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We amplify trailblazing women who are influencing others and creating success in a big, bold way. From business leaders to authors, politicians to nonprofit founders, and everything in between, we are talking to leading women about what it takes to inspire, impact, and change their corner of the world. Interested in being a part of the Collab? Reach out to us at [email protected]
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The One With Jenney Floyd

My next guest is an RN and Founder of Next Level Nursing, Jenney Floyd! She is a Registered Nurse with 10 years of experience in SICU and ER. She’s been a charge nurse, team lead, and preceptor. She’s a great nurse… actually, she’s a fantastic nurse.  But she spent the last year hating her job. She LOVED being a nurse, just hated her job.  So she made some changes and she learned some things along the way. She made a solid decision that she was not going to spend another second unhappy in her career. Now, she’s laser focused on the next level of her nursing career. Jenney Floyd is the founder of Next Level Nursing which is an organization that elevates, educates, and empowers nurses to be the best that they can be at the bedside. She holds conferences for nurses that are designed to not only educate, but also to CELEBRATE nurses. In fact, she has one coming up October 14-15th and the lineup is amazing. ALSO—if you want to attend the Next Lev
13/09/20221 hour 1 minute 13 seconds
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The One With Samantha R. Waterman

Samantha is the Executive Director of the Association of ESD Professionals, which stands for Empowerment Self Defense. She is a politico, lawyer, manager, and writer. Never one to take the straight path, Samantha started her career in political polling, got a law degree a bit after-the-fact, and practiced campaign-finance and election law for a while. Then, inspired by a client, Los Angeles mayoral candidate Antonio Villaraigosa, she left the firm to work on his historic campaign and later in the Mayor’s Office, in DC, and on local, state, and federal campaigns. Samantha’s passion is politics because she sees it as the most promising tool for making the world a better place.  You can reach Samantha in the following places: Website: Esdprofessionals.orgInstagram and Facebook: @esdprofessionalsTwitter: @esdprofessional 
06/09/202231 minutes 38 seconds
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The One With Cat Oshman

My next guest is Cat Oshman  Cat is a success proven VP, nationally recognized swimwear designer and confidence catalyst. She has traveled the globe for inspiration with designs featured in major fashion publications, celebrities and retailers across the country. Cat is a visionary who marries the art of fashion and purpose with body positivity, inclusivity and diversity. She recently launched a show called AMEN, which stands for Amplified Moms Empowerment Network, to bring unity and growth mindset across the globe for women.   I think you’re going to really enjoy this episode as we talk about the embedded and excessive body-shaming culture that so many of us have fallen prey to.  Cat is so objective and inspiring as she explains what she’d love to see women do with their mindset around how they see themselves.  This is a goodie!  You can reach Cat Oshman in the following locations: Instagram:  <a href='htt
30/08/202234 minutes 57 seconds
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The One With Danne Smith Mathis

After taking a two month break, I&apos;m baaaack! Thank you all for your patience-- it was necessary and I&apos;m grateful for the downtime. So, without further ado...  My next guest is the remarkable Danne Smith Mathis! Danne’s definition of “writing” is that it is the process of staying sane in insane situations! Danne Smith Mathis began writing as a poet and biographer at age 9 during the Newark riots in Newark, New Jersey, which is her birthplace.  Danne absorbed quickly the rhythms and the messages of Black poets and prolific writers such as Nikki Giovanni, Countee Cullen, Amira Baraka ( formerly known as Leroy Jones), Sonia Sanchez and Don L. Lee. Danne has coauthored 4 books and is in the process of writing her first solo work whenever she’s not talking with her three adult children or her grandson.   You can reach Danne Smith Mathis on all social media platforms under her name. <a href='
23/08/202232 minutes 2 seconds
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The One With Jane Finette

I’m so, so excited to introduce you to my next guest, Jane Finette!Jane is the Founder and Executive Director of The Coaching Fellowship, a  nonprofit organization dedicated to the development of young women leaders in  social change. A leadership expert and Certified Professional Co-Active Coach  (CPCC), Jane has dedicated her life to achieving equality for women — empowering them to create impact and build the world of tomorrow, today.  A 2020 Women Forward Gold Award winner from the Business Council for Peace,  Jane’s passion, expertise, and two decades of experience is anchored at the  intersection of technology and human potential. At her core, she empowers  individuals and communities to solve the world&apos;s largest, most persistent, and  perennial problems. Jane is the author of Unlocked  which is both a referendum on women&apos;s inequality and a toolkit for leveling the playing field for women and girls. According to th
20/06/202234 minutes 42 seconds
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The One With Carol Starr Taylor

My next guest is the resilient and impactful Carol Starr Taylor! Carol Starr Taylor is the Founder and Publisher of Star House Publishing Inc., Podcaster with Soulfully Blonde, an International Bestselling Author, Certified Life Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Business Empowerment Leader, NLP Master Practitioner, Timeline Therapy Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Law of Attraction Coach Practitioner and EFT.  She is a two time recipient of the Brilliant Minded Women Award and recognized as one of the “Top 100 Women in Canada.” Carol received her Honors Bachelor of Arts, with a specialty in Mass Communications. She has had numerous appearances over the years on Radio, TV, Podcasts and in articles. At Star House Publishing Inc. she is actively building, supporting and empowering her author community by helping them achieve their dreams through publishing. Carol just launched her new radio show today called Soulfully Blonde. Her show shares motivating messages and
07/06/202231 minutes 42 seconds
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The One With Shannon Paterson

