' (DAMA DAMA)9. Alphabets Heaven 'Subtitles' (Rx:Tx)10. Kapote 'Give It To Me Edit' (Toy Tonics)11. Dele Sosimi 'You No Fit Touch Am (Medlar Rmx) (Wah Wah 45s)12. Denis Sulta 'In~Narito' (Ninja Tune)13. Manuel Costela 'So Deep (Original Mix)' (Closer To Truth)14. Happy Cat Jay 'Nautilus (Original Mix)' (Eton Messy)15. My Nu Leng 'Signal (Maraki)16. Alex Session, ft 'Ciara Haidar' (FOMO)17. Mason 'Take It Down' (Another Rhythm)18. Locked Groove 'Trance Child' (Hotflush)19. Pleaxure 'No Such' (Nice1)20. Quarion 'Sapphire (Tessellate)' (Drum Poet Community)21. Four Tet 'Teenage Birdsong (Overmono Remix)' (Text)22. Barney Lister 'Matchu (Original Mix)' (Different)23. Danvers 'The Flex' (CoOp)24. Modeselektor ft. Flohio 'Wealth (Sarah Farina Remix)' (Monkeytown)25. Lapalux 'Oblivion' (Brainfeeder)
12/19/20191 hour, 59 minutes, 22 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.160

Alreeeeeeet you lot!?Hope everything is cosy as heck and shiver free?Here's the latest offering from the Hideout Sessions show. Utterly gorgeous, independent, genre transcending, new music for you to enjoy over the coming weeks.Thanks for downloading the show, I hope you find something you love and do come and find me on instagram: you...Ross xxP.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected]:// or search "HIDEOUT SESSIONS" in iTunes.Tracklist:1. Tawiah 'Borders' (First Word)2. Tomos 'An Intermission (Moods Remix)' (Majestic Casual)3. Jungle Brown, ft. Sampa The Great 'We On' (Mr. Bongo)4. Hector Plimmer 'Somebody Else' (Albert's Favourites)5. Galcher Lustwerk 'Cig Angel' (Ghostly International)6. Penya na familia ya Zawose 'Heyyeh' (On The Corner)7. Machweo, ft. Populous 'Kalimbada' (Hyper Jazz)8. Laurence Guy 'The One Where I Like The Vocals (Original Mix)' (Mule Musiq)9. Yu Su 'Watermelon Woman' (Technicolour)10. Daniel Maunick 'One Nite Stand' (Far Out)11. David San 'Desconstruccion' (Psicodelica)12. Detroit Swindle 'The Life Behind Things (Original Mix)' (Heist)13. Ladymonix 'Baby (Stefan Ringer Mix)' (Frizner Electric)14. Bella Boo, ft. Gnučči 'Hotel Europa' (Studio Barnhus)15. Will Saul 'Openings' (Aus Music)16. Envee 'Brotherman Pt.2 (Dub)' (Local Talk)17. Mary Yalex 'How U Really Feel' (Tamed Musiq)18. Bartaub 'Marble' (R&S)19. Ladymonix 'WhoRu (Edit)' (Planet E Communications)20. Floating Points 'Anasickmodular' (Ninja Tune)21. ⣎⡇ꉺლ༽இ•̛)ྀ◞ ༎ຶ ༽ৣৢ؞ৢ؞ؖ ꉺლ '⣎⡇ꉺლ༽இ•̛)ྀ◞ ༎ຶ ༽ৣৢ؞ৢ؞ؖ ꉺლ - ʅ͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡(ƟӨ)ʃ͡͡͡͡ - 01 ʅ͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡(ƟӨ)ʃ͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡͡ ꐑ(ཀ ඊ' (Bandcamp)22. Throwing Snow 'Nought To Gain' (Houndstooth)23. Ben Snow 'Out In The Streets' (Elevate)24. A Winged Victory For The Sullen 'The Rhythm Of A Dividing Pair' (Ninja Tune)
11/22/20192 hours, 2 minutes, 54 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.159

Apologies for running a little late folks...been struggling to adjust to the season change! I hope you're all wonderfully well? Settle in for an absolute wealth of mind-blowing new music for the next two and a quarter hours!Thanks for downloading the show, I hope you find something you love and do come and find me on instagram: you...Ross xxP.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected]:// or search "HIDEOUT SESSIONS" in iTunes.Tracklist:1. PDBY 'Eucalyptus & Lavender' (Brainfeeder)2. Ronin Arkestra 'Cosmic Collisions' (Albert's Favourites)3. Saint Abdullah 'Zeynab' (Infine)4. North Downs 'Dad's Old Tapes' (DAMA DAMA)5. Michele Manzo, ft. Georgia Anne Muldrow & Dudley Perkins 'Crackablackalacka' (Darker Than Wax)6. Apollo Brown, ft. Black Milk, Ketchphraze & DJ Los 'God Help Me' (Mello Music Group)7. Kool Keith, ft. Jeru The Damaja 'She Answer' (Mello Music Group)8. Rhi 'Plain Jane' (Tru Thoughts)9. Moondchild 'Money' (Tru Thoughts) 10. Kamandi 'Friend' (Kamandi)11. Glenn Astro 'Naturals' (Tartlet)12. Erik Rico 'I Adore U' (Wicked Wax)13. Urszula's Samba 'Same Speed Edits' (Same Speed Edits 03)14. Titeknots 'Go Around, Go Hey!' (Press Something, Play Something)15. JKRIV, ft. ADELINE 'Vertigo (Yusek Remix)' (Z Records)16. Chevals 'Left Behind' (Editorial)17. Pato Watson & James Rod 'Disco Nu (Tony Disco remix)' (Golden Soul)18. Ratomagoson 'Resin (Hoffy Remix)' (Nudibranch)19. Hodini 'One4Fries' (Wolf Music)20. TSHA 'Moon (Club Mix)' (Counter)21. FYI Chris, ft. DJ Morris 'Encounters' (Toy Tonics)22. Will Saul 'Moorings' (!K7)23. Fourtet 'Lahaina Noon' (Text)24. Destiny71z 'Foodprogramvoltage' (Eglo)25. Terror Danjah, ft. Nii-Teiko 'Scene 1' (Tru Thoughts)26. Fela Ransome-Kuti, ft. Ginger Baker 'Blackman's Cry' (Electrola)
10/10/20192 hours, 16 minutes, 28 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.158

Just as August Bank holiday weekend lands in your laps, then so does another new music stuffed episode of the Hideout Sessions podcast. It's wall to wall barn stormers as always and I'm shimmering with excitement to play it all for you.Thanks for downloading the show, I hope you find something you love and do come and find me on instagram: you...Ross xxP.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected]:// or search "HIDEOUT SESSIONS" in iTunes.Tracklist:1. The Lewis Express 'Clap Your Hands' (ATA)2. Isaac Birituro and The Rail Abandon 'So Ma (Blood Wine or Honey Remix)' (Wah Wah 45s)3. Darkhouse Family, ft. Tyler Daley & Kaidi Tatham 'All the Way' (First Word)4. Bag Raiders, ft. Panama 'How Long' (Universal)5. Sophie Forrest 'Cinnamon' (Clipp.Art)6. Cody Currie 'Movin' Smoke' (Razor-N-Tape)7. Gledd 'Light Of Florence' (Masterworks)8. Mr Fries/Kandinsky 'Downhere' (Wolf Music)9. The Revenge 'Like An Ending' (Dirty Crew)10. Sano & Kapote, ft. Phran 'Wawanko Tool' (Toy Tonics)11. Ross From Friends 'The Revolution' (Brainfeeder)12. Lavan 'Sorry Miss Jackson' (Wah Wah 45s)13. Julio Victoria 'Tres' (Church)14. Barbatuques 'Baianá (Pablo Fierro Edit)' (FFRR)15. Braille 'Stand Still (extended)' (Hotflush)16. Weval 'Same Little Thing (Michael Mayer mix)' (Kompakt)17. Max Cooper 'Perpetual Motion' (Mesh)18. Laurent Garnier/Chambray 'Feelin' Good' (Rekids)19. Eli Brown 'BS48 (Extended Mix)' (Big Beat)20. HTRK 'You Know How to Make Me Happy' (Ghostly International)
8/22/20192 hours, 1 minute, 24 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.157

And, in the blink of an eye, we're back again with a brand new, slightly sweaty (in a good way), new show. Packed with everything you need to keep your summer well and truly on the good foot.Don't forget to spread the word and come and find me on IG: you...Ross xxP.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected]:// or search "HIDEOUT SESSIONS" in iTunes.Tracklist:1. Godtet 'Alice' (La Sape) 2. William Florelle & Bahia FSG)' (Wotnot) 3. Persian Empire 'She Got Confused' (Rx:Tx)4. Beringei 'Blue Moon' (Wotnot) 5. Dorian Concept, 'Toothbrush' (Brainfeeder) 6. Greymatter 'Never Never' (Unique Uncut) 7. Tee Mango, ft. Amp Fiddler 'Feels Like Whatever' (Million Hands) 8. Quantic, ft. Denitia 'You Used To Love Me (Selva Remix)' (Tru Thoughts) 9. Todh Teri 'Kone Kone' (Get Physical Music) 10. Daphni 'Romeo' (Jiaolong) 11. Benny Bridges 'Wonder' (Pfeiffer) 12. Julius Steinhoff 'To Your Care' (Church)13. Bonobo 'Linked' (Ninja Tune) 14. Floating Points 'LesAplx' (Ninja Tune) 15. Four Tet 'Dreamer' (Text) 16. Khalab 'Dense (Batida Remix)' (On The Corner) 17. Silverlining 'Kewakagroove' (XLR8R+) 18. Alex Session 'Messy Crep' (FOMO) 19. Luke Fono 'Our Odyssey (Entek Remix)' (Simulated Truth)20. ÅDÅ 'Women Beat Their Men (Original Mix)' (Strange Love) 21. Fatherhood 'Raw Honey' (Study Records) 22. Korea Town Acid 'Want U' (Clipp.Art)23. KDA 'Drip Feed (Original Mix)' (Pias)24. Monrroe 'Everywhere I Go' (Shogun Audio)25. Known Shaz 'We're All Going Down' (Raw Tapes)
7/31/20192 hours, 4 minutes, 38 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.156

Yo!156th Ep, all done and dusted for you folks. Here it is, in all it's brand new shinning glory. Certainly the perfect remedy to help clear the last of those Glastonbury blues, ensuring you don't learn from your mistakes and accidentally exercise restraint this weekend. Also, do make sure you follow the show on Instagram: yourself in the music, artists and labels, and why not sling some of your pocket money their way this month.Love you...Ross xxP.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected]:// or search "HIDEOUT SESSIONS" in iTunes.Trackilist:1. Sampa The Great 'Final Form' (Ninja Tune)2. Isaac Birituro & The Rail Abandon 'I Know (I'm Okay)' (Wah Wah 45s)3. Àbáse, ft Stevo Atambire 'Sambo' (Cosmic Compositions)4. Lightning Head 'Massage Beats' (Tru Thoughts)5. Tojin Kit, ft. Noah 'The Light Decay' (Finest Ego)6. Robag Wruhme, ft. Lysann Zander 'Advent' (Pampa)7. Yosi Horikawa 'Longing' (Borrowed Scenery)8. Scrimshire, ft. Georgia Anne Muldrow 'Thru You' (Albert's Favourites)9. Tee Mango 'Leave' (Million Hands)10. G Duke 'Mercey' (The Boogie Box 8 - V's Edits)11. Chrissy 'Nothing (Eli Escobar remix)' (The Night Owl Diner)12. Cassius 'Don't Let Me Be' (Caroline)13. Jethro Heston 'That Shit Frankie Plays (Original Mix)' (Born Dirty)14. Alif Tree 'Forgotten Places (Moodymann Remix)' (Compost)15. Detroit Swindle 'Vibrations (Original Mix)' (Aus Music)16. Daphni, ft. Paradise 'Sizzlin' Hot' (Jiaolong)17. Blood Wine or Honey 'Orwellian Woman (Medlar remix)' (Pussy Foot)18. Captain Over '4D' (Darker Than Wax)19. Dave DK 'Jelly Legs' (Pampa)20. Kettenkarussell 'Maybe' Geihling21. Cinthie 'This Bomb Is Mine' (803 Crystal Grooves)22. Kölsch 'AC1609' (Fabric)23. Kayla Painter 'Through the Forest' (Drawstring)
7/4/20192 hours, 9 minutes, 54 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.155

Aaaaaaaaaand...made it....just. Here's your official May ep you brilliant gang! Probs my favourite show of the year so far, I reckon. There's so much inspiring new music out there at the moment. Goodness me. Love. It.Anyway, I insist on you, insisting on everyone you know, hitting subscribe.Love you...Ross xxP.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected]:// or search "HIDEOUT SESSIONS" in iTunes.Trackilist:1. Martha Skye Murphy 'Black Eye' (Slow Dance)2. Godtet 'Enumerating' (La Sape)3. Eddington Again 'Sweet' (Apollo)4. Sickarone 'Sirakov' (Beat Tony)5. Twit 'A Little Less' (First Word)6. Jungle Brown 'Keep It Movin' (Bandcamp)7. Kool Keith, ft. B-Real 'Zero Fux' (Mello Music Group)8. Mount Liberation Unlimited 'Air 2 Breathe' (Studio Barnhaus)9. Mexico68 Afrobeat Orchestra 'Quench' (Mr. Bongo)10. James Stewart 'Nolias' (On The Corner)11. Laroye 'Colombia 26a' (Tiff Joints)12. Kenton Slash Demon 'Zstring' (Tartlet)13. John Tejada 'Performance Review' (Palette)14. STL 'No More Words (Wa Wu We Gentlyfication)' (Dark Matters)15. Tycho 'Easy' (Mom + Pop)16. Claudio Coccoluto 'Funky Now (Trouble Tribal Life)' (Compost Blk Lbl)17. Gerry Read 'It'll All Be Over (DJ Koze Remix)'(Pampa)18. Cinthie 'Mesmerizing' (Aus)19. Greymatter 'Napoleon' (Unique Uncut)20. Laurel 'Life Worth Living (acoustic)' (Counter)
5/30/20192 hours, 4 minutes, 50 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.154

Ay'up!Hope you're all splendid, you lot!? Massive apologies for the delay. Just as I caught back up, I went and ruined it. I'm now back in you debt once again. Sorry!Anyway, lots of "out now" goodness for you to gorge yourselves on, so get stuck in!Love you...Ross xxP.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected]:// or search "HIDEOUT SESSIONS" in iTunes.Tracklist:1. Reginald Omas Mamode IV 'In Search Of Balance' (Five Easy Pieces)2. Damon Locks 'The Colors That You Bring' (International Anthem)3. Akira Ishikawa 'Boogie On Raggae Woman' (Mr. Bongo)4. Isaac Birituro & The Rail Abandon 'Für Svenja' (Wah Wah 45s)5. Don Leisure 'Kaymak' (First Word)6. Seba Kaapstad 'Breathe' (Mello Music Group)7. Alphabets Heaven 'Wild Love' (Wotnot)8. The KingDem - Rodney P, Ty and Blak Twang  'The Conversation (We Ain't Done Yet)' (Tru Thoughts)9. Jitwam. 'Universes' (Tartlet)10. Kutiman, ft. Rioghnach Connolly 'So Long' (Wah Wah 45s)11. Sterfry 'Confused' (Darker Than Wax)12. Potatohead People 'Quest For Love (Sam OB Remix)' (Bastard Jazz)13. Quantic 'Atlantic Oscillations' (Tru Thoughts)14. Alma Negra 'From the Heart (Original Mix)' (Heist)15. Four Tet 'Teenage Birdsong' (Bandcamp)16. Fybe:one & Liam Bailey 'Bliss 2' (Unreleased)17. Greymatter 'Operation Wolf' (Bandcamp)18. JT Donaldson, Liv.e 'Stay Inside' (Classic Music Company)19. Oliver Night, ft. BB James 'Make Believe (Co-Op)20. Buffered Multiple 'Prime Time' (Pomelo)21. HVOB 'Panama (Original Mix)' (Pias)22. Daniel Ness 'Torn' (Activia Benz)23. Irah x Abstrakt Sonance 'Duppy Show' (Tru Thoughts)24. Salami Rose Joe Louis 'Nostalgic Montage' (Brainfeeder)25. Purl 'Skäralid' (Archives)
5/16/20191 hour, 58 minutes, 36 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.153

Right...I think that's us all nice and back up to speed. Hopefully we're free of tech issues now too, so happy days! Enjoy the music folks, I've been hammering this lot, since compiling the play list last month. There's some seriously good globber in there.Make all the noise you can, where ever you can and get subscribing, if you don't do so already!Love you...Ross xxP.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected]:// or search "HIDEOUT SESSIONS" in iTunes.Tracklist:1. Shafiq Husayn 'Show Me How You Feel' (Eglo)2. Jitwam. 'Temptations ' (Tartelet)3. Laneous 'Hold My Hand' (Soul Has No Tempo)4. 14KT, ft. Muhsinah 'The Power of Same' (First Word)5. Nikitch & Kuna Maze 'JPS' (Tru Thoughts)6. Ronin Arkestra 'Stranger Searching' (Albert's Favourites)7. The Cinematic Orchestra, ft. Heidi Vogel 'A Promise' (Ninja Tune)8. Blackboxx 'City in Arms Wide Stretched' (Finest Ego)9. Blue Veil 'Broken Pieces' (Dicohtomy)10. Elsa Hewitt 'Tiny Dancer' (Bandcamp)11. Tenesha The Wordsmith 'Again' (On The Corner)12. Maya Angelou v Daz-I-Kue 'PhenomenalWoman' (4 I-Kue Productions)13. Souleance 'Les Amis' (First Word)14. Eli Escobar 'Everybody' (Razor-N-Tape)15. Hurlee 'The Dance Floor' (Discoweey)16. Ruf Dug 'Boat Party' (Future Boogie)17. Sammy Bananas 'Non-Stop' (Bastard Jazz)18. Black Loops, ft Felipe Gordon M'ia Negrita' (Toy Tonics)19. Pitto 'You Treat Me Like a Fool (Kassian Remix)' (Heist)20. Kornél Kovács 'Rocks' (Studio Barnhus)21. Thatmanmonkz, ft. Nikki O 'After Dark' (Shade Leaf)22. Old Chap 'But My Brother Say' (Masterworks)23. Octo Octa 'Bodies Meld Together' (Technicolour)24. KH 'Only Human' (Text)25. Scissor 'Reflections (Truncate Remix)' (Just This)26. Nils Frahm 'Talisman' (Erased Tapes)
3/20/20192 hours, 9 minutes, 44 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.152

Suddenly we land at the end of another month and I find myself playing catch up yet again. Getting there slowly.In spite of a few tech issues with my mic recording input, it's still a commands your full attention...not me, the music! Apologies if it's annoying, I'll get it fixed for the next show.Love you...Ross xxP.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected]:// or search "HIDEOUT SESSIONS" in iTunes.Tracklist:1. Paper Tiger 'Time Travel' (Wah Wah 45s) 2. Ciro Mont, ft. Josephin Bovién 'Nvr' (Darker Than Wax) 3. Emapea 'Flip It Back' (Cold Busted) 4. Rob 'Funky Rob Way' (Mr. Bongo) 5. Anchorsong 'Majesty (Sandunes Remix)' (Tru Thoughts) 6. HVOB 'Bloom' (Pias) 7. Jimi Tenor 'Vocalize My Luv' (Philophon)8. Chaka Khan 'Hello Happiness (Switch Remix)' (Diary)9. Bonobo 'Ibrik' (Ninja Tune)10. Sam Irl & Dusty 'Broken Spell' (Jazz & Milk)11. Javonntte, ft. MdCL 'Cloud Nine' (Eglo)12. 박혜진 park hye jin 'I Don't Care' ( 13. Levon Vincent 'Dance With Me' (Novel Sound)14. Zach Witness '17 Days (Zach Witness Version)' (Bandcamp)15. Stephane Deschezeaux 'Make It Hot (Original Mix)' (Black Jack)16. Beanfield 'Human Patterns (Roman Flu?gel Remix)' (Compost)17. Mike Nolan 'Toxic (Love Hangover)' (Clipp.Art)18. Michael Lovatt 'Third Bass (Original Mix)' (My Own Beat)19. Wa Wu We 'B1' (Wa Wu We 003)20. Khalab 'Dense (Blood, Wine or Honey remix)' (On The Corner)21. Subjective 'Inkolelo (Original Mix)' (Beating Heart)22. Monrroe, ft. Alexa Harley 'You Got Me' (Shogun Audio)23. Time Grove 'Piano Bubbles' (Wah Wah 45s)
3/6/20192 hours, 2 minutes, 44 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.151

Bon-flippin-jour!So lovely to be back in the lab aiming some belting newness at you. And...Happy 2019!!Plenty to get through as I'm already a little bit behind. This counts as your Jan episode and the Feb one will be landing on your respective listening posts in a couple of weeks.Anyway, enough waffle...I don't want to distract you from the vital job of listening and immediately purchases as much of the music in the playlist as you new year budgets will allow.Spread the word pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease?!Love you...Ross xxP.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected]:// or search "HIDEOUT SESSIONS" in iTunes.Tracklist:1. Clear Soul Forces 'They Shootin' (Bandcamp)2. Spacek 'Take Ova' (Eglo)3. Moonchild 'Run Away (Eric Lau & Kaidi Tatham Remix)' (Tru Thoughts)4. Zimmer, ft. Panama 'Wildflowers' (Roche Musique)5. Grün Glas 'Cell' (Grün Glas)6. Deep Shoq 'Keep It One Hundred' (Darker Than Wax)7. Maribou State, ft. North Downs 'Kingdom (Adesse Versions Remix) (Counter)8. Souleance 'Sète' (First Word)9. NameBrandSound 'Bebop' (Excursions)10. Dr Packer/Loshmi 'In Case Of Emergency' (Disco Fruit)11. Hazards of Prophecy 'Minnie & Marcos' (Tiff Joints)12. DJ Clea 'Fiero' (Hot Haus)13. Hermetics 'Non-Physical Friend' (R&S)14. Neue Grafik 'Bed Stuys Mood' (Co-Op)15. Addison Goove 'F1nk' (Groove UK)16. Handbraekes 'Discow (Original Mix)' (Ed Banger)17. Kassian 'The Premise' (Heist)18. Cinthie 'Truth' (Aus)19. Max Cooper 'Phi' (Mesh)20. Seb Wildblood 'Bad Space Habits' (Chruch)21. Emanuel Satie & Ninetoes, Tassew Wendim 'Injera' (Crosstown)22. Ry X 'Foreign Tides' (Liberator Music)23. Ex:Re 'Liar' (4AD)24. Lapalux 'Below (Ninja Tune)
2/13/20192 hours, 5 minutes, 28 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.150 (Vinyl Only, Xmas Special)

To follow...xx
12/30/20182 hours, 5 minutes, 14 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.149

Lovely to be back in your company again chaps...I hope things are lining up all nice and Xmas-like for the coming festivities. This will be the first of two December shows for you to get your (hopefully) greedy little mittens on. This one's packed with some mind bogglingly good new music and the second will be another Xmas, all vinyl affair.  Hope you all enjoy it and please spread the darn word!!  Love you...Ross xx  P.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected] SUBSCRIBE: or search "HIDEOUT SESSIONS" in iTunes. Tracklist: 1. VÃ∞¢n SÃ∫¡n 'CÃ∞´ TÃ∞¢y Ã≥Â∆en' (Infracom) 2. The Stance Brothers 'Minor Minor' (We Jazz) 3. Steve Spacek 'Natural Sci Fi)' (Eglo) 4. Deep Shoq X Miles Bonny 'All One' (Darker Than Wax) 5. Bugseed 'Blastaway' (Cold Busted) 6. Eric Lau 'Righteous' (First Word) 7. Mr. Mitch 'Restart' (Gobstopper) 8. Monsoonsiren 'Man of the Cloth' (Project Mooncircle) 9. Takeleave 'Burrow' (Project Mooncircle) 10. McConville 'technicoloursupersong' (Apollo) 11. Ferg '123' (Stripes) 12. Holly Walker 'Straight Line' (DAMA DAMA) 13. Alphabets Heaven '3 Laces =m=' (Wotnot) 14. Kruder/Hunter 'This Is What U Get' (Compost Disko) 15. Little Dragon 'Lover Chanting' (Ninja Tune) 16. Jonny Drop, ft. Grace Walker 'Flash Light (Aeshim Remix)' (Albert's Favourites) 17. Neue Grafik 'I Miss Somethingr' (Co-Op) 18. Tekkla 'Love Vibration' (Clipp.Art) 19. Simba, ft. J.Gordon 'Make Your Move' (Shadeleaf Music) 20. Anchorsong 'Testimony (Letherette Remix)' (Tru Thoughts) Goddard 'Gluttony Bay' (Church) 22. Rhye 'Waste (Ry X Remix)' (Loma Vista) 23. Dodi Palese 'Erika' (Compost Blk Lbl) Fearful 'Cliques' (Different) 25. Throwing Snow 'Vulpine' (Houndstooth) 26. James Heather 'And She Came Home (Mary Lattimore Rework)' (Ahead of Our Time) 
12/7/20182 hours, 6 minutes, 2 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.148

Bonjournos!I hope you're all well and November is running perfectly for you and yours. Really excited to deliver this month's to you. It's a nailed on soul nourisher! I've searched far and wide to bring you some staggeringly delicious new music. Cuts from Te'Amir, Charlie Stark, Phenomenal Handclap Band, Gnork, Bambooman, Ross from Friends, Bearcubs and Ry X, plus loads more...Thanks hugely for all of your continued support and endless enthusiasm about the music I play. I'm lucky to have you all!! Please keep spreading the word chaps.Love you...Ross xxP.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected]:// or search "HIDEOUT SESSIONS" in iTunesTracklist:1. Masta Ace & Marco Polo, ft.Smif 'n' Wessun 'Breukelen Brooklyn' (Fat Beats)2. Apollo Brown & Joell Ortiz, ft. Royce Da 5'9 'Timberlan'd Up' (Mello Music Group)3. BADBADNOTGOOD & Little Dragon 'Tried' (Ninja Tune)4. Te'Amir 'Back To Abyssinia' (Tru Thoughts)5. Onyx Collective, ft. Sporting Life 'Space-Wars (Big Dada)6. Gyedu-Blay Ambolley 'This Hustling World' (Mr. Bongo)7. Anchorsong 'Testimony' (Tru Thoughts)8. Gerardo Frisina 'Katanga (Schema Italy)9. Skull Snaps 'My Hang Up Is You (Mr. Bongo)10. Phenomenal Handclap Band 'Judge Not (Ray Mang Disco Mix) (Toy Tonics)11. D-Pulse 'All I Want (Kasper Bjorke Mix)' (Teardrop)12. Closed Paradise 'What Else' (Love Dancing)13. Erik Ellmann 'Lasse (Original Mix)' (Dikso)14. Charlie Stark 'Fabric Of Conciousness' (Stark Dangerous)15. Jovonn 'Pianos Of Gold (Ian Pooley mix) (Clone Royal Oak)16. Gnork 'Easy MFX' (Church)17. String Theorem & Test Pattern 'Ear Power' (Clipp.Art)18. Love Drop 'Don't Look Back (Dan Shake's Dancefloor dub)' (Hometaping Is Killing Music)19. Mitch Von Arx 'Mist' (Project Mooncircle)20. Bambooman 'Ricochet' (Accidental)21. Ross from Friends 'Squaz' (Brainfeeder)22. Bearcubs 'Haunts' (Bearcubs)23. RY X 'Untold' (Infectious Music)24. Masayoshi Fujita 'Misty Avalanche' (Erased Tapes)
11/9/20182 hours, 11 minutes, 7 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.147

