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English, Fitness / Keep-fit, 1 season, 8 episodes, 2 hours, 38 minutes
Welcome to The "Healthy" Mom Podcast! I am Amanda Bethune, school teacher, wellness coach, military spouse, and mom extraordinaire! Who am I kidding?!? I'm just a typical mom doing the best I can to stay healthy, in all the ways. I'll talk about all things health and wellness...nutrition, training, habits, and mindset. Sometimes I'll just overshare. Oops! I know that there MUST be other mom's out there who aren't perfect all the time. Right?!? Please say I'm right!
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Stop Trying So Hard

In this episode, I explain why putting all of your energy into your fitness goals typically will backfire on you.   --- Send in a voice message:
10/1/202210 minutes, 7 seconds
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Moms Have Time

I have time! You have time!  We all have time!   As parents, we just have to work a little harder to locate that time and put it to good use.   But it is there : ) In this pod, I share some tips for finding time to prioritize health and fitness in your life.    --- Send in a voice message:
10/1/202214 minutes, 52 seconds
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Minimize the Midnight Munchies

I know I'm not the only one who's struggled with night time snacking.   I commonly hear people express frustration about being "on track" all day and then falling into a mindless eating cycle in the evenings.   Turns out there are physiological and physiological reasons behind this behavior.  You may be doin this because you are actually hungry or it could have another underlying reason.   To change this behavior, you must figure out where it's coming from.   *Author Mel Robbins is responsible for The 5 Second Rule as a strategy to overcome procrastination.   --- Send in a voice message:
9/25/202218 minutes, 45 seconds
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Operation Muscle Growth....Commence!

Okay!  Summer's over, fall is setting in.  It's getting chilly, the holidays are approaching, things are changing.  As the season changes, I am also making a my health and fitness goals!  On today's pod, I share my current fitness goal of muscle growth.   A.K.A. a "Building Phase."  I explain why I'm opting to go into a build and what changes I'll make to my habits and routines to be successful.   --- Send in a voice message:
9/24/202234 minutes, 22 seconds
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I Hold the Secret to a Flat Stomach..

Eeeeeeek!  Can you believe it?!?  So many years spent coveting the rippling abs seen all over magazines, tv, and social media.  So many goofy ab machines gathering dust in our attics.   So many crunches and twists with no real results.  But now, the secret is out!   And you won't believe how simple it is! --- Send in a voice message:
9/17/202219 minutes, 27 seconds
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Cut Carbs to Lose Fat? Heck no!

I know, I know!  Your friend lost twenty pounds in a week on Keto.  You can't have that breadstick because CARBS!  If you eat that donut you'll gain five pounds. But actually, none of that is true.  Your friend didn't burn that much fat in week, you can have that breadstick and still lose weight, and, unless the donut itself weighed five pounds, it didn't make you gain five pounds. So, why oh why do we believe that the key to fat loss is eliminating carbs?  And if it's not the key, then what is? --- Send in a voice message:
9/17/202219 minutes, 41 seconds
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The Elusive Consistency

Raise your hand if one of the few things you're really consistent with is being inconsistent!    Well, I can relate!  I've had my day with inconsistency and still do sometimes.  But why does it even matter?  I mean, consistent inconsistency is still being consistent with something, right?  Right!  And it's the reason that you are consistently struggling to meet your health and wellness goals, and maybe other life goals : / Without consistently working toward a goal, the goal can't be achieved.  It just can't. Bummer. BUT The great news is that there are some simple changes we can make it our lives to help us be more consistent.  Not necessarily perfect (we're pretty close to perfect as we are anyway), but consistent enough to achieve the goals we've set for ourselves over and over again, but have yet to achieve.   --- Send in a voice message:
9/12/202224 minutes, 10 seconds
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Adapt to Survive

Ever come up with the literal greatest schedule for your life?   This schedule is going to make sure you're working out, getting 8 hours of sleep, kids will be ready for school on time, and everyone will have a leisurely morning, sauntering out the door with smiles on faces. All this, while still setting time aside to treat yourself like an actual human.   I've totally come up with this schedule.  So many times!   Because it rarely plays out the way I mean it to.... So, what do we do when our amazing schedule doesn't pan out?  Go back to our old standard of "no real schedule"?  Curse ourselves for failing at this obviously perfect plan? NO! We adapt!  Because moms aren't a bunch of quitters : )  In this episode, I'll share my typically triannual experience with planning and adapting to make sure I'm taking care of myself to keep my family healthy and happy.   --- Send in a voice message:
9/12/202216 minutes, 55 seconds