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Bucks make a statement, trade gates open and Kyrie

Cam Reddish trade 2:15 Bulls Nets 10:05 Book vs the Raptor 11:45 Lakers 12:50 Denver tried to pull a fast one? 13:21 Mailbag question 15:25 Bucks make a statement
14/01/202220 minutes 29 seconds
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Episode 152: Dubs VS Grizz rivalry is real, and maybe so is Hornets VS Bucks

Hornets like the Bucks matchup 4:38 Jazz down Cade up 8:55 Shutting Dame down a blessing in disguise 11:30 Nets Defense 14:50 Bi game winner 15:37 Trez vs KCP 16:42 Warriors Grizzlies
12/01/202219 minutes 27 seconds
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Episode 151: Klay Day!

Klays return 9:15 Lakers get their spirt crushed 12:34 Hawks need to make a move 14:14 Bol Bol trade 16:00 Here come the Mavs 17:19 Brooklyn needs to suck it up
10/01/202219 minutes 39 seconds
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Episoe 150: 2 Ugly Losses for the Dubs, free smoke around the league and Kyrie’s return

Wizards announcer 2:00 Herro vs Nurk 4:05 Kyrie’s return 7:24 Dirks under used move 10:00 Luka is nasty to watch 11:50 Andre theory 14:55 Oubre goes nuts 15:47 Charmin soft!
07/01/202218 minutes 23 seconds
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Episode 149: Theories on Steph’s Slump, and who has the best young core?

Kuz and the Wiz 3:00 Wiseman? 5:15 Warriors and Heat are similar 13:02 The Grizz and Cavs are next 19:45 Lakers Kings trade
05/01/202222 minutes 59 seconds
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Episode 148: Are the Bulls for real? Get them fools out a Houston!

Celtics = 2:20 Are the Bulls real contenders? 5:04 First trade of SZN 7:03 Dam it Becky 8:22 Warriors make another statement 14:48 Rockets got clean this up ASAP 16:50 Giddy 17:42 Lakers 18:35 Trey Lance
03/01/202222 minutes 3 seconds
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Episode 147: Lebron at center is the only way! And does KAT sound funny to you?

KAT & Russ 2:48 Lavar 4:15 Hansel Emmanuel 5:55 Remember Greg Monroe? 7:37 Suns Grizz 13:15 Blazers and Clippers sliding 15:15 Lakers Rockets 18:47 Warriors Nuggets
29/12/202120 minutes 48 seconds
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Episode 146: Warriors big stepping, Tatum is who he is and so are the Lakers

Kemba is back? 3:22 Celtics are who they are 6:18 The Warriors FLEX 15:30 You can’t trade Russ so… 16:45 Gentry too old for the BS
27/12/202120 minutes 39 seconds
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Episode 145: Hezi Holiday Special Warriors edition

Alch goes through his wishlist for each Warrior player going into 2022
24/12/202121 minutes 20 seconds
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Episode 144: Warriors bench rotation? Spicy Sound bites and KD

KD is right 2:35 Ja’s unpleasant return 5:12 Celtics coming to a tipping point 7:20 Warriors talk 15:35 Lakers Suns 18:25 DHO pop culture 
22/12/202122 minutes 34 seconds
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Episode 143: Kuminga’s Career night, Lakers and the League down bad

SGA & Giddy 2:32 Kuminga career high 5:09 Scottie Barnes reminds me of 6:50 Kyrie 7:33 Lakers down bad 11:07 MVP ladder 11:45 Wizards turmoil 14:16 new covid roster spot
20/12/202116 minutes 23 seconds
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Episode 142: KD is the MVP right now but at what cost?