Hideout Sessions - Episode 147Heck yeps, it feels great to be back in your company once again folks. I trust you're all in good spirits and eager to be on the receiving end of another tasty selection of new music morsels?Newness from the likes of George Fitzgerald, Maribou State, Ahu, Children of Zeus, Noname, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Ólafur Arnalds, Sieren and Gospel House Choir are all lined up. So, tweak the faders up and enjoy the 147th episode......and whilst you're at it, run tell a friend.Love you...xxxP.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected]:// Noname 'Don't Forget About' (Bandcamp)2. Jesse Futerman, ft. Milo Reinhardt 'Yusef' (Just LIke Music)3. Children of Zeus, ft. LayFullStop 'Fear of a Flat Planet' (First Word)4. Fatima 'DANG' (Eglo)5. Greentea Peng 'Used To' (Worldwide Friendly Society)6. Georgia Anne Muldrow 'Aerosol' (Brainfeeder)7. Brandon Coleman 'Walk Free (Flying Lotus Remix)' (Brainfeeder)8. HTRK 'More to Enjoy' (Ghostly)9. Ólafur Arnalds 'undir' (Mercury)10. Maribou State 'Part Time Glory' (Counter)11. Waajeed, Strength feat. Ideeyah (Original Mix)  'Strength Original Mix)' (Dirt Tech Reck)12. Disclosure 'Moonlight (Original Mix)' (Universal/Island)13. Sondrio 'Block' (Clipp.Art)14. Estrato Aurora 'Ursus Dolinensis' (Bliq)15. Ross From Friends 'Pale Blue Dot' (Brainfeeder)16. George Fitzgerald 'Burns' (Double Six)17. Youandewan 'Sicko (Original Mix)' (Aus Music)18. Self Self 'Conduit' (XLR8R)19. Andi Vasilos 'Inside Of Me' (Listztomania)20. Dj Maybe 'King Momo’s House Party' (Clipp.Art)21. Ahu 'Searching' (Dichotomy)22. House Gospel Choir 'Battle (Produced by Wookie) (Extended Mix)' (Island)23. Soulphiction 'Sweet Dreams' (Local Talk)24. Sieren 'Break Sum' (Aus Music)25. Serpentwithfeet 'Four Ethers' (Tri Angle)
10/8/20182 hours, 2 minutes, 42 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.146

Hideout Sessions - Episode 146Wonderful music all round, as we amble towards summer's finale. I hope you're all in fine spirits and perfect health?Apologies for any slight technical stumbles over the last few weeks, hopefully all is resolved now! Do let me know via email if you're having any issues still.Make sure you spread that word and above all, support the artists in any way you can.Love you...xxxP.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected]:// Boxwork 'Trench' (Boxwork Music)2. Brandon Coleman ft. Patrice Quinn & Techdizzle 'Giant Feelings' (Brainfeeder)3. Shinji 'In Colour' (Cold Busted)4. Korey Wade 'been callin u' (Bandcamp)5. Phil Gerus 'Not That Kind Of Girl' (True Romance)6. Souleance 'Fantasie' (Excursions)7. Maribou State, ft. Holly Walker 'Nervous Tics' (Counter)8. Tee Mango, ft. Rank Fro'Shun 'Storm' (Million Hands)9. Art of Tones 'Where Is The One' (Local Talk)10. Jason Grove & Merwyn Sanders 'Deep In YOur Heart' (Skylax)11. Honeyfeet 'Meet Me On The Corner' (Wah Wah 45s)12. Karizma 'Just A Thing (Gianni Junior Refix)' (R2)13. S3a '1976+2' (In The Box)14. Marquis Hawkes ft. Jamie Lidell 'We Should Be Free' (Houndstooth)15. Ada & Matt Karmil 'Lou' (Biologic)16. Desert Sound Colony 'Glixen' (Touch From A Distance)17. Goooey Vuitton 'Appreciation (Extended Mix)' (Black Book Selects)18. KiNK 'Leko (KiNK's Bass Shake Version)' (Burek)19. Principleasure 'Ryse' (Principleasure)20. Max Cooper 'Rule 110' (Mesh)21. Eitan Reiter 'Loop For Today (Wa Wu We Live By The Clouds Remix 2)' (Circle Of Live)22. Flowdan 'Shell A Verse' (Tru Thoughts)23. Pola & Bryson '24/7' (Shogun Audio)24. Elsa Hewitt 'Friendly' (Bandcamp)25. Pariah 'Here From Where We Are' (Houndstooth)
8/31/20182 hours, 16 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.145

Tracklist:1. Ilk 'Bits' (Accidental) 2. Georgia Anne Muldrow 'Overload' (Brainfeeder) 3. Jonny Drop, ft. Sarah Williams White 'The Looking Glass' (Albert's Favourites) 4. Kaidi Tatham, ft. Uhmeer 'Cupid' (First Word) 5. Te'Amir, ft. Dustin Warren 'The Quest' (Tru Thoughts) 6. Dorian Concept 'Promises' (Brainfeeder) 7. Earl Jeffers 'Energy Flow' (Darkhouse Family) 8. Foster Sylvers 'Misdemeanor' (Mr. Bongo) 9. The Showfa 'Praising (The Showfa Edit)' (Excursions) 10. Soothsayers 'Natural Mystic' (Wah Wah 45s) 11. Shina Williams & His African Percussionists 'Cunny Jam Wayo' (Mr. Bongo) 12. Khalab, ft. Shabaka Hutchings & Tommaso Cappellato 'Dense' (On The Corner) 13. Munir 'Ashitaka No Dansu' (Darker Than Wax) 14. K15 'Be Glad You Create Anything' (Wotnot) 15. S3A 'Jun' (Time Are Ruff) 16. Togar 'Feeling House' (Clipp.Art) 17. Sonny 'Be 4 Me' (Koldt Bord) 18. Jackson Almond 'Ee Ye' (Wotnot) 19. Kaldera 'For You' (Constant Circles) 20. Dauwd 'Macadam Therapy (Vakula Remix)' (Technicolour) 21. iZem 'Major Stef' (Enchufada) 22. Nonames, ft. Alexa Harley 'Passing Time (Zed Bias Remix)' (Tru Thoughts) 23. Chaka Khan 'Like Sugar (Switch Remix)' (Diary) 24. Max Cooper 'Hope' (Mesh)
8/8/20181 hour, 54 minutes, 26 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.144

Hideout Sessions - Episode 144 Oh bloody hell!! We know each other well enough by now and to be perfectly honest, I've had a few beers and watched the football, so my podcast admin and usual intro isn't going to be up to much this time (not that it ever really is)...see!! And as it stands, I seem to have written more than I have done for a while. Anyway, I genuinely do LOVE you lot, so please do get as many folk as you can to subscribe the knockers of the show and I'll be back in a few weeks with an artillery barrage of brand new music wonderment. Love you...Rxx P.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected] Tracklist: 1. Leon Vynehall 'Envelopes (Chapter VI)' (Ninja Tune) 2. Waaju 'Ali's Mali' (Olindo) 3. Jonny Drop 'All This Trouble' (Albert's Favourites) 4. D.Dahlinger 'Too Many Delectable Things' (Cold Busted) 5. Yazmin Lacey 'Something My Heart Trusts' (First Word) 6. Fybe:one 'Brothers' (Unreleased) 7. FZPZ '独狼式 (hermit)' (Darker Than Wax) 8. Ilk 'BITS' (Accidental) 9. Onyx Collective 'FDR Drive' (Big Dada) 10. Nicola Conte & Spiritual Galaxy, ft. Bridgette Amofah 'Cosmic Peace' (Jet Sounds) 11. Hunrosa, ft. Alice Higgins 'Ransome' (Wah Wah 45s) 12. Maribou State, ft. Khruangbin 'Feel Good' (Counter) 13. Phairo 'Celadon (Watermelon) 14. Tee Mango 'Music For Mango' (Million Hands) 15. Project Pablo 'Napoletana' (Technicolour) 16. Ross From Friends 'There’s A Hole In My Heart' (Brainfeeder) 17. Maxine 'Paradiso' (T.E.N.S) 18. SjR 'C Chantal' (Clipp.Art) 19. Detroit Swindle 'Cut U Loose' (Heist) 20. Fabique 'Look' (Love Harder) 21. Wurm 'Saturated Afternoons (City Streets Ambient Mix)' (Clipp.Art) 22. Moon Willis, ft. LEVi 'Gone' (Rinse) 23. Modeselektor 'Kalif Storch' (Monkeytown) 24. Throwing Snow 'Myriad' (Houndstooth) 25. Lyves 'Still' (Lyves)
6/21/20182 hours, 1 minute, 33 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.143

Hideout Sessions - Episode 143 Back again for another show in quick succession. They might be a touch sporadic, but damn the music's good. This show might just be the finest of the year so far, so make sure you don't rest easy ,thinking you've heard all the decent music knocking about. This little lot will get you going, good and proper! Tell the world in a tweet or a repost or a share: #hideoutsessions. Love you...Rxx P.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected] Tracklist: 1. Tenesha The Wordsmith 'Dangerous Women' (On The Corner) 2. Potatohead People, ft. Nanna.B 'Morning Sun' (Bastard Jazz) 3. Alphabets Heaven 'Dopé 1' (Dopé) 4. D. Lynnwood, ft. BodyMoves 'Gospel Discotheque' (Shapes of Rhythm) 5. PC 'Spirit Feel' (Church) 6. Prescription Pricing Authority '1-2-1 (PPA rework)' (Gamm) 7. Phil Kieran 'Polyrhythmic' (Optimo Music) 8. Phil Weeks 'That House Groove' (Robosoul) 9. Adryiano 'Me & You & Her' (Hesit) 10. S3A 'Something More' (Quartet Series) 11. DJ Koze 'Pick Up' (Pampa) 12. DJ Koze, ft. Roisin Murphy 'Illumination' (Pampa) 13. Danvers 'Aye Ata' (Wotnot) 14. Grensta, ft. Hannah Monica 'Tha Girl' (Understated) 15. Laroze 'Bring It Down' (Flux) 16. Mizt3r 'Triangle (Original Mix)' (Future Scope) 17. Lone 'Smoke Signals' (Monkeytown) 18. Maribou State 'Turnmills (Club Mix)' (Counter) 19. Xantrax 'XTK' (Ecke) 20. Herzel 'Ulysses' (Biologic) 21. Karim Sahraoui 'Before the 2nd Coming' (R&S) 22. GLXY, ft. DRS 'These Lights' (Shogun Audio) 23. Marenn Sukie 'Into The Silence' (Apollo)
5/15/20182 hours, 4 minutes, 37 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.142

Hideout Sessions - Episode 142 So, May is upon us and spring seems to be giving it it's best effort...although, it could be doing slightly better. An absolute hat full of knee tremblingly sublime new music to bless you with. Hold on tight, it's going to be a corker! Tell as many people you can and please make you you share online too; #hideoutsessions. Love you...Rxx P.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected] Tracklist: 1. Charo 'The Hurt' (Wotnot) 2. Bishop Nehru 'Driftin'' (Nehruvia LLC) 3. More Ghost Than Man 'Trust The Physician' (Westerns With The Sound Off) 4. Norwood 'Live Your Life' (Apollo) 5. Groeni 'Last Lungs' (Project Mooncircle) 6. Ebo Taylor 'Poverty No Good' (Mr. Bongo) 7. Arthur's Landing 'Love Dancing (You Got Me Version)' (Strut) 8. Todh Teri 'Sampadan 9' (Todh Teri Germany) 9. Il Garage 'Croccante' (Times Are Ruff) 10. Hoffy 'Apple Juice' (Forgot) 11. Alex Session 'Dropping Hints (Original Mix)' (Punks) 12. Waajeed, ft. Steffanie Christi'an 'Mother' (Planet E) 13. Detroit Swindle ft. Seven Davis Jr. 'Flavourism' (Heist) 14. Nina 'All You’ll Ever Need' (Dream Raw) 15. Mario Neha 'Cosmic Reaction' (Inyan Music) 16. Jordan Rakei 'Eye To Eye (Dan Kye Remix)' (Counter) 17. Bicep 'Opal (Four Tet Remix)' (Ninja Tune) 18. Joe S 'Any Colour You Like' (Forgot) 19. Alffie 'Spinax' (Data Transmission) 20. DJ Seinfeld 'Sagrada' (Deep Sea Frequency) 21. Throwing Snow 'Simmer' (Houndstooth) 22. Jon Hopkins 'Emerald Rush' (Domino) 23. Boxwork 'Junction Spray' (Boxwork Music)
5/1/20182 hours, 2 minutes, 2 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.141

Hideout Sessions - Episode 141 April tidings one and all... Fingers crossed you're all full of the joys of spring and in the process of eagerly ironing those shorts for the coming months...etc, etc. Glorious newness for your respective lug holes, make sure you tell the world please #hideoutsessions. Love you...Rxx P.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected] Tracklist: 1. Quiet Dawn 'The Reed' (First Word) 2. 1954, Ft. Loup Na 'Blue Boy' (Project Mooncircle) 3. Warsnare , Ft. Kate Tempest 'Kairos' (Infinite Machine) 4. Daktyl, ft. DUCKWRTH'Warpaint' (Counter) 5. Hector Plimmer 'Sunshine (Reginal Omas Mamode IV Remix)' (Albert's Favourites) 6. Rhi 'Cherry Glow' (Tru Thoughts) 7. Franklin Black 'Gifted People' (Bandcamp) 8. Dusty 'Brick' (Jazz & Milk) 9. Amadou Balaké 'Bar Konon Mousso (Musicien C'est P as Quelqu'un) (Ben Gomori N'est Pas Musicien Edit)' (Sterns Edits) 10. Ruff Stuff 'Kiss of Death' (Berlin Bass Collective) 11. LB aka LABAT 'Otari' (Wolf Music) 12. Colm K 'Six Four Hundred' (Tiff's Joints) 13. Steve Spacek 'Boo Boo Step' (Eglo) 14. EVM128 'Gamma Riddim' (CoOp) 15. K15 'Sunbeams' (Eglo) 16. Times Are Ruff 'Wingman' (Data Transmis ion) 17. Harrison Morris 'Imitate (Original Mix)' (Conspiracy) 18. Alexis Tyrel 'Floating Point' (Lessismore) 19. Tom Vr 'Feathers' (All My Thoughts) 20. Throwing Snow 'Trébucher' (Houndstooth) 21. Djrum 'Showreel Pt1' (R&S) 22. Nils Frahm 'Sunson' (Erased Tapes)
4/13/20182 hours, 1 minute, 24 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.140

Alreeeet pets? I trust you're all suitably wrapped up warm and toasty. Show some love to the play list, buy the music. If you're feeling it, please share around, #hideoutsessions. Love you...Rxx P.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected] Tracklist: 1. Mugwisa International Xylophone Group 'Sunfall' (On The Corner) 2. Bozambo 'Kombissé' (Mr. Bongo) 3. similarobjects 'La Bebe, La Lomi, T'mefeles, at La Kagef' (Darker Than Wax) 4. Lucky Sun, ft. Debris 'I Wanna Live' (Lucky Sun) 5. Nostalgia 77 'Sleepwalker (Ambassadeurs Remix)' (Tru Thoughts) 6. Sunnysun 'For my Live' (rx:tx) 7. Sampa The Great 'Rhymes To The East' (Big Dada) 8. Solid 806 '1 Sec' (?) 9. Hector Plimmer 'Bulb (Deft's 2010 Throwback Remix)' (Albert's Favourites) 10. Osage, ft. Yemi 'A nyway' (Bastard Jazz) 11. Kaidi Tatham 'We All Breathe the Same Air' (First Word) 12. Kez YM 'Trapezoid Dance' (Berlin Bass Collective) 13. Funky Espresso 'Disco Francais' (Smooth Operators) 15. The Goods 'Glow' (Bastard Jazz) 16. Mark Maxwell 'Help This Woman (Original Mix)' (Double Up) 17. Ninetoes 'Deli Kadir (Orignal Mix)' (AVOTRE) 18. Nebraska 'Big Plate Chicken (Alma Negra's Blacksoul Remix)' (Heist) 19. Al Bradley 'Midnight Shakedown' (Midnight Social Recordings) 20. Greymatter 'Clocks (Dub)' (Unique Uncut) 21. Joshua Mooney & Will Silver 'All Night' (Anti-Bad) 22. Littlelake 'Nightingale' (200) 23. Dexter Kane 'Return Ticket' (Shadow Sanctuary) 24. Justin Schumacher 'Dusty Rhodes' (Shades Of Play) 25. Lucy Kitchen 'Love And Sorrow' (Bnadcamp) 26. Jono McCleery 'Gabriel' (Counter)
3/18/20182 hours, 7 minutes, 59 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.139

Hideout Sessions - Episode 139Happy New Year chaps. I trust you're all having a blisteringly brilliant start to 2018.Plenty of musical detoxifying nourishment for your repsective noggins.Love you...RxxP.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected]:// Jono McCleery 'Ingenue (Edit)' (Counter) 2. Reykjavik606 'Everything Happens For A Reason' (Forbidden Colours) 3. Jordan Rakei 'Goodbyes' (Ninja Tune) 4. Elsa Hewitt 'Breathing Spacex' (ERH) 5. STL 'Out Of The One' (Dark Matters) 6. Kxngs 'Hasoodi' (Tru Thoughts) 7. Bambooman 'Static' (Accidental Jnr) 8. Godblesscomputers 'Glue' (Fresh Yo!) 9. Gorillaz, ft. Peven Everett 'Strobelite (Kaytranada Remix)' (Parlaphone UK) 10. Phil Gerus 'I Don't Care If You Are Plastic' (Superior Elevation) 11. Soothsayers 'Blinded Souls (SMBD '79 Raw Disco Mix)' (Wah Wah 45s) 12. Nick Wisdom 'Feelin' Alright ft. Reva Devito' (Bastard Jazz) 13. Beat Sampras '3AM' (Foreseen Entertainment) 14. Lukas Bohlender 'Portamento' (Compost Blk Lbl) 15. Loftsoul x Miruga 'Michigan Nights' (R2) 16. Mowgan, ft. Ras Willa 'Atche Keke' (Tokyo Dawn) 17. Christin Löffler 'Pacific (Daniel Höppner Remix)' (Young Alaska) 18. Genius of Time 'Voxshot' (Aniara) 19. Greymatter & Ossie 'Video Freaks' (Mr. Bongo) 20. Parker Madicine 'Heartbreaker (Detroit Swindle Remix)' (Heist) 21. Lusine 'Chatter (Dauwd Remix)' (Ghostly International) 22. Denis Sulta 'Our World (With A Boy On Its Shoulders)' (Sulta Selects) 23. Deniro '700' (Trip) 24. Lyves 'Darkest Hour' (LYVES)
1/18/20182 hours, 7 minutes, 22 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.138

Hideout Sessions - Episode 138 HI you wonderful...patient lot. Here's the last one of the year. It's glorious...thanks so much for all your support. Love you...Rxx P.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected] Tracklist: 1. The Eminent Stars 'Bar Shift' (Tramp) 2. The Showfa 'Thankful (The Showfa Rework)' (Bandcamp) 3. Unkown Artist 'Samba Operator Edit' (Sam) 4. Gaby Hernandez 'Lo Mas Dulce (Natureboy Flako Remix)' (Mr. Bongo) 5. .čunfa 'Vortex Calling (Tribute to nimm2)' (Rx:Tx) 6. Moonchild 'Run Away' (Tru Thoughts) 7. Meeting By Chance 'Wait For Me' (Apollo) 8. Makadem 'Nyako (Jinku Remix)' (On The Corner) 9. Robson Jorge & Lincoln Olivetti 'GINGA' (Mr. Bongo) 10. B. Bravo 'Starz In Your Eyes ft Lauren Faith (Michael Tello's PillowTalk Remix)' (Bastard Jazz) 11. Medlar 'Nisantasi' (Wolf) 12. Primitive Trust 'Big Tracky Disco Tool' (Aus) 13. Sam Irl 'You Don't Feel Enough' (Jazz And Milk) 14. Daphni 'Carry On' (Jialong) 15. Kiasmos 'Blurred (Bonobo Remix)' (Erased Tapes) 16. Four Tet 'Lush' (Text) 17. Teddy Douglas 'Land of Love (Ron Trent Overdub Remix)' 18. Alex Session & Ciara Haidar 'Don't Want Your Love (Extended Mix)' (White Label) 19. Machine Woman 'Camile From OHM Makes Me Feel Loved' (Technicolour) 20. Carpainter 'Changeling Life' (Trekkie Trax) 21. Special Request 'Brainstorm' (Houndstooth) 22. Deniro '700' (Trip) 23. Technimatic 'Hold On A While ft. Jono McCleery Alix Perez Remix' (Shogun) 24. Tiny Leaves 'You'll Be Okay (Equador Reworked)' (Pegdoll) 25. KILNAMANA 'One Hour In The Thunder' (Jirafa)
12/27/20172 hours, 19 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.137

Hideout Sessions - Episode 137 Some nailed on day makers in this month's instalment. New offering from the likes of Compost Black Label, Primitive Trust, Lanzo, Charlie Smooth, Fybe:one, Block Loops, Lawrence Guy and a dapper hat full more wonderfulness, to ease you into autumn's rainy arms. Get stuck in, spread the word, repost, share, retweet... buy the damn music! #hideoutsessions Love you...Rxx P.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected] Tracklist: 1. Brenda Russell vs Souleance 'A Little Bit Of Love (Souleance "C'est La Fête" ReEdit)' (First Word) 2. Lanzo 'Between Friends' (Cold Busted) 3. Rumpistol 'Circular Drops' (Rump) 4. Joseph J. Jones x Shay Banks 'Swim (Original Mix)' (Communion) 5. Hoffy 'Makei Klap' (Forgot) 6. Charlie Smooth 'Mesta Lanion' (Smooth Operators) 7. Norm De Plume 'New Flow' (Plumage) 8. KH (Kieran - Hebden) 'Question (2017)' (Text) 9. Primitive Trust 'Fallen Down' (Aus Music) 10. Sam Irl & Dusty 'Pick up the Pieces' (Jazz & Milk) 11. Black Loops 'Le Mirage (Original Mix) (Toy Tonics) 12. Lawrence Guy 'Wichita Falls' (Church) 13. Tripmastaz 'Gloria's gruv' (Invade/Cardinal) 14. Justin Ramsey 'Future' (Berlin Bass Collective) 15. Human Movement 'I Need (Original Mix)' (Of Leisure) 16. Liquid Phonk 'In The End There Is A Smile (Original)' (Compost Blk Lbl) 17. Dillon Nathaniel 'Say Yes (Original Mix)' (White Label) 18. KeyLow 'Rough & Tough (Original Mix)' (White Label) 19. Fybe:one 'If Only' (Different) 20. FEJKÁ 'Sunlight' (Ki) 21. Sieren 'Ascension' (Apollo)
10/1/20171 hour, 57 minutes, 31 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.136

Hideout Sessions - Episode 136 Yeps, yeps y'all! Another episode closer to getting back on track...I think I'm one away. Tons of goodness in this one. Detroit Swindle, Bicep, Tru Fonix, Todh Teri, Wize, Lapalux, Werka and B.Bravo come with guaranteed soul nourishment. Enjoy the newness and PLEEEEEEEEEEASE spread the word! Love you...Rxx P.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected] Tracklist: 1. Bob Marshall & the A/Cs 'Funky Fox' (Virtue) 2. Werka, ft. Bryony Jarman-Pinto 'Shakedown Radio' (Tru Thoughts) 3. Hampshire & Foat 'The Solar Winds (and Cadenza)' (AOTN) 4. Wize 'Highbury Park' (Trap door) 5. Lapalux, ft. Talvi '4EVA' (Brainfeeder) 6. B. Bravo 'Summer Love (Ride The Wave)' (Bastard Jazz) 7. Elageron 'Week-end Playback' (Fly By NIght Music) 8. Breakbot 'Mystrey (Original Mix)' (Ed Banger) 9. Folamour 'Jazz Session For No Future People' (Church) 10. Todh Teri 'Sampadan 3' (Todh Teri) 11. Michael Mayer 'The Horn Conspiracy' (K7) 12. Octo Champ 'Diametric' (Shapes Of Ryhthm) 13. Primitive Trust 'Time To Love' (Aus) 14. Detroit Swindle, ft. Mark de Clive-Lowe 'Just not Norma' (Heist) 15. Osage, ft. Kate Faust 'Real Time' (Bastard Jazz) 16. Sebastian Mullaert 'Visitor's Path' (Apollo) 17. Waifs & Stays vs Bakkos 'Revolution (Afterhours Mix)' (Red Lunar) 18. Joshua James 'Bang (Original Mix)' (Three Triple Two) 19. Tru Fonix 'Roar (Original Mix)' (Beating Heart/AEI) 20. Bicep 'Aura' (Ninja Tune) 21. Son of Scientist 'Spartan Riddim' (First Word) 22. Macca & Loz Contreras 'Anything For You' (Shogun Audio) 23. Connor Youngblood & Nylo 'Everyday' (Counter)
8/9/20171 hour, 58 minutes, 31 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.135