My next guest is the positively tenacious and unbelievably impressive Shannon Paterson! Shannon is the founder of two businesses focused on Empowering Women.   Live Your Truth Women coaching, elevating women’s  self-confidence by developing self-awareness &amp; self-acceptance.  She is also the founder of ACHIEVE Mulitsport Coaching &amp; Personal Training, helping clients achieve health &amp; fitness goals.  Shannon says the only way to truly feel your best is to strengthen both your mind and your body.  And when you do that  you are limitless!  Other fun facts… Shannon is a 3X Ironman World Championship triathlete, 43X Marathoner, just remarried at age 48, has 2 fur babies (yorkies), and proudly identifies as a Confidence Crusader, Sisterhood Creator, Life Learner, and Love Radiator.    You can reach Shannon in the following locations:  Website:</
26/05/202241 minutes 59 seconds
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The One With Chrystal L. Pynn

My next guest is the wise and gifted Astrologer, Chrystal L. Pynn! Chrystal Lynn is an astrologer, animal communicator, and author of the book, Fire in the Sky. She is a Southern California native who is a wife, mother, daughter, sister, Mima, and friend, living on her 12-acre horse ranch. Chrystal has earned a BFA in Creative Writing for entertainment from Full Sail University.  She gives online readings and teachings all over the world. She is an intuitive writer, specializing in animal communication. including service dogs. Chrystal is a popular YouTube personality, where you can find her astrological teaching videos on her channel. I loved this interview because it was a lifetime’s worth of work and friendship, culminating in this conversation.  I know you’re going to love her!   You can reach Chrystal Lynn at the following locations:  Website:  <a href='https://www.cowgirlastrologe
25/04/202234 minutes 58 seconds
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The One With Chioma Ossai

My next guest is the soulful and heart-felt Chioma Ossai! Chioma Ossai is the author of &quot;A Journey to Self-Love,&quot; which explores concepts of softness, vulnerability, and sensuality. Her poetry is often centered around themes of identity and authenticity, challenging what it means to know and love one&apos;s self. She was born and raised in New Jersey and is currently based in Berlin, Germany. Her mission is to simply tell inviting stories through poetry, music, and blogging with the hope to evolve, share, and inspire others to write stories of their own. She also received her Bachelor of Music at Montclair State University in Music Education, and is a classically trained pianist. Her passion for storytelling became evident after she had the opportunity to travel to Ghana to study traditional West African music, and began documenting her experiences through writing. She has traveled to over 17 countries, and from her colorful narratives ca
18/04/202244 minutes 53 seconds
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The One With Megan Champion

My next guest is the incredibly chill and easy-going Megan Champion! Megan is an educator, podcast host, support group founder, and a mother of three children, one of whom is neurodivergent. Despite the assumption that motherhood would come easy for her, she struggled with years of guilt, shame, and doubt in her ability to parent her out-of-the-box child. After suffering in silence with anxiety and depression, she changed the narrative of her story and started the On The Hard Days motherhood podcast, where she now brings brave and vulnerable moms onto the show to share their journey of raising neurodivergent kids, giving attention to a topic that often goes overlooked. In addition, she founded Mothers Together, a support group-style community aimed to provide lifelong friendships and deep connections in a judgement-free space.  You can reach out to Megan Champion at the following locations: Instagram: @on.the.hard.days<a
04/04/202232 minutes 15 seconds
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The One With Tollisha Joseph

My next guest is the wildly impressive and super assertive Tollisha Joseph! Tollisha is the CEO of &quot;The Official GLUE&quot; a consultant agency driven by the heartbeat of human connection. She&apos;s turned her frustration around professional networking into a successful business that teaches individuals the art of effective networking and how to leverage their network to increase visibility and revenue for their companies. She&apos;s discovered the art of understanding how to build effective professional relationships and is teaching others how to become master Networkers. We all know that the better we are at mastering the art of networking, the more YES‘s we will receive within our businesses. So are you ready to say YES to getting on the &quot;YES&quot; side of your business?  If so, sit back and buckle up—Tollisha is AWESOME!   You can reach Tollisha Joseph in the following locations: Instagram:  <a href='https
24/03/202242 minutes 6 seconds
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The One With Tricia McKenna

My next guest is the incredibly kind and grounded, Tricia McKenna. Tricia is the creator of  “ A Heart Grounded” Movement, which is a daily spiritual practice that has transformed her in regard to her early childhood health problems, family trauma, and addictions. She is passionate about sharing the tools and resources that helped her heal so that others can learn from her journey. She’s also a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and a Mentor to people looking to make positive changes in their life.  Tricia started her career as an Arizona Real Estate Broker and is a committed volunteer and mentor to teen moms, and has recently become a published author with a book called Lineage Speaks which just came out at the end of January. She is currently residing in Gilbert, AZ with her husband Paul and dog Rhea. Sit back and enjoy-- Tricia is wonderful.  You can reach Trisha  at the following locations: We
11/03/202231 minutes 26 seconds
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The One With Desiree B. Stephens