Luka Carlise is an example of 4:45 Lakers add IT 7:30 I see similarities between Ant and Mitchell 9:15 What’s going on in Memphis? 10:55 KD is the MVP right now 15:30 dunk of the year 17:17 Wizards gonna punt?
17/12/202120 minutes 47 seconds
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Episode 141: Steph makes it official! And the Trade gates open

The Steph experience 7:12 The Lakers and Russ 10:25 Zion shit sad 12:10 I like angry Joker 13:25 Trade talk 16:02 Blazers Suns
15/12/202120 minutes 4 seconds
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Episode 140: Why doesn’t Steph get any calls? KD's 50 piece and some Laker slander

Why doesn’t Steph get any calls? 6:22 A rebuttal to my Wiseman Kuminga take 10:40 The Thybulle archetype 14:00 KD’s 50 piece in Detriot 15:55 Draft class 17:30 Wolves Blazers 19:20 Lakers are weird man
13/12/202121 minutes 8 seconds
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Episode 139: Trade SZN begins! Cade figuring it out and the Lakers showing signs of life

Nets 17 point come back 3:06 Cade vs Giddey 6:32 I can’t figure Embiid out 10:10 Magic young core 13:35 The Pacers make everyone available 18:02 What exactly does Dame want? 18:55 Lakers show signs of life
08/12/202121 minutes
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Episode 138: Lets talk about the Warriors rotation + The toxic Lakers & A Kyrie trade

The Warriors rotation & depth 9:25 Lakers are toxic AF 11:27 I have a Kyrie trade for you 14:25 Is Bronny good? 16:18 SAS KD Giannis take
06/12/202117 minutes 39 seconds
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Episode 137: Time to officially put DeMar in the MVP talk, Melo’s career night and Warriors Suns RD2

Melo’s career night 4:18 the 6ers are goofs 7:35 Here we go the Heat are chipped up 9:30 Bulls Knicks 13:50 That was Grizzly 14:52 LeBron 15:50 Patron Mailbag 18:20 ESPN 5 trades to shake up the Playoffs 21:30 Warriors Suns RD2
03/12/202123 minutes 46 seconds
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Episode 136: What did we learn form Warriors Suns?

Suns shut down the Dubs 9:50 Balls clash in Chicago 12:15 MPJ 14:27 Jalen Suggs 16:05 KAT is ridiculous 19:08 Rockets winning
01/12/202121 minutes 39 seconds
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Episode 135: Got to work Overtime during the I know what’s wrong with Harden

The Lakers struggle is real 5:00 DLO goes off in Phili 8:00 Rockets are on the board! 10:10 Harden’s real issue 11:50 Knicks hawks 13:20 Warriors continue to reck shop 17:00 down goes Ja
29/11/202118 minutes 33 seconds
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Episode 134: Lebron lets us know once again.. it aint over yet! + buy or sell hot starts

Buy or sell surprise teams 8:00 Warriors keep showing us 15:20 LeBron’s flex
26/11/202118 minutes 5 seconds
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Episode 133: Melo has officially been handed the keys & is Bron going to burn the lakers down?

Kings continue to look foolish 2:45 Lakers & LeGM 6:41 Clippers Mavs 8:00 Melo has officially been given the keys 14:24 Why KD? 15:30 Jackson jr & Wiseman
24/11/202118 minutes 49 seconds
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Episode 132: Who really wanted the smoke in Detroit?

Luke is out! 3:04 Lakers drama 9:40 Harden with a legit 20 FT game 10:40 Heat Wiz split 12:45 Wolves or Grizz? 14:05 Warriors keep rolling
22/11/202119 minutes 49 seconds
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Episode 131: Steph does it again! The Giannis quote & a new Ben trade rumor

Hornets are legit 2:12 the disappointing Kings 3:55 Ok THT is nice 7:55 The Giannis quote 8:50 Suns are back right 10:00 blow it up already! 11:30 top 5 dark horse MVPs 13:36 Steph does it again 21:22 new Ben trade rumor
19/11/202122 minutes 37 seconds
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Episode 130: The Statement in Brooklyn

be carful with these young bigs 2:40 I don’t think DLO loves the new rules 4:20 NY KP? 6:00 Bulls Lakers 9:25 Dame your strength is a weakness 10:20 Boston getting right? Mobley goes down 11:09 Warriors Nets
17/11/202117 minutes 45 seconds
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Episode 129: Kuminga enters the chat lakers new look and big injury news