Hideout Sessions - Episode 135 Hi All, I know I'm very, VERY late again. I have good reason this time. I won't go into detail here, but please check out the show for the excuse in full. Thanks as always for your incredible support and please make sure you extend that to the artists and labels featured over the course of the next 2hrs. Love you...Rxx P.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected] Tracklist: 1. JVCK JAMES 'Extroverted Lovers' (JVCK Records) 2. Profusion 'Flying' (First Word) 3. Borka 'Hi Five Lo Fi pt2 (Josip Klobučar Revisit)' (Tx:RX) 4. Children Of Zeus 'Don't Say A Word' (First Word) 5. Hunrosa 'All" (Wah Wah 45s) 6. Moonchild 'Cure' (Tru Thoughts) 7. Miles Bonny 'Mister Man' (Bastard Jazz0 8. rkls feat. Sio 'Hours Go By' (R2Records) 9. Lapalux 'Flickering (feat. JFDR)' (Brainfeeder) 10. Krafty Kuts & Dynamite MC, ft. Chali 2na 'It Ain't My Fault (Kraak & Smaak Remix)' (Central Station) 11. Fouk 'See You On The Other Side' (Hesit) 12. Tee Mango 'This Is Where I'll Stay (With U) (Aus) 13. Lifelike 'Pacific Palisades (Original Mix)' (HMWL) 14. Chrome Sparks 'Wake' (Counter) 15. Bonobo 'Samurai' (Ninja Tune) 16. Dauwd 'Leitmotiv' (Technicolour) 17. Nuage ft. Baile 'Canvas' (Project Mooncircle) 18. Golo 'In Ages' (Controlled Violence) 19. Zimmer 'Lost Your Mind (Christian Löffler Remix)' (Roche Musique) 20. Dario & Dersu 'Honey' (Drumpoet Community) 21. Greymatter 'FCRL' (Bandcamp) 22. Seven Davis Jr. 'Awake (Casa Mena Remix)' (Secret Angels) 23. Ligovskoï 'Aures' (Dement3d) 24. Aitor Etxebarria 'EzBereziak' (Forbidden Colours)
7/31/20172 hours, 9 minutes, 54 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.134

Hi All, Just managing to squeeze the latest one in before we leave April behind and dive head long into the summer warm up. I hope you’re all well? Newness form a wealth of incredible talent for you, B.Bravo, Howling, Sampha, Fest Swrods, Paper Tiger, Annéke Laurent, Reic Martin, Bearcubs, James Chatburn and a ton more, make it an absolute corker. Enjoy it and please make sure you tell the world! Love you...Rxx P.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected] Tracklist: 1. UMN, ft. Cappo & Phil Most Chill ‘MSK - Mind State Krakatoa’ (B-Line) 2. Dream Mclean & The Last Skeptik ‘Uni’ (Thanks For Trying) 3. Roy Roberts Experience ‘You Ain’t Miss It’ (Perfect Toy) 4. Bastien Keb ‘Pick Up’ (First Word) 5. B. Bravo ft. Trailer Limon ‘Freak It’ (Bastard Jazz) 6. Poldoore ‘Hard To Forget (Moods Remix)’ (Cold Busted) 7. James Chatburn ‘Omens’ (Soulection) 8. Bearcubs ‘Underwaterfall (Crayon remix)’ (All Points) 9. David Baron, ft. Simi Stone ‘The Steps’ (Here And Now) 10. Forest Swords ‘The Highest Flood’ (Ninja Tune) 11. Mike Lowery ‘Ohhhh Seve’ (Bandcamp) 12. William Florelle ‘As The Sun Sets’ (Wotnot) 13. Paper Tiger ‘Drift (Murder He Wrote Remix)’ (Wah Wah 45s) 14. HVOB and Winston Marshall ’Astra’ (Tragen) 15. Annéke Laurent 'Me and My Son' (Rough Recordings) 16. Eric Martin, ft. Lifford ‘Be (Black Sonix Remix)’ (Hypernation) 17. Boxwork ‘Portland Push (Fybe:one remix)’ (Shades) 18. Skipson ‘Nopkin’ (Dream Awake) 19. Ben Kaczor ‘Balance’ (Bandcamp) 20. Anchorsong ‘Gyotens Kalimba (Wa Wu We Simplification)’ (Tru Thoughts) 21. Vakula ‘809’ (Release Sustain) 22. Spirituals ‘Handrums’ (Doumen) 23. Howling ‘Phases’ (Counter) 24. Synkro ‘If Only’ (Bandcamp) 25. Sampha ‘No One Knows Me (Like The Piano)’ (Young Turks)
4/26/20172 hours, 1 minute, 33 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.133

Hideout Sessions - Episode 133 Hi chaps, A belated start to the year, but a cracking one nevertheless. Newness from Son of Sound, Letterette, Seb Wildblood, Throwing Snow, Last Skeptik, Baynk, Thundercat and a ton more. STRENGTH. Let's go!! Love you...Rxx P.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected] Track list: 1. Thundercat, ft. Michael McDonald & Kenny Loggins ‘Show You The Way (Brainfeeder) 2. Alogte Oho & His Sounds of Joy ‘Mam Yinne Wa’ (Philphon) 3. Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids, ft. Guy One ‘Tinoge Ya Ta'a Ba, Pt. 1 & 2’ (Philphon) 4. Edith Peters ‘This Is The Moment (Rework by Gerardo Frisina)’ (Schema) 5. Eric Lau ‘Myo Shuffle’ (First Word) 6. Dream McLean & The Last Skeptik ‘Doing Bits’ (Thanks For Trying) 7. AV AV AV ‘About You’ (Parlophone) 8. B. Bravo ‘I'm For Real’ (Bastard Jazz) 9. Sauce81 ‘Dance Tonight’ (Eglo) 10. Son Of Sound ‘Need Each Other’ (District 30) 11. Ardalan ‘All Day Since Everday’ (Bandcamp) 12. Baynk ‘Find You’ (AWAL) 13. Jynx ‘Ember’ (Hear This) 14. Hector Plimmer ‘Kalimba’ (Albert’s Favourites) 15. Sam Weston ‘Never Been In Love (Part III)’ (Soothsayer) 16. Johannes ‘Follow Me’ (Lucky Sun) 17. Letherette ‘Triosys’ (Ninja Tune) 18. Throwing Snow ‘Cosms’ (Houndstooth) 19. Baertaub ‘Rather Than Rain’ (Paragram) 20. Seb Wildblood ‘MT01’ (SW) 21. Uffe ‘VIP’ (Tartlet) 22. Danvers ‘Bodytown’ (Wotnot) 23. Spacek ‘ Time Is Running Out’ (Eglo) 24. Alex Session ‘Up All Night (Original Mix)’ (FOMO) 25. A Winged Victory For The Sullen ‘Requiem for the Static King, Pt. 1’ (Erased Tapes)
3/6/20172 hours, 6 minutes, 18 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.132

Hideout Sessions - Episode 132 So, I’ve finally caught up. Here’s the 12th show of the year…just in the nick of time. Feast your eyes on the track list below and get buying! I’ll be here again in the next few weeks, to bring you a Xmas vinyl only special. Until then, enjoy the festivities and spread that good podcast will. Love you...Rxx P.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected] Track list: 1. Paper Tiger ‘Ooh’ (Wah Wah 45s) 2. Bryan Ford ‘For The Future of Hip-Hop (Instrumental)’ (Revolutionary Music) 3. DJ Shadow ‘Building Steam With a Grain of Salt (Bondax & Karma Kid Remix)’ (Island) 4. Sieren ‘Relicts’ (Apollo) 5. Jean Tonique, ft. Bleu Platine ‘Plage d'or’ (Partyfine) 6. Oribata ‘Batuki’ (Tiffs Joints) 7. Jay Daniel ‘Knowledge Of Selfie’ (Technicolour) 8. Raja Zahr ‘Drum Sequence’ (Fortuna) 9. Philip Budny ‘Eclipses’ (Church) 10. Platzdasch ‘F’eelin 88’ (Gents & Dandy’s) 11. Glenn Kelly ‘Parma’ (Wotnot) 12. Or:la ‘UK Lonely’ (Hotflush) 13. Dj Aakmael ‘Smoothie (Norm Talley Rmx)’ (Release/Sustain) 14. Lukas Bohlender ‘The Sublime’ (Compost Buk Lbl) 15. Recondite ‘Capable’ (Ghostly) 16. Vincent Vedat ‘Moody Porn’ (S.G.O.L) 17. Greymatter ‘Tesla (Black Fan's 'Sound Factory' Dub)’ (Unique Uncut) 18. Books, ft. Zodiac ’Feel It In My Bones’ (XVI) 19. Seven Davis Jr ‘Playboy’ (Secret Angels) 20. Poté ‘Serve’ (The Full Hundred) 21. Karma ‘Make It Through’ (Shogun Audio) 22. Oliver Winters ‘In The Flood (Dream Form)’ (Mas5trap)
12/22/20162 hours, 3 minutes, 32 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.131

Hideout Sessions - Episode 131 Here we go folks, nothing else to say aside from...enjoy. This episode celebrtaes everything that's current about one of the best labels around today. NINJA TUNE. Get stuck in. Visit, and fill your Xmas boots. Love you...Rxx P.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected] Tracklist: 1. Conner Youngblood 'Stockholm' (Counter) 2. Letterette ‘Rich & Dan’ (Ninja Tune) 3. Bogus Order ‘Bullnose Step’ (Ninja Tune) 4. Bonobo, ft. Rhye ‘Break Apart’ (Ninja Tune) 5. Fakear, ft. Andreya Triana ‘Light Bullet (Hanami Rmx)’ (Counter) 6. Jay Daniel ‘Paradise Valley’ (Technicolour) 7. Nathan Fake, ft. Prurient ‘DEGREELESSNESS’ (Ninja Tune) 8. Conduct, ft. Roses Gabor ‘Donald’s Wig’ (Ninja Tune) 9. David August ‘The Spell’ (Counter) 10. Machinedrum, ft. D∆WN ‘Do it 4 U (Daktyl Remix)’ (Ninja Tune) 11. Max Graef & Glenn Astro ‘Money $ex Theme (Greg Beato "$exo No Es Todo" Remix)’ (Ninja Tune) 12. Illum Sphere ‘Thousand Yard Stare’ (Ninja Tune) 13. Sarathy Korwar ‘Dreaming (Tenderlonious Remix)’ (Ninja Tune) 14. Romare ‘Come Close To Me’ (Ninja Tune) 15. Bonobo ‘Kerala’ (Ninja Tune) 16. Conduct, ft. Roots Manuva ‘Only Heaven (Special Request Remix)’ (Ninja Tune) 17. The Cinematic Orchestra, ft. Moses Sumney ‘To Believe’ (Ninja Tune)
12/14/20161 hour, 35 minutes, 57 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.130

Hideout Sessions - Episode 130 So far things are going to plan. Another one nailed and I’m now only one short of being back on track. Phew!! Tell everyone you know and share/RT the hell out it it. This one’s a cracker. Love you...Rxx P.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected] Tracklist: 1. A Tribe Called Quest ‘Mobius’ (Epic) 2. NxWorries ‘Best One’ (Stones Throw) 3. Tall Black Guy, ft. Moonchild ‘I Will Never Know’ (First Word) 4. Nery ‘Give U’ (Madluv) 5. Lost Midas, ft. Rachel Geller ‘Nebula’ (Tru Thoughts) 6. Joe Hertz ‘At Dawn’ (Platoon) 7. Beacon ‘Cure (TWINKIDS Remix)’ (Ghostly) 8. Abstraction ‘Just what I've Always Wanted’ (Biologic) 9. 3rd Generation Band ‘Because of Money’ (Mr. Bongo) 10. The KutiMangoes ‘This Ship Will Sink’ (Tramp) 11. Chain ‘Down and Wired’ (Jazzman) 12. Letherette ’Shanel’ (Ninja Tune) 13. Sampology, ft. Tiana Khasi ‘Thicker Than Water (Soul Has No Tempo) 14. Christian Löffler ‘Nil’ (Ki) 15. Teachers ‘Ocean (Eli Escobar I Love You Dub Remix)’ (Green Owl) 16. Hamza ‘Dazzle On’ (Wind Horse) 17. Hreno ‘Wiggleroom’ (Meander) 18. Nils Penner ‘The One Dub (Compost Blk Lbl) 19. Adam Stromstedt ‘NTHNG’ (Promo) 20. HNNY ‘Sneeze (Justin Jay's Edit Of An Edit)’ (Bandcamp) 21 Latroit ‘Everything Is Beautiful’ (House of Latroit) 22. Grand brothers ‘Prologue (Djrum remix)’ (Film)
11/15/20162 hours, 2 minutes, 8 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.129

Hideout Sessions - Episode 129 Sorry, I’m hugely late with this one. 2+ months I’m afraid. What can I say, new fatherhood plus three year old, plus blah, blah…got the better of me. Anyway, I’m endeavouring to make it up to you this month and claw my way back in your favour. Love you...Rxx P.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected] Tracklist: 1. Noname ‘Yesterday’ (Bandcamp) 2. Kool Keith 'Super Hero (feat. MF DOOM)’ (Melo Music) 3. The Bug ft. D Double E 'The Box' (Big Dada) 4. Electric Wire Hustle ‘Go Slow’ (Bastard Jazz) 5. Rain Dog ‘My Hands Make Shapes’ (Project Mooncircle) 6. Baijka ’The World’ (Philphon) 7. Dele Sosimi, ft. Prince Fatty & Nostalgia 77 ’I Don't Care (Dub) (Wah Wah 45s) 8. The Invisible ‘Life's Dancers (Floating Points Remix)’ (Ninja Tune) 9. Diesler ‘Downtown Express’ (A Little Something Else) 10. Eintopf ’Dat $$$’ (Juanpot Music) 11. Romare ‘Who Loves You?’ (Ninja Tune) 12. Map.ache ‘Let Me Sleep’ (Permanent Vacation) 13. Revenu ‘Disbanded’ (Bandcamp) 14. Nautiluss ‘Lonely Planet’ (Ghostly) 15. Eagles & Butterflies ‘Experiment A’ (Art Imitating Life) 16. Christian Löffler, ft. Mohna ‘Haul’ (Ki) 17. Bruce Trail ‘Bridgework’ (Magic Wire) 18. BLVION ‘Love Reigns Supreme’ (Astrx Music) 19. One Bit ‘Circular Motion’ (Promo) 20. Cadenza ‘People (Conducta Remix)’ (The Full Hundred) 21. Will LV ‘Jahn's Counter’ (Record Union) 22. Bon Iver ‘8 (circle)’ (Jagjagwar)
11/13/20161 hour, 57 minutes, 49 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.128

Hideout Sessions - Episode 128 So, there’s a slight discrepancy between this text and what I say on the show, because I recorded the episode a couple of weeks ago and am only just getting around to doing all the tech bits. The reason being is that my new baby daughter arrived the day after I recorded the show. She’s called Etta and she’s delicious!!! A very proud, but quite tired dad again. W’hoooooooo! Anyway, the show. Amazing newness from the list below and all of the carnival party info you could ever possibly wish for! See you there. Love you...Rxx P.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected] Tracklist: 1. Herma Puma ‘Yesterday feat Donnie Numeric’ (Bandcamp) 2. Durrty Goodz ‘Grew Up Gangser’ (Tru Thoughts) 3. Roos Manuva ‘On A High’ (Big Dada) 4. Dave Okumu ‘Oceans Of Purple (Ninja Tune) 5. Florian Kupfer ‘Erika’ (Ninja Tune) 6. Synkro ‘Your Heart (Sven Weisemann To be Pure In Heart Mix)’ (Apollo) 7. Steve Spacek ‘Bright Eyes’ (Eglo) 8. t.hanks ‘Mister’ (Post Pluto) 9. Seb Wildblood ‘Lifestyle’ (SW004) 10. Booka Shae ‘Night Falls (Nils Frahm Rework)’ ( 11. Kelpe ‘Dry Riser’ (Just This) 13. Headless Ghost ‘Friends (School of 303 mix)’ (Drumpoet Community) 14. Dirty Secretz ‘Do It Right’ (Everyday Hustlers) 15. Marquis Hawkes ‘Fantasy’ (Houndstooth) 16. Pat Lok ‘You Street’ (Kitsune Music) 17. Justice ‘Safe And Sound’ (Ed Banger) 18. Tourist ‘Wait’ (Monday) 19. Otik ‘Ur Soul Is Missing’ (17 Steps) 20. Poté ‘Red Moon’ (The Full Hundred) 21. Jus Now & T. Williams ft Dread MC ‘Yeah’ (Feel Up) 22. Julianna Barwick ‘Flown’ (Asthmatic Kitty)
8/28/20162 hours, 7 minutes, 57 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.127

Hideout Sessions - Episode 127 August is nearly upon and so is another Wakefield. Yep, my wife and I are about to land our second little one, litterally any day. Exciting times! Equally thrilling (well perhaps more or less so, depending on whether you're me or you lot!) new music. We have, Mr. G, Conner Youngblood, Julien Mier, Anchoring, Paul Woolford, Son of Sound, XXXY, Franc Moody and a load more wonderfulness! Please spread the word and some sunshine. Love you...Rxx P.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected] Tracklist: 1. Julien Mier ‘Camouflaged’ (Cascade) 2. Alphabets Heaven ‘Party’(Wotnot) 3. Karma Art ‘Abra’ (Sixty Cycle Hum) 4. Hifi Sean Ft. Bootsy Collins ‘Atomium (Dr. Packer Remix)’ (Plastique) 5. Letterette ‘Sweeter’ (Wulf) 6. The Avalanches “Subways’ (Astralwerks) 7. Al Green ’Simply Beautiful (Maribou State Edit) (D/L) 8. Son Of Sound ‘Antitode’ (Delusions of Grandeur) 9. Franc Moody ‘Yuri’ (Juicebox) 10. Anchorsong ‘Kajo (Anchorsong Remix)’ (Tru Thoughts) 11. Addvibe, ft. Jay Nemor ‘Deep In (Your Soul)’ (Beat Service) 13. Christa Vi ‘Loveblind (FybeOne Remix)’ (Tangelo) 14. XXXY ‘No Matter’ (Ten Thousand Yen) 15. Paul Woolford ‘Mother & Child’ (Hotflush) 16. NT89 ‘Red Rapture (Original Mix)’ (Lyase) 17. Mr. G ‘Black Pepper Crab’ (Midnight Shift) 18. Roger Sanchez ‘Morning Prayer (DJ E-Clyps Blacklight Dub)’ (Stealth) 19. Ferreck Dawn & Rene Amesz 'Lord' (Extended Mix) (Spinnin’ Deep) 20. Dusky ‘Ingrid Is A Hybrid (Bwana's We're All In This Together Remix)’ (17 Steps) 21. Poté ‘Katz’ (The Full Hundred) 22. Machinedrum ‘Dos Puertas ft. Kevin Hussein’ (Ninja) 23. Conner Youngblood ‘The Birds of Finland’ (Tunecore)
7/25/20161 hour, 58 minutes, 39 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.126

Hideout Sessions -Episode 126 Apologies again for delays folks, I've still been wading through building work hell since we last spoke, so thanks for baring with me. At long last, it's a great pleasure to bring you a guest mix from Sam IRL. Make sureyou grab his recent LP, on Jazz & Milk, called Raw Land. Big UP Sam! Loads of new music from the likes of Lquid Phonk, Romare, JD Reid, Flowdan, Kidnap Kif, Submotion Orchestra, SYV, Taylor McFerrin and a lorry load more. Get stuck in, spread the word and I'll see you in a few weeks. Love you...Rxx P.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected] Tracklist: 1. Jono McCleery 'Desperate Measure (Live)' (Counter) 2. Parra for Cuva & Senoy, ft. Cornelia 'Reality' (Project Mooncircle) 3. Taylor McFerrin 'Postpartum (Dorian Concept Remix' (Ninja) 4. Max Graef & Glenn Astro 'Where The Fuck Are My Hard Boiled Eggs?!' (Ninja) ------------------------------------- SAM IRL - IN THE MIX 5. Rednose Distrikt, ft. Rafaela 'Crazy About Your Woman' (Rush Hour Limited) 6. Medaphoar 'Place Your Bet' (Stones Throw) 7. Anaalivaihe '10.11.2012' (Harmönia) 8. Rednose Distrikt (Sunshine (Red-Nose Red Edit)' (Rush Hour Limited) 9. Skymax 'Hooker Boogie' (International Major Label) 10. Isoul8 'Speak Your Word (Instr.)' (Neroli) 11. Sam Irl 'Crunch' (Jazz & Milk) 12. DJ Slym Fas 'Luv Music' (Intangible Records & Soundworks) ------------------------------------- 13. Flamingosis 'Next To You' (?) 14. XOA, ft. Dele Sosimi 'Aiye Lea (Dan Shake Remix)' (Shake Records) 15. Romare 'James' (Ninja) 16. Kidnap Kid 'Moments' (Birds That Fly) 17. Submotion Orchestra ft. Andrew Ashong 'Needs (Pedestrian Remix)' (Counter) 18. Liquid Phonk 'Was It Love' (Compost Black Label) 19. Ry X 'Deliverance (Fort Romeau Remix)' (Infectious) 20. Pomo 'Blue Soda (Part 1)' (Bastard Jazz) 21. Seven Davis Jr 'Church' (Ninja) 22. Sooney 'Back To The Music (Dub Mix)' (White Label) 23. SYV 'Grade (Original Mix)' (Promo) 24. Flowdan 'Horror Show Style' (Tru Thoughts) 25. JD Reid, ft. D Double E 'Roshi' (Rinse) 26. James Vincent McMorroew 'How To Waste A Moment' (Universal)
6/15/20161 hour, 59 minutes, 35 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.125

Hideout Sessions -Episode 125 I’ll avoid the obvious “like London buses” analogy…hope you’re ready for a quick podcast one-two? Ooosh, oosh! This one should definitely leave you floundering on the ropes and wobbly of leg. This time we have the likes of Quiet Dawn, Jolly Mare, Sam IRL, Anchorsong, Cassius, Diesler, Cadenza, Alex Session, Bodhi, DC Salas, David August to highlight a few. Well worth your time. You’re ears will thank you, I promise! Anyway, once again thanks for you patience over the last couple of months. You’re all wonderful! Keep supporting, keep spreading the word… Love you...Rxx P.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected] Tracklist: 1. Quiet Dawn ‘Trapped (Makaya McCraven Remix)’ (First Word) 2. B-Jam vs Enos ‘Incidental Vision’ (We Grow Wax) 3. Jameszoo, ft. Arthur Verocai ‘Flu’ (Brainfeeder) 4. Harleighblu, ft. Jonny Faith ‘Off On’ (Tru Thoughts) 5. Dune x Crayon ‘I Can’t’ (Roche Music) 6. David August ‘Ouvert’ (Counter) 7. Tokimonsta, ft. Allie ‘Wound Up’ (Young Art) 8. Jolly Mare ‘Hungry Angry (Phil Gerus remix)’ (Bastard Jazz) 9. David Joseph ‘You Can't Hide Your Love (Larry Levan Mix)’ (Universal) 10. Danced Til Midnight ‘No Way Back (The Revenge Remix)’ (Thylacine Sounds) 11. Sam IRL ‘Frontline’ (Jazz Milk) 12. Henir Texier ‘Les "Là-Bas" (Bonobo Remix)’ (Ninja Tune) 13. Anchorsong ‘Gyotens Kalimba’ (Tru Thoughts) 14. Cassius ‘Action (Lagos Dub)’ (Polydor) 15. Dielser ‘Gold In Rio’ (A Little Something) 16. Cadenza, ft. SYV ‘Hacienda’ (Full Hundred) 17. Project Pablo ‘Evening Call’ (STW Premiere) 18. Alex Session ‘Sweet Love (Original Mix)’ (Fomo) 19. DC Salas ‘Best Of Both’ (Biologic) 20. Devolution ‘Free’ (Good Company) 21. Bodhi ‘Time Warp’ (Black Butter) 22. TEdness ‘One Time’ (Coalition) 23. Ry X ‘Only’ (Infectious Music)
4/29/20161 hour, 58 minutes, 52 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.124

Hideout Sessions -Episode 124 Hideout Sessions -Episode 124 Hi's me...Ross...Ross, from the've forgotten haven't you? So, sorry I've been off radar, building work madness for the last couple of months. Nearly there now though, so hopefully I can get the show back on track ASAP. Please accept my humblist apologies. I owe you all a pint. Anyway, new music. That's what we're all here for after all. So, lined up for you this episode, I've got some real gems. Jonny Drop, Anderson .Paak, David August, Nonkeen, DJ Koze, Locked Groove, Detroit Swindle and Thomas Ragsdale, plus a bunch more. And, of course...Prince. RIP xxx It's golden so you're golden! Love you...Rxx P.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected] Tracklist: 1. Prince 'Breakfast Can Wait' (NPG) 2. Anderson .Paak 'Heart Don't Stand a Chance' (Steel Wool) 3. Kendrick Lamar 'untitled 06 l 06.30.2014.' (Aftermath/Interscope) 4. Dday One 'One Another' (Project Mooncircle) 5. Jonny Drop 'Mind Field' (Albert's Favourites) 6. Matt Corby 'Monday' (Universal Music Aus) 7. Nonkeen 'Ceramic People' (R&S) 8. David August 'J.B.Y.' (Counter) 9. Call Super 'New Life Tone (Rue d'Awakening Mix)' (Houndstooth) 10. Dellux 'Dreamer' (MTA) 11. Simon 12345 & The Lazer Twins 'Atomic Bomb Dome' (Holger) 12. Hunter Game 'Ashes' (Kompakt) 13. Maribou State 'Colours In Sea' (Counter) 14. Underworld 'I Exhale (DJ Koze Remix Instrumental)' (Smith Hyde Productions) 15. Books 'Nomathemba' (XVI) 16. Paul Valentin 'Nested Circles (Original Mix)' (Dark Matters) 17. Locked Groove 'Scherzo' (Locked Groove) 18. Fare Soldi 'Theme from Venerdì Credici' (Riotmaker) 19. Detroit Swindle 'Howsmusic' (Heist) 20. Janet Jackson 'No Sleeep (Shadow Child Edit)' (?) 21. Darq E Freaker '2C-I' (Big Dada) 22. Liz E 'Memories (Original Mix)' (Shogun Audio) 23. Ed:It 'Pathways (Original Mix)' (Shogun Audio) 24. Jilk 'Nim (Sit Down Outro)' (Project Mooncircle) 25. Thomas Ragsdale 'Flower Of Yorkshire' (This Is It Forever)
3/30/20162 hours, 2 minutes, 25 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.123

