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German, Personal health, 6 seasons, 57 episodes, 1 day 7 hours 38 minutes
Your biweekly podcast on the ketogenic lifestyle, intermitted fasting, diabetic and other biohacks, featuring leading edge health-care professionals, researchers, authors, entrepreneurs and people with inspiring transformational stories.
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Your keto shopping list on low-carb alternatives for pizza, pasta and co. (#57)

This weeks episode is on essential keto foods you can easily buy anywhere and how to use them as alternatives to pizza, pasta and co. in order to live your keto lifestyle in a convenient and sustainable way. I share my “pantry essentials list” of foods to keep in stock, a “keto shopping list” for your next visit at the store and many practical tipps for your keto kitchen. I also share a summary on what keto is and how it turns the food pyramid on its head. It is my priority to empower you to expand your knowledge on keto, because once you understand the main principles I share in my consultations and in this podcast you have the tools to self manage your diet as a lifestyle even more conveniently. ✨✨FREE keto shopping list✨✨ To support my listeners on self managing keto, I created a free download with the shopping list as well as a list of keto alternatives for pizza, pasta, bread, rice, potatoes. Get it here, available for a short time only: <a href="https://thehappyt
12/10/202127 minutes 13 seconds
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Book empowers children with diabetes (#56)

Today’s interview is with Julia Flaherty from the US, the author of the book "Rosie Becomes a Warrior”. Julia wrote and designed this kids book to empower children with type 1 diabetes to live their happiest lives. The main character Rosie is a second-grader who loves to draw and eat ice cream while navigating her type 1 diabetes diagnosis with her parents. Julia shares how she found strength in her personal experience with diabetes to write this book and how she went from resenting parts of body to finding love and acceptance for herself. She reminds us, that we are worthy of love and are capable of everything we set your minds to. Rediscover a positive perspective on type 1 diabetes. ✨✨FREE material✨✨ For key take-aways of this episode and more biohacks visit my blogcast There you can find FREE downloads, guided meditations and many other
28/09/202123 minutes 45 seconds
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How effective is intermittent fasting really (#55)

Intermittent fasting is becoming a trendy topic for health optimisation. Listen to this show to be the first to know about potential health recommendations coming up for weight loss and diabetes management in future. In the interview is Alice Coffey and Petra Hanson. Alice is a PhD student at the University of Warwick, UK in Global Sustainable Development. Petra Hanson is a clinical research fellow at the University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust in the UK. Together they wrote a literature review on the effects of intermittent fasting on weight loss, metabolic health and insulin resistance. They wanted to know, how effective intermittent fasting really is according to existing evidence. Reviews like Alics's and Petra's are very important as they build the foundation for new health recommendations and guidelines in the future. ✨✨FREE material✨✨ For key take-aways of this episode and more biohacks visit my blogcast <a href="https://thehappytyp
15/09/202132 minutes 7 seconds
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Loving-kindness mantra for more compassion (#54)

Meditation is such a powerful tool, a wonderful bio- and lifehack. Research shows that Loving-Kindness meditation has tremendous benefits from greater well-being to providing relief from illness and improving emotional intelligence. For me, meditation is the one thing, that let’s me calm down my mind, reconnect to my heart, release and relax. And it helps me manage my type one diabetes better, by balancing my blood glucose levels. Today, we practise Loving-Kindness meditation together, which uses a sequence of mantras to offer well-wishes to different people in your life. Instead of focusing on the breath, which most meditation techniques do, we use the silent repetition of certain phrases. In the loving-kindness meditation those phrases are an offering to someone—a gift-giving. This meditation focuses on developing feelings of kindness, goodwill and warmth towards others. ✨✨FREE: Meditation scrip✨✨ Practise loving-kindness meditation by yourself, in you
01/09/202125 minutes 57 seconds
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Thinking like Hunters & Gatherers #53

Whether you follow a Paleo, Keto, Gluten Free, Low Carb, Banting, Sugar Free, Dairy Free lifestyle or you just simply love great tasting food that is made with real food ingredients – this episode is for you. This interviewed is with the British entrepreneurs Amy and Jeff. They run a start-up called Hunter &amp; Gather with products free from refined sugars, grains and inflammatory oils - such as seed or vegetable oils. Eating real food free from grains, refined sugars &amp; seed oils has been revolutionary for Amy's &amp; Jeff health. Especially for Amy, who is a life long&nbsp; coeliac. In this episode they not just share their story but also help us identify high quality oils as consumers to pursuit optimal health. Reach out to Amy &amp; Jeff: ✨✨FREE: Keto bread &amp; cookies✨✨ Exclusive for all
17/08/202142 minutes 51 seconds
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Science lies: Fake health foods busted with Dr. Stephen Hussey #52

According to old studies and official guidelines is red meat bad, vegetable oil good and cholesterol harmful. Today, research is proving the opposite. But how and why has it been wrong? Is science corrupt? And what kind of health information can we actually rely on? Dr. Stephen Hussey has some answers to those questions with his fast knowledge in nutritional science. He is a Chiropractor and Functional Medicine practitioner, whole foods supporter and type 1 diabetic. He is also the author of two books on health called “The Health Evolution: Why Understanding Evolution is the Key to Vibrant Health” and “The Heart: Our Most Medically Misunderstood Organ”. Fact is, that about 90% of US Americans have already some aspect of poor metabolic health. So we are getting something, somewhere wrong. Let’s explore together how to be a smarter consumer of health information and live a healthier life with food that prevents heart disease and diabetes, rather than causing it. ✨
03/08/202152 minutes 54 seconds
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London goes keto - start-up impacts the way people eat (#51)

Welcome back to season 6! 🎉 There are now over 50 episodes available for you, in which I answer questions on lowcarb, biohacking and diabetes. Many hours of free resources, for you to tap in and fuel your health journey. Today’s episode is with Simon Treadway, an award winning chef, who ran restaurants in Notting Hill and East London, UK and has worked in Dubai, Puerto Rico, Miami and Spain before becoming one of the founder of “Keto Way”. It is a start-up, which makes following the ketogenic diet easy by delivering keto menus to your door step.&nbsp;Even if you are not living in the UK, this episode is for you as we speak about their personal stories of reversing type 2 diabetes and loosing over 15 kilos on keto. We also discuss their mission and global advocacy. Simon and Esther take us on a culinary journey sharing insights to what makes their dishes tasteful and how you can follow a healthy ketogenic lifestyle with ease. ✨✨FREE: Keto bread &amp; cookies✨✨</
21/07/202135 minutes 40 seconds