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am for you to meet my next guest, the wonderfully authentic Desiree B. Stephens! This is a longer episode and you’re going to hang on every word. We are talking about racial inequity, decolonization, systems of oppression, and the willingness to have necessary and important conversations around diversity, equity and inclusion. Desiree is also a celebrity (she’ll kill me for this) on TikTok and has created a huge following where she is disrupting and agitating people and their beliefs to bring people to a higher sense of  understanding and healing. You’re absolutely going to LOVE the wisdom, history, and hard-hitting truths that she’s dropping. Desiree  B. Stephens is a decolonization spiritual counselor who creates communities that support the unfolding and unlearning of how we became who we are as a society. It is her goal to create true intersectional spaces that allow each of us to see the humanity in each other
28/02/20221 hour 5 minutes 47 seconds
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The One With Dr. Kim

My next guest is the amazingly wise, Dr. Kimberly Ventus-Darks. Dr. Kim is a Motivational Speaker, Profoundly Wise Orator, Master Problem Solver, Published Author, and Ghost Writer. She focuses on inspiring women to break out of their habits and level up their lives.  I originally met Dr. Kim when we were Speakers on the National Women’s Conference where we traveled for 7 years together. Since then, Dr Kim has built an empire and become one of the most memorable speakers in the business, speaking to millions of women around the world. If you&apos;re looking for a powerful keynote, Dr. Kim is your Speaker! Buckle up—you are not going to believe the wisdom and profound depth that she brings in this interview.  Additionally, she is giving away a Valentines Day Holiday Special and is offering this gift to The HERstory Collaborative listeners for the month of February, if you mention this podcast when you contact her. So, ju
08/02/202237 minutes 16 seconds
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The One With Anja Vásquez

I’m so excited about this week’s guest, Anja Vásquez! Anja is an energy, marriage and relationship coach and she helps conscious mompreneurs lead peaceful marriages full of passion by discovering their inner GODDESS through energy mastery, numerology, meditation, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. She helps her clients reprogram themselves so that they can fully live their potential and manifest the life and love they desire and deserve. She is committed to helping women choose happiness so that they can rewire old patterns that are no longer serving them.She’s inspiring, funny, relatable, and ultra-energized—and I know you‘re going to love her! To contact Anja, you can find her at the following locations: Instagram: @goddessenergy.coach  TikTok: 
02/02/202228 minutes 59 seconds
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The One With Elizabeth Upton

My next guest is the rockstar podcast host and entrepreneur Elizabeth Upton!Elizabeth is a VP, Career Strategy Expert, &amp; Executive Coach who created the Quarterly Design System™. This unique process helps you to redesign your business systems and organize your life so you can thrive and achieve maximum productivity. Her model simplifies your actions (and your team’s) and aligns you with your big picture goals in a powerful way. Elizabeth has been featured in Yahoo Finance, Fox, NBC, CBS, and the Boston Herald among others. She is also the Founder &amp; Host of the Mind Your Own Business Podcast; where business professionals across all industries (marketing, PR, finance, sales, personal dev, health, self-care) share their strategies and tips to set highly-driven business owners up for success. The MYOB Podcast is at the top of the Apple charts, in 5 countries and 2 categories. You can subscribe, listen, &amp; watch Season 1 on Apple Podcast &amp; YouTube. <br/
25/01/202230 minutes 47 seconds
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The One With Shaina Miesnik

My next guest is the wonderful, soulful, and loyal Shaina Miesnik! Shaina is a mom, wife, and entrepreneur. She has dedicated her studies to women’s health and naturopathy after being diagnosed with PCOS, poly cystic ovarian syndrome. Shaina spent over a decade helping female entrepreneurs grow and organize their businesses. She mixed her experience and education to create a system that would help women not only thrive in business, but in all aspects of life. You’ll enjoy this talk as we chat about how our bodies change and move through our different stages and how we can honor and respect those changes. There’s so much information about how our bodies respond and she opened my eyes to so many things.  I like Shaina so much and I know you’re going to adore her!   You can reach Shaina in the following locations:  Website: <
18/01/202229 minutes 43 seconds
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The One With Jennifer Aks-Neuman

My next guest is Jennifer Aks-Neuman! She is a Movement Coach, Story Producer, Choreographer, Photographer, and Teaching Artist. Jennifer is also the founder of herStories which was born in response to the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. As a woman, mother, teaching artist, photographer and collaborator, she  wanted to find ways to remain connected, creative and inspired.  Today, Jennifer’s focus has become the feminine exploration of intuition, trust, and storytelling.  She believes that intuitive movement has the potential to create new pathways which can lead to personal &amp; communal discovery, and empowerment.  Jennifer is committed to listening, supporting and collaborating with women so that they have the opportunity to tell their story. If you would like to join the free herStories Virtual Gallery spoken about in this episode on Wednesday, January 12th you can click here: <a href='
11/01/202236 minutes 59 seconds