Hideout Sessions -Episode 123 Already Feb is on it's way out and our heads turn towards spring...can't wait! A show packed with spectacular newness to keep your noggins occupied during the last throws of winter. Jago, Seb Wildblood, Rudimental, Throwing Snow, Pedestrian, Radiohead, Chemical Brothers and Rumpistol swell the ranks of an absolute cracker. Get everyone you know to subscribe the heck out of it and support the music! Love you...Rxx P.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected] Tracklist: 1. ? ‘Fresh’ (?) 2. Jago, ft. DJ Vadim ‘Undercover’ (Tru Thoughts) 3. Mungo Hifi ‘Boomsound)’ (Scotch Bonnet) 4. Truce ‘Turn Of Time’ (White Flag) 5. Tourist ‘To Have You Back (Original Mix)’ (Monday) 6. AbJo ‘Forever Ago’ (Soulection) 7. Rumpistol, ft. Ane Trolle ‘Eyes Open Wide’ (Rump) 8. Saje ‘Our Story (Kartell Remix)’ (Roche Musique) 9. All Good Funk Alliance ‘Dream-Kilter’ (Super Hi-fi) 10. Rudimental ft. Anne-Marie & Will Heard ‘Rumour Mill (Machinedrum Remix)’ (Major Tom’s/Big Beat) 11. Throwing Snow ‘Paint By Numbers’ (Houndstooth) 12. Pedestrian ‘Torn Blue’ (Dama Dama) 13. Seb Wildblood ‘I Won’t ‘ (SW) 14. Bxentric ‘Patch Valley (Herzel Reshape)’ (Nanda) 15. Pomo ‘Blue Soda (Part 1)’ (Bastard Jazz) 16. Smoking Beats ‘Dreams (86deep Paradise Mix)’ (Hot Source) 17. Karen Harding ‘Open My Eyes (KDA Dub)’ (Capitol) 18. Vaults ‘Premonitions (Jacques Greene Remix)’ (Virgin/EMI) 19. Nimmo 'Unyoung (Lone Remix) (Columbia) 20. KRL ‘You Brought Me’ (Wolf Music) 21. Dual Lipa ‘Be The One (Paul Woolford Remix)’ (Dua Lupa Ltd) 22. Lance Neptune ’N4’ (Magicwire) 23. Paul Valentin ‘Nested Circles’ (Dark Matters) 24. The Chemical Brothers, ft. Beck ‘Wide Open (By The Light Of The Moon Mix) (Virgin/EMI) 25. Radiohead ‘Spectre’ (Free)
2/23/20162 hours, 4 minutes, 35 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.122

Hideout Sessions -Episode 122 First show of the year, and it's a belter folks! Aural detox to help ease those January doldrums. A truly glorious guest mix from production powerhouse, Phil Gerus, new music from Glenn Astro & Max Graef, Quanitc, Anchorsong, Mr. Tophat & Art Alfie, Beacon amoungst some slightly rambling thoughts on the sad passing of our wonderous Mr. Bowie. Subscribe and make it the one resolution you do keep for 2016! Love you...Rxx P.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected] Tracklist: 1. David Bowie 'Right' (RCA) 2. Anchorsong 'Oriental Suite' (Tru Thoughts) 3. Quantic presents The Western Transient, ft. Jimetta Rose 'Creation (East L.A.)' (Tru Thoughts) 4. Lovebirds ft. Holly Backler 'Give Me A Sign (Glenn Astros Re-Dub)' (Tear Drop) 5. Cerrone, ft. Tony Allen '2nd Chance' (Because Music) 6. sUB_modU 'Xpnsv sht' (Bandcamp) 7. Max Graef & Glenn Astro 'Magic Johnson' (Ninja Tune) ------------------------------------ PHIL GERUS IN THE MIX 8. Lustt 'Pillow Talk (INTRO)' (BMC) 9. Shirley Lites 'Heat You Up Melt You Down' (West End) 10. Ana Prentice 'Move It' (Street Edits) 11. Konk 'Your Life' (Sleeping Bag) 12. Lono Brazil 'I Really Wanna' (Cottage Groove) 13. Black Booby 'Jungle Booby' (Black Booby) 14. Grazio Vitale 'Flash' (Phillips) 15. Patrick Cowley, ft. Loverde 'Kickin' In' (Honey Soundsytem) 16. Traxx 'Win 2 Play' (Macadam Mambo) 17. Hard Corps 'Je Suis Passee' (Immaculate) 18. Debbie Trusty 'Searchin' For Some Lovin' (West End) 19. Pamala Stanley 'Hey Mr. Magic' (EMI) ------------------------------------ 20. Illa J, ft. Allie 'Sunflower (DJ Spinna Remix) (Bastard Jazz) 21. KRL 'Kinda Love' (Wolf Music) 22. Francis Kasibante 'Disbelief' (In The Loop) 23. Beacon 'Preserve' (Ghostly International) 24. Black Mami 'Paris' (Fine Human) 25. Katy B x Four Tet x Floating Points 'Calm Down' (Rinse/Virgin EMI) 26. Boris Dlugosch 'Keep Pushin (Dario D'Attis Hive Dub)' (Peppermint Jam) 27. John Randle 'It's Callin' (Proud Runs Deep) 28. Mr. Tophat & Art Alfie 'SDIK Orchestra' (Karlovak) 29. David Bowie 'Rebel, Rebel (RCA)
1/15/20162 hours, 11 minutes, 50 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.121 (Vinyl Only, Xmas Special)

Hideout Sessions - Episode 121 (Vinyl Only, Xmas Special) As promised, a little bonus, vinyl only, Xmas edition for you. A decent bottle of plonk and half a room of records, bares some rather delicious ear warmers. So, stick it on where ever you end up over the holidays and share it with the ones you love. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you so much for your incredible support for another year. It's been a good one and here's to an even gooderer one, for 2016. Love you...Rxx Tracklist: 1. Earnest Jackson 'Funky Black Man' (Stone Records) 2. Rufus, ft. Chaka Khan 'Better Days' (ABC Records) 3. Leroy Hutson 'All Because Of You' (Curtom) 4. Al Wilson 'Willoughby Brook' (Rocky Road Records) 5. The Apostles 'Onye Akpa' (Ben Neg.) 6. Dyke & The Blazers 'We Got More Soul' (Original Sound) 7. The Natural Four 'The Devil Made Me Do It' (Chess) 8. Mary Clayton 'Gimme Shelter' (Ode Records) 9. Abaco Dream 'Life And Death oIn The G&A' (A&M Records) 10. Dynamic Concept 'La Da Da' (Power Exchange') 11. KRS-One 'Mcs Act Like They Don't Know' (Jive) 12. Gangstarr 'DWYCK' (Chrysalis) 13. EPMD 'Richter Scale' (Def Jam) 14. The Alkaholiks 'Make Room' (Loud) 15. The Beatnuts 'Off The Books' (Relativity) 16. Porn Theatre Ushers 'Me & Him' (Biscuithead Records) 17. Lootpack 'Whenimondamic' (Stones Throw) 18. The High & Mighty 'Dirty Decibels' (Rawkus) 19. Slum Village 'Fall In Love' (Wordplay) 20. Stevie Wonder 'Sunny' (Motown) 21. Lamont Dozier 'You Outta Be In The Pictures' (M&M Records) 22. Rene & Angela 'I Love You More' (Capitol Records) 23. T.S Monk 'Bon Bon Vie' (Miracle Records) 24. Ronnie Laws 'Always There' (United Artists) 25. Starpoint 'Bring Your Sweet Lovin' Back' (Polygram) 26. Linda Clifford 'Let It Ride' (Capitol Records) 27. Pleasure 'Glide' (Fantasy Records) 28. The Joneses 'Summer Groove' (Champagne Records) 29. Change 'Glow Of Love' (RFC) 30. Gayle Adams 'Love Fever' (Prelude) 31. Carol Williams 'Can't Get Enough Of Your Love' (Vanguard) 32. Brenda Taylor 'You Can't Have Your Cake And Eat It Too' (Westend) 33. Patrice Rushen 'Never Gonna Give You Up' (Elektra) 24. Tenor Saw 'Golden Hen' (Up Tempo)
12/24/20152 hours, 9 minutes, 22 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.120

Hideout Sessions -Episode 120 Ding-dong-merrily-on-flippin-high! Merry Xmas folks! The first of two shows over the festive period. Why? 'Cause I bloomin' loves ya, that's why! This one is packed with all the usual glory filled new music. From Wotnot to Wah Wah, from Souleance to Soulection, Australia to good ol' Blighty! Check the tracklist for the full low down. I'll be back at some point in the next couple of weeks, to bring you an extra special vinyl only Xmas episode, packed with dusty goodness from my very own wax hoard. In the meantime, have a glorious one. Be excellent to each other and Happy Xmas y'all! Love you...Rxx Tracklist: 1. Yumi And The Weather'Something Tells Me' (XVI) 2. Tabanca 'Lagoon' (Wotnot) 3. Mano Le Tough 'Energy Flow' (Permanent Vacation) 4. Sarah Williams White 'Hum (Quiet Dawn Remix)' (First Word) 5. KRTS 'Light Of The Harvest' (Project Mooncircle) 6. Wu15 'Loves Gambit' (Eglo) 7. Monte Booker, ft. Simino 'Kolors (Soulection) 8. Salute 'Vice' (37 Adventures) 9. Charles Murdoch, ft. Oscar Key Sung 'Privacy' (Future Classic) 10. Souleance 'New York (Uffe Remix)' First Word) 11. Phil Gerus 'Better Think Twice' (Bastard Jazz) 12. JP Soul 'From Within' (Roam) 13. Dele Sosimi 'You No Fit Touch Am (Medlar Remix)' (Wah Wah 45s) 14. Godblesscomputers & Lvnar 'Black Sea' (Beat.It) 15. Tyler Friedman 'JJ' (Kontra-Musik) 16. Mozez 'Run River (Nightmares On Wax Remix)' (Numen) 17. Kask 'Orion Cloud Complex' (X-Kaylay) 18. Doc Daneeka 'Uumah' (Ten Thousand Yen) 19. Amateur Dance 'Hot Since Just Before' (October) 20. Disclosure 'Jaded (Kerri Chandler Kaoz 623 Dub)' (Island) 21. Courage 'Sultan' (Black Butter) 22. Rockwell 'Dizzle' (Shogun Audio) 23. Floating Points 'Elaenia' (Eglo)
12/15/20152 hours, 6 minutes, 4 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.119

Hideout Sessions-Episode 119 Just about landed the second one inside Nov now, so we’re pretty much up to speed in terms of episodes for the year….which is nearly over! Oops! Anyway, musical fireworks from the likes of Alkalino, Floating Points, Fingermann, Bondax, Seyr, Seb Wildblood, Special Request and a lorry load more. It’s all new, it’s all wonderful, it’s all yours…as long as you promise to immediately buy the music you’re digging in glorious high res files or better yet, vinyl!! Thank you. Love you...Rx P.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected] Tracklist: 1. The Milk ‘Wanderlust’ (Wah Wah 45s) 2. Protoje, ft. Mortimer ‘Protection’ (Indiggnation Collective) 3. Prequel Tapes ‘Inner Systems’ (R’Coup’D) 4. Floating Points ‘Peroration Six’ (Eglo) 5. Basement Jazz ‘Unicorn (BigDope P Rmx) (Atlantic Jaxx) 6. Dr. Packer ‘Can’t Figure Out’ (Masterworks Music) 7. Fingermann ’Spunky Funk’ (Hot Digits) 8. Ron Basejam ‘Love Don’t Wait’ (Razor N Tape) 9. Alkalino ‘Give It Up (Audaz) 10. Quantic presents The Western Transient ‘Nordeste (David Montoya Remix)’ (Tru Thoughts) 11. Seb Wildblood ’Swimmers’ (SW Recordings) 12. Devolution, ft. Go ‘Yeah Boy’ (Good Company) 13. Royce Wood Jnr ‘Midnight (Special Request Remix)’ (37 Adventures) 14. Eli Escobar ‘Love Away’ (Night Peoples) 15. Bohdi ‘Brawd’ (Black Butter) 16. With You, ft. Brittany Foster ‘Felt This’ (Fformat) 17. Bondax, ft. Erik Hassle ‘Temptation (White Label Remix)’ (Sony) 18. Otm Shank ‘Ravish (Jey Kurmis Remix)’ (Pinkturban) 19. Seinabo Sey ‘Hard Time (Poté Remix)’ (Universal) 20. Special Request ‘Amnesia (Full Length Version)’ (XL) 21. Seyr ’She Dreams’ (Bandcamp)
11/26/20152 hours, 1 minute, 57 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.118

Some straight up magical wranglings lined up for you this month…music has clearly been working out over the summer, because it’s healthy as hell at the moment! Cuts from Moonchild, Disclosure, Roots Manuva, Dusty, Sarah Williams White, Plage 84 and 17 Branches all chip in to make it an all out cracker. Keep it well and truly locked for the duration!Thank you. Love you...RxP.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected]:// Nat Birchall ‘Njozi (Vision)’ (Jazzman) 2. The Gene Dudley Group, ft. E ‘Pearl Baby, Pearl’ (Wah Wah 45s) 3. Motivators ‘Booster’ (Here and Now) 4. SoulMetricSystem ‘The Vault’ (Raw Deal) 5. Sarah Williams White ‘Winter Sun’ (First Word) 6. Žiga Murko ‘Glow’ (RX:TX) 7. Moonchild ‘The Truth’ (Tru Thoughts) 8. Roseau ‘Grab (Kwes Rework)’ (Ninja) 9. Shigeto ‘Pulse’ (Ghostly) 10. Roots Manuva ‘Don't Breathe Out’ (Big Dada) 11. Plage 84 ‘Not Too Fast’ (Roche Musique) 12. Dusty ‘Heavy Lights’ (Jazz and Milk) 13. DJ Raw Sugar ‘Tell Me (Yam Who? Rework)’ (ISM) 14. IMYRMIND ‘Wanja 9000’ (Tartlet) 15. JP Soul ‘You Want Her (The Revenge Mix)’ (Roam) 16. Aboutface ‘The Hazy Path To Misunderstanding’ (Dark Matters) 17. Danny Clark ‘Looking Good’ (Wotnot) 18. DJ E-Clyps ‘That Brooklyn Ish (Original Mix)’ (In House) 19. Disclosure ‘Jaded (Lone Remix)’ (Island) 20. NVOY ‘All Night’ (Black Butter) 21. FineArt ft. Rachel K Collier ‘Don't Wanna Rush (Billon Remix)’ (The Full Hundred) 22. 17 Branches ‘Light Vibe Rock’ (Snake Beat) 23. Gerra & Stone ft. Lucy Kitchen & Stephen McCleary ‘Unbreakable’ (Dispatch) 24. James Vincent McMorrow ‘Gold’ (D/L)
10/29/20152 hours, 5 minutes, 30 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.117

Hideout Sessions Episode - 117 It’s that time of year when us northern hemisphere folk get jealous of you lot down under and we start rain proofing our outerwear for 6 months of inevitable down pour…don’t know where i’m going with this, sorry. Getting all mournful with summer’s passing. Anyway, new music. I’ve got flippin’ loads of it as always to play you and it’s all brilliant. Jono McCleery, Ed Lee, Four Tet, Falcons, Cadenza, Howling, Kaytranada, Synkro to name a few. It’s a bit autumnal, but with plenty of Indian Summer chucked in as well. You’re gonna love it!! Thank you. Love you...Rx P.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected] Tracklist: 1. Jono McCleery ‘Idea Of Us’ (Counter) 2. Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators ‘Hot Sauce’ (Timmion) 3. Radio Citizen ‘Trip’ (Sonar Kollektiv) 4. Synkro ‘Changes’ (Apollo) 5. Howling ‘X Machina (Dave Harrington Remix)’ (Counter/Monkeytown) 6. Electric Wire Hustle ‘Aeons’ (Bastard Jazz) 7. Ursula 1000 ‘Faded Denim Wash (Payfone Remix)’ (Insect Queen Music) 8. Ed Lee, ft. Alison David ‘I Am Someone (Original)’ (Compost) 9. Kaytranada ‘164 whatever u want’ (?) 10. Tom Mischft. Zak Abel ‘Beautiful Escape’ (Beyond The Groove) 11. Maribou State, ft. Holly Walker ‘Midas (Glenn Astro's Nonsense Dub)’ (Ninja Tune) 12. Tim Deluxe ’Tryin Find A Way’ (Strictly Rhythm) 13. Cassini ‘Save Me’ (Junkdog) 14. CHVRCHES ‘Leave A Trace (Four Tet Remix)’ (Liberator Music) 15. HVOB ‘The Anxiety To Please’ (Still Vor Talent) 16. Redlight ft. Melisa Whiskey ’Threshold (Fast Flamingo Eddie Mix)’ (Lobster Boy) 17. Yellowtail ‘North’ (Campus Music) 18. Deadbeat ‘Walls & Dimensions II’ (BLKRTZ) 19. Rudimental ft. Will Heard ‘I Will For Love (SYV Remix)’ (Asylum/Altantic) 20. Jakwob Vs Cadenza ‘Queens To Brixton’ (The Full Hundred) 21. SYV ‘Knockin’ (Black Butter) 22. Falcons, ft. Stush ‘Flames’ (Fools Gold) 24. Jono McCleery ‘Halfway’ (Counter)
10/8/20151 hour, 57 minutes, 6 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.116

Hideout Sessions Episode - 116 As we limber up for Carnival 2015, this coming Sunday and Monday, it’s an absolute pleasure to bring you some newness to bring out the “dutty winder” in all of us. Musical mastery from the likes of Seven Davis Jr, KANT, Ghostpoet, Souleance, Roots Manuva, Electric Wire Hustle, The Internet, SH?m, Wrongtom and a float-full more…I’m ready, I hope you are too! Thank you. Love you...Rx P.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected] Tracklist: 1. Seven Davis Jr. ft. Flako ‘Be A Man’ (Ninja Tune) 2. Hailu Mergia ‘Hailu’ (Philophon) 3. The Polyversal Souls ‘Starlet Road Filling Station Romance’ (Now-Again) 4. Wrongtom, ft. The Ragga Twins ‘Juggling’ (Tru Thoughts) 5. Roots Manuva ‘One Thing’ (Big Dada) 6. Dr. Dre (Prod. DJ Premier & BMB Spacekid) ‘Animals’ (Aftermath) 7. The Internet, (Prod. Kaytranada) ‘Girl’ (Odd Future) 8. Salute ‘VXV (Way You Do)’ (37 Adventures) 9. Sam Gellaitry ‘Paper’ (Soulection) 10. Sh?m ‘Unreciprocated Feelings’ (Show Them Agency) 11. Alice Russell ‘I'm The Man, That Will Find You’ (Tru Thoughts) 12. Souleance ‘Secoue’ (First Word) 13. Cerrone ‘Music Of Life (Alan Braxe Remix)’ (Because Music) 14. Electric Wire Hustle, ft. Kimbra (Rodi Kirk & Aron Ottignon Version) ‘Brother Sun’ (Bastard Jazz) 15. KANT ‘Nightcall’ (Black Butter) 16. Ghostpoet ‘X Marks The Spot (Boxed In Remix)’ (PIAS) 17. Ambassadeurs ‘Looking At You (Moods Remix)’ (Lost Tribe) 18. Hidden Spheres ‘Be A Man’ (Lobster Theremin) 19. Synapson, ft. Anna Kova ‘All In You (Joss Moog Remix)’ (Diez Music) 20. Nuage ‘Erased’ (Absys) 21. Erik Luebs ‘Farewells’ (Project Moon Circle) 22. Jamie XX ‘Loud Places Special Request Rmx)’ (XL) 23. Duct ‘It’s Jungle’ (Shades) 24. THE FRIGHTNRS ‘Admiration (Cadenza & Toddla T Remix)’ (The Full Hundred) 25. Submorphics, ft. Jenna G ‘The Divine’ (Shogun Audio) 26. Thomas Ragsdale ‘Warning Mass’ (This Is Forever)
8/28/20151 hour, 59 minutes, 43 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.115

Hideout Sessions Episode - 115 Darn it. Just missed the end of the month. It was recorded on the last day, so that counts…right? Anyway, newness from Quantic, Illa J, Medlar, Seven Davis Jr, Julio Bashmore, Velvit, Seb Wildblood, The Funk District Little Beaver and Technimatic, ft. Lucy Kitchen, to name a handful. Now get your ears full!! Tell. Everyone. Please. Thank you. Love you...Rx P.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected] Tracklist: 1. Quantic presents The Western Transient ‘A New Constellation’ (Tru Thoughts) 2. Little Beaver ‘Concrete Jungle’ (Athens Of The North) 3. Illa J 'Strippers (prod Potatohead People & Kaytranada)' (Bastard Jazz) 4. Illa J ‘Universe’ (Bastard Jazz) 5. Samuel ‘These Days’ (Big Dada) 6. Kasket ‘Wait For It’ (Apollo) 7. Alina Baraz & Galimatias ’Fantasy (Pomo Remix)’ (Ultra) 8. Seb Wildblood ‘Foreign Parts’ (SW) 8. Soccer96 ‘Flight Formation (DK Edit)’ (Wotnot) 9. Andreya Triana ‘Lullaby (Medlar Remix)’ (Counter) 10. Beat Spacek ‘I Wanna Know (Seven Davis Jr Midnight Remix)’ (Ninja) 11. Romare ’Rainbow (Club) (Ninja) 12. Julio Bashmore ‘Holding On Ft. Sam Dew (Original Mix)’ (Broadwalk) 13. The Funk District ‘Right To Humanity’ (Whiskey Pickle) 14. Easy Prayer ‘U’ (Ninja) 15. Gab Oswin ‘New Soul’ (Gabcat) 16. General Ludd ‘Molycorp Mountain Pass ‘ (Ten Thousand Yen) 17. Velvet ‘Be So Cruel’ (17 Steps) 18. Seven Davis Jr, ft. Julio Bashmore ‘Good Vibes’ (Ninja) 19. Technimatic, ft. Lucy kitchen ‘Secret Smile (Original Mix)’ (Shogun Audio) 20. The Greg Foat Group ‘Hygiea’ (Jazzman)
8/3/20152 hours, 3 minutes, 26 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.114

Hideout Sessions - Episode 114 It's actually too hot to type. So, I'm just going to music. Brilliant. Tell everyone to subscribe please. Thank you. Love you...Rx P.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected] Tracklist: 1. Dele Sosimi 'E Go Better' (Wah Wah 45s) 2. Ginger Johnson and His African Messengers 'Adura' (Freestyle) 3. K15 'alone/together' (Wotnot) 4. Bodymoves 'What Cha Gonna Do?' (Keep Up!) 5. Kartel, ft. J-Rican 'All I Have' (Roche Musique) 6. Nate Connelly '7824 Fire (Throwing Snow Remix)' (Blindcolor) 7. Submerse 'Gloom' (Project Mooncircle) 8. Maribou State, ft. Pedestrian 'The Clown (Axel Boman Remix)' 9. Tee Mango 'Leave You' (Millionhands) 10. Howling 'Stole the Night' (Counter/Monkeytown) 11. Chad Mitchell 'Connect With Our Love' (Roam) 12. DJ Day 'Land Of 1000 Chances (Lord Echo's Disco Mix)' (Bastard Jazz) 13. Disclosure, ft. Gregory Porter 'Holding On (Gus Pirelli VIP 7" Disco Mix)' (?) 14. Lindstrom 'Home Tonight (HNNY Remix)' (Feedelity) 15. Keita Sano 'Once I Found A Diamond' (Spring Theory) 16. Gerry Read & Kevin McPhee 'Ten Eight Seven (FRUMMPPP Rmx)' (Fourth Wave) 17. Eddie Niguel 'The Warehouse' (Midnight Shift) 18. Seven Davis Jr 'Sunday Morning' (Ninja) 19. Dextric 'Siren (Original Mix)' (Southern Fried) 20. DJ MK & DJ Go 'Fantastic (ft. Lunar C & Scrufizzer)' (D'arblay) 21. Tsunga 'Maris Piper' (Black Acre) 22. Spectral Soul, ft. Lily McKenzie 'Shelter (VIP Mix)' (Shogun Audio) 23. Zinc 'Back Up' (Promo) 24. Friction Vs Metrik 'Timelapse' (Shogun Audio) 25. Frankson 'Retreat' (?)
7/1/20152 hours, 1 minute, 52 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.113

Hideout Sessions - Episode 113 It feels like an absolute age since I've put a show out, so apologies for not quite squeezing one into May. I was on me holidays so was a little distracted. Anyway, that does mean I'll be dropping a couple this month, so every cloud. Anyway, music! This episode I have trawled through a mountain of promo and selected a distintcly beats driven show, filled with lush electronica and a decent portion of twisted up disco. You gonna love it! Keep making noise about the show and tell all your pals to subscribe, by simply searching 'Hideout Sessions' in iTunes. Thank you. Love you...Rxx P.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected] Tracklist: 1. Portico, ft. Joe Newman 'Atacama' (Ninja) 2. Braille, ft. Jesse Boykins III & Throwing Snow 'I Assume' (FoF Music) 3. Maribou State, ft. Jono McCleery 'Say More' (Counter) 4. Darius, ft. Wayne Snow 'Helios' (Roche Musique) 5. Fink 'Fall into the Light' (R'COUP'D) 6. Werka, ft. Bryony Jarman-Pinto 'Dusk' (Tru Thoughts) 7. SLO 'Shut Out Of Paradise' (Slo Music) 8. Tidelines 'Say My Name' (Civil Music) 9. Yung Bae 'Something New' (?) 10. D'Angelo 'One Mo Gin (Charo Vocal Edit)' (Promo) 11. Kaytranada, ft. Vic Mensa 'Drive Me Crazy' (XL Recordings) 12. Roots Manuva 'Like a Drum (prod. Machinedrum)' (Big Dada) 13. Quiet Dawn, ft. Sarah Gessler 'Golden Moments (Souleance Remix)' (First Word) 14. Love Business 'Your Love Is Like the Ocean (Uffe Edit)' (XLR8R) 15. Alkalino 'Name Of The Game' (Audaz) 16. Frank Booker 'Hope ' (Fine Art) 17. YSE Saint Laur'Ant 'Keep It Step' (Editorial) 18. BMB Spacekid 'Again' (The Full Hundred) 19. Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts 'You Lost It' (Freerange) 20. Fono 'Real Joy (Original Mix)' (Relentless) 21. Olde Gods 'Shigatsu Kokonoka' (Minor Planet) 22. Pépé Bradock 'Abul Abass' (RBMA Paris) 23. Jamie xx 'The Rest Is Noise' (Young Turks) 24. Dylan Stark 'Ashen' (Civil Music) 25. Nils Frahm 'Ode' (Erased Tapes)
6/5/20152 hours, 12 minutes, 20 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.112