Warriors over the weekend 6:35 Memphis might wanna 8:00 Shut Dame down 9:50 Twitter trade 11:55 Lakers new lineup 14:25 Hawks chemistry 15:30 Pip looking crazy
15/11/202117 minutes 5 seconds
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Episode 128: Antman drops 48, Woke Wiggs and The Ben drama continues

New Draft class coming 3:40 Try getting some Kobe’s? 4:40 Cade vs Green 7:40 Warriors vs Wolves 16:00 Lacob interview 18:53 Suns back on track 19:38 Ben needs to be careful 21:24 Free Bagley!
12/11/202123 minutes 32 seconds
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Episode 127: Steph vs KD for the MVP? Jokic vs Morris and some trade talk

Steph’s 50 piece 7:15 Jokic vs Morris 9:05 Lakers are fun man 11:15 6ers trade? 16:00 2 trades for the Blazers
10/11/202119 minutes 25 seconds
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Episode 126: Sleepy Sunday upsets! Who blows it up first? And the Steph Poole dynamic

Kd & Cade 2:15 Luka FTW 4:30 Bulls show their warts 6:40 Who blows it up first? 7:30 Rubio goes off 9:45 Cole world 11:22 Warriors have the best record in the L 15:50 Top 5 low IQ players
08/11/202119 minutes 3 seconds
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Episode 125: The Warriors are officially back! But what just happened in LA last night?

Lakers do it again! 8:00 KD’s patience 9:00 Trae and the Hawks 10:25 another one bites the dust 11:30 The North lives! 12:30 Th 6ers are fragile 15:25 Light years ahead… again? 21:22 Celtics getting right? 23:35 BR’s under 23 draft 25:22 Twitter question 26:57 UFC picks
05/11/202129 minutes 39 seconds
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Episode 123: Cade makes his debut, The Melo Love fest and rookie takes

Dinwiddie or Beal late? 6:43 Kuminga and Giddey 8:21 Cade makes his debut 11:12 Melo lovefest 14:05 Oubre looks good in Charlotte 15:41 KD ejection 17:15 RJ drops 35 while Zion is snacking court side
01/11/202119 minutes 12 seconds
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Episode 122: Memphis and Golden State forming a rivalry? Knicks Bulls and Harden

Hardens dirty lil secret 5:35 Russ is salty 8:35 Kings are interesting 11:05 Wizards are kinda good! 12:26 Bulls knicks 14:50 Warriors take an L 19:55 UFC picks
29/10/202122 minutes 4 seconds
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Episode 121: Lebron lets Russ breath crazy OT and Dlee

Celtics Hornets OT 5:28 the Big Cavs 7:44 Knicks 6ers 8:30 Lakers Spurs OT 12:02 Lets pat attention to this with the DUBs 14:50 Antman gonna start checking fools? 16:20 Whats up with Dame?
27/10/202118 minutes 32 seconds
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Episode 120: Lakers look awful! Is Ja a MVP candidate? And early rookie report

Dwight vs AD 3:17 Joel still trying to play nice 4:04 early rookie report 9:15 can the Clippers hold on? 10:10 Ja in the MVP race? 11:15 Suns Super Bowl hangover 12:20 Nets vs Hornets 15:22 Warriors continue to roll
25/10/202117 minutes 34 seconds
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Episode 119: Steph’s MVP energy and some teams stuck in the middle

The east and new look Bulls 3:55 Tibs with pants down 7:50 Antman leap 8:40 J-kidd and Luka 14:24 Warriors clippers 18:30 this what yall wanted?
22/10/202120 minutes 27 seconds
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Episode 118: Opening Night 2021!

Kyrie and Ben 4:20 Nets Bucks 10:50 Warriors Lakers 17:10 you mad?
20/10/202117 minutes 52 seconds
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Episode 117: Warriors look kinda spooky! NBA Award picks and preseason quick takes

Blow up the Pels already 2:30 Bulls rotation? 4:07 Warriors kinda spooky 7:25 Sekou Doumbouya 9:38 Suns playing hard ball with Ayton 11:55 NBA Award picks 16:45 wait what? 18 players
08/10/202120 minutes 6 seconds