Hideout Sessions - Episode 112 Howdy you lot! Lovely to be back in your company again and hugely excited to play you an exclusive mix from First Word's latest beat wizard, Quiet Dawn. Celebrating the release of his brand new single, The First Day (released April 20th), it's one to blast in the sunshine. Plus upcoming releases from the likes of Dillon Cooper, Essa, HVBO, Potatohead People, Son of Sound, Kendrick Lamar and a little taster of my new project, Frankson. Hope you enjoy it all and please tell the world! Love you...Rxx P.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected] Tracklist: 1. Dillon Cooper, ft. A La Sole ‘Dead Prez’ (Cooper Tuesdays) 2. Rapper Big Pooh, ft. Eric "Blakk Soul" Keith (Prod. Apollo Brown) 'How I Move’ (Mello Music) 3. Dizz1, ft. Frank Nitt ’Get Em Up’ (Tru Thoughts) 4. Kendrick Lamar ‘Hood Politics’ (Aftermath/Interscope) 5. Yung Gutted ‘Inhuman Pt.2’ (Earnest Endevours) 6. Essa, ft. Kashmere & Flako ’LeLeLe’ (Bandcamp) 7. George Maple ‘Talk Talk (Ta-Ku Rmx)’ (Future Classic) 8. Ego Ella May ‘How Far’ (Eglo) 9. Frameworks, ft. Ríoghnach Connolly ‘Dawn’ (First Word) 10. Citymouth, ft. Bone Rock ’How2hoodryte’ (Dropping Gems) 11. Lapalux ‘Don't Mean A Thing’ (Brainfeeder) 12. Andrea Triana ‘Gold (Fakear Rmx)’ (Ninja) ———QUIET DAWN IN THE MIX——— 13. Quiet Dawn, ft. Sarah Gessler ‘Golden Moments’ (First Word) 14. Flako, ft. Dirk Gerner ‘With Me Now’ (Five Easy Pieces) 15. Emanative, ft. Kieran Hebdan ‘Makondi (Brownswood) 16. Mr. Beatnick ‘The Galaxy Is Endless’ (?) 17. Mo Kolours, ft. Henry Wu ‘South LDN’ (One Handed Music) 18. Captain Supernova, ft. Jackie Gage ‘Lost In A Dream (Massive Suits Quartet Rejazz Rmx) (?) 19. Atlas & Oveous ’Soldiers (Atjazz Astro Rmx) (Atjazz) 20. Sauce81 ‘Natural Thing’ (Eglo) —————————————————— 21. Potatohead People, ft. Amalia ‘Luv Ya’ (Bastard Jazz) 22. Son of Sound ‘Change The Game Again’ (District 30) 23. HVOB ‘Ghost’ (Still Vor Talent) 24. Frankson ‘Just Say’ (Unreleased) 25. Jamie XX, ft. Romy ‘Loud Places’ (Young Turks) 26. Christian Löffler ‘York’ (2020 Vision) 27. Jonny Faith ‘Firefly (Clap! Clap! Remix)’ (Tru Thoughts) 28. Portishead ‘Like A Fire’ (Go! Beat)
4/9/20152 hours, 1 minute, 12 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.111

Hideout Sessions - Episode 111 As we all begin to emerge bleary-eyed from hibernation, I’ve put together a proper champion selection to help stretch out that winter weariness and get you all feeling spritely as we head towards sunnier climbs…let’s go. Spring! Flako, Manu Delago, Braille, Ragnboneman, Glenn Astro, Portico, Daze, Howling, Reptare plus a bucket load more, should set you on the right track. Spread the word where ever you can please, Love you…Rxx P.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected] Tracklist: 1. Sadaka 'African Violet' (Jazzman) 2. Flako 'Kuku' (Five Easy Pieces) 3. Okani 'Dust (Borka Remix)' (Rx:Tx) 4. Fulgeance & DJ Scientist, ft. DistantStarr 'You Know' (First Word) 5. Kalbata & Mixmonster, ft. Puddy Roots 'Inna Skateland (Freestyle) 6. Ragnboneman 'Reubens Train' (Bandcamp) 7. Braille 'I Know' (Friends of Friends) 8. Manu Delago, ft. Isa Kurz 'Disgustingly Beautiful ' (Tru Thoughts) 9. Portico, ft. Joe Newman '101' (Ninja Tune) 10. Sevdaliza 'Clear Air (Jarreau Vandal Rmx)' (White Label) 11. Seinabo Sey 'Younger (Spoek Mathambo Rmx)' (Universal) 12. Dorian Concept 'The Sky Opposite (Tim Hecker Rmx)' (Ninja Tune) 13. Dan Lissvik 'Airwalk (Original Mix)' (Smalltown Supersound) 14. Son of Sound 'Phreek With U (Original)' (District 30) 15. Sauce81 'Natural Thing' (Eglo) 16. Glenn Astro & IMYRMIND 'Gemini' (Wotnot) 17. Arp Aubert 'Moshislongo' (Ki) 18. Howling 'Signs' (Counter/Monkeytown) 19. Reptare 'Not Interesting' (CVMR) 20. Route 8 'The Sunrise In Her Eyes' (Lobster Theremin) 21. Burnski, ft. Beckford 'Your Love' (Constant Sound) 22. Daze 'Compton' (Lobster Theremin) 23. Spectrasoul ‘Always’ (Shogun Audio) 24. DJ Khalab Ft Clap! Clap! ‘Tiende!’ (Black Acre) 25. Björk 'Stonemilker' (One Little Indian)
3/12/20152 hours, 3 minutes
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Hideout Sessions Ep.110

Hideout Sessions - Episode 110 Right then, we appear to be going great guns so far this year. It’s been an incredibly healthy start for ears everywhere and things are set to continue for this instalment. Music from Krystal Klear, Phil Weeks, Henry Wu, The Four Owls, HNNY, Stanton Warriors and something truly breathtaking from new discovery (for me) Seyr. Plus news of upcoming DJ mixes as well to get you all excited as we plough head long into spring. Get lost winter, we’re bored of you now! Thanks for your unwavering support…keep on shouting it from the rooftops! Love you…Rxx P.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected] Tracklist: 1. The Four Owls, prod. DJ Premier ‘Think Twice’ (High Focus) 2. Ded Tebaise ’Two Point Four’ (Keep Up!) 3. Monsoonsiren ’Glasstables (Prod. Go Yama)’ (Project Mooncircle) 4. Chloe Martini, ft. Alyss ‘Get Enough’ (Roche Musique) 5. Beacon ‘Only Us’ (Ghostly) 6. Apidae ’Turning Tides’ (Dumont Dumont) 7. Henry Wu ‘Just Negotiate’ (Ho_Tep) 8. Hayden James ’Something About You’ (Future Classic) 9. Souleance ‘Discocaïne (VasMaster 02)’ (First Word) 10. Krystal Klear, ft. Yasmin ‘One Night Only (Tuff City Kids Remix)’ (Universal Island) 11. Phil Weeks ‘Bad Chance Went Thru My Mind’ (Robsoul) 12. Dele Sosimi ‘Sanctuary (Titeknots Remix)’ (Wah Wah45s) 13. Maribou State ‘Rituals’ (Counter) 14. Floating Points ‘Nectarines’ (Eglo) 15. HNNY ‘Nothing’ (Local Talk) 16. Joe Silva ‘Jubilation’ (Pure Space) 17. Mr W00D ‘Fold’ (Man Make Music) 18. K15 ‘Dancing (K15 Remix) (D/L) 19. Mikkel Meyer ‘4 Fake’ (Rump) 20. Moby ‘Go (Voodoo Child Remix) (D/L) 21. Ejeca ‘Charger’ (Bpitch Control) 22. Stanton Warriors ‘Loving Me Wrong (Original Mix)’ (Central Station/Universal) 23. Zinc ‘Backup’ (Bongo Bass) 24. Jack Dixon ‘New Curtains’ (White Asega) 25. Sun People ‘You Got Me’ (Hyperboloid) 26. Seyr ‘RHB’ (Bandcamp)
2/18/20152 hours, 4 minutes, 30 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.109

Hideout Sessions - Episode 109 Just when you were still reeling from the knock out blows of the last show, I’ve lined up some more musical haymakers to keep you on the ropes for another few weeks. The usual mixed bag of wonderfulness, so keep it locked and keep telling the world when ever you get the chance. We’re now more popular than ever, so you’re doing some excellent work!! Thank you. Love you loads…Ross xx P.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected] Tracklist: 1. Pete Cannon Meets Ghost Writerz ‘How We Living (Sleepy Time Ghost Remix)’ (Tru Thoughts) 2. Potatohead People, ft. Illa J & Moka Only ‘Explosives’ (Bastard Jazz) 3. Selfsays ’48 Hours (prod. by fLako)’ (Earnest Endevours) 4. Sam Irl ‘Einerfuerheiner’ (Jazz and Milk) 5. Fink ‘Pilgrim (Radio Edit)’ (Ninja Tu ne) 6. Quantic ‘Painting Silhouettes’ (Tru Thoughts) 7. Hippie Sabotage ‘Waiting Too Long’ (iHip Hop) 8. Amy Steele ‘The Wolves (Luka Remix)’ (Coleteel Music) 9. Monsoonsiren ‘Maso (Prod. Laplace)’ (Project Mooncircle) 10. Souleance ‘Tropicalidad’ (Here and Now) 11. Ray Harris ‘Deep Down Inside (I'm Loving You)’ (Here and Now) 12. J-Felix ‘101 Reasons’ (Tru Thoughts) 13. BMB Spacekid ‘Personality (Original Mix)’ (Sony) 14. Dan Shake ‘Out of Sight’ (Black Acre) 15. Jake Chudnow ’Shona’ (Bloc) 16. DIA ‘Deep In Your Heart’ (Wilde) 17. Beacon ‘Fault Lines (Dauwd Remix)’ (Ghostly) 18. Sorceress ‘Desire (Tito Ramos Afro Mix)’ (Wonderwheel) 19. Alex Patchwork ‘Untitled Keys’ (D/L) 20. Abstraxion ‘I Can't (Original Version)’ (HAKT) 21. Percussions ‘Blatant Water Cannon’ (Text) 22. Dino Sabatini & Edit Select ‘Multiplo (Edit Select Version)’ (Outis Music) 23. Re-UP ‘6AM’ (Dissonant) 24. Luca Cazal ‘Maya (Dub)’ (See Double) 25. Ry X ‘Love Like This’ (Transmodern)
1/23/20151 hour, 56 minutes, 54 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.108

Hideout Sessions-Episode 108 Carrying some serious weight into the new year, partly due to a lot of mince pies, but mainly to do with some seriously heavy new music. Synkro, Breach, Capac, Fybe:one, Quiet Dawn, The Acid and a ton more. Kick start your year and get on the good foot!! Love you…Ross xx P.S. GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected] Tracklist: 1. Mezare Israel 'Jazz Work Shop' (Jazzman) 2. The Cadets 'What We Are Made Of' (Here and Now) 3. Dele Sosimi 'Sanctuary' (Wah Wah 45s) 4. Ray Lugo & The Boogaloo Destroyers 'Que Chevere! (My Baby's Got Latin Soul)' (Freestyle) 5. Quiet Dawn, (ft. Oddisee) 'New Dawn' (First Word) 6. Capac 'Apart' (Bandcamp) 7. Aanbreken 'Universe Collapse' (KI) 8. Soccer96, ft. Swan Hunter 'Flight Formation (Glenn Astro DJ Friendly Edit)' (Wotnot) 9. Damiano von Erckert 'Diamonds & Girls' (AVA) 10. Ifan Dafydd 'Eclipse' (Push And Run) 11. Hackman 'Carry On (Dub)' ( 12. Headless Ghost 'Let's fall (Deetron WP Remix)' (Tamed Musiq) 13. Homework 'Conquered Enemies (Greymatter Remix)' (Wolf Music) 14. Hugo Barritt 'Penumbra' (Construct) 15. Breach & Cinnamon ‘Avocado’ (Naked Naked) 16. Dief & Baker ‘YGT’ (More Music) 17. The Acid ‘Ghost (Maya Jane Coles Remix)’ (Infectious) 18. Fybe:one ‘Deceiver ft. Zelda Marshall’ (Shades) 19. Frankie Knight ‘Try Again (Munro Remix)’ (XVI) 20. Technimatic, ft. D.Ablo ‘Lost Along The Way (Original Mix)’ (Shogun Audio) 21. Synkro ‘Transient’ (R&S) 22. Blk Mrks ‘Oh Baby’ (Promo) 23. James Vincent McMorrow ‘When I Leave’ (D/L)
1/8/20151 hour, 59 minutes, 7 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.105

9/26/20142 hours, 1 minute, 5 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.104

Hideout Sessions - Episode 104 As summer blasts off and the festival season kicks into action, I thought I’d hand you a hefty slice of sun drenched goodness to aid you in your alfresco antics. Lone, Essa, Mr. Scruff, Caribou, Bohdi, Moon Boots, Fybe:one, plus loads more make up the perfect picnic hamper of summery goodness for you. And(!), you can wash it all down with a truly stunning guest mix from Brooklyn’s finest export, Son Of Sound. It’s sweltering! Spread that word and support that music, and I’ll love you for ever…See you in a few weeks for an all vinyl special! Rxx GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected] Tracklist: 1. Lone ‘2 is 8’ (R&S) 2. Throwing Snow, ft. Jazz Grez ‘The Void’ (Houndstooth) 3. Lost Midas, ft. Audris 'Head Games' (Tru Thoughts) 4. Essa ‘The Middleman (Tall Black Guy Remix)’ (First Word) 5. Sean Piñeiro ‘After Six Minutes’ (Ki) 6. Parvenu ‘See Me Through (Original)’ (Burn) 7. Caribou ‘Can't Do Without You’ (City Slang) 8. Mr. Scruff ‘We Are Coming’ (Ninja Tune) ————————————————————————— SON OF SOUND IN THE MIX 9. Son Of Sound ‘Kool Kontrol’ (District 30) 10. Pedram ‘Lost In Trans’ (Renaissance) 11. JDilla ‘Nothing Like This’ (Stones Throw) 12. Chic ‘Funny Bone’ (Cottillion) 13. Son Of Sound ‘Majik Triken’ (District 30) 14. The NG9 Project ‘The Blueprint ‘ (Robsoul) 15. Soulphiction ‘All Lights Go Off’ (Philpot) 16. Angela Bofill ‘Angel Of The Night’ (GRP) ————————————————————————— 17. Croquet Club ‘Rush’ (Ajundeep) 18. Essay ‘Ocarina (Original)’ (Cascine) 19. Youandewan ‘FM Jam’ (Aus Music) 20. Floating Points ‘Montparnasse’ (Eglo) 21. Moon Boots ‘Whatever You Need’ (French Express) 22. Bodhi, ft. George the Poet ‘My City’ (White) 23. Vic Mensa ‘Down On My Luck’ (Virgin/EMI) 24. Pistol Shrimp ‘Taking Names ( Remix)’ (Promo) 25. Ólafur Arnalds ‘For Now I Am Winter’ (Mercury Classics)
6/29/20142 hours, 1 minute, 4 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.103

Hideout Sessions - Episode*103 Lovely to back for another month and to welcome a surge of new subscribers. Thanks to everyone spreading that word, you’re doing a sterling job. Alex Session supplies a stunning, 45min turntable workout to shed that winter paunch, plus a barrage of newness from the likes of Breach, Rob Clouth, W.T Drones, Sorceress, K15, Grey matter, Bobby B and loads more. I owe you all a million pints for the support, so consider this an official I.O.U and keep, keeping on! Love you…Rxx 1. W.T Drones ‘Used Words / Not Yet’ (One Sense Music) 2. Sorceress ‘Teacups’ (Wonderwheel) 3. Fantastic Mr Fox , ft. Denai Moore ‘On My Own’ (Black Acre) 4. Sean Piñeiro ‘Green Copy’ (Ki) 5. Bobby B ‘History’ (Icee Hot) 6. Kafatt ‘Synths & Steamed Rice (Dino Lenny Goes Deep Mix)’ (Science Music) 7. Breach ‘Artis’ (Aus Music) 8. ALEX SESSION IN THE MIX 9. Matrixmann ‘Venetian Mask’ (Spectral Sound) 10. Greymatter ‘One For Pep’ (Wolf Music) 11. Rob Clouth ‘Clockwork Atom’ (Leisure System) 12. K15 ‘Bordeaux ‘(Glenn Astro & IMYRMIND Feel Dat Distortion Remix)’ (Wotnot) 13. Tophat & Alfie ‘Crab At The Green Hunter (Loco Dice RMX) (Karlovak) 14. Pirate Jams ‘Treat Me Right (Original)’ (PUNKS) 15. Hozier ‘To Be Alone (Live)’ (Rubyworks)
5/31/20142 hours, 1 minute, 38 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.102

Hideout Sessions - Episode 102 I’m literally bristling with excitement as I’m about to unleash this podcast into the world. It’s a blinder. No fuss, no filler…just properly soul nourishing new music. The one like Titeknots, Tru Thoughts' most recent dance floor destroyer, blesses us with one of the best mixes we’ve ever had. Hold tight, scrum down, seconds away…it’s a monster episode. I love you all, please spread that darn word. Everyone should hear this! Rxx GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected] Tracklist: 1. Calibro 35 ‘Vendetta’ (Record Kicks) 2. Alice Russell, ft. Darondo ‘Breakdown’ (Tru Thoughts) 3. Deadbeat & Paul St Hilaire ‘What the Heck them Expect’ (Blkrtz) 4. Kalbata & Mixmonster, ft. Trinity & Jah Thomas ‘Trouble in the Dance’ (Freestyle) 5. Louis Futon ‘Shoulda Known (GANZ Remix)’ (Brownswood) 6. Datassette ‘Cagney Xor Lacey Part 2’ (Apollo) 7. Sam Irl ‘Time’ (Jazz & Milk) 8. Arkon Fly ‘Through The Fire (Extended Mix)’ (Locked On) 9. Son of Sound ‘Kool Kontrol (Original)’ (District 30) 10. Ratcatcher ‘Somehow’ (Peach) 11. Diva ‘Judas’ (Obsession) ——————————————————————— TITEKNOTS IN THE MIX 12. Zaki Abraham, Kid Fonque and DJ Whisky - Be (Atjazz & Jullian Gomes Remix) 13. Titeknots - Bad Guys Won 14. Terri Walker - He Loves Me (Yoruba Soul Mix) 15. Ant Orange - Sometimes 16. Todd Terry pres. Sound Design - Bounce To The Beat (Tee’s Freeze Mix) 17. Titeknots - Hummingbirds 18. DJ Spen pres. Rachel McDonald - Fall Down On Me (D’s 1200 dub) 19. Titeknots - Down The Drain ——————————————————————— 20. Bodhi ‘I Need You’ (Ten Thousand Yen) 21. Christian Löffler ‘Veiled Grey’ (Ki) 22. Fybe:one ‘Fountain’ (Deep Heads) 23. Dauwd ‘Kindlinn’ (Pictures) 24. Detroit Swindle ‘Me, Myself & You’ (Dirt Crew) 25. Jamie XX ‘Sleep Sound’ (Young Turks) 26. Fourward, ft. Kyza ‘Countdown’ (Shogun Audio) 27. Vangelis ‘Abraham's Theme’ (Polydor)
5/1/20142 hours, 11 minutes, 52 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.101

Hideout Sessions - Episode 101 It looks like spring’s done sprung and we done entered our 2nd century of podcasts. Let's go!! A truly special episode for you too. For the first time ever, I'm hand the reigns to someone else on the show. One of the most exciting labels around at the moment, Wotnot, take control of the second hour. JJ Mumbles, K15 and Arun hit you off with a glorious selection of new, old and seriously exclusive. It'll make your month! Spread the word, spread the sunshine and get ready for next month's mix from Titeknots. All my love….Ross xx P.S. GET IN TOUCH ON [email protected] Tracklist: 1. Lo Creed 'Remind' (Cold Busted) 2. Essa 'The World Belongs to You' (First Word) 3. Broods 'Never Gonna Change (Lone Remix)' () 4. Christian Löffler 'Young Alaska' (Ki) 5. Huxley 'Creeper' (Aus Music) 6. Joel Compass 'Forgive Me (James Welsh Remix)' (Polydor) 7. Aden 'Part of Me' (Ultramajic) 8. Midland 'For Yacht Club Use Only (Leon Vynehall Remix)' (Aus Music) 9. Damiano Von Erckert 'Housem 2.0' (AVA) 10. Kelis 'Rumble (Breach Extended Mix)' (NInja Tune) 11. Gerry Read 'Shrubby' (Aus Music) ------------------------------------ WOTNOT TAKEROVER 12. Psychic Mirrors 'Charlene' (Peoples Potentials Unlimted) 13. Hill 'Delicate Rose' (Peoples Potentials Unlimited) 14. George Duke 'Love' (MPS Reocrds) 15. Christopher Rau 'Simple Setup' (Derive) 16. Leroy Smith 'Believers' (White Label) 17. U 'Haunted' (ManMakeMusic) 18. Pender Street Steppers 'Openin' Up' (Mood Hut) 19. Soccer96 'Flight Formations' (WotNotMusic Unreleased) 20. Deft 'On The Other Side' (WotNotMusic) 21. K15 'Bordeaux Kaidi Tatham remix' (WotNotMusic Unreleased) 22. Wun Two 'Reverie' (Radio Juicy) 23. Floating Points 'Radiality' (Eglo Records) 24. Hanna 'Healing' (Sound Signature) 25. JJ Mumbles & Charo '????' (WotNotMusic Unreleased) 26. Breakout -'Usta me ogrzej' (Muza) ------------------------------------ 27. James Vincent McMorrow 'Cavilier' (Believe Recordings)
4/2/20142 hours, 10 minutes, 34 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.100

Hideout Sessions - Episode 100 Can you believe it!? The show’s made it to 100. It certainly feels well aged now. Not in a fine wine sense, perhaps more like a well trodden musical pathway that takes you to a secret hidden beach of…what? I have no idea where this is going, so I’ll stop trying to be profound and let the music do the talking… To celebrate this milestone, I’ve put together a truly wonderful show for you all. I’m joined in the mix and on the phone by favourite producer, Fybe:one. Regular listeners will know what a huge talent this man is, so ensure you set aside some time to listen properly to the hour or so, slot he fills with some great insight and a stunning selection. The rest of the show comprises of newness from Quantic, Lorca, Duke Dumont, Neuropol, Titeknots, Lord Echo, Snow Ghosts and Rumpistol to name a handful. It’s all gold, it’s all new and it’s all must buys!!! Thank you so much for all your support over the 100 episodes, it means the world to have you on board and supporting the music. Please do all you can to spread the word and I’ll see you in a few weeks for a Wotnot Music special. Can’t wait! So, Much. Love….R xxxx Tracklist: 1. Dizz1, ft. Warrior Queen ‘Real Bad Gyal’ (Tru Thoughts) 2. Kelis ‘Jerk Ribs’ (Ninja) 3. Lord Echo ‘Digital Haircut’ (Bastard Jazz) 4. Quantic, ft. Pongo Love ‘Duvido’ (Tru Thoughts) 5. Clap! Clap! ‘Tambacounda’s White Magic’ (Black Acre) 6. Andrew Ashong ‘Love The Way’ (Which Way) 7. Teotima Ensemble ‘Orange Lamps’ (First Word) 8. Titeknots ‘Triangle Tracks’ (Tru Thoughts) ———————————————————————— FYBE:ONE INTERVIEW ———————————————————————— FYBE:ONE IN THE MIX 9. Duct - Unreleased Untitled 10. Kiasmos - Driven - (Erased Tapes) 11. Maribou State - Blue Sunday - (Southern Fried Records) 12. Kasper Bjorke - Doesn't Matter (Trentemoller Remix) - (HFN Music) 13. Mike & The Censations - There's Nothing I Can Do About It (Highland Records) 14. Bettye Swann - (My heart is) Closed for the season - (Capitol Records) 15. Attica Blues feat. Organized Konfusion - Tender Remix - (Mo Wax) 16. DJ Chrome feat Blabbwona - Clone Wars - (Solid Pack) 17. Julien Dyne - Dirt Crystals feat Mara TK - (BBE Music) 18. Mount Kimbie - Ruby (Warp Records) 19. James Blake - Klavierwerke - (R&S Records) 20. Throwing Snow - Clamour - (Snowfall) 21. Fybe:one - Kora (Jamie Wilder Remix) - Shades Recordings 22. Howsons Groove - Body & Soul (Fybe:one Remix) - (Forthcoming Chasing Unicorns) 23. Sina - All Alone (Fybe:one Remix) - (Forthcoming Organic Beats / Example Media) 24. Quantax / Blacksmif - He, She, It (Fybe:one Remix) - (unreleased) 25. Jono McCleery - Darkest Light (Fybe:one Remix) - (unreleased) ———————————————————————— 26. Rumpistol, ft. John LaMonica ‘Atacama’ (Rump) 27. Snow Ghosts ’Secret Garden’ (Houndstooth) 28. Lorca ‘Forgive Me Love New’ (Naked Naked) 29. Duke Dumont, ft. Jax Jones ‘I Got U (Virgin/EMI) 30. SexRulesEverything ‘Ghettofied’ (Unreleased) 31. Appleblim & Komon ‘Glimmer’ (Aus Music) 32. Gacha ‘Ghostly Head’ (Apollo) 33. Neuropol, ft. Marlene Abuah ‘Warning’ (Shogun Audio) 34. The Rampagers ‘DWG Rampage’ (Digger With Gratitude)
3/7/20142 hours, 28 minutes, 44 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.99

Hideout Sessions - Episode 99 What a blistering start to the new year it is, with some truly staggering new releases for you. Music from Essa, Quantic, Hubie Davison, Belle, Marbert Rocel, Maribou State, Fulgeance, Alphabets Heaven & Fybe:one to name a few. Plus re-edit of the month and special guest news. If this month is anything to go by, 2014 is going to be a devastatingly good year for music. Let's go!!! You know the drill...spread the damn word (please)! Ross xx GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected] Tracklist: 1. Essa (formerly Yungun), ft. LSK 'Deep' (FRMX3) 2. Fulgeance ft. Fresh Daily 'Whut It Iz (VECT Remix)' (Rx:Tx) 3. Quantic and Nidia Gongora 'Ñanguita' (Tru Thoughts) 4. Lucy Kitchen 'Waking' ( 5. Flying Lotus, ft. Andreya Triana 'Colemans Groove' (Brainfeeder) 6. Diggs Duke 'Is It Love? ' (Brownswood) 7. The Who 'Eminence Front (Souleance Edit)' (D/L) 8. Debian Blak, ft. Joshua Idehen 'Say You' (First Word) 9. Janet Jackson 'If (Kaytranada Rmx)' (D/L) 10. Belle 'It's All Made Up' (WotNot) 11. Alphabets Heaven & Fybe:one 'Phonetic' (King Deluxe) 12. Hube Davison 'I Won't Be There' (Leisure System) 13. Maribou State 'Scarlett Groove (Maribou Edit)' (D/L) 14. Fatima 'Black Dough' (Eglo) 15. James Welsh 'Born & Raised' (Wolf Music) 16. Ghost Chant 'Laid To Rest (Bangatang Remix)' (BBE) 17. Crowdpleaser 'Right Beside You' (Tamed Musiq) 18. Uffe 'Hoping' (?) 19. Vellico 'Beck's Brew' (Snowfall) 20. Aden 'Whip (Jimmy Edgar Remix)' (Ultramajic) 21. Headless Ghost '22' () 22. Avalon Emerson 'Pressure' (Icee Hot) 23. Jack Dixon 'Heirloom (Skudge Remix)' (White Asega) 24. Marbet Rocel 'The Temple (Pete Bandit & Jason Shae Remix)' (Compost Black Label) 25. Alex Bark, ft. Jonatan Bäckelie 'Doubter (Alex Patchwork Remix)' (Sonar Kollectiv) 26. Zeff 'Don't Hold Your Breath' (Bandcamp)
1/24/20142 hours, 13 minutes, 8 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.97

Hideout Sessions - Episode 97 Well, Autumn seems to have landed firmly in our laps and summer appears to have jogged on. So, time to get cozy and start storing away some tasty musical nuts for the long months ahead. A distinctly melancholy feel to a large chunk of this episode with breathtaking sounds from Jono McCleery, Stubborn Heart, Belleruche, Ry X, Kelpe, Hayden make sure you've got your best listening ears on. Love you tons and please tell the world! Ross xx GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected] Tracklist: 1. Riot Jazz Brass Band 'Slinky' (First Word) 2. Hackney Colliery Band 'Superhero Disco' (Wah Wah 45s) 3. Da Lata, ft. Luisa Maita 'Um Amor A Mais ' (Agogo) 4. The Road 'Frootful' (Freestyle) 5. Keita Sano '5 Kinds of Jewels' (Keep Up!) 6. Dr Zygote 'Haze' (Black Acre) 7. Lost Midas, ft. Taylor O'Donnell 'Love Undone' (Tru Thoughts) 8. Hayden James 'Beginnings' (Future Classic) 9. Dpat, ft. Atu 'Flourish' (Soulection) 10. Gang Colours 'Invisible In Your City' (Brownswood) 11. Belleruche 'Eastern City Lights' (Tru Thoughts) 12. Ry X 'Vampires' (Dumont Dumont) 13. Stubborn Heart 'Penetrate' (One Little Indian) 14. Jono McCleery 'Ballade' (Ninja Tune) 15. Stanky 'Chazey Bons (Original Mix)' (Shades) 16. Kelpe 'Monte Verità' (DBA Dubs) 17. Bo Keeney 'Golden Telephone (Throwing Snow Mix)' (Brew Box) 18. Cupp Cave 'Through Tired Eyes' (RAMP) 19. Makoto 'A Spiritual Thing ' (Apollo) 20. Addison Groove 'Forgiven' (Sub:Stance) 21. Heitzberg Theorem 'System Flegmann' (Compost) 22. Leibniz 'Bring It Dont Sing It Part 2' (4th Wave) 23. Vin Sol, ft. Tyree Cooper 'It's House' (Soo Wavey) 24. Pulse, ft. TShaka 'Wipe the needle' (Broadcite Productions) 25. Indian Ocean 'School Bell/Treehouse (Pezzner Edit)' {} 26. Sleepin' Giantz 'Raving Bully' (Tru Thoughts) 27. Soul Safari, ft. Cocoa Tea 'Kill Dem Now' (White) 28. Katey Brooks 'Fought Lovers' ()
9/11/20132 hours, 1 minute, 4 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.96

Hideout Sessions - Episode 96 Here we are then, diving into the biggest bank holiday of the year, headlong! And, what a blistering show I've lined up to get you in the mood. Moderat, Shadow Child, Cell Broco, Titeknots, Alex Smoke, Marvin & Guy and Brookes Brothers, plus a legion of other firing newness for your lug holes. It's Carnival time, so get loose folks! Hopefully see you all at our annual knees up, right in the midst of it at The Metropolitan pub, with myself, DJ Hoop and Brad Baloo (Nextmen). BE THERE!!! Ross xx GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected] CARNIVAL TICKETS: Tracklist: 1. Starship Connection 'We Can Go All Night' (Bastard Jazz) 2. Titeknots 'Wordy' (Tru Thoughts) 3. Sky 'First Time Around' (White) 4. Damiano von Erckert, ft. Georgia Anne Muldrow 'Hollywood' (AVA) 5. Groove Motion 'Why Not' (Chop Shop Music) 6. Marvin & Guy 'Shot Me' (On The Prowl) 7. Fingerman 'Too Much' (Get Down Edits) 8. Danglo 'Don't Go' (Wotnot) 9. Gaspard de La Montagne 'Alpes' (Creaked) 10. Wiley 'Flying' (Big Dada) 11. Cell Broco 'Little Bit In Love (Club Mix)' (Big Dada) 12. Brookes Brothers 'Carry Me On (Journeyman Remix)' (Viper) 13. Deetron 'Count on Me' (Aus Music) 14. Wordlife 'Small Talk (Doc Daneeka LGO Remix)' ( 15. Mount Kimbie 'Slow (Druid Cloak Club Cosmos Bootleg)' (XLR8R.xom) 16. Shadow Child, ft. Tymer '23 (Kry Wolf VIP)' (Food Music) 17. Alex Smoke 'Dust (Tessela remix)' (R&S) 18. Moderat 'Damage Done' (Monkeytown) 19. Moderat 'Ilona' (Monkeytown) 19. Andreya Triana 'Song For A Friend' (Ninja Tune)
8/21/20131 hour, 50 minutes, 54 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.95

Hideout Sessions - Episode 95 Cripeeeees it's a warm one and if you're not toasty enough, this playlist will have you blowing steam! Newness from Quantic, Youngblood Brass Band, Sex Rules Everything, Sola Rosa, Tall Black Guy, Duke Dumont. Danglo, Mike Shannon, Bodyjack, Alice Boman, Liston and tons more. It's a block rocker of a show, so please tell everyone you can to subscribe the hell out of it! Love you a million... Ross xx GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected] Tracklist: 1. Youngblood Brass Band 'Ain't Nobody' (Tru Thoughts) 2. Quantic Y Anita Tijoux 'Doo Wop (That Thing)' (Tru Thoughts) 3. Alice Russell 'For A While' (Tru Thoughts) 4. Sola Rosa, ft. L.A. Mitchell 'Spinning Top (K+Lab Remix)' (Agogo) 5. Dirg Gerner 'What A life; (Eglo) 6. Tall Black Guy 'Sade's Taboo (Sweetest Taboo Blap-Up)' (White) 7. Troumaca 'Layou' (Brownswood) 8. Liston 'Transformers' (XVI) 9. Iron Galaxy 'The Attendant Army Of Rats' (Born Electric) 10. South London Ordnance, ft. Brolin 'Black Acre' (Aery Metals) 11. Sex Is Everything 'Sream' (White) 12. GTA Hoffmann 'Der Mogul' (Jazz & Milk) 13. José James 'Desire (Moodymann Remix)' (Brownswood) 14. Duke Dumont, ft. MNEK 'Hold On' (Blasé Boys Club) 15. Danglo 'Don't You' (Wotnot) 16. Ry, Frank Wiedemann & The Howling 'Shortline (Frank Wiedemann Remix)' (Innervisions) 17. Mike Shannon 'Bleep Back' (Cynosure) 18. Komon 'Poly Sum' (Aus) 19. Paul Woolford 'Untitled' (Hotflush) 20. Bodyjack 'I Wanna Be' (Bodyjack) 21. Alice Boman 'Waiting' (Adiran)
7/24/20131 hour, 56 minutes, 16 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.94

Hideout Sessions - Episode 94 A touch late, but it's here nevertheless. Episode*94 is packed with the usual goodness, a very special re-edit of the month from Alex Patchwork and a ton of sunshine music from the likes of Gene Dudley Group, The Fontanelles, Yosi Horikawa, Eats Everything, Squarehead, Christian Prommer, Ry & Frank Weiderman aka Howling, Quantic & Alice Russell, Alan Johnson, plus loads more. Thanks for tuning in and use sun block! Ross xx GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected] Tracklist: 1. Henri-Pierre Noel 'A Fifth of Beethoven' (Wah Wah 45s) 2. The Gene Dudley Group 'At The Advice Of Mr Weiß' (Wah Wah 45s) 3. The Fontanelles 'Pinprick' (First Word) 4. Quantic & Alice Russell 'I Cry' (Tru Thoughts) 5. Steve Miller Band 'Fly Like An Eagle (Alex Patchwork Re-edit)' (?) 6. Natural Self 'An Invisible Light (Robinn Remix)' (Tru Thoughts) 7. Yosi Horikawa 'Maki' (First Word) 8. Christian Prommer 'Marimba' (Compost) 9. Comfort Fit 'Hatphones' [] 10. Luke Million 'Arnold' (Future Classic) 11. Jeremy Glenn 'New Life' (Future Classic) 12. Timothy Wisdom 'Get On Up' (Resoul) 13. Teedra Moses 'Be Your Girl (Kaytranada Extended Edition)' (Soundcloud) 14. Todd Terje 'Strandbar (Samba Verrsion)' (Olsen Records) 15. Eats Everything 'The Getup' (Nurvous) 16. Squarehead 'Be Without' (Wolf Music) 17. Lowsteppa 'Dots' (Simma Black) 18. Foamo 'Running' (Rinse) 19. Alan Johnson 'Goron Sound' (Blank Mind) 20. Mark Pritchard 'Manabadman (feat Spikey Tee)' (Warp) 21. Ry, Frank Wiedemann & The Howling 'Litmus' (Innervisions)
7/13/20131 hour, 57 minutes, 36 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.93

Hideout Sessions - Episode 93 Another one in the bag and another huge pile of wonderful music to hit you all with. As festival season kicks off proper, I've put together a killer 2hrs of electronic deliciousness to get you in the spirit. Lone, Danny Byrd, Kid A, Jamie Lidell, Hidden Orchestra, Disclosure, Circle Traps and Riton, plus tons more. It'll nourish the soul and nod the head… Please spread the word and do the damn thing! Ross xx GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected] Tracklist: 1. Peter Hadar 'Sweat (Extended DJ Mix)' (Eglo) 2. Prommer & Barck 'The Machine (Drum and Bass)' (Compost) 3. Plush 'Free n Easy (Terrence Pearce Edit)' (D/L) 4. William Arcane 'Departed' (Pictures Music) 5. Hidden Orchestra 'Fourth Wall (Kelpe Remix)' (Tru Thoughts) 6. Debukas 'Love Plant' (202 Vision) 7. Kid A 'BB Bleu (Eliphino Remix)' (Ninja Tune) 8. Jamie Lidell 'You Naked (Jimmy Edgar remix)' (Warp) 9. Circle Traps 'Heatwave' (Red Eye) 10. Lone 'Airglow Fires' (R&S) 11. Archie Pelago 'Breezy Whey' (Archie Pelago Music) 12. Riton 'Trap House (Original Mix)' (Soundcloud) 13. Ghosts On Tape 'No Guestlist (Arttu Remix)' (Icee Hot) 14. Disclosure 'Stimulation' (Interscope) 15. Matrixxman 'Credentials' (Fifth Wall) 16. Fantastic Mr. Fox 'The Trap' (Black Acre) 17. Rumpistol / John Monica 'It's Everywhere (EAN Rmx) (Soundcloud) 18. Special Request 'Broken Dreams' (Houndtooth) 19. Danny Byrd, ft. Xavier 'New Day' (Hospital) 20. Jon Hopkins 'Immunity' (Domino)
6/26/20131 hour, 58 minutes, 7 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.92

Hideout Sessions - Episode 92 It's official, I'm now a great big massive homeowner. W'hooooooo! Coming to you from my brand new, (empty) house on a barebones set up for the time being, but we're at last on the road to resuming normal podcast service. Thanks for all your patiences folks! Anyway, I'm elated to bring you newness from the like of Youngblood Brass Band, Colm K, Resonators, Gaz Coombes, Nickodemus, Leon Vynehall and loads more. It's simply very, very, very good. Tell everyone you can and please share the link! Ross xx GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected] Tracklist: 1. Dirg Gerner 'Before It's Over' (Eglo) 2. Resonators 'Try Again' (Wah Wah 45s) 3. Amel Eiland 'Chillax' (Tokyo Dawn) 4. Nikodemus, ft. Kissey Asplund ('Mirage (Yukicito Remix)' (Wonderwheel) 5. Colm K 'Good Fridays' (Bastard Jazz) 6. Youngblood Brass Band 'Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (Inst)' (Tru Thoughts) 7. Audiophysical, ft. Hugo Kant 'Divisibility (Original Mix)' (Hiperbole) 8. The Jazzinvaders ft. Dr. Lonnie Smith 'Song For Lonnie' (Social Beats/Unique) 9. Soweto Kinch, ft. Julian Joseph 'Sweeping Change' (Soweto Kinch Recordings) 10. Laki Mera 'Come Alone Circle Traps Mix' (Just Music) 11. Rumpistol & John Monica 'It's Everywhere' (Promo) 12. IMYRMIND 'Orange Skin Food' (Wotnot) 13. Youan 'Nightwalker' (Promo) 14. Daniel Kyo. ft. Mr. White 'All I Want (John Daly Remix)' (Drum Poet Community) 15. Leon Vynehall 'Sister' (Aus) 16. Debukas 'Reach Out Feel' (2020 Vision) 17. Zaquoir 'Wokule' (SVS) 18. Uphigh Collective 'Dealing (Alex Patchwork Remix)' (Tangram) 19. Drumagick 'Feelings' (Tru Thoughts) 20. Gaz Coombes Presents… 'One Of These Days' (Hot Fruit) 21. Dan Auerbach 'When the Night Comes' (Nonesuch)
6/12/20131 hour, 59 minutes, 17 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.91

Hideout Sessions - Episode 91 Not even the slightest hint of filler in episode 91 of our regular shout from the rooftops about the best new music around. All killer from the likes or Jimmy Edgar, Jose James, Jesse Futureman, Scrimshire, Tall Black Guy, Nelson, !tems, Softwar and loads more. Plus we're blessed with a soul nourishing selection from the terrifyingly talented Capac. Get stuck in, tell the world and support the music. See you in a couple! Ross xx GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected] Tracklist: 1. The Underachievers 'The Mahdi' (Brainfeeder) 2. Clear Soul Forces 'Get No Better' (Bandcamp) 3. Jesse Futurman 'Don't Grecko Your Brother' (Jus Like Music) 4. Harleighblu 'Enough Now' (Tru Thoughts) 5. Jose James 'Come To My Door (Taylor McFerrin Rmx)' (Blue Note) 6. Different Marks, ft. Ben Westbeach 'Can't Figure Me Out' (Pets Recordings) 7. Tall Black Guy 'The Dark Streets' (First Word) 8. Nelson 'The ebb of once a great…' (Unsigned) ---------CAPAC IN THE MIX---------- 9. Luumen 'On Ice' (Unreleased) 10. Wired To Follow 'Unix Epoch (Capac Rmx)' (Self Released) 11. Maps 'I Heard them Say (Andy Stott Rmx)' (Mute) 12. Autechre 'Bladelores' (Warp) 13. Prurient 'You Show Great Spirit' (Blackest Ever Black) 14. Mala 'Changes (Harmonimix Rmx)' (Deep Medi Musik) 15. Dauwd 'Heat Division' (Picture Music) 16. Capac 'Sea Freeze (EDIT)' (Unreleased) 17. Ekocam 'Muldoon' (Unreleased) ----------------------------------- 18. Joy Orbison 'Donnell' (Soundcloud) 19. Part-Time Heroes 'Leaving (Noisses Rmx)' (Wah Wah 45) 20. Rektchordz 'Make You Mine (Jerk Boy Rmx)' (Vicious Bitch) 21. Softwar 'One Day (Detroit Swindle Rmx)' (Club Mod) 22. Jimmy Edgar 'Strike' (Ultramajic) 23. Jon Hopkins 'Open Eye Signal (Nosaj Thing Rmx)' (Domino) 24. Cromie & Sage Caswell 'Pyrex (Ghosts On Tape Remix)' (Peach) 25. Items 'Time Swap' (Reset Industries) 26. Scrimshire 'Kindle A Fire' (Wah Wah 45s)
6/1/20131 hour, 59 minutes, 26 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.90

Hideout Sessions - Episode 90 Another podcast milestone is passed as we reach our 90th show. W'hooooo! A brace from Compost, newness from Jazzinvaders, ft. Dr. Lonnie Smith, Fatima, Dan White, Hot 8 Brass Band, London Posse, Aldo Vanucci, Feature Cast, Glimpse, Move D, Bonobo, Tall Black Guy, Jono McCleery and Toddla T Sound formulate an absolute stunner of a selection. Plus, some very exciting news from yours truly. Bundles of love and please share the link for the show, Ross xx P.S. Get in touch on [email protected] Tracklist: 1. Al Reed 'Pure Love' (Tramp Records) 2. The Gene Dudley Group 'The Fawcett Negotiation' (Wah Wah 45s) 3. The Jazzinvaders feat. Dr. Lonnie Smith 'Nelson' (Social Beats/Unique) 4. Hot 8 Brass Band 'Hot 8 Shit' (Tru Thoughts) 5. Cookin' on 3 Burners 'This Girl' (Freestyle) 6. Feature Cast 'Tripping Out' (?) 7. Tall Black Guy, ft. Ozay Moore 'Mon Amie De'troit' (First Word) 8. Aldo Vanucci 'Burning Starlight (Bootleg Mix)' (?) 9. London Posse 'Money Mad (Wrongtom Remix)' (Tru Thoughts) 10. Fatima 'Visit You (Prod. Budgie)' (Eglo) 11. Bonobo 'Emkay' (Ninja Tune) 12. Daft Punk ft. Pharrell Williams 'Get Lucky (Ziggy Phunk Re-Touch)' (?) 13. Liquid Phonk 'Heart & Soul' (Compost) 14. Sex Rules Everything 'Dress To Undress' (Wotnot) 15. Justin Timberlake 'Suit & Tie (Four Tet Remix)' 16. Move D 'Wanna Do' (Curle Recordings) 17. Cocolores 'Take Your Shirt Off' (Compost) 18. El Nino Andres 'Mona' (Hijadecolumbia) 19. Dan White 'Deluge' (Shades) 20. Close, ft. Charlene Soraia & Scuba 'Beam Me Up (George Fitzgerald Remix)' (!K7 Records) 21. Glimpse 'Whiles' (Aus Music) 22. Toddla T Sound 'Worst Enemy (Deadboy Remix)' (Ninja Tune) 23. Jono McCleery 'Painted Blue' (Ninja Tune)
5/15/20132 hours, 1 minute, 20 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.89

Hideout Sessions - Episode 89 As promised…here's a catch up episode for all you subscribers. Number 89 goes on a bit of a darker, more left of centre journey. Not very seasonal of me I know, but I promise you you'll find something to fall in love with. Breathtaking music from Owen Howells, Fourtet & Neena Cherry, Jon Hopkins, Shlomo, Hreno, Bambooman, Archie Pelago, Strange U and loads more. It's just, very, VERY good! See you in a week for episode 90. Got some exciting news to tell you all! Love you tons and tell everyone you know to get subscribing! Ross xx P.S. Get in touch on [email protected] Tracklist: 1. Strange U 'Rancid Canvas Licks Dirty' (Eglo) 2. DA-10 'Redshift' (Wotnot) 3. Shlohmo, ft. How To Dress Well 'Don't Say No' (Wedidit) 4. Kab Driver 'Hank Bewlington' (Reset Industries) 5. Shy Nature 'Deadly Sin (Capac Rmx) (?) 6. Sad City 'You Will Soon Find That Life Is Wonderful' (Phonica Special Editions) 7. Noah 'Do You Remember' [] 8. Boozoo Bajou 'Stronsay' (Apollo) 9. Bambooman 'Lucazade' (XVI Records) 10. Hreno 'We´re Alright' (Meander) 11. Archie Pelago 'Avocado Roller' (Archie Pelago Music) 12. Naughty Boy ft. Sam Smith 'La La La (Pále Rmx) (Virgin) 13. Graze 'The Sust' (New Kanada) 14. Sepalcure 'Make You' (Hotflush) 15. Owen Howells 'Riding' (Celestial) 16. Four Tet, ft. Neneh Cherry & Afrika Baby Bam 'Nina' ( 17. Jon Hopkins 'Open Eye Signal' (Domino) 18. Stephan Bodzin vs Marc Romboy 'Phobos' (Systematic) 19. Kahn, ft. Flowdan 'Badman City' (Blackbox-Boxclever) 20. How To Dress Well 'Cold Nites (Koreless Remix)' (Weird World)
5/9/20131 hour, 56 minutes, 17 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.88

Hideout Sessions - Episode 88 My name is Ross Wakefield and I am very, very, VERY sorry. It's been six weeks since my last confession, I mean podcast…anyway you get my drift. The only excuse I can offer is that life got on top of me for a while and my lack of studio and nomadic existence, resulted in some appalling slackness. I will be going to bed without any pudding indefinitely and I WILL make it up to you. That's a promise! Anyway, I hope the selection goes someway to staying your outrage and after 2hrs of the best new music around, I hope you'll start to forgive me. Thanks for your patience and shouts out to everyone that got in touch and hounded me into life. Love you loads and see you in a couple of weeks, Ross xx P.S. Get in touch on [email protected] Tracklist: 1. Pomrad 'Pomslap' (Earnest Endevours) 2. A/T/O/S 'A Taste Of Struggle (Commodo Remix)' (Deep Medi) 3. Talk In Colour 'Candles (Ricky Fabulous Remix)' (Soundcloud) 4. Scrimshire 'Convergent (Yosi Horikawa Remix)' (Wah Wah 45s) 5. Daughter 'Love (Synkro Edit)' (4AD) 6. Waxlife 'MP (Tribute to Michel Petrucciani)' (Soundcloud) 7. Christian Piers 'Clocked Decay' (Source Unknown) 8. Fold 'Moving Patterns' (Man Make Music) 9. Last Magpie 'Hypno' (Losing Suki) 10. Cause & Affect 'Don't Like To Do That' (Dirtybird) 11. Hackman 'No More' [via XLR8R] 12. Mr. Beatnik 'Parallax Scroll' (Don't Be Afraid) 13. Tessela 'Hackney Parrot' (Poly Kicks) 14. Bicep 'The Game' (Aus Music) 15. Hugo Slime 'More Elevated Thing (Original Mix)' (Fairplay) 16. Sam Smith 'Lay Me Down (TE Dub Mix)' (Method Records) 17. Lorca 'If I Told You' (2020 Midnight Visions) 18. Anushka 'Yes Guess' (Brownswood) 19. Xxxy 'Thinkin Bout' (Ten Thousand Yen) 20. Owiny Sigoma Band 'Owiny Techno' (Brownswood) 21. Richie Havens 'Here Comes the Sun' (Polydor)
4/24/20132 hours, 25 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.87

Chop, chop spring!!!! Hurry up please…we're utterly bored of being cold now. Anyway, how are you all? Fighting fit, I trust? Welcome to our 87th podcast offering. Complete with crazy current releases from artists like Ty, Taroe, Ambient Jazz Ensemble, Dusty, Romare, Wrongtom and fLako, with the added bonus of the 'hotly tipped for big things' Uffe, in the mix. Straight up gold…the lot of it!! Love you tons and see you in two. Ross xx P.S. GET IN TOUCH: [email protected] Tracklist: 1. Wrongtom, ft. Deemas J 'Superteng (Mo'Matic Remix)' (Tru Thoughts) 2. Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators 'Break Free (Shake a Tail Feather)' (Timmion) 3. Dusty 'Danse Macabre (ft. Bad Jazz Troupe)' (Jazz & Milk) 4. Torae 'What's Love (ft. Pharoahe Monch)' (Internal Affairs Ent.) 5. Trek Life 'Get In Touch (prod Oddisee)' (Mello Music) 6. Ty 'Playing With Fire' (Tru Thoughts) 7. Strange U 'Klaatu Barada Nikto' (Eglo) 8. Jamie Lidell 'Blaming Something' (Warp) 9. Toddla T Sound 'Worst Enemy' (Ninja Tune) 10. fLako 'Honey Drips' (Five Easy Pieces) --------------------------------------- UFFE IN THE MIX 11. Dop and Dave Aju 'Alligators' (Circus Company) 12. John Roberts 'Hesitate' (Dial) 13. Viktor Lundgård '??' (Unreleased) 14. Mac Graef and Laubinzki 'Wrakk' (Tartelet) 15. Uffe 'Something Wrong (Tints Remix)' (Dunkel Radio) 16. Kh 'That Track With The Ridiculous Title' (Text Records) 17. Dop 'Holy' (Milnor Modern) 18. Round 'You and I' (Unreleased) 19. Matthew Herbert 'Its Only (Dj Koze Remix)' (Pampa) --------------------------------------- 20. Sandy's Gang 'Hungry' (BBE) 21. Ambient Jazz Ensemble 'Jazz Face (Simbad Rainy Remix)' (Here and Now) 22. Jack Dixon 'Glassworks (Original Mix)' (White Asega) 23. Dj Chap 1Luv' (Footwork Frenzy) 24. Romare 'Your Love (You Give Me Fever)' (Black Acre) 25. Fionn Regan 'Dogwood Blossom' (Heavenly)
3/13/20132 hours, 3 minutes, 6 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.86

Hideout Sessions*86 As another couple of winter weeks slip by, we once again find ourselves faced with the prospect of 2hrs of the best brand new music. Gathered lovingly by lil’ ol’ me, get yourselves limbered up and strapped in for cuts from Nickodemus, Portico Quartet, Simple, Colman Brothers, Radio Diffusion, Glenn Astro and a ton more. Plus the extra wonderful bonus of an exclusive 30min mix from First Word Records’ top dog, DJ Gilla. Enjoy the show and spread the love, See you in a couple! Ross xx GET IN TOUCH: [email protected] 1. C2C 'The Beat (Original)' (Mercury) 2. Nickodemus, ft. The Real Live Show 'Give The Drummer Some (DJ Regal's 7inch B-Boy Drum Flip)' (Wonder Wheel) 3. Romanowski 'Studio 2' (Trouser Trout) 4. The Soul Session 'Horse with no Name (Bopperson Re Edit)' (Soundcloud) 5. Colman Brothers 'On A Better Day I'm Dreamin (Tall Black Guy Remix)' (Wah Wah 45s) 6. Portico Quartet 'Rubidium (Luke Abbott Remix)' (Real World) 7. Yosi Horikawa, ft. Jesse Boykins III, Anenon & Gordon Gilmour 'Whispers From An Angel' (First Word Records) -------------------------------------------------- DJ GILLA IN THE MIX 8. Old Ground - Ariya Astrobeat Arkestra (First Word) 9. Paradox - Riot Jazz Brass Band (First Word) 10. 10 Seconds Reflip - kidkanevil (First Word) 11. From Home, To Work And Back Again - Tall Black Guy (First Word) 12. Boom Bap Routine - Souleance (First Word) 13. Nitro - Comfort Fit (First Word) 14. Waves - Joey Bada$$ (Promo) 15. Flowers - Andrew Ashong (Sound Signature) 16. Mattered Much ft Olivier Daysoul - Oddisee (Mello Music Group) 17. While I Wake Up (FRMX) - Essa aka Yungun (Bandcamp) 18. Bring It All Together (Social Beings Remix ft Ad-Apt) - Homecut (First Word) ------------------------------------------------ 19. Simple 'Main Street' (Apollo) 20. A/S/O/S 'A Taste Of Struggle (Original Mix)' (Deep Medi) 21. Romare 'The Blues (It Began In Africa)' (Black Acre) 22. Terje Saether ft. Malin Pettersen 'Scared (Gregorythme Remix)' (Darkroom Dubs) 23. Radio Diffusion 'BHVL' (Compost) 24. Dusky 'What I Never Knew (Mono Bass Vinyl Version)' (Aus Music) 25. El_Txef_A 'A Place To Fall Apart (Peter A's When The Lights Went Out Mix)' (Fiakun) 26. Glenn Astro 'The Power (Medlar remix)' (Wotnot) 27. Deadbeat 'ID2' (BLKRTZ) 28. Donald Byrd 'Wind Parade' (Blue Note)
2/27/20132 hours, 1 minute, 52 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.84

Thanks for joining us once again you lot, it's great to have you on board! Music to keep you warm this week and wake that hibernating soul. Cuts from Soweto Kinch, Sway, Jose James, Hundred Strong, Clientele and Ta-Ku. A fiendish re-edit of the month from Belabouche and an Estonian treat from new find of the month, State of Zoe. Stay tuned, stay subscribing and stay cosy! Love you tons and catch you in a couple of weeks, Ross xx P.S. GET IN TOUCH: [email protected] Track list: 1. The Greg Foat Group 'Girl and Robot With Flowers (Part 3)' (Jazzman) 2. Soweto Kinch 'Invidia' (Soweto Kinch Recordings) 3. Charlie 'Desire of Jazz' (Soundcloud) 4. State of Zoe 'Two Ways To Fall' (Bandcamp) 5. Ta-Ku 'Sweat Like Keith' (LFTF) 6. Hundred Strong & Joseph Malik 'Slip My Mind' (High Noon) 7. Seravince 'High' (Moovmnt) 8. Bering Strait 'Apart' (Apollo) 9. Natural Self, ft. Tania Auclair & Milly Blue 'The Valleys' (Tru Thoughts) 10. Souleance 'Boom Bap Routine' (First Word) 11. The J.B's 'You Can Have Watergate….(Belabouche Edit)' (Unreleased) 12. Nelson' Look At Me Without You' (Unreleased) 13. Sway, ft. Mr. Hudson, Lunar C, Stig of the Dump, Shotty Horroh, Rizzle, Black The Ripper & Jehst 'Charge' (All Around The World) 14. Tiefschwarz 'No Message (David K's Grand Piano Rmx)' (Souvenir) 15. James Welsh 'Nowt (Ron Basejam Mix Prt. 2)' (Wolf) 16. Natan H & Amy Jean 'For Her' (Man Make Music) 17. Midland 'For (Yacht) Club Use Only' (Aus) 18. Clientele 'Loves Games' (Tipping Point) 19. Real 'Don't Need Your Love' (XVI) 20. Elson David 'God Bless' (Shades of Grey) 21. Jose James 'Tomorrow' (Blue Note)
1/24/20132 hours, 3 minutes, 36 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.81

Hideout Sessions – Episode 81 MEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRY CHRIIIIIIIISSSSSSSTMAAAAAS!!! I hope our penultimate show of the year finds you all brimming with seasonal cheer? Well if not, then this little selection should get you into the spirit. Cuts from DJ Zinc, Ariya, Quantic and Alice Russell, Synkro, Laurel Halo, Solomun and Joe all make your stocking bulge and then your big present under the tree is mind blowing DJ Mix from Brussels' finest, Monkey Robot. Well what are you waiting for, put your best jumper on and get unwrapping! We'll be round yours soon with the mistletoe to give you a special thanks for all your support with the show and of course our LP over the year. Thank you. It means the world to us. Keep on… Peace and good will to all men, we'll see you in 2013. Love…Rx P.S. Make sure you keep an eye on your iTunes subscription on Xmas Eve for a bonus podcast treat. x GET IN TOUCH: [email protected] Track list: 1. Ariya Afrobeat Arkestra 'March Of The Idiots' (First Word) 2. Quantic and Alice Russell 'Magdelena' (Tru Thoughts) 3. Momotaro 'Kite' (DL) 4. Reverso 68 'Todd Terje Spinning Star Mix' (Eskimo) 5. Brandy 'Music (Alex Patchwork Re-edit)' (DL) 6. Joe 'MB' (Hemlock) 7. Solomun 'Kackvogel' (Watergate) ----------------------------------------- MONKEY ROBOT IN THE MIX 8. MonkeyRobot 'Garson's Theme' 9. Bilal 'Robots (MonkeyRobot rmx)' 10. The Robert Glasper Experiment ft King 'Move love (MonkeyRobot rmx)' 11. Little Dragon 'Ritual Union (MonkeyRobot rmx)' 12. Dandy Teru ft Moka Only 'Below (MonkeyRobot rmx)' 13. MonkeyRobot 'Northern Lights' 14. 74 Miles Away 'Scrabble (re-take)' 15. MonkeyRobot 'Bright' 16. MonkeyRobot 'Rosé Gris' 17. 74 Miles Away 'Neverending Rhodes' ----------------------------------------- 18. Laurel Halo 'Sunlight on the Faded' (Hyberdub) 19. Jessie Ware 'Sweet Talk (Urulu 'Works For Me' Dub)' (XLR8R) 20. Birdsmakingmachine 'Three Days Late' (Birdsmakingmachine) 21. Decyfer 'Chewed Up' (XVI) 22. Zinc 'Forest Gate Funk' (Crack House) 23. Synkro 'Spirals' (Apollo)
1/24/20131 hour, 53 minutes, 40 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.83

A new year, new hopes, new dreams, new leafs, new promises and new starts… …except for the Hideout Sessions. No change here, the same tried and tested formula of staggeringly good new music just about held together by a large dollop of waffle. The first show of 2013 is packed with freebee tunes to help you all through the usual frugal January. Get in touch with us on [email protected] and make it a resolution to sling the subscription link around where ever you can. It's all love…Ross xx Track list: 1. Typesun ‘PL’ (Root Elevation) 2. S O H N ‘The Wheel’ (Aesop) 3. Captain Planet ‘Quetzalcoatl Offering’ (Bastard Jazz) 4. Souleance ‘Source Samouri’ (First Word) 5. The Blues Projects ‘Flute Thing’ (Verve Folkways) 6. The Illinois Connection ‘Po Boys Dream’ (Funk 45s) 7. Quantic & Alice Russell ‘Magdalena (Acoustic Version) (Tru Thoughts) 8. Tony T ‘The Feelin’(Editorial) 9. Elias Tzikas ‘Still Around’ (Retrospective) 10. Ango ‘True Blue’ (Lucky Me) 11. Leibniz ‘Monatskarte (original mix)’ (Fairplay) 12. Nils Frahm ‘Re (Modiac Rework) (XLR8R) 13. Nelson ‘A Winter Without You’ (Unsigned) 14. Blacktonics & Amalia ‘Bodysnatcher’ (Tokyo Dawn) 15. The XX ‘Chained (John Talabot & Pional Blinded Remix)’ (XL) 16. Mak & Pasteman ‘Fifty Shades’ (M&P Soundcloud) 17. Duke Dumont ‘The Giver (Greymatter Remix)’ (Greymatter Soundcloud) 18. Sid Vaga ‘Na Na Ye’ (Wonderwheel) 19. Paper Tiger ‘Come Correct feat Foreign Beggars (Fulgeance Remix)’ (Wah Wah 45s) 20. Part-Time Heroes ‘Done (Live Jazz Café Version) (PTH Bandcamp)
1/24/20132 hours, 25 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.72

Hideout Sessions – Episode 72 'Ey up?! Hope you're all right nice a lovely? I find myself on me jack jones again this month as Toby managed to double book himself. So, you know by now that means maximum music and minimum chat. Which = top hole! We've got all the regular features plus hot of the shelf newness from Hudson Mohawke, Disclosure, Nocturnal, Top Cat, Resonators and tons more to give you a head bangingly excellent show. Thanks as always for tuning in. Make sure you take part in the listener challenge before the next episode (TRY AND GET 5 NEW SUBSCRIBERS BEFORE THE NEXT SHOW), and we'll love you forever. Catch you in two!! Ross xx GET IN TOUCH: [email protected] Trakclist: 1. Nas 'Cherry Wine (feat. Amy Winehouse)' (Def Jam) 2. Resonators 'B.A.S.I.C. (Album Version)' (Wah Wah 45s) 3. Wrongtom Meets Deemas J 'Jump + Move + Rock' (Tru Thoughts) 4. Rebel Mc/Top Cat 'Champion DJ (Serial Killaz VIP remix)' (Congo Natty) 5. The Insomniax 'A Vibe For Chrissy (Easrnest Endeavours) 6. Pinchers 'Bandelero' (Jammy$) 7. Barrington Levy 'Here I Come' (London) 8. Opt 'Street' (Tartlett) 9. Nocturnal Edits 'Enjoy' (Nocturnal Music) 10.TNGHT 'Higher Ground' (Warp) 11. Débruit 'Pony' (Civil Music) 12. Franjazzco 'I Just Love You' (Disko404) 13. Sun People 'Going To' (Disko404) 14. Koreless 'Lost In Tokyo' (Vase) 15. Zack Christ 'Han Paa' (Raised By) 16. Disclosure, ft Sinead Harnett 'Boliing (Medlar remix)' (Greco Roman) 17. Mala 'Cuba Electronic' (Brownswood) 18. Sinteg 'Paresseux' (Fur Trade) 19. Throwing Snow 'Brook (Gold Panda)' (Snowfall) 20. Lopez 'Balham Tandoori (Original)' (Keep Up!) 21. Part-Time Heroes 'Done' (Wah Wah 45s)
8/3/20122 hours, 5 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.71

Hideout Sessions – Episode 71 Well, it's that time again and it's all about the new single release for this episode, so please keep an eye out for the various videos and stick a note in your diary for Monday, July 30th. It'll be worth your while, I promise. A blistering array of new music for you too from Mak & Pasteman, XXXY, Scott Allen, Debian Blak, Toddla T, plus 'Dusty Duo', 'Special Request' and 'Re-edit of the Month'. This one's a beauty! Catch you in a couple of weeks and please spread the gospel! Ross and Toby xx Tracklist: 1. Part-Time Heroes 'Done [Throwing Snow Remix]' (Wah Wah 45s) 2. Fatima & Funkineven 'Phone Line' (Eglo) 3. Debian Blak 'Hawks & Spies (ft Neo Joshua)' (First Word) 4. Om Unit 'Dark Sunrise (feat Tamara Blessa)' (Civil Music) 5. David Joseph 'You Can't Hide' (Mango) 6. Lesette Wilson 'Caveman Boogie' (Head First) 7. Sei A 'You Can Bring' (Boman Remix) 8. Bobby Champs 'Drag Queen' (Pictures Music) 9. Sleepin' Giantz 'Mucky' (Tru Thoughts) 10.Toddla T 'Streets Get Warmer' (Ninja Tune) 11.Julio Bashmore 'Au Seve' (Broadwalk Records) 12.Revivra & Alias Estephe & Vulzor 'What's Going On' (Gamm) 13.Wayne Lotek 'Rebel Hi Fi (Warrior One's Trancehall Refix)' (First Word) 14.Mak & Pasteman 'What Love Is' (Car Crash Set) 15.XXXY 'Bash (French Fries remix)' (Halo Cyan) 16.Disclosure 'Boiling (feat Sinead Harnett)' (Greco Roman) 17.Technicolour/Komatic 'Stay (feat Jayma - BCee remix)' (Spearhead) 18.Scott Allen 'Inner Beauty' (Celsius) 19.Janis Joplin 'Little Blue Girl' (CBS)
7/19/20122 hours, 1 minute, 18 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.70

Happy July Everyone! Here with the first of this month's shows, reuntied again after a breif haitus, PTH bring you the greatest show on earth (according to our Mums) This show features an exclusive airing of one of the tracks from our upcoming single release, some important news about the shooting of the video for the single, and some predictions for Ross' stag do.... As well as brand new music from Royalty ft.Kissy Asplund, Quantic & Alice Russell, Trevino, DeWalta and a peachy little Coleman Brothers Remix!! It all for you dear listeners, ENJOY! R & T x 01 Rengades Of Jazz 'Get A Wiggle On (Suonho Remix)' (Wass) 02 Royalty ft. Kissy Asplund 'Eroica' (Five Easy Pieces) 03 Quantic & Alice Russell with The Combo Barbaro 'Here Again' (Tru Thoughts Recordings) 04 Colman Brothers 'On A Better Day I'm Dreamin' (Tall Black Guy Remix)' (Wah Wah 45s) 05 Py & Greenwood Sharps 'Crowns' ( 06 Part-Time Heroes 'Dancing In The Dark' (Wah Wah 45s) 07 Del Tha Funky Homosapien 'Made In America' (East West) 08 PUTS 'San Fransico Knights' (OM Records) 09 Gacha 'Remember' (AMB1204) 10 Mark Henning 'Trojan' (CF015) 11 2400 Operator 'The Feelin' [via XLR8R] 12 DeWalta 'Machine Soul' (Haunt) 13 DeWalta 'Keep On' (Haunt) 14 Onirik 'Gangsta Patience' (Serialism) 15 Leon Vynehall 'Gold Language (Gang Colours remix)' (R&S) 16 Trevino 'Tweakonomics' (Revolver) 17 Sei A 'Going Down' (Simple) 18 Flori 'Lucy' (Secret Sundaze) 19 Dusky 'Henry 85' (Simple) 20 Doseone 'Arm In Armageddon (D33J Remix)' [via] 21 Sigor Ros 'Varðeldur' (EMI)
7/11/20122 hours, 2 minutes, 14 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.69

Hello hello, I'm all on my tod this month, since Skynet became sentient last year, the machines and technology continue to conspire against us... Nevertheless!! Brand new music from The Shaolin Afronauts, Oddisee, Spectrasoul, Marbert Rocel, a cracking Om Unit refix of athe new EAN cut, plus a delectable dusty duo, special request AND an exclusive play of a cheeky little Part-Time Heroes unplugged session. What else could you possibly want ? (apart from summer to pull it's finger out) Enjoy!! R x ( & T, in spirit!) 1. The Shaolin Afronauts 'Winds Across Gayanamede' (Freestyle) 2. Oddisee 'You Know Who You Are [Explicit]' (Mello Music) 3. Kindness 'House' (Female Energy/Polydor) 4. 813 'La Fantiko' (92 Points) 5. Monkey Robot 'Basement Infusion' (Bastard Jazz) 6. The Soul Session 'Struggles & Blessings (Mo'Horizons Longstyle Mix)' (Agogo) 7. Spectrasoul 'Light In The Dark, ft. Terri Walker' (Shogun Audio) 8. Dr. John 'Right Place, Wrong Time' (ATCO) 9. George Benson 'Summertime' (CBS) 10. Py 'Lungs (produced By George Fitzgerald)' ( 11. Yosi Horikawa 'Bubbles' (First Word) 12. Ultraista 'Small Tal (Four Tet Remix)' (Ultraista) 13. Bwana 'Nami Swan' (Somethinksounds) 14. Marbert Rocel 'Waiting For My Racoon' (Compost) 15. Sasse 'Fantazy' (Mood Music) 16. Jimmy Edgar 'Let Yrself Be' (Hot Flush) 17. Bicep 'You' (Aus) 18. EAN 'Flow (Om Unit remix)' (Cosmic Bridge) 19. TALKY BIT 20. Technicolour 'Glint' 21. Part-Time Heroes 'Done (Stripped Down Version 1)' (Wah Wah 45s)
6/21/20122 hours, 20 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.68

Welcome all! As luck would have it, Ross and I have managed to make it into the same studio together and are eyeball-to-eyeball once more…. Another killer of a show this episode, brand new Jesse Futerman, Deep Street Soul, Bobby Womack and a little tribute to late, great Donna Summer. Plus an exclusive airing of a new PTH remix for Belleruche and an absolutely storming DJ mix from Manchester's up-and-comers; Naive Machine. Strap in, strap up, serve loud !! R & T xx PS. DON'T FORGET, IF YOU HAVEN'T GOT IT ALREADY, YOU CAN GET YOUR HANDS ON A COPY OF THE NEW PTH ALBUM 'LIGHTFALLS' HERE: PTH SITES: THE NAIVE MACHINE SITES: Tracklist: 1. Jesse Futerman 'Yusef feat. Milo of Sibian & Faun' (Juslikemusic) 2. Wiz Khalifa 'Mia Wallace' (Self Released) 3. Deep Street Soul 'This Love Ain't Big Enough (For The Two Of Us)' (Freestyle) 4. George FitzGerald 'Child' (Aus Music) 5. Submerse 'Give It Up' (Apollo) 6. Belleruche 'Wasted Time (Ross PTH Mix)' (Tru Thoughts) 7. Bobby Womack '  Please Forgive My Heart' (XL) 8. Donna Summer '(If It) Hurts Just A Little (Jason Fist re-edit)' (CDR) 9. DeWalta 'Barksdale Movin On (Radio Edit)' (Haunt) ---------------------------------------- THE NAIVE MACHINE IN THE MIX 10. Jack Dixon- You Won’t let me (Synkro Remix) 11. Naïve Machine & KRSUR- Hi Fi (Forthcoming Saturate Records) 12. Eprom-Realizatiion (Forthcoming Rwina) 13. Sepalcure- Realization (LuckyMe) 14. Naïve Machine- Born In The East (Unsigned) 15. Roni Size & DJ Die- It’s a Jazz Thing (Phillip D Kick Remix) 16. Oak- Firebird (Forthcoming Space Cadets) 17. Kelpe- I Felt Fuzzy (Naïve Machine Remix) (Svetlana) 18. Moleskin- That Time We Stole A Car And… (Unsigned) 19. Naïve Machine & KRSUR- Calling Me (Forthcoming Saturate Records) 20. 813- Crystal Raw (dub) 21. Devonwho- Strangebrew (B Bravo Remix) 22. 813- Neon Tomahawke 23. Naïve Machine- The Medicine (Forthcoming EP- Exclusive first play) ---------------------------------------- 24. Hiatus (feat. Smoke Feathers) 'Flickering' ( 25. Jack Dixon '2 Saviour' (Apollo) 26. James Welsh 'Zippyshare' (Wolf Music) 27. BareSkin 'Flow' (Losing Suki) 28. Christian Löffler 'Eleven ft. Mohna' (Ki Records) 29. Spectrasoul 'Away With Me Feat. Tamara Blessa (Calibre Remix)' (Shogun Audio) 30. Pariah 'Among Those Metal Trees' (R&S)
6/7/20122 hours, 5 minutes, 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

Hideout Sessions Ep.66

Hideout Sessions - Episode*66     Hello hello hello….is this thing on ?! How you feeling out there? Really? Well, let this sort you out… Welcome to April's 2nd instalment of the Hideout Sessions, back to full strength, we are proud to present brand new music from the likes of Souleance, Sleeping Giantz, Mak & Pasteman, Foreign Beggars and 2 Bears ft. Wiley. As well as all the usual features and the searing insight in to the minds of the UK's favourite Part-timers! Serve loud, this one's a barmier! Love Ross & Toby xx 1.    Sleeping Giantz 'Badungdeng' (Tru Thoughts)     2.    The 2 Bears ft. Wiley 'Evolve Or Be Extinct - (Original Mix)' (Big Dada)     3.    Foreign Beggars 'Palm Of My Hand' (Maustrap)     4.    Triberg 'Kandel (Mute Speaker Remix)' (Hiperbole)     5.    Bajka 'The Barrister's Dream (Renegades Of Jazz Remix)' (Hiperbole)     6.    Souleance 'Boobs' (First Word)     7.    Dr. Buzzard's Original Savanna Band 'Sun Shower' (RCA)     8.    Salena Jones 'Letter' (CBS)     11.   Emil Seidel 'Raw Dayz' (Compost)     12.   LAKOSA & 2SuckaDJs 'Cinnamon' (     13.   3hrs 'Absolutely' (Black Butter)     14.   Part-Time Heroes 'Holy (Alex Patchwork Rmx)' (Wah Wah 45s)     15.   Addison Groove 'Rude Boy' (50 Weaons)     16.   Dark Sky 'Tremor' (Black Acre)     17.   Mak & Pasteman 'Do The Same' (Speaks)     18.   Si Tew 'Silhouette (Feat. Shanade) (Zed Bias Rollout Mix)' (Atjazz)     19.   Bubba 'Wanna Dance' (Clouded Vision) 20. Sir Drew 'Disco Freak (MPC Edit) (DJ Promo)     21.   Hotel Motel 'Donna Nook (John Daly Rmx) (Dinner City Sound)     22.   Well Being 'There's A Place' (Fokuz)     23.   Gang Colours 'Fancy Restaurant (Deft Rmx)' (Brownswood)
4/20/20122 hours, 2 minutes, 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

Hideout Sessions Ep.65

Hideout Sessions – Episode*65 Hello all, The year plods on and the music just keeps getting better and better. Another astounding show in store for you with all the usual features, new releases from Oddisee, Pearson Sound, Soosh, Lone all in the mix, plus a very special DJ mix from Martin Laksberg of Lexsoul Dancemachine. A bit of spring-cleaning for the soul!! Get in touch on [email protected] Shout about it from the rooftops and we’ll see you in a couple of weeks, All our love…Ross and Toby xx Tracklist: 1. Cee-Lo ‘I Want You (Jack Splash Rmx) 2. Souleance, ft. Homecut ‘Unseen’ (First Word) 3. Oddisee ‘Slow It Down’ (Mello Music Group) 4. Lack Of Afro ‘Step Up (If You Wanna Get Heard)’ (Freestyle) 5. Restless Leg Syndrome ‘Chucky (The Devil)’ (Tiefparterre) 6. Letta Mbulu ‘Mahalelia’ (Chisa:1975) 7. Les McCann ‘What’s Going On?’ (Atlantic:1972) 8. Part-Time Heroes ‘Done (Rough Fields Rmx)’ (Wah Wah 45s) 9. Pearson Sounds ‘Untitled’ (Footloose) 10. Lone ‘Crystal Caverns 1991’ (R&S) 11. Dam Mantle ‘Her Woes’ (Get Me!) 12. The Abstract Eye ‘Analogous’ (Eglo) 13. Forget Me Not ‘What Were You Gonna Say (Gullfisk Rmx)’ (Diamond and Raw) MARTIN LAKSBERG (LEXSOUL DANCEMACHINE) IN THE MIX 14. Shift Tides - Palau 15. The Dead Rose Music Company - Just A Bitter Love 16. Charles Earland - Coming To You Live 17. Shokazulu - Part 4 18. Mr. Confuse feat. Elaine Thomas - Why Can't You See Me 19. Bjørn Torske - Langt Fra Afrika (Todd Terje's Enda Lengre Miks)(Fra Afrika Altså) 20. Quantic - Off The Beaten Track (Carmel Mix) 21. Jorge Santana - Darling I Love You (Underdog Edit) 22. The Mike Westbrook Concert Band - Original Peter 23. Alkalino ‘Lucky Fellow’ (Audaz) 24. Gerry Read ‘Crawl Space’ (Delsin Holland) 25. TALKY BIT 26. Desolate ‘Desolation’ (Fauxpas Music)
4/5/20122 hours, 2 minutes, 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

Hideout Sessions Ep.64

Hideout Sessions - Episode*64 Spring's sprung chaps, At last! It feels like and age since I've seen the sun, long may it continue. Hideout Sessions, number 64 provides the perfect spring time soundtrack for you. We've got some classics from The Meters and Aretha, along with some hot of the press gems from the likes of Compost, Jessica Lauren, Azanyah, Pikcha, Lorca, Rayko, Deeep Edits, Souleance and Fybe One to name a few. It's a beauty! A massive thank you to all of you for your support with the LP, whether it be word spreading, downloading, blogging or kind words it means the world. Please keep on, keeping on! Finally, don't forget to check out our session for Selector Radio ( Barrels of love…Ross and Toby. xx GET IN TOUCH: [email protected] Tracklist: 1. Jessica Lauren 'The Name Of Fela Will Always Stand For Freedom (Freestyle) 2. Lack of Afro 'Passive Aggressive' (Freestyle) 3. Azanyah 'Let God Come First' (Jazzman) 4. Matt Blake 'Lifeguard' (Soundcloud) 5. Part-Time Heroes 'Sinking' (Wah Wah 45s) 6. The Meters 'Hand Clapping Song' (Josie) 7. Aretha Franklin 'Nobody Like You' (Columbia) 8. Souleance 'Schack' (First Word) 9. Submotion Orchestra 'It's Not Me, It's You' (Exceptional) 10. Azymuth 'Ta Nessa Ainda Bicho? (Maddslinky Heavy Up Rmx)' (Far Out) 11. Pikcha 'Disposition' (A Records) 12. Mak & Pasteman 'Jungle Juice' (Hot N Heavy) 13. Lorca 'Can't See Higher' (Dummy) 14. Washerman 'Basement Chord' (Drum Poet Community) 15. Deeep Edit 'Five' (Lectrodisco) 16. Rayko 'People' (Retrospective) 17. Pitchben 'Stand Up (Runaway Remix)' (Compost) 18. Fybe One 'Harmonic Curve' (Shades Of Grey Recordings) 19. Sabre, Stray & Halogenix, ft. Frank Carter III 'Oblique' (Critical) 20. Ports 'Empty Squares' (Middlewood)
3/22/20121 hour, 59 minutes, 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

Hideout Sessions Ep.63

Hideout Sessions - Episode*63 So, we go. The Hideout Sessions is now doubling down. From This episode onwards, we're dropping the show twice a month (1st and 3rd weeks). Definitely a strong look, I think you'll agree. This month we're celebrating the release of our brand new LP, 'Lightfalls'. Released Monday 12th March, we'll be chatting a bit about the folks involved in making the darn thing and then giving you a couple of our favourite tracks. Also, all the usual devastatingly good new music from the likes of Benny Banks, DJ Format, 78 Edits, Disclosure, Alabama Shakes, Medlar, Machine Drum, Hodgy Beats, Hint, Burial and loads more. Plus a brand new feature for you! Spread the word, hit us up on [email protected] and we hope you enjoy checking out our new LP! All our love, Ross and Toby xx Tracklist: 1. DJ Format, ft. Edan 'Spaceship Earth' (Project Blue Book) 2. Benny Banks 'Bada Bing' (Warner) 3. Hodgy Beats 'If Heaven is a Ghetto' (Fat Possom)s 4. Part-Time Heroes 'Neverlast' (Wah Wah 45s) 5. Part-Time Heroes 'Done' (Wah Wah 45s) 6. Jesse Boykins III & Gora Sou 'The Perfect Blues' (RBMA) 7. Jessica Lauren Four 'White Mountain' (Freestyle) 8. Alabama Shakes 'Hold On' (Rough Trade) 9. Portico Quartet 'Window Seat (Circle Traps Rmx)' (Portico Quartet) 10. Disclosure 'Tenderley (Kidnap Kid Rmx)' (Make Mine) 11. Hint, ft. Natalie Storm 'Crash & Burn (Hint Warehouse Rmx)' (Tru Thoughts) 12. Medlar 'Can't Stop' (Wolf Music) 13. Monster Sneaker 'Chunky Walker' (A Little Something Records) 14. Ray Lugo 'Love Me Good (Simbad Rmx) (Jazz & Milk) 15. Sun Glitter 'Wasting Times' (XVI Records) 16. Burial 'Loner' (Hyperdub) 17. 78 Edits 'One Way' (Barbeque Disco) 18. Johaan Herr 'Vibrations (Dub Version)' (Downtown Records) 19. Machine Drum 'What U Wanted 2 Feel' (The Index) 20. Adam F 'Circles (Philip D Kick footwork Edit)' (White) 21. TALKY BIT 22. Doc Daneeka & Abigail Wyles 'Toby Jug' (Ten Thousand Yen)
3/8/20122 hours, 7 minutes, 28 seconds
Episode Artwork

Hideout Sessions Ep.62

Happy February Everyone!! Another killer show lined up this month, with brand new tracks from Shlohmo, Portico Quartet, Gang Colours & Lapalux. Plus some airings of our own brand new material and a 'mazin Hideout Sessions Exclusive DJ mix from Belabouche!! Join us next month as we begin to broadcast twice a month, so make sure you spread the word as much as you can to double the fun. Punks jump up to get beat down, dig? Much love...Ross & Tobe xx P.S. GET IN TOUCH ON HIDEOUT [email protected] CHECK OUT MORE OF BELABOUCHE ON- 1. Gregory Porter 'On My Way to Harlem' (Motéma Music) 2. Part-Time Heroes 'Folded (Radio Edit)' (Wah Wah 45s) 3. Jo Stance 'Hey Girl!' (Freestyle) 4. Michael Garrick Sextet 'Temple Dancer' (Jazzman) 5. Lalaplux '102 Hours Of Introductions' (Brainfeeder) 6. Bonobo 'Prelude (Lapalux's Finger on the Tape Remix)' (Ninja Tune) 7. Portico Quartet 'Steepless' (Real World Records) 8. Shlohmo 'Wen Uuu' (FoFMusic) 9. Throwing Snow 'Equuleus (feat Augustus Ghost)' (Local Action) 10.Paper Tiger 'Illuminated' (Mind On Fire) ---------------------------------------- BELABOUCHE IN THE MIX 11. Travis Biggs 'Tibetian Serenity' 12. Get Down Edits 'It’s Ecstasy' 13. Bill Winters 'You got the stuff' 14. Belabouche Edit 'How do you Spell love' 15. Lenny Williams 'Kepp yourself together (Ltj Edit Rework)' 16. Lowrell 'Mellow Mellow Right on' 17. Joseph Terruel 'It’s only love doing it’s thing' 18. Edgard Winter 'Above and Beyond' 19. Fat Freddy’s Drop 'Bohannon Dub' --------------------------------------- 20. Jacques Greene, ft. Koreless 'Arrow' (Vase) 21. Disclosure 'Tenderly' (Make Mine) 22. The Rapture 'Come Back To Me (Greymatter WOLF Rework)' (CDR) 23. Midnight Davis 'Buried' (Five Easy Pieces) 24. Gang Colours 'Botley In Bloom' (Brownswood) 25. Liane La Havas 'Forget (Shlohmo Remix)' (XLR8R)
2/20/20122 hours, 1 second
Episode Artwork

Hideout Sessions Ep.61

Hideout Sessions – Episode 61 So here we are again, all refreshed and primed for another year...well we're definitely here, I'm not sure about the rest of it. But, nevertheless we kick the New Year off as we ended the last one, with another storming podcast for your enjoyment. Consider this a detox! Newness from Quantic & Alice Russell, Hint, Paper Tiger, YU, Jazzy Gentle and Deft bulster the ranks for this episode along with a glimpse of a superb LPZ remix of our forth-coming single 'Folded'. Then for extra awesome-ness we're delighted to bring you Roman Rauch in the mix. POW! Thanks for joining us once again and please continue to make as much noise, tweet, link share and blog where ever you go. All our love...Ross and Toby xx GET IN TOUCH ON [email protected] TRACKLIST: 1. Bonobo ‘Stay The Same (Mark Pritchard Remix)’ (Ninja Tune) 2. Quantic & Alice Russell with the Combo Bárbaro ‘Loiok Around The Corner’ (Tru Thoughts) 3. Portico Quartet ‘Ruins’ (Real World Records) 4. Lianne La Havas ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’ (Labour Of Love) 5. Darkhouse Fam ‘Take On The World feat. Om'Mas Keith’ (Earnest Endevours) 6. YU ‘I Believe (feat. Duff)’ (Mello Music) 7. Roy Ayers Project ‘Smiling A Tear (Jazzy Gentle Re-edit)’ CDR ---------------------------------------------------- ROMAN RAUCH IN THE MIX 8. Roman Rauch - Birth of Memory - MAM Secret Weapon + Chateau 9. Flight - Welcome (Acapella) - Versatile Records 10. 10. Quell - Joy - These Days 11. Travis Nelson - Our Song - Planet Records 12. Red 2 Go - Change 13. Inner Sense - Lowdown - My Love is Underground 14. Octo Octa - Trying - Silk 15. Jus‘One - Love2Love (Phlash Edit) - Neroli 16. Iron Curtis - Cover me - Retreat 17. Harddlife (Aaron Carl remix) - Underground Resistance 18. Axxis - All I‘m askin‘ - One Records 19. Medlar - Floor - Wolf Music 20. Joy Of Sound Productions – Image Fades Away (Deep House Cut) Mahogani Music 21. Vakula - Different Tone – Firecracker ---------------------------------------------------- 22. Joey Negro and Gramophonedzie feat Shea Soul ‘No Sugar Zed Bias Remix’ (Z Records) 23. Hint ‘Crash & Burn Featuring Natalie Storm’ (Tru Thoughts) 24. Paper Tiger ‘Send Me’ (Jus Like Music) 25. Deft ‘Bring Your Thing’ (Free D/L on 26. Part-Time Heroes ‘Folded (LPZ Vocal Remix)’ (Wah Wah 45s) 27. TALKY BIT 28. Massive Attack vs. Burial ‘Paradise Circus’ (Inhale Gold)
1/19/20122 hours, 6 minutes, 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

Hideout Sessions Ep.60

Hideout Sessions – Episode 60 Well, well...another year is done. And, what a year it's been amazing travels, a new PTH LP in the bag, an engaged hero and to top it off we've only gawn and made it to 60 shows. So here's special extended episode for you to celebrate the end of a wonderful year. We've got the low down on Toby's new project, Top Like The Sun Records, the first plays of some brand new PTH material and the one and only Brad Baloo (The Nextmen) joins us in the studio to tell us about his role in creating the superb new LP from The Milk and to give us/you some worldwide exclusives. That's right, no-one else except us lot has heard these. Maximum booooooost! All that remains for us to say is that we're forever in your debt for you continuing support of the podcast and all things PTH. Thank you so much!! Please continue to spread the word, make sure you join our Facebook page and download the FREE track and we look forward to bringing you more incredible new music in 2012. All our love...Ross and Toby xx GET IN TOUCH ON [email protected] Tracklist: 1. The Black Keys 'Lonely Boy' (Nonesuch) 2. Cessa 'Nameless' (Missing Link Sounds) 3. Meffa 'Slides' (Top Like The Sun) 4. Meffa 'Duster' (Top Like The Sun) 5. Broken Republic 'Nobody' (Top Like The Sun) 6. Cadatta 'Sugar Cubes' (Richard E Rmx) (Hypothermik) 7. KRL 'Deep Down' (Wolf Music) 8. Alexander Holland 'The Best Of Me' (Disca Bueno) 9. Darling Farah 'Model' (Civil Music) 10. 1000 Names 'Sushi Hour' (Project Moon Circle) 11. SBTRKT 'Pharaohs' (Young Turks) 12. Floating Points 'Realise' (Eglo) 13. Part-Time Heroes 'Holy' (Wah Wah 45s) 14. Part-Time Heroes 'So' (Wah Wah 45s) 15. Mr. Scruff 'Feel It!' (Ninja Tune) ----------------------------------------- BRAD BALOO (THE NEXTMEN) IN THE HOUSE!!!!! 16. The Milk '54/46 Is My Number' (Sign Of The Times) 17. The Milk 'B-Roads (Byron Bootleg) (Sign Of The Times/Sony) 18. DJ Shadow, ft. Little Dragon 'Scale It Back' (Verve/Island) 19. The Milk 'Kimmy' (Sign Of The Times/Sony) 20. The Milk 'You're No Holiday' (Sign Of The Times/Sony) 21. Jessie J 'Who You Are (Exemen Rmx) (Island) 22. Prop Dylan, ft. DJ Premier 'Shock & Amaze' (Catapults Ent) 23. Hudson Mohawke 'Thunder Bay' (Warp) 24. TALKY BIT 25. Terry Callier 'Dancing Girl' (Verve)
12/23/20112 hours, 40 minutes, 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

Hideout Sessions Ep.59

Hideout Sessions – Episode 59 The penultimate show of 2011. How about that eh?…blimey! No mix for you this month as we’ve got to squeeze in so much magnificent new and forth coming releases that we just ain’t got no time. Pitchben, Mosca, Ye Mighty, DTMD, Cooly G, Modeselektor and Soosh are just small part of one the years strongest and most varied playlists. There’s also word on the new PTH LP and some rather exciting news on next month’s Xmas/60th episode…so keep it the hell locked! Much love and autumn cuddles to the lot of you and enjoy the show. Ross and Tobe. Xx GET IN TOUCH ON: [email protected] Tracklist: 1. Lord Echo & His Melodies ‘Things I Like To Do’ (Bastard Jazz) 2. Frootful ‘Slowtime (Lack Of Afro Remix)’ (Freestyle) 3. Mabadu ‘Viva’ (UTC Limited) 4. DTMD, ft. Quartermaine ’95 Live’ (Mello Music) 5. Kuhn ‘We're Gonna Make It’ (Civil Music) 6. Pitchben ‘Mudwheel’ (Compost) 7. Dean Sunshine Smith ‘Love Fever’ (Soulshare) 8. Asante ‘Sabi’ (UTC Limited) 9. Modeselektor & Thom Yorke ‘Sjipwreck’ (Monkey Town) 10. Cooly G, ft. Karizma ‘It’s Serious’ (Hyperdub) 11. Nostalgia 77 ‘Sleepwalker (Lanu Remix)’ (Tru Thoughts) 12. Mosca ‘Bax’ (Numbers) 13. Funk Ethincs/Lucid Directions ‘Give’ (Boka) 14. Lexsoul Dancemachine ‘Latin Cutter’ (Maxundralhaus) 15. Eliphino ‘More Than Me’ (Somethinksounds) 16. Gangcolours ‘Fireworks In The Pocket (Alex Patchwork Remix) (Brownswood) 17. Duff Disco ‘Fame’ (CDR) 18. Ye Mighty ‘Optimist vs Realist’ (First Word) 19. Scrimshire ‘Ode To Daddy’ (Wah Wah 45s) 20. Calibre ‘Piano Bizness’ (Critical) 21. TALKY BIT 22. Shlomo ‘Couch (Soosh Rmx) (XLR8R)
11/18/20112 hours, 2 minutes
Episode Artwork

Hideout Sessions Ep.58

‘Ow doooooo? There’s a distinctly northern vernacular to this month’s show. Not only do we have superb new releases from Danny Drive Thru and Eliphino too play you, we also have a terrifyingly good mix from Manchester’s dusty fingered beat smith, Omas. Carefully constructed lovingly for your ears only we also have music from Tall Black Guy, James Blake, Luomo, Arp 101, Rodney P amongst others in another gloriously rich episode of the Hideout Sessions. A big hello to all our new listeners and please continue to do all your tweeting and word spreading. Much love…Ross and Toby xx P.S. Get in touch on [email protected] OMAS FB: LP BLOG: 1. Rodney P, ft. The People’s Army and Mighty Moe ‘Live Up’ (Tru Thoughts) 2. Arp 101 ‘Groove’ (Eglo) 3. B Bravo ‘Kiss N Tell’ (Earnest Endeavours) 4. Danny Drive Thru ‘Eclipsemoonsun’ (Fat City) 5. Oknai ‘Extraterrestrial Skies’ (RX:TX) 6. Luomo ‘Good Stuff (Nils Penner Remix) (Mood Music) 7. Womack & Womack ‘Baby I'm Scared of You (Casbah 73 extended edit)’ (CDR) 8. Tall Black Guy ‘Night Stars’ ( OMAS IN THE MIX 9. Omas Intro 10. Justin Warfield ‘K sera sera’ 11. Science of Sound feat Phife ‘Who got the funk’ 12. Resination ‘Dome resinators’ 13. MF Grimm ‘Do it for the kids’ 14. Rob Swift ‘I’m leaving’ 15. Aaron Neville ‘Hercules’ 16. Outlaw ‘Cherrystones’ 17. Micheal Urbaniak- ‘Wants ta make you feel good’ 18. Kool and the gang ‘You don’t have to change’ 19. Omas ‘Tea leaf dancers (remix)’ 20. Saukrates ‘P's and Q's’ 21. Bobby Bland ‘Sad feeling’ 22. The Delfonics ‘Trying to make a fool of me’ 23. Damu ‘The fudgemunk blend’ 24. Hidden Orchestra ‘Flight’ (Tru Thoughts) 25. DRC Music Project ‘Lingala’ (Warp) 26. Eliphino ‘Devoted’ (Somethinksounds) 27. Scrimshire, ft. Faye Houston ‘Home (Paper Tiger Rmx)’ (Wah Wah 45s) 28. TALKY BIT 29. James Blake ‘Once We All Agree’ (Universal Republic)
10/27/20111 hour, 59 minutes, 48 seconds
Episode Artwork

Hideout Sessions Ep.57

Well, it's looking like summer's jogged on for another year unless of course you're tuning in down under, then yours is just beginning (not bitter, honestly). And speaking of our antipodean family, we've only gone a roped one of them in to grace us with a mix for this month's show. As promised, we've got Flume's wonderful selection to play you and believe me he's nailed it!! Also, we have a first for the show. Toby and I managed (just), to record it in two separate counties, which adds and extra shambolic bonus to proceedings. Happy days! However, the music is second to none. Brand new cuts from Greymatter, Klic, Radiohead, Bon Iver, Jono McCleery, Tall Black Guy, Submotion and many more. It's a beaut! Have a wonderful month, please spread the word, Tweet, Re-tweet...make a T-shirt etc, and we look forward to bringing you number 58 in a few weeks. Love you! Ross and Toby xx E: [email protected] Tracklist: 1. Evidence 'You' (Ryhmesayer Ent/Taylor Made) 2. DTMD 'Makin Dollars' (Mello Music) 3. Rodney P, ft. The People's Army and Mighty Moe‏ 'Live Up' (Tru Thoughts) 4. Fatima 'Mind' (Eglo) 5. Tall Black Guy, ft. Primeridian, Race & Allegra Dellores (First Word) FLUME IN THE MIX 6. Burial - Shell of Light (Shlohmo Remix) 7. Space Dimension Controller - The Love Quadrant 8. Ed Sheeran - The A Team (Koan Sound Remix) 9. Mr Little Jeans - The Suburbs (Arcade Fire Cover) 10. Baths - Lovely Bloodflow 11. Jamie xx - Far Nearer 12. James Blake - CMYK 13. Mattmiller & Kilter - Gravel Pit ------------------------------------------ 14. Agnès presents Cavalier 'Napoletano' (Drum Poet Community) 15. Joe Goddard feat Valentina - Gabriel - (Greco Roman) 16. Africa Hitech 'Future Moves' (Warp) 17. Klic & Article.01 'Dachshund Skank (Blacksmif Re-Dub)' (Hit & Hope) 18. Greymatter - Give It To Me Slow (Wolf Music) 19. The Submotion Orchestra 'Always' (First Word) 20. Radiohead 'Lotus Flower (SBTRKT Rmx) 21. Jono McCleery, ft. Fink 'Stand Proud' (Ninja Tune) 22. TALKY BIT 23. Bon Iver 'I Can't Make You Love Me/Nick Of Time' (Jagjaguwar)
9/26/20112 hours, 46 seconds
Episode Artwork

Hideout Sessions Ep.56

'Ey up! Well, after probably the busiest month of the year so far for us, we find ourselves back in the studio again to bring you our 56th round of The Hideout Sessions. This month we've got some sublime newness for you from the likes of Jamie XX, Lack Of Afro, Coin Opertaed Boy, Joy O, Phaeleh, Beta Hector...and a rather nice little PTH remix of Colman Brothers that's been getting lots of recently. Also, we've got some LP news, cat news and a large helping of early morning coffee fuled nonsense. Thanks as always for the loan of your ears and please continue to spread the word. Massive love! Ross and Toby xx E: [email protected] Tracklisting: Lack Of Afro ‘Time For Lovin’ (Freestyle Records) Flume, ft. Anthony For Cleopatra ‘Sleepless’ ( B.Lewis ‘Black Zinfandel’ (Jus Like Music) DJ Hoop ‘Sexual Rising’ (CDR) DJ Moar ‘B-Batucada’ (Trad Vibe) Colman Brothers ‘The Chief (PTH Rmx)’ (Wah Wah 45s) Beta Hector ‘Jupiter Mission (Inst)’ (Tru Thoughts) Audiophysical ‘Twelve Tales (Ext)’ (Hiperbole) Joy O ‘Sicko Cell’ (Swamp) SBTRKT ‘Hold On’ (Young Turks) Zed Bias, ft. Jenna G ‘Fairplay (ZB Old Skool Rmx) (Tru Thoughts) Coin Operated Boy ‘Trust Me (Clouds Rmx) Jamie XX ‘Far Nearer’ (Numbers)
8/19/20112 hours, 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

Hideout Sessions Ep.55

Happy July Everybody !! Summertime and the livin is easy eh ? Well, this months show should make it all a little bit easier for you; brand new music from Roots Manuva, Tanya Auclair, Common ft Nas, Lotek, Funkineven, Jaffa and loads more, plus some outstanding remixes from KRL, Photek, Kondor and Chris B. Plus the lowdown on Turkish baths, confessions of a wine hotel room, searing psuedo-political commentry on the state of the nations travel networks, and a couple of crummy jokes. What's not to love ? Serve loud. Ross & Toby xx Tracklisting: Lotek 'Rebel Hi-Fi' (First Word) Kidboy, ft. Omega Watts 'The Culture' (Jazzy Milk) Common, ft. Nas 'Ghetto Dreams' Paper Tiger, ft. Dudley Perkins 'Worldwide' (Jus Like Music) Hackney Colliery Band 'Right Foot' (Wah Wah 45s) Ye Mighty 'Beyond' (First Word) Jono McCleery 'Garden' (Ninja Tune) Tanya Auclair 'Fluke' Roots Manuva 'Watch Me Dance' (Big Dada) Baron Retif & Concepcion Perez 'Beijos Seus Labios (Kondor Rmx) (Musique Larger) Funkineven 'Take Back' (Eglo) Aloe Blacc 'Dollar' (KRL GBP Rmx) (DL) Jaffa 'Erase The Past' (Social Beats) Phaeleh 'Think About It' Birdy 'Shelter (Photek Rmx) The Weeknd 'What You Need (Chris B Rmx) 'The Ballad (Koreless Rmx) Semtek 'Pizza' Dkay & Intoxicated 'Thinner Edge' Naïve Machine '6-Afrika (Om Unit) Alpines 'Cocoon (Colo Rmx)' Debian Blak 'TISW (Today I Should Win) Stephen McCleery 'Charis' (CDR) TALKY BIT (Gangstarr 'Mass Appeal Inst') Dan Auerbach 'When The Night Comes'
7/27/20112 hours, 46 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Brownswood Electr*c2 Special

In the month that Mr. Forsyth gets awarded a knighthood, we bring you a 'Brucey Bonus" of our own. I'm joined in the studio by Alex Stevenson of Brownswood Recordings, who's paid us a special visit to chat about the amazing new Brownswood Electr*c2 Compilation as well as other exclusive Brownswood goings on, plus the lowdown on his own, Earnest Endevours. We've got some serious exclusives for you on this one so don't sleep folks! See you in July...R x BROWNSWOOD ELECTR*C2 RELEASED MONDAY, 27TH JUNE.
6/25/20111 hour, 19 minutes, 12 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.54

Yep! It’s June it’s, another instalment of the Hideout Sessions, in fact this will be our last show on the original iTunes subscription link and Soundcloud. So, if you want to keep getting some of the best new music around and astounding DJ mixes, then all you have to do is search ‘Hideout Sessions’ on the iTunes store home page and then re-subscribe. It’ll take no time at all and I promise we’ll make it worth your while. Speaking of mixes, this time around we bring you a sun drenched boogie mix from one of the finest Djs around, DJ Hoop (Space Invader Radio). Get your sunnies on and remember to re-apply!! Don’t forget the extra June bonus show, which will be out next week. Alex Stevenson, joins us to talk about the new ‘Brownswood Electric*2’ compilation as well as other exclusive label news from Brownswood and his own Ernest Endeavours. Catch you very, very soon!! Much love R and T xx Hideout Sessions – Episode 54 1. Michael Kiwinaku ‘Tell Me a Tale’ (Communion Records) 2. Submotion Orchestra ‘Angel Eyes’ (Exceptional Records) 3. Jehst ‘Starting Over’ (YNR) 4. Castle ‘First Ship Outta Here’ (Mello Music) 5. Declaime, ft. Aloe Blacc ‘Apocalyptic’ (Promo) 6. Mr. Scruff, ft. Alice Russell ‘Music Takes Me Up (Nikodemus Rmx)’ (Ninja Tune) 7. Doc Serverinsen ‘I Wanna Be With You’ (Leftside Wobble Edit) (White) 8. Colman vs Q-tip ‘Breathe & Stop’ (White) 9. Renegades Of Jazz ‘Moo Juice (Mute Speaker Rmx)’ (Wass Records) 10. Madball Scientists ‘Sometimes It’s Voodoo’ (Hiperbole Records) DJ Hoop In The Mix 11. Get up and boogie - Silver Connection 12. Morning Sun - George Duke 13. Music of the earth - Patrice Rushen 14. Dynomite - Tony Camillo's Bazuka 15. Anybody wanna dance - Ebonee Webb 16. Weekend - Cold Crush Brothers 17. Take my body - B-H-Y 18. Get down with the feeling - Kinsman 19. Feel the beat - Johnny Adams 20. Magnetic Feel - Enchantment 21. If you know like i know - Teddy Pendegrass 22. Stretchin' Out - Gayle Adams 23. You saved my day - Cheryl Lynn 24. Stand on the word (Larry Levan Mix) - The Joubert Singers 25. Africa Hitech ‘Blen’ (Warp Records) 26. The Elementz ‘Bumpa Riddim’ (T.E.P.L) 27. Dego, ft. Obenewa ‘Love & Hate You (2000 Black) 28. Cavalier aka Agnes ‘Napoletano’ (Drumpoet Community) 29. Funkineven ‘Roland’s Jam’ (Eglo Records) 30. Omar ‘It’s So (Zed Bias Rmx) (Tru Thoughts) 31. DJ Shadow ‘I’ve Been Trying’ (Island Records) 32. Interface ‘Get Down’ (Clear Skyz) 33. Shaunise ‘Africa (Jets Letts & 10 Sumo Rmx) (Jus Like Music) 34. TALKY BIT 35. Gil Scott Heron ‘Jazz (Interlude)’ (XL) 36. Gil Scott Heron ‘Pieces Of A Man’ (RCA)
6/16/20112 hours, 4 minutes
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Hideout Sessions Ep.53

Helloooooooooooooooo! Another month passes us by and before you know it, here we are again with another show.
6/16/20111 hour, 59 minutes, 30 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.52

Hi All. Here is a little spring treat for you all...Hideout Sessions, Episode 52! This month we have all the usual wondrous new music and also a special feature on the forthcoming Laura Vane & The Vipertones LP, 'Sugar Fix'. Laura joins us in the studio to talk about the album and give us a few exclusive play of the much anticipated new material. Enjoy it and we look forward to seeing you all next month! Ross & Toby xx P.S. Hit us up on [email protected]! x Tracklist: 1. 'Telsa' Greymatter (Wolf Music) 2. 'From The Drop (Hint Remix) Mj Cole & Wiley (Prolific) 3. 'Living Like I Do' SBTRKT (Young Turks) 4. 'Eyesdown (Warrior One Rmx) Bonobo (Ninja Tune) 5. 'Forget About You' Kraak & Smaak (Jalepeno) 6. 'Piece Of You' Nu:tone, ft.Stac (Hospital) 7. 'Lady Luck (Debruit Rmx) Jamie Woon (Candent/Polydor) 8. 'Breathe' Deliah (Atlantic) 9. 'Sky's The Limit' Nocturnal (Nocturnal Music) 10.'Perfect Darkness' Fink (Ninja Tune) LAURA VANE INTERVIEW 11.'Wicked Man' Laura Vane & The Vipertones (Social Beats/Unique) 12. 'Capsize' Laura Vane & The Vipertones (Social Beats/Unique) 13. 'In Or Out' Laura Vane & The Vipertones (Social Beats/Unique) 14. 'Straight Forward Fascination' Delmontis (Promo) 15. 'Samba Magic' (Warrior One Rmx) Diesler, ft. Laura Vane (Unique) 16. 'Sugar Fix' Laura Vane & The Vipertones (Social Beats/Unique) 17. 'Ego' Burial & Fortet & Thom Yorke (Text) 18. '4D' Koreless (Pictures) 19. 'Out On The Streets' Africa Hitech (Warp) 20. TALKY BIT 21. 'After The Rain' Shankles (Jus Like Music)
4/27/20111 hour, 53 minutes, 35 seconds
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Hideout Sessions Ep.51

Yo People, What's the Noise? Welcome to this month's episode of THE HIDEOUT SESSIONS, we've just about re-calibrated from the celebrations of getting to last month's milestone 50th episode! This month there is no let up as we bring you music from MJ Cole, Bonobo, Gil Scott Heron and Jamie XX, James Blake, The Unforscene and a double whammy from Dorian Concept. Sheeesh! And If that wasn't enough, we've got special request, re-edit of the month, and a brand new feature to unveil !! Strap in, Stay Loose... Ross & Toby x
3/16/20111 hour, 58 minutes
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Hideout Sessions Ep.50

Well, well...would you believe it? WE MADE IT TO 50 EPISODES OF THE SHOW!!! W'hoooooooooooooooo! Who'd have thunken it eh? And what a cracking anniversary show it is. A diggers delight of a mix from Renegades of Jazz, a surprise special guest and a torrent of the usual goodness from the likes of Nostalgia 77, Gil&Jamie XX, Hundred Strong, Fleet Foxes, YULT, ft. Tanya Auclair, Dpek and many, many more... We'd sincerely like to thank you all for your incredible support over the last 50 episodes, for putting up with us two idiots, but most importantly for supporting the releases that we play on the show. On behalf of all the artists, a huge thank you and keep investing your pocket money into music. Get in touch on [email protected] and we look forward to the next fifty! All our love...Ross & Toby xx
2/17/20112 hours, 2 minutes, 47 seconds